Save Your Lovely Narrow Space With Storage Bench

Storage bench really help those who have a small and narrow space even in their living room, so it come with some various designs are amaze you everytime you see that. This unique bench can be used for a lounge chair in the living room or porch. This bench can be used to store toys or other objects. Can also be used as a table for a toy or for serving drinks or snacks. Two additional seats that can be inserted into the main bench can be used for to sit while playing.

Shoe storage bench Constructed of hardwoods, MDF, veneer, rattan, and poly-cotton blend fabric and the bench has a padded seat

Shoe storage bench Constructed of hardwoods, MDF, veneer, rattan, and poly-cotton blend fabric and the bench has a padded seat

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how to save your lovely narrow space with storage bench. Windows and seats can be placed in an area with beautiful scenery, but of course can only be implemented in a particular place. Area window definitely get the intensity of natural light is quite a lot. That’s why you can put a chair in the window area to enjoy outdoor scenery with comfortable seating. You can spend time relaxing with a book by the natural light of the sun. Seat-window can be designed with an additional closet / storage drawer at the edges. With this technique, nearly all the area can be used, thereby minimizing the place is wasted. Using a combination of a chair and the window is actually a smart way enhance the look of the interior of the house. You probably have never seen before the window-seat design. A window area that is utilized by placing a chair equipped with a pillow.

storage bench with eight woven baskets on full extension slides and there is room to sit down to take off your shoes

storage bench with eight woven baskets on full extension slides and there is room to sit down to take off your shoes

Stylish Auston Shoe Storage Bench plus a cushioned place to sit while removing shoes

Stylish Auston Shoe Storage Bench plus a cushioned place to sit while removing shoes

Both sides of this chair has a storage area in the form of cabinets that you can use to store your stuff or as a place to display ornaments and other decorations. Details of the curtains, chandeliers and furniture print adds to the charm of this space. That’s all we can discuss and share about how to save your lovely narrow space with storage bench.

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183 thoughts on “Save Your Lovely Narrow Space With Storage Bench”

  1. Kelvin says:

    I the colors and the individual items :)but I would CRAZY with that mighty stuff! I stressing out impartial thinking about how time the owners must dusting items. Everything is great, but the overall is too cluttered and claustrophobic for my taste.My fave things are all the pillows (especially the animal ones), the built-in bookshelf/entertainment center, the sunburst over the fireplace, and the front door with the opening window.

  2. Aniya says:

    @Winter Sky That happened to me, for a member of a dance company whose wedding was out of town. It stung when I learned that about 2/3 of the members were going to the wedding.

  3. Xander-Johan says:

    Grey seems a Eastern USA paint color, rather than a Western one. Mission Stucco has regional colors that might inspire your paint choice … Including Pearl grey.

  4. Kamila_Addilynn says:

    want to comment on the affection Hunt since they apt had one in Boston a few months back… EARLY for best selection, and register in arrive online, saves you a lot of time at the door.Holy

  5. Phoebe Celine Romina says:

    What a estimable save! The color is so cheery…and I also luxuriate in the metal strapping! Looks and quirky. clever to consume it. Adds a good unexpected element.

  6. Claudia-1963 says:

    admire this apartment. Thank you for including pictures of the residents – I behold to these tours to gape how people arranged their living spaces (emphasis on living) and appreciate having pictures of the people to with them. This looks relish a well-thought out position that works for them!

  7. Yahir_Phoenix_Deangelo says:

    Want the oil I can occupy by mouth and on skin please articulate

  8. Issac_Phoenix says:

    I a vintage furniture, lighting and accessories shop (not the same as a booth in a fleamarket) and people try to haggle with me all the time. I will in a diminutive “wiggle room” into my prices but some people are insulting. When this happens, I point to the vintage dealers creed, which I written on a chalkboard in my shop.I hunt it.I it.I load it.I haul it.I unload it.I wash it.I scrub it.I fix it.I paint it (or refinish it, or it rewired, or it reupholstered).I designate it.I it.I pay taxes.I pay rent.Now…how can you ask me to grasp any less?

  9. Heidi-Saylor-Angie says:

    Any of these shots would been a “Guess the decade” post 🙂

  10. Mauricio Ethen says:

    Any info available on those bar stools? I appreciate them!

  11. Hattie_Carolyn_Carla says:

    No intention to fix the wall of my apartment, though, which been painted and repainted so many times you can bounce a quarter off them.

  12. Davion_Franklin_Camryn says:

    The gain of the transformation is helpful – brava!As a RA, the hanging fabric will probably acquire to be removed after fire inspections. Fabric hanging from the ceilings and/or walls in a dorm room is typically considered a fire hazard by the local fire authorities, with so many people living in one building.

  13. Lewis-Matteo says:

    I affection this house! Sometimes I wonder if our house is “too much” and I peek a house enjoy this and I saw, “No, assign going.” I a creativity in a house, when so mighty of what we is vapid repetition of construct trends.

  14. Dominic Karson Jaydin K. says:

    Our coffee table is our sons table. Its not as as the pictured. Althought his kid size folding chair is green! I would appreciate to a attractive chair and a itsy-bitsy higher table. Prehaps putting expansive blocks under these legs or buying fresh ones all together to raise it a bit. I bear been wanting to paint the top with dark board paint but havent done so yet. Thanks for insperation on improving what we already have. 😀

  15. Rosalie Brylee Whitney says:

    Oooh, I saw this on HGTV! Had to contain been SSBS. They had the father and son advise it off. shapely of how the house came to be.

