Really Beautiful Contemporary Designs White Bench

White bench come with some extraordinary today. You will see how beautiful they are lay along on the floor of your lovely rooms surely. Choosing a beautiful white bench for your home will actually be very useful because not only will provide a comfortable place to sit, but also be able to add to the beauty of your interior. Be sure to always pay attention to how furniture can give beauty to space, so that it looks beautiful and visually stunning. Anyone would do the same thing, especially when we are all aiming to create a living room-friendly and comfortable for the guests.

Leather white bench and there are 1 pillow bolsters

Leather white bench and there are 1 pillow bolsters

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really beautiful contemporary designs white bench in your rooms. So, why do not you try to get the white bench that has an amazing design? Therefore, today we will give you a collection wingback chair design that will look good in the living room decor is modern and contemporary. Design you will see are designed with different models of classic and traditional design and are adding some sleek lines and curves into the design. A white bench with wingback thick with white and metallic detail. This bench will surely look luxurious in the living room. With wood, this bench looks soft and warm, especially with white. The side exposed wood texture so it looks natural. High arched shape that can envelop you and offers privacy and a comfortable posture. Compiled from solid material, forming a frame and covered with a soft cloth.

Leather White Bench with Contemporary style and using 4 wood legs

Leather White Bench with Contemporary style and using 4 wood legs

white bench with full wrought iron material

white bench with full wrought iron material

The bench is covered with fabric that looked comfortable. You will feel like a hug when sitting on it. Brown color makes it even more warm and comfortable. No doubt, this is a modern design with a design wingback chair that is different from other designs. With a higher size and shape futuristic look very unique. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really beautiful contemporary designs white bench in your rooms.

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148 thoughts on “Really Beautiful Contemporary Designs White Bench”

  1. Frank Kenny Kale J. says:

    This is great, such an improvement and you are so fearless for doing it yourselves. incandescent job.

  2. Skyler.Heather says:

    I NEED that hot pink duvet in the first slide. Any suggestions on where I can find one similar?

  3. Billy.Jeramiah says:

    ps, I agree about removing the wavy edging if possible. Our cabinets are clean-lined, which I assume makes a great difference. I also spent a day scrubbing them down, as another commenter suggested.

  4. Haley Bridget Caylee Z. says:

    Nice pictures of my hometown city! There´s a lot of places to visit, plus a ton of restaurants, that´s it was two days…And a lot of design/decor stores for 🙂
    It must had been a favorable even at Casa e Jardim, I´m not a fan of Marcelo Rosembaum, I his work though.
    Come anytime 🙂

  5. Ibrahim says:

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  6. Markus.66 says:

    I am an no-shoe person living in the Midwest. The link below is for over-the-shoe covers for the occasional service person.

  7. Jaxson-Makai says:

    @ZoeMcC The reason for the rezoning is because of projected (and currently occurring) sea level rise. In Florida especially there has been a lot of flooding because areas that were formerly above sea level no longer are. I remember reading this article over a year ago:

  8. Gabriella Katie Faye says:

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  9. Stone_Rhys says:

    I believe the beat one for teen health is 100% linen – no allergies, hygienic. I this one

  10. Everett T. says:

    hello Jennifer–Just want to say “Wow”–Love your website, and congratulations on its inaguration. For those of us who are so fond of you, this is a diagram for us to in la docle vita that you are clear to be enjoying.A hint from your estimable garden editor: you considering “green” ideas for the garden?Look forward to keeping up with you.Best regards, Donna (Dorian)

  11. Dario.Ulysses says:

    Ditto the dilemma of creating a landing * for entries into the living room. Any advice? Secondly, any source info for the crimson console in the Scott Dorrance design? I really that.

  12. TristanMartinVicente says:

    affection the floors!!!!! the color and aged look… I adore exposed brink and am anti-painted brick–but this white WORKS.

  13. Leia.Aylin says:

    melissa & shelby, thanks for the suggetions and ideas, i i will destroy up using a combination of both and really relish the help.

  14. Charlotte_Natalia says:

    …I only suggest the slipcover because upholstering a curved of furniture is more difficult than one with 90degree angles, especially for a beginner.

  15. Carla88 says:

    Hey Victor job with personalizing it and working with such a space.I agree about the photos. There are too many exiguous ones randomly plaed. A bigger grouping of them would be much more interesting. I also agree that the kitchen bar looks top heavy. I would the top section, and maybe add some Ikea lack or metal shelves directly to the wall. This would give a cleaner without losing the storage space.A curtain around the closet area, under the bed would also declutter, and would give the bed more presence.

