Beautiful Design Ideas Mirrored Dressers Vintage Style

Mirrored dressers sometimes being very good display on them in the bedroom or other rooms even on the living room. We want to show you how beautiful designs are through vintage style theme ideas here. This mirrors the model that mirrors the model for minimalist dressers, commonly applied on interior models vintage style. Product furniture dressers which is a reflection of home decoration is also suitable for the living room or family room as an accent interior decoration, Product mirror of wooden furniture made by artisans who can be experienced so that this mirror frame looks beautiful and fashionable models.

traditional mirrored dressers bedroom furniture designs

traditional mirrored dressers bedroom furniture designs

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really beautiful design ideas mirrored dressers vintage style. The most recent draft mirrored dressers for the bedroom has the dimensions of a length of 100 centimeters to 200 centimeters tall, Model mirror with carved leaf motif tailor the interior ideas for the bedroom area. One function of the bedroom mirror dressers is to beautify the room, this vintage style decorative mirrors are also able to give effect to expand the room gives the impression of a more open and visible area would change the atmosphere of the interior of the room. Finishing furniture duco. Finishing duco carried out by a more professional level finishing and made with care when compared with the model finishing melamine, duco is because color is very sensitive to color differences of wood fiber so much extra workmanship. There are a variety of finishing color choice of colors ranging from natural colors or pastel colors.

classic grey mirrored dressers unique designs

classic grey mirrored dressers unique designs

wonderful mirrored dressers with 9 drawers

wonderful mirrored dressers with 9 drawers

Finishing usually applied to the category of solid wood with the optimal level of dryness to get the in-depth, so as not to be surprised if the process is much longer than other models finishing. Design wardrobe above, it is very beautiful that is suitable for complete room in your home. Thatโ€™s all we can discuss and share about how really beautiful design ideas mirrored dressers vintage style.

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  1. Hudson Yahir Kylan T. says:

    I believe not these guys for materials, but they were really when I was looking for a craftsman to beget some remodelling on my apartment. Lots of the local furniture designers exercise them for materials. A noble endorsement.

  2. Hailey-Kairi says:

    http://www.commonground.orgThey several buildings in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. I there are different income cap requirements depending on the neighborhood. gracious luck!

  3. Emmy-Jaylee says:

    clampers, try the Mr clean magic eraser sponges. they in all the exiguous textural crevices and lift dirt, grease, paint, anything.

  4. Brian-Nestor says:

    I acquire those same orange lockers — bought on Craigslist from an frail factory in Chicago for $20 each. They in our entryway — replaced the hook system we had that always looked so messy. them!

  5. Ellison says:

    here another doughty of artwork on

  6. Alana Daleyza Joyce says:

    We all believe air purifiers in our rooms. I found one that has washable filters to costs down. I also plants in all of our rooms. We had air purifiers since the children were babies and we that they double as white noise.

  7. Cyrus Clarence Korbin L. says:

    is that lamp from west elm? what is it called…I to one?

  8. LawrenceDonavan says:

    I contemplate websites this one are the best tools to arrange a space. luck!

  9. Anya A. says:

    I this. It makes me want to stuff two of these into a library with a fireplace and floor-to-ceiling white bookcases filled with books. It would be a trendy, nouveau Downton Abbey.

  10. Colby Tony says:

    @SewCheryl One winter I picked 6 UFOs (unfinished objects) to complete during the 6 weeks of Lent. I managed 5, and one other project that was started&completed for a baby shower.

  11. Jordan-Bria says:

    There are no Ten Thousand Villages in Chicago. Besides, by going to a Chicago based Target, I can attend my community with tax dollars.Capitalism rocks.

  12. Braxton-Santino says:

    I believe a droid and a lot of those apps are avail – arrive on Kideos! I want you on my droid! (peggle too pls!)What I execute and all the timeFX camera – is an app savor hipstamatic – esteem it. believe the first in the * as a Polaroid. sad but true.Find Starbucks – does what it saysEvernote – best digital helper a mom ever hadNPR – can download any segment to listen to when I bear timeand my hubby has something which is basically a noise machine, rain, crickets etc – tall for naps!

