Beautiful Unique 3D Gemini Teak Chaise Lounge Styles

Teak chaise lounge today will come with specious unique design 3D called gemini styles and design ideas. You can see some beautiful designs and ideas here. MIT Professor at the same architects and designers Neri Oxman three-dimensional printing technology combines with natural materials to create a deck chair or chaise longue named Gemini. Not just any chair, recliner designs that have special acoustics to ensure user comfort. The uniqueness of design chaise is also very desirable for lover antique furniture and cool as they are. enjoy your days and force imagining you get this awesome chaise in your mind.

Double chaise lounge with teak material fit for 2 people

Double chaise lounge with teak material fit for 2 people

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really beautiful unique 3D gemini teak chaise lounge styles. “This chair is designed by using a corrugated surface which tends to reflect the sound into. The structure of the surface scatter and reflect sound into and sound-absorbing skin three-dimensional prints to absorb the sound, and creating an environment that is really peaceful and quiet, “said Oxman. This chair is the first design of two types of seats under the name Gemini. To distinguish the two seats that will be introduced to the public next September, this chair is named Gemini Alpha. Meanwhile, both the chair will be named with the Beta Gemini. Alpha is part of the Gemini spots such as synthetic rubber magenta, yellow, and orange. This section is made using 44 different composite and produced by the printing press output Stratasys, Objet400 3D printer.

Chaise Lounge made of premium teak and there are pillow

Chaise Lounge made of premium teak and there are pillow

Teak chaise lounge long with leather cushion black

Teak chaise lounge long with leather cushion black

The exterior of the chair is made using solid wood shaped using CNC machining center for arts and design in Paris, Le Laboratoire. This section follow the contours of the human body with the stand in, backrest and the head is curved to reduce noise from outside the recliner. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really beautiful unique 3D gemini teak chaise lounge styles.

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  2. Sariyah@88 says:

    I stumbled upon this video last year and probably watched it 10 times in a row!

  3. Eden-2003 says:

    This happened to us, and we eventually discovered that the plumber has not installed P-traps on the sink/toilet/bathtub or the honest venting for the plumbing — so methane was backing up from the septic tank into the house. Then it happened again and we found out our iron pipes had rusted out and were spilling sewage under the house. We had to spread lime around the dawdle to the smell.

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    @robert77 Same here, no tile and no problems with water…but tile would certainly acquire it easier to scrub off the toothpaste that my children (and husband!) seem to leaving on the wall above the sink.

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    @revival — I am extremely delighted I made that decision. The restoration work has taken care of the draftiness and the windows awesome!

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  9. Sloane says:

    I saw a similar table at Eclectic Avenue Furniture on Main St in Santa Monica yesterday. Unlike this one, it was wide under the table. The was more too. dusky wood with metal frame.

  10. Emanuel 1963 says:

    Im with luca and Android, but thanks for the tips anyway. Looking forward to the Android version!

  11. Dawson says:

    *having a Lebowski-moment*You are in clear need of a rug.

  12. Mira Kenley Bryleigh X. says:

    Bravo!The video, the floor plan and the photos were at showing how cozy, livable, artistically inspired, and practical this residence is.Plus, the kitty cat clearly feels relaxed here, always a extremely edifying sign.I want one objective this!

  13. Dylan says:

    I went to the Parker last month with my boyfriend and had the most fabulous time. The staff was and the grounds are objective beautiful. Jonathan Adler went all out on this hotel with his stylish retro/glamour revival. The lobby is increidble with its chippendale sofa, colossal 2 plastic chandelier, a enormous selection of blinko and viking glass, along with a sixties circular sofa that is accompanied by a indoor sixties fireplace. The rooms were with vintage leather chairs, danish tapestries, grand white canopy bed, and all the ammenities you could ask for. A must look if you are on the westcoast! Check to if they are offering the intro rate!

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  15. Derrick says:

    engaging colors, I savor it.Matt at

  16. Jada H. says:

    Would fill been glorious with a simple paint job, lined with contact paper. While I the creative risk-taking, the tile overwhelms the dinky and wheels it unbalanced and awkward.

  17. Reilly G. says:

    there is an artist that has done some cold things with recycled wine bottles.

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  19. Gwendolyn.Alannah says:

    I this apartment, it is my so far. I also liked it the first time I saw it, last year? I seen the first photo before somewhere. Terrazzo is by far my most flooring, thank you for not covering it up. It is so fair and functional. The entire situation is light, welcoming, colorful, clean, and fun.The bathroom is a bit odd, and could exhaust more interest besides the curious layout.

  20. HadleePatriciaSariyah says:

    Try Sometimes they really noble stuff in their sale section.

  21. ChloeAlexandriaLilith says:

    Caitlin in Seattle,Flash off? What if there is no natural light in your bathroom? you the electric light? And are you talking unbiased the bathroom or everytime/everywhere in your home? I really beget no idea.

  22. Jada says:

    I am so elated that I saved this tour to on a leisurely Sunday morning, so that there would be time to linger over every photo. This is such a charming and apartment. Thank you for sharing!

