Interesting Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Young Girls

Small bedroom decorating ideas not come to your house to treat your lovely young girls. With interesting ideas that will improve your daughter bedroom more girly and adorable surely. The bedroom is a place where we can take a rest after a full run activities during the day. More than that, the room is also a privacy room where no one can get in unless already permitted by the owner. Speaking of the room, also the personality of each owner, then be required a room decoration that will provide comfort and a picture of what the owner of the room.

Beautiful small bedroom decorating ideas with storage underbed

Beautiful small bedroom decorating ideas with storage underbed

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really interesting small bedroom decorating ideas for young girls. Girls do tend to be choosing bright colors, cute and feminine when asked what the room want to sleep in them. Then, ornaments and decorations will show the feminine side characterized by the doll, cute cartoon display, bright colors and light, and some accents and other accessories that are women. By selecting the right color, decoration simple room will seem attractive and fun. Decorating a child’s bedroom is one of the efforts of parents like you so that children want to sleep alone and learn to be independent early on. When the children get older may not necessarily continuous sleep with their parents. By giving children the opportunity to give the bedroom itself in accordance with his wishes then the child eager to learn independently with its own bed in his own room.

awesome small bedroom decorating ideas modern design for teenage girls room

awesome small bedroom decorating ideas modern design for teenage girls room

modern small bedroom decorating design ideas for boys room

modern small bedroom decorating design ideas for boys room

Decorating Bedroom For A Girl will also provide encouragement to children to continue to maintain the cleanliness of his room and his room. Many decorating ideas that you can use. Among them is a cartoon character delight as Dora de Explorer, Hello Kitty, Frozen, and others, shades floral with colorful flowers, the shades of the sea. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really interesting small bedroom decorating ideas for young girls.

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  1. Caleb Kameron Brice says:

    Is their electricity shut off???? Seriously, though, most of the lights are shut off and the photos are mostly in shadows. Disappointing. I would liked to absorb a better discover of some of these rooms.

  2. Chloe Annabelle Paloma A. says:

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  3. Reese.Dwayne says:

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  4. Guadalupe says:

    That is great! I to a doughty project this.

  5. Aydin says:

    That was my too. accomplish they approach in an industrial version that can maybe 500 pounds just for measure?

  6. Agustin.1968 says:

    job. I disclose they lights were absolutely The Thing over the sink and build in that ledge (?? in French it would be called a baldaquin) to accommodate them. Her pendant lights are so better. The whole thing is a success.

  7. Elizabeth1991 says:

    I “patchwork” looks best when at least one fabric is in multiple areas, hopefully well-placed.That brings a more cohesion.If the same fabric is not available, then some repetition of similar color & tone, along with the other elements.I contemplate the 1st couch & bench work the best in this group, but I seen better examples.

  8. Courtney says:


  9. Ingrid 1989 says:

    I need major assist in finding planters, also…all the ones that net my tend to lunge about $500 . I can elaborate that amount for a chair or even lighting, but it seems too crude for a planter.

  10. Michaela-1996 says:

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  11. Devyn says:

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  12. Elijah_Keaton_Romeo says:

    I devour the crisp cleanness of the bathroom. I also those green curtains in the eat-in kitchen. Those two rooms are my faves since they are the most uncluttered. I the colors of the bedroom too.Can you fill too framed stuff going on? Yes its possible.Oh and wallpaper is of the devil.

  13. Sadie Bria V. says:

    the is cooler, sophisticated and out of the ordinary….the Anthropologie one looks with that too wide wood. But really, could they be more definite with the rip off?

  14. Connor@999 says:

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  15. Phillip Kameron Fredrick says:

    I believe the mirrored corners and panels are a extremely idea. They appear to the area seem larger by making the corners depart and build the position brighter by reflecting available light.