  13. Kassidy O. says:

    What are those things called setting in the * in the top left pitcure? I want to salvage some to decorate with, but no where to begin.

  14. Sidney-Destin says:

    I absolutely to adequate natural light. I can deal with itsy-bitsy kitchens, carpeted floors, rooms, and zero storage area but if the feels bask in a dungeon, no thank you! Natural light really does wonders for making a feel and good.

  15. Bianca-Henley says:

    I the belief of white bookcases with the tv cabinet if you want to paint them. Also, you could add a wallpaper to the of the book cases, something white with pops of red, and arrange the books leaving some empty dwelling to it. then attach some art above the tv accordingly.whatever you to do, please us the after!

  16. Tommy-Rory says:

    Oh, my goodness. that Emily Post book. I acquire five copies from different eras. The oldest is a second printing from 1923 with the novel hand-written receipt, and the most novel edition is from the 1960s.

  17. Jorge Wade Thaddeus says:

    this is a thing to promote on a that you allotment with Re-nest…..using toxic spray paint to destroy someone elses property, forcing the victim to repaint with equalily toxic paint or * it off with some other product that is depraved just so the walls are desirable again and graffiti artist can the process all over!

  18. Madison-Kara-Martha says:

    These wall tiles from MIO are inexpensive and chilly as well:

  19. Elisabeth_Miya says:

    I the biggest change I would construct in the bathroom is really the grout. You can grout pens that can abet (just google it) I would also cleans and then caulk around your tub to it crisp and clean. I would paint the walls and the ceiling grey in your bathroom (Maybe functional grey by Sherwin Williams or Requiste Grey by Sherwin Williams.) (It will blur the line of the top of the wall and earn the room bigger. I would hang a crisp white fabric shower curtain floor to ceiling. I assume it could the tub and tile inspect intentional and graphic.. I also a white roman shade with brown and white horizantal stripes could be a chilly and an play off your brown tile. If you need a water option here is a DIY version:

  20. Samir says:

    MS- chase with the difference for sure. acquire you considered maybe a couple of japanese garden benches? it would add a touch of the unexpected.just a thought!megan

  21. Lawson U. says:

    A more extensive muji catalogue is located at

  22. Saul.Cyrus.Luciano says:

    you cant with martha. classic shapely crisp. could fit in sooooooooo many rooms. cherish it<3

  23. Miah says:

    The unit pictured is $349 in Canada, according to the Ikea website. That seems appreciate a gap!

  24. Camille G. says:

    @LizaJane: Yes! extremely Carl Larsson indeed! Growing up with an Arts and Crafts inspired room myself, this sent me proper to my childhood. room, charming and simple as a children room should be.

  25. Jayson@88 says:

    my mother made some over-the-car-seat pockets bask in that for long car trips – brilliant. One for my brother and one for me – she let us decorate them with fabric markers and we ancient them for books, toys and coloring for the road. Such a kindly for anywhere.

  26. Fernando-Efren says:

    weird. agree with ellebee – kids who live in supersterile environments tend to beget weaker immune systems!

  27. London_Efren_Dylon says:

    Link for Lacoste bedding:

  28. Nolan Mathew S. says:

    Vogue is but another store you might want to check out is Supreme Novelty Fabrics ( on South Pulaski in Chicago. I know a few professional dresmakers who divulge by the place.

  29. Ruby Gracelyn Alisha Y. says:

    I abhor the of cable TV ruining the free internet based tv with their dirty limited cable hands….I abhor cable tv…pay for cable then to sit through adverts…* no. All that can of this is the limitation of freely available media.

  30. Kendall 1970 says:

    the firefender they have! SO want one for my novel digs.

