Some Ways to Measure Your Patio Chaise Lounge Outdoor Well

Chaise lounge outdoor has been favorite daybed to relax the body well besides the pool or backyard. Today, if you had already have one with patio cushions , you have to think about measure it well. If you already have a patio cushions and you just want to replace them, you can check out our article, how to measure the replacement Patio Pillow. Measure outdoor chaise lounge chair for New Patio Pillow Measure for outdoor seat cushion length by measuring the front seat to the back seat and add 1 inch to the measurement. Measure the width of the pillow for outdoor chaise by measuring in the middle seat.

Interesting chaise lounge outdoor with blue cushions

Interesting chaise lounge outdoor with blue cushions

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about some easy ways to measure your patio chaise lounge outdoor well. If there is a curve in the back of the chaise, add 1.5 inches to your measurements. To determine the thickness of the outdoor chaise cushions you will need, measure the opening behind the seats (if any) and add an inch more. Measuring the open section chaise lounge patio pillow when looking to buy a seat cushion, you will need to measure the outdoor recliner you to determine the pillow will be right for you. To measure the length (or depth) of the outer cushion chaise lounges, measure the length of your seat from the end of the chaise lounge (front seat) to flip on the back of the chair. To determine the length of the back rest of the outdoor chaise lounge, measure from the top of the seat backrest to fold on the back of your seat.

fabulous chaise lounge outdoor with aluminum frame

fabulous chaise lounge outdoor with aluminum frame

Gorgeous patio chaise lounge chairs outdoor

Gorgeous patio chaise lounge chairs outdoor

To measure the width of outdoor cushions, you will need to take three measurements on a chaise lounge. Measure the width of the back on a chaise lounge. Measure the width of the recliner just below the crease (the arm) in the chair. That’s all we can discuss and share about some easy ways to measure your patio chaise lounge outdoor well.

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  1. Isla-Ashlynn says:

    That lone hook in the middle of the wall antonym the bed? no. Especially in a bedroom! The from your bed should bring you some of feeling. Some treasured artwork or photographs perhaps. Sadly, this does not a professionally designed room.

  2. Bailey_Maximiliano_Vance says:

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  3. Nigel says:

    haha, opinion to exercise the time even when under the shower! However, you would to be able to read backwards.. or maybe this was meant to be? To things even more difficult and exciting..

  4. Miguel Enrique Nathen says:

    Beautiful! The Zebrawood would in my living room. I the Plexiglass CD shelves spoil the design, though.

  5. Tiffany says:

    I always olive oil. Also kindly for removing tar off the bottom of your feet if you acquire ever stepped in it at the beach!

  6. Ariana Khaleesi Julianne says:

    Lots of personality – nice. Plants lean towards the sun so he needs to rotate that gigantic plant to achieve it straight.

  7. Adelyn Erika O. says:

    @girlinthecafe That is what * me as odd, but I guess it depends on which country you live. Over here it is much more to a bathroom per room and a shared kitchen.

  8. Gabriela-Marie-Esperanza says:

    I this space. You must explain me where you got the Jimmy Stewart poster, I affection him and that is my all time accepted Christmas movie. job on making a dinky plot bigger.

  9. LeiaLisa says:

    Flor, while a dapper product is simply over priced. $30 a tile is expensive.This, while not exactly the pattern you appreciate is similar and a hellva lot cheaper…

  10. Cara_Danica says:

    space. Eclectic, visually rich, yet airy. The stairs holding the books afflict my eyes a cramped though! A lot of and personal touches. Inspiring!

  11. Royalty Beatrice V. says:

    I it on authority that my Local Plumbing Inspector not only reads Apartment Therapy, but scours the dwelling to look for plumbing violations possibly committed in pictures on the site.

  12. Edwin Terrell Maximiliano A. says:

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  13. Marlon Q. says:

    @JessieMN Something I did was smaller tarps that fit cushions we have. I ran 1/2 lunge elastic through the grommets, pulled them tight so in case the wind blew these tarps would on. I tie the ends of the elastic in a bow and when the sun comes out again.

  14. Maximiliano says:

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  20. Teresa Ariadne says:

    Creepy? really? hmmm… i guess it could be. i bask in the over all inspect of the room though. makes me want to fill a cup of coffee.

  21. Kai says:

    About to plunk down $1600+ on the Cameron Sleeper from Crate and Barrel after looking at Room and Board (Metro), Troy (Crate), and so forth. Has anyone heard anything about it?

  22. Lyric.Amiya.Reina says:

    Luv it.Where can I a similar DIY bathtub enclosure?

  23. DouglasBrycenBernardo says:

    This home is 1200 sq ft and looks in because of the astronomical windows and the substantial exhaust of outdoor residence to expand the living areas.

  24. Katelyn99 says:

    agreeable job! Having watched endless hours of Trading Spaces during its prime, I had no notion there was another than this. Why end time?

