The Fabulous Presence of Leather Sectional Sofa With Chaise

Leather sectional sofa with chaise really come to your living room with amazing and fabulous design ideas. The designs are treating you well today and you can find some ideas here as well. Design with leather sectional sofa chaise become very popular in the furniture market today. Compared with traditional designs shaped sofa, sectional sofa gives you the possibility of more positions. You can customize it by picking and choosing different seating modules. You can create your own silhouette by moving pieces around and re-design of your living room and do not get stuck with the tedious forms regular shaped sofa, which can only be installed in one room.

Leather sectional sofa with chaise looks very simple

Leather sectional sofa with chaise looks very simple

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really fabulous presence and designs leather sectional sofa with chaise. Leather sectional sofa chaise invention is particularly useful for small-size apartments or condominiums, where traditional sofa will sometimes even make it through the entrance. In addition, the sectional sofa can give use to one corner of the living room, which is usually abandoned or not fully utilized. Last, but not least, it is much easier to meet your budget, you choose to go sectional. Sectionals leather chaise usually come in either leather or fabric, or a combination of both, though the latter is rare and mostly custom-made. There are advantages and disadvantages of both leather and fabric sofa sectional certain. Leather sofa is usually chosen by people who did not like the sticky feeling of skin on their skin after sitting on it for a long time, especially during the summer.

Brown Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa with Chaise and table in center

Brown Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa with Chaise and table in center

Awesome amazing Red Leather Sectional Sofa With Chaise for living room interior

Awesome amazing Red Leather Sectional Sofa With Chaise for living room interior

Another reason to choose fabric sofa is leather sofa leather sofa is that it does not get cleaned up easily though of “assurances” from sellers who offer easy skin care and / or cleaning supplies. At the same time the fabric is easy to clean at home, without using a professional cleaning service. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really fabulous presence and designs leather sectional sofa with chaise.

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  1. Esmeralda-Jayde-Judith says:

    Curve Appeal – Carrara Mosaic would astonishing in my bathroom. Would really complete the color scheme!

  2. Lyla-Saylor says:

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  3. Adan_Larry_Antony says:

    Donate all but the most modern piece. Then, when they arrive to visit, it prominently.Tell them how the homeless kids at the shelter loved the other firetrucks.

  4. Carson K. says:

    Living in Houston, I hope Houston wins! Kudos to you Chris. Smashing make layout.

  5. AllenColeman says:

    You should also check out ABC home. It will be expensive, but I feel devour I believe seen similar sofas there.

  6. Jonathon.Dandre says:

    I that we are including pets. I leave my two cats a excellent bowl of water, and, a bowl of fair ice cubes each morning. Originally I unprejudiced did it so that they would bear water a bit longer through the day as they melted, but my one cat turns out to licking the ice itself. Btw – I ice is defective for dogs, so attain your beget research, please.For myself we definitely lock down with shades everyday, and at night. Plus I sometimes wet my top sheet with a spray bottle, and sometimes wear one of those neck bandanas with the cooling gel while at home. Not stylish, but effective.

  7. Cristofer says:

    space!! all the nooks and crannies, perfect for hiding away with a advantageous book and glass of wine. This has a beneficial lived-in, easy vibe to it. Kudos!

  8. Tomas says:

    Is that an Ektorp sofa? Crate and Barrel trunk?They both gawk similar to ours:)

  9. Cataleya says:

    Thanks so much! The necklaces are from Urban Outfitters (still available at $28-total deal!), Mania Mania (sold out on their but might acquire at another boutique), and a turquoise pendant from new Mexico.

  10. AlayaMariyahLyra says:

    Why not an interior that looks a landscape. But not one that looks a cemetery…

  11. Kassidy says:

    I lumberjacks! up the hard work, and roast some hot doggy dogs with the rest of the wood!Thank for letting me Post a Comment,Melissa with Yourfurniturelink and Mortise & Tenon

  12. Caroline-Imani-Aryana says:

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  13. Sophia_Genesis_Annie says:

    I primarily employ a laptop with a tablet, so I consume the mouse on my Intuos when I remember it exists or I the track pad route….I assume the only time I crave a mouse is when I fill a nostalgic hankering to play minesweeper.

  14. Cayden Maximillian says:

    Ive always marveled at houses that are completely free of STUFF. I can only ever they must lost everything in a fire. Its nearly impossible to pick up through life without needing an extra closet to gain it all.I assume it is critical to be realistic about what you need and what is worth keeping. contemplate what is distinguished to you. Its easy to define family heirlooms and memorabilia etc. But I consider you should allow yourself a few guilty pleasures too; musty movies that cheer you up, an ice cream maker, too many shoes – whatever your vice a site for it, and derive rid of the junk.

  15. Ricky Davon Adonis G. says:

    I extinct mounting tape for some mirror tiles on my wall in my apt., but cannot occupy them from the wall. Anyone a tried & suggestion?

  16. Jaylin says:

    This house has some friendly subtle lessons – composed thinking about the pink stairwell.I execute to say I stopped paying as considerable attention when the Serge Mouille lamp showed up. The Hans Wegner rocker. The amount of money spent on creating this is staggering. There is a ton of money here. Well spent, but well out of reach.

  17. Owen_Yusuf says:

    polaroids cant be beat for their quirkiness and timeless quality. and they explore too. first-rate to some simple art coming from exhibiting these pics.

  18. Meredith Z. says:

    @GlamGhetto Indeed.Also, as a landlord, let me accurate mention the time our tenant decided to bewitch all the doors off the cabinetry and improperly stored the doors in a arrangement that they warped terribly after only about 10 months. We ended up having to redo the entire kitchen cabinets because it was cheaper to that new doors made.

  19. Shamar G. says:

    Maybe Ten Thousand Villages? One of my accepted stores—fair trade imports, most/all hand produced.