  16. Karlie-Lillianna says:

    The paper towel is to hold the vinegar in site so you can the lime up from non flat surfaces. Wrap up whatever needs cleaning in the towel and soak it in the vinegar before you amble to bed and in the morning the lime washes of with a light scrub of the abrasive side of a plastic sponge. I it while I brush my teeth and about once a month. I live in an dwelling with hard water which is why I construct it that often. The is to construct it if you it is needed i.e. when you cant stand to at the white up any longer. This also work in the toilet bowl. Vinegar is an acid but not as great as other lime cleaners which is why it needs to sit over night. I bewitch the cheapest vinegar and I both for cleaning and cooking. You can linen towels but the vinegar smells extremely strongly and unless you can throw the towels straight in the wash paper towel. I only occupy toilet paper because I paper towels are wasteful and it does the trick as well.My friend gave me a extremely chilly trick. Pour about an or two of hot water in the sink and a splash of vinegar. Wipe the entire sink in the mix and leave it for 5 mins then give the sink a scrub with an abrasive sponge and voila a excellent and sink for you.

  17. Emilio Louis Rocky F. says:

    Seriously, the best that there is about how to integrate a kid into a residence is the lisp Maxwell is already giving with the 9-month cure. So why not extend that instead of the consumer product stuff and the nursery tours (which will result in comment meltdown…)

  18. Vanessa@1975 says:

    Burlington Coat Factory had a navy/white and grey/white version of that trellis print in some stores. Of course since selection in stores always varies it depends on your luck!

  19. Reid Howard Abdullah L. says:

    I this kitchen! unprejudiced swooning over all the bright vintage cookware and dishes – I would care for to a House Tour! 🙂

  20. Brady-66 says:

    That is too adorable. Who needs birdfeeders when you enjoy ancient baseball caps?

  21. Johnpaul Yair says:

    And, before you capture anything from Samung, be definite to a miniature Google on their customer service reputation…

  22. Kayden says:

    job decorating! My accepted room is actually the living room in the first picture.

  23. Austin Alvin Junior says:

    I gone without using my dryer for over a year now. Currently I acquire a stacked laundry in my kitchen, but when I finally remodel my kitchen the understanding is to now rid of the stack and travel with unbiased an under counter front load washer – no dryer!I found the key to going dryer-less was setting up a defined dwelling as my dryer – photos here –

  24. Gemma_Briella says:

    FWIW, that chair is not a Saarinen, but probably a Burke. peruse the disagreement in the edge detail. Authentic Knoll chairs not squared off edges.

  25. Trinity_Jennifer_Faye says:

    Absolutely elegant apartment! I all the light, the spaciousness, the character, the sporadic color and of course that good-looking cat! I will say however, that in my notion the pictures should down a few inches. Ideally at explore level. This is the one thing that bothers me in any home…pictures hung too high!

  26. Clay Fredrick O. says:

    I care for your place; well done!!!I returned from a visit to SF two days ago. I am imagining in which of the innumerable dazzling houses I beget seen you live. :-)Additional thumbs up to the glorious orange bedding!

  27. Robert Jeremiah Xander G. says:

    Hey Schoolie, it is the same sofa in both pictures…picture 4 is a from the sitting room to the bedroom.picture 5 is a gape from the bedroom to the sitting yeah they are reversed views.

  28. Angel.Paxton.Travon says:

    @PaigeEllen my mother called it the “idiot box” and the “* tube”…I actually want to rid of the TV and my wife wants to hold it. We did an “unplug your TV for a week” thing and it was how distinguished happier and social everybody in the house seemed. Tons of work, and household jobs got done. Instead of staying place and watching American idol, we went out to a jazz club and saw live music. Instead of staying home and watching a baseball game, we went to a local sports bar and had a blast cheering with crowd at the bar. I wish my wife would with the TV, but she is to build that leap and to gather rid of it.

  29. Kaitlyn_Cataleya_Sariyah says:

    I wish they made it in a classic cobalt blue.

  30. Connor Ruben Matteo B. says:

    Must cost a fortune to all those bulbs. Can you give us an idea? I know one accept of 100 daffodils is about $50. Anyway, it will be a great cutting garden and I forward to seeing the result.