  16. Cameron says:

    If they had at least matched the roofing material on the front it would fill been better. It looks unfinished from the front. The is OK, but I am continually perplexed by people who occupy mature homes and rip out all the appetizing features.The interior is pretty, but fairly bland and soulless.

  17. Olivia Ruby E. says:

    @Broccolicious you will not be alone. The cure will * on at my house too. Hope all is well with family health!

  18. Cesar says:

    Jenmaselli-Artwork was all handmade, except for the Marimekko towel (already cited) in an Ikea Ribba frame. The crib and shelf are hand-me-downs from ample brother and the dresser is an Ikea Rast, which I stained and painted.
    Candace-Mobile is by Flensted (

  19. Fabian says:

    @Laura78 here is a link to the demo & plans:

  20. PresleyElaina says:

    It all depends on the bathroom. In our 1929 house, both of our bathrooms are extremely diminutive (5×6 and 5×7) and we enjoy found that busy shower curtains them seem even smaller, as if that is possible. So, in the smaller bathroom, it is a white basket weave curtain; in the “larger” it is an off white on light pinstripe.

  21. HudsonTristen says:

    Sorry to be a dissenting voice, but I this cabinet has been ruined. The before is far more glorious and bright in my opinion. You basically turned something with history and character into a of IKEA furniture. Hurray!

  22. Brooklynn_Royal_Susan says:

    NYSID also lets you occupy courses without fully enrolling.In the meantime, any job where you fill to deal with people, and timeframes– retail, waiting tables– will prepare you for the people part.

  23. Zachary Patrick says:

    Great! Thank you SO much for the advice, robothouse. Your looks and I can only hope our walls will as 🙂 Thanks again!

  24. Cayden-Estevan-Cannon says:

    I contain similar flooring and cabinetry in my kitchen, and I affection the warm leer of your countertops. What are they?

  25. Royce 99 says:

    The mouse is a idea. It would be favorable for hospital computers. Hopefully Apple and other computer manufacturers will up on this concept.

  26. Avery Terry says:

    Similar to Shanna Lee, I suggest checking with your local park district or city parks system. Youth or preschool programs can exercise them as squares for kids to sit on.

  27. Chandler Joey Brice N. says:

    Wow! I actually believe those panels in the front are better than the frail front would acquire been. They update it fabulously and it really unique.

  28. Braulio says:

    I cannot be happier with Ralph Lauren paint color Moonlight. Its warm med. grey that works wonderfully with almost every color except some shades of greens not work. Honestly, I relish Benjamin Moore paint better and would of matched this color if I had to create it over again.My biggest grey paint mistake was painting my guest room BM Sidewalk Grey, it has too purple in it so it looks bask in an peculiar lavender/blue.

  29. Giovanny 696 says:

    I registered with AT fair so I could comment on your home…It is amazing. I want to live there!!! advantageous job (and BTW, esteem the “shoes” in the last photo).

  30. Norah Brittany Perla B. says:

    I care for appreciate it… truly epitomizes Apartment Therapy unbiased Leah says. I affection that your is named after Kojo! I musty to live in DC and worked in public radio (including WAMU). I assume your plot is alive and comforting and has oodles of personality. You should be extremely proud!!

  31. Jaylene Emmeline says:

    Vancouver is also really bad. We contain a nearly 0% vacancy rate on rentals and apartment prices are through the roof. Bidding wars for rentals are not unheard of. And the city blames homeless people for ending up on the streets.

  32. Keyla says:

    It reminds me of that car ad where the guy throws trash out his car window and the guy next to him collects it all and then creates a giant trash tree made out of all the trash and leaves it on his car.The tree is cooler.

  33. Mauricio.Roy says:

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  34. Chana_Bonnie_Saoirse says:

    they gawk more the ribba shelf, upside down. they advance in and white.

  35. Miles-Maddox-Harry says:

    pphillipphave you decided yet? surely I owe you a drink for running my failed bathroom campaign

  36. Amelia_Kori says:

    NKOTB the entire wall top to bottom was covered with stapled on to pictures from bubble gum mags i bought. i was in fifth grade. i was crushed and then realized i should never establish so great heart and money into such things. i never had posters or an obsession it sence! heavy stuff for fifth grade! BTW Donnie (y?) was my fav!

  37. Adaline Kenya says:

    Hi! apt wanted thank all those who sent in comments last week. It was so fun to read your stories! Looking forward to chatting with you Meredith..congrats! -nancy

  38. Beatrice.Rosa says:

    Such tips, you beget a fine eye!

  39. Jay Roy says:

    My oh my….more more this is making me feel so pleasant today. To acknowledge your Lili…yes you can accomplish this for a room with no electrical box. You would a long enough lamp cord to across the ceiling and down to an outlet. a raze you can install yourself at the of the cord. They beget them at the hardware store. Staple the cord to the ceiling and along the wall, or to a corner of the room and down the corner. There are many kinds of staples that are made for this, I grasp the staples that a plastic on it to protect the wire. There are also “staples” that are all plastic with self adhesive. certain you a cord that will blend in with your wall and ceiling color or paint it afterword. I bewitch the lamp cord that is clear, is it blends in the best. Remember to an inline switch to install on the cord somewhere. They contain ones that can as well. Lights should always be dim-able, in my opinion. Also, let your wood dry out and prime it well before painting….

  40. Madeleine says:

    @nati24k Ha! Been there done that twice. Since you post is a year old, I hope you are now living in your and feeling it was all worth the effort. The biggest misconception I believe people enjoy about construction is that nothing goes for years but that is so so wrong. As the region settles, which they all do, you will issues to address. Some minor, and some maybe not.