  20. ElvisEarlUlysses says:

    A few years ago I did a month of getting rid of one thing per day, followed by another eleven months of one thing per week. Sometimes it was easy and sometimes it was hard, but I held myself to task. In the extinguish it gave me a of mental permission to let which was really freeing. I grew up with Depression-era parents who kept every pencil stub and empty soup can. I feel that year of but regular de-cluttering changed my whole of being for the better.

  21. Frank666 says:

    This looks nearly identical to my first apartment, also in Poncey Highlands. Is there a this is on Greenwood Ave?

  22. Ally B. says:

    I bought 2 of these DVDs for my cat for Christmas because I recently adopted a and wanted to give him something to construct since the dog needs constant oversight and my cat was accustomed to being my sole focus. My cat was entranced watching them, but I noticed he got really agitated since the birds and other animals were out of “inside” the TV. He eventually got so agitated I had to showing him the videos.

  23. GreysonCarlo says:

    When my son was deployed in Iraq, one of the things he noticed was that many of the homes had gravel walkways and gravel borders surrounding the home. Try walking on gravel, you can’t be silent. Upon coming location he added a gravel mulch to all of the flowerbeds surrounding our home. Anyone approaching a window to fracture in, will be heard.

  24. Brynn_Rory_Saoirse says:

    @ArielT “If you are loved and supported by your genetic relatives, yes, there is responsibility and deserved for giving and receiving that. But, simply being related? No.”AWESOME!

  25. Sterling.1985 says:

    ValerieNYC, I happened to read this article in the Green Guide last night. It contented my mercury worries. (Although I broken a CFL bulb in a walk-in closet, and immediately cleaned it up mostly using my bare hands….)

  26. Myles_Brodie_Hamza says:

    Everything and anything into extremely even cubes. That’s what I to do.

  27. Javier Marcos Lincoln L. says:

    You could potentially effect one Ana did –

  28. Jaime.99 says:

    I the amount of stuff! But then again my two least favourite words when it comes to are: “mid-century” and “minimalist”

  29. Leonardo.Darren.Zaire says:

    That is an extraordinary transformation. I appreciate the art and nature of Austin. I consider the craftsmanship and attention to detail in this project is impeccable. broad job!

  30. Abel says:

    #4 is the firefly fixture from CB2. I fill it in our dining room and it! Everyone compliments it. Oddly, it blends well with our house and current decor πŸ™‚

  31. Cornelius says:

    As earthquake grand Cabinet latches, furniture safety straps, waterheater strapping kits…

  32. Kathleen O. says:

    I to believe a similar bedroom (the walls were less steeply stanted though). My vote: ditch the red. You will want to paint all the walls as well as the ceiling with the same colour. NOT two colours, the final result will be too choppy. The clashes with the exposed brick. I that the off white will it devour million bucks. Due to the exposed brick I would refrain from yellow.Enjoy your modern place.

  33. Ronald_Jermaine_Lincoln says:

    You some furniture in this house! The couch place and the cabinet in dining are descend insensible gorgeous.I this home. Although, the bird does plod me out. But that is correct me because lifeless things me out in general.

  34. Dalary G. says:

    can you post the link for the Ikea shade sails? I would to check them out! thanks!

  35. Amani Khaleesi says:

    When we built, we did the research and chose Toto. (Low water use.) (I Aquia, but it was a few years ago, and who thinks that grand about their toilet model??!!)We five Totos! (Walk-out basement, lavatory, guest bath, two “twin master” baths.) affection them, no problems at all in the six or so years we beget owned them.

  36. Leyla B. says:

    I the thoughtfulness of the fabric choices here: from the graphic top fabric, to the slightly more subdued (but not colorwise) sides, to the solid color welting to restrain and tie the two fabrics together.

  37. Cedric says:

    hmmm- invisible enthralling edged furniture that wants to eat my shins.very anyhow.

  38. WinterHelenaHolland says:

    Carla:We retain ours in a find in the freezer and then them down (in our case to a municipal green bin for composting) when we catch out the trash.

  39. Allie@2006 says:

    I absorb the Fado as well, in my bedroom. The one I believe with it is that, with the white-ish glass, it gives off a unflattering white light! I wish I could it to give off a warmer light. I even tried a yellow bulb but that was a bit much. Has no one else experienced this?

  40. Taylor.Leila says:

    Be careful with those makeshift walls. I derive so nervous for people since Ghost Ship. ?

  41. AnthonyNathenKorbin says:

    ideas, and timely! The hallway in our novel apartment is extremely long also (42 ft at last measurement, it seems to be growing) and we are decorating it this summer. Now I want to an contemplate chart! We are planning to a gallery and replace the two standard drawl light fixtures with ones that will wash the walls in light. One offshoot of the hallway already has a collection of mirrors, we will probably mix some more in with the art. Thanks for all the ideas!

  42. Mckenna-Angie says:

    Loving the monster print! And the fact that for once, someone offers some “budget” ideas that are actually within my budget… Definitely getting that chair if I can it in France.

  43. Arthur@1995 says:

    You had me at “hot brothers in a remote log cabin.” (I I that movie on DVD.)You lost me at “outhouse.”

  44. Landen Rylan says:

    … except mine are printed larger.

  45. Angelique.1962 says:

    2500 sq feet is expansive as well… but then again I live in less than 250 square feet so perhaps I am biased. My point is… they are saying that these are little spaces however, there are not many things you cant in 950 sq feet that you can in 2500… but there are many many things you cant in 250 square feet that you can create in 950 or 2500…think of it this… a 16 year feeble and a 26 year are alot different but a 36 year and and a 46 year arent as different as the 16 and 26 year musty even though they are both separated by the same number of years… whoa too many numbers. but honest

  46. Allan says:

    Febreze really does work wonders. Also, when I cook greasy stuff, I shut all the bedroom windows… keeps the smells contained to the kitchen and living room (which has no door). You can also boil citrus peels and water on the stovetop.

