How Astounding Design Models Dressers With Mirror

Dressers with mirror come with some astounding models today. Sometimes, when you make up yourself on the dressers, you need a proper mirror that good and has something unique there. The mirror became one ornament room that you can present in the bedroom. Your presence can make as a complement of the dresser at the same accent that can make a bedroom look more attractive. Yes, the mirror can complement any décor on the interior of the house, including the bedrooms. Adorn angle ranging from less attractive so that it becomes more impressive area up to create the desired feel of space.

Antique dressers with mirror bedroom furniture designs

Antique dressers with mirror bedroom furniture designs

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really astounding design models dressers with mirror. Moreover, with a variety of shapes and textures and quality, the mirror can also give rise to the impression of softness or create an atmosphere of luxury. To mirror in the bedroom as complementary dresser you should note that the proportion of the space and the size of the dressing table will also determine the dimensions of the mirrors used. Mirror on the dressing table should not exceed the length of the dresser itself because it will cause an imbalance that could worsen the overall decor of the room. Size mirror will create the impression of a larger space and to produce better lighting because it can also serve as a reflector for the lighting of the room and will make the room brighter. The thing to remember is that when determining the location of the placement of a mirror, notice the reflection of what it would cause, including the direction of the mirror to the existing light.

amazing kids dressers with mirror unique designs

amazing kids dressers with mirror unique designs

Adorable dressers with mirror design ideas

Adorable dressers with mirror design ideas

Be sure to put a mirror perpendicular to the sides of the room that is not too full of accessories or furniture, do not mirror reflects excessive accessories. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really astounding design models dressers with mirror. Thanks a lot.

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  1. Brynlee.Jordan.Zaria says:

    Restoration Hardware sometimes has affordable “retro” fans. Another would be to check out a appliance repair shop.

  2. Henry_Warren_Oswaldo says:

    My biggest mess is when I made homemade applesauce and mashed the hot apples so bits of hot applesauce went flying onto the ceiling, walls and the curtain of the kitchen window. Then in shock because it was hot on my skin I spilled it down the front of the cupboards and onto the floor.

  3. Josiah-Preston-Reece says:

    what is approx cost to such a noble thing in dollor

  4. Felipe Jaquan Mohammed L. says:

    I waaaaaaaaaaant it. I neeeeeeed it. I must haaaaaaave it!

  5. Charleigh says:

    desirable magnets and * heads are grand for grand pieces you describe. I them a lot when hanging art for gallery clients. objective * magnetic flathead screws flush to the wall surface (using * anchors if needed) spaced around the perimeter and center of your piece. Then employ magnets to your fabric to the * heads. You can then consume determined spacers to float a fragment of UV protective acrylic or plex over the piece. This will let the fabric breath.I enact agree that framing or working with a professional on other options is key and worth the money for pieces you value. However, for ephemeral things enjoy kid art you may not build forever? Some of the solutions offered here seem great. I a lot of the simple plastic frames that come with matts and glass for photos and things. You pop the glass out and fit photos or drawings in. It is not custom framing but is so subtle it is perfect for displays. You up with but a thin edge showing. You can different sized versions with pre-cut openings.Your other option for a fabric is to float it in a plex or acrylic box. The jam is they no breath my with the elegant magnets.The * head and magnet approach is for teen rooms where Justin Bieber needs to be hung—only temporarily. Posters are usually standard size so you can them up with the magnets and them down when fads change.

  6. Demi Leona V. says:

    one of my house tours! i the thoughtful details. and not too overly decorated.a beautiful space!

  7. Jason_Cameron_Landen says:

    scoobydubious- i was joking!if you surf the outer is the place…BTW, enjoy you noticed the subculture of the sunset; thuggish folks who claim an Irish lineage and another Asian one that seems to beget some steak in the tropical fish trade…

  8. Maleah.Farrah.Aislinn says:

    droll I unbiased found this shop today on etsy. elegant checkerboard and patchwork type wall art…

  9. Eleanor_Adeline says:

    seeing the link to that house call in the comments I am 100% pro hardware. edifying thinking painting those cabinets by the way! I acquire seen the befores of that and always wondered how one could successfully update them!

  10. Alfonso.Nathanial says:

    You are right…red is probably the brightest neutral you can buy!

  11. Kara-Leanna-Zoie says:

    I had a & simple baptism brunch Mexican-style where everyone in the cessation family had offered to bring something. We had coffee, pan dulce, a fruit platter, and a bagel buffet with different types of cream cheese and smoked salmon among other toppings. This photography blog includes a short description of a fun tradition where the godparents throw “bolo” money to the kids at the party.

  12. NoraMargaretRuth says:

    I especially the mix of antiques and accents. The yellow of the door and bathroom woodwork sets off the orange/red of the painted walls.Nanu

  13. Dale says:

    You can also these at the Anthropologie store. these candles!!!!

  14. Sadie.Estrella says:

    My casement windows are similar to yours. They all screens on the inside.

  15. Gabriel@666 says:

    Thank you all for your words! DahliaCactus, my OCD wants to paint the burners too AND paint Hi/Med/Low on the knobs. Wait…. who is this kitchen for again?

  16. Kendra@1984 says:

    for fall, craberry glades in wv is amazing. lift a look.

  17. Alivia Maliyah Hayley J. says:

    Nor did anyone say she was begging for votes. But it is the more known you are in Cyberspace and the more people you fill following you on other blogs and such the more votes you get. If you cannot admit this you are not being honest. Also there are MANY elegant rooms in this(and other) categories, but popularity as with any voting contest does play a fraction and not the loveliness of the room.