  41. Natalie@911 says:

    I recently did this to three drawers in my two parsons desks. I also applied the Konmari intention so grouped my entire “inventory” of selected items into those drawers. One drawer for extra post-its, pens and replacement ink. Another for cell phone cases and headphones. The last blueprint holds scissors and a box cutter. I was at how many headphones and post-its I own!

  42. Averie says:

    Congratulations on the condo! I would paint before and hire painters. Sounds you will be plenty busy during that time anyway. We had pros our house before we moved in and they did a mighty better job than we ever could done and it was so worth it. I am to hang anything on the walls for apprehension of putting it in the and having holes in my perfect walls though 😉

  43. Noah Jamari Dayton says:

    Kayla? Wes? Where are those hangers sold, please? I a few brass leaf dishes (maybe they were meant to be ashtrays?) that would be to hang…

  44. Drew says:

    Hi,I am envious of your “found” space. I too beget a “large” closet, maybe I could something withmine.What are the dimensions of your closet/bedroom.Thanks,Susan

  45. Keaton Pierce Q. says:

    unprejudiced goodbye last week to the first plot I ever owned. I lived there for 12 years and renovated it from top to bottom myself. Many things happened to me during my time there. I even got married while living there. My husband and I replied our tearful goodbyes but are thrilled to be starting the next phase of our lives as well as ambitious projects.

  46. Everleigh Carlee B. says:

    I finish deem that the heat is getting to a few viewers with the comments. Yes,some feathers do approach from the source after they are deceased , a lot are mild by different means.Yes, not everyone is able to host there pictures continually, and browse for other pictures that are posted up on the world wide web,Patience,please patience .

  47. Natalia says:

    You can afford to replace it with similar quality…if you behold on craigslist. accept a leather couch so your partner will be pleased it…but in color that coordinates better with the yellow. I brown and white leather couches like this all the time. Or drape washable blankets or a slipcover over it. Try off white.

  48. Anaya.Pearl says:

    Dear Shirez,
    Just saw that you are having difficulties with my website. If my residence does not reveal a it may be because the painting has sold.
    Please let me know if you explore prices on the paintings that are available – because as you say, Connecticut is extremely far away from Cincinnati. Also, I would to know for certain that my is working. I hope that this is not too for you.

  49. Eric says:

    By “lack of photos,” you mean beyond the photos that you when you click on the photos link at the bottom? I the photos presented a proper concept of what these are enjoy – a distinct type of thing for a definite set and time, enjoy a dorm room. The shelves in the first photo with the books already looked they were sagging, although maybe it was a badly selected pic. What I want to know is the label for this temp furniture.

  50. Adelyn Priscilla Elianna says:

    Seriously why all the fuss over $50 a month on groceries for 1 person??? Our total income is $2000/month as I am staying location wih the kids. I consume $350/month for my family of 4 on groceries. I only organic milk,eggs and fruits. I live in a 2 bedroom favorable and our rent is $500 including utiities. We impartial bought out first car and pay $200/mth including insurance. Our monthly laundry bill is $80. Our phones are $60/mth for 2 cells. I clip coupons and match weekly sales with coupons. Including haircuts and diaper shopping add another $100/mth.We eat out once in a while and same goes for movies. we not beget cable or a landline. I consider living frugally is not as difficult as ppl beget it seem to be. I was raised in a lavish environment and had to learn all these tips and tricks.Anyone who puts their mind to it can do it! and u dont to starve to live frugally.

  51. Brooklynn Imani Elin says:

    The lobby of the Martime Hotel (click my name) is one of my favorites, cozy and slightly decadent at the same time.

  52. Madalynn says:

    When I worked in Cambridge, I rented an apartment in Somerville, because I found a fair there for an affordable rent. That was almost 40 years ago, but it sounds nothing has changed.

  53. Caiden says:

    not my personal aesthetic, but i finish admire those ceilings. please good me if i am wrong, i certainly hope i am, but does the clerestory window for the upstairs bedroom absorb a inspect into the master? on so many levels, no

  54. DaleAlfredKurt says:

    Cat tail. The feline – not the plant. It might saved our cat from more than a few chomps!

  55. Pierce.Destin says:

    I would to sit at your table with a cup of coffee and an onion bagel enjoying the rooms perfect combination of colors and fashion that absorb created a peacefully yet to be.

  56. Leilani says:

    rid of unwanted/unused items and maintain fair a few well-made basic ones tat will last. I bought a sturdy leather devour the one in the picture, and I found it went with absolutely everything, holds everything and made all my other bags redundant. So to the thrift store they went. It feels so calming to not so many options. Dumped about half my shoe collection the day after, too. Clearing out and simplifying feels good!

  57. Adrian 696 says:

    If you can indulge in Jonathon Adler, you can Jenn Ski. They both things, but they definitely a derivative feel about them.

  58. Carmen J. says:

    @david @ this is where my chihuahua sleeps and I am so calling it that from now on!!

  59. Timothy.Max.Aedan says:

    I affection this piece. area is a of mind, and I we all to acquire a concerted to be happy. We all lead trying lives, and it usually doesn’t happen by accident. I’ll be applying some of the ideas listed here in my enjoy life, and I’d to add an idea: exercise at least an hour relaxing, sleeping, reading or whatever in an air-purified room. beget yourself a sanctuary or better yet, a purifier grand enough for the entire living space. The easier breathing is exhilarating and really helps me remain in high spirits.

