Really Awesome Unique Bedroom Dressers Disguise A Window

Bedroom dressers today come with something awesome unique design idea. A dresser that is able to disguise a window in your lovely bedroom. Dresser becomes important when you are traveling, but what happens if the furniture you just disguise the bedroom window? Here comes the solution for your arrangement. Have you ever faced this problem? When you have a bedroom full of furniture in small but high that covered almost the entire area of the wall in the room. There are solutions that you can apply, but of course the furniture used is the type of costume designed according to the needs of land and space.

contemporary bedroom dressers modern designs

contemporary bedroom dressers modern designs

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really awesome unique bedroom dressers disguise a window. As in this room. How a dressing table had to disguise the bedroom window. A dressing table looked normal, nothing different from the dresser in general. A complete wooden cabinets with glass and a chair in front of him closing one bedroom wall. However, there are unique of this furniture, that is on the glass. Glass on this furniture has a hinge along the edge should your closet door and when it opened, you will get a white window with sunlight streaming in. Yes, dressing table can be enabled according to your needs. If you want to dress up when going to work, you can make a dressing table mode. Meanwhile, if you want to refresh the atmosphere of a room with a view of the outside, you just replace it became fashionable openings. As a result, dressers successfully disguise your window.

modern bedroom dressers double with mirror

modern bedroom dressers double with mirror

Elegant classic bedroom dressers and chests idea with 9 drawers

Elegant classic bedroom dressers and chests idea with 9 drawers

Dresser is not difficult to understand as many choices of design, color, quality, and many other aspects will help you create the perfect bedroom decor. Really a perfect idea must come from within yourself so get just what you want and at the price you want is paramount. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really awesome unique bedroom dressers disguise a window.

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  3. Alan Nikhil says:

    I had never had any reason to surf the NYT website until I was directed there through AT. I signed up on their website and regularly read stories there because of AT.BOO-urns.

  4. Amanda says:

    extraordinary transformation! So envious of anyone with the skill and patience to this.

  5. Mathew 1960 says:

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  6. Isaias-Jamir-Cael says:

    Lenje – I belief the same thing about the bathroom. Overall, it is a and while too diminutive for me, I can eye it working for others. I opinion the “mistakes” were really and I appreciated them being shared with us.

  7. Samantha Josie says:

    Lovely! Please any information you can about the silver grey sofa she is sitting on! I to fill some tufts in my life.

  8. JadenGrayson says:

    This is stunning. I dont savor matte paint much, I buy a satin or in some cases a gloss, but it works extremely well, and I know a lot of people it. I wish it was a bit less however.One thing, I would painted this too, but I also would beget LOVED to seen this restored with some gold hardware. I can only imagine how cute that would contain been.

  9. Jaelynn says:

    Park Sofa by Jasper Morrison at Vitra. Although the legs are cramped different. Check out

  10. Mia Nova Mira says:

    @tallsarah Totally agree. There are kitchen cabinets designed to be installed IN the wall (usually using glass blocks for the glazing needs instead of window glass) for specifically that purpose: not a estimable gape or a extremely discontinuance neighbor and to let in lots of light. These cabinets are successful. The shelving unit a variation – but with grand more appeal.

  11. Kristopher Francis says:

    contact the company – they may be able to in a liner. I you want them darker because they let in too light? Blinds for less did that for me after I ordered blinds that turned out to be extremely look through.

  12. Amanda_Rosa_Kassandra says:

    one of my AT tours in a while. i absolutely your home! the curious art, handmade woodwork, and antiques really bring it to life. also, the colors are perfect. i especially the color of the bathroom!

  13. Darian says:

    How about one for biting off the head of your considerable other!

  14. Daniel-Braxton-Braiden says:

    @Beatrixx She probably threw them away. But I feel better thinking that someone is loving my sweatpants as as I did, even with the hole.

  15. Michelle Brinley N. says:

    Emily, I so agree. My fiance has room darkening blinds (the European that completely darken a room) and I abhor them. I I savor to the natural morning light to wake me. I also to be able to my diagram to the bathroom in the middle of the night. His room (soon to be mine, too) is enjoy a tomb–pitch dim and cold. We some negotiating to do.

