How Fascinating Benches Designs With Cool Pattern

Benches now come to your bedroom with something unique on the pattern and surely have fascinating designs to improve your bedroom well. Benches molded into a pattern, because they look cute and fashionable. The mold is becoming a trend for the bench and even home appliances to furniture charger. We know for a fact that if we combine the pattern just use them as accent furniture. compatibility in conjunction with this furniture accents. Although, there are also some really into this mold and decided to have a large amount of space they could as a display it later.

amazing outdoor garden benches with gorgeous designs

amazing outdoor garden benches with gorgeous designs

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really fascinating benches designs with cool pattern. This bench makes a big animal print printed piece of any bedroom. it feels soft seating, pointing entire life sewing by hand from 100% wool. Wood framed so it has beautiful details such as the design of a real animal. Done carefully by the hands of experts and made in fluted legs were crowned in Florets carved. Even if you have an Asian themed bedroom, you can bring this twist Safari with leopard bamboo bench. The bench is very classic but featuring glamour, too. Get the appeal and glamour on this bench with metal as a garnish. Not to mention a beautiful leopard print upholstery that will surely fit any space in your home. Add some interesting prints to your bedroom with this bench zebra. Very fascinating to touch the furniture when arriving in your room. Talk about elegance and sophistication, this bench will definitely give appeal to your bedroom. The bench has a motive leopard.

modern tufted benches bedroom furniture with storage

modern tufted benches bedroom furniture with storage

outdoor metal benches for garden

outdoor metal benches for garden

If you think this is an ordinary bench, you really wrong. This Furniture bench is amazing because it has storage of goods on this bench. In the meantime you can enjoy animal prints on all sides. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really fascinating benches designs with cool pattern.

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  3. Rosie.Barbara says:

    your place, but what really caught my eye was the shelf for the plants, such a genius idea!

  4. Raelyn says:

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  5. Rohan_Elian says:

    This is one of my approved color combinations. Looks so chic and sophisticated.

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  9. JaysonMauriceJean says:

    yep these are tips. you can add adore corbels (i got some inexpensive ones from amazon, and i am in Australia) under shelves as well. as for the “yard stick trim” i had wanted to acquire it with frames. ut if you are handy, those chair rail/ trims can it beautifully.

  10. Justice Ibrahim says:

    Using this as a inspiration to fixing up my studio!Love how you seperated the bedroom with the bookcase. Genius 🙂

  11. AleenaRaina says:

    We extinct to beget a closet this at our apartment, and we ended up taking the doors off and replacing them with these sliding panels from IKEA:

  12. Terry_Bruce says:

    Gorgeous! I the wood, the cutting boards and that natural edge conference table — a aesthetic! (Love the lamps, too, but they are more industrial than my style…)

  13. Elaina 33 says:

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    @cityapartment thanks for letting me know – i did not time to glimpse the that case, paint away!

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  31. Nicholas.Brendon.Broderick says:

    …and suddenly, photos appear!Make my painting the walls dismal brown to tie in the floor tiles – and hanging a shower curtain that has both brown and grey in the pattern.

  32. Adalynn_Aleena_Elisabeth says:

    My dog continuously tries to paw a comfortable bed out of the tree skirt, so I contemplate I may change to something #1 at Crate and Barrel.

  33. Kaia Hattie says:

    @wind_n_sea I maintain Ikea has an over-the-sink dish rack that mounts under cabinets so the water drips into the sink. A astronomical but that model would be nicer if it folded up out of the intention for a sleeker look. Also someone had mentioned that the sink looked smaller than the but the article mentioned that the replacement sink was great deeper than the one it replaced.

  34. Deshawn Clarence Ronaldo F. says:

    I a vintage kitchen. Sometimes perfect in condition, sometimes a light fixture, countertop or paint can design wonders. Whenever you can support and work with some novel elements of the house the results are a stronger design.

  35. Eloise.2004 says:

    What of plants are those on the sill in the shower? Or: what plants would people recommend for a similar environment? I beget an *identical* place in my shower and beget been trying to figure out what of plants would thrive there. Would philodendrons be happy?

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  45. Juliana_Laurel says:

    Antimacassars everywhere — and plastic slipcovers. Plastic carpet cover, rubber plaid tablecloth — did I miss anything? Oh, yes. Laminated crocheted doilies!

  46. Carlos Hayden Rory H. says:

    Miré las fotos sin gaze el texto y enseguida pensé: no parece tan norteamericano esto… tiene un estilo más familiar… y claro! eran de Buenos Aires! Qué bueno ver otras estilos en AT.Los felicito por tan hermosa casita!!!I looked at the pictures without reading the text and immediately thought: this does not seem as American … has a more familiar glimpse … and of course! you were from Buenos Aires! favorable to other styles in AT.Congratulations for such a home!Saludos desde Buenos Aires!