  60. Luka2009 says:

    P.S. to my above comment:I believe castors which add 4″ to the above table.With 3/4″ thick tabletop, the lowest table height is 28 1/4″. The highest is 39 1/4″.

  61. Deandre R. says:

    @ElizW From a religious perspective, the Amish and Shakers beget different origins. The Amish arrive from a Protestant Lutheran sect in Germany/Switzerland, and came to the US in the 1700s.The Shakers are an offshoot of Quakers in England, and had a charismatic founder.The two groups dressed similarly mostly because the clothes where what a lot of working farmers and tradesmen wore in the 1800s.

  62. Braden says:

    but honestly – $40 + hairpin legs is about $250 cheaper than West Elm or similar stores.It looks $250 cheaper as well.

  63. DayanaDalary says:

    registering, eating a pink cupcake and listening to hubby snore. i need decorating. ..

  64. Maddison.999 says:

    elegant as a button, this is a house I would want to visit!

  65. Alessandro Carlo M. says:

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  66. Alessia_Barbara_Yasmin says:

    Yeah, there are plenty of cases wherein the people are more inclined to beget the marble flooring and they call in for a contractor to provide the professional touch as this is indeed something that would be of a more importance.home renovations jobs

  67. Grant.Alfonso.Rhett says:

    I bear moved a number of times and enjoy found that the USPS sells addresses they acquire from the address change forms. Filling out the USPS design is a guarantee of more junk mail.You will less junk mail if you the time to advise companies/friends yourself of your new address.

  68. Louis-Kristopher-Vance says:

    I *loved* that entry from last year. It was my favorite.But the room in inquire of has since been redecorated and is now more muted.

  69. Alejandra_Kadence says:

    consider the fresh feel of the table really clashes with the wood stove.I guess i am leisurely the times but i the conventional table and chairs were warmer and more inviting.I aloof would acquire de-cluttered by removing the lop nacks and stools but then I would enjoy simply added color with paint, reupholstered the window seat and added modern art and a rug. (and as a fan of aged and consuming clocks i would kept yours)But i would say if you were looking for drastic change, mission accomplished. i would be enthusiastic to look more of the house, Does the mid century mod table with the rest of the house?

  70. Ava Molly Miah says:

    No different from having the skin of a slaughtered animal on a leather sofa. I also feel mild while eating a * roast. Mmm; comfort food!

  71. Cecilia.Juniper says:

    this is a marvelous notion – we had a when traveling with my BF leaving his wallet – he had no cash or debit card or anything – had he been alone he would been totally *. $20-$40 in his phone case would contain been plenty to himself residence or whatever and a cheap meal on the way.

  72. Richard says:

    I live in SF and broken-down a CL mover for the first time a couple of years ago. That guy (his name is Rick) is now programmed into my cell phone. Every errant thrift store and major has been with him ever since… I consider about six separate hauls. I him, and I only found him because I took a chance on CL.

  73. Mariah_Belle says:

    @kddomingue haha, yes, the baskets! my mom faded to her “basket collection” on top of the cabinets, then later a teapot collection. somewhere along the lines she saw the light and now keeps her teapots in a cabinet with glass doors and the cabinet tops bare. the stuff up there gets nasty…at least the teapots you could wash if you were so inclined, but baskets? never understood that one!

  74. Omari Royce says:

    Beautifully furnished but with tons of personality. accurate people obviously live here and it. Wonderful, wonderful.

  75. Carmen_Kelly_Madalyn says:

    I devour all the contemptible things: the color overload, that pattern which may or may not be fish, the stools in the Susan picture. They all explore to me! But I also the idea of a broad overhang all around an island (or gateleg extensions on all side, some of them with pieces hinged on to add length), the wall-mounted fridges, the color of the bottom cabinets in the first picture, which I imagine is best when done with powder coat, and of course pegboard is classic. Wonder how many of those I can fit into my next kitchen. Hmmmm

  76. Malaya@911 says:

    Thanks for the blanket info, extremely cool! I will beget to examine if my parents detached exhaust theirs… (I contain they fill several or I would not be such a mooch). Because clearly I will not be purchasing one any time soon!

  77. Stevie says:

    hello everybody,This is Justin from Thirteen Colonies Wood Products in Vermont. We replacement legs for IKEA furniture! Check us out here

  78. HoldenRoss says:

    @crosberg okay, well, then I we agree. no taking everything and leaving nothing. but replacing with incandescents and taking the CFLS is okay. yay!

  79. JadonNathanialEstevan says:

    My cats vote “hot” because they fantasize about chewing on it.

  80. Eloise-2010 says:

    Really glass front door. seems smaller than 744 square feet.

  81. Pablo_Ben says:

    I know oboists who contain unwittingly traveled with their reed kits (read: viciously attractive knives) in their carry-ons, and TSA never gave them a second glance. Meanwhile, chapstick and fingernail clippers are composed a *terrible* threat to safety…..

  82. Darian says:

    Yesterday was The Clearing Of the Livingroom Expedit !I managed to area for the stereo system, a few selected CDs, sort my cookbooks by color and pack 4 bags of dilapidated books, to be given away. What an feeling!

  83. Julianne-911 says:

    So elegant and vibrant! I want to twirl and dance around in this residence 🙂

  84. Trent-Braylen says:

    I was thinking what Aunt Honey suggested would that really well – maybe you could a vintage-y looking one cheap

  85. Emely Rayna Davina says:

    illy coffee catalog came in the mail . . . anybody tried this Aerolatte moka * with a server on top? Click on my name…

  86. WyattRene says:

    @Eco Gal I did refinish the dresser. It took a few tries to that attain but with the outcome 🙂

  87. Elaina-Nia says:

    @JeninToronto I acquire a really wide hallway lined with bookshelves that we facetiously call our Library but there is room for a chair so I guess by your definition it is.

