Some Ways to Measure Your Patio Chaise Lounge Outdoor Well

Chaise lounge outdoor has been favorite daybed to relax the body well besides the pool or backyard. Today, if you had already have one with patio cushions , you have to think about measure it well. If you already have a patio cushions and you just want to replace them, you can check out our article, how to measure the replacement Patio Pillow. Measure outdoor chaise lounge chair for New Patio Pillow Measure for outdoor seat cushion length by measuring the front seat to the back seat and add 1 inch to the measurement. Measure the width of the pillow for outdoor chaise by measuring in the middle seat.

Interesting chaise lounge outdoor with blue cushions

Interesting chaise lounge outdoor with blue cushions

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about some easy ways to measure your patio chaise lounge outdoor well. If there is a curve in the back of the chaise, add 1.5 inches to your measurements. To determine the thickness of the outdoor chaise cushions you will need, measure the opening behind the seats (if any) and add an inch more. Measuring the open section chaise lounge patio pillow when looking to buy a seat cushion, you will need to measure the outdoor recliner you to determine the pillow will be right for you. To measure the length (or depth) of the outer cushion chaise lounges, measure the length of your seat from the end of the chaise lounge (front seat) to flip on the back of the chair. To determine the length of the back rest of the outdoor chaise lounge, measure from the top of the seat backrest to fold on the back of your seat.

fabulous chaise lounge outdoor with aluminum frame

fabulous chaise lounge outdoor with aluminum frame

Gorgeous patio chaise lounge chairs outdoor

Gorgeous patio chaise lounge chairs outdoor

To measure the width of outdoor cushions, you will need to take three measurements on a chaise lounge. Measure the width of the back on a chaise lounge. Measure the width of the recliner just below the crease (the arm) in the chair. That’s all we can discuss and share about some easy ways to measure your patio chaise lounge outdoor well.

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