  31. Kelvin.Raphael.Keyon says:

    Wow, this is completely my taste. In fact, while I unfortunately not your tall, gargantuan ceilings in your kitchen, I the exact same cabinets and countertop and the Ikea knockoffs of your handles.I also almost bought the astronomical Sur table (but had something built out of Plyboo instead) and almost bought that DWR bedding, too (but I contemplate they had sold out when I wanted to engage it)Your house is lovely!

  32. Javon.Ben says:

    I grew up in the South, so I no predicament with this. That BBQ looks GOOD!

  33. Jadon-Dwayne says:

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  34. Madilynn Cecelia G. says:

    @ecuadoriana Not to mention the fact that there may be younger people to the (or * life in general!) who could some noble tips. Everyone needs to their eyes opened or a nudge in the just direction sometimes.

  35. Gracie Briana Zaniyah says:

    I assume everyone is forgetting that many of the items exhibited by younger designers at these sort of fairs are created by hand in a production run. If we want a $60 we would need to a mass produced item made on colossal scale most likely in China.

  36. Quintin.Dominique says:

    i am thinking one hydranga stem in the flower vase on my mantle! or the dinky table i by the front door

  37. Keenan says:

    I to wonder if there are so few responses because the people who always answer with “Pale grey!” nothing to say here 😉

  38. Alessandro911 says:

    I agree with Lemonadefish, check with the landlord before you add anything to the cabinets. The shapely at the bottom should not be a when adding knobs. I would suggest you a long vertical pull (the where you several fingers around it to the cabinet, does that sense?) instead of a * and install them above the piece. But if you really want to add some color to the kitchen, some fun, incandescent accessories on the top of the cabinets (no landlord issues there)!

  39. Maci Lisa says:

    I appreciate my Fitbit. I am enthusiastic in my sleep, resting heart rate and of course activity. I adore seeing the spikes when I execute my HIIT. I analyze them carefully.

  40. Antoine Brice I. says:

    Available at MOMA and DWR? Most likely going to be cost prohibitive then. What a bummer.

  41. Leyla H. says:

    @gray : something similar was going to be my hint too. I contain my coffee dripolator bent up to a cheap socket-timer thingy I got from Ikea. Waking up to freshly brewed coffee every morning is one of my zero-cost indulgences.

  42. RaphaelLawson says:

    Those ponytail holder hair ties with balls at the close also works well.

  43. Aliyah Kassidy Kinslee says:

    I bought two sets of commercial chrome shelving as wardrobes a few years ago (from Storables.) I had a top and bottom shelf for each, along with a rod for hanging.After moving, and gaining closets, I reconfigured the two into one with 4 shelves (the vertical poles and hang rods are now in the basement storage) for a all (cat box below, cat food and recycling shelf, indoor tools and emergency supplies (candles and batteries) shelf, extra office stuff shelves. It started out as a pantry, but the kitchen has enough space.They are too deep for bookcases and you need a solid shelf liner if you want to employ them for books and not be driven crazy. You can choose these in wood or plexiglass sometimes.

  44. Ayleen-Tori-Kassandra says:

    I know exactly what you should do! Visit Layla at theletteredcottage

  45. EdwardXzavier says:

    Definitely check out the blog link, better views of the after photos.

  46. Arabella-Hayden-Aleah says:

    @mooninfog I agree with you its a intellectual and airy home for 50sqm. I like the artwork in the study, it really comes to life against a white wall drop! The plants already create compliment the space.

  47. Tyson.Mathias says:

    Those hooks in the hallway were supposed to be fixed last year Maxwell. 🙂 Also when is the year for the bed trials?. or did I miss that?. care for the socks and the videos are getting better and better, and lists are my thing.

  48. BraydenHectorJaxson says:

    The snack ball would be my novel lifesaver because my son has honest started eating finger foods.

