How Awesome Creative Make Nightstand With Cool Old Suitcase

Nightstands are really fabulous things that apply beside your bed, they are now famous in bedroom designing furniture ideas as well. But, if you get confuse to buy them, you can make a nightstand by your own hands with your old suitcases, curious? Standard furniture swap with substitute items of similar function are able to provide the characters in the bedroom. Try to note the contents of your bedroom and see which items you need and use just out of habit. Simple example is the bed frame. You need to sleep on a mattress, but do not have to use a bed frame. The same thing can apply to the nightstand.

Contemporary nightstands bedroom furniture designs

Contemporary nightstands bedroom furniture designs

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really awesome creative make nightstands with cool old suitcase. You certainly need a flat surface area on the side of the bed to put a clock, lamps, and books, but you do not have to use the table. Some of the following alternatives might apply at home. First, gather some old trunk up to a height not far from the surface of the mattress. You need about three suitcases. Without the bed frame, you may only need one or two old suitcases. In order to look attractive, try giving a variation on the pile of suitcases in the arrangement. For example, put the suitcase with the greatest shape at the bottom, then stacked with suitcases medium and smaller suitcase. Make a pile of luggage such as nightstand or a table at the side of your bed.

Modern nightstands with 1 drawer design dieas

Modern nightstands with 1 drawer design dieas

Contemporary nightstands antique designs

Contemporary nightstands antique designs

The idea of Jacquelyn (Lark & Linen) instead else. Jacquelyn use empty crates former wine bottle storage area as a nightstand. He used three small crates with wood streaks. These crates can become a beautiful nightstand in the bedroom are bright. Crates and suitcases are the things that you can find easily. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really awesome creative make nightstands with cool old suitcase.

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  1. Kate_Liberty_Kailyn says:

    Zippy looks a dog! I assume you could 2 more shelves on the left hand side- that is, only if you want to store more cans/ boxes. Your pantry is delicate in the after photo. I yet to tackle my 3 little pantry cabinets.

  2. Lorelai.Lillianna says:

    If your “tilt cover” is stained, you can modern ones here:

  3. Richard-Raymond-Joan says:

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  4. MelanieReign says:

    Yep, the bed is actually the futon lounger from West Elm…we had bought it awhile and realized it was perfect for Sophia who has a habit of rolling out of bed! The bookcases are from Target- really quality for the impress and the dresser if Hemnes from Ikea…actually not that thrilled with it, as the drawer bottoms to pop out if you bear a lot of clothes in them. Thanks to everyone who voted!

  5. Alonzo says:

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  6. Evie Carla Janessa says:

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  7. Dawson P. says:

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  8. Lukas_Easton says:

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  9. Evelynn.1984 says:

    I LITERALLY said, “Oooooooh!” out loud at my computer when I saw the after pictures, lol. Fantastic, and I the rug too.

  10. Asa says:

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  11. Douglas Felipe Rylee X. says:

    this idea. Here are a couple links with photos and some variations. One even uses cloth around the ball of dirt then wrap in moss. There are lots of suggestions with instruction if you Google it.

  12. Kaylee.Makenzie.Rivka says:

    My cats appreciate to sit on the cushion of our couch…the cushions are not attached, so every once in a while they get too comfortable…and close up pushing the cushion forward, falling with it…fun to watch!

  13. Yehuda says:

    The Target in my dinky town has the silver ones in the store, so I went searching for them on their website & found the brass ones.

  14. Andy_Gregory_Noe says:

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  15. Brad G. says:

    Vee, thank you for addressing some of our questions. I your place, especially how you made the colors work. So happy, consistent and alive. I work by the Murano and was wondering if you know that they are filming scenes for a movie as I write this comment, with Robert de Niro, literally fair across your condo building.

  16. Kate.99 says:

    I apologize for the discrepancy in the before picture…I broken-down the photo that was on the craigslist ad I bought it from…the one he sold me was nearly identical, but the handles were lower, and I simply swapped them out with the ones.

  17. Cherish says:

    @* nugget I you, cable raceways are the to go! I am a convert after years of nailing those brackets into my baseboards and never being able to rep the wires quite straight enough to good.

  18. Khalil.August says:

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  19. Markell-88 says:

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  20. Arthur-Elliot says:

    I adore the storage ottomans under the Parsons desk. sizable idea! I a living room in my home, and I been looking for items that would work.

  21. Malaysia.696 says:

    I the Anthropologie bowls (#1)! In case anyone was confused it is $30 for 6 bowls – extremely affordable when compared to the cost of other things at that store. I bought them for my college apartment years ago and they are going strong. They fill tons of colors (some seem seasonal so you may need to check periodically for more options) and even a mini size (8 for $20). Highly recommended!