  31. Ramon2005 says:

    I would repaint the fireplace a high-gloss white….then paint the interior of it with a rich brown, black, or even midnight blue. Then I would paint a couple of feeble logs white or even silver-leaf them to inside. OR you could some sort of grouping of pillar candles.Then decorate the mantel with a few candles, books, objects, maybe a skinny mirror could be propped on one of the straight walls to the or left of the bent section.

  32. Randy.Rhett.Rory says:

    I visualize a room and arrange furniture in distinguished the same that my mother does. Though our color, fashion and architectural preferences are often divergent our homes “read” the same way. We both contain a knack for pulling together the dwelling in a room and creating a warm environment.

  33. HectorJamieSage says:

    @CanadianMango i too affection a few magazine. Our local library has a zinio subscription for a astronomical range of mags i already read which is fantastic. I download them to the ipad (other devices work too… I know everyone says kindle etc are better for reading but using what u is the point here ;-). We went away last week and i had 5 mags to read. I know, not as as having it in your hand but cant argue with free. That was about $50 saved. (Couldnt command u the last time i went to the library in person though… )

  34. Dwayne says:

    @Rheen “Discussions about this book are a lot more than just the few comments on here! I it that you, and probably she, are trying to it out to be a pathology to sustain and reuse things. Many of us it from the antonym end, that the constant exercise and disposal of goods, using up resources, creating trash and air/water pollution faster than it can be managed, is parhological. what you need, no more, exercise it as long as you need it, no less. better, for example, to a quality baby bed that lasts through all your children and can maybe be tucked away until grandkids along (unless you flow long distance or repeatedly) than to replace and constantly.

  35. Chase Josue Y. says:

    So basically I should accumulate either a Macbook pro, a Mac Mini, an iMac or a Mac Pro?

  36. Madelynn_Cassandra says:

    Hello,I grew up with a pool that looked similar. It bugged my mom for years, and we tried many solutions. Indoor/outdoor carpet looked grimy after one year being exposed to all the elements.My mom eventually gave up and learned to live with the concrete surrounding the pool as a “necessary” evil. You might try painting it?Check out Ikea for inexpensive outdoor furniture and accessories. excellent luck!

  37. Neil M. says:

    i a architect friend who did these color plans:

  38. Adalynn_Myla says:

    @katie44 – the environmental considerations can be pointed at the CB2 , Wayfair and cheaper options listed here. How of a carbon footprint can be attributed to items made dapper cheap in foreign countries. How many chemicals were to process items – chemically treated wood, for example?

  39. Liana-1995 says:

    I agree with RubyMae: and being actual to your local store owners pays off, and not in discounts. We shop locally as as we can and believe been rewarded by agreeable service and sometimes an unasked for discount. Shopping locally also means that the goods and services you need all the time are there where you live.

  40. Armando says:

    I always wanted to effect a quilt, I also need curtains, I these would be fun things to make.

  41. Aydin.1983 says:

    exquisite bathroom…Maybe you can adapt a sink onto the cabinet initiate shelf.Or something more crafted these basins

  42. Sloan Siena X. says:

    The before is friggin gross. White and neutral color flooring is a timeless combination, unlike the black and green they had going on in there. Sometimes I contemplate people accurate being contrarians. The after is obviously better in every way.

  43. German says:

    the sheepskins, scatter some aqua blue/turquoise satin pillows onto the sofa and the chairs, replace the rug with jute rug and several elongated bluish glass vases on the left side of the fireplace shelf (maybe containing some spring flowers or not) – you that breezy, cool, beachy, summer atmosphere.

  44. Zackary says:

    This is great! First of all my comes up. Then I finally figure out how to to the question, and lo and here are answers even. What a fine ending to a day. I will bear to check these all out. Thanks again for the information.

  45. Holden-1977 says:

    Re: sleeping and fire, if you click the link and behold the rest of the photos, there is a bed on the floor of the bedroom, although I imagine the ship would for the baddest sleepover ever.

  46. BeatriceKatalina says:

    @Adrienne N Breaux Brilliant, this post you linked really shows the massive transformation. Someone had titanic vision. Puzzled how the post you linked was written on June 27th 2017 though. Time travel, maybe?

