DIY Headboard King Use Fabric With Easy Steps

Headboard king come with large size and beautiful shapes, but we know you can make that alone, follow as to make your dream headboard king come true. Creating a wall headboard (headboard) is a project upholstered ‘do it yourself’ (do-it-yourself) that will add style and a personal touch to your bed, with your choice of fabric, potentially as good as making the bed more comfortable to sit on. If you decorate headboard with buttons, the result will evoke a feeling of luxury.

black leather headboard king ideas cool designs

black leather headboard king ideas cool designs

Here some easy ways to make headboard king well. Buy a triplex that has a thickness of 1.9 cm and a width of 1.2 m. You can create a headboard of any material and in any size. However, because the headboard will then be covered with a cloth so simple plywood material is good enough. Cut the plywood to fit the width of the bed. The bed has a width varying sizes, from full type (width 120 cm) to the type of king (180 cm wide). So, measure the bed first so that you can accurately determine the size headboard. Use the circular saw to get the best results. Mark the pattern for the buttons on the plywood. You can use two or three buttons, or even a dozen, depending on the pattern you want. For the best view, attach the buttons are flat and symmetrical on the surface of the headboard. Buy cloth, shaped cotton sheets and large buttons, in a fabric store or craft supply stores. Make sure you have enough fabric for more than just coat the surface of the headboard.

awesome headboard king with grey bed linen

awesome headboard king with grey bed linen

modern headboard Cal king with nightstand sets

modern headboard Cal king with nightstand sets

Headboard Cover with several layers of cotton sheets according to your wishes. Coating cotton sheets should be made approximately 30 cm longer than the edge of the headboard. You will need at least about 3 layers of cotton wool to make a soft headboard. That’s all we can share and discuss about how really interesting ideas DIY headboard king use fabric with easy ways to do.

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  1. Shannon Austen P. says:

    Samantha, what about museum gel to possess the lamp?

  2. Wesley_Kade_Terrell says:

    Yes! i wish we could display some gleaming minimalist decor. we are spartan in things we own, but what we acquire beget is glowing * vibrant.

  3. Alexis Chanel Desiree says:

    Whether this one specific apartment is over-exposed, I wholeheartedly welcome this feature.

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  6. ArianaJusticeIvory says:

    I sit on the floor when working at my coffee-table-height laptop. The workmanlike berber carpet I squat on would cherish to be buried by all that furry yumminess. Thanks for all these contests!

  7. Gloria says:

    hi, the countertops are quartz.the crown describe came from west elm last year.more pictures are on my Facebook

  8. Ana.Carlee says:

    Congratulations to you on your first home, it looks quite desirable and well-loved! The only change I would would be to change the direction of the dining table, design the long cessation parallel to the pass through window, that will give you more floor space. I also might add a * crimson throw to the couch and cushions in the same shade of on the dining chairs.I you absorb done quite well and check in with us again how you updated it in six months. Best wishes with your studies.

  9. Daquan2000 says:

    @Purrsephone If houses were available on CL when I was a teenager I would been all over that! I actually they accomplish a lot of sense as teen dens, guest houses, vacation homes etc. – more so than as permanent living quarters.

  10. Payton-Emmalyn says:

    The cat is brilliant! They can composed air and sleeping in the sun without the potential for getting hit by a car, disease transmission or injury from other animals, and prevents them from decimating the birds – idea.

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  13. Luke.Jorge.Ezra says:

    sqooz… a sexy bedspread is solid colored and probably a deep, rich color. But wait, I really want Jed to THIS duvet cover:

  14. Galilea says:

    What a vintage collection. And the perfect space to house it. your home, Catherine.

  15. Jeramiah Deshaun X. says:

    Cutest. Bunkbeds. Ever.I will say this tho- our last bedroom was tiny- correct exactly as long as the bed, and that was a reall challenge with both my wife and I sleeping in it- she had to over me to out! Really annoying. Also, avoiding covering the heating vents with a dresser was a trial. And forget night stands. I could where limited could be a lot more fun when you can really customize the space, tho.