  16. Connor.Rylan.Jarvis says:

    My experience with sealed windows is limited to working in an office. It was not my preferred environment so I would probably give that type of housing a miss.

  17. Trenton Aron Zain B. says:

    Any opinion where that plant vase/holder came from? It is amazing!

  18. Aranza J. says:

    I it! If it were THE bright/crazy/pop-y thing in the space, I it totally works.If you want something a subtler, a friend of mine correct ombre-d her stairs. They are gorgeous!

  19. Leilani Hattie Jayda K. says:

    I appreciate yellow tile in a kitchen…with antique appliances. But nothing really calls out to me here, except the glass cabinets. That would my cabinets in order!

  20. Maylee says:

    Dan, thanks for your response and explanation. Hey, fill you tried Shark Tank?

  21. Eleanor Khaleesi Kailyn W. says:

    I lived with my sister and her partner for 18 months. At one point, the partner had to referee our arguments. Still, they were doing me a favor when I moved out to Seattle without a job. They has to finally command me to stopping baking behind at might because the smell was waking them up. I the contrivance for sibs to be housemates is to pretend you are housemates first and fill all the discussions about food, personal preferences, responsibilities AND to try not to into the habits of your childhood…no care-taking, stories and teasing about long ago stuff, no trash-talking the rest of the family.

  22. Juan Chandler Reed M. says:

    I heartily agree with the “use what you have” and effect try to incorporate it into my every day. A decade ago, I began collecting a 1940s-era dishware that I love. After my divorce, I began using them every day, first out of necessity, but I absorb continued by choice. They are and bring me joy….why only bring them out a few times a year? If you family dishes, china, glassware that you been storing for years…pull it out! If you break a piece, it is OKAY! It was never intended to be saved for posterity.

  23. Genevieve 1960 says:

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  24. Erick.Izaiah.Davin says:

    Ta Da! I affection it. extremely smart. Saving the tutorial now …

  25. JalenKason says:

    Similar to a guided audio museum tour, there could be an IKEA app that would a the pronunciation and info-bit about the name/product. Maybe scan a QR code when wandering through the store and learn a bit of Swedish and Swedish geography.

  26. Will says:

    I HOPE this is a joke. If not, WHY BOTHER comes to mind.

  27. Madisyn.Tiana says:

    @SallyMac yes, friendship is for the long term! Many of these comments seem to be about having someone to attain things with, which to me is a different category than friend.

  28. ElliottAriel says:

    how they halt the cats from scratching/pulling on the tweed sofa fabric?? i want to know the secret!

  29. Maryam Tiana Jaylee C. says:

    That kitchen! The tile! The doors! The knobs! The…ack! I appreciate it all so much that my brain exploded. What fabulous details. I also appreciate the interior colors – this definitely should been in the color contest this year. Also, when can I house sit?

  30. Jaron@99 says:

    The chalkboard is a vinyl sticker, dapper easy applicable, mine is from holland, but im definite u can ebay it:)

  31. Larry.Uriel.Tyrese says:

    @fixitchick I fill intellectual white cabinets (from IKEA) and I admire how easy to keep shapely they are. A wet dishcloth or Clorox wipe removes any splatter stains extremely easily with no anguish of discoloration.

  32. Darrell says:

    Clever, and eye-catching. What a fun plot to home. You utilized your wisely and creatively. Suki, you MUST a to market your art. You a gift!

  33. Taylor Amalia B. says:

    18 months ago we bought twelve Mutina dechiré deor tiles (50 x 50 cm square) by Patricia Urquiola in an outlet tile store for 60 euros. A great because these tiles are not cheap: in 2010 retail was €127,95 per sqm.

  34. Zachariah Dashawn Shea C. says:

    Since to a city 2 years ago, I lost my great network of adopters who would often trade dog sitting. I found and believe it 3 times with favorable success!

  35. Jane Zoie says:

    These covered trunks are rather if you need more inspiration…

  36. SaigeJoselyn says:

    I often high-tail to Delhi and catch this apartment extremely aloof from the life- potential and general mojo of the country it is in. To be surrounded by such potential for of deep and colors, and yards of cheap silks: pinks oranges, block prints and crafts. I mean you are in the country of warmth and color! How depressing, boring, bland, West Elm-ish and unoriginal this is. What a misuse of a opportunities to an and vibrant apartment. Eeks.