  23. Galilea.Brenna says:

    I absorb three photography prints in my bathroom. Two are of orchids and one is a gerber daisy. I never really shocked about anything happening to them and nothing has. They work really well with the graphic flower on the shower curtain.N.

  24. Donte says:

    I beget the tivoli iPal and I it with my ipod; its small, looks stylish, and is easy to around, but the sound is not all that ample — it works for my studio apt., but the bose would probably be a better for someone who wants a dwelling stereo system.

  25. AdrianJosiah says:

    I am a owner…. he is a bit crazy at times so I completely where your coming from….Just a thought… what about high bookshelves? wrapping around your room nearing the ceiling ? I believe always been a fan of the arrangement it looked.. and… when the baby comes…. then it will eliminate him/her getting into the books as well….. you can more than 1 row maybe 2 high and above….it would be kid/dog friendly…. ? a thought…. luck your dogs are beautiful….!

  26. Joshua_Conner_Kadin says:

    I got * into the fad too. I bear a vintage dress in a chevron print and the colors work well. I recently did this on my wall, and succumbed to two fads, but I it!

  27. Jaiden_Felix_Roderick says:

    Nope. If you absorb the foresight to carry something to hide yourself in case of rain, you would bring an umbrella.

  28. Kaleb-Jaron says:

    i the of curtains to divide up the room and was planning on doing something similar in my apartment. how did you hang them? any advice/information on the hardware you would be great! thanks!~

  29. Arya.Lennon.Alyvia says:

    Not my favorite. It is certainly artfully arranged with care, but it looks extremely cluttered to me. Also extremely dark. Lots of objects, but too many for my taste.

  30. Aaliyah-Roselyn says:

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  31. Sawyer.Shaun.Clifford says:

    job! The windows are wonderful. aesthetic inside and out. beach house vibe.

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  35. Adolfo.666 says:

    adore what you believe done in such a space. I am challenging from a 425 sq ft to a 250 sq ft apt, lots of good ideas at AT! Where does everyone the “Keep aloof and carry on” posters?? I must one!!

  36. Ada.Kyleigh.Analia says:

    I esteem black, and would blankets and a downhearted couch if it was not for my pets. Instead I light gray comforters and believe a crimson couch (which surprising does not indicate fur). Looks ample but will never with my ideal dismal fabrics.

  37. Remi F. says:

    Adrianne, I agree with you 110%. There are a deal of really entries in this contest that are not “modern”. What makes this a Trading Spaces Mcmansion is its lack of style, not the genre of style. A bunch of leaves does not a well-designed room make.

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    I really luxuriate in both versions, but I would probably stick to fixing up the knock off and building this chair out of something else. Plus, this would only be faded 1 month out of the year.

  41. Terrance Darion X. says:

    We ours to bring coffee to work in the morning. The lid stays on far better than any of our mugs. Coworkers beget made snippy comments about our beloved Coffee Jar but we feel so green!

  42. Adrian Rhett M. says:

    Regarding topics, some more tours of DC homes would be nice, and tips on shopping in and around DC. Perhaps post some profiles of DC-based interior designers and architects who are doing innovative things.I acquire to say I found it a cramped depressing to the explanation, recently, as to why “Southern” fashion was being allocated to the DC board – first, because DC has its fashion and things to picture on, which has yet to be tapped, and second, because the fashion deemed Southern was a extremely narrow and stereotypical of what that encompasses.RE Lucketts store: I been there a number of times and several pieces from there. You can deals but in general you what you pay for. BE determined to gape anything you are buying carefully before purchasing. I bought a dresser there that was not inexpensive and it had considerable on the that was concealed by how it was displayed, and was not apparent to me until it was delivered (and no, the harm did not occur while en route the 1 mile to my farm).

  43. Adriana-Alejandra says:

    This is so beautiful! I the simple colour palette with the different textures layered on top and that light coming through. A really sophisticated apartment, which I definitely would want to in if I were to visit NYC.

  44. Reynaldo says:

    mature stick matches work fine. I was intrigued by “Poopourri” until I saw the price. But you can Google a make-your-own recipe for it.

  45. Jemma says:

    my bedroom is pink, or hot pink, with brown and I it. I also white accents. It is gorgeous, but I color

  46. Paris.Sage says:

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  48. Ryan_Aliza says:

    Only pickle – your guests are never going to want to leave! 😀

  49. Brenna says:

    I acquire kashmir white granite almost identical to that of the one from enthralling Color and I cherish it. I also had granite tile before and agree about steering away from grout.

  50. AngelinaGabriela says:

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  51. Jermaine-Rodolfo-Ronaldo says:

    Does anyone acquire a link to a light timer that brightens/dims over a time period? Not the Phillips light – unbiased a blueprint to exhaust on any dimmable light?

  52. Peyton Alaya Z. says:

    It has been an honor to be nominated, my fellow gardeners and I are truly honored and proud. Thanks for all the comments.This garden has become a correct labor of love.You are all winners for cultivating living things and working so hard.Green thumbs up to all!

  53. Justin-Eliseo says:

    I too caught the bug in high school. This was abet before you could anything on the internet, so I looked up stores in the Yellow Pages, got out a intention and made my mom drive me. I always loved a bargain and thrift stores had bargains that no one else would have. My mom had fun with it too. Now that I am an *, a majority of my furniture comes from the thrift store.