  22. Bailey Norah Francesca J. says:

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  23. Nova Amari Astrid B. says:

    Thanks for the link to my blog–I noticed I was getting traffic from you guys. I to consider if you saw a photo of my messy garden this year but the rock markers absorb held up well 😉

  24. Cooper_Jerry_Adolfo says:

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  25. Jocelyn Alessandra Katie says:

    Nate Berkus says “living things in a home” can be some drift wood, or rocks, or fruit in a bowl (artichokes, anyone?). Anything that reminds you of nature.

  26. Aditya_Malaki_Reynaldo says:

    IKEA itself lists the Tirup swivel chairs together with the Kramfors range. I the shape, but they are offered in 5 colours only, so it would depend on your colour notion if they fit. (They in either leather or fabric cover.)

  27. ReaganMckinleyWynter says:

    I too admired the Anthro mirrors. I wanted a whole wall of them. 🙂 I the DIY…not interested on the hanger though. I the basic leather better. job.

  28. Aaliyah.Myla says:

    I art is in the kitchen but be careful! It will to acquire up a film of grease that will become impossible to remove. Especially without a ventilation hood.

  29. HopeCharliBexley says:

    SO well detailed and yet completely personal and real. Perfect.

  30. Dominique Jaren Q. says:

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  31. Andrea.Felicity.Annalee says:

    Thanks for having a expansive Thursday giveaway…. I cherish the vase!

  32. Kylan says:

    @Pi @Sheupsidedown I believe the blanket might be Kaleidoscope, from Urban Outfitters:

  33. Konnor@666 says:

    Oh, and the purple walls need to be primed anyway, so painting them white first might more sense than priming, painting a different dismal color, then having to it all over again if you want to lighter.

  34. Madelyn.Margaret.Lila says:

    189$ for a shoe storage ottoman? *! This is too expensive for a student here. It would be better to capture the 20€ or 35€ bissa in Ikea and an other storage ottoman caroline for 30€ and assign 100$.

  35. Diana_Alicia says:

    I all the vintage furniture and the kitchen! I would probably wither up if I lived in such a microscopic apartment… (says the midwest girl! ha)

  36. Lance.Cristofer says:

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  38. Kaitlyn Micah says:

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  39. Hannah says:

    I purchased this chair from Kohls last year (no longer carried by Kohls, but the amazon impress is $20 cheaper)

  40. Serena says:

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  41. Christian Saul Blaise K. says:

    Is there some sort of accomplishment enthusiastic in being unpretentious? How pretentious!

  42. Fredrick says:

    This is beautiful! Makes me want to with shipping containers in my backyard… if I can bring the Mexican sun to Vermont.

  43. Cory Phoenix Damion I. says:

    Okay, I clicked on the store link and I assume it is real. Is that sick or what?

  44. DelilahFrancesca says:

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  45. ZaneKason says:

    My husband and I had a particularly frustrating (but in hindsight hilarious) ikea “should beget measured” moment trying to fit an expedit into our itsy-bitsy car. It eager mighty swearing, tetris-like packing and unpacking to try and wriggle it in, finally fitting it and realising I couldnt actually into the car, the whole thing sliding out the door and onto the ground, and finally culminated in me sitting in the carpark with half the pack while hubby took the other half place before coming to me.An expedit bookshelf should be compulsary marriage preparation for all engaged couples – if you can one and not destroy one another, it was meant to be.

  46. Dayana.Laurel.Jaylynn says:

    I so agree with the comments regarding chemicals. I esteem the of re-using them. But I shudder to of these as headboards or even worse, as I fill seen these made in to furniture for children. Can anyone confirm the chemicals in pallets?

  47. Lance 99 says:

    you can also your folding board (like they in retail stores): fold the t-* around it and dawdle it out. you could it whatever size you want, but a clipboard will do, as well. it could also be a intention to accept the kids to back and know the results will calm be tidy!

  48. Emiliano Jovan X. says:

    “communistic suppression” I you coined a current decorative phrase!
    I esteem the colors you selected, warm and inviting. estimable location and kitty.

  49. Jacob David Nehemiah H. says:

    my clothes and stuff believe been in storage since december, finally to a fresh apartment june 1 and would to the closets outfitted!

  50. Kelly_Elaine says:

    One of the top reason we capture is because we see. The more exposure, the more we buy. So try to limit your exposure to temptation. Watching war time movies always keeps me from being wasteful.

  51. Lincoln Alonzo Q. says:

    I really savor your bedroom, especially the bedside lighting and curtains. composed and elegant. How about a rug for the living area? Thanks for sharing.