  47. Angel says:

    I saw the first pic and started salivating because I it was the cover of what could only be a fresh book 🙂 pics regardless. I so crave the coziness spaces this appear to have, but dread my absorb microscopic would feel cluttered.

  48. Cruz-Aldo-Jovanny says:

    We tried to swap out the legs on our Karlstad for tapered ones, but never got them to absorb as firmly as we wanted. So instead we accurate spray-painted the modern ones, which made a enormous difference. A fine option for people who want to avoid the “IKEA look” more easily and cheaply than replacing the legs altogether. (you can mine here:

  49. JaceQuincy says:

    I agree with a previous poster, a kilim or tribal rug on the floor, along with some artwork on the walls, would find you to the same goal, with less work and unanticipated surprises.

  50. Barbara says:

    Not my approved colors, but this is a extremely comfy, clean, and place. Bravo!

  51. Reyna says:

    What an crib! Can you explain me the brand?

  52. Ezequiel.Arjun.Dandre says:

    @birchwoods absorb you tried using Kaboom toilet bowl cleaner on it? I it on my 70-year-old white porcelain sink and it got some stains I opinion would never out. You to let it sit there for a while.

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    @ecuadorianaGreat post. I feel a allotment of the plight in our lives today is the amount of material stuff we accumulate. More stuff = more cleaning/tidying & less time to things we relish or with people with love. We it all wrong!

  56. Mariana Marina G. says:

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  57. Elliana-33 says:

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  58. Griffin Damarion J. says:

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  59. Adan_Rey says:

    I the color of your walls and all the color that pops. Beautifully done. Also, quite jealous of your and where all the elements came from. This American needs to out more. 🙂 Lovely!

  60. Xander Denzel says:

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  61. John-Jonathan says:

    This is honest stunning, really objective stunning. So and tasteful, looks relish a really relaxing space. Bravo!

  62. Nylah1994 says:

    Thank you much. This is great, a classical, but extremely attractive.

  63. Joyce.Novalee says:

    Erik, Thanks to you I realized my typo. It is in fact Foursided, which is the cousin of Twosided, both in Lakeview. Thanks for the word that another Foursided opened on Clark/Foster!The addresses for the others:Twosided; 2958 N. ClarkFoursided: 2939 N. Broadway

  64. AmiyahSierra says:

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  66. Jaelynn-Raquel says:

    A sterile for my tastes, but aesthetic nonetheless. I wish the photographs showed a limited more of the home, especially the bedrooms/balconies.Does anyone know where I might be able to a print similar to the Iceland photo in their living room? Thanks!

  67. Grady Keyon P. says:

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  68. Madeline_Rosie_Natasha says:

    Incorporate double duty pieces – storage ottomans, chest coffee tables, little dressers for nightstands. Many of these can be pretty, expand storage and provide a surface for drinks or lamps.

  69. Braylee-Barbara says:

    Valorie you made me smile in the first photograph, I fell in at the front door. Simply wow, what a truly incredible home.I something in each and every photo – how to live in such a colourful and eclectic home. How I would to rummage through your wardrobe, I consider I spied a similar cardigan to my enjoy and I am so impressed (with myself for being that stylish)Your Alberto is there in every room x. Thank you, I shall follow your blog.

  70. Alvaro O. says:

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  71. Jay says:

    Marisol,I admire you apartment. The lighting is fab, and the furnishings are great. It seems soo cozy. I also the * rug in the living room. BTW, can you rug-burn on those things?

  72. Annabel says:

    i got some of those stick on lights but instead of sticking them, i objective placed them around inside the closets so that in a pinch i can actually exercise them relish a flashlight. they in so handy! i got the led DOT-it ™ ones by Sylvania.

  73. Bailey Deshawn W. says:

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  74. Howard_Zavier says:

    closet design. If my shoes looked that, I would want them to each a special indicate shelf too!

  75. Francesca_Aniya says:

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  76. Ulysses says:

    job guys!Where did you regain that media console? I been searching for one that would fit in my diminutive living room…Love it!Mark

  77. MarcoAhmad says:

    Jessica,Your comment “Hard-working entrepreneurs Dustin and Maya are ……. making us all wonder what we are doing with our lives” is SO * on! LOL

  78. Paige Brenda says:

    Totally not first-rate to you at all, but you really build my day with that description of the “arm flailing” action. I really needed a laugh today. =) Thank you!!!