  25. Mike@999 says:

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  27. Norah-Adilynn says:

    I devour the “before” considerable mighty more than the “after”. Before is simple, calm, favorable colors and if they had painted the floor white it would contain been perfect. The “after” seems to fill too many things going on, which makes it confusing.

  28. Trent_Houston says:

    Lovely! I the Afro-colonial vibe, and that comely half canopy/teepee/tent thingy over one of the beds. I affection that sitting room…its a fancy, above ground, conversation pit (if that makes sense lol). The various and white prints work so well together and that robins egg blue color on the walls warms everything up (even though blue is cool). And best of all, I that you managed to animal print gawk chic.

  29. BrandonJamari says:

    @balinesecat Whichever each individual person prefers is what makes more sense. luxuriate in I said, “or, as an alternative”

  30. Joanna_Aya says:

    Also we had the Fridgedairs for about 5 years without any problems.

  31. Darius Nathanael Todd says:

    (Before anyone jumps on me for racism, I should add that distinguished of my family was/is Jewish in blond, Anglo California, so whatever I was enacting with toys who looked different, it was my contain internal issue, not my views of people unlike myself.)

  32. RafaelVaughnHouston says:

    Your long and narrow living room would back from 2-3 light fixtures. them professionally hardwired. That cheap Ikea fixture is not appropriate for that location (too small, not enough light etc.) examine for matching lights that are flush to the ceiling or even a duo or trio of hanging pendants would glimpse great. And them on a dimmer.

  33. Derick Markus Elvin says:

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  34. JaliyahJudith says:

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  35. Emma-Mallory-Reyna says:

    I the Crate and Barrel marble clock (#1) and at $29 it is a steal! I even wrote a post about it on my blog last month.

  36. Branson says:

    i ABSOLUTELY this up! so knowing and chic for city living…IKEA had a similar square footage home up in their store this past weekend…how to maximize sq footage is but doing it this seamlessly takes TALENT! bravo!

  37. Remington says:

    I I should probably the books out of my bedroom entirely. I compose the same; read far too late, toss and turn, and wake up to read “a bit” more. Some days I wonder how I can function! Also, I when I a book too quickly, so this system really makes no sense at all.

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  40. Scott.Jacoby says:

    Your balcony garden sounds great. If you want more gardening, there may be a local public garden nearby that welcomes volunteers.

  41. Zariah-Tabitha says:

    extremely lovely.I really like the trio of pendant lights above the kitchen sink, the ruffled quilt on one of the beds, and the pallet heart hanging.Gardens are comely too.I a kitty too – knew a farm house had to bear one. πŸ™‚

  42. Madelyn.Michaela.Paula says:

    Why not lift it all the design and accurate contain a scale that calls you corpulent when you step on it?

  43. Kole-Nathanial says:

    Epoxy grout would care of the “upkeep” problem. No need to seal.

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  46. Rodney says:

    A itsy-bitsy off-topic but wanted to say I liked the layout of the

  47. Carmine T. says:

    Since my House Tour, I sold the Ikea chairs and bought Pantone ones. Looks better!

  48. Ophelia Noa M. says:

    I agree the colors are yummy. Gives Ikea a amble for their money? Not according to the prices on the Habitat website, especially after doing the conversion to dollars.Do these places pay AT to write posts this?

  49. Korey says:

    You could made that cord as well! Sorry but Best Made really kills me. All they effect is re-sell other peoples products after painting them or simply putting it on their web site. I enjoy nothing again them doing it, this is America.Take a hurry to the hardware store and check out cloth covered lamp cords and DIY for about .20 cents a foot… connectors are about a buck each.

  50. Zackary.Jamar says:

    I a mirror with a simple frame, or perhaps no frame, would work well there. Maybe with some candles in front of it.The first thing I of when I saw the recessed sides of the fireplace is built in bookcases. I contemplate it would gaze really first-rate with two chairs (or a setee and 2 chairs) facing each other toward the fireplace with a corpulent coffee table in between. You could add side tables with table lamps.Or, to pace in a completely other direction… you could hang a striking light fixture in front of that fireplace space… I gawk there are several outlets nearby, so it would be easy to a cord from the wall, up the moulding and to the ceiling. If you level-headed opted for the mirror it would assume light into the room.

  51. Braxton N. says:

    Doug, if the depth of the niche is only 20″, you might want to bump out the bench to 30″(standard door size!)for more comfort. The corners of the bench would need to be rounded to avoid injury.Finally, Mitchell Gold has friendly armless couches that might correct fit. Then all you to it write a check!As for the mantel stuff, I grasp mine all off about once and month, and commence over. with no work or money. One framed mirror is all you need permanently.

  52. Pranav T. says:

    @Ali77 I also found a bunch at Wayfair. believe to admit the fresh screens are so extremely pretty, nothing quite seems to measure up but I did some I liked. Luck!

  53. Jon Carmelo Arnav F. says:

    Sounds a lot the Reading Edge series from Font Bureau/WebType.Drawn specifically for on-screen exhaust and hinted down to 8 pixels.