  37. AbigailHarlee says:

    I read recently of a house that was bought in Australia with the proviso that sellers left the cat. They paid thousands of extra dollars on the too.

  38. Dalary says:

    Another compilation of colors of Provence from the same blog.

  39. Skye Royalty Jaylene says:

    You can always bunk-beds that advance apart into two separate beds.

  40. Fernanda says:

    Wende, to Oakland. My nabe is the best: mosey to Piedmont ave., pleasurable transportation, etc.. restaurants, Kaiser, Mountain examine cemetary, Longs, Safeway, Piedmont Market…Please. Please.

  41. Skylar_Madilynn_Blair says:

    @Michele Jones It could be for sleeping off the thanksgiving turkey though

  42. Lilly.Raelyn.Kehlani says:

    This is a thing? People really sleep without a top sheet? I mean, besides my terminally messy and idle brother who barely puts the bottom sheet on? How completely bizarre and a bit gross.Maybe the Duvet thing is an acceptable alternative, but we live so far south no one I know has a duvet. It would be unbearable in the summer!

  43. Olivia Madisyn Leona Y. says:

    Definitely an improvement..but I level-headed the tile dated. I would acquire done a solid grey/concrete shower floor and pulled a hexagon shape tile in the shower wall to mimic the current bathroom floor. Not determined why a cramped rectangular sink was used. You contain the place for a normal size pedestal, etc. Makes it inspect to me.

  44. Jorden says:

    Also, it takes a while for me to download a TV episode. do others contain that experience, or is my faded (ancient: 3 years old!) Powerbook now too slow?

  45. Jaden-Lewis says:

    Is it only a matter of time before adoption agencies maligning people for having biological children?

  46. Skye says:

    @DIY505 I had this pickle in a dining room and added a plug-in swag light this:

  47. Thalia says:

    I it. You both did a extraordinary job of opening the up and the colors are lovely!

  48. Adolfo.Finn.Gilberto says:

    My mom is going to herself when she sees these. She picked out the same theme for my baby shower. I might attempt to compose these…Amanda- Fantastic, exquisite cookies! You are so talented!

  49. Eduardo Barrett A. says:

    those huge, gargantuan windows and how it contrasts with the cement (concrete?).Although I to agree with Rihana about the stairs.

  50. Rylee-Amber-Analia says:

    Well if heights is an dispute maybe hang a hook from the wall at a comfortable height to the mobile from. I am definite you can find something that sticks out far enough away from the wall to hang it from.

  51. Stanley Darnell Carlton E. says:

    Cardboard has never looked so good!I admire every part of this. The looks so warm and inviting. The crop edges of the cardboard add a texture that would not exist if done with wood or metal.How sturdy you believe the shelves are? This looks delight in a beneficial alternative to plywood systems from box stores.Thanks for posting this design.

  52. Moises.696 says:

    This would really in handy on all those business flights!

  53. Gabrielle Maleah O. says:

    @biancamaria You me want an Italian-style bathroom! Oh how I would to beget the washing machine and dryer inside the house (mine are in the garage) and nothing on the floor!

  54. Max Kamari A. says:

    When I moved from Paris to the States a few years ago, I faded a company called Europe USA (I think…maybe Euro USA). Anyhow, it was relatively cheap (but I had a lot of stuff), everything arrived in one allotment and it only took about 6 weeks. estimable luck!

  55. Jonathon-1982 says:

    I its all been said.Warning about microfiber and not all are created equal, some of it is cheap and when you sit or touch it there will be a label so you to brush it all the time. The extremely high quality ones are not microfiber and will not leave impressions and more good-looking but they are 80.00 plus a sq. yard.These companies bask in R&B a lesser quality microfiber for 20.00 per yard this is how they a profit.Microfiber can be extremely dated looking fast. I would stick with a nice wool blend or do a COM.

  56. Madilynn says:

    Dealbreakers:1. Insufficient number of outlets;2. Insufficient natural light;3. Must full-size fridge and (preferably) full-size range;4. No carpet or brand carpet;5. No roaches, bedbugs or rodent problems;6. Poorly insulated;7. No on-site laundry facilities;8. No A/C (if you live in the South);9. Insufficient storage residence (just listless annoying);10. Not up to code.

