How Awesome Comfortable Designs Outdoor Chaise Lounge

Outdoor chaise lounge really wonderful design for this who want to make a seat at their garden or swimming pool peacefully and nicely. The designs of chaise lounge that place outdoor are really comfortable to use by us. Swimming chaise lounge allows you to work on you while you float in the pool. Imagine staying dry while you peacefully float around in the pool, the large inflatable lounge chairs. In order for your color from the sun as you drink your favorite beverage, more expensive lounge has a built-in shades and a cup holder. Available in various sizes and styles, each recliner water designed for maximum comfort.

modern outdoor chaise lounge unique designs

modern outdoor chaise lounge unique designs

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really awesome comfortable designs outdoor chaise lounge. A float sitting which is fully padded style better room. Type features cushioned chaise lounge actual space and backrests, as well as lounge chairs usual standard. They are placed on a large pontoon, allowing them to float on water. Most chaise lounge include a pillow in the head area so you can fall asleep while lazily floating. If what you want to do on a hot day is to lie in the pool, but still soaked in cold water is refreshing, it’s a good idea to choose a hammock water. Knee and head supported by two cylindrical floats when you use a hammock water. Your body is completely covered by water as a hammock, made of a mesh material, comfortable droop into the pool. This lounge let you lie down and relax in the pool without sinking.

comfortable designs outdoor chaise lounge cool designs

comfortable designs outdoor chaise lounge cool designs

overawe outdoor chaise lounge traditional designs

overawe outdoor chaise lounge traditional designs

Donut-shaped floaties, or swim ring, is a flotation device cheapest to buy a swimming pool. This ring serves many purposes and is very useful for small pools, or large pond with a lot of people. This lounge flotation usually large and rounded, with pillow and cup holders spaced around the circle. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really awesome comfortable designs outdoor chaise lounge.

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  1. Coleman Jadyn Van R. says:

    I am going all-white with sheets and towels too. They match everything, I can bleach them if they need it, and I can mix sets.I also agree with the opinion that you region linens in the cupboard with a single fold facing outwards. This looks so great neater. And personally I accumulate we only need one on the beds/in the bathroom and one spare set. Visitors can consume the spare. Saves heaps of room.We spare toiletries in the bathroom (no more than one spare of most things) and spare toilet paper on a shelf in the toilet.

  2. Nolan Chad Y. says:

    I dug my grass up this way, but before topping the raised bed with additional topsoil and compost, I laid a layer of cardboard down. Those beds lack weeds. The ones in which I smothered the grass and weeds with cardboard and plopped soil and compost on top has a * problem, but objective around the edges.

  3. Jerry Chaz says:

    Chris, no offense, but I your art history teacher had a comely ignorant attitude towards what can be (when done well) a style. A lot of our modern misunderstanding about the rococo comes from the fact that most of these works fill been displaced from the contexts for which they were made – fair decorative settings in which the paintings were one allotment of a harmonious unified ensemble. They extremely frivolous and overdone hanging on the walls of most museums. Of course there is also the matter of modern taste…it was honest a different time.

  4. Ximena.Paloma says:

    Does anyone know where the arc lamp in the top photo can be purchased?

  5. Aleena-1981 says:

    @travelchick10 I Evernote. I retain a list of celebrated brands and the sizes I wear in those brands (because I trying on clothes in the store). I also photos of celebrated outfits that I in Evernote. It helps me remember what shapes/colors work best on me.

  6. Alicia says:

    I contain a extremely similar credenza, and it is Bassett. The center drawers are the same, but the sides are cabinets.I would also assign up to a drawer made to match.

  7. Allyson.88 says:

    World Market has a pleasurable apartment size sofa:

  8. Junior.Dominik says:

    In my I a bar sink. I would gladly give up the counter to not rep a bath any time I try to wash anything larger than a ceral bowl. into a site next month, what was at the top of the check list? A sink!

  9. Nancy1980 says:

    I this project. . .the shaking of the video is distracting though.

  10. Mila says:

    hey, you missed decals at LapTatt.comone of my favorites is the tron decalTron Decal

  11. Albert_Francis says:

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  13. Conor says:

    All I can say is that I am you made room for the sugar scrub…its one of my products.

  14. JusticeVirginia says:

    yes please… and thank you! (hopefully, courtesy and manners count for something)

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  16. HannahBrooklynn says:

    that is fantastic! I just did a similar install in my home!

  17. Saylor Itzayana G. says:

    Well, the to your ask? is in my post, more or less. The only advantages I contemplate are (1) somewhat less cost, and (2) easier to lunge (but probably harder to sell!)

  18. Dahlia Regina Leyla V. says:

    I am definite your indoor furniture had more chemicals pumped in them. Speaking of children disposable diapers enjoy some chemicals in them to.

  19. KendallThaliaNaya says:

    I agree with getting rid of the desk. I had an L-shaped desk in my previous apartment and it was huge. I gave it away to someone who was willing to it apart and hasten it themselves.

  20. LeahJaylaAyana says:

    no, bay windows and arches are brooklyn too. i both in my studio, too.great region and the kitchen looks fantastic!

  21. Nasir O. says:

    the placement & size of the windows flanking the fp are reminiscent of craftsman/bungalow style, and those walls had dusty colours inspired by nature. that fashion eminent modern materials, so the suggestions to capture the paint on the & fp merit, and if that tile needs replacing, terra cotta or similar would be appropriate.

  22. Seamus Carmelo Q. says:

    We contain a mix of shelving, glass and solid wood door cabinets. When designing the layout, I was really concerned with all the anti-open shelving comments, but we did it anyway and I esteem it. The shelves absorb dishes we consume everyday and another position of shelves are for exhibit items. Items on the shelves not regain overly dusty or greasy–I its because the shelf itself is more of an box, constructed below the cabinet, so it has a top to shield it from dust, etc.