  79. Franklin 696 says:

    This is one of the many reasons why I care for having a garage.

  80. Renata says:

    Please try the natural latex bed from Room and Board- It looks lush.

  81. Clifford33 says:

    I viewed the work on it constantly advice as more of the decoration and accessories, and the other to more the foundation/bones work of a dwelling (before you add the decoration to it). But, contradictory advice gives you more options to the advice that works for you!

  82. Addison-911 says:

    Thank you! I am so glad you posted my tip!!!I they are a knowing example of “thinking out of the box”: looking at something that had a specific purpose appreciate it’s a blank sheet, and turning it to something totally different, and they it seem so easy…Dana.

  83. Hector Quinton Alfred says:

    I deem of it is the begin space. I live in rural-ish Indiana and my 750 sq. ft. apartment was plenty for me, but when I got married my husband insisted that for the two of us we needed more place (and it is first-rate to contain it, particularly since we both work at home). A couple hours away our Chicago friends contemplate their even smaller apartments to be delicate sized.

  84. Myles1961 says:

    We would leave soft music on during some of our showings and the house, because we wanted people to the fact that we had built-in speakers throughout the house.

  85. Alijah Eugene K. says:

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  86. Selah 1988 says:

    Argh! I want this so badly. * my Canadian citizenship!

  87. Brennen K. says:

    I hope you better luck than I did. My musty upstairs neighbor would play his electric guitar and loudly at all times. I called my landlord to complain, was told I was being unreasonable.In another apartment, I could hear my neighbor beating his wife and child. One call to the police took care of that pickle permanently.

  88. Jonathan Carmelo says:

    and practical. I enjoy the combinations of colors and furniture picked. Well done!

  89. ZoeyAdelynn says:

    @madrabbit I lots of plants and I most of my air plants alive. be pleased Amy the Biocoastal scientist said, dump them all in a bowl & submerge in water for 1-3 hours once every few weeks. They live happily in a hot, dry west-facing window in Phoenix w/ this treatment.

  90. Maxine.2005 says:

    I am to the Midwest Scavenger again!

  91. Emely.1971 says:

    I am absolutely agree with this top 10! My husband and I are living in our 1.173 sq ft apartment and totally that we decided to come by an apartment instead of a house. No mowing the lawn, less cleaning and inside of the city life, all advantageous restaurants so are close. .. and it impartial feels so cozy! I am definitely in a place living team!

  92. Madison-Lilly-Carolyn says:

    I too work from . I develop a point of getting dressed as though I were going to work in a casual offce. I dress mostly in knit layers that can easily be accessorized in an instant or double duty at a yoga class if necessary.

  93. Ashley 33 says:

    How can a person shower 3X a day, change clothes 3X a day, never reuse a towel, and interrogate someone else to their laundry???!

  94. Mila Melanie Josephine says:

    fine update, although I am not fond of the burgundy drapes. Also, I feel devour the Alma Thomas part could employ a more colossal frame, it feels a bit overwhelmed by the space. It is lovely, though. I am loving this into the White House, so interesting!

  95. Rose Q. says:

    Neither, I be pleased my dining room table with impartial a runner, which acts as a trivet:

  96. Colby says:

    Is there a arrangement to the before and after pic without having to click on each and every link?

  97. Connor says:

    @ECFinn Thank you so for explaining that. I feel mighty better now. So sorry I examples from my life to illustrate the concepts late a fashion of parenting your comments seemed to dismiss. I completely the error of my ways and will explain the fireplace forthwith.Or not.

  98. Eleanor-Alice-Veda says:

    I got befriend from a second to Portland and will be there next month. The feeling to purge is alive and well in me. My goal is to a few things to leave with friends or parents to mail out and absorb everything I wish to hold in my car for the drive out.

  99. Journey-Lena-Erika says:

    You recede girl with starting your plants from shoots! One can the wild arrangement they flower as aged plants! withhold it up!

  100. DonovanLouis says:

    @Auntie Moe … Ohhhhhh!! I wish everyone could advance visit! Thank you for your sweet comment! Hope you are having a attractive day! Blessings*

  101. Paul Leonardo says:

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  102. Paula.Nancy.Zendaya says:

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  103. Zander-Shamar-Carlo says:

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  106. Carolina says:

    Absolutely exquisite. The dog-in-boat was my common until I saw the Farrah heads. And I esteem that itsy-bitsy gilded Moroccan alcove thing.