  47. LexiMariam says:

    @cara100 I agree. There will ALWAYS be some considerate of event going on! what makes you happy! (and yes we to work to that money! lol)

  48. Makai says:

    @MaryB.1 That service seems perfect! I had no there were companies that specialized in several huge boxes. Bookmarking that one as well!

  49. IssacRowan says:

    Regardless of whether you assume a trend is tired or not, I would be offended to my illustrate this point!

  50. Layla.Virginia says:


  51. Eli Simon Damon E. says:

    Pumis stone. You can salvage it at any hardware store and 99% it will lift it proper off.

  52. Isaac Franklin says:

    I would mild about switching the chairs and the sofa to give a disappear feeling and from the other room. read that this is a accepted suggestion. Regardless, would be a easy thing to try.

  53. Keira 1971 says:

    I not having a microwave at all! We got rid of our microwave MANY years ago and are doing without it. But sometimes, I definitely miss it.- Charmaine

  54. EdgarReedTriston says:

    I some of those 57 inches acquire eaten my brain because hanging artwork is a challenge:)

  55. Kaden says:

    That before is cracking me up! Did someone really slapping some Annie Sloan on that chair would it better?Great job! Your efforts certainly paid off ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. Ali says:

    I agree with all of these. You are a guest, not a resident. But, in this day and age it seems these are things that must be explained to some people. My one explicit rule, my bedroom is off limits even to grandchildren. My room is my room and no ones business. I the same when I visit, distinct rooms are off limits because that is how it is at my beget home.

  57. Ava_Leilani_Madilyn says:

    After browsing the web for an ergonomic adjustable computer table I found a product called the NewHeights Electric Tables. These tables seemed to be reasonably priced compared to many of the other tables found on Google. I ended up rolling the dice on this 24″ x 48″ adjustable table with the and cherry top. It looks big and work wells too; stylish. Being able to sit and stand throughout the day has helped work mighty more pleasant. I recommend this table to anyone looking to some money on an ergonomic workstation. The benefits out weigh the cost 10 fold in my opinion.

  58. Blake.Nelson.Giovani says:

    beautiful; girl dresses me want to making them (both girls & dresses)

  59. Aidan_Esteban_Giovanny says:

    *, this is what I called a guy w/ style!!! AMAZING!! And, he is a SF Giants fan!!

  60. Joanna B. says:

    Or maybe the camera is for catching intruding police? Was that kitchen chair covered in marijuana leaves or is that me being weird?

  61. Vivienne-Melina says:

    I really appreciate your ethic of reuse of items and getting all you can out of materials. Your parents were hippies, mine were Depression survivors and theirs were pioneers. All had and passed on that “Use it up, wear it out, it or create without” ethic. Now there are so many discarded items, so many fresh craft and carpentry products and so many creative people sharing their ideas and techniques online and in magazines that the “do without” of the ethic is almost obsolete.

  62. Milton_Messiah says:

    Quickest & simplest & cheapest reply = Give the orange wall a current neutral paint color.

  63. Luca.ZZZ says:

    The most trendy thing I from the previous renovation was the gold paint. Based on your feedback, the guy could beget painted the whole a neutral color and saved himself $49,900.

  64. Jairo-1999 says:

    so far this looks better than housingmaps. It has more options and filters. Another website i found that is user is except it is more for Canadians.

  65. Davian O. says:

    Would to retrofit a toe-kick drawer for the half-sheet pans currently sitting on a high shelf, collecting dust & animal hair; they are too gigantic to fit in any of my cabinets unless i the half shelf at the back. They are in too frequent consume to store outside the kitchen, but I detest having to wash them before using Every. Single. Time.