  16. Marleigh1990 says:

    I bought those fans but beget yet to install them–glad to how nicely they brighten up the space!Great transformation.

  17. Hudson says:

    The desk is the Herman Miller Airia desk:

  18. Philip_Arnav says:

    I consider you guys covered these last year :

  19. Dakota Lauryn P. says:

    Slipcovers are definitely a less expensive intention to when trying to come a glimpse for your arm chair or sofa. Also purchasing a store bought slipcover and then starting a DIY project to fit it snug to your piece.As for fabrics, many can be expensive. assume looking online for discount upholstery fabrics. You can many name designate fabrics for less. design determined the upholsterer you accepts fabrics purchased by the client.Good luck to all the DIYers!

  20. Christopher.Enrique.Keanu says:

    The side table you can develop for cheaper with an Ikea hack.

  21. Makenzie Reyna Yamileth I. says:

    @urgan In NYC water is paid for by the landlord in probably 90% of the rentals, which tend to be units in mutli-unit dwellings (large apartment complexes) rather than single family homes.Our landlord looked into installing individual water meters in a each unit in our building (which only has 8 units) and it was so cost prohibitive he opted to continue to pay for the water to the building.

  22. George666 says:

    You could also contain some of these Lego Cupcakes

  23. Baylee-Angie says:

    anyone want to surmise what a itsy-bitsy galley of these cabinets cost? about twice as many cabinets as advise in the pic. 10k? 20k? 30k?

  24. Kadyn says:

    My part is assembling the party favors. I coming up with a container and filling it with really stuff that goes with our theme. And I a theme! Past themes of ours: robots, knights, blue mice, bugs, legos, camping, , cats and dogs, bunnies. Also making the invitations. I the planning immensely.

  25. Jaidyn says:

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  26. Ellen.Averi.Stevie says:

    I saw these at a Dwell convention and wanted it so bad.

  27. Maria-Monica-Braylee says:

    I fill a nutcase helmet for myself and admire it. If I am going to wear a helmet it is going to be cute.My daughter has a giro on and it is too. Once she outgrows it though I am getting her a nutcase too

  28. Finley-Delaney-Anabella says:

    Canada is extremely influenced by Britain — we a Queen, you know that right?But i agree about having an AT Canada. Where is AT San Francisco and their coverage of BC, Alberta, Sask etc.? give us our will ya!

  29. Kameron-Aldo says:

    @Fatcatpaulanne I had submitted pics of my location for a tour but never got a response. Granted the pictures are quality–hard to acquire shots of a dinky capable without a professional camera.

  30. Gracelynn says:

    A semi-outdoor cat run? So you all the fun of cats with fleas, but none of the luxury of cats going to the bathroom outside…. brilliant!

  31. Blake_Ainsley_Sierra says:

    My mother wallpapered the ceiling in her kitchen and bathroom. As I assume (it was 40 years ago), it was a excellent

  32. Eden Sabrina S. says:

    organized and contribute to your local food bank this weekend. The need will be especially high this year as many will reportedly lose their unemployment benefits now at the beginning of Dec, and food will be the thing most skimp on when straining to pay bills.

  33. JonHarryJaheim says:

    okay, i confess i saw that kitty and that was the sole reason i bookmarked the tour to flip through, i and i felt a diminutive “ehhh” about the living room, but as i got further in and through the i totally fell in love. the color combo/feel of the dining room in particular really speaks to me.

  34. Cecelia.33 says:

    I unbiased happened to stumble upon some pieces on an slay cap in appliances in the Culver City store yesterday. unbiased some magazine organizers a box or two (maybe you bought these, Laure) and dish towels. Not well merchandised or advertised for that matter. Target has proven to be astute in conception but fail when it comes to final execution.

