How Awesome Luxurious Teak Wood King Beds Details

King beds always be a best furniture for a family, and now they are coming through luxurious teak wooden design ideas, here some details you need to know. Luxury King Size Beds are manufactured using good quality teak that which is produced with the latest model luxury style with a king-size bed size, so it is suitable to be placed in your master bedroom. For finishing we chose the color finishing melamine smooth to teak wood fibers seen more clearly, thereby making the products of this bed seem more luxurious and exotic.

modern super king beds with nightstand sets

modern super king beds with nightstand sets

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really awesome luxurious teak wood king beds details. For wood raw material we choose good quality teak wood, which is where the teak wood that we use imported directly from forest, making sure the construction will be strong and sturdy bed. And for the finishing materials we use materials branded paint finishing and good quality (export standard) in order to produce luxury beds look beautiful, luxurious and elegant. King Size Luxury like the picture above you can order online at the store bed light teak Jepara furniture, and later we give offer affordable prices and of course fitting hearts, even exactly cheap when viewed from the wood raw material we use, design exclusive and beautiful furniture finishing and riveting. We believe that the Teak Furniture also provides a wide range of products such as furniture king beds, a set of minimalist office desk, work table, desk, luxury bedding and other products with a variety of the latest design variants in the year 2015. For More information please visit our website.

luxurious king tufted beds cool designs

luxurious king tufted beds cool designs

wonderful king wood panel beds furniture bedroom designs

wonderful king wood panel beds furniture bedroom designs

Specifications plush king-size beds. Here are the specifications for a luxurious king-size bed in accordance with the model shown above as follows: Material Raw material: teak wood. Set Products: 1 unit king-size bed. Design of products: luxurious and elegant. Finishing products: Melamine. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really awesome luxurious teak wood king beds details.

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