  66. BraxtonJusticeDeshawn says:

    I contain an 80+ year cast iron pan I inherited from my grandma. As far as I know, no soap has ever touched it. I whatever veg oil is in the house and table salt, and a paper towel or 2, to withhold it clean. After cleaning, pour in a extremely little amount of oil, and using one more paper towel, rub the oil to a extremely light film.It gets all the time, and I reseason it every six months or so using crisco. Apply a extremely light film of it, and it on the upper rack of your oven, upside down over a foil-lined baking sheet. Bake it at 350 or so for an hour. as new.

  67. Rory.Emory says:

    glowing home! My husband and I moved into a cape outside of Boston and this provides us a lot of inspiration! What is the name of the paint color in the living room?? Also, did you install the kitchen cabinets? If so where did you source from? Thanks for a house tour ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. Shane_Elvin says:

    place. #26 and #31 appear to be the same photo?I bask in your style, but I second the demand for “more house, less vignettes”

  69. Omar says:

    The only “Big Orange” in SoCal is Orange County. There is no fruit or food reference for Los Angeles. As a native Southern Californian and long time Angeleno, I contain yet to learn of one.To call LA the gigantic Orange is as as calling the Anaheim Angels the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

  70. Adelaide-911 says:

    Grace, this post made me happy. Which is good, because I was crying over Justin Bieber when I found it.

  71. Dillan_Darien says:

    I posted in my blog about a similar recently:

  72. Iris-Maeve-Rory says:

    I to laugh. We over $125k in SF and can barely afford rent! LOL

  73. Millie A. says:

    The kitchen is by far my fraction of the house. build you know what table you are using with the crimson stools? It would fit perfectly in my kitchen. Thanks!

  74. Kensley says:

    Some questions…Will all the construction jobs (in addition to gridlock)?Will the city be able to the to finally about its crime problem?What is the benefit beyond the short-term exposure during the games?How many existing facilities can be repurposed for the games to costs down?I live in Wisconsin, and they are talking about having the cycling events here. So we will our of traffic too, even though not of it should involve construction. It would be to Wisconsin on the international map!

  75. Evie.Bridget.Aranza says:

    Oh, and an addinum – I now live in the top floor of a house in a party/university district. One night at about 1:30 am two cops dragged someone out from beneath our porch and arrested him. It had snowed the night before and when we got up the next morning, there were tracks leading to both our abet and side door, which were thankfully locked.

  76. Aniya@666 says:

    that exposed brick and vibrant table with the whimsical chandelier is so inviting…I vote for this one!

  77. Clarence.999 says:

    “Yes, the blanket is Hermes. It retails for $2500. Crazy.”You can often collect vintage Hermes wool and cashmere blankets on eBay for @ $800-900.

  78. Rocco.Deon.Fidel says:

    1) withhold collecting until you acquire 8 glass jars full, a decent conventional coffee table, glue the caps across the surface of the table, coat the top with some polymer or many layers of polyurethane to in the gaps between caps or hide the top with glass. 2) same idea, gluing the caps you at the corners of the table so you a level surface on which to the glass and glue more down as you come by them, filling in toward the middle.

  79. Curtis_Humberto says:

    The Droog Chest of Drawers reminds me of a memorial art project called Floodwall, which is in honor of the victims of Katrina. Two Orleans artists started collecting all of the drawers they found on the streets after the hurricane. Here is the website:

  80. Willa says:

    Indirectly related, but about money… A lesson I contain learned over the course of a few decades is to invest in quality wherever possible. If you are buying something you intend to exhaust for a long time, exhaust as much as you can elaborate and for quality. This applies to shoes as as it applies to (in my case) power tools.Aside from being hugely wasteful, buying the cheapest nearly always results in frustration due to abominable design, or short lifespan, or accurate * quality. In the long run, you usually ruin up saving money on replacements.

  81. Chelsea Ayana says:

    How about the BJURSTA table from IKEA? It comes in a few sizes (with leaves). You can absorb a diminutive size for everyday and then it up for parties.Also a at TARGET for some benches…

  82. Nylah U. says:

    I purchased the pink/orange/yellow rhino print from cb2. it was really intense and fair when i saw it in person at store. Plus it worked with my Mod Lodge feel i fill going. I lucked out, it was on sale for $119.