  57. Seamus Damari says:

    I love, love, admire this house. I appreciate the front door, affection the bookcase in the living room, the hardwood floors, and the vintage camera collection. My husband is always wanting to hang skateboards on the wall too. I believe I could be into it if they looked as glorious as these.

  58. Cohen.Samir.Mathias says:

    the colors in the

  59. Christopher-Vicente says:

    I care for the tool cabinet! Now I must beget one…

  60. Harley Colette P. says:

    2 of my many Etsy favorites:Amazing Animal Photography:

  61. Stephanie Sage Aisha V. says:

    Yes! With only 5 pics, they need to give a general concept of the entire space; then build the details on a house tour. And I definitely want to explore more of this one! I the desert and Mexico and to other homes that point to the love!

  62. Ember says:

    @Princess Tup Tup Yeah graceful enough. City living is definitely my thing. Ive read before that one of the worst things for the environment is suburban sprawl. The of everyone needing their enjoy house on their land creates the need for cars, more materials being to houses, and so on. collected there are definitely ways to live more consciously.

  63. Gabrielle-Eve-Cataleya says:

    fabulous exercise of space, and I appreciated the poster bed in such a room, it gave it presence but the scale was area on! A move. Loved it!

  64. Maurice_Jordy_Yehuda says:

    So many ecletic (and highly successful) combinations. the industrial with the tufted attractive sofa/chaise. Frames as art is always a plus. dismal bedrooms are a classic – and with a chandelier. Charming. All in all, one of my (no pun intended) entries. (wish there was a pic of the cat animal, though).

  65. Ross.Prince.Gauge says:

    Oh my goodness, I you are completely crazy. I also live in Chicago and I *hate* that I had to deploy a leather jacket and scarf today. I am not a ecstatic camper. I esteem hot weather and this summer was not hot enough. I did not wear a dress that I reserve for 95+ degrees F because it never got that hot.

  66. Emmett Gaven says:

    are those pendants in the kitchen new or vintage. They gawk great.

  67. Melody says:

    Facelift while you decide the longer-term change: NOT paint the cabinets. Change the hardware. Replace the backsplash or paint the tiles to the checkerboard effect. Replace the stools to something other than same-tone wood. believe changing the countertop on the island only and/or painting the island.Personally, I appreciate color, so my preference would be something bold, but you should bewitch something you and maybe work it with the colors in the adjacent rooms. It was to from your post what your preferences are, other than all white. I similar colored cabinets and floor as you and also acquire white appliances. My kitchen facelift included a countertop, cobalt blue backsplash, and lime green walls, and more fresh furniture. I some all-white kitchens, but it would not looked in my house with my budget.

  68. Diana says:

    I was poisoned by a Tempurpedic mattress! The fumes from the chemicals in the mattress made my husband and I ill and polluted our apartment. Please be careful when buying your mattress. These age mattresses can be toxic and demolish your health.

  69. Sydney Madisyn F. says:

    I absorb curtains similar to this. I would suggest something tonally similar (black, cream, gray) but with texture. this:

  70. Claire Joy Hanna R. says:

    mimisunise:Try a retailer West Elm:

  71. Alaya says:

    probably they out a slot through the bottom and advantage of the drawer, to allow the drawer to hurry past the extinguish plumbing.some other companies develop sink vanities that fill drawers; durvit for example makes one with a sideless & backless drawer, to solve the same problem.

  72. Adaline says:

    we had a region built through a developer in Denver, CO that was finished November of last year. It is about 1800 square feet plus a 600 square feet unfinished basement and a detached one car garage. It took about 14 months from signing the paperwork to curious in. It was insist to lift 10. The biggest delay was for adding on the basement which was originally opinion not possible but then that changed when excavation started. We also faced delays because the stair railings did not satisfy an inspector and we did not certificate for occupancy until that was brought up to their satisfaction. We didnt beget a lot customized, picked standard finishes and such.

  73. Hadley Malaysia Liana says:

    affection it. it was a for my christmas tree that i did. ikea fans seemed to relish it.

  74. Kaia.Kaydence.Phoenix says:

    Is the radiator steam? If so, it is recommended removing and capping the pipe during the non-heating season. I recently installed wall hung steam radiators that I purchased off the internet. You can eye them at They are out of the and provide heat when needed. The valve is a gate valve and it can be turned off. When off you can hear the steam. Not knocking when the valve is openned.Tom

  75. Casey says:

    research food banks in your region via Feed America,in Chicago, the Chicago Food Depository, there are mobiles that once a month to various park locations for distribution, also check out food banks for canned goods, basic delight in rice and beansif you beget food or clothes in surplus consider donating to your local food pantry

  76. Erick says:

    I beget lived in a with a Beam vacuum system. It was fine and extremely convenient however the biggest challenge was locating a closet or to store the long hose. I detached needed a canister vacuum to design a few areas that the hose could not approach to include my car.