  54. Jaquan says:

    liked the wood paneling , painted it looked boring! wish they would contain left it alone and invested in sheet of marble with entertaining being or panel(s) of granite to that yucky looking stone, now covered with too itsy-bitsy art…as for person referring to MCM furniture , really?!!! a term you must not understand as furniture was so not that, more be pleased generic junk- only improvement was painting over ceiling – & replacing fans although replacement boring…liked before pic better…too a lot of apt potential squandered by Rachel…even furnishing are ho-hum

  55. Konnor1994 says:

    “Personally, I would try to contain it up the length of the wall, then establish a dowel at the corner of the ceiling so it can wrap up the corner onto the ceiling for a meter or so.”I agree with residence Body. Exactly what I was going to suggest. You can protect it with glass, or plexiglass attached to the wall, over the scroll. I this could really in this fair situation.

  56. Phoenix-Deshawn says:

    What s sweet adorable house, exactly what I would imagine if living in Petaluma.And you one of those sun porches!What a excellent loving home.imshelly- I absorb a similar pair of clogs from Swedish Hasbeens, I them.

  57. KendallVirginia says:

    ReadyMade totally stole that concept from Lot-Ek (

  58. Marques says:

    I really it would assist to bear some context here – a pic of your would be great! The first thing that came to mind was a dusky blue and would nicely complement the aged wood. You could punch up the impact of the blue with some pillows or blanket, or the chair blend more if left alone.If you believe a extremely home, I thinks some chartreuse or leopard print would be fun. Or a fuschia velvet – bright! – would be fun.

  59. KarterAubriella says:

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  60. Jordan Henley Desiree says:

    creative and interesting. Not distinct I it over stained concrete, but I I would a combo: this considerate of detail and visual interest over stained concrete. I it would be subtle, but awesome.

  61. Elaina H. says:

    I esteem your kitchen and bathroom, but I fair wish that slipcover on the chair was tucked properly . . . i its impartial me being *, but its all I can see. Otherwise favorable 🙂

  62. RandyAllanGannon says:

    esteem it!So and inviting, I appreciate every corner of this apartment tour. substantial job.I want you bathroom.You fill a taste.

  63. Brandon1960 says:

    @Dulcibella – You exiguous house on the prarie comment made me giggle (in a glad way!). I can you now at the frail farmstead… 🙂

  64. Riley.Avery says:

    I also bought the Bucky Duo pillow recently and adore it. I to a extremely thin, flat pillow and I delight in that I can out filling in the Bucky Duo in disclose to it as thick or thin as I want. Also, if you sleep on your side, the millet side of the pillow is not as noisy against your ear as the buckwheat side.

  65. Israel_Kade_Lincoln says:

    No. Please no to wall-to-wall carpet. Not being able to properly your floors (easily) is disgusting. We are currently living in a short term rental that has it and I can not wait to move. Especially in a rental– what were they thinking?Eh, whatever to all the other stuff. what you want.

  66. Nicholas-Xzavier says:

    enact you contain a with water getting on the counter and/or you when using the vessel sink? I the gape of vessel sinks but heard splashback can be a problem. Thanks!

  67. VincentLucian says:

    I believe popcorn ceilings. Can I effect wallpaper on these?

  68. Maggie Emely Kenia says:

    Slightly more expensive alternative.Remove kitchen and compose a smaller bedroom there. Then hasten kitchen to novel wall of bedroom. The is level-headed excellent enough for a dining room and sitting area. You can now maintain the triangular closet also.

  69. Annabelle Monserrat says:

    @taradactyl, here you go!

  70. NehemiahZackery says:

    While I covet that range, I the giant gloomy range hood jarring. The shelving residence is charming, though.

  71. Alivia R. says:

    HIGHLY recommended is TomatoTea:

  72. Payton-Brett-Albert says:

    I am personally acquainted with a hundred-plus year customary rug that went from posh living room to stately bedroom to fishing lodge; then was made the center of attention in a living room in Georgetown after nothing more than a routine cleaning. That was decades ago and the rug now graces the family room of a great-great-grandchild of the novel owner!Good wool rugs last almost forever and laugh at spilled hot cocoa, hair, cat messes and the thumping of wellies. tears or spilled nail polish can be fixed by trained craftsmen. If you are lucky enough to acquire one of these rugs, or can one, it where it will beget you happiest. On a cost-per-year basis, they are an absolute bargain.

  73. Nicholas-Anderson says:

    note, you NOT even need a sewing machine.all you need is a needle and thread, and a bit more time than a sewing machine would take.i produced 6 in an hour by stitching the bottoms shut by hand.easy peasy.

  74. Cooper Roger Jair says:

    We recently got a Shark Professional Navigator Lift-Away factual Vacuum, and we affection it! We absorb a cat who always seems to be shedding, and we were amazed immediately by the suction of this vacuum for our apartment and the amount of hair it picks up each time we vacuum (along with other dust, dirt, etc.)!

  75. Jack_Thomas_Kristopher says:

    Oh, this makes me want to cry! What a sad, waste. All I can hope is that those glowing beams are detached up there to be rediscovered by a more enlightened renovator.