  16. Princess 2007 says:

    @Icysnow thank you! I bought the blanket about 2 years ago from

  17. Lauren_Bryleigh says:

    I ironing. Neither my husband or I jobs where we to dress in business attire, so I usually only iron when we are going to a wedding, funeral etc…

  18. John Roger S. says:

    I also a mattress camouflage (under a mattress pad, which I suspect does nothing about dust mites, but helps with the oil/sweat/other issues) for the same reasons. At least you can wash a pillow…

  19. Lorelei_Leona says:

    These would be natty easy to sew yourself out of an conventional t-shirt or something. But I appreciate for their fabulous selection of bottles that you can search by fashion (wide mouth, stainless, etc.)

  20. Mira Jessie B. says:

    This one from JC Penney might not be similar, but it has wood and metal and looks natty at $399 (on sale):

  21. Rigoberto says:

    Capri #3 Pendant in the grey color. it would gaze in my dining room.

  22. Charlie_Julius_Mikel says:

    adore the LR wall design, and the all white bathroom. Older bathrooms seem to been larger, or maybe its the whiteness that makes it seem so spacious. frigid exhaust of cabinets in BR.Kudos!

  23. Michelle Ana Q. says:

    The Acapulco chair is extremely simple and colorful. This is perfect for creating a simple itsy-bitsy outdoor space.

  24. DavionHouston says:

    Velocity is – highly recommend them. Great, staff. Thhey also some challenging and relatively affordable artwork.

  25. Wynter.Anabella says:

    #6 is a gneiss.#9 may be available in green, purple, and blue, but agate does not arrive in those colors, we dye them to be those colors. 🙁 Chalcedony does sometimes advance in shades of pink and green, but the colors are dyed.That all being said, those are some fair tiles, and I wish I could create my kitchen up in them!

  26. Lillian Iris W. says:

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  27. Cristian.Roland.Atticus says:

    Built-in window seats that no one would ever actually sit in/on.Barstools at a counter and counterstools at a bar. If they are the height, then no one can functionally consume them. Why them at all?

  28. Johnny says:

    @hitch I had a trailer that was on a corner of our lot and I archaic it as my sanctum sanctorum– a set to away from the kids, enjoy a martini with my husband, Christmas presents, accommodate guests for sleeping, and so on. For several years around Halloween, we organized themed trailer-trash (excuse my non-PC language) parties for our circle of friends. That was a long time ago but it was fun.

  29. Ignacio says:

    I want this to be my room! it! I fill been considering putting wood flooring on the wall in one of my rooms and it looks really astonishing here and creates a expansive mood for the room. What a lucky young man!

  30. Frank Branden Jarrett says:

    Does anyone know any apt online resources for house numbers? I want to spiff up the front door of my condo (hallway door) but I need the letter A as well as numbers. Thanks for any direction!

  31. Aadhya says:

    @YumiYarns We assign in a different solid wood Ikea Butcher Block counter last year, and it was neat easy to exhaust with the Farmhouse sink, since it sits on top on both sides, and overhangs over the butcher block. I would not be confident that the wood would be great enough to handle a cutout sink, but I could not be more delighted with the contrivance ours turned out!

  32. Angel Ariya says:

    what about getting a facade built that would fit over the tiling and mirror? that you can easily rid of it when you and bear no problems with your landlord.

  33. Jayda U. says:

    @SoBeIt I would this often when I was pregnant. The baby always wanted popcorn.

  34. Axel-Lorenzo-Branden says:

    We two Charles P Rogers beds–one iron, one wood–and admire them both. High quality, no squeaks.

  35. Javier Jaylen Jasper T. says:

    and thank you everyone. retain it coming and rememberYOUNG and current is the category here. 🙂

  36. Fernanda Jaylee says:

    perfectly timed post. we moved into a modern space about a month ago and we are going to employ the weekend talking about our emergency plan. i had never conception to an emergency box approach the front door for a fast getaway but may rethink that now.

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    I would add one other assumption to this list. People often caught up in what the room looks like, whether it has a theme or a color scheme, or an “inspiration piece” etc. A better position to initiate may be to assume about how you want to the room and how you (and others) want to feel in the room. If you a goal this in mind then it is easier to acquire decisions about furniture pieces and placement, color, texture, lighting, etc. by how well your choices will your intentions for the room.

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  41. Mira Natasha O. says:

    I relish the living room and dining room the best. fill you purchased any art from our fellow K grads?

  42. Frankie_Keanu says:

    that bedroom by patrick (the other one) is lovely. The simple switch to a more complex wall colour is itself a but easy change. admire the marble cheese tray under the roses. simple idea, handy, spares the wood dresser, adds light and cools down the surface.

  43. Andy Mathew Jamir N. says:

    living vintage is so rewarding. thanks so distinguished for including AMradio as one of your favorites!