  49. Lexie-ZZZ says:

    It looks extremely clean, and modern. And incredibly and impractical for sitting down or doing any of work more than five or 10 minutes.

  50. Ty_Alfonso says:

    I esteem this dresser.

  51. Pearl D. says:

    I adore the Woods wallpaper. That would completely become my reading nook. Amazing! Wish I could seen the “Befores”!

  52. Deangelo T. says:

    Spilled cherry koolaid on my light tan carpet. You want a mess!! I scrubbed and scrubbed , cried and scrubbed more. It never came up fully

  53. JamesMorgan says:

    amazing and so inspiring! I especially cherish how a miniature helper in the video “tested” a few of your cushions by jumping on them – ha! Out of curiosity, did you check with any local upholsterers to compare pricing? What would their labor cost fill been, I wonder?

  54. Matthew says:

    thank you for showing an alternative to the “mcmansion”. i personally contain that our society teaches us that bigger and more means better. this leads people to feel that they fill to clutter up their lives with houses that they then need to fill. their stuff ends up owning them and then they end up on “hoarders”. thanks for showing that life can be stripped-down, simple AND fun.

  55. Dean Irvin says:

    irrigation circles would be awesome in carpet form!These are beautiful.Apparently the Sacramento International Airport has a mighty larger scale, more satellite-imagery-like one:

  56. Shelby.1962 says:

    The holistic is evident in this home. And thanks for the unexpected amble down memory lane. I grew up in a ranch of a similar design, including that three sided fireplace. It was the epitome of the mid-century modern, only Grosse Pointe style. As an ex, I will always cheer on any Detroiters. Bravo!

  57. Elliana says:

    Whoa! These folks live a block away from me. This is insane seeing the project here. Brilliant.

  58. Kathryn Annalee says:

    hey! i made calvin & hobbes wallpaper years ago for my conventional apartment bathroom and had it laminated. i loved it!

  59. TroyRishi says:

    Wow – the bar mat comes in various colours, too – nice. Thanks again.

  60. Abdullah2009 says:

    @NooYoka I agree with you about the pit. Fire pits can be incredibly smoky, polluting not only the air in your backyard but the air in the entire neighborhood. I know, people enjoy to burn stuff and it is “cozy”–but a Google search about wood smoke and health effects. Smoke is not generous for you.

  61. TessaMabelMeadow says:

    The placement of countertops on both sides of the range and on both sides of the sink is handy, and is novel in such a kitchen. The cabinetry seems to maximize storage, and may clever custom pantries, slide-out baskets, and racks. You can eye the kitchen is well designed, not thrown together haphazardly or built just to gawk exquisite without regard to real-life use. I it.

  62. Keagan_Kareem_Conrad says:

    I esteem how they call these limited kitchens. I will harvest organs for the market to fill that mighty space. I a miniature kitchen. I can disagreeable it in 2 steps from the door to the sink. Then on step construct the sink to the stove top, oven, and fridge. I would care for to an article on that space. And its all enclosed.

  63. Kendra_Joy_Remington says:

    I bought a crimson sofa on craigslist from someone who had honest broken up with someone and was planning to sell everything in his apartment…never did gawk anything else from his apartment on craigslist, though…so not if he went through with the plan.

  64. Poppy.Yareli says:

    I adore the mirror in the bathroom! appreciate it!!

  65. Desmond-Emerson-Nigel says:

    The pegboard I been mulling over…anyone experience with the installation and getting the moral size and then painting it? Wishing sometimes that we were given a source for such when there are articles this~

  66. Braydon.Damari.Jax says:

    Similar problem: finding what you want, but having to wait while you for it. Best thing to do, in my opinion, is distract yourself by tackling a different or area. Throw your creative energy somewhere else that will give you results and preserve you forward. Thinking about, and staring into that beige hole will only beget it worse.

  67. Douglas-Aditya says:

    I the long weekend trip. A friend and I went to Belgium over Thanksgiving this past year and I would highly recommend it. We spent two nights in Ghent and one in Brussels. The weather was blustery and cool which became the perfect reason to close into pubs and sample the amazing * (and pick up warm!).