  76. Madilynn-Estella-Jewel says:

    to all you dazzling people here,I read all the comments and personally thank each one of you for appreciating the house.please free to in whenever you are in Mumbai. each one of you attractive people are invited. objective a mail before arriving will do. :-)Thanks gregory for showcasing my abode.There is more stuff on my blog you could see. be in touch and email, post me on anything in the and interior space. I will be blissful to glance them.

  77. Luna-Vera says:

    First, antique french settee.Second, “green” wood floors.And, clawfoot bathtub.

  78. Gavyn says:

    Try etsy. I cherish this one:

  79. Emersyn Amirah Marjorie W. says:

    All and all is and I the creativity. But, if I want to consume more than $120 on the butcher block top alone, I might as well a complete one from Ikea….

  80. Aliza says:

    YEE-HAW in Knoxville is surely missing from this list. I beget seen many, many of their prints on the walls of Apartment Therapy posts, in homes across the country.

  81. PresleyLorelei says:

    job! I be pleased that floating vanity. I a similar bathroom with a window placed curiously in the middle of the shower. And naturally, that window faces the street. When we redid our bathroom we attach up privacy glass which helps. My dwelling was built in 1959 – maybe they enjoyed giving the neighbors a point to then? The window-in-the-shower thing makes no sense to me.

  82. Donovan_Miles_Jerome says:

    These a distinct purpose– zero-utility dust catchers. The majority of homes lots of these.

  83. Brennen-1981 says:

    I what you did with your living room. Its so warm and inviting. I want to hire you guys to my next home!

  84. Kathryn says:

    Ok, WHERE did those soft storage bins from? I been looking for something with those proportions for ages. Help!?!

  85. Cannon 2017 says:

    Five yearrs ago I installed Pergo laminate in two of my bedrooms. One was occupied by my son who is now nearly 20. Let me say that after five years of heavy treatment, abuse and disrespect the Pergo quiet looks as as the day that I installed it. Unfortunately Pergo discontinued that fashion of flooring so I had to an alternate laminate. We decided to down dream region Nirvana laminate from budge Liquidators in our MBR (225sf).WHAT JUNK!!Several planks flaked as I wiped the dust from each with a damp wash cloth prior to installing it. Many other planks had corners that were chipped out of the box. In at least two locations the of the planks were cupped and did not mate perfectly.I ZERO that this product will be in my house in five years.I complained to the manager of our local Liquidators and was shown the 1-800 number for customer service at dream location and told that they absorb a helluva warranty.

  86. Bennett Dominique says:

    My mother and I made it a tradition to to lunch out twice per month, we can beget everything on the restaurant menu, and better, but it feels so agreeable to give yourself the time, dont having to cook and not having to wash plates¡
    I also second the a ceramic cup can vs one of those one dollar cups people gives out at cristmas filled with chocolates.

  87. Garrett-Jude says:

    OK, readers. . . you asked and we did our best. The homeowners gave us the floorplan drawings which will hopefully some sense out of my description.And maybe “flip-flopped” is a Southern expression, but as far as I know it means to switch places. And of course, a “flip-flop” is the preferred summer footwear that makes the distinctive flapping noise when you bound 🙂

  88. Dylan.Issac.Jordy says:

    The colors are and the entire is really calm and edifying to the eye. Thanks for this comely tour AT.

  89. Eduardo Devonte Leroy T. says:

    “Forever on Thanksgiving Day, the heart will the pathway home… gratefulness hath a continual feast so be forever conscious of your treasures!”…Tis a fine October day! Oh how I having Thanksgiving in this magical month! It is a perfect time of year to part appreciation & blessings with loved ones… give thanks!

  90. Yusuf says:

    @LoveDecor Thank you! Also – I bought those towels at a local store but I looked at the designer and the company is called Danica Studio. I will try to come by you a link:)

  91. Adrian Joe says:

    Rockstar category: Leontine Linens. Online and also at Bergdorf Goodman. They do extremely cool, extremely expensive monograms for you.

  92. Dakota Gaven V. says:

    The main ingredient in this product is Sodium Polyacrylate – a absorbative substance comonly found in diapers. Alos ancient in industrial, cosmetic and entertainment (magic and play) capacities. Powdered can cause irritation if inhaled or eaten.

  93. Luz says:

    Thank you all for your comments!The blog that I snagged this photo from listed it as the place of Sofia Coppola. Oops! It does more devour a photo-shoot-styled room than an actual living space. Lady J and ivpb74 – thanks for setting me straight on that one.-Michelle

  94. Ernesto.Kason says:

    I admire the candles from the Thymes… long burning candles with scents! I particularly savor their Lotus Santal fragrance. The glass holders are also glorious for repurposing.

  95. Aryan N. says:

    Now that I about it, if the gray lines on the top of the pad table were removed, that would be to bear around. With the pad-markings, it silly.

  96. Kaleb.Roland.Estevan says:

    Both are stunning!!!! and well appointed.I need to submit a pic of my Jack Russell sitting on the zig zag chair he looks so architectural.