  23. Kyler_Korey says:

    there are a lot of people in larger homes who enjoy same list; first, because their homes may need the same small-scale furniture, due to layout, ceiling height, doorways, and flexibility of smaller but proportional pieces that good; second, because many of these items contain correlation to unit size. if items are falling out of drawers or closets not name or laundry always is full, that is lack of organization and/or too mighty scheiße, happens everywhere. if wardrobe always is in season or furniture is storage hub, terrific, because that is their purpose. an empty cabinet does what? people in larger homes roll ironed tablecloths on wrapping paper tubes & store them under furniture (a clear omnimedia homemaker did not design this, btw), and other such tricks;third, people in homes bear glass coffee tables, as it opens up for dining/library/arts/finances/bar/kitchen table? yes, people in homes of separate-purpose surfaces, while kids in larger homes catch over The most functional table for homework & that diorama, and family ends up eating at one end.

  24. Mario says:

    My cat appropriates places to sleep. For a while it was the chair, then the rocker, now the sofa on a leopard print throw. She would not hold to being dictated to. She also refuses laps, resists being picked up, and prefers feet to hands to pet her. Its a elegant idea, but not for our dear Lucy.

  25. Chris_Jon says:

    Fabulous! cherish all the current N.O. touches you enjoy — the oversized Mardi Gras beads, the Muses shoe, etc. Congrats on such a fun and space!

  26. Aliyah Wren says:

    I taught myself to roller skate on or front porch when I was growing up. It was also the location I would sit at to sunsets- we lived across from a grand cornfield so it seemed there was a million miles out in front of me. After the sun went down, the lightning bugs would approach out for their evening show. Magical!

  27. Ingrid99 says:

    I be pleased the mophie juice pack, extra battery you can flip on when needed.The elephant is cute.

  28. Shaun Gordon S. says:

    Well, timely post! I did a kitchen cleanout. Under the appliance catorgy, I guess i alot. Ive got the blender (a cheapie one) a toaster, a bread maker, electric potato pealer and of couse my sandwich maker… All on my counter

  29. Brennan_Bo says:

    I bedside tables, or at least the of them. But I sorta abominate the behold of them. It seems extremely fashioned. I to it more by piling up vintage suitcases on top of one another, or a stepstool. accurate a thought!

  30. Aydan says:

    Nimco, I adore your collection. Thank you for explaining that you accomplish catering. 🙂 I cherish the fact you were able to consume color without painting a wall. esteem it! Voting!

  31. Adalyn C. says:

    I mosey in my iPod (an “antique” second generation one that works fine, thanks!) into my elliptical and force myself to peddling for the required time. Alternate days I my over-the-door resistance straps and work out against my (excessive!) body weight. Gadgets would only in my way… (I WILL gain thinner. I WILL thinner…)

  32. Layla Delilah B. says:

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  33. Trey Jaylon Keyon says:

    Hey Eddie, I cant wait to contemplate the waste result, I know its hard for some people to visualize the finished project, but from my vantage point, you guys done an awesome job. I cant wait to the finished product.Many Hug,Kerry,aka. Daddy

  34. Tessa_Leia_Ryann says:

    Hi, Xing- I adore your space! You are lucky to enjoy such a gem and in such a stout city, too! Can you fraction the source for the table/desk in the corner of the living room? Thanks!!

  35. Adelyn says:

    Hello, thanks for all the comments!The closet is wider than the shows. It goes advantage leisurely the wall to the left as far as the light switch. Both of the boys really it because they are able to bear personal and storage from each other. They allotment one astronomical dresser that only takes up a amount of floor space.The Hex mobile is from our line found here:

  36. Raven S. says:

    esteem love. Absolutely adorable and that changing tables are completely unnecessary.

  37. Kylee_Talia_Maeve says:

    How did you actually apply the epoxy? Did you fill to a frame around each to absorb it in region until it dried? Maybe I’m confusing it with leveling compound, which runs all over without a barrier.

  38. Aubri says:

    On a plod to SF last year, I ran into a vendor arrive the Ferry Building that was selling recycled climbing rope turned leashed. I mine! belief to resuse a product and he also donates a fraction of the leashes made to animal shelters.

  39. Liam Brad Jaheim says:

    @Girl from Manila Oh I appreciate this idea! With a bunch of girlfriends turning 40 this year, that would came in extremely handy!

  40. Davin_Alessandro_ says:

    One other notion for the nook – a sectional. it wrap around the wall of the office. one segment where the television currently is, and it face the rest. I deem it would the nook feel extremely cozy, and more complete.

  41. Stevie-777 says:

    So, got any advice/instructions for DIYERS to deconstruct and install toe-kick drawers? Wheels on the drawers?

  42. Cory-Trace-Kylan says:

    @quiltmaster: Looks surgical tubing for the tentacles and you could probably halve a racquet ball or something for the body. Seems straight forward.

  43. Ashlyn Amalia says:

    I had gotten a bit behind, but yea!, caught up this weekend. My landing * is a bit of a mess, so it needs to be re-conceptualized. And I some of the strips functions actually will be decide by my January project. At least that is what I am telling myself. :>)

  44. Abigail.Harley.Heavenly says:

    Shoshana–Another upholstery concept that may give you what you want with the charcoal chalkstripe, but a more long-lifed, perhaps… A woven herringbone, in a scale excellent enough to “read” from a distance, but not crazy-overscaled.Another consideration: something in exactly the same color as the sofa, but a extremely different texture. So, a burgundy leather, (as an grievous example).I Portico went out of business because they were doing a higher point without mass channels of distribution– a tough retail model. That, and no doubt their NYC rent was and absurd.

  45. Moises Leland W. says:

    I bought a sewing machine in a garage sale, because I had such fun memories of my mom sewing stuff for us. It took me a while to figure out the threading (I wish I had found this link at the time) but sewing machines are so useful and fun!

  46. Alexander-Deangelo says:

    @ smileandrelax, I agree! Add to the list less known divers communities, or a discussion on gentrification. That would really push boundaries. Probably less profitable.

  47. Brooke Reese Diana says:

    Stratford Hall Textiles has a fabric called- “Felt” in white and is a 100% wool. Here is the link-

  48. Eden Harley Z. says:

    inhabited by complex and enthralling people. I appreciate to examine a coffee table piled high with books on both ends, next to comfortable places to sit: 100% livability there.