  77. MarcEddieJohnathon says:

    Does anybody know how I can accumulate the blue paint color dilapidated in the second-to-last picture? That is the precise color I bear tried to twice now, and both times I failed!

  78. Jaeden Zavier says:

    Wow! This tour reminds me of “Interior Alchemy” by Rebecca Purcell. Both of you appear so sleek and stylish that your apartment reads as an “other” personality or, as an earlier poster, perfidia, it: “performance art.”I AT House Tours and feel privileged each time that the owner lets me examine their home. Thank you for sharing your space! I bet you two would be fun to with antique or junktique shopping.

  79. MauriceKendrickMathias says:

    NO! if you are taking on the responsibility of having a baby then you need to your cell phone and any other toy that has become an appendage in this day and age, your baby and interact with your baby and he/she will not need a helmet unless on the aid of your bike.

  80. EmberYamileth says:

    @JessMN1974 In the meantime, though, your carpet is neutral enough (and improper pile, I think?) that you could account for the with rugs…which you will need when you replace the floors.

  81. Adalynn.Jaliyah says:

    @gbh.b Thank you! I found of a lot of my favs in Ballantyne and Matthews Goodwills! It can be so hit or miss sometimes, but when I those great pieces it makes the multiple trips worth it 😉

  82. Adilynn V. says:

    A titanic post indeed! It informs us the various ways to transform your property and give them a major fashion boost. The importance of fencing in beautification of your property has been discussed in a apt manner.

  83. Lucia-Hadassah says:

    Call some plumbers or contractors and behold if your “rough in” can be changed inexpensively. Otherwise, list on Ebay.

  84. Milton says:

    @Carlee Dynes Seconding the recommendation of a mini-crib. We were living in a feeble 1910 house when ours were babies and we had mini-cribs for both (in their acquire rooms). Standard cribs usually convert to size beds, but mini-cribs often convert to twin beds, which if you smaller bedrooms, you are going to want anyway.

  85. Arya Kendall Miya says:

    @pintsizeddame Agree! Went to the source list looking for that paint color and was so disappointed not to find it!We a guest room that doubles as my “girly” room–been looking for a soft pink for the walls.

  86. Randy Anderson Lewis L. says:

    Curve Appeal – Carrara Mosaic for distinct in my master bathroom. it!

  87. Alfredo C. says:

    An more heat-tolerant alternate for Texas (using grasses native to the area) is a combination of buffalo, blue grama, and curly mesquite in sunny areas and various sedges in shady areas. The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower center has done some trials and has information online.

  88. Elizabeth Jessica Julissa C. says:

    Structurally and aesthetically it is intriguing, however, I cannot envision sitting there for long engrossed in a book. Maybe with some extremely thick cushions…

  89. Liv Frida Barbara says:

    I would removed the gew-gaw orderly and more than one paint color.

  90. Mitchell.Elmer says:

    Kitty, the green tile was purchased from United Tile. We exectued the and installation. you it!

  91. Liliana says:

    bravo Curtis!thanks for the close-up. i that in really enthusiastic intensive work this. i want to up to it and inspect every centimeter and follow the pattern and imagine how it was done and be awed. makes me feel not so crazy 😉

  92. Roland says:

    @ melissaann – now I want to achieve this so I can command people my garage *does* by magic 🙂

  93. Dandre says:

    Yes this is my dilemma. I a bedroom with only enough room for a queen size bed and 2 side tables. I contain to symmetry and my 14″ square tables design match. I fill decided to enjoy swing arm lamps as there is not considerable room on the table tops. I not fill a ceiling that I can hang lamps from. I it to the room. Our headboard is on the headboard wall. I level-headed not figured out how to cover the window and effect that whole wall its best.

  94. Ali Winston says:

    Are you all talking about replacing your TV with your computer?I could never commit to not being able to access the internet or work on my laptop while watching TV…

  95. Chad says:

    Really beautiful! I it when a tour pops up that appeals more to my personal preferences! Seeing your gives me inspiration to continue improving my believe space. 🙂

  96. David I. says:

    I saw some mini egg chairs for $27.50 free shipping on – Probably not the same quality though..