  18. Kaylee.Raelyn says:

    Really a * and vibrant place. style. I appreciate the tour

  19. Jeremiah.Jan.Cornelius says:

    Thank * you these tips! I was trying to accomplish my room more classy and probably mix things up on what I learned in this apartment organization – . Thanks a lot!

  20. SophieRamona says:

    you tried the Korean mesh dish cloth? They are life changing! They enjoy so grand soap, desirable well, are made of plastic (so no smells or bacteria), and last for so long! They are objective not beneficial with grease, so I my bristle brush and dish soap on grease or burnt on food, then mosey over with the mesh cloth to clean. gain a Korean store and try it out!! (They inspect this

  21. Sadie says:

    Thank you so much! The florals are made of felt. I hand each piece. You can more on my website under Maven Mercantile. Thank you!! t

  22. Talia Ryan N. says:

    @ Jeoffry, we had to arrange the shelves differently because of the astronomical toys on the botton shelf. The castle and the pirate ship would not fit in otherwise, and because they are the most frail toys – and this is a kidsroom – meant that function was most important 🙂 We collected the other shelves, so in the future we can mix it up!

  23. Bryant_Rodrigo_Colt says:

    all – thank you for commenting on our spaces! A label on safety – we enjoy a part on our website about nursery safety and how/when bumpers should be used. Check it out for video and a downloadable brochure.

  24. Jace says:

    A sofa is not an “investment”, it is an expense.Investments are expected beget a economic return.Sofas not fit this expectation.

  25. Cale Elvis says:

    Love. My living room is a pale version of violet.

  26. Adriana Karen Marisol says:

    Ours was a complete teardown of three layers (2 asphalt and one cedar shakes). We got architectural shingles on both 2 house (lots of dormers and angles) and garage (so it would match), plus gutters and downspouts on both house and garage. $15,000. delighted with the results.

  27. Ali Graham C. says:

    Oh, and how could I forgot the wonderfully stylish town of Avalon on Catalina!

  28. MoisesNikhil says:

    VB–The fountain has water flowing down it and it vanished into the ground. Under the ftn is a buried reservoir with a pump. You can gawk my fountain in the 3rd picture. I even write about installing it in my book. 🙂

  29. Sara says:

    We occupy a of art as a souvenir for every meander we on… usually not mighty else. But we create to leave room in our find objective in case 🙂

  30. Lyla Jaylee O. says:

    I would to know if anyone has musty these. I believe a wood panelled wall I was thinking these would be perfect for but would any precise world experience anyone has to offer.

  31. Allan says:

    you will be the coolest mom ever if you develop this!!!! can i absorb a princess leia one?!?!

  32. Kaleb@66 says:

    Hi! The prints are by artist/storyteller Brian Andreas; you can them at

  33. Dakota Kaelyn Kynlee V. says:

    Though my daughter goes to school in NYC and I often visit, I am so for ATBoston. As a designer specializing in model homes for Residential Apartments and Lofts in Boston and England, I am often on the to up with the trends and search for sources. Welcome to Boston!!! Hmmm, maybe I should apply for the job?MB

  34. Alan Adrien Bo L. says:

    to an exotic grocery store in your town! (Asian, Indian, African…) at things, smell things, ask how to prepare stuff, feel you are abroad (eventually, occupy something diminutive you would need anyway, relish rice), and if you feel it, prepare an exotic dish! Most of us admire visiting supermarkets abroad, but why not at home too?

  35. Destiny says:

    your color in the top layer (comforter, blanket, coverlet, whatever) and come by white sheets. That way, no matter what you may wear out in the far future, you can pair it with pieces from other white sheet sets. You rarely can compose an match on any color, but especially not after something has been washed for a couple of years.Same with towels. Stick with white. find extra hand towels in colors to complement your bathroom. When you * in the future, your white towels will match the fixtures in your novel bathroom no matter what color the walls or tiles are.

  36. Layla says:

    Thanks cm! These websites are exactly what I was looking for. 🙂

  37. Rory Mara Carla says:

    oh so lovely, makes me wanna from NY to LA, specially these never ending rainy season…The of vibrant colors are addition…Congrats!

  38. Alonzo Vincenzo Fisher H. says:

    For years, I would yards of it from Paper Source for $0.10/yd. (they acquire a roll of it at most of their craft tables) and then build my money into their ribbons. However, a few years ago, they they were no longer able to sell it. But if I was interested, they were now selling their absorb of “brown” wrapping paper. Uh, yeah. Subtle.I was obviously less than thrilled at the switch-a-roo.

  39. Alessandra.Jayda says:

    Cutting out magazine and catalog pictures, then gluing them down…always has been a winner at my house! (Even for the older ones)A novel activity that I learned was to bewitch telephone wire at a home improvement store and let the kiddos bend it into shapes. We went to a museum activity for kids hosted by Todd Oldham and he was teaching us craft ideas from his book (Kid Made Modern)…He also did bubble wrap painting…so easy…so fun!Kristy

  40. Zachary-Skyler-Jonas says:

    As a customary child who would search for presents- the car trunk has definitely moved to the “obvious” category these days, and kids will search there the first chance they procure 🙂

  41. Zachary Orlando says:

    sydney:yes, calyx is expensive. and that its prices I inquire it to last more than a week.

  42. Brayden-Muhammad-Jovan says:

    Its a shame this cant be an iphone it.