  49. Meilani W. says:

    there, so to your post as we were considering the blueberry ticking rug for a extremely similar stairway. It is beneficial to a preview!! Is there any you could pick up an up photo of where/how the rug was stapled on?? D and A has photos on their place of some runners on stairs but the staples in them are quite visible. I am trying to figure out how to develop it without the visibility and without those stair rods. Anyway, not distinct if you can post it somehow or if you could email me offline somehow. Let me know – this would really advantage us feel confident about our choice as we esteem the rug. Thanks!!

  50. Vincent U. says:

    We bought my microscopic guy a chrome piggy bank at Target. They only carry it sporadically but I found it at Chiasso. Click my name for the link.

  51. Dimitri 88 says:

    Thanks heirloom. The contractors were brilliant. David (formerly of Greensaw Build, now of David flee gain

  52. Delaney88 says:

    Watching your play while in bed; how fun! Some tropical plants would effect it tranquil.

  53. Brody-Micheal-Bernardo says:

    I simply that chest at the foot of the bed. What beautiful, lines. So simple and yet so extremely functional. I was looking to where it could be purchased only to realize that it was a DIY. impressive.

  54. Ari says:

    warhol and rather poignant since computers/eletronics now epitomize shiny, disposable pop culture.

  55. FelipeMarquez says:

    Capital makes a freestanding range starting at 24″. I enjoy it and I it. The BEST stove ever. But it is on the expensive side – over 2K

  56. Lilia U. says:

    @skateleby: That bed is the IKEA Malm bed frame and headboard/bed shelf set.

  57. Harley1984 says:

    to write a useless list. Some commentary about what you liked, disliked, what of activities each game offered, etc would this post more than a demolish of bits.

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  60. Mariah Rowan Rylie says:

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  61. Jaidyn2014 says:

    Another mountainous reusable accumulate is the Onya (as in “keep it on ya all the time!”) – I bought it in London at the Greenwich Market from the creator John Brousson a few years ago and carry it with me everywhere. Made of light, durable parachute-like material, the folds into its fill little pouch. The BEST feature, though, is that the pouch turns into a shoulder strap – simply clip the carabiner clip onto the microscopic loop and you can sling it over your shoulder. You can also clip it to your find or key chain. People stopped me on the street in NYC to ask where to one. I bought a slew of them for friends and family, but need to gain a few more for myself since they come in lots of spacious colors!

  62. Martin Kade Gavyn says:

    You could a window film over both windows, that you will calm gain all the light, but privacy as well. I you can even beautiful patterned window films…that would be nice!

  63. Elaine_Penny_Kenley says:

    @kristenrose Your place is stunning! Thank you so grand for including our hand printed, organic I Only enjoy Eyes For You pillow. It looks amazing in your bedroom! Thanks for sharing your style. xo – Krissy

  64. Vivian says:

    I contain a relatively customary coffee table on wheels that I will never net rid of for this reason, makes yoga and consume easy.

  65. Annabella says:

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  66. Carter-Devan says:

    We barely acquire kitchen cabinet space, so we converted a hallway closet into a pantry. This satisfies my need to hoard canned goods and pastas 🙂 and lets us reserve the amounts of cabinet that we fill for things we on a daily basis, indulge in dishes.

  67. Emery Cecilia Miah A. says:

    Another option is to a ladder as a guide/slide. Growing up in a house built in 1770 they were not made for having couches on the second floor. But my whole childhood attractive furniture in and out of the second floor windows. If you can gain some ladders, we always extinct one as a coast for the couch and then 2 others for people to guide the couch up or down while someone pulls from above and pushes from below. The ladder obsorbs most of the weight of the couch instead of your back.

  68. Lexi Evie C. says:

    Yes, a friend of mine did the tissue paper pom poms… You can simply fetch the tutorial online. here is a link:

  69. Donald Jaylin Mohammed J. says:

    the floors and that Persian carpet in the living room! substantial Thomas (though I too would enjoyed hearing more about Sears bungalows).

  70. TyroneReilly says:

    What a room. I wonder if there is a blueprint to fit in a more comfortable chair so that you can nurse or feed the baby while admiring your masterpiece! stout work!!!

  71. Marleigh says:

    Wow, the art in that house is fantastic! I it. Wish I could one of those pieces, appreciate that cat and that green up in the bedroom.

  72. Paisley Ariadne V. says:

    I shop there a lot. And they absorb sale/clearance prices.Lamps, shades, hardware, curtains, dishes, bath items, drain catchers. It is all first-rate and useful.

  73. Arturo@2013 says:

    did someone seriously you to paint the brick wall? are they insane?yeah, sure, ahead…if you want your apartment to gape savor an elementary school circa 1987. geez.

  74. Gauge@2001 says:

    Thank you for capturing the device I am feeling as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving. Three weeks ago I lost my in Hurricane Sandy and believe spent all my time dealing with desirable up, insurance and FEMA. I am emotionally and physically exhausted and the last thing I want to is celebrate now. I unbiased want to be taken care of. However, I realize there are people worse off than me so I will try to remember that this holiday season and be more and caring toward others.

  75. Georgia_Henley_Marie says:

    this room can work. cleaning/recaulking, toilet seat, updated lighting, lux showerhead tips above! other ideas:1. support the walls light & neutral; will the room smaller/chopped up. paint colours in baths are challenging. a lot of skin is exposed, not so flattered by many greens & yellows. might a mildew-retardant primer, too.2. not a vanity under the sink or skirt it; the storage is not worth feeling less spaciousness.3. support the cabinet over the sink, then a full-length mirror on the front of the bath door, swing the two so you can observe the benefit of your outfit/hair & it will seem to expand the region in the rest of the apartment, too. this works. 4. hang shelves/cabinet over the toilet, 3 or 4 at least. hang hooks /o skinny shelves the door for added uses. 5. cannot the ceiling; maybe one long narrow shelf can be over med cabinet, end to ceiling & above heads, the whole length of bath for initiate storage? consider claustrophobia of a lower ceiling/chopped-up feeling v. storage before deciding.6. there is a window in the shower that needs a of shower curtain over it (or the wood rot); translucent will let in the most light. yes, there is potential for mildew if not monitored.7. the astronomical shower curtain is an inexpensive blueprint to your style; fun with that (art deco? newyorkistan? mattress ticking? storage pockets in the curtain itself? plastic fish? spa white?), then accessorize. the accessory/towel colours less on skintone than the paint.8. the bath mat(s) & shower curtain need to be washable, really.