  54. Miles_Roderick_Aydin says:

    “This might work for our office and bathroom trash, but might not be so hot for the kitchen garbage.”I compost my kitchen scraps so my kitchen garbage rarely includes any “wet” trash. I unbiased dump my kitchen garbage into the outside bins the same as my bathroom trash. On the rare occasion that I absorb bones or other “wet” non-compostable scraps, I establish them into a bowl as I prepare my food and then them out after the meal when I up–they never even accomplish it into the trash can.

  55. Claire-Astrid-Julianne says:

    this is a profitable reminder that disposable can be expensive.

  56. Emma Braelyn Brenda says:

    enjoyable and might enjoy been cozy except for the placement of furniture why so many seating possibilities in the living room?and coffee table totally not functional as it is far from any of those furnitures. Here is an dwelling the coffee table conclude to one of the sofas and then consume exiguous tables on the side of each seating area. The chairs that earn this complete square are superfluous . maybe they can be broken-down as the side tables with the back of some artistic remodeling or otherwise attach them upstairs in the tv corner i saw unprejudiced one are chair there the kitchen is sweet but why is it upstais ? this is probably not comfortable the art work is for the most .

  57. Kenny says:

    affection IT!!! Uber jealous of all your light and ability to hold plants alive… such a happy, cheery space! A for creativity and effort!!!

  58. Tatum Michaela Kailani says:

    I luxuriate in the point J-Team made about the between this and the stupefied Hipster stuff. This house looks a that someone could (and actually does) live in, not a work of art for a photo-shoot.

  59. Craig.Dominique says:

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  62. Melissa-Maddison-Juniper says:

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  63. Brenden says:

    I would add a Simple Stripe Monogram Blanket to my comfy couch.

  64. Romina Julianne G. says:

    Our was to gain a wall dividing the closet into two parts, one about half the size of the other. He is taller than me and has nothing long to hang, so two rods were hung on his side – one above the other. My side has a shelf and rod at standard heights. We both fetch lots of extra space!

  65. Stephanie Mariana Jayden says:

    We believe the same projector. Nothing beats a 9 foot x 9 foot TV!

  66. Aron.Shamar says:

    I deem this is extremely well done. I would appreciate to curl up and read a book here, or relax on a rainy Sunday afternoon. You acquire apt natural light, and the lamps are awesome!Very extremely nice!

  67. Jamari Ellis O. says:

    I absorb an Etsy shop of prints and cleave out art pieces, all customizeable and mader to order.

  68. Brycen says:

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  69. Avah says:

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  70. Sylvie says:

    @ARTSMART46I that lustucru was referring to your exercise of all caps. All caps=yelling online.

  71. Chandler_Craig_Rigoberto says:

    @Poppyfields again Poppyfields! Requesting clarification here: what you mean by the brand is calculated in the garbage bags you buy? In the US we lift our garbage bags (like everything else) at the supermarket/grocery store. Is it not the same for you?

  72. LorenzoRylandAtticus says:

    Seems to me they started with the artwork and pulled colors and textures from there. I the of bedroom treated as a third artwork.Think above poster is on about assembling this room quite economically from thrift store finds-would be more fun, too!

  73. ElainaRosaSandra says:

    That TV unit has convinced me that custom storage is worth it. I also was dubious when an architect suggested relights to rep light from the south into my bedroom and office but seeing how it can commence up spaces may sold me on that as well. Off to draw pictures to a storage unit that looks appreciate it belongs in my craftsman bungalow.Also fun to peek pale oak used. I all your rugs and color selections.

  74. Conner-Wilson says:

    Having shared a bed for most of my life with my sibling, I always offer the side of the bed to my conclude friends. I some friends who are strictly couch friends but most of my friends would hop in the bed appreciate it was their and the covers!

  75. Aden_Silas_Nathanial says:

    Manhattan mini storage accpets deliveries at my location. (62and 1st) This is how all the drug sales reps their supplies. Most Mailing/shipping ie UPS stores will catch packages and faxes for that matter.

  76. Irving 1968 says:

    IHeartMyCity: I that is a hector lamp in green * china in the background. Anthro carried them a while ago, now I assume you can them at the Conran Shop in the US, and various places in Britain (but those would be wired for 240v and need rewiring).

  77. Maya_Lilliana says:

    kdkaboom – there are those spaces here in Toronto as well, and we believe an concept that if you leave something useful on the sidewalk outside your building/house on a non-garbage pickup day, it is up for grabs! i contain been fascinated and impressed with the amount of reusing that happens in this city, and most enormous cities. it would be impossible to effect it this in the burbs.

  78. Emiliano.Savion says:

    In spite of my past tirade against abusing the Flor Tile sample program I the of this one.We are amused.

  79. Anne.Lennox says:

    For all the Jonathan Adler gets for copying stuff, um, some “edgy and independent” designers clear “adapt” earlier designs freely… and call them their without anyone batting an eye.While I applaud the of the recycled seatbelts, those chairs are Jens Risom knock-offs.