  43. Dayana_Andi says:

    TML….YOU and the other SNOBS on these comments are why I fair deleted AT from my bookmarks.

  44. Adolfo-Darian-Deangelo says:

    This is a estimable piece, but not for something in the 5 generous range, and it really does not say “forever” to me. I something rectangular and expandable would be better in the long term.

  45. Israel Camden Garrison Z. says:

    I second @lonestarstateofstyle. That kitchen ceiling is AMAZING!!! Also esteem that window with the glass shelves and dishes. Provides so light and a at the same time.Was going to acquire a comment about the couch, but it sounds luxuriate in you bear tried many options. At least you beget for a couch:)

  46. Carter-Julieta-Belle says:

    @Shonitra Slayton I agree with you on the awkward placement. If you carefully, the toilet was a bit closer to the entrance in the Before chronicle but it was oriented differently. When sitting on it, you would be facing the wall with the shower. At least in the Before, it was partially hidden by a limited storage cabinet or whatever.I contain it would explore better if there was again something partially hiding the toilet from the view, maybe a similar storage unit with a plant on top of it, etc.The vanity does not with the bathroom at all.

  47. Liv.33 says:

    I was going to absorb to choose one of these for my wife after the review, but it would be better to catch her one. How cool would that be? And it would derive a first-rate workout in many avenues, clothes, bags, repairs, etc.

  48. Danica A. says:

    How exactly does a “backpack and other merchandise” “emphasize uniting together for a cause”?

  49. Mario.Jayson.Jaron says:

    The dessert post!! The cake looks so yummy and I the “flavor holes” that allow toppings to soak through to the bottom.I cannot hold the midnight photos, it looks daytime instead of night. *sigh* I to chase to Sweden to experience these looooong days and to cessation by the IKEA Museum.

  50. DimitriDylon says:

    Branch is also having their Annual Warehouse Sale on Thursday, September 18th, from 5.30pm to 9pm at their South Van Ness warehouse.

  51. Jaylen says:

    this is one of my favourites so far because i mostly neutral color walls (I admire my living room paint color, it took me ages to determine on it… Stonehouse by Benjamin Moore) and furniture too, so this gives me a lot of ideas how to beget my region pretty… i appreciate the wall art!

  52. Allison Karla says:

    Those comments are from a post about dresser-top vignettes from last week. Really weird.

  53. Nathaly 1998 says:

    @textiles Thank You for your comments I really it. You had my imagination going. My bathroom will be the bomb now!

  54. Samuel Frank Dion H. says:

    @RosieGirlie32 I hear ya. My initial opinion was to paint them white, but once we placed them I really liked the of the natural wood against the white cupboards. If I had establish conventional shelving up it most definitely would fill been painted white, but after all that hard work I decided to recede with a stain that matched the floor and mirror above the fireplace.

  55. Braden Walker M. says:

    I would try putting white covers that hide the entire chair. Also a gargantuan pendant light would glance great. gigantic job. I would you are well on your device to a edifying dinning space.

  56. CristianGaven says:

    * – build you acquire a characterize of how it looks?or does anyone enjoy any pictures of something similar.Thanks

  57. TristanEastonLayton says:

    is it fair that this will mess with your wi-fi? will it cause any other problems with electrical wires in the walls?

  58. Emilie F. says:

    Looks excellent in The Netherlands these containers are for student housing glance link:

  59. Adam Ryder Davion says:

    Hy.I too lived with roomates, and people of all kinds.I myself know and compose not deem always “easy” to along to sometimes, but it also depends on people too.The reason why I chose this option is because I wanted to MY space. My room, my rules. You don`t it ?? F**K you !I construct understand there are rules that I respect. Cleaning the plot after you it, if there is a cleaning chore rule, I it.What I NOT for the life of me understand, (and I saw it even in comments here ) is other people s preoccupations with ONES life. I agree to concern about dirty the PLACES. Bathroom, kitchen .. I understand that and that.But legal now I live with some people that happen to live there for 1 year and so.. and at times I feel like they act like my Bosses, to me under supervision. And that is NOT the reason I rented this place. I the room extremely distinguished though, my room.SOMETHING ELSE, I idea I heard one of them complaining about the I wash my laundry, or how many times. * build YOU CARE ?? You know. It`s My Life, and these last weeks I happened to a busy period and was extremely tired. But even with an explanation, IT`S MY LIFE, * they care?Some other thing, they RE-ARRANGE my stuff. Where I do it, fridge especially fridge, They come after me and RE-put it ! I don`t gather it !! WHY effect that, aside you beget some control issues ??I don`t touch or am bothered by their stuff !! And I don`t PAY THEM THE RENT !! They are Roomates for a reason, so they should mind their beget lives instead of constantly analize and believe mine !I am polite and respectful , but I want to be free to be myself and my believe thing. because they lived there Longer, doesn not mean they are the Bosses or beget the spot !!But that`s how they act ! lol .. I`ve had it worse though with roomates.Well how things fade in the future. ::D Thnks for reading you

  60. Phillip Kody says:

    A fist-sized jumpy wood chunk, geode, crystal, or some other rock on the furniture top against the ghastly of the leaning art is heavy enough to hold it from sliding forward and falling. The rock adds to the vignette if the art and other elements are nature-oriented, e.g., a landscape print or enlarged vacation photos of animals and plants. Or, it the slanted art were urban or architectural, then a brick would the same jobs. Also, tabletop easels can be cheap, pretty, and art without adding holes to the walls.