  107. Aria.1989 says:

    I also found air plants to be trickier than everyone made them out to be. I nearly killed one by overwatering it. I mist mine a couple times a week and they seem to be maintaining themselves. One I maintain in indirect sunlight and two others were kept completely in the shade. One of the downhearted ones died but the other one is thriving. I should absorb looked the specific needs up before placing them in my terrarium. Also, for terrariums, I a glass container I found at Marshalls for $15.

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    An empty VCR tape case has been beneficial for packing all this: camera charger & spare battery, 2 overseas accelerate adapters, mini Mag lite & 2 spare batteries, Gorillapod tripod, and a thumb drive! I breeze a itsy-bitsy blueprint into the outside sleeve between the plastic & case so I fill it handy for reference and the hard case gives me a fine surface for writing on when on a train/bus.

  109. Nyla K. says:

    extremely nice, looks larger than it is. Everyone wanted to know what was in the card catalogs so I zoomed in on them to try to read the labels but they honest blurred, but they are labeled so probably are used. I a friend with one and she stores rubber stamps and art supplies in hers.

  110. Duncan Darrius Q. says:

    I enjoy lived in the country forever… I know… why would I AT?… but I do!-Lights on from sundown at front and door, always.-Cut the bush to below waist high.-Sturdy screen/storm doors with locks-Window pins or locks to gather these-secure screens if you

  111. NovaAdriana says:

    Oh, humbug. They fair scheduled my office party for the same night. Maybe I can by later, so this is a tentative RSVP.

  112. Colette W. says:

    Pacifica: affection how you the opinion of wabi sabi to guide your choices. I also cherish how you ditched the impossible table for the factual one at the last minute. A compromise between relishing imperfection and accepting when something is not working. . . and BTW, what did you beget with the faded desk?

  113. Bethany1967 says:

    there are more pics on a link found on her website:

  114. Adalyn says:

    I got my harvest table from Restoration Hardware. (This one:

  115. Stephen says:

    I fill the chicco 360–I adore everything about it, except for cleaning it!I bought it before my daughter actually started solids, and if I had it to over again, I would bewitch one of the cheaper seats without as many pieces.

  116. Ariella-Siena-Eileen says:

    I recently solved this predicament at my house which has a similar layout. First I built a TV stand that completely covered the non-functional fireplace. It was essentially a 20″ high box with a that extended up to the mantle. It makes viewing mighty easier on the neck. Then I added a shelf to the top of the bookcases to it deeper and thats where the cable box, DVD etc went. Some of the cords can the TV stand. There was detached a nest of wires that had to reside on one of the shelves so I bought some $1 books the spines off and created a book to hide the *. I wish I could post a photo of the before and after for a better idea. luck! Its not an easy to solve.

  117. Coleman Milo says:

    My Girlfriend is always traveling, whether it be on trips out of for hunting or going to college with breaks. She showed me this and we both loved the idea, if/when these out please contact me and me where you found them i would grand appreciate it.

  118. Elliott says:

    this is so and i a people cottage that i also had when i was kid and i loooooooved it! i hope i can dig up mine somewhere for my daughter too 🙂

  119. Ashlynn says:

    honest a brand to say that after quite a few more phone calls, the traemand guys finally made yesterday. our replacement countertop was beautifully installed–but considering this work began in mid-october, the time frame is laughable. we got the work done, but i feel burned. this job was estimated at two to three days, and it took two and a half yorkers, beware.

  120. Owen Emanuel Francis says:

    I a swirly ceiling and would cherish to salvage rid of it. I looked at videos on youtube a while ago and it looks vinegar and water will it off without a ton of scraping.I contain not done mine yet, because, even though I abhor it, there are bigger fish to fry in my 1969 condo.

  121. SamanthaFatimaKailee says:

    #4, the “Greek oasis” looks discordant… That daybed looks so out of kilter and uninviting….

  122. Maliyah_Ellianna says:

    @VanessaSally hello Vanessa I want to thank you for reading and replying to my project posting. Overall, yes this is a basic, straightforward, budget bathroom update that served many challenges to us as a first time DIY couple. We hope our is and relatable for those that been through a trying renovation as a young completely inexperienced and overwhelmed. I am not ashamed of our struggles, but proud to the and that I absorb grown and learned a lot personally from the experience. We contain taken on more renos & I am continuing to fragment them on my blog if you are in checking it out Moscatoismymantra.comI wish you luck and patience in all of your future projects.

  123. Nala says:

    Plants (real or silk) the energy in bathrooms, especially if they an upward-growing habit. The only exact color in the photo above comes from the tulips on the sink — but they do all the difference!!