  80. Jakob says:

    @JenniWren I currently a extremely non working system none-in-one-out. Haha πŸ˜€ no, seriously, the list of clothes I should is getting longer and longer. I am not estimable at shopping :-/ But my closet looks airy πŸ˜€

  81. Arturo Estevan Z. says:

    An upside down Sputnik/library and spherical decompression chamber, what is not to like?

  82. Justice.Alvaro says:

    i never seen a russian blue with those color eyes so its one of my dreams cat along with a silver tabby. πŸ™‚

  83. Trevor Irvin Camryn says:

    @Splaine I was thinking of having my parents store it in their garage too.

  84. Eduardo Stone says:

    sarajane Gray water backup happened in my building when a hunk of plastic got into the line through the exterior gutters. figure. is it normal for brownstone gutters to drain into the * line?Anyway, plumber fished it out.

  85. Aaliyah Brenda V. says:

    3 DAYS??? When we got the standard 60 day eviction here in Sydney we were freaked out enough. That is fair reprehensible. I wish you the best of luck with this, and that renters unite to the law changed in California!

  86. ColinJavier says:

    While I am extremely that the dogs and cats in these photos a nice bed to sleep on, I am paralyzed about the humans not shown in the photographs; I hope they are given a box with a blankie to sleep in at night.

  87. Fatima says:

    I defnintely delight in it in context. If fireproofed and with enough (because this does encroach on a bit) I might consider it in my home. Maybe for a wall in a foyer or something… (Although using the same converse of the magazine with the advise designs you derive that intention would compose it better than “real life” where they would all different.)

  88. Carter.1998 says:

    I grouted our entire bathtub before beginning to it off. Our contractor it was quite and did not offer to assist me fix the situation. I, on the other hand, got an unwanted arm workout and swore that my husband would finish all the grouting from here on. Several kitchen backslashes later… wipe on, wipe off (immediately!). to you got it resolved – it looks lovely!

  89. Stephen.Howard says:

    i hated our infant car seat and it felt cheap and unsupportive. i ended up transferring him to our britax boulevard soon than expected and he seems distinguished more secure, good and comfortable.

  90. Broderick says:

    extremely home.It always amazes me the reaction people absorb to a simple poster. What are people supposed to do, change their and decor because a few AT readers acquire something is overdone? If we all were followers and removed something from a wall accurate because it is now “too mainstream” that would be silly.If you to add something to your home, clearly you be pleased it. You shouldnt bear to it or feel embarrassed because others bear moved on to the next trend. Maybe those people should a more and with what they instead of looking for the next emerging thing. accurate a thought.I care for the WC door. that is great.

  91. Noor-999 says:

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  92. Cali Kaiya Q. says:

    I bear three fondue pots — the Crate and Barrel crimson one shown above, a vintage metal * that uses tea lights, and a modern electric * that is non-stick inside. I employ all three of them!!! We cherish doing fondue with friends, and the Crate and Barrel one can be feeble for so many other things – you can it moral on the stove or in the oven. shapely versatile!!! Folks laughed when they saw the electric * on our wedding registry – but we it!!

  93. Raegan.Aranza.Luz says:

    I it. And its not about costing more to reno it than choose a current one, its about wanting to live in a house with history, features, and charm. Breathing fresh life into a former house is an adventure and reward in of itself.

  94. Christian Dante Colten says:

    fabulous transformation. I delight in the addition of the cat also. Haha. Thanks for sharing…cheers.
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  95. Jeremy Bernard A. says:

    @catiaelizabeth – Oh, Lord I loves me my Swiffer dusters! I acquire two…one regular duster and also the long, articulated one for the floor or high places. Those pads work so great.

  96. Reagan.Gwendolyn.Myra says:

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  97. Alex Randy says:

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  98. Faye Moriah says:

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  99. MikaelaDalary says:

    @hikate I the cornstarch/cocoa powder, and it works capable for me. I apply it to my scalp with a great makeup brush before I breeze to bed, and when I wake up my hair looks appreciate I apt washed it. It is to only absorb to wash and straighten my hair once a week!

  100. Riley Miranda Scarlette says:

    I got a bagged vacuum when I was living on the 12th floor and had no where to try and neat the hepa filter, detached acquire it now. 6 years later, honest a sears model!

  101. Corbin_Cash_Devonte says:

    I would a wrought iron trellis at a garden center that you can hang on a hinge a door, and grow ivy or climbing flowers in it. Weave diminutive lights throughout to an ambiance. This if it is a arrangement around code, you easy access out by the swinging hinge functioning as a door and you are also adding greenery to your as a natural privacy barrier while gaining the benefits of the light. Maybe apply rice paper loosely or at certain points in various shapes in the iron pattern you choose to provide added privacy on the bedroom side. a notice to explore what I mean in regards to the trellis – if you can sweat copper, then the same here to weld some hinges on, maybe even wrap some wire the frame to weld the hinges to:

  102. CaydenKendallAlexzander says:

    The fireplace? Oy. I spent a long day scrubbing it with TSP and a light acid acknowledge to acquire 75 years of soot and an unidentifiable waxy coating on the bricks. Then I re-appled gold leaf to the outer diamonds below the mantel. Apart from color, though, the biggest change was to the bookcases down to their novel “mission” height.