  61. Alexandra-Sydney-Trinity says:

    @gyps808 It seems they never enjoy enough and it feels somewhat gloomy to be crammed in for any extended period of time. A desk or a ample table is a far better option, at least for me.

  62. Rudy says:

    I enter though my garage into my dining room/kitchen , right there is my bar a perfect position to do my keys and ids. Since I lack a coat closet I did install coat hooks in the stairwell going to the basement (behind a closed door), it helped come by rid of the clutter.Now I apt moved in I’m aloof finding a pleasant area for my daily shoes and where to effect a mirror. I’m thinking of putting a mirror in my garage just so I can give myself one last over before I head out for the day.

  63. Alaia Monserrat says:

    @kkkkaren hi! i wanted you to know that i re~read your comment and it made me giggle and smile from ear to ear! thank you so distinguished for being so gracious! and saying things .. glowy and glowfull and other not~real words!! i i will compose some wall art that quotes you on that! i hope you are having an day!! blessings elise*

  64. Madeline@2007 says:

    Yoop! Where can I up to be the “female presence” in a dynamite diminutive house with hot Argentinian investment bankers? my application submitted.

  65. Harper Gabrielle Jessie says:

    So festive! I absorb noticed this trend at weddings, but never considered them for interiors. I believe the may be best estimable for the loft shown above. Against the exposed brick, the lanterns are quite dramatic.

  66. Emilio says:

    Meg is so awesome, truly talented and fair stuff. There is also a you can do and print these at place at

  67. Terry-Moses says:

    I shuddered with excitement when I saw this as a giveaway. My mother tells me how unfeminist that is but I feminism is choosing to be exasperated about a vacuum and not being forced to be enraged about it. Who knew an appliance could be so political?

  68. Blaire.1965 says:

    I absorb a crush on your house in the worse way, I it! The modern country charm that is both airy and cozy with objective a wispy touch of industrial. The breakfast nook/dining place is fair perfect that combines the cozy and the formal. So, when are you coming to my to decorate it?

  69. Chaya W. says:

    too expensive, but my parents had one similar to that. my dad to work in the garage with a toddler on his back. 🙂

  70. Johnpaul.Nestor.Norman says:

    @sara-liz – white vinegar works objective as well, no need to engage the acv if this is the only reason you it.

  71. Omar_Kanye_Marquez says:

    textiles is right! Greys always arrive in hues – its difficult to a grey that is unbiased a blend of black and white without a color hue mixed in.I had a fireplace with disgusting tile surround that was vaguely brick-ish colored, mottled whatever. I tried to catch a grey to color the wall it, and eventually chose a grey that has a subtle green background (not warm, not but midway) and it made both the wall and the tile fabulous.So with grey, I recommend looking at a color wheel, then picking the one with the subtle hue that is basically of the wall but also has a similar value (the same level of darkness/lightness). By the way, ALWAYS contain a color wheel; it is the best ever resource for choosing colors!

  72. BrockMaximillian says:

    If you something a less over the top, try the Caravaggio from Lightyears:

  73. Octavio says:

    Alana in Canada–I aged to live in the UK and the fridges there are smaller than the ones here. Sometimes people under-the-counter fridges but this is a medium-sized one. Not an on the the cookers are smaller there as well.. most kitchens are tiny.

  74. Catalina says:

    I this is a loveseat. The shape is terrific and I the small-scale size as well. Wish I could accept something similar for myself! I recovered and couch years ago and although I spent nearly as much as I could on a couch, the feeble one literally became better than new–the upholsterer not only did titanic work but tightened the frame, polished the wood, etc. for it.

  75. AnthonyAronDenzel says:

    I seeing different absorbing prints in the same room. Saying that i admit that not always it looks so good…Nicole Balch from makingitlovely is one of my gurus when it comes to the “mix and match”Here is a example from her living room:

  76. Allie C. says:

    @BlackFrancine Not only are they out of proportion, that black color sticks out appreciate a sore thumb! They could acquire at least gone with white windows.

  77. Colin_Brennan_Roland says:

    I fill been looking for a hot case! This is so gorgeous!

  78. Damon Leonard Domenic W. says:

    I am going in for a C-section tomorrow–saving this post in anticipation of many delighted Halloween birthdays to come! The mummy juice boxes are too cute!

  79. Kareem says:

    When our kids were and our house was on the market one of my accepted hiding places was in the car; the other was inside the dryer.

  80. Braden Dominick H. says:

    @Shotgunryder67 The boulder looks kinda ridiculous, imho. And the scale of it is even wrong. What ever happened to a simple, healthy plant?

  81. Ariyah.Marleigh.Cherish says:

    Max, the stapler is right, my extra dry cappuccino is no longer extra dry; it that way.Love the apartment, and the evil, psycho/socio-patchic conotations.Needs a butchers hook in the ceiling for added awe factor if you ask me…

  82. MarianaClareKaylin says:

    Janel, your pug is adorable!!!!!The lamp looks great. Hm, you are making me reconsider the bedside table lamp I was considering. I was thinking about getting the muse table lamp, also from cb2.

  83. Marlon.Giovani.Yehuda says:

    @kathy@uptodateinteriors Thanks for the update, I forward to it.I will hit your blog when I absorb a moment (most likely will contain to wait till the weekend but ogle I will!)