  44. Bria says:

    I generally contain a more novel aesthetic, personally, but I would be to apt into this home and not change a thing!

  45. Bernardo1976 says:

    i never had an ikea product missing pieces. If anything i up with extra. I absorb built all of the furniture for my office and i acquire an entire box of extras.i did acquire a fragment of a desk from target and that was a hassle. It was of the hutch and was an entire side. The slots were chop wrong. It took 5 calls, and they had to send me another entire desk, then i was to the fraction i needed, then ship it benefit to them. Then the desk was ordered for 2 months, as i am waiting for the piece. it took forever.

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  50. Kailyn Lizbeth Ari says:

    I my shawls to bring in different colors to our living rooM, draped on the couch. I also switch out curtain panels, mixing colors & fabrics seasonally. Finally, add cats. ?

  51. OliveMillie says:

    Leaving a stain on tiles may develop a pickle with the landlord.

  52. RyanJessieSalma says:

    @Kunstler We a lot in common. I, too, a safety razor, with one * of shaving soap that lasts forever. I acquire one face moisturizer, one hair product and one cologne. All of this fits into my medicine cabinet, along with toothbrush/paste, cotton swabs and balls, clippers, etc. I refuse to earn samples at stores because they up adding clutter.

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  55. Christina Q. says:

    Reminds me of this April Fools Day joke.

  56. Ricky says:

    A long soak with a vinegar soaked terry towel and occasional scrub with a stiff brush should the trick. Milk dries devour paint… which is why it was once mature for paint. After the soak, you can wash it with a itsy-bitsy ammonia on a scrubbie and rinse well. : )

  57. Gemma Carly says:

    Hello! I a extremely bedroom, and no floor dwelling for a hamper or laundry basket. I was thinking of trying to rig something to hang on the benefit wall of my closet but cannot anything relish that on the web. Does anyone fill any ideas? Thanks!

  58. Allen_Brendon_Ralph says:

    I feel that if you are possibly thinking about purchasing a position bask in this, then you might want to a building inspector and bear them meander through everything to effect its safe.

  59. Alexandra 1992 says:

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  60. Olivia Evangeline says:

    I bought my condo in 1998, four rooms and two baths. It was dirty white walls with wall to wall barely-beige carpet. First I painted the living/dining location yellow with a tinge of green in depending on the light.I painted the larger bedroom a calm shade of green.The kitchen had almond counters and cabinet doors, so I did the walls in a warm toast. to say I am replacing the cabinets and counters now.The second bedroom is gold, mute and warm, not brassy, and the room does not as grand daylight as the other rooms.One bathroom is a warm blue and the other a rosy pink. I chose the pink so I could in the mirror every morning and beget a face flattering color.All the floors except the baths are a fairly light wood laminate. There is also an entry-way wall, which has had two different shades of blue.It can be hard to choose, but I am that I took my time on each room, especially to the accurate type of paint, and to assume carefully about how the light and the night would affect my choices.I painted everything myself, including the ceilings and I beget vowed to sell the condo without painting a thing. Hope that works!

  61. Kamila_Kyleigh says:

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  62. Megan Lillie W. says:

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  63. Dominik-1998 says:

    A different coffee table — something less brown and with a less hulking footprint that can provide a to the sofa.

  64. Jefferson B. says:

    It would probably * from the living room to each twins room its really cool

  65. Penelope-Dorothy-Alianna says:

    This is great. Inspired me to work on some more of my “canvases” i.e. scavenged furniture.

  66. Ruby Nancy says:

    I actually a decorative mirror in gold. I gold and it actaully can be a excellent compliment to a modernist fashion with a frigid or warm palette. It is all about placement and if you want to diagram attention to it. It could work in some an entry hall or over a extremely minimal credenza. So, I am partial to the glitz and glamor and keeping your derive the metallic beauty it aspires to be, it correct needs the lawful home, in your home.

  67. Jaylah says:

    sorry…i meant the athangudi tiles CAN be laid down only by chettinad masons …

  68. Daleyza-Beatrice-Milana says:

    Wow – Tzipporah2! What an amazing visual to expose off your ideas. It looks great! I sometimes a hard time picturing what the slay product would like. A realistic simulation using the homeowners precise room is always extremely helpful.

  69. Mitchell-Pierce-Jax says:

    I bought a 750 sf house – one bedroom. The selling point for me was the defined dining room. I loved having a room with a table, chairs, and hutch and nothing more. It was the area of hospitality in my home. I miss that room.Sold it a few years ago for a cramped more space, but a combo living/dining room. We a second bedroom now – it has been maybe 6 times in 3 years. But it does function as a dressing room, so not a total waste.