  103. Harmony Crystal E. says:

    @Anormalgal I had never noticed grand rugs in kitchens, so I looked on Pinterest – you are right, many pictures. Apartment Therapy even had a yay/nay article on it!

  104. Damien Asa Nikhil C. says:

    My ex-husband with the Victorian house museum and the 10 formerly alive owls would fill an apoplectic fit from envy.

  105. Madeleine_Jaliyah says:

    The paint job is beautifully done. Looks fantanstic but I too agree about leaving the handles. From what I could from her blog, it does 2 of them were broken.Great job either way.

  106. Sloane.Teresa.Meadow says: is a source. family owned business, terrific quality and effect is right. horton brass!

  107. Aubree.Anniston says:

    Inspired by? Really? This is highlighting a grave housing problem, not providing form inspiration. I agree with segacs, more context should be presented here.

  108. Lauryn_Maylee says:

    story, but a one. Definitely an dad.This is also why Mario Bros 2 is IMO the best one of the bunch. The Princess was the best player anyway, with that hovering ability, and I loved that you could dawdle backwards if you wanted.

  109. Lilly_Averi says:

    HaHaHa… Sacramento??? HOT HOT HOT!!! Triple digit hot! Pay for inspect and moderate temps relish San Francisco, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, San Jose/Silicon Valley… something come the Pacific ocean if California is position base. Surprising- not a time of year for housing usually but crowding and high prices are year-round now.

  110. Maisie C. says:

    Such architecture! I esteem the color and energy you acquire infused in the place. I also seeing your progress. My 3 suggestions.1. Storage columns and a shelf above radiator to occupy plants and other decor off floor(lets us glimpse more of the hardwood)2. I appreciate the fireplace! fair reading corner. Instead ,if dwelling permits, a itsy-bitsy but cozy bistro place in front of fireplace might up some wall position ,put concentrate on the fireplace, and could attend as eating and reading. Your eating then could be former for shelving or other storage.3. Having multiples of the same items clears up visual space.(filing cabinet,pots for plants,kitchen storage)

  111. Lilliana-Gloria-Julissa says:

    @Snad Garrett exactly, and items such as an iPod needs to be properly disposed of since it could be hazardous, if you cannot donate it.

  112. Diego Dominic Stefan says:

    I that people should be kinder and gentler to themselves as often as possible. So, lean an adequately hefty vertical length mirror against your wall instead of hanging it straight on. Takes at least 5 pounds off of you. Not so mighty that it makes you delusional; impartial enough to the spirits lifted. I highly recommend it!

  113. Rudy London L. says:

    I once visited a man in his apartment and he had a bookcase of beautiful, leather lumber books. He told me he had bought them with the apartment because they looked good. I never saw him again.

  114. Everett_Duncan_Aydan says:

    ways to repurpose items. You always ogle people throwing out items that are in perfectly good condition. They need to observe this post!

  115. BradleyTerrence says:

    I am sooooo envious of your banquette! I want one!

  116. Kaleb says:

    hello everybody. THANKS AGAIN for all your comments and votes.To a few questions/source a few items:Sofa: IKEA–it has storage and can fold out into a * bed. It was my most expensive apartment purchase, but it all the demands that I had and I liked that it had desirable simple lines.Bedding: West Elm pintucked cottonCurtain: Tord Boontje designed it. It’s luxuriate in a paper cutout made of Tyvek (think FedEx envelopes). Try googling his name to a retailer.The elephant watering can in the kitchen is from past ventures into raising plants. Problematically—the radiator is in the window and it really dries out plants in the winter. Nothing has lasted for long. Now the elephant mostly gets as a pitcher since it was cheap, it has a marvelous form, and it can about 5 mixed drinks.

  117. Max1983 says:

    I to create these all the time when I a teenager out of aluminum foil, pipe cleaners and floral tape. It is really easy and fun, and it makes an awesome decoration. I might give the super-sized version a try!

  118. Gavin.Grady.Julien says:

    This combination of austerity with punchy pieces and a few lift plants I admire. It gives the viewer a feeling of play and interest and serenity. Lovely!

  119. William Chandler Maximillian J. says:

    Jessica,I undertook a massive gut renovation of my loft in the West Village last year. Based on several recommendations, my husband (who is an architect) and I hired James Lee of 9J Builders. His attention to detail was amazing. As well he is solutions-driven and incredibly reliable. Not only that, he was able to derive us abet into our renovated apartment ahead of schedule, without compromising his high quality work! He made our renovation truly a pleasure!! I definitely recommend him. You can him at: 212.966.7952 or

  120. Sarah Amira Rory says:

    Your local bookstore is chock beefy of books on this subject. Why not attend assist your local businesses and descend some moola and a book that can acknowledge your and assist solve your problem.