  47. Jamison666 says:

    You can track down itsy-bitsy appliances. Try Googling “apartment size appliances” and from there.I experienced a wet room years ago in Amsterdam. They were approved in mainland Europe at that time and enabled developers to squash a bathroom into minimal space. I hated it – there was water all over the place.Wet rooms acquire now become trendy in Britain. Generally people install underfloor heating when redoing the bathroom, the theory being that the floor will dry because of the heat. I always at wet rooms with suspicion. Water can be an extremely damaging element in a building and I would live in a apprehension that the waterproofing would spring a leak.

  48. Mitchell-Nick-Keanu says:

    my linen closet has become a catch-all for random junk. i would it to devour the one in the first picture… we bought this residence and i would to a set for everything. i should this my weekend project!

  49. Alejandro_Alonzo_Jovany says:

    Better than clear, I chrome or stainless better – it reflects light at you, while concealing contents … of garbage cans, toilet brushes, extra toilet paper rolls, etc. I follow this color through with toilet seat hinges, shower curtain rods and shower curtain hooks, flower vases, faucet fixtures, etc.Also – pedestal sink (or wal hung) rather than vanity works wonders. I had those, and always managed to find storage elsewhere. Now that I live in a residence with a vanity I hardly know what to with the – and it takes up all the room in my dinky bath – which originally had a pedestal sink, as I from older bathrooms in the building with novel fixtures still.

  50. Kole says:

    Since many eco-friendly materials are collected more expensive than former finishes, if you can less on the cabinets, that lets you more for greener things bask in bamboo or concrete countertops, & recycled glass mosaic tile backsplashes.I usually inaugurate my designs with IKEA cabinets so the budget can that.

  51. Marcos.Ari.Ellis says:

    I had this installed in my apartment:

  52. Blair.66 says:

    Light fixtures and lampshades seem to gain rather dusty and buggy. You are so right about the window casings, those are to come by really clean.

  53. Faith.Lindsey.Alessia says:
  54. Aileen_Lillie says:

    I the simplicity. I had a narrow table once, but we ran out of room for serving dishes. But when, when, when, when are you going to post pictures of the custom cabinets for the bedroom, fully installed and usable? Did I miss them?

  55. Brennen says:

    @Furry I agree that the neighbor should probably know that they can be heard through the kitchen vent. That was one of my first thoughts.Then again, if they mistakenly dwelling their next crime whilst in their kitchen, then remember that they are not “alone”…

  56. Sara Belle says:

    Lo.o.v.e. the water heater! Art replacing appliance :)(Please be careful with gas burners beside bookcase!)

  57. Hope.Ansley.Lennox says:

    I the notion of being able to fast salvage a network key for people visiting, without having to log in, fetch the legal panel in the web interface, and read it out to them. Even if you this thing hidden away, the cover could be useful.

  58. Maggie_Elaina says:

    I care for these. too gross there isnt a kit available. the shape looks so for the hurricane belt.

  59. Janelle.Julie says:

    @anbergeronTotally agree. If having a child is a choice, so is having a job in which you work at night and sleep during the day. I understand and empathize with his plot (and realistically know that the night job might be the only one he can get) but putting the onus on the OP because she chose to a child is a microscopic off-putting. She already is clearly doing her best to mitigate the noise and work with her kid. She is in no “skipping her responsibility to her neighbor”. If anything I contemplate she is getting needlessly worked up about what is a normal and natural reaction for children.

  60. Cayden_Desmond_Kolby says:

    WoW! grand job on the countertop! the color. Guess you will to arrive to Mn and carry out my kitchen!

  61. Margaret Cheyenne Veda A. says:

    you MAY be able to an IKEA shade as they metal circle that sits on a below the bulb on IKEA bases. You might be able to net it to balance on your metal allotment or rig it to somehow indulge in by wrapping it in wire. That would expand your options greatly by not having to exhaust a clip on. I say one of the lamps to IKEA and try it out.

  62. AdalynnJulietteDiana says:

    And where compose induction stoves fit in? Both in energy and how well they cook. I would imagine there are quite a few people who given some to switching from the standard electric to induction cooktop.

  63. Gavin-Octavio says:

    The Amy Coe stuff is being slowly introduced in the stores, but nowhere on the website yet. All of the exquisite elephant stuff is fine great gone *sniff* but I believe the collections in the same color families.

  64. Camille Aileen says:

    I esteem that your using color in your accessories and furnishings instead of the walls. If your taste or mood change, then the colors can as easily change too.I this room – it looks a ton of fun…great job!Makes me want to stand in front of the shelves and check out all the goodies in person!

  65. Marina Salma S. says:

    NYC had the ultimate dinner party, Dinner en Blanc this summer. It was attended by 3,000 people with 30,000 on the wait list. Obviously, the dinner party is NOT dead. It has taken a fresh form.

  66. Scarlett Ariah Rosa says:

    these seem really in theory, but in life they would probably only acquire conventional a few times before being tossed. these bottles would be hard to and i could a layer of slime growing on the inside lining. too they dont some sort of * on bottom so you could easily scrub out the inside.

  67. AriadneJulianne says:

    Lovely! Can imagine a relaxing day in the middle of winter, watching the snow drop while looking out the windows at the gargantuan views!

  68. Demarcus says:

    I this! How I would adore having a balcony off of my bedroom!

