Some Simple Steps to Make Extraordinary Linen Bed Skirt

Linen bed skirt come to beautify the display of bed linen’s edge as great as possible. Today we will bring you to make a bed linen skirt easily. Actually make the bed linen is not impossible things you can do yourself. The world does not need to be proficient in needlework important thing is patience, because of the size of the bed linen cloth sewed it takes patience. By making their own bed linen, of course, you will be more satisfied because they can determine their own designs and motifs according to the NDA wanted. In addition you can also save more in spending.

contemporary linen bed skirt bedroom designs

contemporary linen bed skirt bedroom designs

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about some simple steps to make extraordinary linen bed skirt designs. Choose a special linen cloth (cotton) according to what you want. Usually there are many motifs and attractive colors, you are free to choose according to your taste. Cut the fabric sheet in accordance with the size you need. It is important to know how the size of your mattress, for it before starting to cut the fabric first measuring how much of your mattress, bed linen that will be installed properly and neatly. Start sewing by uniting the end of an L-shaped angle as shown above. Then stitch the entire periphery bed sheet to make it look presentable. Make sure you sew it with precision. Cut the elastic band with a length of 20 cm by 4 units. Then stitch with the approximate distance of 15cm from the middle of the corner of your bed sheet. Stitch together the rubber by means of stretching up to 2x longer than its original size.

extraordinary linen bed skirt designs

extraordinary linen bed skirt designs

fabulous white linen bed skirt designs

fabulous white linen bed skirt designs

After that cut the rubber back, this time with a size of 25 cm by 4 units. Then sewing at each end by uniting the corners of your bed linen like the picture above. That’s all we can some simple steps to make extraordinary linen bed skirt designs.

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