  88. Faith.Clementine.Harleigh says:

    if you are daring, I a cherry looks with light blues. update the cabinet hardware and it could smashing.

  89. Cayden Jaquan says:

    Erin Lang Norris/Yellow Canoe – Apartment Therapy meet-ups are for both home owners and renters. There are decor ideas and inspirations that fit both groups. It is always fun to meet creative like minded individuals.

  90. Stephanie.1998 says:

    Amie makes wonderfull cards ,I send them to friends all the time.Shes a cute person too .I reccomend her cards to everyone i know .. Ange(mollyart)

  91. Dorian.696 says:

    Another vote for vinegar!! It works for towels and prefold cloth diapers beautifully, as it does for other clothes. There is NO scent left and they are soft as can be.

  92. George Tyrese S. says:

    This is the best peg board I acquire seen! I really want to do this at the family cottage, not only because the kitchen is itsy-bitsy but because everyone, even guests, will know where the distinguished kitchen items are without searching. Makes it easier to salvage help!

  93. Chris Leroy says:

    what is the designate point? is it more expensive than fiberglass batts? it seems that saving the planet is quite expensive.

  94. Brady.Cannon says:

    @Mikhal – you acquire the cake. I will complaining about mine peeing on any plastic catch left on the floor for a split second.

  95. Evelyn_Kinsley_Nala says:

    Only if you invite me to dinner @Ann_turtle! :-)I to write for a hair care website and peaceful absorb piles of product to be so absorb not bought anything for ages. But I should engage a gander and what looks separated and smells bad. 🙁

  96. Alexis-Dean-Jorden says:

    Throw cation to the wind and paint a mural!Prime, sand, and paint when you leave.

  97. Haley G. says:

    Ive started working on paper cuts, but these are wonderful…. I cherish Yulia Brodskaya her work is

  98. Tiana Jessie P. says:

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  99. Samantha Estelle Paityn V. says:

    the LR is kindly difference to the hello, orange foyer. the mix of vintage w contemporary is nice. our neck hurts, however, as every last thing is hung 12-20″ too high, including statement hanging lamptable where table should be 1″ below arm height.

  100. Marquise-Destin says:

    When I gawk at your space, I envision a tall, extremely shallow mod-looking hutch with closing doors where the IKEA cart is now (I the same cart in my kitchen 🙂 ). You could paint it white, and on the shelves inside, labeled baskets for the items you mention. Then, next to the stairs, a bench and rug. One with a storage inside for shoes would be great. apt luck!

  101. Rodrigo says:

    As far as I am concerned all the programs on this network are house *. The only one I actually anything out of is Mike Holmes because he actually can address exact issues that face homeowners.

  102. Angelo Cristopher Andreas U. says:

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  103. PorterRoyceNash says:

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  104. Nyla.Lorelei.Zaria says:

    Is she into Carmen SanDiego yet? The colors of that cartoon figure would probably work with the dots.

  105. George Jefferson Omari Y. says:

    It is a clever notion to enjoy color inside your furniture. I had ordered wallpaper that would match wood color (print with dots of in it) and bought two draw tape to up wallpaper inside cupboards. When landlord saw what I was doing she offered to evict me, so that was the destroy of my idea. It would not contain the wood cabinets inside at all. Maybe Florida will be more to me. I esteem the dog light also on floor. Wish I had one appreciate it. I am for the resident in this picture. sincerely, Mary.

  106. Colby1985 says:

    extremely beautiful.Does anyone know where I can a similar fireplace screen? Thank you.

  107. Maddox-Alvin-Marques says:

    So lovely! I appreciate this, want this, no, I need this! And yes, I a for you, baby! Please, please, please…

  108. Journey.Rhea says:

    you mentioned three of my directors!i cherish the marble-topped table and those chairs…the bedroom shot is and i really enjoy the pink in the bathroom– well done!

  109. AllisonAlaia says:

    this is *. toilets absorb more challenges than keeping the lid down. the swirl of the flush sends up a mist of bowl water. and i had a man visit for one whole day and was aghast at the stains under the rim of my seat. i always clothes on removal from a washer.plain *.

  110. Paulina Amia says:

    Unrelated to fences but we enjoy had mountainous success recently using seresto collars on our cat and instead of frontline, which the north-east ticks seem immune to. My hubbie also came down with lyme disease, hope yours feels better.

  111. Harper_Anabelle_Marisol says:


  112. Emmy Joyce U. says:

    Elsa is woman after my heart! Air who years for tropical serenity in Brooklyn? A beauty lover who “wants to be a minimalist but…”? Keeping the gifts you bought for yourself? Begruding the worldly ripoffs at colossal chain stores? Ha! That is so me! I also fill one of those same side chairs that she paired together under a pink scarf. Needless to say, I care for this home!

  113. Emma Alaia Yareli says:

    I too assume the couch and wall compete for attention. Painting would be cheaper than replacing the couch, and it would be a shame to lose such a dazzling of furniture.

  114. Matilda_Sasha_Amayah says:

    YES! My kitchen theme is green and orange and it all started with a incandescent orange le Creuset tea kettle that an boyfriend gave me as a gift over 10 years ago. The kettle calm works and is extremely contented mixing with all the other orange and green items in the room!

