Beautiful Unique 3D Gemini Teak Chaise Lounge Styles

Teak chaise lounge today will come with specious unique design 3D called gemini styles and design ideas. You can see some beautiful designs and ideas here. MIT Professor at the same architects and designers Neri Oxman three-dimensional printing technology combines with natural materials to create a deck chair or chaise longue named Gemini. Not just any chair, recliner designs that have special acoustics to ensure user comfort. The uniqueness of design chaise is also very desirable for lover antique furniture and cool as they are. enjoy your days and force imagining you get this awesome chaise in your mind.

Double chaise lounge with teak material fit for 2 people

Double chaise lounge with teak material fit for 2 people

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really beautiful unique 3D gemini teak chaise lounge styles. “This chair is designed by using a corrugated surface which tends to reflect the sound into. The structure of the surface scatter and reflect sound into and sound-absorbing skin three-dimensional prints to absorb the sound, and creating an environment that is really peaceful and quiet, “said Oxman. This chair is the first design of two types of seats under the name Gemini. To distinguish the two seats that will be introduced to the public next September, this chair is named Gemini Alpha. Meanwhile, both the chair will be named with the Beta Gemini. Alpha is part of the Gemini spots such as synthetic rubber magenta, yellow, and orange. This section is made using 44 different composite and produced by the printing press output Stratasys, Objet400 3D printer.

Chaise Lounge made of premium teak and there are pillow

Chaise Lounge made of premium teak and there are pillow

Teak chaise lounge long with leather cushion black

Teak chaise lounge long with leather cushion black

The exterior of the chair is made using solid wood shaped using CNC machining center for arts and design in Paris, Le Laboratoire. This section follow the contours of the human body with the stand in, backrest and the head is curved to reduce noise from outside the recliner. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really beautiful unique 3D gemini teak chaise lounge styles.

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    I was amazed of the bookcase in the livingroom…nice bookcase how it surrounds the wall,,,different,and the arch too,,,nice……….

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