  76. Abby Ellen P. says:

    Chopping up nuts for cookies and cakes and pies and breads and cookies….. Thank you for this giveaway!

  77. TonyBraylen says:

    The Astro35 is and all, but it only outputs USB. Upgrade to the AstroPro 14400 for $20 and you a 9V/12V output of charging anything that can perambulate into a cigarette lighter, enjoy DSLR batteries.

  78. Axel.Elmer.Savion says:

    I cherish plants in a home. I several in my apartment and they peek lovely. In addition to the ones mentioned above, I would highly recommend a schefflera. They are leafy and will grow quite astronomical in the moral conditions.

  79. Malachi-Louis-Shayne says:

    you can a light in it, a plant, conceal it with false butterflies… i saw that on AT somewhere.

  80. Jorge Desmond Omari says:

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  81. Regina 696 says:

    What a aesthetic tour! Congratulations on making this house a home.

  82. Giovanni says:

    @lava1234 How many coats of paint did you on the kitchen cabinets?I admire the tile work! 🙂

  83. Ellen says:

    appreciate the organic elements here and on this page too-

  84. Jaron says:

    I believe both a Dyson and a Miele and they are both fab

  85. Lindsey says:

    Excuses are not the same as explanations though: if I beget a reason to say no, I also the reason.

  86. Ayleen says:

    Blah – as happens in seemingly every AT contest the new poster puts up a link to more images…which is CHEATING.Secondly, this region is friendly and *, but boring. There is nothing that really pops out as “COOL” – nicely managed location despite the dejected quality photographs.

  87. Madelyn.Kehlani.Miya says:

    @zebool Thanks! I found Elvis when I lived in Los Angeles at some vintage knick knack store in Los Feliz.The graffiti and gas are Banksy. You can prints online or on his site. He encourages people to print his work on his site.I bought the head here in KC. If you on ebay or google anatomical or anatomical head or model you will probably fetch a bunch of different versions and sizes.@outsidethebox What fragment of Brookside are you in? me on twitter under Jonasbarrish and DM me.

  88. Tessa Fatima Rory says:

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  89. Bryson says:

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  90. Riley-Nigel-Van says:

    Sarah,This is an AT ceiling fan thread:

  91. Fernanda Kailey Lisa Q. says:

    A couple of years ago I got one at Container Store, German Leifheit, plastic rectangle with internal holders for two garbage bags (grocery store bags work fine). It was the only two-in-one kitchen garbage can I could gather and it works well. If you can detached one, I recommend it.

  92. Noah Aldo Alexzander D. says:

    Appropriate for this season…we WISH money grew on trees!

  93. Josef E. says:

    Last night I was at Target and I saw their version of the ViaBox. It is slightly smaller I than the thing but cute.

  94. Frederick Carmelo Q. says:

    Patrick (the other one) – Perhaps WE took my advice from my comment suggesting the green. Yeah accurate wishfull thinking!I also took a at the stuff on line and there is this bar/storage cabinet with a chrome gross (in the with the current green chair) that is really nice.I WE- but as we all know MDF does not last forever!

  95. Edwin_Armando_Clinton says:

    you can always the gift card in a bag! do some cookies or something to dart along with it?

  96. Camryn-1981 says:

    first of all, Laura, you are not alone!looking for the source of a leak that inundated the 1st-story bathroom of my 1910 limestone brick 2-family in brooklyn, my brother and i ended up having to COMPLETELY rip up the 2nd-story bathroom floor down to the (surprise!) rotted joists. the 3×8 joists had, in some places, rotted away to about 1×2 inches.better yet, this was holding up a CONCRETE floor!this occurred about a week before the tenants were to in.the least fun stuff was buying mortarboard and plywood, but i also went for hex tile for my (1st floor) bathroom and esteem it.anyway, i wanted to offer sympathy and wish you luck!2nd floor (before):

  97. Landon_Tyree says:

    Correction, I meant quartz not marble (must believe marble on my brain since I was looking at pastry recipes being rolled out on marble tops before this article – oops).

  98. Arabella says:

    That was a clever conception to turn on the lights. They probably should contain done it before the renovation and it would attach some money.

  99. Adelaide Paris Sharon V. says:

    all – to be on AT and hope I can some of your questions.It is the same kitchen – tore down the wall with the door to add more home from the microscopic screened in that was the doorReplaced 2 windows with one great wider one – moved it over a bit to fit everything I wanted along that wallReflection – not scraped off stickers on the lights

  100. Joy1996 says:

    accomplish your fashion:To limit wardrobe, recombine several two-piece outfits.Try one pair of dress shoes, sneakers and boots – or barefoot.Rather than a hat or umbrella, try a hooded jacket.Try a itsy-bitsy purse – for a credit card, dollars, coins and house/car keys.Try a comb or brush, but not both.Use minimal makeup.Omit jewelry and accessories.

  101. Ayla Diana Emilee says:

    @DList Oh *…my members of the FFF already gave me that memo. If I one in my hair when I bag in bed, I to cover it under my pillow. Sliding it around a jar of moisturizer be pleased the first photo had my cat going after the jar.

  102. Mathias says:

    Another vote for CALIFORNIA CLOSETS.Ordering a custom system is acutally not a lengthly process. California Closets works with North American vendors, so there is no waiting for European shipments that arrive from across the globe, leaving a high carbon footprint. A Consultant meets with you to decide your needs, drawings are made, the allege submitted, and when they install, it usually only takes a day or two if you are installing a larger walk-in. I was impressed that the installers wear booties on their feet to support my floors clean, and never left a mess behind. Only a dazzling system that organizes me and keeps me sane!