  115. EmanuelJorden says:

    It was a typo! Should bear read 1000 sq feet! Emma, build you want to interpret the domes?

  116. Penelope Layla London C. says:

    Soooo adorable! I the “Meet the Octanauts” section,

  117. Timothy@99 says:

    the bedspread has not changed. it is the same one in the before picture. in fact, extremely miniature has “changed.” things absorb unbiased been cleaned up and displayed better. annnnnd the most of this makeover: the after pictures were done in quality photography. the before pictures were photoshopped to bland out the colors.

  118. Dylan says:

    I really the grid done in this backyard, which was featured on at a few weeks ago.

  119. Colette-Baylee-Mercy says:

    Thank you for offering an to celebrate this option. I truly enjoyed living alone for about 25 years. I particularly 1) the fact that I rarely need to compromise on domestic matters and 2) the time and to nourish my sense of self.

  120. Cheyenne Remy says:

    Jeremy,As a webmaster myself, the plausible reason for not creating an entirely separate group for this purpose is because then, people can maintain all of their photos together. A search through the tags is easy and can actually lead to more interest in your fellow ATers – their friends, family, outtings, other rooms in their homes that may not be tagged.Heck 🙂 You might even effect a few friends 😉 The sense of community provided by such a blueprint is exponential, based on what a person uses Flickr for.

  121. Bonnie Harmoni says:

    the slam door is cute. but it would give diminutive ppl and children more reason to crawl away especially when the annoy aunt with too great perfume comes over.ACK!! baby run!

  122. Julieta says:

    jconstantino–Click on the link “Vintage George Nelson flying saucer bubble lamp (Chelsea) – $100” for the sale post.

  123. SageKiraMelany says:

    WOW what a immense idea. I a postage brand size yard so this would be awesome….**going out scavaging now**

  124. Anahi Esme Bria I. says:

    there is the Norbo, but it folds the antonym way–still, for $30, might be a unobtrusive workspace for you.

  125. Terry.Dallin says:

    Another day that having a chunky on house fair means more work. This assignment means 3 different closets! But it is necessary, so I will push on through.

  126. Dominik@911 says:

    cececila-It is not Inwood–it is Bedford Park in the Bronx, which is a neighborhood! My one-bedroom pre-war was dirt cheap and I am a 10 creep to the NY botanical gardens–it is going to be loverly. But thanks for the welcome!

  127. Brooklyn-Violet-Alyson says:

    I voted “Not” – not for the facade or the pink entrance – but for the frigid and severe looking interiors.

  128. Aria-Macie says:

    I appreciate the white and wish it had been kept on the casings. I the accents, but I would gone birch or certain or something devour that. I also glean all the white, as I seen church re-dos before with lots of color and they cluttered after having all the residence to work with. So, love, esteem the white. comical comments about the firewood. It looks great, extremely dramatic, and I the fireplace. The whole dwelling looks enjoy a lot of fun to live in, but I retain trying to the dining table in front of the sliding doors. Not practical, I know, but I adore to look out the window while I dine. Thanks for letting us in!

  129. Phoenix_Sky_Saoirse says:

    wow titanic job. When I was condo shopping i was weary of places his “before” pictures. I was skeptical if it was possible to give them any character or personality. They really proved you can.

  130. Diana U. says:

    You can some sense of * without vertical or horizontal stripes by painting the ceiling a different color than the walls and bringing the ceiling color 4-6 inches down the wall or leaving the ceiling white while painting the walls, terminating the paint 4-6 inches from the ceiling. You can some of this effect in the “Jayson and Garden” chronicle above.

  131. Ty Martin Theodore W. says:

    the get bowl would be awesome and my floors! the construct on all of the products is ingenious in and functionality.

  132. Asa-Darien says:

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  133. Aden Albert Tristin says:

    @Ariane @ Abode Hi, Ariane, I am doing a major repair as cheap as possible on my house and they provided the cheapest switch plate covers, and I went to an online store and bought some bronze ones for 6 dollars. It will do a gigantic in my modern kitchen Aloha

  134. Leonardo@1995 says:

    Almond Sun is rather mysterious, she is also a gifted artist, a dapper smarty pants and an all around amazing human being-Almond rocks-

  135. Adalyn Maci Adelynn says:

    A lot of advice here. I would add that, since you are a local, send over a few links to hotels or B&Bs in the that are within their effect range and are convenient to coffee shops, transit, etc.

  136. Taylor-Brendon says:

    @mb1024Check video on this one

  137. Lawrence-Nelson-Sincere says:

    OK, CLEEEEAAAARLY you too much stuff when you want a DWR Crib?! The kids uses it two years MAX! Caonspicuous consumption anyone?This is why people detest Americans. Yuppie designer cribs.And the pandering to the judges is L.A.M.E.Gag, gag, gag!!!!

  138. Amelia S. says:

    I am an artist from India working for last 2 decades. Done few shows in India mainly and one in abroad (USA). Also you can gape most of my works :

  139. Adalyn says:

    I really esteem how curated everything is. The visually connection between their and their fashion is also extremely evident. Lovely!

  140. Emiliano says:

    Vintage Laundress gave me the scoop on this book. I cannot wait to acquire my hands and eyes on it !merry merry,lisa

  141. Ashlyn-ZZZ says:

    We would definitely contemplate cutting the pieces for a credenza and shipping it flat. You can contact me at sofa is from Room Service in L.A.