  97. Javier.Joe says:

    Setting up my mother (now 74) so that I can access her laptop remotely to solve her problems (rather than attempting to so over the phone) in the best gift I ever gave MYSELF! :)I remember the time I was asking her what she saw down in the lower-right of her cloak and, after being confused for about 5 minutes, realizing she was describing the lower-left side of her screen…

  98. JulioCraig says:

    i it! their kitchen cabinets are and they beget expedient artwork.

  99. Lilliana-Madisyn-Maliah says:

    Catrin, this is an awesome, thoughtful post. For the most fraction 70s is not my thing, but I had never given it much thought. informative and well-written. AND generous images!

  100. Henry B. says:

    reno — but why include that appealing mention of a vintage dresser transformed into a vanity without including a photo of same? Oh frustration!

  101. Ryder Jett H. says:

    I gave my tile counter and backsplash a makeover using a device called “Miracle Method”. It came out fantastic. They in and fix any imperfections in your tile and you your finish, I chose dark stone finish, it is applied over your tile countertop and your grout.No more having to seal groat it is great. inexpensive compared to removing and replacing your countertop. composed working on my cabinets..I painted them a Clamshell color but would to more info. on glazing them.

  102. Pranav says:

    I contain this from the store “Doe” (Haight & Steiner) in San Francisco. I acquire a nail in the wall that it hangs on (you can a hole on the back, flat fragment of the vase). You the water in the hole that the flowers stick out of. extremely Easy! You can it down from the wall to change the water.

  103. Steve-Maxim says:

    Wow. unbiased absolutely beautiful!(Alina, if you ever into an even more amazing plot and feel appreciate being charitable to a staring composer – call me!) hahabut seriously, bravo!

  104. Saul Aedan Stephan X. says:

    @The Sick Chick @GreatCanadianBeagle – actually stores Goodwill will through all the clothes donated and separate as needed. From there – what can be recycled (and kept out of the landfill) will be sent, some turn into rags, etc.Helpful (but long article):

  105. Hana1973 says:

    i am gettinf home owners insurance to those is a in the dwelling is so overrated.

  106. Kadin Brooks T. says:

    In number three: Is that a stove top on the right? Is there an oven anywhere? Can you develop more than warm up a can of soup in this kitchen? I followed the link, and the re-do has lots of “curb appeal” on the outside, though.

  107. Korbin66 says:

    @skippermom grew up in diminutive town Northern Ohio and now live in Cincinnati. The evening meal (promptly by 6pm) was interchangeably dinner and supper. BUT when it came to holidays, dinner was the main meal, no matter when it was served – Thanksgiving dinner at 2pm etc. I/My family might honest be an outlier. I collect this whole thread (and regional linguistic differences) apt fascinating.

  108. Dangelo says:

    For everybody, not only for kids is this app:

  109. NatalieMakayla says:

    I normally not to in discussions such as this. But I would savor to the air a bit. Inmod and lexington modern are in no affiliated. Reproductions arrive out of over 100 factories in China (I believe visited most). There are differences in quality and materials aged in different factories. We not import from the same manufacturers. Inmod imports the highest quality products made in the orient. You will this in the materials offered on inmod reproductions, such as high wool hiss fabrics, stainless steel frames, and chunky grain / aniline leathers. Inmod employs a staff of customer service personnel here to customers.

  110. Collin says:

    Thanks so much! They are all now in the trash (sorry landfill!) and no more will be allowed. We believe the stacking cups and those are a hit. I will develop anything to avoid more bath toys so thanks for letting me know it is a tremendous concept to throw them out.

  111. Adaline_Elin says:

    I absorb a 1965 singer, she is a beauty and can sew through anything. @NeroNJ

  112. Avah says:

    For cabinet doors I a hand held steam cleaner and a cloth. No chemicals and for shifting grease.

  113. Nathaniel-Dawson says:

    @GoldenSkies ..i AGREE! I was admiring the baskets, weavings, etc (and boho tops in clothing dept) but then disliked the notion of my personal family pieces and items ..all vintage… would be taken for a fad Target purchase. MY peasant blouse was brought to me in 1965 when i was a teen by some refugees my grandmother sponsored. Hand embroidered and beautiful. My “tribal pillow” was a camel saddle brought from over seas when my grandparents immigrated ( with their belongings in it!)..

  114. Haylee_Anya_Susan says:

    If you can wait until next saturday, we honest finished the 2007 calendar in a letter size format. On the top of each month there are 3 paintings/photographs/digital art made by maria pirela from blueantstudio. Each day has its bear box to write appointments and b-days and it will be totally free for you to download and print. Did I replied it was free?We will upload and post a link on our blog and do a permanent link on the side bar for the whole month of December and January.regards,joel+maria pirela

  115. Johanna Jolene Monroe F. says:

    Ha ha ha, b., hilarious. I, personally, catch pretentious, judgemental and self-righteous people to be “offensive” (why assign quotes around a “term” when it is as the definition intended?- in this case, “parents” actually applies to the people who offspring/spawns. Ironically, this is also how Webster defines the “word” “parents”).I absorb a child, and I thoroughly absorb her individualism, creativity, and her “equality”. While I am inherently her elder and to of myself as wiser, she is no less than me and the region we fragment in our is that- shared. I guide her, I drawl her, and I allege her, but I am not a dictator, I acquire not rule her, and I by showing her respect, as well as those with differing opinions from mine.PS. If my daughter created on a couch that rocked as as this one, I would it proudly- although, I might exercise a plastic (I know, more complicated logistics) to protect its users from the inevitable bleeding.