  103. Terrell says:

    When I was selling my house I made a point of displaying my cello in the second bedroom for the pictures and house. I wanted it to class up the a bit. Otherwise it stays in its case with the humidity monitor.

  104. Josephine F. says:

    I absorb a extremely retro-looking Falcon stove with an induction top (no gas service in our village). I adore induction. And I the retro look. Same owner as Viking/Aga/La Cornue, but a much smaller price.

  105. Mitchell-Julien-Fidel says:

    @Loveley of Oh I totally remember that! That would be SO PRETTY! Or even some color that was striking but complimentary. However that gold was wow so gorgeous!

  106. Thomas Melvin Alfonso B. says:

    hey, reminds me a dinky of the penjing i made for landscape make class! (penjing = chinese version of bonsai)

  107. Julian Ronnie Alijah J. says:

    We are in the process of selling. Would you guys rather how light the master can be without the sheer curtains or into the neighbors bedroom 3 feet away? His house is moldy and badly in need of a paint job.

  108. Ainsley.Laylah.Ann says:

    Thanks, @seaofbirds! The “Stay Pretty…” poster was printed locally by advise Press ( for the aesthetic Things * and Ale Project ( Both are worth checking out, and you can probably pick up the poster from either source.

  109. Tyson_Ismael_Chaim says:

    Is Megan a quilter? The residence up of that desk is lovely, but as someone who sews garments, I know for distinct that everything to the left of the sewing machine would catch knocked off every time I ran a seam through as the clothes completion and find bulkier. For quilting I guess the smaller piecework would be okay, but I imagine running a nearly-finished quilt through the machine and again, down goes the lamp.

  110. Leon.2002 says:

    and ah! how could i miss juhl chairs….hmm…cant imagine living in your extraordinary

  111. Devin.Jabari says:

    The others are lawful for the most-part:A sectional on a rug in the corner diagonally antonym from the kitchen – media center on the wall by the balcony doors, a kitchen island/cafe table w/ seating in the kitchen……but instead of the PAX wardrobe system in the bedroom – it in the corridor antonym the bedroom doors – accept a system w/ lots of drawers below and handing & shelves above – and in the bedroom, impartial a bed on the wall flanked by a pair of matching nightstands (w/ drawers) and table lamps.

  112. Nathanael.Jamie.Gideon says:

    baby you can drive my car….oh could he. daydreams are made of this car for those and those smaller than large.

  113. Sara-Ansley-Annabel says:

    There are 12 items are in the graph created by Remodeling Magazine. The 5 items listed beneath it are more of an interpretation/expansion of/upon the graph. Your lack of attention to the details of the article is annoying. 🙂

  114. Kristian-Kolton-Anton says:

    We fill a formal dining room and I affection that we do. I never felt hosting dinner parties without some sort of table.Now, our formal living room, on the other hand…

  115. Ryder_Amari says:

    IKEA sells really euro, chilly looking affordable applicances, can you really not your imagination to characterize a different brand?

  116. Dakota says:

    @Dora Marr my reply to sleepwear is to bring a pair of light cotton PJ bottoms to wear. I can then throw on an “already-worn” t-shirt or tank for the top. Robes are generally heart-broken for me to sleep in, and this allows me to crawl to front desk in the middle of the night if absolutely necessary.

  117. Talia Harlow Natasha V. says:

    Not extremely 4th July but in London we contain French designer Cleo Ferin Mercury, who does lots of crazy, beautiful printed scarves, bandanas and silk collars. She did a Brigitte Bardot handkerchief I consume as a furoshiki.

  118. Adalynn says:

    Sandy – Was it this one?

  119. Corbin Omarion Ezequiel R. says:

    RE: destructive cats. The best acknowledge I’ve found is Feliway, a synthetic cat pheromone that you can in either a spray or a room diffuser. It mimics the pheromone that cats to imprint their territory, and scratching the furniture is often a marking behavior. I bought a diffuser and plugged it in arrive a chair my cat was clawing on a regular basis. The behavior stopped within a week or two. I recently bought a loveseat off Craig’s List from a cat-free home, and both of my cats immediately began to design war on it. I bought the Feliway spray and applied it directly to the fabric for a couple of weeks AND plugged a diffuser in the wall closest to the loveseat. I haven’t noticed any modern clawing since about the second week. You can grasp Feliway at most pet stores, but I catch it’s significantly cheaper on-line. The last place I bought it from was (just type Feliway into the search field when you catch there). The diffuser lasts for about 1 month and refills about $14-$15 each (initial cost is ~$26 for the plug-in and the first month’s supply of Feliway). The refills can add up fast, but so can reupholstering your furniture!! Hope that helps!

  120. Camille-Whitney says:

    hello Sarah Dobbins, I these bedroom chandeliers. Today, we published one blog post about and mini chandeliers on our decor blog. We dropped your blog post link over there. I hope you will devour it, pin it and tweet it. 🙂

  121. Salma_Harmoni says:

    You could with the gold theme – stick with challenging neutral walls and bring the color into your window treatments and accessories (like this glorious room). The rug may or may not work in this scheme.

  122. Diego Ari Nigel D. says:

    I construct the best I can with the diminutive funds I have. And innovative usually costs more money than I am willing to shell out for a rental.And yay another Michele with one “L”–awesome.

  123. Bradley-Jaime-Gavyn says:

    My important other and I bought a coop that is 540 sq ft. We are going to what we can to beget a LR, BR, Office, Kitchen, Library and an efficient bathroom. People absorb commented on our little space, but we contain decided to a life that can be invested not investing in “things”. We to travel, cultural and social opportunities, but we also want to a in which to cloak and hibernate.We allot of inspiration from AT and will be posting our finished project to AT.Maria and JennyMinneapolis, MN

  124. Gianna.Allyson.Kyra says:

    I the colors but would enjoy liked to observe more of the house instead of the hallway and the entry. (Bedroom, livingroom) I contemplate this would be a post with better choice of pictures.The childrensroom with the trea is lovely.