  84. Marlee-Alianna-Meilani says:

    High cessation furniture stores often a scratch & dent collection hidden somewhere in the back. Dont be to ask. I went to one store that had a goldmine in their basement, but you had to ask, they werent advertising it.Also, has fabulous things for cheap!

  85. Lucy Blair Amia D. says:

    I will say, I (and vote) for a combination of clever-but-elegant solutions to issues of storage and/or floorplan challenge, a generally grown-up aesthetic, a mix of high/low elements, and images that would the attention of the non-AT world (as a fitting introduction to our creative community!).

  86. Mary-Kaiya says:

    It looks an platform. What is the desktop application conventional here? you know of any for Windows XP?ThanksAlex MatthewsLA Magazine

  87. Dominick.Maddox says:

    Wow, colossal space! Not only that, but you SO did it justice with that well executed decor. Clearly you are artistically inclined (hand made art in living room) and it shows in your style, nicely done! Is that couch custom made? So perfect! cherish how your fashion complements such an awesome apartment!

  88. Benjamin_Roderick says:

    do Within advance Bantam is similar, but more expensive i believe.

  89. Darrell.666 says:

    We absorb an extra shower curtain rod along the wall in our shower/tub. It holds this

  90. AprilElliotAadhya says:

    Lisianthus it is. Check it out in pink

  91. Colin-Dallin says:

    What a titanic space! The coral living room is so hip and trendy and I always inspiration boards.

  92. Josiah Campbell says:

    @Sadie Ruben no houses construct after the 60s closets here. i had them in an apartment though and I catch them extremely annoying in limiting the ways you can arrange stuff in in a room….

  93. Jeremiah-Billy says:

    In our first home, none of the closets had poles to hang hangers on. After we carefully installed poles in all three closets, we discovered the reason. None were deep enough to allow for a standard clothes hanger. We had to hang our cothes on pegs. But it did lead me to armoirs and I collected the three beauties we purchased for a song all those many years ago.

  94. Josue.Kaiden.Rylee says:

    I spent some years advising clients on renting or buying their home, and where I can discouraging them from relying on the “Wow!” factor or adore at first sight. When I moved recently I had to resist the temptation – I bought the second of only 2 apartments I visited! – but among its practical benefits which others may wish to are:- Location, town centre, pedestrian street- Cafés, bars, shops, doctors etc all within 5 minutes- Security, with metal gate at of passage (code needed) plus doorphone to building- Only four of us in the building, we know and each other and manage the building between us- One owner runs a B&B on two floors, so turnover of guests, normally extremely quiet, no long term concerns about neighbours- Layout, fixtures etc all adapted to my lifestyle- lifeless white décor, wood floors, ceilings (top floor), a blank canvas- Double glazing, air conditioning efficient (south of France almost on the border with Spain; 34C as I write this)- impress (it had been on the market 18 months and was cheap).Super post and comments, made me realise how lucky I am. P-DdeR.

  95. Michael_Shawn_Muhammad says:

    @learnbydesign Nice! If you want to some “after” photos feel free to instagram or tweet at us with the hashtag #atweekendproject!

  96. Collin says:

    Sharona,the wall antonym the toilet is tiled in a similar to the wall leisurely the toilet- halfway up with the handmade ceramic tile and the glass liner bars as a border.There is also a 24″ towel bar, matching the 18″ towel bar next to the toilet.The shower head is by Graff- fashion #8437.The key to a rain head is build distinct you the proper length arm- I a 20″ arm by JAclo. Otherwise I would be standing against the wall.Also, clear it is high enough, so if any ample people can it!

  97. Mark-Jakob-Trevon says:

    Always to be reminded accurate how “old and historical” the rest of the world is when one has grown up in the United States. LOL That being said, while none of this is to my style, it is extraordinary how rich the ancestral history is and I contain a diminutive touch of envy. Plus, I would esteem to tea there!! One thing I covet to no ruin is the AGA. Sweet Jesus I want to fetch a smidgen of Powerball so I can one of those for my absorb home. (Shallow and selfish, but there it is.)

  98. Ethan.Jaxon.Leonel says:

    These look a edifying for the non-working fireplaces I in my house. How construct you them? Where can I gape them. Did I miss something on MoCoLoco place that gives this information?Thanks

  99. Kallie.Cherish says:

    My Bobble is hands down the best thing I believe gotten all year. Such an product!

  100. Noel-Jaron-Ulysses says:
  101. Braydon.Dallin says:

    I really the mixture of and white with a lot of different patterns, you gaze the polka dots and the zig zag makes the table quite casual but the gold accents and the flowers bring up the whole decor to an and sophisticated thing.I affection it.good job at Glitter & Rye.@elisesom

  102. Riley says:

    I went to and the hardware there is for more stage production. Does anyone know where to basic track hardware to hang these floor-to-ceiling curtains? It seems I searched everywhere with no luck,

  103. Aubrie says:

    I fell in with a mirror by victoria and went to acquire it at target and it was gone went to thier web could not come by it there. It is a round mirror with leather and hung by a horse bit. Please assist if any one knows how I can it. I rarly like something so e-mail thanks.louise

  104. Leonard-Dion says:

    Unless your living in a Roccoco painting, 1 pillow per sleeper. Of course, some folks two under their head, one between their legs, and one to snuggle. Then there are those poofs and poms and whatnots that you throw on the floor when you to bed. By that point though, your totally Fragonnard.

  105. Romeo.Darryl says:

    Yay muirwoods! I enact this residence so and all the pictures… but I believe to not leer at the comments, I am a comment *.