  124. Lena_Kimber_Chandler says:

    My mother always gives me salt to bring out the flavor in life, a (new) broom to sweep cares away, and something else. I forget…it might be a novel apron. We are African American, but this tradition seems to contain traction in many other cultures as well. I am extremely superstitious and mild the container of salt from my last three years ago.

  125. Tyler Thaddeus L. says:

    I second the Warm Windows recommendation.The head of my bed is against newish double paned windows. Before making & installing Warm Windows roman shades, I had to sleep with a hat on. Such a draft! With the roman shade, the draft s gone and I sleep mighty more comfortably.Lined curtains also work well, but nothing beats my insulated roman shades.

  126. Aryanna says:

    I feel an almost visceral sense of vitality and detached when I at your rooms – they are simply gorgeous! Thank you for sharing and inspiring. I would to know more of the details regarding the custom-modified Ikea pieces.

  127. Jaliyah says:

    The enclosed bed is probably a murphy bed that will attach location once it is pushed into the wall.

  128. Garrett 33 says:

    Oops, fingers added that “y”. Thanks for catching it.

  129. Alma Estrella Nalani says:

    Personally, I AT spends too distinguished time pining for mass produced housewares available at IKEA, Target, Walmart, etc. It would be fine to look them lift a step from these types of goods to promote the makers more – higher quality, “slow” products made by proper people. They to be be better at this.

  130. DominickAmir says:

    These are great ideas. :)I had a apartment with white walls and shinyl vinyl floors. 🙁 down one oriental rug and bought pumpkin orange (unlined) drapes for the sliding doors (which were the living room windows. Boom, sunlight made the room golden! 🙂 Nights I had one orange wall, and if I turned on the exterior light on the patio it gave a pale imitation of the sunlight. Any other color was simple and extremely cheap to add – plants, pillows, a throw, books.The bedroom was dark, which was ok with me, easier to sleep in.

  131. Darius_Jay_Emmett says:

    @KEYJONZ I them amazingly inspirational too. I collect some of my best ideas from these homes – my house being around 940 sq. ft. with some of the dedicated to work and art.There is always room for appreciation and kindness in our world!

  132. Jayce-99 says:

    @oceandreamer56 AT should initiate a separate blog enjoy they did with the Kitchen keep these posts and the Ask Alice posts separated.

  133. Ezra Brodie Gonzalo U. says:

    and faucet, shower curtain, shelving and cupboard knobs. astounding what a few changes can compose for a room 🙂

  134. Remi U. says:

    I totally agree with stone and leaving out mantle.. it would absolutely amazing. You can add a floating shelf if you want something to achieve stuff on, or unbiased hang an appropriately sized or mirror, or if you obtain enough light in the room, a vertical garden. I cherish your fireplace!

  135. Cheyenne Braylee Hunter says:

    Yeah, I savor this post. Who has time to argue semantics! This is a great idea. extremely creative to desirable up an inexpensive Ikea find. Two thumbs up!

  136. Dakota-Weston says:

    Munkee–Sorry to hear you are finding no inspiration from mine or some of the other “cleaned up” entries. But, yes, I design *actually live* here. Yes, the entries are “camera-ready” (especially in this second round), but I believe that the capable thing to when “company is coming”. And I anyone viewing this link to be “company in my home.”And not all solutions to location issues are hit-you-over-the-head blatant. One of the things they DID us at RISD was to inspect at things closer.

  137. Dakota.Alyvia.Ramona says:

    I, too, had a experience with JD Daddario in Newton. Where did you catch the “Tea Revives You” print? it and your place.

  138. JohnathanCamryn says:

    @andrealu812 Agreed. up, but the decor is meh; looks it was staged for a showing – be pleased everything came from a matchy matchy warehouse.

  139. Elsa says:

    I the first photo was the end-result.The before was so vibrant and interesting…

  140. Estevan says:

    a bar cart that now is…a bar! no cart. would return of some wheels. encouraging to know that such items are available at reasonable cost.

  141. Jadon Atticus C. says:

    Major chilly factor with a twist. it. You are one cool cat. Thanks for sharing. It all works together to acquire an ice cool vibe: the copulating possums, the Buster Brown rug, the clock/torchiere, the vintage signage…. I want to hang out, drink cocktails, smoke a few Marlboro Lights and listen to lots of Coltrane. Extra points for the kitty kat.

  142. Chelsea.Katelyn.Nia says:

    I seen the ogle sparkle trick broken-down often by photographers, as well as removing stray hairs, drool, blemishes, etc. I assume the only thing that makes this eye so creepy is that they pushed it to this extent.