  125. Cora.Joanna.Regina says:

    * nugget… Oh my goodness, that website is truly alarming! Those slumlords should be arrested!

  126. Elaine-Ariadne-Emmie says:

    I would a long table to flow parallel to the kitchen wall, to function both as a dining table and an additional work surface. A sofa parallel to the dining table but facing away from the kitchen would befriend the living area, and as others bear mentioned, a rug can elaborate the living location and construct the concrete floors more comfortable. Against the wall antonym the sofa, you could floor to ceiling storage cabinets (perhaps Ikea), that could your TV if you enjoy one, craft supplies, books, and assorted items. Your sleeping could also be defined with a rug, and maybe a bookcase as a divider.AT has featured tons of wall hangers for bikes…perhaps the bit of wall next to the glass entry door would work for hanging bikes? It might to hang a tapestry or something gradual the bikes to project the wall, as it would be easy to regain marks all over the wall from the tires.

  127. Nova_Katelyn_Rory says:

    This is one of those spectacular places that makes me once again grateful for AT. There is nothing more than a family who knows how to be creative, exciting, exacting, and DIY. (Not to mention the Italian recipe on the chalkboard…sigh) I am sorry that you to leave!!! For all those over-parenting parents, yikes. You guys need to capture a woodworking class or something. I hope someone buys the and keeps its charms and intelligence intact.

  128. Rebecca Annika Zahra Y. says:

    @Ned Wright I savor shimmering Morning Floor club too because it has similar ideas.

  129. Nia Alayah Jaylee says:

    one gift from santa, plus stuffed stockings, one gift from mommy and daddy. My children are aloof so the expectations are low, and I hope to it that as long as possible. We aim to provide experiences and memories more than presents. When we carry out gifts, we try to sustain them meaningful and thoughtful. Not to mention there are grandparents who bask in to buy presents for them. How stuff, really, ones need?

  130. Orion Ethen K. says:

    I objective looked at your feather affection photography site….. anyone here want to marry a crazy, arty-farty, middle-aged woman, who thinks “bad taste” comments are funny, so Noa can capture the photos?!

  131. Charlotte-Stella-Kennedy says:

    Nobody mentioned the battery life?One of the aspects of having a Kindle is the battery life. I can read several books on one charge which makes it particularly to with. One less thing to acquire to recharge. In a pinch I can even check my email with it – should I absorb neglected or not been able to re-charge my other electronic devices.

  132. Sara Haylee says:

    You can also glean anti glare coatings for computer screens.

  133. Raul says:

    I fill immense Scott movers twice and fill been extremely blissful (the last time was more than 10 years ago, though)

  134. Dana.666 says:

    PicsArtStudio is really an outstanding app to add text on photos and it is really easy to consume for layman. there are some of the android apps which are really noble for adding text on photos one of them is Photex Pro which is a app with titanic features adding text, stickers background and many fonts styles on photos for designing. Phonto is also app for the editing of pictures.

  135. AnnikaHadassah says:

    @cherrow414 Really? How strange, I was going to say the opposite. Mine has held up beautifully and always takes top compliments when I guests.

  136. Aiden says:

    @SherryBinNH, thank you, yes, I similar tiles on my balcony – you can either obtain them made of regional wood, or from certified plantations… They will cost you a bit more, though.

  137. ClarenceFrankie says:

    Non-clickable names mean one of two things:1. These are archaic comments from a “classic episode” post, dating from before the registration period.2. The commenter no longer has an active account. The spammers construct banned as soon as someone catches them.

  138. Reilly V. says:

    Somehow, lining up the pieces on that slatted wall makes the glassware explore cheap and – glass that needs to be backlit from beneath or illuminated by spotlights from above.

  139. Weston Karson G. says:

    stone to ceiling in on left, and spay paint gold frme black

  140. Xander W. says:

    Fiona, ditto on Gods and Monsters, that house is fantastic. movie too!

  141. Marquez-696 says:

    Not only is sewing a dying art in mighty of the US, mending is practically dead. So many clothes could be kept out of garbage dumps if their owners would simply learn how to hold care of them – or if they knew a tailor who could do it.Granted, most clothes these days are meant to be frail out, tossed out, and replaced quickly, but I for one would to gape that change.

  142. Zara Miah F. says:

    Snap traps. I caught 8 in a week using the basic snap traps and peanut butter, and they suffered far less than via any of the other methods (including cats!). The only downside is having to throw out the trap, but even then you can honest grab it with a dilapidated grocery and throw the whole thing out away.

  143. Carolina Luciana Jasmin H. says:

    Matilda – the timing mumble is being worked on. It complicates matters that different sites are in different time zones. Please be patient while we work through this!

  144. Damarion Keon L. says:

    summerinbrooklyn, as far as the light in your bathroom,, has some decent alternatives that you might like, and they are cheap.

  145. Amaya.Alicia.Ingrid says:

    Seriously, there should be a category for owning and renting! There is such a broad with what you can finish with the space.

  146. Mariana B. says:

    I I voted for you mainly because the I Cats game I was doing with your photos. No, seriously, your home is great. Ikea rocks, I despise Ikea snobs. They enjoy great, inexpensive furniture. job!

  147. Jaylon says:

    no no no no no.plant something native to the environment that will flourish naturally and not require excess watering, indulge in grass. Also, into moss! notice into about anything that actually grows!

  148. Skyler_Jenna_Nayeli says:

    there,Do you know anything about the capiz pendant lamp you absorb hanging in the entryway (the one with the hexagonal pieces)? I absorb that dependable one and would affection to know more about it if you any info. Thanks!!

  149. Valerie 1967 says:

    @HaroldOsler What that indicated to me is that the tenant was making too grand noise.

  150. Freddy_Bernard says:

    What a kitchen! that blue. and I want that whole wall: the door, the shelf, the cabinet, the window! it!

  151. Lana-Giuliana says:

    hasty question:Anyone know where the pendant light in the first chronicle is from? Would affection to contain something be pleased this.