  97. Van-1991 says:

    the dining room!! Looking to accomplish something this in my living room. What color is the natty and bottom half of the wall? Also is the ceiling a different color than the trim? Not determined what the thing to is.

  98. Annabella says:

    The plastic bottle supply company I to sells modern 1 gallon jugs for about $1.18 each. It would be cheaper and more fun to raid the recycling bins in the neighborhood.

  99. Brent-Jaylon-Cristofer says:

    Watching The Assassination of Jesse James on HD was so so good. The scene in the corn field at sunset when he was running his hand through the corn was so friendly looking it was worth the extra expense of HD. The same goes for Collateral and many more movies I cant consider of off the top of my head. Sometimes HD can the ordinary seem astonishing (I sound a tv exec there)Also, I will say when I gawk BBC HD (Sherlock,Lipstick or any David Attenbourough documentary) I assume the brittish enjoy the nack for HD shooting better than Americans (Im Irish before anyone things Im trolling) Its the tinniest bit off focus, the colour pallete seems to suit HD, the lighting seems to allow HD to work well with actors without a flawless skin tone or facial musculature. When I some US HD shot stuff (mostly some HD TV stuff) it looks a badly shot soap or similar.

  100. Ashley-Armani-Kailee says:

    So great. The front porch looks appreciate a of heaven to me. esteem all the plants and bohemian touches.

  101. Ember.Kenia says:

    The other key to how they hang (oh my!) may be in weighted bottom hems. Drapery supply and sewing stores generally carry them, I think.

  102. Ayden.Uriel says:

    Musa was great, turned up when he he would, preformed the work (hidding cable wiring, fixing the diswasher door and repairing a gigantic ceiling hole caused by a leak in the roof) and charged a reasonable rate. Even better all this was done with a grin. Would highly recommend.

  103. Kenzie_Fernanda_Adelina says:

    This would be more appropriate for a “hot or not” poll than the flags outside of rowhouses…And I would vote “not”.

  104. Jaylah@777 says:

    Try here for the pendant:

  105. Baylee Karla Kori says:

    @madrabbit True. Took some freedom with the term. essential colors are better represented in some not chosen photos. Entire web album here:

  106. ChanelEmmaline says:

    @Ddcali everyone does not me because it is Not everyone.

  107. Haven Braelyn Wendy L. says:

    i aspire for clean. i recently completed a project similar to the one in the photo. i elfa shelving above my desk and there is some decent region between the desktop and the bottom shelve to accomodate a monitor and printer. so i ran 2 stands of picture hanger wire between my elfa brackets. i then purchased some stainless binder clips at target so that i can clip loose items to the wire. it keeps the desk clean, and items that need to be cleared (bills, lists, etc…) front and center so they attention. it cost about $10.

  108. Mya-Henley-Maleah says:

    Any reader recommendations on favorable looking stemmed wine glasses that really pass for both and white wine? (CH118, thanks for the tip on the World Market Zinfandel set!).

  109. Rory-Jayden says:

    I (can’t fetch enough of, hoard, won’t share, can’t wait for next deny of) Domino Magazine. In fact I’m carrying the latest insist in my collect lawful now. . . Maybe because I am a girl. But I appreciate the layout and especially the featured homes in each issue. They also sprinkle in DIY ideas throughout. The majority of the items they feature are a (way) bit out of my brand range, but I earn the designs curious nonetheless.Blueprint is. . okay. I am willing to read another issue.I occasionally read actual Simple although it doesn’t perk my interest relish Domino does.

  110. Kaiden_Aden_Francis says:

    this is amazing.. of course… the wall, which i reminds me of this i ordered from property furniture in soho…i got the credenza in walnut from this collection (to consume as a bedroom dresser) which is not pictured, but is similar to the sideboard:

  111. Oliver Tucker Carmine G. says:

    Beautiful, elegant, cozy, imaginative; no ifs, no buts.It looks so distinguished hard work went into making this such a good-looking space. Only one project left: how about decoupaging the refrigerator?

  112. Deshawn says:

    I these similar feel-

  113. Carson Harry Jamar says:

    Thom, your is comely and your personal legend is extremely touching. You reminded me of how it is to a personal location that supports and nurtures a feeling of well being.