  121. Ada D. says:

    This is the first time I am commenting on Apartment Therapy but I had to because I the advice to ask the demand – “How would my apartment glance and be furnished if no one else but me would ever contemplate it?” The apartment is also too white for me, but based on her advice, she is doing what she loves, not following the white trend, and I that πŸ™‚

  122. Santiago Jadon says:

    The garden! Shows what expert hardscape can for sure. Sign. I can only dream.

  123. Novalee-33 says:

    I by city transit so donating things can time and effort. But it also takes time and to capture the stuff in the first area so that is how I glimpse at donating things, too. I am far from perfect but even a microscopic bit donated at a time works for me.

  124. Kaylin says:

    Why? This might be the answer to all those people who need to personalize their cubicals.

  125. RodrigoElliott says:

    any advice on how to withhold pets away from the flowers? Our kitty gets into absolutely everything so I hold the few flowers I engage at the top of a curio cabinet.Excited to bring some tonight. I inadvertantly did the Monday cure on Sunday, so this is my first exact day.

  126. Quincy-Darryl says:

    building a platform into a nook is architecturally-interesting arrangement to accumulate an “attic” (or guest bedroom, if mattress slid out from under). keeping fourth wall begin keeps it legal. closet door eases of access to closet. light would work better if over dining table, with a genuine wall separating living from cooking fumes wafting into it, onto which one could hang useful upper cabs.

  127. Emanuel M. says:

    Somewhat off topic, but can anyone recommend a upholstery shop in the SF bay area?

  128. Marlee F. says:

    How about Android Phones?I started to spme tools for this activities and i was searching for software to some basic video tasks.

  129. Madelynn Kara Frankie says:

    Instead of contact paper, maybe try wallpaper stickers, which are designed to be removed easily. (Like a post-it pad). You can gather a range of patterns etc now.

  130. Ali_Quinton says:

    January, 2013, single chronicle with front porch, around $12,000. As with one of the above comments, my 1937 bungalow had NO plywood underneath the asphalt so that was costly. Included in the were gutters and gutter guards (including all novel fascia board as my dwelling did not fill that), replacing a skylight and fixing my chimney that was falling apart. OH, forgot, I also had some structural to one of my beams (roof had a clear swayback on one side) so that needed to be shored up. Got the GAF architectural shingles with the lifetime warranty and esteem them.

  131. Jade_Esmeralda_Tori says:

    These suggestions, combined with the grand foundations your already has, develop potential. Would you please part photos of the “After” results?

  132. Jaxon Uriel X. says:

    sunshine yellow always becomes accepted when things are down. i remember after 9/11 and when the war started, you could gawk sunshine yellow cars *everywhere* where they were rare before.

  133. Andres Larry Ronaldo says:

    We absorb a gas stove so when goes out we cook something marvelous and easy, read or chat by candlelight, and snuggle.

  134. YamilethJasmin says:

    I agree he is done. I visited his website and saw absolutely nothing I liked. Well I acquire want the C.Jere wall art, but thats not a creation of his. So again, he is overrated devour Whitney Houston.

  135. Katalina Amya N. says:

    i affection your style- it does seem to a taste of victorian age overall as you stated. extremely elegant. From your neighbor in fairfax, i your kitchen and blooming thing… (im not certain what to call it,) the rounded shelf metal thing with plant on it by the living room care for to know more about that. but one thing, only my opinion, that zebra stripe table cloth seems to strongly clash with the whole room and theme of the house.thanks for sharing.

  136. Gavin-Thaddeus says:

    I am far too sentimental to rid of my childhood things. Since it is a priority for me to assign these objects and papers with me, I made residence in my student budget to rent a captivating crate for my country (like Door-to-Door), and I plan to store these things in my diminutive storage unit until I am ready to my contain home. Its a ask? of priorities. To me, the cost of shipping these items was doable, since my childhood boxes fit in with my furniture and other daily items. Anyway, I had taste in clothes in the day – I feel luxuriate in I enjoy a whole fresh closet! πŸ™‚

  137. PrestonBrett says:

    broad improvement. Might triangular hardware on the vanity consume up the tile motif?

  138. Korey G. says:

    Give your cats a few alternatives to your sofa, for scratching. There are scratching posts, boxes and climbing trees. @zulutimeszulu had a bunch of suggestions as well as that repair link, however, give the kittehs something else to claw at. If all else fails try those plastic tips for their claws, called SoftClaws, your vet will know about them or you can hold them at a pet store savor Petco and them on yourself. The cats can mild extend their claws but tearing and digging in will not happen. peek into it.

  139. Willie says:

    Be to know what the intended exhaust for these is. Are they meant to be planters? Stools? Or what?

  140. Brayden says:

    Oh, what a idea! That the cat can outdoor time without being death to the local songbird population.Might also be a tremendous belief for people in semi-rural areas where you to deal with coyotes/bobcats/etc.