  116. Saul.Shamar says:

    i dont that first one is meant to be * that. i didnt fetch that at all. i savor the lines and the simplicity. nice. =]

  117. Anne says:

    So, I could some help. I bear been cleaning out my entry way, boy what a messs. My inquire is, that for me, I arrive in the assist door every day, so I believe that having the landing * by where I arrive in everyday is good. The apartment has a front door, where the mail is delivered and where my guests in from. The front door leads just into what I am using as the dinning room now. So, where to do the landing *? Front/back all ideas welcome.

  118. Francesca C. says:

    Not to mention, those 11 pieces, even when packed down, composed choose some space. Currently, my Aerobed packs down into a microscopic suitcase size and I it up on my closet shelf. Totally easy and from what I hear, decently comfortable.

  119. Oakley Naya F. says:

    jamjaree reminded me that I received two quilts that I former non-stop for floor time and I loved them. The same person also made me a bunch of burp cloths out of her scrap fabrics. They were rectangles with kiddie patterned flannel on one side and brightly colored fleece on the other. So absorbant! I loved those things and it took her no time at all to make. Who would contemplate of giving a mom homemade burp clothes? They were awesome!

  120. Charles Kamron Hugh S. says:

    70$! Seriously?! That is more than my electricity, gas and water monthly bills combined.I would to know the cost of materials for the candles to figure out the labour cost that would define a 70$ candle.

  121. Demarion-Nash says:

    With all the pallet hoopla going on around the internet (and I must say, some of the projects construct eye cool) it is surprising that not enough people are discussing the downsides of pallets.

  122. Janelle.Noa says:

    Every time I inspect stories relish this, or even when I House Hunters International, it makes me realize how big houses in America are. Though this is the on the gross side of dinky living, it makes me grateful for what itsy-bitsy I have.

  123. Casey says:

    @GatoTravieso We gotten a new mortgage AND refinanced in the last 12 months, and we did not into any problems, but we did precautions. One we mitigated this was by -1) We paid off the CCs w/ every paycheck, not once a month, and -2) we got credit increases on all of our CCs so that the total amount of money borrowed every two weeks is considerably less than 5% off the total amount borrowed. My husband and I also added each other to all of our credit cards so it increased both of our total credit limit, which is the determining factor of this (the “credit usage”) part of your credit score.

  124. Calvin Maddox Tristin says:

    artigo muito interessante, estão de parabéns. espero que visitem minha pagina de pintura e decoração com fotos e videos de (antes e depois)

  125. Mila Wren Celine C. says:

    Oh the luxury of having your recycling picked up instead of having to three different places to fall it off. Give me a gargantuan blue bin any day.

  126. Faith Joyce D. says:

    I painted the common areas of my residence this color (a itsy-bitsy lighter) and I am in absolute love. I made light boxes out of a comely fabric (the pattern is called Pisces) and I unprejudiced it!

  127. Tyson-Theodore says:

    Well done!I specialize in decorating limited nurseries & you done a job incorporating saving

  128. Evangeline says:

    Rochester has been having at least one a week since November.

  129. Myla Alondra Kailani says:

    comely room 🙂 grand suggestions from everyone. My son drew with blue pen all over my cream chair so I would suggest colourful (washable) throws or covers. I would also glean rid of the bottle (or is it a vase?) off the side table – if it can be knocked off it will be! A colourful wooden toy box and trad wooden toys can also be extremely decorative.

  130. AtticusRemington says:

    Add warmth to your dwelling decor with this fresh Tiffany-style lamp at

  131. Arabella Sutton Kehlani says:

    @PoppyPetalled I could bear easily written this dependable same post, so at least 2 of us are having the same experience with our Sharks!

  132. Sofia 2003 says:

    I personally indulge in repainting something to give it fresh life. I generally close up finding some beat up piece, paint and antique and fill been elated each time.Some furniture I needs to conclude wood, mainly antiuqes or anything with a really expedient presence. I wood, but admire the option of paint.

  133. Titus Ralph Blaise G. says:

    Can anyone comment on the quality of the Petrie sofa? My husband and I will be replacing our couch soon and the Petrie is one of our favorites. On Crate and Barrels website some of the reviews talk about the seats compressing and the buttons poking out and becoming uncomfortable. However, this sofa seems to be a accepted choice for people so I am wondering if anyone has anything to say about it.

  134. Eliana Jamie Q. says:

    Original, comfortable, tasteful, quirky, personal, and beautiful! Words dont justice to the AFTER.

  135. Bryan says:

    looks with a vintage bike on the wall, but not so great with a mountain bike on the of the reasons being width of handlebars as seen above with the green bike, you to turn the handle bars and then the wheel also stick out into your space.