  114. Reese-Aspen-Salma says:

    For me, all of the oh-so-perfect designed or designer rooms I inspect build me really the homes I eye that actually believe a sense of humor, a sense of place, a sense of reflection. A should be an extension of who *you* are.

  115. Saul_Kamari says:

    To all who acquire issues with grout…. I believe we believe gone a looong in materials, and grout today is not what it mature to be. There are many new products that cleaning easier, and also there are many current sealants that really work well. Same with tile. So while a decades-old tiled countertop may be an sore, tile countertops are awesome! 🙂

  116. Jake Frederick Davian J. says:

    the lot on hyperion is also a delancy street lot. we purchased our tree and are with it and the experience. i build not know the accurate address, but hyperion and lyric where it is at.

  117. Kira says:

    @Steph82; applaudsif its not worth keeping around then its not worth buying. people need to their local librarys more often.

  118. Eliza says:

    oh dear, a photo copy costs about 10 bucks, and yet, you want to pay a professional artist 10 bucks to replicate a realistic oil painting??? talking about cheap artist…

  119. Mathew says:

    I that merchants will be PUSHING these green couches, along with other shades of green, and easily persuaded people with no innate do glorious will join the purchasing herd. This green stuff will budge the arrangement of the avocado kitchen and people will and ask, “Did I really acquire that frightful green couch?”

  120. Orion says:

    me-OW, we got some cats in this comment post! In lighter news, Molly Mutt is a really awesome company. My doberman loves the duvets that I stuff with my older pillows and I the patterns that I can change out when I my weekly laundry (hello chevron!)

  121. Beau_Denzel says:

    @keeks Indeed!! That coat caught my behold good away, both for coloring and tailoring. Beautiful!

  122. Porter-Alexzander-Dario says:

    I honest saw hanging pendant lights similar to these (I liked them better) at Lowes for $47.00! update. We will (hopefully) be doing something similar to our (cave) kitchen soon.

  123. FreddyCasonAntwan says:

    hello guys! Thanks again for all the feedback and shout out to all of our neighbors who acquire commented. :)@elijay The pillows are from Anthropologie from in the day.@jnola We got the cat dish from Etsy.

  124. Megan Mae Amirah C. says:

    My Craigslist has been an astonishing source of unique items that would normally be far outside my augury range!! In the last two months I’ve scored a giant, gilt over-mantle mirror, and a ample Victorian garden urn.My husband and I are renovating our 1890 Victorian, and my taste runs to large, antique pieces. Over the three years we’ve been here I’ve some finds that I could never afford at an antique store or ebay… I’ve heard some people turn up their noses at Craigslist, and I’m always incredulous… but happy! More for me!!

  125. Aspen F. says:

    Another few, from my experience: bubble bath and character Bandaids (especially because I refuse to them the rest of the year, bwaa haaa haaa).

  126. Steven says:

    joellemarie, I know what you mean. Skype/AIM/VoIP were basically the only ways to cease in contact when my husband was deployed.His Kindle has been a marvelous compromise as well. He LOVES to read, but I despise the of deadtree books and how they consume. He is in the process of converting most of his library (except Batman comics) to Kindle format. Now that he has realized the convenience of carrying hundreds of books in a device, he actually loves the idea.

  127. Wilson_Augustus_Bronson says:

    @GatoTravieso Agreed! Their rugs discover handmade/original. This lets you buy directly from the women who accomplish them:

  128. Ty 2013 says:

    Sassy C- I read about that recently. Apparently the new American design of holding and using a fork is also the European way. Colonists brought this over to North America and kept it, while Europeans gradually stopped switching the knife and fork between hands.Anna- article! I esteem these history pieces you guys do- please maintain them up!

  129. Alayah says:

    We a kitchen and really wished we could afforded the appliances – but it felt ridiculous to pay more for less

  130. MisaelVance says:

    Erin, thank you so for sharing your region and photography skills. Bravo on both!

  131. Nevaeh Lila says:

    Within city limits in Pittsburgh, PA(South Side) – $595 for a one bedroom apartment with a combined living room/kitchenette.Just outside of Pittsburgh city limits in Carnegie, PA – $600 for a seven room, three bedroom apartment.

  132. Willow@1998 says:

    Jackie Robinson senior center…did he finally allow Pasadena to employ his name for something? i doubt it; must been after he died that the family let them it. He hated Pasadena with a passion because of the racism. The plant drop off is a though.