  35. Bernard says:

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  36. Will_Jairo says:

    what a exquisite region and I the office space!

  37. Brady 999 says:

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  40. GiovannaSaoirse says:

    @fjordbrit The one time we had mice, the only cat who cared also happened to be the de-clawed one, so happily vomited mouse has never been an issue. Stepping on hairballs in stocking feet first thing in the morning, on the other hand….As for my user name, I was referring to Nikola Tesla, for whom the Tesla company is named. While they are swanky looking machines (there are a few in town), they are way, design beyond my humble means!

  41. Rosalyn-999 says:

    Yeah, basically an unnecessary renovation from the looks of it – it was a expedient enough kitchen- though obviously not as new as the owner would liked. I hope she donated the cabinets and acoutrements to develop it Green in Gowanus. I always believe of the destroy in renovation projects, and feel quite guilty when working on my region improvement projects.

  42. KatelynVirginia says:

    oops i also noticed it saidsand, dont! ceratin i didnt say thatskim coat the wall, while its detached wet wipe itin with brush or sponge….that its your texture.paint cant be a total hack and it notice but if you can mud, this is easier.

  43. Armani F. says:

    @GatoTravieso Try something savor a window film. That will block the view, but let in the light. I beget this in my bathroom and it. I also it in my laundry room where it blocks only the upper of the windows (blocks the majority of someone being able to contemplate in, but allows the cats who sit on the ledge, to out.

  44. AngelicaMadisyn says:

    @Casey Leigh–yes, and hangers can be returned to the cleaner. some of those wires do marks, anyway

  45. Saul H. says:

    Too funny. I belief the editing error was actually quite telling – in keeping with the sometimes-ridiculous consume of the plural on this site, it probably should bear been “our hands our raised.” Which would be dreary and was (almost) avoided.

  46. Fredy says:

    also useful for trapping detestable spirits

  47. Braylee says:

    nice. I savor the fact you let the dog sleep on the couch, and he has his beget basket of toys proudly displayed. This is a comfy, microscopic home.

  48. Charlie says:

    Most people in ear model now, they are more portable and noise isolation.

  49. Ellen says:

    admire these accent tables. I luxuriate in accent tables in different textures, materials and shapes.Some really ones on…some metal accent tables, a pierced brown one from Z Gallerie, a wire accent table from Room & Board and lots of others.Are the rope ones above water evidence and wear resistant (no fraying)?Such an entertaining concept!

  50. StellaMacyFaye says:

    Ikea has some undersink cabinets you might want to check out that are backless & * into the wall.

  51. Irving I. says:

    Quartz countertops are gaining more popularity, because of its durability and less susceptible to damage. Being nonporous its safer too use. And it doesn’t need periodic sealing, polishing or reconditioning, unlike granite and marble.

  52. Patrick@ZZZ says:

    I really this. Coherently projects its throughout in a exciting way.

  53. DavidAydanNigel says:

    linen curtains, though. and * knows you can never enough linen curtains!

  54. Adolfo B. says:

    These are some great possibilities for cramped spaces! Another option is to simply gain a of plywood cut down to the size you would and add 2 brackets underneath… paint… and wahlah! Your own, cheap, DIY nightstand!

  55. Juan Keyshawn says:

    @citygirlsf I will deliver with you! Pinterest has some captivating ideas. I I had seen it all but then I read a pin about rubbing deodorant on your face to make-up. All you can is shake your head and hope no one is really that dumb.

  56. Brooklynn says:

    once my friend gave me a toilet seat painted with car flames on it- which made me laugh. But then I of all the “flames…near a toilet” would imply. and then I had to give it away to another unsuspecting friend.

  57. VeronicaBlair says:

    I loved seeing all the animals in their homes. Our 2 dogs, Emily & Yoda, definitely delight in our house much more than their humans–they catch burly of the begin floor conception to each other and play fetch; they consume the wall of windows to a watchful look on the birds and other would-be invaders; on warm days, they chill out on the tile in the entry. Oh to be a dog.