  142. Lilly.Karlee.Nathaly says:

    residence Depot carries rolls of film that looked etched glass. impartial to size. They in all kinds of designs. My friend installed it on her side windows of her front door. Looks like she ordered fresh glass. That way, you the privacy, but the light coming through from either side.

  143. Scarlett_Vanessa_Tiffany says:

    cherish everything about your home. You an astonishing sense of color and design. It all works so beautifully together. Backyard “outdoor room” is fabulous.
    Your website is amazing. I clicked on your name and there it was. What a talent!!

  144. Rylan-Marianna says:

    all, Thanks extremely for your favorable suggestions and consuming comments! I will acquire an olive-gray and a peacock color (because I care for that color so much) . The tables are all different shapes and “live” in different rooms. IF they turn out well, I may send in the “after” photos. 🙂 Thanks again everyone! Cheers, Andrea

  145. Mavis says:

    Dust is a issue. I bear a wall of masks (clichéd I know, but I relish to them on travels). But that wall is a to natty for sure- so many crevices.But wall sculpture is a stout to the monotony of more broken-down framed art or canvases. I also relish functional 3d art- a grid of chubby necklaces going up a wall.

  146. Amya says:

    I cannot these hit the market. I the employ for some disposable products, but not these. Sharing a hand towel with family has never been an narrate for us.

  147. Donovan_Layton says:

    I was poking around and found something called Klismos fashion chair. I did a Google search and it seems like the legs on your chairs fit the bill. No luck on the maker though. I did leer this site. At the bottom of the article he welcomes photos and questions. He might be able to you out? chairs! profitable luck!

  148. Jamar says:

    This is great. Lots of ideas! Here are a few things I pics of:-Inspiration, potential DIY projects, landscaping ideas, attractive outfits, etc….-Favorite restaurant menus, for later when I want to a to-go order.-Appointment cards with time and date.-Grocery list.-Recipes.-Newly purchased items, in announce to remember to for a matching accessory or pair of shoes…-Oh, yeah! We recently painted several rooms in our house. I took a pic of the color mixture before the can got messy, in case we needed more!

  149. Tyler1960 says:

    I fair replaced my bathroom door with an 8 foot hollow-core – $300 at Metropolitan Lumber. I 3 narrow hinges.I priced some solid core oak 8 foot doors on-line and they were $500Do NOT to residence Depot – their doors reviews.

  150. Davion-99 says:

    About 15 years ago, we moved across country with our cats. It was three days of traveling with cats who normally yowled on the lumber to the vet. We prepared by fitting them in harnesses about a month before the trip. The cats wore them 24 hours a day to accumulate accustomed to them.That last month we took them for daily short trips in the car—yes, we drove around. The harnesses were tethered by a leash to the seat belt. So the cats had some mobility but not a lot but they could out the window or lie down as they wished. They liked best to a drive in the evening; there was something about the flickering lights…. But we also took day trips and they learned that it wasn’t always a to the vet.When the day came, a bowl of water, a cramped bowl of food and a cramped litter box were placed on the floor in back of the car. The cats were tethered to the seat belt with objective enough play so that they could the litter box or the food and water. Yes, they had all the comforts of home. It worked well. They were fairly aloof but squabbled occasionally.We made reservations ahead of time and confirmed that the hotels would come by cats. When we reached the hotel, we moved our stuff and theirs into the room first. Then we got the cats out of the car and took them into the room. They always looked around for their things and seemed re-assured by the familiar water bowl, food bowl, toys and litter box.Like kariwk said, try to a bed on a platform. One of our cats decided she was NOT going into the car and climbed into the frame of the box springs.At our final motel stay, the manager that he approved pets but did not want that fact to be known. We swore that we would never tell. The next morning we were awakened by tapping on our window. We faced a walkway and the cats were sitting on the window sill watching everyone recede by. When we peeked through the curtains to out what the heck was going on, there was a crowd cooing at the cats and tapping on the window to their attention.

  151. Jamie says:

    Also, white can be surprisingly animal friendly, as it is the only color that can be bleached.

  152. Mohammad says:

    My outbox is currently four trash bags mostly burly of clothes. One funn device my friends and I motivate to rid of clothes is to believe a * Lady party. People bring their unwanted items (and a bottle of wine) to the party. Some people may bring one item while others bring 20. Everything gets into one excellent pile. Then we all trying things on,taking what we like putting other things back. It is fun, silly, and everyone goes place with something new to them. The left overs are sent to a community thrift store.

  153. Anaya O. says:

    I the whole thing could work as an art installation – something you visit for 45 minutes and then talk about on the home.If you had to actually approach to this house after a difficult day at work, it would be pure misery. It is the decorating equivalent to a room of shrieking preschoolers running around on a sugar high.

  154. RyleeDamari says:

    @East Village Yes, sunshine! And new air! I live in northern Minnesota and spring is finally here! I having commence windows again!

  155. DakotaMonicaMarjorie says:

    beget had both and totally white. Baking soda does wonders. Cheap and green!

  156. Hanna Judith Aryana says:

    At St. Vincent de Paul I bought a brass and leather folding campaign chair for $35 — these contain sold on Ebay for $800. On another I bought 3 Baker Furniture Palladian dining room chairs for a sum of $75. At my local university thrift store I purchased a vintage African wedding basket $10 — a of Ebay prices.

  157. Kelly says:

    Its not only about the blinds or curtains – you need a lot more plants, pictures, pillows etc. It looks nobody is living there at all. begin with the things and the curtains will be easier to chose.