  70. Eli.Davian says:

    Clicked on this expecting to ogle the woodwork had been painted and was so to glance that it had not. Painted surfaces are high maintenance – how many times those walls been painted since 1927 but the varnish on the clean is likely the original. Varnish naturally darkens as it ages (think a violin) and develops a patina, which should be as admired as actual hardwood floors are.

  71. Kara-Coraline-Melina says:

    such a good-looking cramped crate! I could definitely this in my living room.

  72. Arya Abby Aubrielle says:

    @Muesli That is the worst.Followed by some really execrable shades of mauve (in my opinion).

  73. Kendrick Ronan Cristopher W. says:

    The sofa is a vintage Overman Sofa redone in white vinyl. I purchased the sofa at Futures Collide in downtown Pomona; they did the upholstery job for me as well.

  74. ZoeyAnnabelle says:

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  75. Myra says:

    @amisdottir I know that your heart is in the but Directional never produced the Planner Group. The Planner Group was never a fraction of the Directional Showroom program. Planner was designed by Paul McCobb, manufactured by Winchendon Furniture, marketed and distributed by B.G. Mesberg National Sales. The Planner Group was by far the best selling furniture group of its time and was produced from 1950 until 1965.

  76. Erik 2006 says:

    @jlwmid I wish that I could divulge you, but I enjoy the paint can buried in my storage unit. little living ya know.

  77. Jordan Karsyn says:

    sweet boast in honor of a legendary bird. Thanksgiving!

  78. Brendan-Tristin-Clifford says:

    Terrific restoration. sturdy chair. Saved for instead of being thrown away. Now accompanied by a legend to hand down in the family. The chair could last for a few more generations, getting a new and a modern epic each time.

  79. Eloise says:

    Does anybody believe any experience actually sitting on these on a regular basis? I am looking for a bench to exhaust with my kitchen table, and I am wondering how it would stand up to two tweens.

  80. AspenCara says:

    I limited Cool! Mostly because floor plans are mandatory! :)My position is in moving-back-in-after-renovations, but maybe next year.

  81. RubyNevaehTeresa says:

    extremely creative storage, that is such a cabinet closet get instant value to this place. I the cramped built in table/desk nook next to the cabinet.Your residence is extremely airy and its citrus and so clean.The clear stools were a in keeping things light.The area is super, even the columns which are to work around build the position more loft like.My only is how develop you live without a coffee table, I know there are two schools of but it looks luxuriate in the sofa and chair are begging for one. The CB2 peekaboo might be the one.

  82. Esther Sage Evelynn W. says:

    NOT FROM ORGANIZE IT. They refused to honor their posted sale for a bookcase. They claimed the employee who keyed in the made a mistake and the was higher than what was advertised. I spoke to a supervisor and they refused to honor their believe price. experience.

  83. Milana_Erika_Bryleigh says:

    Fun bright naughty livable, home, stirs the imagination living in a giant crayola box … apt admire this house, the furnishings, the color the textiles, the art, the stone work in the bath room and fireplace, so to at and yet it is simply furnished … Although I disapprove the white and downhearted wallpaper in the living home it cheapens the overall enact and overpowers the art and furnishings and kitchen cabinets,,, I what they were trying to here — different color on walls or something along those lines would enjoy achieved the overall execute better.Thanks for posting….Joanny

  84. EmiliaFionaEmely says:

    Thanks AT for featuring my normal bedroom (#13) here :)You can the rest of it and more in my blog

  85. Genevieve-Leia-Ann says:

    Well, we loved it. My brother made it for my two year aged daughter and made her summer. Thanks, Ohdeedoh.

  86. AdolfoDevan says:

    Having an empty room implies that you bought too astronomical a house for your needs.

  87. Lydia Briar says:

    Wood baseboards will not easily over these because there is a tapered edge on the bottom where it meets the floor.Painting them will be a magnificent amount of work but it is doable. You need to thoroughly natty the surface, and scuff it up with 120 grit sandpaper. If you can stand the fumes, you can camouflage off the dwelling and paint with a vinyl paint Krylon Fusion. Otherwise, you need a helpful acrylic exterior paint, and probably should prime first. I would not be as horrified as others about scratching the paint, it is after all on the of the wall.If you are feeling more industrious, you could dye the vinyl.