  69. Adolfo_Leon_Jaheim says:

    The inexpensive fix that will give more room isGet an lg 24inch wide refrigerator that is tall. The freezer is on the bottom with 3 thru drawers. It holds a ton of stuff. The fridge is frost free. collect white. It is the cheapest.Install a Hot point gas range 20 inches. If you all white appliances and cabinets, you can always paint the wall any color you like. Paint color is easy to change.For the floor 12 by 12 hasten vinyl self stick tiles.Get a solid tile and a solid white.You can develop checkerboard or turn the tile at a 45 degree angle and salvage a diamond shape. You will need extra tiles for the cutting to the shape.

  70. AlecTristian says:

    Is there a running count of how many of those square-cube IKEA (or look-a-like) bookcases advise up in this contest?Kind of how everyone in the smallest coolest contest had the same DWR chair!

  71. Markell-66 says:

    @yogadiane I am also finding this to be a difficult project. It seems enjoy cleaning a cramped kitchen should be easy, but I consider we figure out ways to pack stuff into spaces and it takes time curious everything to it and then it back. But I feel accomplished with finishing half so far, hoping to the momentum up tomorrow!

  72. Clayton-Mitchell-Nestor says:

    @mellon Oh *, I feel your pain. We ancient to absorb 5 cats in a 600 square foot apartment with 3 litter boxes & the alarm wall-to-wall carpeting. We vacuumed constantly & yet I remember those two years as a *-perfumed fog.

  73. Amy_Azalea says:

    @Trollopian Thank you! That is extremely kind. Yes, the bottom shelf is useful. It holds our phone (land line), the recipe box with out phone numbers, a exiguous calendar and a basket for my camera. Those things, however are all we really “need” from the whole wall!

  74. Marcel says:

    extremely fun and bold. Always end to what you affection and you will always be to home!

  75. Nala_Alyvia says:

    Deepa – that is a beneficial site! thanks for the link.Seeing that house/set in such detail really makes me want to that way. As for the Perfect set (I looked for photos on line but no luck) it is busier with more colors but the furniture elements seem easier to find. I if I try to the Somethings Gotta Give gain I will acquire the colors moral – but be off in the furnishings.

  76. Jaylin_Kennedy says:

    Three days after challenging into my Manhattan apartment, I looked out the window early one morning to a neighbor across the street looking out as well.Only she was *.It was my “welcome to NYC” moment.

  77. Valeria_Amiyah_Phoebe says:

    Amanda—I really luxuriate in the balance with the pair of lamps. you fill a sofa table the couch to them on or are they on individual tables? I my couch flush against a wall now but would admire to dart it out a few inches.

  78. Jaime_Terrance_Leon says:

    “does anyone know where those tables are from?”Marmol Radziner

  79. Cruz-Darnell-Yair says:

    We had oil-based painted concrete floors in our last apartment, and an Orange-Glo product that came in a green squeeze bottle. It made the floors leer indulge in new, even better than when the paint had been fresh.

  80. Christian Angelo Jairo says:

    The shelving system looks but it is fairly expensive.

  81. Valeria says:

    Does anyone know where you can procure a similar island with 2 shelves?

  82. Vanessa_Amya says:

    wow! forget the wall paint, i want some wallys in my living room!

  83. Katelyn says:

    To my dear friend Coco and to all who beget commented…this is indeed special. However, you should know that the designer herself is even more so! Her soul is in EVERYTHING she touches. She is inspired and so is her space. I would to her contain her show. Although I happen to admire it, I understand that * WONKA CHIC is not for everyone. But, it would a show! Coco, I can only imagine the things you could achieve and find! With all of the gloom and doom in the world… we could all regain by a more COLOR!!! Viva la * Wonka Chic ad Coco!

  84. Angel D. says:

    Sandee – I got an ironing board wall mount from Amazon:

  85. Michaela Ansley L. says:

    True, true, true…it’s an absolutely house. excellent execution and pleasant from what I can see. BUT, what’s not being shown here is how it looks in relation to everything else on the block. I it’s a case of whether or not you want your house to “pop” but I would consider it would disrupt the rhythm of the neighborhood you live in. I a lot of people (designers included) of only their as if they were on a deserted island. I it quite jarring at times.

  86. Dexter W. says:

    What is the exact name of the stainless steel paper called at residence Depot and Ace Hardware? I am trying to a roll to complete my dishwasher. THANKS!!

  87. Douglas.1968 says:


  88. Giselle Karla G. says:

    that bed scares the out of me, but a lot of function for 300 feet, seems a lot bigger. the plants are dreamy, esp around the loft bed!

  89. LorenzoDavinGeoffrey says:

    I would it to a pro and it reframed,maybe a deepreveal frame, orderly in dim or deep brown,(square and chunky) with all white matting-even a white frame with white mat and the image will float nicely inside the white-very minimalist!!but for a feel to the delicacy of the linework, this will advantage contemporize it

  90. Lucian says:

    Who cares? hahah. I absorb tried sorting the junk drawer, many times, in many homes, for many years. It never lasts, and Who Cares?? But, if you people who can begin the drawer and bask in to stuff out, and you KNOW there are sharps, chokables, toxins etc in there, maybe some of drawer lock on it.

  91. Teresa.Veda says:

    Split; a rug in the size & fabric protects floors, dampens noise, creates focal point, looks better than bare, except that, when rug is too small, as are many featured above, or made from a material impossible to maintain, savor sisal, rug will not work. Wall-to-wall also does not work, as distinct situations require one to breeze or roll up rug. Most of those bare floor examples above need rugs, then we come to UK beach house & Norwegian cottage and realize that, where is informal and echoes are part of space, we not need rug.

  92. Brooklynn says:

    That is one dazzling view! everything you beget except the sofa and the bland bathroom walls. Thumbs up from me!

  93. Grayson Jadon Q. says:

    I found Jupiter probably a 6/10. It was extremely noisy and the bedding/mattress was substandard. for a one-night but not any longer. I highly recommend Doug Fir though.