  143. Jameson66 says:

    My husband and I contain a 10 rule! Every night after the baby is to bed (10 months) we effect a 10 limited clean-up. We cheat because we enjoy a house-keeper once a week, but the 10 minutes takes care of all of the non-deep-clean items tidying up the toys, clearing the desk, taking out the trash etc.

  144. Angelique says:

    Dear Apartment Therapists, thanks for the review on our latest trend report!

  145. Hanna-Elyse says:

    @SusanInToronto She saying you should dump the consecrated underwear, as in holey, holey, holey….

  146. Seth.Gael says:

    Dry-cleaning ticket. Always blows my mind how that thing, no matter how many IDing information you give the cleaner (phone, name, etc.), is the key to the castle.

  147. Brianna Priscilla Aubrielle R. says:

    thebear,i the lime green chairs are POP by ligne roset.

  148. Tanner Deven Gaven says:

    editrix26 — I had the same when I watched this movie…there was plenty of to incorporate that desk elsewhere, so why cram it in the bedroom?

  149. Elliot says:

    Frederic Malle (Jurassic Flower! Russian Nights! 1er Mai! Cafe Society!) candles are the best. Cire Trudon is also aesthetic apt (Abd el Kader & Ernesto in particular). A miniature pricey ($80-$100) but completely worth it.

  150. LeeKamden says:

    Useful tips! Lighting is a arrangement to orderly up your outdoor living area. Using LED lights specifically is an extremely versatile option, outdoor LED spotlights with the ability to emit a mighty beam of light to a specific area. We absorb an article on outdoor LED lighting for your landscape.

  151. AntoineJamarKarl says:

    Thanks for the input, Stefanie. I Silver Fox is the gross color for my room–the color has violet undertones in your photos, but in our house it has a great yellow bite to it, and light goes lifeless when it hits the painted surface. In any case, you did an job choosing colors for your rooms, and it looks absolutely smashing.

  152. Annabella-1998 says:

    to augury that 3 of the 4 stoves shown double ovens. You may a double oven with your vintage charm where you want it, or not.

  153. Kasey says:

    I belief the Casch was too curious to be shabby chic. It reminded me of Matthew Barney. I be pleased it a lot, but all that white makes me crigne: I would absorb tomato sauce and dust all over everything in five seconds flat.

  154. Alma Evalyn says:

    @Mike_in_Hawaii –ranch house likely was not constructed with double-paned windows, either; double-pane came in with opec, approx. 1972. assuming that ranch got fresh wiring except car-charging also is a stretch; 1949 & 1959 wiring work fine, as long as one does not consume all plugs at once.

  155. Brenda.Paloma says:

    The article was about “tension” and I the result was achieved not in the maybe the author had anticipated?

  156. Mariah.Aspen.Laurel says:

    @denisegk Thank you, @denisegk! I completely missed that. Entirely my fault. In that case, my apologies to Dabney!

  157. Jesse_Keith_Kristian says:

    I am impressed with the kitchen the most. tremendous relationship between that natural feel of the cabinet faces and the stark pulls, floor tile, counter top and appliances. colossal exhaust of different textures and materials.Great work!

  158. Kieran Jorden Aydin N. says:

    Lot of in each of the participants! Some were delightfully caught off-guard when their “turn” came. Thanks for the chuckle interlude! I needed it, too!

  159. Ashlyn.Lorelai.Isabela says:

    I it; it looks lived in, and casual and inviting. You the cutest cat ever.

  160. Ty.Tyson.Hamza says:

    I would also rethink the leather option. I had a leather sofa for years. Yes, it had marks on it, but they were due to the cats jumping onto the sofa back, chasing each other along the back, etc. They never once even tried to employ it as a sharpener.Now I a vintage fabric sofa, and the cats beget absolutely destroyed the arms after five months. Shredded. Thank * it was a $50 craigslist find.In my experience, the scratches on the leather were incedental, and were far more acceptable than the exposed stuffing the arms of my current sofa.

  161. Ty-Zaire-Zack says:

    Gallery spaces (and stores) sometimes double-sided sticky foam (also comes in gel pads for glass items) to breakables on pedestals and shelves. The foam version can be good-looking durable – but then the pottery would be decorative only.What about cookbooks?

  162. Allison-2013 says:

    My husband and I swore our baby would never eat in the carseat or stroller when I was pregnant. HA – itsy-bitsy did we know. One of the worst days so far was taking apart and putting together our carseat after washing it. So far, he beautiful considerable hates the stroller, so no problems there.

  163. Everleigh88 says:

    I believe Hammacher Schlemmer sells another, similar, non-flickering, less-expensive version as well. Thoughts?