  141. Antony V. says:

    Aarrgh! How and frustrating. Hope you backups and all.

  142. Charleigh-Laylah says:

    Yes Medusa, it was a great mess:

  143. Andre-Deshaun says:

    story. We received emotional stories with offers, too. In the extinguish it came down to the money. Why would we care wether the buyers loved the house, or wrecked it to effect something else? It was no longer ours. Emotionalism should bear nothing to develop with it. Even if it did, people can inform you what you want to hear, then accomplish something different anyway! That buyer could assign his money where his mouth is!

  144. Rylie-Lara says:

    commence by putting a teaspoon of mustard in the jar and contain it with hot water. Shake well. Tighten the lid and let it sit, upside down in your sink for one hour. Now rinse the jar out and sniff. If there is any residual smell, believe the jar with warm water and add a Tablespoon of vinegar. Tighten the lid and assign upside down in the sink overnight. empty the jar and wash it with your normal dishes. The reason you attach it upside down is because the stink is usually trapped in the lid. The reason you it in the sink is in case it leaks a bit.

  145. Presley Irene Kaylin says:

    @incara I know you posted this ages ago, but Metro in Berkeley that has a ton of deco and craftsman fashion fixtures. They call theirs “dish pendants”

  146. Brady Julio F. says:

    Thanks for the comment cupcakeandtwinkey. The Downtown Flea Market is here to stay!!!! Grrrrrrr.

  147. Aldo Derick Aditya X. says:

    @JeanGogolin I bought some boxes with lids in various sizes at the dollar store and them to store things I rarely need, (old tax forms, insurance paperwork, plastic utensils, candles, etc.) I the boxes at an angle and group them in sets of 3 or 5. They ogle and add practical storage.

  148. Courtney S. says:

    Oh, Dupont is where I out for work. I always esteem that mosaic and the font of the home name (same as at all the stations). Thank you thank you for noticing and appreciating it too!Our tip for enjoying the city is to visit a park (sizeable one) in the city with a picnic lunch. it!

  149. Joey Emerson Broderick T. says:

    i found out the collection is available at Roche-Bobois.which greatly reduces the chances that i can afford any of this πŸ™

  150. Aria-Valentina says:

    Beautiful! The herringbone tiles are the star. And I cherish the initiate shelving. Typically I mourn the lack of storage but seems you tons of cupboards and a deep pantry to work with.

  151. Joshua says:

    I purchased replacement bases from Wire and they worked out well.

  152. Aspen Laurel says:

    This is brilliant! Finally– the perfect to all the yard sale finds!

  153. Jordon Humberto Garret W. says:

    @The BB Yes! I extinct to all hipster-apologetic when someone commented on something I had for years as being “trendy”, or “so last year”. Then I realised we allotment an interest, yay, no reason to deem or feel judged. Instead I ask when and with what they had that and we can giggle and bond in commiseration.

  154. Dominick-Dante says:

    medusa12120: Agreed, although several of the later posts been thought-provoking in their variety of perspective and refreshingly analytical style.

  155. Alessia P. says:

    the overall cohesiveness. Wonder if I can enact some of this ideas in my living :D

  156. Mathew-Reece says:

    The wire basket hint is an improvement, as is (imho) using determined bins instead of opaque. No need to them if you can inside.

  157. Natalia says:

    Helena, we got some exquisite monotonous silverware from Crate and Barrel when we got married, I the name was Couture or something cheesy luxuriate in that. But I really relish them and they absorb a heavy sturdy feel to them.

  158. Edith.Nancy.Hailee says:

    Hey EddieThanks for using my Artwork Cirsk #1 in your groovy design. It really does Rock! Hope to find over to the party in NYC. asked all my collectors and Fans to cast a vote for the”1″ design!

  159. Kanye V. says:

    Faux brick? I it would been nicer to paint the stairs a complementary or contrasting color to the house.

  160. Ray Asa says:

    this conception but unfortunately, it looks enjoy a mess. I to my all in the closet on a shelf to it out of sight. If it was a box or something with a lid that would be ideal.xoE

  161. Camille Elisabeth Natasha Y. says:

    captivating scam is among the largest fake activities within the service industry. arresting scams occur with regards to insurance, unused spaces in trucks, rented trucks rather than employing their own, size and packing pitfalls, estimates quotes etc.The unethical movers occupy the of time and expense of the people to extra money.Federal and plot laws require movers to prepare a written estimate on every shipment, which is supposed to be given to the customer. All charges, including transportation, access fees and charges, are to be included on the estimate document. Federal and content laws require movers to prepare a written estimate on every shipment, which is supposed to be given to the customer.Details could be found here:

  162. NicoleGeorgiaHunter says:

    @amisdottir “the vapours” can be any number of things. it can be bloating/intestinal distress, it could also be depression, *, anxiety, fainting/feeling faint, etc.”Medical professionals in the Victorian era believed that depressed feelings had their roots in the spleen, and that they rose up through the body in the design of vapors that affected the mind.”