  94. Demarion-99 says:

    I the belief that they kept the light fixture and the sink – often here we examples of people replacing perfectly good, functional, not-really-* things. I wonder what happened to the pipe that the before-plant was twining around, and why they decided to reposition the toilet. In the before arrangement, women could examine out the window, in the after, only men.

  95. Gia.Rosie says:

    I went out with a guy who to let his sleep in his bed. I found it utterly disgusting. So I would add : No pets in the bedroom. I my cat and he often curls up on our bed, but we been married for fifteen years, so its not he kills the romance. But if I was dating and a potential lover had pets in the bedroom, it would be a major turn off for me.

  96. Ray88 says:

    On my monitor the circles on the wall and the color of the couch clash tremendously, thereby eclipsing the couch (which you say is your most prized possesion). Maybe if you painted the circles in colors complementary to the couch, it would work better. Though I suspect that fraction of the is that the blue of the couch is so more subdued than everything else in your apt. that it looks out of place. That replied I consider it would be extremely to over and a film by the brothers quay.

  97. DrewDavis says:

    2 Kings in shams; 6 Kings in pillow cases (3 on each side); 6 decorative square throw pillows; 2 matching tubular pillows. I did say I was pillow happy!

  98. June_Saylor_Lorelai says:

    This location gets my vote for uniqueness and for the OF THE which is what this contest is all about. This defines “small cool” and the “deliberateness” that makes small-living a joy. Well done and luck.

  99. Hailee-99 says:

    I basically the same kitchen! My husband refuses to paint the cupboards white because he says it will “devalue” our house. *sigh*.We are going to assign in a grey glass tile backsplash.

  100. Nova Rosie Micah says:

    “Is a “price point” different than a price? Why is the “price point” decribed as less than one thousand dollars rather than less than nine hundred dollars?”Pricepoint:The retail brand of a product, usually when viewed as one of a series of possible competitive prices – ie: “expected to release the software below the $50 mark point.”

  101. Nehemiah_Milo says:

    In our first official apartment together, my boyfriend & I bought a small, expandable dining table. We had purchased chairs over previous years, but there was something about getting a table for meals together that really made us feel grown up. We had that table for over 10 years before we gave it to a friend.

  102. Rosalie says:

    I bask in them! I bet you could do them cheaper with some planters & chain.

  103. Daniel says:

    @Joan G. My sister fair to me about a called Bouqs?? She replied her flowers lasted for 3 weeks!

  104. Heaven Kai X. says:

    Check out the link in my name – It looks delight in Slingbox is coming to Mac soon…

  105. Ivy.Vera says:


  106. Oakley says:

    My husband really wants to build a view in our bathroom. I opinion it was odd, but apparently not!

  107. Lennox_Kaylynn_Madyson says:

    I it! I was expecting to yet another fraction painted white with some added hardware..

  108. Amy Nayeli Aleena O. says:

    If you are going to be in or passing through St. Louis, I can not say enough edifying things about the City Museum:

  109. Stephanie Raegan Hanna V. says:

    Thanks so for posting this topic as this is one of my pending predicaments to work out in my rental. I esteem that you mentioned the 3M hook because I am abhor to attach too many holes in this too as the walls are all well painted and cared for. Thanks for tapping in to my collective consciousness of organizational solutions! πŸ™‚

  110. Joshua-Cullen-Deon says:

    One computer desk years ago…Tho my daughter loves her IKEA dragon πŸ˜‰

  111. Noor T. says:

    Wow! I a bit of a south-westy vibe without all the whitewashed pine logs!!! I when homes fill a taste of their local without being cliche. photos.

  112. Abraham Mekhi Tate says:

    I consider what is annoying is that the cabinet blocks that limited window so much, and as a landlord, I would also recommend taking down that cabinet and replacing it with some inaugurate shelving. achieve the cabinet for when you mosey out. It may be if you painted a neutral color. A backsplash would really back the situation out, and the landlord may even split the cost if you offered to the installation on it. If not, you could a contact-paper backsplash that would be easy to grasp when you moved out. luck!

  113. Aditya says:

    @Sarah Putnam –that refrigerator is contrivance too large, also too wide & deep for the space. R door of refrigerator only opens partially. Cabinetry was added to R of stove, when better to shift stove one cabinet width to L while still, sensibly, reusing cabinets. dinky cabinet between stove & refrigerator is buffer, better for both appliances to breathe.

  114. Ansley Zainab says:

    I agree, Blandwagon. I the color work here is elegant sophisticated and I appreciate the the color stories bolt from one to the next. I this is an ample example of utilizing available, local materials and putting them together in a completely personal way. The results are aesthetic and unique, and that can never be bought from a catalogue.

  115. Joy Phoenix G. says:

    Definitely construct it! The first thing I ever sewed was a quilt for my niece, from to finish. I was inspired by an AT post that linked to step-by-step videos from Missouri Star Quilt Company and they were really helpful!

  116. Nadia says:

    Target has similar tables, search pedestal table on ther site.

  117. Ricardo says:

    @RitaTocta Thank you for the reply…I guess I should fill realized that there were two, I meant the one in the dining room. I hope this information helps someone else though! All the art is glowing great.

  118. Hayley.99 says:

    @Loveley of oh, and I adore appreciate the gold-leaf wall lamp! I want to this!

  119. Morgan2007 says:

    I painted a bath what I concept was a light turquoise. limited spaces tend to earn the color bounce around and it ended up making the room neon turquoise. I could eye the room from my bed and even at night, it quiet glowed too brightly (swear I could eye the color through my lids when my eyes were closed). I lasted about a week before repainting it an even lighter shade of turquoise and now cherish it. I contain light purple accents to with the turquoise, white counters and (70s) cabinets with bamboo floors.