  164. Thomas-Alexis-Ahmad says:

    I got one of these when I went away to college. It was part of a “Get to know your neighbor” kit. Hammer, screwdriver, extension cord, socket wrench (or crescent wrench (it was perfect for taking apart those bunk beds)), thumb tacks, sharpie, pencil, effect pad, a level. All the stuff that people need factual away when moving. achieve it in the top of your suitcase and when you heard someone shouting “where did I effect it?” or “does anyone have…?” you had reason to a fracture from your unpacking.

  165. Arthur_Davis_Giovani says:

    Avery,I what you did with the place. I particularly the molding through your apartment. I one question, though. What are the dimensions of your bathroom window? I am in the process of installing a window in my bathroom as well, and I the one you have. I am playing with the of installing mine horizontally instead of vertically, but seeing your window is making me reconsider. Please provide details regarding your window.

  166. Addison_Monserrat says:

    Though it is too a response, it looked to me and hence I am gonna suggest:) Arc lamp may not gaze to a bedroom, it may gape good, not suitable.. Table light is the best option.. I absorb seen a lot of places these arc lamps being used, mostly arco lamps.. personally seen it with my aunt she picked from a store called mhd in NYC.. she has placed it in her dining area.. best in living room and dining areas..

  167. Orion-Ethen says:

    I really the of decorating with red, it mixes well with any color and adds energy and impact to a room. My item, was the Porter Tray Table, the trendy and frigid chrome handle sold me.

  168. Braylen says:

    renovation. I savor your style, and especially the wood with the white walls and tiles, and the windows that bring in so mighty light. indulge in all your hard work, it looks great, and so more spacious.

  169. Damon.Cohen says:

    Personally a Tuscan feel would with the texture on the kitchen walls. Could you then paint the rest of the a softer, lighter version of that color to brighten up the apartment? A warmer white if you to end with white? What color cabinets are you leaning toward, and counter? That would play into the color.Is your kitchen the heart region of you home? Our is. No matter what we always find there.I vote for something warm and a bit brighter. I it would work with the rest of the furniture. Comments?

  170. Noa K. says:

    My parents bought this couch in 1985, and I also wanted to one for myself (fortunately for my parents, the was less in 1985, and they were able to also a discount).The couch is comfortable to lay on, in fact, I broken-down to fill slumber parties on it as a kid, and me and my friends would assume to sleep on that than in my room. The couch lasted for about 22 years (we had camel color leather), and the only reason that some of the pieces started falling apart a microscopic was because we had a dog for the about 14 of those 22 years.I bear always loved this couch, and would highly recommend buying it. I would point you towards a leather version because it would probably last a longer than some of the other materials.

  171. Gerardo Cristopher Kadyn I. says:

    Our purging has gone beautiful well, and we are finding a lot of commence home in the apartment. That is excellent.Unfortunately, we believe reached quite an impass about what to develop now. We need to lay out our furniture in a more sensible way, particularly in the living room, and we cannot agree on a helpful to it. Nothing seems right!Maybe some of you fellow-Curers will offer advise? Please?(for photos, click on my name)

  172. Tyshawn says:

    giving up the starbucks is a one! smarter grocery shopping too – poverty happens to be a substantial to diet! clothing was one of the first things i out of my budget when i began grad school … and since i refuse to my decorating budget to zero, i exhaust Craigslist to facilitate my “one in, one out” system. when i really want something new, i derive something to rid of and exhaust the money from one to the other.

  173. Irene says:

    Does anyone happen to know where those pink and gold dishes are from or where I can something similar? I am in love!

  174. Adaline Zara Landry U. says:

    We were unprejudiced in the Carmel/Big Sur last wk,sunny & 20C/70F,absolutely perfect.(Leaving aside the drought !) Your dwelling certainly has a left vibe,stylish but not styled. Eminently livable. May I ask where you got the octopus print? The hubby would esteem it. Cheers!

  175. Ayla-Carolyn says:

    short of label listing….the apartment effect i assume is expensive when consider electricity, gas and other maintenance fee involved.. but worth when believe convenient plot searching, kitchens with cabinet attached and also believe entertainment zone.Since i live in melbourne metro and in here hiring a house builders cost me too high so its harder for me to that of cost. But anyway i acquire got an concept which will be attend me to apartment in future.

  176. Josiah_Brock_Hugh says:

    to the capitol city of ***VICTORIA***!! Nothing compares to the amazingness of *island living*… proper on ya!

  177. Cheyenne says:

    @ditmaspark –“tuberculosis window” is an nickname for a transom window. you are that transoms not count as bedroom windows, as one cannot them as egress (too high), and these rooms no longer are acceptable bedrooms. transoms on hot summer days, though!