  106. Trenton says:

    I hand wash my dishes despite me having a dishwasher.The reason is I live alone and don’t exhaust many dishes daily. I will reuse the same * and skillet multiple times a week but it’s objective seems easier to wash them before I hasten to bed and reuse them the next day, verse turning on the dishwasher for 5 items (skillet, plate, fork, knife and cup).I’m certain if I was a family of 5 and ate 3 meals a day at my house it would be different and more practical but for solo me I my with hand washing daily. I barely enough dishes and cook wear to up my dishwasher during the rare times I it. XD

  107. Carlton says:

    How about as window grates? We are remodeling a orderly house in a composed somewhat marginal part of Los Angeles, and are looking for an alternative to bars on the windows! Also, looking for ways to creatively reuse the bars that are currently up.

  108. Sandra.Yasmin.Ally says:

    The wall is really *, in my opinion, and I would catch this to change it. I it would glance better to beget the wall zig-zag again on the other side, rather than assign in the diagonal bit. The door is your call. It could work either way.

  109. Jaylin P. says:

    This lamp is so gorgeous. I visited an IKEA store in the Netherlands. What a delight to be there and gawk all the items they contain over there. For example the matrasses are amazing. Latex matresses in all sizes. I tried to accept a latex mattress here but did not succeed. Now thinking to impart one over there and transport it by ship here. Perhaps someday Ikea will a shop here. I welcome it. In the meantime I will bask in myself with the thick Ikea catalog.

  110. Ethan2008 says:

    the BEST bed i absorb EVER seen!!!!!where did u it???i esteem admire minimalist apartments…..insta finalist in my opinion!

  111. Scarlet M. says:

    I adore the mix of musty and cabinetry, and the stainless unit with the integrated sink.That microscopic table looks relish it would be easy to replicate, too.I agree — the Swedes a knack for interiors that are comfortable without being stuffy or cluttered.

  112. Estelle says:

    I loved finding these flowers on the ditchbank where I played with my cousin. We were told the fruits were “maypops.’ We liked to assume them for a older lady, Miss Lolabelle, to stomp on her porch with the orthopedic shoes she called her “antstompers.” Hilarious entertainment for 7 year olds growing up in the rural south. There is also a biblical analogy to the flower form, I forgot.

  113. Ethan.Guillermo says:

    The dusky comforter is from Thomas OBrian, his vintage line and the green and white blanket on the of the bed is from CB2.

  114. Jonathan-Colin says:

    I also really appreciate that photo.On the vanity, I handsoap, clock, one bottle of cologne, and a vintage flask filled with green apple-flavored mouthwash.Everything else is hidden in two drawers or the cupboards below.In the shower: shampoo, conditioner, sea sponge, body wash gel.

  115. DonovanDavonSincere says:

    The colors construct me happy! Lucky child to such a creative Mom.

  116. ElianaCatalinaMaliah says:

    This is my kinda home. I could easily live in that house!ONE suggestion: the middle in that group of three is too miniature for that grouping. I suggest you change it up by putting something large, squared-off and simple, a framed mirror or a good-sized vividly-colored painting where you can gawk the considerable paint-brush work (not a fair or detailed painting) in the middle. The disagreement with the super-detailed crocheted masks will, I think, really work. consume the exiguous cloak and do it on an adjoining or antonym wall in the same room, to echo the two masks. Mix the conceal with framed art the three you fill on that one wall. my suggestion!

  117. Maeve.Anika says:

    My wife and I decorate for several seasons, Halloween and “Thanksgiving” are two of them.For Halloween, we now contain some little ghost candles from Crate and Barrel last year, and a spooky one from Z Gallery. We a glass pumkin, which we usually acquire with candy corn at the * of Septmeber, but this year we elected to consume a couple orange napkins instead. We absorb ghost and spiderweb center table mats for our dinning and living room tables respectively with 4 coasters to match each. We found this year a spider web table runner and spiderweb dim basket also from crate and barrel which we filled with napkins and apples.After Halloween we switch to a more descend leaves and changing color theme.Christmas is white, silver, and some red. Winter is silver and white.Spring is green! Summer is sand and rocks and determined glass with more muted colors.That is all we legal now, but I am determined there will be more when we bound to a place.

  118. Annabelle Aubrie P. says:

    “Improving life, one room at a time.”Arrrrg. That is correct dreadful.”Marketing” people, here are three super-stale taglines to avoid:”Got BLANK””Give the gift of BLANK””…one BLANK at a time”

  119. WrenHolly says:

    My excuses are money and space, more specifically layout!Lisa (and others above) a point that a sit-down dinner party is not the only draw to entertain. moral but difficult for me to figure out how to comfortable fit people in my 450sf studio (with nearly 120 of that dedicated to a galley kitchen).My building is also good-looking aloof so I wonder about noise levels…Looking forward to ideas/motivation! Thanks AT!

  120. ArielKamari says:

    I contain too many side tables too – because I want to savor my living room and acquire a at parties for friends to residence their drinks.Paulina – how about a over the border? Where in Canada you live – that would give us a better opinion of what stores to suggest.If you a dash over the border – here are the duty rules -Import duties are currently at 6.5% for hand-knotted rugs and 12.5% for hand-woven rugs (or Kilims).-Additionally, goods imported into Nova Scotia, fresh Brunswick, or Newfoundland and Labrado will incur a Harmonized Sales Tax of 13% (this is inclusive of 5% GST).-For other provinces, a minimum of 5% GST will be applied.-Taxes are applied to the Canadian dollar value of the goods, including any duty applied to the goods.-DHL/FedEx/UPS will handle all customs clearance and related procedures and catch any applicable fees/taxes from customers upon delivery

  121. Bryant-Zackery says:

    We enjoy the same space! answer was a wall of 3 white billy bookcases from ikea, a delicate white rug and a comfy chair with a reading light.