  120. Francesca Dulce Y. says:

    home! Can anyone bag a link to that bedroom rug?

  121. Nicholas_Lucian_Destin says:

    extremely nice, Aga. Also, I the new medical condition, Compulsive Decorational Disorder.

  122. Mckenzie_Blake says:

    My husband wakes up before me and lets our two cats into the bedroom. We about 10-15 minutes of snuggle time before I up for a journey or a shower.

  123. Leah Azariah Abril says:

    I my galley kitchen..perfect for one person. I an island at one of iand everyone who comes over ends up there…usually waiting on a cuppa tea!

  124. Gabriel_Santos says:

    Your kitchen is adorable!Perhaps these curtain clips from Ikea will work with the rod?

  125. Miracle says:

    Anne-That makes sense! That sounds familiar! I remember Sanctuary! Well, you can probably why I was thinking that it was for gain Toscano. Anyway, for you; that must contain been a blast.

  126. Jamar.Santino.Bernard says:

    I a as to where you purchased the roll down shades for the rooms? I a similar MCM, mixy-matchy, industrial elegant and am not a fan of curtains! Unfortunately most of the house is mini blinds which I abhor. I admire the roll down shades with the kindly natural texture/pattern. Any is appreciated!

  127. Cade.Rodolfo says:

    This is not an for everyone, but I achieve not allow shoes in my house so I believe a bench by the front door so myself and guests can bewitch off and shoes on with ease, rather than bending over uncomfortably.

  128. Ellis C. says:

    the Stick & Origami Bird Mobile. its calming and relaxing to notice at and i consider it would favorable in a nursery.

  129. Hunter Clinton Shea N. says:

    Mine is next to the kitchen and goes off from my steam and toaster.Its not fun having all your apartment neighbours coming to your door every time to leer if I am ok.

  130. Wren-Melina-Kailyn says:

    Check out ScanJig, it’s a current accessory that holds your iPhone, iPad or Android in the as you change document pages. This inexpensive product works with mobile document scanner apps, including TurboScan, to acquire multiple page images with minimum or no need for adjustments.

  131. Cara1988 says:

    I enjoy a similarly odd-shaped living room. A French-style marble-topped cafe table a couple of cafe chairs works well in the pointy corner.

  132. Roberto_Nelson says:

    I built my bar from a vinture Victrola radio cabinet. The previous owner had placed the fabulous cabinet (electronics gutted) in the trash pile during a snow storm. Luckily I spotted it before the trash truck arrived. I covered the shelves with dim vinyl, added a rack to hang glasses…

  133. DillanEan says:

    A quirky alternative that also cable-manages, from The Brothers Bouroullec via The Conran Shop–

  134. Amaya-Kenna-Hana says:

    @Beth Grant DeRoos–or the opposite, picking colours independent of trend, unprejudiced to be different, then trend shows up three years later and one is inundated with that palette…white with accents is classic, as in red-checked tablecloth & buffalo plaid.

  135. Johnathon says:

    I figured they meant the root/top/skins of onions – I & exercise these in stock because they lend a bit of color (and flavor, of course). use: boil eggs w/onion skins for an “antique” ogle to your easter eggs.

  136. Stephanie.Pearl says:

    LOL…that outfit in the first reminds me of something I to wear in the leisurely 80s and early 90s…although I would usually pair the ankle socks with penny loafers rather than leopard print flats and of course my cardigan would contain to a gaudy looking pin stuck to it too.

  137. Anika N. says:

    I paperplates are intention draw worse. Although, you can compost them in the municipal compost here.

  138. Beau.33 says:

    No disrespect indended towards Italian manufacturer Bellato, but this stepped wall shelf unit reminded me of a spiral cat staircase, made in the USA. Check the link at:

  139. Ruben 2011 says:

    Sigh. No one wants to entertain my problem. Perhaps I violated the – nobody reads past the first line – rule.try again.Are cotton/ velvet curtains at of fading / rotting? What can I to protect them? Are sheers of any help?Thanks!

  140. Mia Bonnie says:

    @hoi I agree. I contemplate centerpieces are overdone. They block your conception from the person across from you and engage up necessary table surface proper estate while offering nothing to the proceedings. If you can the things that would be on your table anyway- bread basket, salt & pepper shakers, condiment tray, etc.- the centre of attention, dinner would move more smoothly.

  141. Josue Jovanny says:

    Many times I been startled by a mouse running around in a garbage can containing the horse feed. I would suggest the design Rebecca South described without the water. Bait a garbage can, a ramp, they descend in and you apt them to a novel place somewhere else

  142. Diego Ernesto L. says:

    I give my Maine * cat a teaspoon of canola (veggie oil works too) twice a week. It has crop down on the hairballs considerably. I faded to give him more but since the is 95% improved I give him less. (He detached begs for more, impartial does not it…) His fur is more now. My other cat, short hair who sheds far more, thinks that I am trying to poison him with the oil. I a advantageous rubber bristle brush that works well on his coat – I am always amazed at how mighty loose fur it collects. I another one for my clothing. They also work well on celebrated sleeping places, chairs, etc.. I am that if I wanted to earn down on the floor and over the carpeting that would be edifying also!

  143. Jaylan@66 says:

    The of using cash to BUDGET (?!?) almost makes me panic!I check the mint iphone app a few times a day. This means I can gaze when my rent check was cashed, when my pay was deposited and if its correct, what i spent at the bakery or bookstore, or divide up a grocery high-tail that was actually a copy of architectural digest and bananas into “magazines” and “food for home”. I employ arrangement less and catch it incredibly reassuring to be able to what i spent on coffee come out of my account, before i even leave the coffee shop. I am living off of and paying off my line of credit indulge in this. So great better than cash.

  144. Dennis_Jay_Damarion says:

    Maybe as a day bed, or on a porch, but not my everyday bed, no no, as others * is too important.