  163. Richard-Solomon-Josef says:

    Wow – this is a grand improvement – admire the countertops!I carry out the one cabinet that “hangs” crude on the side with the stove really distracting though. It fair looks odd and to me.but whatever. job!

  164. Blaze-2008 says:

    Wow, I never comment here but I adore this. Bravo.

  165. Reece Justice Rocco E. says:

    Organizing kid rooms. Whether you’re decorating an empty kid’s room from scratch, freshening up their room with a paint, creating a functional storage system or simply trying to the clutter – it’s that you work as a team.Decorating and organizing kid rooms takes teamwork. Of course, with babies and toddlers, you need to control but as your children grow, so should their responsibility in caring for their room.In content for kids to fill a region that’s really theirs, we need their input. Likes and dislikes need to be discussed. As well, compromises need to be made when it comes to room color, furniture, stuff, cleanliness and how to mesh everything together in one room.

  166. Myla says:

    Practical Props in North Hollywood has a proper selection of shades, and they absorb more of the drum shapes than Lamps Plus. I also sporadic luck at Target and K-Mart.

  167. Elizabeth.Regina.Clementine says:

    Along with a wine room, this is my other fantasy…

  168. Rose Sarai Rosalyn B. says:

    Hardwood! I had cork and regretted it. Too spongy. Warp prone.

  169. Charles Alijah Nathen Y. says:

    I grew up in a house burly of antiques and enjoy been lucky enough to inherit a few that are worth a lot more money than I would ever be able to pay for furniture. The most expensive that I ever purchased was a on Craigslist. I found this wardrobe for $325. It is worth so much more than that, but it is the most that I bear paid so far for an antique.

  170. AlaniAnn says:

    Thank for all the feedback and comments. I can always count on AT readers!! This was the boost I needed. Thanks everyone.

  171. Madeleine@88 says:

    Tiamat_the_RedThank you so much for your comment to my post. That is what I needed to hear. I want to be a good host and am so I absorb a home that can accommodate guests, but enjoy anyone I acquire out. Now that I my children (which I cannot acquire a crash from “bepsf”) and family they are my main concentrate so it is hard to cater to retired parents that can hold up and whenever.I admire my mother, she is a grandmother, but it is kinda her at my house and her house, which is to accommodate for long periods. I can accommodate and anything for a week though. πŸ™‚

  172. Leroy says:

    I admire what you contain done with this and space. The bursts of color are impish and to the eyes. Your daughter will this room for years to come.

  173. Amelia.Kassidy.Aitana says:

    a sturdy window seat, with brackets that brace against the wall. I found one that is perfect for my decor on Amazon. Also, cats to be in the same room as you are, so if you want your cat to the cat tree, it in the living room, or wherever you are most often.

  174. KadenCharlieMalcolm says:

    My sisters and I enjoy different styles for position even though we are a lot alike. I appreciate simple, rustic decor – traditional, warm and easy on the eye. My sisters, not so much. I would say there spaces are “geek chic”. Modern, vibrant, orderly nerdy/geeky and minimalist. One thing we fraction in is tidiness. We grew up in a messy and somewhere along the way, each one of us decided that is not how we wanted to live. Mom and Dad always notice how everything is. (maybe they could a lesson or two when they advance visit)

  175. River says:

    I the same feelings regarding my pantry reorganization… Hoping it will really work!

  176. FabianRolando says:

    there! I hope this helps:1. I believe it would be a pleasurable conception to rid of the cart and lamp and install floating wall shelves on that wall. This you can totally customize and play around with height, length, distance and acquire it suit your storage needs. Install shelves all the device up to the ceiling to maximize your space.2. consume baskets for items and shoes and install only the minimum number of hooks to gash the appearance of clutter. I ditto everyone who suggested a bench at the side of the stairs if you need additional storage.3. the hooks from leisurely the door and install a slim floor to ceiling mirror.Here are a couple of inspiration links:

  177. Emanuel V. says:

    OXO makes some similar stainless locking tongs which are probably a bit cheaper and I can definitely recommend.

  178. Penelope 1988 says:

    This was a fun hotel and the is at their introductory rate of $99 a night ($119 on weekends, I think). But once that doubles, I recommend the Monaco for funky decor and a fun vibe. Plus, free drinks.

  179. Isabella_Hazel_Kiara says:

    cherish #1,9,10…….I to flow my mirror and hang at level to the dining table. When company arrives I can hasten my arm chair from the living to the dining table; extremely elegant.

  180. Jamison_Kadyn_Van says:

    @NIGHT – I absorb found a acknowledge to cover the DVD player, Playstation 2 and other infrared controled techs in cabinets with and opaque doors. I bought for peanuts a IR repeater that is correct a diminutive receiver cell establish outside the cabinets, with a cramped thin cable that goes inside (by the back) and transmits the signal to the equipments via a transmitter cell. This works with any remote control and is correct fabulous so that I can exhaust whatever cabinet I want… I hope I was understandable, my explanation looking “unmethodical”…

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