  68. Kameron Zavier says:

    Oh. Neverming. AT has the main pic listed as yours, but obviously its not. Sorry! your spot though…

  69. Jordy says:

    @BrandonTouhey INteresting… added it here:

  70. AuroraHaileyAinsley says:

    Wow that room is so cute. Okay so the expedit shelving is the best but a second option would be Marimekko fabric mounted on a frame and hung as a wall hanging.

  71. Rowan says:

    I would chronicle in detail my reaction to this, but that would be and uncouth. Instead, let me say that -this- is why I care for design. This fresh moment when, after being bombarded by the same recycled and for months upon months, something truly genius and makes it through.

  72. KadenceAlmaBryleigh says:

    t3d:Ordinarily when my husband gets hired, potential clients will several meetings with him, will visit previous projects, through his portfolio and the chance to bellow to his previous clients if they like. Websites should also present the majority of projects.

  73. Alyssa Hallie Ingrid says:

    It looks good. I really yellow so more of it does not qualify as an improvement for me but I am trying to imagine the kitchen with a different colour on the wall and the entire wall painted (as opposed to the backsplash only) does better.I also like the limited shelving unit that supports the extended countertop.

  74. Eleanor Paulina Lisa N. says:

    turntable placement for playing records. It should be a couple of inches higher waist-high, and not acquire a tabletop on top of it.Nothing to promote in such dismal placement.

  75. Quentin_Ezra_Luca says:

    Wow! Lots of comments out there already. This is a glorious house which manages to look and “artfully cluttered” at the same time. I the pink sofa and the arched window, as so many previous posters did. colossal job!

  76. Brady Samir Sidney Q. says:
  77. Adalyn says:

    I these : Algues by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. Unpractical? Yes, but a wall of these in a modern apartment would hot.Link:

  78. Malcolm K. says:

    Well Lorijo, that is sort of freaky.I went through all of our paper work and recycled/shred 2 boxes of un-needed paper work. The last box I sorted through was an uncash check for $600 from 2 years ago made out to my husband. Earlier that week we had gotten a phone call about the check and how it was about to to unclaimed funds. Needless to say when the re-issued check comes, I am going to personally glance my husband brand it and then acquire it straight to the bank!

  79. Carlos says:

    Hmmm, you might not be able to anything about your chairs, but I that you might fill saved many AT readers a lot of money. What yucky customer service.Gubi chairs are now off my shopping list!

  80. Regina says:

    Moisture and carpet are a abominable combination. You are asking for mold to grow.But hey, if you savor it sustain it.

  81. Madison-Rebekah says:

    My parents decided to replace the wall paper in the bathroom of our house when we moved in. Our house is a 1950s ranch, so not too history there. However, the previous owners apparently re-wallpapered over 14 times during the 50 years they lived there, and each time putting the modern wallpaper over the old. It took almost 2 days with a steamer and scrapers to peel assist all the layers, and each was so different from the others. Everything from mod 60s graphics, to colored trains when the bath room was for the kids. It was awesome.

  82. David Evan Hunter says:

    I acquire the lower version of this shelf which a bought a few years ago. I it ESP with the book boxes and excellent baskets which in handy now that I bear a microscopic one! It surrvived the uhaul plug up from Miami and level-headed looks brand new!Ps the norrebo benches are apt and provide tons of hidden storage. Bravo Ikea!

  83. Hailey Londyn Kaylynn U. says:

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  84. AlisonAllysonTinley says:

    The point of a registry is to allow people to gift you with things that you will exhaust in your life together. This is not things you will together in your life.My ex had gotten tools when we got married, and when we got divorced, I had no qualms about those leaving with him.

  85. DannyWalkerJovany says:

    @cranberrybobbie Everhart lope (

  86. Jorge Triston Blaze says:

    Thank you! I made the quilt based on a simple grid pattern. The fabric was all scraps that I had lying around and some vintage sheets. do one! Quilting is not as intimidating as it seems and there are no rules. for it!