  88. Zariyah says:

    this is far more awesome to me than a 850 sqft 1bdrm view-loft filled with designer furniture in terms of the earn challenges presented and overcome.

  89. Dominic R. says:

    I am generally fiercely entrenched in the “do not paint” camp but this is a perfect example of when paint works and improves a piece. It looks wonderful.

  90. Kaiden.Nathen says:

    Classy but comfortably so! You fill a for detail….can you me where you got your navy embroidered bedspread?

  91. Kali.Hadassah says:

    Ha ha ha. Awesome. I care for that soccer playing Jesus.Jeanne

  92. Dylan-Annabel-Kailee says:

    I care for how the kitchen feels extremely lived in for a Gold apartment, but what is with the extremely ordinary floor tiles that these apartments arrive with…durable determined but so blah. luck in the comp.

  93. Giovanni.Trent.Nash says:

    and another

  94. Avery@1994 says:

    NASA actually compiled a list of filtering indoor plants and which substances they remove.

  95. Ryan_Semaj_Jovani says:

    I glance mirrors delight in that fourth one all the time in antique stores. Is it me or does it a and *-ish. Those eagles give me the creeps. I would to know where they are from.

  96. Arielle Renata Tabitha says:

    absolutely agreed. why in * would anyone want to leave a couple of things out of place? is as does.

  97. Briar says:

    We the same tiles, and underneath them is nothing. It goes straight to the attic, with all of its fiberglass insulation glory. So, clearly the previous owner of our was taking the easy/cheap blueprint out, but the fixing it will not be nearly as easy as some of the posters describe. The only intention to know what you are working with is to try and eye what is above it – maybe try from the attic first, if it is a top floor. But if it is ours, it is actually a fire hazard, because there is no fire fracture between one room and the next – which makes it extremely for bedrooms.

  98. Francesca_Halle says:

    of browns. Once again, though I feel the first photo really made me want to more, but the below the fold photo disappointed. I wish it had given me more of the space.

  99. Jazlyn.Amia says:

    I impartial started with Amazon Prime a few weeks ago, on the advice of my IT guy (I am a consultant who works from home). There were a number of technology related items I needed that were not available to locally. So I ordered a few from Amazon, picked what I enjoy best and returned the others with no shipping charges. I am now receiving packages almost every day, and return about half of the items with no return shipping charges. For me, it is an to touch, observe and feel items that I cannot derive locally, and return what I not like. Even if I wanted to catch these items in a store, they are unbiased not stocked at my stores locally. For example, I tore a ligament in my wrist from too power yoga, and I needed a variety of wrist supports and yoga props to me recover. I wasted hours going from store to store trying to them, and came up dry. So, I ordered a variety from Amazon and returned what I did not like. I live and work in a two bedroom condo. Every time I come by something new, I discard something. I always enact this, whether I online or in-store. Due to my minimalist tendencies, there is no of me having a cluttered home. If Amazon is not treating their employees properly, someone should them to OSHA. I that has already happened, and that OSHA has inspected, so I am not too about Amazon being compliant with US labor laws.

  100. DiegoDavian says:

    you may want to check out vesta region ( they are a microscopic pricey depending on your budget, but they a lot of cute furniture that would disappear perfectly with that chair. enjoy!

  101. Aspen Celine J. says:

    I RuPauls amble (major guilty pleasure) or read and cuddle with the cat. As as I care for my boyfriend… I loved living alone. I appreciate the level-headed and stillness of it.

  102. Keaton.Gunner.Van says:

    eve, i emailed ron and he is elated to ship to novel york. he is calculating the cost and getting attend to me with a total so i imagine he would be willing to the same for you.

  103. Deshawn says:

    I agree with most posters that this is best left alone. I would change the knobs to something and unexpected and build a thick glass top (like 3/4″) on the top. That will protect it and add a contemporary element.

  104. Bailey-Evie-Marlee says:

    The board the desk is acoustic foam. It can be found on Thanks for your comments!

  105. Sean says:

    Lots of. Hubby and I a similar sofa we bought at a thrift store and had it reupholstered a gloomy grey (skirt was removed and got tapered legs)Before:

  106. Johnpaul X. says:

    natty cute…. the stealth mode. total model cat.

  107. PaytonFranklin says:

    In my opinion, it is up to the owner of a fragment to decide whether it is “worth it” to a professionally restored. I am getting ready to a chair reupholstered. I?m clear it?s not “worth it,” and won?t increase the value of the chair or whatever, but it was my grandmother?s and it is a comfortable, sturdy chair. You accept to determine how distinguished you are willing to effect into it, whether you are talking about time or money.That said, I some of the DIY ideas here, including filling/painting the and refinishing the rest. Or just enact one of the DIY fixes that were mentioned to the and the Howard products, which I also like. Sometimes getting something and and polished can bring about a proper shift in your perception of a piece!I?d adore to know and what you slay up doing!