  83. Lucia.Ariah says:

    Alas, how it is to leave such a attractive dwelling that you called home. But the news is that with you will bound your furniture and items. luck!

  84. Jack.1988 says:

    @Spajalica One thing I did eye is that the paint store did not mix my gallon of Saffron paint prior to selling it. I returned for Obsidian the next time and a different person did mix it. With Saffron I was needing 3 coats of paint, with Obsidian accurate 1. I am not determined if color has to execute with this or the mixing at the store. There were no instructions on the can whether or not to mix it at the store – but, in my experience, it should be mixed in the abet by the store selling it.

  85. Jocelyn Rowan Jaylynn U. says:

    @Oona7 Unfortunately, my soft, fuzzy elephant had been visited by moths. My 30 minutes was spent pulling things out and bemoaning damage. I absorb a lot to through (but not tonight) before it goes abet in. Disheartening, but my fault for letting it untouched for so long.

  86. KellyKalani says:

    70% of the characters in the optional line pack should be asian resellers.had tons of playmobil when i was a kid. LOVED IT. probably boxed up in the attic somewhere.

  87. Layla_Harlee_Sutton says:

    broken-down magazines are donated to a thrift store. Chipped dishes, to feed my pets instead of buying new. Anything is beneficial shape is donated, not thrown out. And learn to shopping just for the sake of shopping. As a society we carry out not seem to grateful for what we believe and the advertisers are always pushing for us to more. It has taken me a while but the less is more thing has started to become a of life around here.

  88. Noel Trace U. says:

    Adorable! I bet that girl is having a blast!

  89. FaithEllianaPaula says:

    the whole place. The big painting in the dining room is one of the most enchanting pieces I ever seen.

  90. Alyvia says:

    They are quite awesome. They them in the bathrooms at the Time-Warner Center here in NY, and they leave your hands dry, but not uncomfortably so. The trick is to draw your hands out slowly, to give the air time to push off the water.

  91. Antonella@777 says:

    There are products to repair this. Check with a local upholstery or leather goods shop. We acquire a local shop that stores furs in the summer and they also care for leather apparel; including doing repairs.

  92. FranciscoJaceAlec says:

    I fill found that the streaming insist is not all that. noble when I travel but at I rarely watch. So I went down to the $4.99 DVD only deal. But thinking I will likely cancel.

  93. Layne Bruno Luka says:

    Wonderful! the toadstools, vintage toys, lamp(?) w/ girl on it w/ orange base, unicorn rocker, and adorable shingled playhouse. Please all of your sources!

  94. Georgia.Kelsey.Kai says:

    I admire the bookshelf on casters. Where did that from, or was is custom?

  95. Renata Haylee Jaylene G. says:

    Colonial Williamsburg is my accepted weekend getaway.Lots of antique shops and The Pottery is an awesomeshopping place.Its fairly and alot of estimable dining spotstoo.

  96. Brian says:

    I know from experience that when you live in a limited apartment, it is horrifying to with big seating, but you can. There is plenty of room in the center of this region for a short-ish sofa. Sofa on one side, the two chairs on the other, the Saarinen table in the middle.

  97. Heidi_Andi_Cherish says:

    employ accurate a few more hundred $$$ and pocket doors installed.

  98. Louis Felix Geoffrey P. says:

    I this is definitely one of the better entries so far. And I consider it can be judged on the basis of design. If they can afford to acquire a pied a terre, noble for them. I hear a impress of jealousy in some of the posts?

  99. Aliza says:

    There are plenty of Dvd binders out there that fit the inserts perfectly, no need to diminish anything.

  100. Demetrius August Keagan says:

    These are all delightfully embarrassing “problems” to with ones parent….

  101. Lillie.Amirah says:

    Viewing the image of the desktop alone gave me a bout of anxiety.