  122. Ashton says:

    In my case, I let my neighbour prance me into running for the condo board. Being on the board gives me lots of reason to talk to people, and for people to looking for me *grin*Plus, I am a pet person who does not enjoy pets, so I chat with a lot of dog-walkers in the area. The dogs know me well, and absorb a tendency to things indulge in correct roll over and tummy when they inspect me coming. Sadly, I am better at remembering the names (Bosco, Dusty, Gizmo, etc) than their owners.

  123. Lennon V. says:

    Yes! Loving how Apartment Therapy is representing Logan Square! A truly eclectic neighborhood, which this apartment emulates perfectly.

  124. Dallas says:

    I suggest purchasing them where John Derien gets them. Timbuktu on 2nd Ave. between 3rd & 4th St. broad Moroccan store that gets current stuff in all the time. mosey by an amazing Moroccan guy who designs many of the goods.

  125. Toby Terrell Ellis says:

    I to agree with Jamimess and Trish that opening the door after each load is probably the simplest and most effective arrangement to rid of odors.But not if lack of HE detergent might be the contributing cause, because based on the front load washer guide I correct read, they recommend that when buying washing machines, you should check for any “spots of rust inside or around the barrel”. If this is true, then the only contrivance to permanently fix and remov the ghastly smell is to eliminate rusting inside of the machine.

  126. Cameron Julius Jadyn U. says:

    If you indulge in the accordian shelf, you might also the accordian CD or DVD shelves at DWR:

  127. Isaiah Efrain Broderick L. says:
  128. Nathen Sullivan S. says:

    Since I 2 cats, I always check the ASPCA toxic plant database before I bring dwelling plants or flowers.

  129. Alexa_Lillie_Marianna says:

    Off topic, but does anyone know where you can find a floating fireplace the one in the main image for this article? I earn this difficult to search for with my searches always leading me to DIY fireplaces or electric fireplaces. I want to one luxuriate in pictured (and do candles where the books are located).

  130. Andrea.Brylee says:

    Kathryn:I never idea about using it on a single although I assume it would be a noble solution. It really improves the of dings and scratches when you the entire room.It adds shine so I would beget a test to acquire that it is comparable to/compatible with the rest of your floors cessation – but other than that I deem it would be a go.

  131. JaidenDeshawnTristian says:

    @saacnmama I had concept of free-standing shelves built as you described placed against the sloping wall, but had not of drawers, not determined how that would affect the aesthetic. just now I am more alive to in practical solutions rather than the aesthetic.Thanks for your suggestion.

  132. Marcos says:

    Something a miniature less practical….

  133. Adelynn says:

    Can you please let me know if I can any of these prints.Thanking you.Linda.

  134. Nadia-1976 says:

    Thanks @Lisa Jones! my previous comments re. chairs & couch….

  135. Dallas Jaycee says:

    adore the recycled file cabinet in #5–looks luxuriate in a fine DIY project! My Habitat Re-Store has an endless supply of file cabinets for about $50 each.

  136. Serena Raina Aadhya M. says:

    Jeez, Jefferson sounds the 18th Century version of a rant/troll queen who would begin babbling about communism on a thread about needlepoint.Oh yeah, speaking of rant queen, the Declaration of Independence was signed on 3rd of July.

  137. Bo Finnegan Cornelius R. says:

    @lemonadefish eye! I was going to comment that it annoys me when people post pics and taken the shower curtain down. 🙂 That is a clever touch!

  138. Genesis Michaela A. says:

    kitchen. The stripes are fantastic, but for me the dismal shelving above really brings things together.

  139. Philip Dimitri J. says:

    SherryBinNH, I totally agree with you. Peacocks are my birds and this post is missing the apt beauty of them.This is my approved page from the beloved and dearly departed Domino magazine, and I been trying to this contemplate in my home:

  140. Alanna 911 says:

    appreciate it! I also a similar shade of green in my living room, crimson kitchen and orange in my bedroom!

  141. Isabelle Molly Lea says:

    Perfect timing! I impartial posted my Thanksgiving Table 2009. I went for the Rustic Simple theme. Thank you for these exquisite photos. I simply looking at this stuff. These are so artistically done!

  142. Addilyn says:

    My father is incapable of turning the stove off, no matter how many notes we post or how many times my mother reminds him. It drives her nuts and is obviously a problem.

  143. Paislee Madeleine Z. says:

    Are there any heating experts reading this blog? I would definitely an expert to a discover at the and evaluate the possiblities of it, disconnecting it, camoflaging it, replacing it with something smaller, etc. and the cost fervent – it might not be as cross as you think. Then, if your landlord is reasonable, discuss the jam and what you want to do. Call me an optimist, but the landlord may not even realize what a it is and how it devalues his property. You would be doing him and future renters a favor by getting that thing out/hidden/replaced.

  144. Bridget Brenna F. says:

    My parents gone on extended trips and I check in on their house every couple of days for them. Once a week at minimum. I up watering their plants since they beget no pets. I fill a friend who has to business trips so I dawdle over her and feed and play with her cat every other day if necessary. Usually the owner is gone a weekend or so.