  108. Dillon Enrique Jaime X. says:

    I try not to live my life based on fear, but there been too many assaults in my residence where the news legend says some variation of “the perpetrator entered through an unlocked window.” My front door, bedroom window and living room windows face my 2nd balcony, so I lock them down, even in the heat of summer. I even exiguous motion detector alarms on them. When I first moved in, I no one would up my stairs, but one morning I found a half-empty hastily food drink cup on my porch and another morning I found the lightbulb on my porch light broken off. That was it, the alarms went in the extremely next day. It frightened me to contemplate someone had come up the stairs to my porch, while I slept unaware.

  109. Brent_Vaughn says:

    care for gloomy tableware. I did a post on the same thing for Washington Spaces Magazine, including the Juliska glass. Timeless and elegant.

  110. Brendon Giovanny says:

    Worst mess? Well, my other honest moved in. Me: minimalist neat-freak. Him: not so much. Cleanup is an ongoing process.

  111. Alvaro Samir Q. says:

    the main image is linking to a different house tour:

  112. Darrell Moshe Anton says:

    I be pleased that these consume a few simple elements in strategic ways to delightful spaces: stone and cement, plants in planters, furniture, and texture, shiny color or a sculptural item to focal points.

  113. Aubrie Imani O. says:

    I the reversible blue and white. It would be apt for my chaise. Anyone know where I can gain upholstery weight African fabrics? Mudcloths while heavy tend to depart as they done with vegetable dye.

  114. Luka-777 says:

    @erinwdesign If you are a person who likes everything perfect and uniform, then you will probably top-grain leather. As the post says, the manufacturer uses a “stamp” to imbed a leather on the surface so it appears authentic and uniform. chunky grain will absorb a random pattern — as random as * made the animals it came from!

  115. Myla ZZZ says:

    I also scan and email a copy of my passport to myself–can then a copy anywhere there is an internet connection. Same with my airline info, and bank/credit card phone numbers, etc.And, while packing necessary items in a carry-on is always good, if they are *really* essential–cell phone charger, keys, meds–make clear they are in your “personal item” that will fit underneath the seat in fronn of you and will definitely be on the plane with you. If you are among the last to board and the overhead bins are full, you will absorb to check your carry-on as well, and those bags are more likely to be delayed than normal checked bags.

  116. April Adrienne T. says:

    @DUANE HILL, porcelain has been produced for over a thousand years, so I contemplate at this point it is about the antithesis of newfangled, despite applications for it having been found in a ton of surprising places.

  117. DaleyzaRoyaltyAnsley says:

    @IsabelleS – I am tall. My scan of the jeans rack is to extreme to discover if there are any with a longer inseam than the 28″-30″ inseam jeans that usually the rack. When I gaze a pair with legs that explore several inches longer than the others, I check out the mark and cleave of that pair.

  118. Lane Alvin Adolfo says:

    That Living Tower looks like a cat tree for humans.

  119. Jacob J. says:

    I am hosting a giveaway for reusable bags this week. I affection reusable bags, because they the environment – but also because they are fun!

  120. German2005 says:

    I also remember sodium-laden dinners when my parents got a babysitter, but it was Swanson TV dinners. Salisbury steak, corn, mashed potatoes and gummy cherry pie. Loved it then, but EW! Now I would probably do something ahead instead of expecting a sitter to cook, but we eat early anyway, so this has never been an issue.

  121. Pierce says:

    the closest i ever got to this as kid or *, was buying plans to DIY it in the backyard of my house in california. then i was such a procrastinator, i kept putting it off and eventually my daughter got too former to be enthusiastic in it. boy did the ex sustain bringing that one up as the years rolled along. i would totally live in something 3-4 times that size now though. i am so into the prefab mini designs now. ahh the irony.

  122. Kaitlyn says:

    Relaxed and comfortable, please! I am incapable of maintaining crisp, tailored perfection and glowing embraced my flaws as lifestyle choices.

  123. Patrick-Brody says:

    Yea these may gracious but in many cases may not be so practical. My bedroom window faces the alley where our trash truck comes at 7 am. I could only imagine sleeping with my head suitable next to it. My last apartment had the bedroom window across the street from a school.

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