  102. Randy Alijah Marcelo says:

    Been a long time since I heard “1.5 bedrooms”. Once I left Brooklyn to live in other states, I bear not heard apartments advertised as such.Fun and couple who fill created a comfy and fascinating home.I contain a little apartment and one of my challenges was the number of books I am disapprove to give up. Hence, I spread them out between my exiguous living room and bedroom, but I did obtain rid of some. Makes it glimpse less cluttered but it was delight in losing dilapidated and dear friends.I seem to be in the minority about this “self-promoting” issue. enjoy Andrea, I am about this improbable couple and their life. I been an avid AT follower and down through the years followed tour links which led to other links, etc., etc. Found some fun stuff to read, buy, catch ideas, etc.Anyway, loved this tour and will be looking at it again and again.

  103. Kai.Aydan.Wayne says:

    I am *in love* with that living room carpet. Is it Moroccan? Source/style?

  104. Zechariah W. says:

    Signature Beverage, ALLLLLL the way. I provide the basics: *, *, whiskey, and gin. A few mixers. Some *, a and a white wine. But mostly, I several pitchers of my signature margaritas (on the rocks) and people always move for those.

  105. Daniel Mekhi M. says:

    Some previous DIY owner decided it would profitable to give the 100+ year woodwork a “burned” finish, by applying varnish and heating it with a mini torch. So the varnish is bubbled and has a really rough temperature. The wood underneath seemed to be in stunning condition, so I though a TLC would it right, but not so.Also tore up the carpet to irredeemable wood floors.

  106. Jaxson_Korbin says:

    I a life-like foot someplace, that was made to on the demolish of a prosthetic leg. I to exhaust it as a door stop. Anybody want it?

  107. Gannon says:

    The between a trend and a vision–a visceral reaction of “YES!” to that color in this plot with this light. grand better choice than gray would been.

  108. Santino says:

    These are such a enormous – a grand design to remember who helped you celebrate. I esp. the notion of having each guest lift a pic. with birthday boy or girl (if the party is small).

  109. SethKian says:

    jamimess, how are your chairs/dining room? A year ago I recovered my chairs in our breakfast room with laminated cotton, a more casual discover for sure, but man are they great! They are indestructible and spills wipe up. I bear two toddlers, and am thankful every day that I went the plastic route!

  110. Blaze says:

    What paint colors are those in the TV room? I cant halt staring…so cool!

  111. Joyce says:

    Needs about buying a canvas and painting it or my royal blue.

  112. Lily-Reese-Katie says:

    This is an amazing and much that you establish it together in one year. The scale of your furniture is perfect for the space. I the architectural detail in front of the grey cabinet. I really your paintings and how your is both comfortable and artful. The animal skins and antlers are not my taste but this is not my home. Thank you for sharing your with AT.

  113. Noah Rodolfo Antoine S. says:

    What could be more fun then making something to eat with children? My children always liked to cook, and it can even be healthy. Great!

  114. Kennedy_Adalyn_Ariya says:

    My cats devour to sleep on anything that smells us…esp if I unprejudiced gone running in it. YUCK. and if I absorb been running in the rain, those are the best shoelaces to eat through.Other favorites…twisty ties, ribbon, and plastic bags but most especially plastic sheathing we hung when we are doing some DIY around the house. They are in heaven when the house is covered in plastic…

  115. Rhett Carmine Efren M. says:

    doesnt sound factual to me, i happen to know they a return policy…

  116. Austin.Sincere.Campbell says:

    I got an email from one of the assistant producers of limited Space, Style. Apparently they found me through my blog. Too despicable my apartment is lacking in the “Big Style” part!

  117. Audrey999 says:

    iPad use: to browse and shop net-a-porter and shopbop, to read books, to read magazines (hopefully more soon from more magazines), observe music videos on youtube/vevo, read nytimes, check my email, play comic app games, messenger, twitter/facebook [also important: easy to acquire when using public transportation]
    laptop use: type notes for class, effect complex documents/presentations, to complicated or lengthy emails, streaming tv shows and movies on sites that exhaust flash/divx, webcam, assign photos/websites/content from various online sources [important: not easy to on public transportation in hour while standing]in conclusion, iPad does not replace an computer, its more an accessory.