  178. Jose Aidan Ashton Q. says:

    Thank * you did up the ceiling! I can never understand why people want to camouflage spaces deceptive ceilings. The region looks now.

  179. Mya Aleah Kelly A. says:

    you any suggestions for over toilet storage solutions with wall-hanging toilets? I am into an apartment that has one of these and while I cherish the of the wall-hanging toilet, I am having a time finding storage that works above it since the flush mechanism is higher up than it would be on a normal toilet. As an added twist, there is tile going all the diagram up the wall so the storage has to be free-standing rather than wall-mounted. Thanks!

  180. Sydney.Lea.Alaya says:

    Wow! and creative! The slanting pattern in every room is not my as it will give a feeling of claustrophobia. But, otherwise, and I earlier – unique! You may my vote.

  181. Ean says:

    I can imagine this reno costing 1000 dollar. If you a lot of research, you can pick up things for cheap. the oven. You can already collect a one for 300 dollar you know… Anyhow, I care for the new kitchen! job!

  182. Clarissa-Aadhya says:

    Haha. I studied in Morocco for a while and at the of my paddle backpacked around and purchased gifts for the fam. I got and opened up my backpack at the * of my dawdle and almost passed out from the smell of poorly tanned leather (dead animal smell, yep!). My brother who took on the otherwise awesome orange pouf let it bake in the sun for days before it was okay to inside. There was lots of expedient leather there, but also stuff, so you might want to sample the goods before you decide to cheap poofs online inspect unseen…..

  183. Cassidy_Myah says:

    *falls to knees, fists in the air*NooooooooooooooOOOOOOOoooooooOOOOOOOooo!!!!!!!!I heard that the website is coming down too. What of MONSTERS are they?! I let my subscription out, then I bought the book of and got the free sub that comes with that.They should beget taken Teen Vogue or Cookie magazine instead.Anna Wintour, I despise you!

  184. Kendall.Rosalie says:

    I this idea. I constantly net overwhelmed at my office due to the excesive noise. I work better in a and enviroment.Unfortunately, until these days, being introvert it is seen in a negative way.

  185. Declan Terry Brennen says:

    @wig3000 absorbing article! And your eyesight must be better than mine, because I cannot the plant in the photos. Care should be taken with any toxic plant; it sounds enjoy this gentleman not only neglected to wash his hands, but he rubbed his eyes as well. Ouch!

  186. Cohen S. says:

    @Piano Vamp I agree and fill a similar one also and when I it might me getting a dinky funky I throw in the washer and hang it attend up. this thing.

  187. Anahi O. says:

    @Camille M. Thank you! You fill every reason to be proud.

  188. Raegan D. says:

    I saw the perfect furniture to with this crimson room at Canal Furniture. They specialize in fresh Furniture.

  189. Alfonso says:

    yes, i made a pattern. client i want the command “this big” (holds up hands) we measured and i went residence to commence drawing. pattern was traced out in crimson colored pencil; i aged exiguous angle brushes to in the points (top of bottom photo) then an Omega 1260 brush to paint in the belly. blissfully, aura reds only catch two coats, as opposed to 4 or 5 in other paint brands w/ a deep base.

  190. Cohen.Kole says:

    This is the best:

  191. Mary says:

    Has anyone experienced a dilemma with the rod falling down due to the weight of the cleaners???

  192. Levi says:

    While I would never be able to afford such a luxury (in residence or money), having a mangle in my European building laundry room was always a treat. I loved the and feel of pressed linens. But, alas, to contain one in a single-family would be a pure luxury that I am definite we can all agree would be unobtainable for most everyone.

  193. Jasmine says:

    @maxine7 Oh what a gift! That is fine that you can them and return to that time 🙂

  194. Karlie Halle says:

    post. Who can resist such cuteness? I fill a of three skinny itsy-bitsy pre-lit trees, and am really playing up the whole snowy forest theme, with purchased birds (including lots of owls) and DIY snowflakes in the trees; and woodland creatures around the base. I had these trees for years and am missing a tree, but feel obligated to sustain my of trees out of the landfill until they descend apart. Going over the top with the blooming critters is keeping things in a metaphorical if not literal way. (I bought a lot of my ornaments from Target and World Market among others.)

  195. Tyree W. says:

    I am with MADAME SUGGIA I would paint the walls the same blue more dramatic and the monotone is soothing. You could acquire white floors or teak stained wood.I would with teak and or moraccan accessories. Hang morraccan pendents and a silver framed mirror and a teak bench and bath matt with plush white towels or turkish towels, white linen lace long curtain or a over the window relish this-

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