  136. Broderick A. says:

    The linens and towels are in but I fill one drawer left to deal with in the kitchen. I conception that would be a perfect challenge for tomorrow. This evening I hade a lot of clutter to deal with in my craftroom. Proud to say that I am filling up my third trash 🙂

  137. Derek Ari says:

    I affection your daybed, I am covering my teak daybed as we speak…with a mushroom ultrasuede. the device yours looks, but it would rock in chartreuse wool.Or leave it as is and 2 of these throws

  138. Kyle says:

    I was amazed of the bookcase in the livingroom…nice bookcase how it surrounds the wall,,,different,and the arch too,,,nice……….

  139. Armani66 says:

    I enjoyed the tour and the morose shots taken. I they capturedthe overall tone of your place. The blur, is more factual to exact life, because when you are at position and focused on the computer, reading or whateverthe rest of your understanding is not sharp. It made me eel that I was bright within your space.Also, for being a rental in an older place you did job of making this a home. fine job!

  140. Ayden-Rohan-Zechariah says:

    Shoutout to Canadian design! I care for “Divine Design.” The cheesy jokes and forced delivery are so quintessentially Canadian.

  141. Joe Davis Jaydon P. says:

    this house – everything about it, down to the decanted household products! I would not guessed it was a – you guys did a job with your doors, hardware and finishes! inspiring!

  142. Dakota_Gianni_Josh says:

    Thanks for the article, I guess the Google Chrome browser is the best choice for not-computer-people because of the extremely minimalistic and hidden menu bar.Actually the bookmark bar shortcut is not correct:to and the bookmark bar press Ctrl+Shift+B instead of Shift+Alt+B!

  143. Hadley Amanda Aryanna says:

    hello I also live in Sydney with a of these blooming windows which swing out. I a lever which holds them at the bottom but am also looking for screens that will fit the window without making to many changes. Did you up getting your flit screens? I would to know what worked for you as it seems it will be tricky with the levers at the bottom.

  144. Kinsley Lauryn Carla says:

    Is the murphy bed avail? Location?

  145. Zion says:

    As foster parents, we unexpectedly were placed with a two week old. No rocking chair. No glider. I fed him on our couch. Plenty of parents acquire not or cannot one of these options and their babies * up healthy and happy. We are now planning for a baby this winter and I no plans to a glider/rocking chair in her room. We made it through seven months with our miniature guy without a lot of what people consider of a “necessities” before he went plot to his mom. I cherish the of a seat/couch in the nursery.

  146. Lola.Lauryn.Jaycee says:

    @sheepdontswim Thanks for sharing the link! I believe you did a mountainous job with what limitations you to work with (*ahem* co-op). The of taking a shower where the only light comes from the shower head sounds nightmare inducing! the paint choice, the tile, bead board and glass stall. Cheers!

  147. Briella says:

    ample to assign casters on your table (even if its not a cramped space). Where did you collect the casters and how did you attach them (hard to from the picture, are your table legs round)I am about to my Ikea table from dining to my office/guest room. Having it on wheels would develop it easy to bolt around in the guest room when I people sleeping over

  148. Kamryn-Maisie says:

    I the lime. It would be chubby of Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers, digital camera, sippy cups, “juice box” of soymilk, snacks, wipes, my wallet, cell phone and all the other cramped “stuff” that has to leave the house with us each day!

  149. ElmerShannon says:

    I will look! Thanks so considerable for the info and kudos for a project!

  150. Olivia-Jaelynn-Tinsley says:

    This came out great! Spiffy and but with a retro vibe. I especially appreciate the floor design.

  151. Ian says:

    I adore the barstools — anyone know where I could a similar pair?

  152. Averie says:

    How fun to notice a on Apartment Therapy that I fill actually been in! favorable job Marie and Nick! Kudos! (and love)

  153. Maggie Lilianna says:

    Santa Barbara encompasses all of the above, and takes them up a notch (or two). Of course, living here makes Malibu, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and most parts of Manhattan seem incredibly inexpensive by comparison.

  154. Dalton Trace Marquez J. says:

    I had every design of getting that IKEA one when I moved, but a month later and level-headed using a soaking pad thing for $3.99 from Target…- Kaitlyn |

  155. DannaAriya says:

    @misssunshine we moved into our fixer upper a month before the total eclipse. Our house was a disaster, front stairs in the process of being redone. chase scattered about from the carpenters. Nothing on the walls. Etc. But we decided to throw a neighborhood eclipse viewing party to catch to know our neighbors. We did and everyone had a ball. We made some friendships as a result. We figured that the eclipse wasn’t Going to wait for us to everything done up moral and went for it. So we did.

  156. HannaKaelyn says:

    Anthropologie gets me every time . The glowing ferns, mirrors and pottery, and smell keeps me in there. I shopping but never leave empty handed.

  157. Angie Braylee K. says:

    A dinky sectional would work really well without crowding the area too much. a living room with a rug. Are you allowed to rep rid of the wallpaper and paint? Even if it was white, it would earn a contrast and you could add art work. You might be able to negotiate with the landlord if you agree to the labor and sustain it neutral for the next tenant.You might want to getting a simple ikea wardrobe to stash your ironing board and other clutter. on craigslist because you can usually one cheap.Why is there a sheet tacked to the wall? Is that a window? Or a projector? It looks a odd.I would also a bedspread in a more splendid color or pattern since it has to be in view.

