How To Decorate A Bedroom – What To Put In Bedroom?

When decorating a bedroom, how it will be done depends on whom the room is for. It could be for a child, it could be a guest bedroom, or the master bedroom. How the bedroom will be decorated will depend on the one that is decorating the room and their preference.

How to decorate a bedroom for a girl

Teenage Room Designs As Beautiful Teenage Girl Bedrooms

Teenage Room Designs As Beautiful Teenage Girl Bedrooms

How a bedroom should be decorated for a girl depends on the likes and age of the girl. For example if she is ten years old, you might consider pretty and cute with soft shades of pink but this would not work for a teenager.

Colors—two of the most popular colors are pink and purple. You can also combine colors like yellow with a little darker pink or green with white. You can also paint designs on the walls using stencil art, rubber stamps, or with a brush.

Furniture —the bed that you should select should go with the theme design. You can also include a matching dresser, maybe a desk, or side table. You can choose a light or dark wood color, or white or off white. The bed could even have storage underneath or be a platform bed. For a smaller child, make sure that the bed is not too far off the floor so if they fall off the bed they will not hurt themselves. There should also be a bookshelf.

• Accents — this could be soft stuff toys, a nightlight to match the decor, pictures that match the theme of the room or their individual preference. You could also put posters on the walls and if room you could put a beanbag chair for reading.

How to decorate a bedroom for a boy

Deluxe Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas

Deluxe Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas

For a boy’s bedroom, you need to make sure that you make space for everything because some like to collect things need room to play video games, etc.

• Colors —boys love colors that are bold and bright so try vibrant colors like dark blue, combinations of black and white, crimson, or even different shades of yellow. Avoid pastel colors as boys think those are too “girly.” Make sure that you do not paint the whole room a dark color as it will make it look dark and dingy. Paint one wall a dark color with the other three walls in lighter colors that complement the darker color.

• Furniture — keep the furniture simplistic. They do not like wrought iron beds that are intricately crafted or bright colored satiny curtains. You should pick a wooden bed made of dark wood or even bunk beds for sleepovers. Use simple colored curtains in bold or solid colors. For an older boy make sure there is a desk to use for homework, a bookshelf, a table, and storage for their game systems. If they are into sports or activities that include ribbons or trophies make sure there is a place to put them.

• Accessories — put up framed posters of their favorite sports team or star, rock star, actors, etc. They should also have a small lamp on their desk and a comfortable chair.

How to decorate a master bedroom

master bedroom ideas with fireplace

master bedroom ideas with fireplace

For many, whether you are a couple or single, it is a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life so you should decorate it to fit your style and personality.

• Color — when using wispy pastels you can create a more romantic atmosphere but if you want a more formal and elegant style choose rich dark colors. Color does not always mean paint but can also refer to accessories like accent pillows, curtains, and bedding. For a unique headboard cover it in a fabric that complements the main colors of the room. For example, if the paint is light blue, use a darker blue with maybe stars or a nighttime theme.

• Furniture —it should also reflect the theme of the room. If you are going for a wooden theme use dark or light brown wood like pine or oak. You can get sleigh beds, modern platform beds, or even a four-poster bed. There should be a nightstand on each side of the bed, a dresser, a table if you like to use your laptop at night, and there are now televisions that fit flat against the wall. Some women even like to have a makeup table.

• Accessories — if you have plain walls match the curtains to the color scheme but have some type of design in them such as butterflies, flowers, or stripes. There should be small lamps on each nightstand. You could hang a mirror on one wall, abstract paintings, posters, or use stencil art.

How to decorate a bedroom for guests

Your guest room should be decorated to say that you are happy they have come to visit and that you want them to enjoy their stay.

• Colors — you do not want loud bold colors in your guest room. You should stick with a light airy look like warm or cool pastel colors. If you want, you could choose one paint like peach and paint one wall while the other three walls could be a pale orange or pale yellow. The curtains could be a combination of the two colors or have both colors in the curtains. You should not use sheer curtains, as your guests may not like the sun coming in the windows real early in the morning.

• Furniture — the bed should be comfortable to sleep on and large enough that a couple does not feel pushed together. They each need their room to spread out some. There should also be a dresser large enough for two and nightstands on both sides of the bed. There could also be a small table if they brought their laptop.

• Accessories — keep it simple with paintings of flowers on the wall, or framed posters. You may even include a television. Of course, you need a couple of lamps for the nightstands.