Really Awesome Unique Bedroom Dressers Disguise A Window

Bedroom dressers today come with something awesome unique design idea. A dresser that is able to disguise a window in your lovely bedroom. Dresser becomes important when you are traveling, but what happens if the furniture you just disguise the bedroom window? Here comes the solution for your arrangement. Have you ever faced this problem? When you have a bedroom full of furniture in small but high that covered almost the entire area of the wall in the room. There are solutions that you can apply, but of course the furniture used is the type of costume designed according to the needs of land and space.

contemporary bedroom dressers modern designs

contemporary bedroom dressers modern designs

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really awesome unique bedroom dressers disguise a window. As in this room. How a dressing table had to disguise the bedroom window. A dressing table looked normal, nothing different from the dresser in general. A complete wooden cabinets with glass and a chair in front of him closing one bedroom wall. However, there are unique of this furniture, that is on the glass. Glass on this furniture has a hinge along the edge should your closet door and when it opened, you will get a white window with sunlight streaming in. Yes, dressing table can be enabled according to your needs. If you want to dress up when going to work, you can make a dressing table mode. Meanwhile, if you want to refresh the atmosphere of a room with a view of the outside, you just replace it became fashionable openings. As a result, dressers successfully disguise your window.

modern bedroom dressers double with mirror

modern bedroom dressers double with mirror

Elegant classic bedroom dressers and chests idea with 9 drawers

Elegant classic bedroom dressers and chests idea with 9 drawers

Dresser is not difficult to understand as many choices of design, color, quality, and many other aspects will help you create the perfect bedroom decor. Really a perfect idea must come from within yourself so get just what you want and at the price you want is paramount. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really awesome unique bedroom dressers disguise a window.

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    Lenje – I belief the same thing about the bathroom. Overall, it is a and while too diminutive for me, I can eye it working for others. I opinion the “mistakes” were really and I appreciated them being shared with us.

  2. Jaelynn says:

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  3. Michelle Brinley N. says:

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  4. John Roger S. says:

    I also a mattress camouflage (under a mattress pad, which I suspect does nothing about dust mites, but helps with the oil/sweat/other issues) for the same reasons. At least you can wash a pillow…

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  8. Axel-Lorenzo-Branden says:

    We two Charles P Rogers beds–one iron, one wood–and admire them both. High quality, no squeaks.

  9. Fernanda Jaylee says:

    perfectly timed post. we moved into a modern space about a month ago and we are going to employ the weekend talking about our emergency plan. i had never conception to an emergency box approach the front door for a fast getaway but may rethink that now.

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  19. AspenCara says:

    I limited Cool! Mostly because floor plans are mandatory! :)My position is in moving-back-in-after-renovations, but maybe next year.

  20. EmiliaFionaEmely says:

    Thanks AT for featuring my normal bedroom (#13) here :)You can the rest of it and more in my blog

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  25. DiegoDavian says:

    you may want to check out vesta region ( they are a microscopic pricey depending on your budget, but they a lot of cute furniture that would disappear perfectly with that chair. enjoy!

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