  52. MaraJoyce says:

    I beget hidden my tv with a ample art canvas over the top and faded an actuator for $110 i made it glide past the tv when in the lope over it when not it in and with my little home i consider it works as i dont want a tv to be a focal point

  53. Jesse-666 says:

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  54. Eva-696 says:

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  55. Makenzie-Ember-Kara says:

    It is difficult without gleaming the details of the room or the apartment as a whole.Generally in that dwelling I would give up the 1 living room 1 bed room location and would give one room to each inhabitant so both absorb private region for sleeping, dressing and having guests.

  56. Isla_Briar_Stevie says:

    @ LondonLoisLetting swappers know the location of the breaker box is genius–one of those dinky details that you never of until your hair dryer shorts the circuits in the middle of a rain storm! Having friends consume your guests out for dinner or drinks is a as well.

  57. Zaniyah says:

    OK I know someone is trying to some hip modern language here, but honestly. Netflix and chill is slang for having *, not cuddling while watching a movie.

  58. Shamar_Thaddeus says:

    i enjoy one question…was this really filmed over two years ago? (the house tour was from may of 2013, and says her daughter is 1. in the video, it says her daughter is 10 months.)if so, where are they now? there? did they ever renovate the kitchen?

  59. EloiseBlakeJaniyah says:

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  60. Gerald Johnathon X. says:

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  61. Aylin Raquel says:

    b77 and jazy, i come to this residence to ideas and to learn about design… of that learning is finding out how people react to different things… in breaking it down to the good, the bad, and the *, negative reactions are as indispensable a learning tool as ones (for instance, now i know to NEVER hang a Nagel in my home, lol)

  62. Kenzie Chanel says:

    * Stretch, roll out of bed and roll up the black-out-blinds to what the weather is outside. * Grab the newspaper* Turn on the espresso machine* Feed the cats* a double cappuccino* Read the headlines* Email, shower, dressed and then off the day sending out juju to hope it is a one!

  63. Madison-Adelyn-Rayna says:

    That ample image looks it is from The Rasterbator:

  64. JaelynnKalaniEsme says:

    I fill a predicament with Google – It is blocking access to Feedburner. Any suggestions on how I can some tech help. The so-called Feedburner Forum is a washout. And the FAQ page is no help. Thanks

  65. Zuri Kassandra says:

    Check out this past post on flea markets around DC:

  66. Cecilia I. says:

    This looks as a attic room, But is this a living or a spare room to design? I no kitchen or any artifacts showing us your character and to me it shows no warmth, But only decorative rooms.As a apartment renter I beget no spare rooms to in perfect shape. I would relish ideas to enhance the rooms I beget live in everyday.

  67. Marco 999 says:

    @Loveley of But that oven needs to be replaced. Safety first!!

  68. Omari ZZZ says:

    The kitchen. Upacking the kitchen is first on my list. If I cant function normally in that one room then I am a wreck. I dont know, maybe its because growing up (and now in my home) the kitchen is the heart of the house.

  69. Cooper Dashawn says:

    This was a favorable post. For someone who has never cooked professionally, revelations! Thanks.

  70. Johnny.Jaxson.Romeo says:

    @VaseyDaisy agreed! Not that, but drinking that great water before a meal will dilute your stomach acid and you from digesting your food properly.

  71. Kayla_Cameron says:

    How about decorating with resale in mind. I know, I know and I design not live my life or decorate for some imaginary future sale, BUT I want to my condo feel a bit more contemporary/modern/unique without making its appeal narrow or having to invest heavily. How far to go? How to spend?

  72. Michael@2002 says:

    This looks high-budget and, especially, is NOT another catalog “download”!!!Yay for you guys!

  73. Juniper W. says:

    well if the boots are muddy and wet when you establish them up there, that will probably drip down the boots, no? potentially soaking into cloth boot interiors and making a mess on the floor? i dig the thing for potential other uses though…would correct a clean fixture for an entry in general. you could hand umbrellas on it, hangers, mittens, scarves. * onto the top of a desk, a few of them could organize paper stuff or books. natty diminutive gadget. =)

  74. Ray X. says:

    I had the same with our previous studio flat, check out what I did

  75. Lucy.Arden says:

    This doesnt seem so crazy. My condo is 400 sq ft and my building has some as miniature as 330! I could live comfortably in 375! Except my unit would rent for $1300!! sigh…dang expensive cities

  76. CarterLandenRodolfo says:

    I made it! So neat cute!

  77. Brenton says:

    ditto on the angling; if you are going to in a coffee table, your couch needs to be further to prevent a crowded feel; two separate “cube” coffee tables would be nice-keep everything feeling, especially since you the lounge-type on the couch.

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