  152. Cesar-Zaire says:

    I AT was hoping for a determined smartphone??

  153. BryceAlbertoDonavan says:

    @Semolinah I agree the references are not going to be from people who will say despicable things although some references are more apt than others.I did contain a contractor arrive by to give me an estimate a few years ago. He showed up several hours late, told me he usually only did “million dollar homes”, when I asked him for references told me he usually only gave out references after a contract was signed and a deposit made. Needless to say his references were not needed. As an added bonus Mr. million dollar man notion my 10 year dilapidated vinyl floor was tiles. Yep no references needed to know this guy was a loser

  154. OwenAlecFreddy says:

    I relish the living room setup–my considerate of couch, +huge art, +the paired pendents. The tufted vintage rocker (I assume) is a estimable piece, too. The amount of seating seems excessive, but I understand chair addiction perfectly well, so what can you do? XD

  155. ElenaMaliah says:

    I recently painted my bathroom linoleum floor, and it looks great. I deglossed it and sanded some spots that were particularly rough. Then I primed it and rolled 2 coats of porch/deck paint on it. Everyone who sees it compliments it; however, the floor attracts dirt. I am going to it really well and then achieve a coat or 2 of polyurethane over it. It was cheaper than replacing the floor and less exertion than those annoying peel and stick tiles. It may not up well in the long run, but it looks ample moral now.

  156. Edwin says:

    Can anyone recommend a challenging service for a couch a relatively short distance (about a half hour drive). I need someone who can it up, it in a van, drive it to me, and it up to my 3rd floor up. Any ideas?

  157. Javier Donovan Issac T. says:

    A gut remodel on an only bathroom is tough to live through – they pledge 4 weeks, you know at least 6 and hope for less than 8. The concept of re-setting the toilet every day seemed daunting so I opted to rent a port-o-*! Genius!

  158. Jade_Laura_Kehlani says:

    I agree with the readers that mentioned that calling 911 with a landline will give emergency personnel an proper location. Calling 911 with a cell phone only gives a proximity. When every second counts, you need to be you can be located quickly. Also, you always know where your phone is plugged in, but conclude you always know where your cell phone is? Probably not. Lastly, I being able to divulge with some people on my landline without straining to hear what they are saying appreciate I must sometimes on my cell.

  159. Giselle-1981 says:

    Thomas Moser furniture.

  160. Lawson says:

    This dwelling is trying to be something, but I am not what that is. I am really enjoying the of the neat feel, mixed with the natural trees and rock, however, the opinion needs to be further developed.And, of course, some things are meant to be private- I would never want to be having breakfast and my husband sitting on toilet taking care of business.

  161. Nylah Emmeline Zaniyah F. says:

    I will suggest considerable to Garage Sale:Get into the habit of regularly putting things away in a “garage sale” box throughout the year. Prepare thoroughly to assume a weekend that’s not a holiday and the weather is nice. accomplish definite you mark an item in that “sweet spot” that leaves you enough room to negotiate down and collected some money. neon coloured poster board (all the same colour) and cut it into fourths. You only need one or two words per imprint and an arrow. You to be spot up and ready to by 7 am if you want to sell your stuff-especially furniture. If you are working out of a garage, your table situation up at the top of the driveway at the entrance to your garage.

  162. Reginald 99 says:

    exercise something else as a timer … I try and unpack the dishwasher before the kettle boils or the toast pops; certain the coffee table in ad breaks; some filing while waiting for something to download/update (sport commentary in my head regarding my time optional) …

  163. Conner_Gunner says:

    I beget correct one sibling – a sister. Our tastes in are THE SAME! Not definite if it has anything to acquire with our parents or growing up in the same home, but as adults it good-looking uncanny how many fashion similarities we 🙂

  164. Max-Davis-Dane says:

    I believe mature these products when I lived in California, some years back. I since moved to Washington space (Central Washington – Yakima). I am looking for a couple of specific products that to execute me well–one of these (a of lip-gloss, “chapstick” product)healed a canker sore at the edge of my lip which had appeared overnight–and was COMPLETELY GONE after applying it to my mouth during a 24-hour period! Please me who sells Melaleuka in my specific region. – Marquita

  165. Jaxson Jeramiah Jax D. says:

    I completely agree with jennib- these are completely ridiculous. If companies want to reinvent disposable diapers, they should figure out a to construct them biodegradable.

  166. Arielle.Annabella.Addyson says:

    wow…alot of feedback…lol
    Well I for one your sense of humor and and especially the living room walls and the bathroom artwork. I loved it so that I shared it on my blog today. I call this WABI SABI…celebrating the imperfections in our lives and this week I really needed this. Thanks Kristen and house tour!!!
    Fondly, Roberta

  167. Gracie.Julianna.Giana says:

    I am a modernist at heart, but having lived in both new and old, I will catch former for the win! In fact, I 100+ years old. That said, it really depends on the type of ancient place you are in.We were fortunate to choose into a building from 1910 (built for the upper middle classes), constructed in concrete and steel (covered in masonry and Beaux Arts terra cotta) so things being un-level isn’t an issue, there are plenty of outlets, and there is no shortage of heat. It’s not perfect… We beget had ants (that can happen in newer construction as well), it will be years before we finally stripping all the wood work, and there are most definitely things which will never really feel clean. I would also hold if we didn’t fill window air conditioners as our only option.However, I would not trade in our nearly ten foot ceilings, quarter sawn oak and mahogany inlaid floors, untouched cedar coat closet, irreplaceable plaster moldings, new fireplace surround with mirror, and 8’ 3” excellent mahogany French doors, and our two functional transom windows for anything built in the past 75 years. These are details which simply cannot be replicated to same level of quality in the world without an budget, and even then they would not be as nice. By being willing to tolerate some minor inconveniences and some restoration work, I fill the of living at a level of luxury I could never afford otherwise. Besides, there are plenty of nightmares awaiting those who live in newer places with the lower quality of construction in the past 50 years.

  168. Eliana says:

    This is fantastic! That front room of windows is so elegant.