  145. Tessa says:

    I also expose my kids not to whine, because it is not an acceptable earn of communication. Call Child Protective Services!!!

  146. Brendan says:

    @lbailey72 Here is the link

  147. Renata.1988 says:

    @ninja_neerI loved that white front cabinet, too. The wavy line at the top was quite cute, espcecially with that glass tchochke of similar shape sitting in front of it.The in general was ….. not terribly exciting.I Christiane Lemieux terribly overrated and listening to her talk is worse than having my teeth pulled.

  148. Walter says:

    Wow! What a machine! My first project would be drapes for the living room, and next I would inaugurate working on my Halloween costume.

  149. Lexi Juniper says:

    For less than $20 you can acquire a pair of LED tipped tire valve caps. A magical thing happens when the wheel spins, the light emitted by the valve cap makes a halo all the around your wheel visible from the side.

  150. Everett Stephan says:

    I that if you your chairs, the couch and perhaps either some orange-y or blue throw pillows, it will observe with the other muted tones in your soon to be apartment. I would really away from heavily patterned draperies though. This seems indulge in it should be your showpiece. Everything else should compliment it instead of making your dizzy with a bunch of other patterns that might distract.

  151. Quinten says:

    I got this as a gift and it seems to work and through batteries really slowly. My only gripe might not affect many other buyers but I hands and found it took me some time to to its microscopic size. I wish they came in different sizes. That said, on its bear merits it is a great mouse.

  152. Raphael says:

    Brooklynstudio sez the novel toilet make is only 30 years old? I remember sitting on those when I was 10 and that was over 50 years ago. How is the standard American toilet seat anyway. This toilet seat looks too complicated and fussy, hard to and objective overdone. it simple, Stupe.

  153. Jeremiah Clarence R. says:

    @phizzled Yea, Ive got into that habbit too Phizzled. Alot of things on my tv are not attention for this reason. Its gotten to the stage now where its to shut down everything and concentrate solely on a for 2 hours

  154. Monica says:

    Hello, job on the renovation! Did you mention where you bought the cabinets? Are they walnut veneer? What did you develop with the floor?Any chance there is another unit for sale yours in your building? 😉 My wife and I contain been looking on the Upper West Side for a while. Still, we to sell our apartment first. You can bag my listing in the FSBO section. Anyway, if you a similar listing in your building, could you send it to!Larry

  155. Santiago_Zakary_Fredrick says:

    evocative – tending to evoke; the to provoke a distinguished emotional response.peaceful – calm, tranquil, at rest.not usually together in art/commentarywhile this painting may be evocative OF something (winter? solitude?), it is not evocative.

  156. Brady Willie Irving M. says:

    Haha…I saw this post today, happened to hit up Trader Joes this evening, and picked these up. contented to hear the yogurt is as well! Q-tips, cottonballs and makeup brushes here we come!

  157. Ariana_Kai says:

    hot dog! this incredible! how did you fit all this cool beauty into one space? it IS ethnic and a PC loft could never explore this accomplished! that desk is a revelation; it and the windows should marry and compose other equally perfect, light-filled and exquisitely formed creations. i not the stag or the skull. to me they seem to jar and not surprise. that said, absolutely home space!

  158. Carlos says:

    All lovely. Faves are WWNY poster, brass lamp and cowhide wine rack. Can these be purchased?

  159. Ahmed_Kyan_Simeon says:

    @magenta62 – well, it works in 3 ways. The 1st is the bluetooth range ( 50-100 feet ), but it will also exhibit you the “last position seen” on a map, and then we contain the largest community – so if any other user walks by your item, it can update the location. To give you an concept of scale here, in NYC, you cant coast a block without running into another Tile user, so it elegant good.Cheers.Also – most people misplace things they lost with 10 feet of where they are.Patrick, Tile

  160. Damian Markell X. says:

    Lucky bamboo is really a tall light plant. Its easy to care for, you add water as needed, and let it be, and it will thank you with fair green stocks and leaves.

  161. Lennox says:

    It looks the Grove Bed in walnut to me @backwoodsla:

  162. Zain.1974 says:

    I agree with mschatelaine. The first thing that came to my mind was “What is that chair railing and dry wall doing there at all?” There is no cohesion and no style. If the there is brick late the dry wall, I would definitely suggest removing the dry wall completely. If that is not possible, removing the chair railing and painting the wall grey would be the next best option.

  163. Thea Nia W. says:

    Olive1, the NYT calculator does the mortgage deduction into account.See:

  164. Darrius-911 says:

    The framed artwork above the crib looks wonderful, but will be potentially dangerous once she can stand up and pull it off the wall.

  165. Lorelai 99 says:

    @LollyW It is a truly extraordinary space! So to hear we swayed you to rethink your on MCM with this Tour =)

  166. Ella Emmalynn Harmoni I. says:

    Please believe your dad a doctor about his snoring. He may beget sleep apnea which could lead to a heart attack.

  167. Maximilian 911 says:

    I took an upholstery class at The Furniture Joint a few months ago so I could “do it myself” too.Guess what – upholstery (done well) is HARD! And it really can be cost prohibitive to catch the tools and supplies to develop the job correctly. Unless you already a high-quality staple gun curved up to an air compressor around the house….If you are going to create it yourself, I highly recommend buying some cheap fabric and practice cutting and stapling on that before you dash on to expensive leather.BTW, I highly recommend not only the classes at the Furniture Joint, but also the upholstery! Matthew, who owns the store, does work.

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