  118. Josiah Mohammad Z. says:

    In my last kitchen I had a mini Billy bookcase I as extra storage for pots & pans, mixer, and some misc. things. While it was the best for a tight kitchen, I would NEVER catch begin storage if some sort of cabinet was a possibility- as stated above- waaay too maintenance. I ancient those items extremely regularly & had to constantly clean.

  119. George says:

    I engage room 2. not doubt. Room 2 needs a splash of colour, all that white and the pattern of the rug combined with the art work on the left wall compose the frigid and boring. Also the coffee table is horrible. The second room is better, definitely warmer. There a a few touches of colour the Chinese vase, the frames, the objects on the coffee table that dress the white and grey overall. I to say, I am astonished by the fact that both rooms were designed by two professionals. In Italy people call an interior designer only to something incredible, not for an ordinary look. There must be a bigger market for interior designer in Usa. I must drag to Usa!

  120. Jamie.Blaze says:

    i am loving the gawk of these bedrooms and its to know they are from homes! the white color theme in each of these rooms is surprisingly soothing.i also agree about cleaning. the first thing i build when i obtain from work is fix my bed – it instantly takes away stress and my room suddenly looks together!

  121. Ariel-Carmen-Malaya says:

    Can you it under control by trimming it with scissors to beget it last longer? This would be favorable to replace the sweet potato vine that has taken over my kitchen window.

  122. Steve.Rhett says:

    Sorry, but she takes herself contrivance to seriously to the point of having no aesthetic. At least that is how the video comes across.The kitchen is and with all the novel conveniences, the rest of what was shown, meh.

  123. Josephine.2001 says:

    The amount of collections and the contrivance they are displayed is extremely charming. There are too many things for my but I can’t attend being impressed by the intention her personality shines through in her abode.

  124. Tyson_Adrien_Zavier says:

    I delight in overhead lighting because then I be pleased I beget awesome cheekbones!

  125. Malia-Courtney says:

    “Yes, Dave is basically impartial bask in Batman — he slides down a fireman’s pole to his office every day. See, I told you it’s a home!”*, it IS a dream :O

  126. Nayeli says:

    I live in one of the sunnier areas of SF (Noe Valley/Mission) but it is composed fine foggy in the evenings and many mornings. Though my east-facing living room looks out onto the palm trees of Dolores St., the light can be extremely cold and def. and it poses some difficulties with color, so I kept the ivory colored walls and a kilim rug and somewhat matching pillows on my sofa. The fireplace warms the room up, too. I read in a book once that northern climes should cease of hot, tropical colors, and I contemplate this is probably true. yellows and such can gawk washed out.

  127. Reagan says:

    Contemporary architecture and beget in Paris always felt a breath of fresh air to me in the middle of all the Haussmann-tricity. I loved, loved, loved La Defense and Parc de la Vilette for that reason. The school I attended, Universite de Paris VIII – St. Denis in the northern suburbs, also went through a good-looking transformation several years ago.

  128. GiannaCeciliaJazlyn says:

    This is lovely, but I agree with diagram Girl–most of the transformation appears to be coming from a lot of new, expensive-looking furniture. Did the owner completely transform her style, or was the older furniture from someone else?

  129. Alaina Aliya Ann B. says:

    @DrMMSSP “my books entwined their complicated roots around and through my heart, and separating the physical object from its memories was always grievous.” I agree, so, not going to happen. I affection being surrounded by my books.

  130. Cash says:

    The best fraction is, when you push the side tables advantage in, the murphy bed comes up and room turns into a BEAUTY SALON! If you pull out the lower drawers, the murphy bed/floor to ceiling headboard spins and turns the room into fashion CAFE with a ROCK STAGE!!!Barbie and Skipper figures sold separately…Hmmm, I wonder if this bedroom is in the same house as the “pimped-out ladies powder room” being offered in a contest from Roto-Rooter:

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