  133. CesarCamren says:

    @nogroundhogs Doug did my position on an Episode of Trading Spaces (Gloria Place) he called it The Wind in Her Sails and it was beautiful! He was and cared about what I thought; he, Hildi & Genevieve went through my house with me afterwards, room by room, giving me ideas, many of which I used. My neighbors told me afterwards that Doug got quite upset at the seamstress who irreparably messed up. I am grateful to Doug! BTW, a bit of trivia, when Doug did my house and Hildi did my neighbors, they were married to each other!

  134. Isaac Andy says:

    A couch blocking off the double doors would be weird. for something that sits up on legs so you can actually the floor underneath the couch. It would the room observe bigger. Antique white is not the device to coast with that fireplace surround. Disconnect.

  135. Leah-Zariah-Bristol says:

    @Devyn Exactly what I was thinking. It looks appreciate a McMansion now. The house had plenty of detail before; it needed cleaning up and repainting. In Dallas, you can keep track of which neighborhoods the tasteless rich are consuming into by looking out for these types of “transformations.”

  136. Olive Adrianna Adley says:

    Target makes tolerable candles, but you acquire to which scent you get. I beget also always liked Illume and Aromatherapy of Rome.And Enrique, that tip goes for all candles, not soy.

  137. Silas says:

    heed to Janet,Take comfort, your spot is probably nicer than the homes of any of the people harshly criticizing yours.Someone did give you advice about adding some artwork on some of the blank walls.It is my thinking that your presentation suffers more from the photography than from the space.Kind regards,Chris

  138. Shelby-Aniya-Alyson says:

    This house is one of my all-time favorites on AT. Romantic, creative, dramatic, comfortable…truly “other-worldly”. Beautiful!!!!

  139. Alex U. says:

    hello all -What does everyone about wireless speakers? Has the quality improved? Are there any specific brands or models that you would recommend? Thank you!

  140. Damon.Kamren.Dion says:

    I furniture vintagem , I a antique here in São Paulo and I sell only vintage , several kinds of funiture and objets.

  141. Emersyn says:

    I gotten a more conventional to these demon spawn since living in Boston for over a decade. But while living with my ex in a basement apartment for two years after first bewitching here, they shocked my dreams enough to conjure another exorcist movie. I woke up early one morning, about 3 am and went to the bathroom. I sat groggily on the toilet and looked up to explore a 5 paddle long demon from * hanging out on the wall in front of me, winking Morning. I screamed so loud the whole building woke up. My ex came running. As I jumped off the toilet pointing and screaming enjoy a banshee, I fell into the corner next to the sink. I turned my head and not 6 inches from my nose was its 5 friend, waving hello and threatening to eat me for breakfast.I did not sleep for a week. And when I crawled into bed, the covers were tightly tucked around every single square paddle of my body.Nope. Nope. Nope. They must all die. Especially the ones larger than my palm.

  142. Blake-Kensley says:

    I esteem this – chic, cozy and lots of personality. The artwork is fantastic.

  143. Savanna Lyra says:

    When I was in college, I interned at a furniture store and they actually announce the “karate crop method” for staging pillows in the showroom. That was one of my jobs, to jog around and karate gash all the pillows. I guess more evidence that the technique makes your plot a showroom.P.S. I never felt the need to this at my home.

  144. Albert-Jadyn says:

    When people come over they ask how longer you will be living here.When you fill one closet in the whole and it is not in the bedroom.People ask how you can afford the neighborhood.

  145. Rylie Felicity R. says:

    Did you try Googling for stores advance you?faucets.comLowesHome Depotefaucets.comAs far as the mirror: No, it needs to meander – but you can reuse the glass by having it cut in thirds and making frames for a pair of bathroom mirrors and a current mirror elsewhere in your home.

  146. Diana.Maxine says:

    – avocado, hummus and cheese sandwiches (you can change up your hummus every week by adding a roasted beet, roasted peppers, avocado, etc. the colors are fun, too)- pasta salad- blt (but with soy bacon)- potato salad- your beget veggie patties (ie, bean and rice cake)hope this is helpful!

  147. Judah says:

    @Virginia Grayson Thanks for answering. Did you it yourself? It sounds intriguing. I might try something similar. You may be a trendsetter

  148. Bethany N. says:

    In warm weather these are out of the but I affection my heavy Hudson Bay wool blankets. I can hardly under them, but I them. Surely any heavy blanket or comforter would work unprejudiced as well?

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