  158. Brayden Gregory E. says:

    These can be a lot cheaper, e.g.,

  159. Dominique_Coby_Gannon says:

    To me, this has more curb appeal

  160. Grant says:

    can we a source for those solar system prints?

  161. Everly-Adrianna-Calliope says:

    nicely done, bright/dull combo is appealing. not convinced they are worth $250 each.

  162. Rey D. says:

    @chellyt84 I found that if I organize closets well and things where they belong EVERY TIME, I always know which closet door to commence to what I want.

  163. Lawrence Karl L. says:

    Unplug all power strips and anything else that saps energy. One of the perks of being out of town is having a really crude energy bill that month.

  164. MollyChristineAudrina says:

    @kddomingue haha! absolutely! She always caught a lot of heat for taking down ceiling fans also .. granted a lot of people not them at all, but Laurie is from Mississippi so she should know how necessary those things are hahahaha Her designs were generally well-planned and coordinated though.

  165. Zechariah_Jan says:

    I vote for a Nelson pendant! sizable looking place. conclude me a favor, pull the chairs out 6-8 inches from the table, em off and let em breath.

  166. Reagan.1979 says:

    I admire how this headboard doubles as room divider and a surface for wall art (safely secured one hopes!)

  167. Lance66 says:

    Am I alone in strongly disliking the McMansion fake-Greek kitschy Before?! Re the after, I I would enjoy gone for or brass legs rather than teak, but it would be quite to carry out that look.

  168. ReeceRonnieMatias says:

    I the concept of using plywood to do a custom wall against the steps. Plywood is cheap, easy to work with, and can be carved (like the wavy top idea, cool!) and painted. You could acquire something exquisite cold with plywood.

  169. Owen-Eli says:

    The stools are from Restoration Hardware and they happen to be on sale apt now (!):

  170. Lucille Meredith Aurelia says:

    @carrie8 Every other time I eat out I fill a dumbwaiter.

  171. LianaNola says:

    Oh, and I hope me mentioning two sites won´t accept me blocked? fair realised it can be considered spam?

  172. Xavier Ahmad J. says:

    I enjoy been saving up my corks for a TBD project (and because I abominate to throw stuff away). I figured I would eventually around to the standard “cork-in-a-picture-frame” thing but now I am inspired! Off to the antique store/junk yard/architectural fetch store I go!

  173. Braeden says:

    Melissa has done an absolutely amazing job. She has been able to marry beautifully the new and the classic elements of design. She seems to me a trained interior designer (or in training). The only thing that I would absorb changed, is a bit more between the walls and the white chairs and credenza in the living room. Although it is hard since the sofa is a darker tone. LOVE, admire the credenza, extremely Hollywood glam 1940s. gracious luck in your career, and if not a designer, should about that…

  174. Jaylah says:

    I really the whole wall of exposed brick, but I the deliberately exposed bits in the other room away from the overall effect. Regardless, this post was well written and informative- beneficial job Valerie.

  175. Bradyn-Hassan says:

    This tile company is a personal favorite. I bear a collection of his work.

  176. BrayanDangelo says:

    Jogging, tripped, had not achieve iPhone 4S in it special outdoor case, and the conceal cracked- not shattered. Luckily I had Applecare and $50 later, a current iPhone4s. Now I only contain one more accident insured, so am really careful!

  177. Marlon@2010 says:

    Tough problem.Have you decided on frames for the art? If the frames/matte are wide/thick enough – it could change the blueprint you hang the art.If your frame choice is thick and beveled/angled – it might give you some clearance for the outlet.Also, taking a closer at your art – the one with the orange fruit on it looks it has an outlet coming out of the of fruit. How ironic – perhaps that should be the fragment you in the middle aboce the outlet!

  178. Malaya.Zendaya.Rhea says:

    I they were already gone.I bought a case of the type bulbs when I moved. I delight in them. They are bright, and cheaper to use.They in the bathroom, but I had a bathroom with 1050 watts of incandescent bulbs when I moved it. The bathroom was BLINDING! So the novel bulbs are an improvement.

  179. Elisha Giancarlo Alden Y. says:

    That carpet is fantastic. I fantasize about decoracting my house in a Mario Bros-esque motif, this would great!

  180. Jordan says:

    Beautiful! My husband and I bought our area a year ago, complete with the same cabinets they originally had. We beget done many projects in our kitchen this past year, including tearing up carpet and putting down tile, taking down wallpaper, and removing some of our top cabinets to up shelving. However, we absorb to live with our broken-down cupboards for at least a few years and I need to know the best to paint to adhere to them! Even with a couple of coats of primer, the paint chips easily after it has dried. Does anyone fill some tips?

  181. Madelynn_Ansley_Lyra says:

    I trried the exterminating companies that charge $250, they failed. Every article I read replied anything under $400 is not a loyal Company. There were some companies that were 3x more expensive than Pest Away. Pest Away did solve the problem. I did ask him about the mattress covers, he now carries a thicker one that I was delighted with. He does listen to customers. Most importantly he is careful about peoples health and got the job done.

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