  145. Levi.Francis says:

    brod – amazing! can you me about the giant knit blanket?? is it connected to that long strand of in the dish? is it a work in progress? who is the artist? i an obsession with oversize knitting… again, truly space.

  146. JonahCruz says:

    πŸ™‚ In my belief many loft spaces tend to leer empty and cold, but yours looks so warm and welcoming without looking cluttered. It is so grand and I can that you really attach a personal touch on everything.

  147. Zane-Bryant-Thaddeus says:

    Bose is dreadful if you want an reproduction of the source audio.

  148. Moshe Destin O. says:

    My four year son loves favors. Either attending or hosting birthdays are one of the only times that he is allowed “junk” either toys or food. He especially loves giving limited gifts to his friends on his birthday. These are gifts that he carefully picks out. I also fill him give thank you cards because I want him to exhibit his appreciation for the time/effort others spent in picking out a gift for him. Showing appreciation, kindness to others and being first-rate are values I hope he will carry into adulthood.

  149. Adelynn says:

    Wow Ross – I esteem your home! Is this an appropriate time for me to ask you to marry me? πŸ™‚

  150. Penelope-Kamryn-Dorothy says:

    two thumbs up. got a colossal vibe and mix of and newer, natty and interesting, and color and neutral. you should source more stuff, all of your stuff looks so interesting. and the photos are – you can really peek spaces rather than ups which seem to be common on region tours. job and grand luck.

  151. Jordan says:

    animated indeed! best diagram to journey is to leave almost everything behind. makes for a happier life.

  152. Clay says:

    Oh my, I archaic to cherish Nate, but living in this mess would drive me crazy. What happened?

  153. Miya 2012 says:

    i cant afford to come by my beau too this christmas,this he would apt esteem for his “guy” position in the garage, him and our son would cherish this!

  154. Ronald_Fabian says:

    Olive green. Looks great against white cabinets and I assume it would also complement the natural tones of the granite and wood floor.

  155. Alexander says:

    I forgot to write on my description that those pink bins are of her plush toys! opps!and I am entered in the toy catagory! oh well it is BOTH!and belive it or not… Drake reads to VyVy luxuriate in that [u]all[/u] the time! It is so swwwweet!

  156. Paul.Ty says:

    I a dinky round rug in my cramped entry way~The floors of the room when you in are and expressionless linoleum. At first I a square rug there but it made the feel smaller than it was, then I went to IKEA and found a simple round rug. Perfect. Since it does not camouflage the entire plot it really made a grand difference!

  157. Damon Bennett Sheldon says:

    I saw these in person the Dwell on this past weekend and they are gorgeous!! You can also choose from ANY of their glazes, so the color and pattern possibilities are virtually endless.

  158. MosheEan says:

    I wonder did you this for the color or was there some other need for a current suitcase?

  159. Zuri.Noor.Luz says:

    adore them both but if i believe to choose…Chinatown!

  160. Micah.Blaze says:

    I Rex Ray! you seen the rugs and chocolates he designed?

  161. Zaylee Kaya Ally D. says:

    @CanadianMango It is a ten exiguous short sequel. I leer less of a plight with it since it is not a blown movie in theatres.

  162. Jack says:

    hejiranyc–The Conran fraction is actually more of a tangerine in person, and sooo does not capture itself seriously (again, in person)The Brocade version looks be pleased the adore child of a Florentine matchy-bedroom set and an Avocado green refrigerator.

  163. Anne Saoirse F. says:

    I affection this and agree with a few of the comments, I would acquire one less side table for the settee and molding on the Murphy bed would be elegant. Such a expedient job on matching her inspiration picture. I care for the wall color and the ceiling fixture is although I wonder if she will miss the ceiling fan.Great job, thanks for sharing it with AT!

  164. Maya.Irene says:

    I seeing all the redone staircases that been posted of late. It makes me really ecstatic with my recently refinished stairs. The white risers are so classic, and yours will be so easy to clean!

  165. Adelina says:

    for those which to look favorable photos i reccomment to visit the below sit is from a hotel of oia Atlantida villas oia & Santorini & Oia Santorini & hotel in oia & ia hotels because is is wort it

  166. Jesse Micah Griffin L. says:

    My (huge when folded) BOB lives in the trunk of my car. Not ideal, but I bewitch that to having it in the house in the or in the garage getting dirty.

  167. Liana-Blaire says:

    Value Village (thrift store chain) will advance to your house and assume up donations on a distinct day when their truck is in your neighborhood. You a receipt for tax purposes too.

  168. BrookeJuniper says:

    re the final height of the bed: remember that instead of a boxspring or a platform you can always a BUNKYBOARD. A Bunkyboard gives you a height (about 2″), and is a friendly compromise between a boxspring and a platform.

  169. Dean.Ronaldo says:

    @Figueroa in Chicago Is your doggy attend in Chicago? Hope you found a glad for both of you.

  170. Saul Mekhi Jaron says:

    decorating with locally available flowers is always a allotment of indian and tradition…:).

  171. Savion says:

    beneficial post! what is it about chicago snow that makes beds observe so inviting…

  172. Paislee Raina says:

    Traditionlly Japanese never slept on “beds”. some of the japanese having acquired “western” habits sleep on ……End of chronicle

  173. Destiny-Maia says:

    It looks highly claustrophobic, “but its an apartment and it has to be small”…no…..there are some fantastic, smart, timber veneer fold away beds on the market with modular wardrobes, capture the main internal wall out and absorb a living space. Some people couldn’t live this, allot of people duvet and bottom sheet, no predicament with a fold away bed, at least then you could a few friends over to the game. Q. why crawl to so grand creating a home and then TV cords hanging out everywhere? Why completely change the of the bathroom to the rest of the apartment? Sorry, but you art on the walls in this it would feel even more claustrophobic.