  87. Gordon Immanuel Dimitri C. says:

    I unprejudiced affection the open-plan layout, their furnishings, and all the color and flavor and warmth they believe injected into this place. My only quibble is that furnishings being at an angle (sofa in the living room, rugs in the bedrooms) apt feels an overused decorator gimmick that serves no purpose other than to be “different.”

  88. Mckenna says:

    I your place! clear thumbs-up from me. Your artwork is and seems to really well in your space.I the biggest “No No” is a person who finds the need to post rude/critical comments when others bravely exhibit us their homes. that it seems to be the same posters most of the time.

  89. Jimmy Brennan Q. says:

    I totally agree with a few of the posters who said, leave the pine as is! Or at least apply a clear/whitewash to it so you this look. It is UH-MAZING with the brocade shower curtain and it totally opens up the room with light. I would re-paint the white shapely on the bottom and top of the lower half of the wall a bright, pristine white, and then paint the top fraction of the wall either a garnet or cherry red, or a lemon yellow as someone else suggested. You will a bathroom and it will be a space people will feel inspired. excellent luck!

  90. Arjun Nash G. says:

    Jennie,I would also recommend the realtor I used. She lives in archaic Town and is especially familiar with Lincoln Pk, etc.Her name is Mary Ann and her number is 312-953-8215.It took me almost a year to a place I loved and she was patient and gracious throughout the entire process.Good luck!

  91. Ana Joy Ingrid D. says:

    stout idea! I am dreading having to organize my beget closet, but painting it first is a clean tip! Thanks for sharing. Your closet looks lovely.

  92. Ivan says:

    janeymac is right. Viewing the photos is awkward and I finish it less and less.

  93. Talon1986 says:

    I the crown molding, widndow casing and trim. Really compliments the room, job!!

  94. Hailey_Kathryn_Anniston says:

    Jonathan, that sucks on all fronts. Boy can I sympathize with you. You want to talk construction nightmares? My stories would you feel sooooooo distinguished better about your situation.

  95. Jemma says:

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  96. Maliyah-Anabelle says:

    Why does everyone want to combat static electricity so much? So what if your clothes are a static-y?

  97. Maxwell.Kade.Jaquan says:

    Hm – this gives me the idea to employ a hanging fruit basket to hang plants. I enjoy one lone brilliant window, and would to fill a herb garden growing come it. Any thoughts on if this would work? I grasp metal to the macrame that seems to be the only other budget plant hanging option.

  98. Anastasia Kennedi Ramona says:

    Crater Lake is astounding and inspiring. My husband is from Oregon and we lived there two years on sabbatical. The is varied and well worth a visit!

  99. Aylin Moriah U. says:

    I the same light fixtures throughout my apartment and them with a passion. Over the weekend though, I found the perfect (almost) solution:I took the glass fraction and both bulbs off and attach this capiz pendant light I absorb from west elm over the double fixture. I had to rig it with hooks to it to up.Then I got a regular swag light kit and strung it across the ceiling and down the wall to the nearest plug. The pendant is perfect because it hides the double fixture, and I get a ceiling lamp. The light is more diffused and cozy now – I admire it.The light I absorb is:

  100. Conrad Darrius B. says:

    We got the Chantal stainless as a wedding gift 7 years ago. It peaceful works perfectly (even the whistle), boils water really fast, and looks practically new. We employ the Flameguard *-Handle Holder to prevent burns.

  101. Hailey says:

    They are both extremely – Winnie as well as the pillow, but personally, I would sprung for an even bigger one.

  102. Jayda.Veda.Anabella says:

    @discerning Lord! I can remember sitting on the porch with an enamelware pan on my lap. I belief my fingers would be stained purple forever!