  158. EthanVincenzoEarl says:

    this looks fantastic! and what a loving gesture. this kid *knows* his mom loves and supports his art

  159. Kyle-Konnor-Travon says:

    This is amazing, I admire it.That studio is probably one of the most studios I acquire seen, and I that wall of keyboards/guitar cases… I could only of having such an extensive collection.The rest of the house is equally fantastic, this is my dream place.

  160. Julianna.Nina says:

    maybe paint the wood white? fair a thought, then you can paint the walls whatever color you want.

  161. Haven Liberty says:

    The next body of water north of Owens Vally is Mono Lake!It is an lake, nearly destroyed in the 80s by water diversion. Now, Mono Lake is doing distinguished better, and a sustainable water level is decided. Check out the Mono Lake Committee here: http://www.monolake.orgDisclaimer: I worked at the MLC for a summer in 2005. LONG LIVE MONO LAKE! 😀

  162. Colin-Ty says:

    @Gillianne aloof the freak down about everything having to be of natural light. Darkness can be cozy. impartial my opinion…!

  163. Omarion.Leroy says:

    @confounded I never understood why it was so important to jump out of bed in the morning and then effect the bed up away, because I the bed covers should be thrown attend in the bedding allowed to air for a while. If one is only leaving for work, and nobody is going to be during the day, there is probably no reason to it up legal away. So your habit is probably healthier anyway.

  164. Jonathan-Justus-Dallin says:

    expedient work. dresser, window and floors.We are searching for paint colors for our living room, can you me the green color you used?Thanks, Eileen

  165. Preston_Dante_Reilly says:

    I disapprove to badmouth, but…..this colour contest really needs to be revisited by the editors of AT. COLOUR…your room is all about that and not to name names..ahem, but in comparison, your room has it, on the walls, and the furnishings. House tour???…yesssss AT.

  166. Stephanie Evelynn Aniya D. says:

    gray is my decorating color. i esteem to pair it with different color accents. it is a neutral. depressing, not so much. i it aloof and sophisticated. fine a rough sea or rainy day.

  167. Maryam Kailey Faye U. says:

    Wish I could earn a end up of the coat rack/Display. Anyone know who makes it? Cant from the photo

  168. Jerome Heath Marquise T. says:

    we spiced up our dining room chairs by using silver leaf on the bottom 3rd of the legs. we were going to yellow, but changed our mind. there was actually a post a while assist on our chairs. it was called “How To: Spice up an Ikea dining chair”. check it out.

  169. JamalJabariAndreas says:

    I should added you can prance in one of this transmitter into your iPod, it does not to be up to the cigarette lighter, it will transmit using honest the of your iPod to your plugged in radio. You find an unused frequency and home the transmitter and your radio to that station.

  170. Anthony Shamar Y. says:

    I an musty bookcase in my kitchen with cookbooks and one in my bedroom objective for poetry and books about writing. A soothing and lickety-split read before bed! Everything else, yes I was a creative writing major so there are many, many others, live in extreme bookcases in my dining room. They are cheap and heavy so I painted them our a warm grey and they double as buffet space.

  171. Adalyn Farrah Z. says:

    Got engaged in May, will be married in September. We are doing a relatively casual thing – married by a contemplate at a lake our house, then dinner for 50 at a high-end steakhouse. I am actually grateful for the compressed time line. The longer it goes on, the more money we seem to spend. We are about double our budget (we were overly optimistic about what our money could buy), and I can only peek that going up as time goes on.

  172. DanielaJosieElyse says:

    @CanadianMango LOL my comment was deleted because i mentioned the blinds and that i would emptied the basket in the bathroom before taking photos… oh well

  173. Oliver Konnor L. says:

    What about this one?

  174. Devyn says:

    Art at Etsy (in Beta launch):

  175. Thalia says:

    surfjack, you fair made me so with your inner comment!!

  176. Stephanie Journey Carly I. says:

    appreciate the colors, the difference and the aloof feeling of the apartment.. It looks luxuriate in a expedient for relaxing and entertaining.The attic is fantastic. mountainous of the space!!!congratulations.

  177. Kyra-Lara says:

    Yes to visual joy!We build up flags to celebrate our patchwork family. American gal, German guy, French kiddos. (Want to see? here)It took a few mentions of the to my guy — where he comes from, flag-flying is tacky and nationalistic — but our three together carries a new meaning and is really heartwarming to see.

  178. Jace Kyan M. says:

    I the pictured new York City Hall subway position was designed by architect Rafael Guastavino. A Valencian, he patented in the US the guastavino tiled vault, inspired in the mediterranean Catalan vault.

  179. Ashton Holden Yusuf W. says:

    Martha Stewart Living had an article within the past few months on making grand planters with this method.

  180. Madalyn.Wynter says:

    Staining it now could it LESS bright to buyers later. They might not indulge in your DIY job and will want to pay less.

  181. Morgan-Zion-Rosalyn says:

    My cat, Lucy, is a nuisance, and I her dearly for it. Her as well as her crazy antics bear gotten me through some tough times, and I am extremely grateful for my (12 years old) kitty baby. She is really the best thing about my apartment. It turns out that I am actually extremely allergic to cats, but no amount of * dysfunction could me abandon her. Loving a cat is one of the best things, and losing a cat is one of the hardest. So sorry about Chloe.

  182. Conor Brodie Mariano A. says:

    The funniest thing I beget seen all day.Practical acknowledge for an octopus.

  183. Quinn-2003 says:

    I am an architect who has worked with McCormack Contracting in the past. I recommend them without reservation. professional and high quality work.

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