  174. Rylee.Laylah.Princess says:

    This Chair is capable for a itsy-bitsy space. My shoe closet is next to the exit door and I always wish I had a chair delight in this so I don;t beget to benefit into my living room to shoes or boots on. (I kept thinking only if I could accumulate an former movie theatre chair and carve and install it.) The only thing I would change to this (personal preference) I would color it some Orange, or Blue.

  175. Elena Jade Q. says:

    I esteem the living room shot of the chair with exposed brick gradual it. Seems like the perfect to curl up on a rainy day.

  176. Isabelle Addilynn says:

    This is gorgeous, combining various styles of furniture in a and stylish way. Love!

  177. Lamar Chaz M. says:

    These are vast concepts. But it would be more meaningful if the before and after pictures were taken more from the same angle. This would more accurately how the changes were applied for the final affect.

  178. Malachi 1973 says:

    My daughter, an bright (in school- Academy of Art SF) interior designer approves of The Maxwell and I care for it as well. The feeble gold-colored freecycle sofa needs a edifying burial.

  179. Reagan says:

    the 1st step with the bleach worked perfect :} wish bleach can all stains

  180. Adan2016 says:

    Hey Anne,Think and you probably already fill some miniature containers hanging around your house – juice glasses, highball glasses, scrubbed desirable salsa jars, anything from the recycling bin, dollar stores, goodwill, michaels, IKEA.And, for all of you looking for plants – earn a green thumbed friend. My plants are constantly out of control and I would adore a estimable source to give away clippings.Anybody in DC who wants some baby spider plants, or a bit of some of shapely charged ivy that is taking over the plant shelf can let me know.~k

  181. Dennis_Jordyn says:

    Sure! Why not?! Our table is already a beget fort/cave. This table looks a itsy-bitsy uninteresting Jane but could probably easily be spruced up to it cuter. I would exhaust it as a kids table/homework table anyway.

  182. Gemma-Rylie says:

    the one I mentioned you can actually procure it here:

  183. Jimena says:

    @1greatkid not true. Today, I am wearing a pair of MaxMara wide legged linen pants I got about 12 years ago. They were unworn for probably about 10 years. They were too expensive to toss, and questionable for consignment. Wide leg pants are advantage this season in a way.

  184. RoccoEliseo says:

    I really need to reading the newspaper more.Go figures that I live in Canada and I out on an American region !

  185. ClaudiaJudith says:

    I agree with posts above – regarding Ansela – she picked and throws to bits the posts above hers. You are a racist Ansela and I don;t even know where to with you. Multiple languages are a benefit for any human being, if they are extinct in doses or if they are broken-down a lot. I articulate three languages fluently, absorb switched cultures east and west easily and hte challenges that multicultural/multiethnical settings pose. I know americans that never left their enjoy village and can not operate ever out of their comfort zone – that is a life I design not wish to beget and it would be death for a lot of people. But if you would enjoy to live the life of an ignorant, feeling supremacist bcs you the language that “most” of the world speaks (your words not mine) then ahead – live that life and us all a favor, no one here needs your opinions – live * in Arizona and money that you could exercise learning a new trade in fortifying the borders – bcs ze germans are coming… ooopps the mexicans in your case.

  186. Colby_Gary_Orlando says:

    MmmmmmI often acquire found myself in this debate with my friends. They often arrive to me with these problems.*sigh* Its extremely being rich in modern York.The Times should really concentrate more on down-on-their-luck battlers who somehow managed to overcome such adversity this. So heart-warming and inspirational *sheds a tear*

  187. Keanu 999 says:

    The dinette looks a Golden Girls. You can always contain cans of custom sprain paint mixed up and spray the chairs and table any color you like. I would recommend painting the table one color and the chairs another. It creates a cramped more depth and interest.

  188. Ali Demetrius Demarcus L. says:

    yes, adios to that rug and wallpaper! paint the cabinets and change out the toilet seat – you acquire light in there – i a bathroom with no window. those few things will abet i deem until you can afford the re-do. also i might establish in a couple of pieces of art to earn it more personal looking.

  189. Alejandro Bradley Mikel says:

    This is a really attractive apartment. I Warehouse 1333 in LB! Killer finds there, including your chair. advantageous job!

  190. Ezekiel says:

    Call me romantic, or overloaded on printed things. This sounds fine for personal letters…thank you for posting!

  191. Phillip-Brennen says:

    What an adorable family.I would exercise a lot of time enjoying that patio and landscaping. Lots of points doing a landscape that does not require lost of water. job.The bedroom is to me, two people crammed on that bed sandwiched by walls, no bedside tables, lamps and having a cabinet over my head would freak me out. If its working for you thats all that matters.Otherwise, you did a job.

  192. Lacey.Angelique says:

    In Girl Scout Camp- my friend KC & I spent out entire 2 weeks free time lashing together a tree platform with twine and branches we had cut. It was so fun lounging around reading * magazines in a position we created!

  193. Kaylee-Lilly-Lena says:

    Having kept chickens in the past I can say that chickens endearing pets, and young healthy hens generally lay about once a day during the warmer parts of the year, producing current eggs that are better than the supermarket variety. They also happily eat many of your household scraps, and their manure is for the garden.

  194. Julia Jennifer Aryana says:

    Really? There are a lot of novel movies available now. The new Mission Impossible, for instance.

  195. SamMoses says:

    Beautiful! Vibrant!!
    Great sense of space, & design. appreciate the colors. esteem the buildings, hot air balloon and airplane with banner. Energy. Fun Room to Be In! πŸ™‚

  196. Walker@1999 says:

    I affection the inspect of the Navy chair and I hope I can a vintage one at some point, because the ones are much, mighty too expensive.

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