  103. Jordyn.Mariah.Milani says:

    Does anyone here bear any experience renovating a 2 flat into a single family home? I would to hear about experiences, warnings, costs, etc.Thanks

  104. Eduardo.Demetrius.Ralph says:

    I agree with those who you should apt the four lower backed chairs there and redistribute the higher backed chairs until you beget company.

  105. Barbara-Emmaline says:

    @kromeow Thank you for this – excellent idea. I been following AT for years, but became a member today because this article infuriated me to the point of NEEDING to comment. I lost some for AT, which is too defective – AT, PLEASE THIS DOWN, THIS ARTICLE IS DISGRACEFUL.

  106. Addyson-666 says:

    Echoing all the comments before. This is hands down my room. I would admire to ogle the rest of your home. the light, warm wood and white. Can I ask where you found that tremendous clock?

  107. Monica says:

    Loved this – The Onion version of AT. I want it!

  108. Morgan_Royal_Taliyah says:

    I made a rookie mistake in my move. I got a quote for a enthralling company, but failed to ask how many workers would be on the job when they quoted they hourly rate. I was from a to a a block away, but with only two guys on the job, it took a bit longer (and was more expensive) than I expected.

  109. Emersyn.Estrella says:

    Re: espresso in NYC. I would highly recommend Zibetto Bar on 6th Ave at 56th street.

  110. Jayla says:

    What I really cherish about these type of places is the the wooden floors can correct change and created such a mood in the entire space. Even with your light paint color choice, I collected feel that comfort throughout the pictures. I believe because the kitchen and bathroom both white tile flooring, darker wall paint would abet it from looking a microscopic cold. I really esteem the shelves in the bathroom though, I esteem that type of glass that blocks vision, its simple, but great!

  111. Anna.Makenna says:

    Never rid of that coffee table – perfect. I execute agree with the first comment regarding artwork, though that sort of thing happens over time. Your is lots of fun!

  112. Alexandro says:

    You could art as previously suggested, but it would need to be a rather gargantuan because you really need to factor in the scale of the window to that wall balanced. To my eye, you would need something at least as as the window and 3 X wider than the window including the moulding.You could also glide with a long console table, a couple of lamps, some candles or flowers and a couple of framed pictures. As long as the top of the framed pictures land somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3 of the window height, everything should balance out.

  113. Derek-Remington says:

    call on combining the two apartments. The rooms were already so gracefully proportioned and with their arches, windows, baseboards and — impartial got design better.

  114. Issac.Harold says:

    lol I that same placemat for my kitty :)This is such a finished product!

  115. Baylee-Sylvia says:

    What a glorious home. I that it was so thoughtfully created and not a collection of expensive purchases (however they may be in their right). Your kids are so fortunate to such an region to call home.

  116. KennedyAdelina says:

    This 1pc cashmere outfit from Egg? (Love Egg!)

  117. Laila_Dahlia says:

    Because of a post here on AT, I recently saw that Thomas Paul is making rugs and you can them at a store in Soho.Patterns are the same as the melamine plates and silk pillows. esteem love.

  118. Amy.Baylee says:

    @MelissaM I agree …I only a kitchen because it came with the house…

  119. Adrianna says:

    I am normally against painting stuff white but this looks extraordinary yet toddler evidence

  120. Wayne Heath says:

    My surprise is that it took a “stylist” to arrive up with this really layout. I would that any reasonable homeowner with the drive for change could enjoy fixed this. I agree, I a photo shoot op!

  121. Alaina W. says:

    I must contain missed the in the video where it explained how his life was “transformed” by the contest. Maybe the drapes were the transformation?

  122. AddysonMiraEvalyn says:

    The water that humans to drink is so sad. Is there a plant that thrives on bad, tap water, that humans drink? MC

  123. Mckenna_Colette says:

    I second amyfaith´s idea.Example from little frigid 2011:

  124. Janessa says:

    I would consider installing French doors where the step down is. I consider your curtain experiment is a to feel out the idea.Another option would be a enormous plant on both sides of the hall to partially obscure the plan from the dining room.

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