  169. JadeEmersynEstella says:

    a steam cleaner be pleased bissel dinky green does wonders. i also a whirlpool air filter running on extreme all the time.

  170. AndyGriffinSammy says:

    What a space! You absorb advance up with a honorable layout for all your furniture. It looks everything was placed strategically causing no clutter. My approved things are the segmented plywood wall with the clocks and the artwork throughout; specially the pieces in the girl’s room. The shelving and cabinet doors in the closet are mountainous solutions to retain the mess away. I envy your chair and table collection.

  171. Cheyenne Viviana Courtney Z. says:

    Lovely! Some of them so glamourous and charming. Really enjoyed this.However, my dream closet is not featured here though. I fully embraced the minimalist approach: so these in-closets would be converted to an office for me lol!

  172. Leilani Danna says:

    Thank you for the feature AT and for the comments from your readers!In to the questions that I saw above – Yes, I did employ Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and I painted the novel knobs but did engage pulls. Another commenter asked if it was formica – no, it is genuine wood (yay!) and as for the mirror, I sold it (so in then only ended up paying $5 for the dresser).Oh, and in acknowledge to seeing a photo of the loft bed, it is not built yet but once it is I will definitely post about it!Thanks again everyone!

  173. MadelynScarletteHana says:

    attractive challenge! I cherish that you want to integrate your with his! Here is my brainstorming “seed” for you:It would be nice to through the glasses, not accurate beget them in a dark box, so I of something devour a light box. Either over a window with a less than enthralling view, or in front of led lights and/or a vintage mirror ? You could develop a cabinet with a re-claimed window, and then commence the window to access the glasses.Good luck!

  174. Elena says:

    If it were my room, I would assume painting the chairs. The room looks a diminutive flat. Flat art on the walls, flat range of color, flat light at the ceiling. A chandelier would gallop a long intention to adding depth. Even a branch or dried vines wrapped with Christmas lights would add a natural element and break up the empty volume.

  175. Livia says:

    Lovely. But I would bask in to know what people with the office stuff they to room for their babies. How you merge it into the household without having that extra room?

  176. PeytonKenyonDylon says:

    I cherish the vintage cabinets and sink. nice. I hope you and your mother maintain it for the next generation.

  177. Davis.Elvis says:

    I need to frame an (4 feet x 6 feet) canvas movie poster. Where should I choose it to be framed?Is there a framer that specializes in excellent pieces?Do framers deliver?Thank you.

  178. Patrick_Bo says:

    I want to into the third pic.The stenciled stairs are a for getting the examine without the anxiety (and permanency) of tiling.

  179. Braelynn_Mara says:

    Another picture showing the murphy bed would be good. It sounds enjoy the perfect acknowledge for this studio but now all we can inspect is the living/kitchen area.

  180. Maddox-Mathias-Travon says:

    Here is a webiste for 5 color color palettes. Not patterned though.

  181. Ximena Makayla Y. says:

    i gain this is impartial a prototype, not an app

  182. EmilySadie says:

    @honeylavendar So true! My dad and his gf ended up in Hawaii and their luggage did not. They found it extremely difficult to replacement clothes for the duration of their trip.(Fun story, their luggage never did leave Canada. Weeks after they got home, the airline finally found their luggage hanging out some boxes.)

  183. Haylee Kora G. says:

    If you live in an apartment, your neighbors will basically want to you if you play an instrument. I past a building a couple blocks away where a bagpiper lives, and actually thank the universe, out loud, that we did not unknowingly in that building.

  184. Cataleya W. says:

    Somehow my comment was deleted. I impartial replied “oh my”. Why would it be deleted? It was in no blueprint disrepectful Apartment Therapy. Sheesh!

  185. Carlos Devin I. says:

    What windows to in a kitchen. The renovation turned out too.

  186. Mariano.1960 says:

    Freaky place. I affection the begin living room and plants!

  187. Lawrence says:

    I it the contrivance it is. The wood is looking and matches your stuff. Would your landlord let you retile it in something simpler? I believe that would the biggest improvement without being too difficult.

  188. Erik_Marvin_Dillan says:

    Well I washed my feather pillow in a front loader washing maching at the highest temperature for washing whites. Took it out and it seemed extremely soggy a drowned cat ! I left it in my airing cupboard overnight. ( I achieve not a tumbler dryer ) Then I had a bit of a brainwave. I effect it in my cooking oven ! Yes ! I spot the temperature up high for about 10 mins. Then I switched off the oven. I a hand towel on the wire tray then laid the pillow on top and closed the door. Now to “bake the pie !” I checked to inspect what was happening about half an hour later. The pillow felt better and dryer. I took it out of the oven and fluffed it up a bit. Then took the handtowel out and repeated the process of heating up the oven first then switching the power off..then putting the towel and the pillow abet into the oven and closing the door. Pillow feels novel again ! So ladies and gents why not try “baking” a pillow for lunch !

  189. Pablo Quinten Jordy says:

    Everyone seems to contain delicate negative comments about the quality in the reviews. Apparently rusty when it arrives, rusts easily outside, and the color fades quickly.

  190. RodolfoAldoAlfred says:

    Vermont Farm Table offers furniture made from reclaimed wood.Grace @ VTFT

  191. Selena says:

    This is NOTHING I am a residential designer in St. Petersburg Beach and I could beat this this condo 10 times with only the “before” pictures on my laptop! LOL

  192. Paisley Annalise Bonnie D. says:

    Even though I not up out cleave pumpkins, I quiet decorate for seasons. Spring my furniture is focused around the French doors to contemplate the garden. Winter the furniture is focused around the fire place. Art is moved around as well. Paintings of summer landscapes are out in winter time to remind me of warmer times. Warmer blankets replace light ones, ceiling fans reversed, central air turned from to heat , ect . All are seasonal decorations.

  193. Sophie_Jazmin says:

    I had parquet in the condo I bought and it was extremely yellow looking and missing chunks. I found it cheaper to repair and refinish to a nicer colour than to it (it is wood after all) and replace it with laminate. It really grew on me after a exiguous while. (

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