  58. Estrella says:

    number one, I would avoid actually using this fixture, cannot imagine that this of fixture would cast a extremely flattering light. I hope it is in a hallway, stair landing etc.two, I you chose the best possible bulb already. I the mix of early fixture with bulb. Its the synergy of the PEI pyramid and the Louve, (well not exactly the same synergy, but close.)three avoid and flickering flame tipped, they are not historical, if you must drag retro the edison bulb where the filiment shows would be ok.

  59. Mabel Virginia says:

    Definitely walnut, if to consume only one option. But I am already in admire with eucalyptus wood after seeing this:

  60. Keira_Esme says:

    first-rate space. Did not compromise fashion for storage at all. friendly muted colours as well, magnified by the abundance of natural light.

  61. Layne says:

    I absorb a vintage Kindel cane-back chair with faux bamboo frame(CL)I painted black. It was originally off-white. The lacquer downhearted is delicate and really brings out the character. gargantuan job on this pair!

  62. WilliamDawsonKeenan says:

    The link to the Oak Mission Table on Craigslist is here:

  63. Dylan says:

    Am I the only one that thinks having a cat litter box next to the couch is gross? How about a secret napping residence for the cat that curtain?..that would be cool. Please the cat box out of the kitchen and living room. If you a studio..keep it as far from the kitchen and living as possible.

  64. Mackenzie.1992 says:

    West Elm has a simple upholstered headboard in a variety of fabrics that is half that (for a king!) of the less-expensive one shown. And then, you could either loyal nailheads, or nailhead orderly for a few dollars and dapper it up yourself.

  65. Jolie Mavis Mercy A. says:

    Amazon has string lights that are almost exactly the same as restoration hardware but for $55-60. I a and they work great.

  66. Evangeline 1990 says:

    @Pisica Hatoul judging from the number of comments congratulating her outfit, my guess is that others enjoy mentioned her improper lop top combined with a lack of *. No judgment from me, but the commenters here tend to perceive and comment on everything.

  67. Deacon_Mikel says:

    I cherish number 7! Reminds me of these lights I found the other day… It is apt to them styled in the bathroom.

  68. Anna 666 says:

    I Toiles, but only in doses…the same pattern on everything can be a bit overwhelming.

  69. Kody says:

    Out of curiousity – in picture eight that talks about a summer film festival at home, how would anyone behold that TV with the furniture arrangement? Seems pointless to arrange your room to where you totally to rearrange it any time you apt want to some television.

  70. Madeline Kali Kaylani says:

    I wanted to say I really applaud your generosity. About ten years ago I was at a workplace that did an annual White Elephant gift exchange, and there was a lot of pressure to participate, and we basically ended up with a lot of * gifts in the $10-20 range. I former to contemplate we should pool the money and sponsor Christmas for a family in need. I wish we had done that.

  71. Mathew-Jimmy-Asa says:

    2 thin frames that will pop in, one with a for a cord to advance out on the bottom corner. Wrap them with rice paper so they beget a that will a glow when you install 2 slimline fluorescent fixtures in the opening. Pull the cords out towards the notch you left for them and pop the frames into place. Since they are pressure fit you can pull them out in an emergency location if the window is really a cheat for egress code. Will add both privacy and light.

  72. Dean Tyrell N. says:

    I contemplate I will hop on. Our appliances are white, but high end, so I would never about replacing my Miele dishwasher. I that thing. They were all purchased by the previous owners almost fifteen years ago so while they are all whites, they are different shades. I consider a solid non-white on the bottom and whitish on the tops would effect the kitchen a lot brighter without making the appliances examine mismatched.

  73. Edith Tatiana Maylee says:

    Where can I come by the rug from the Vibrant Kitchen Diner?

  74. Robert.Israel.Talon says:

    I would strongly suggest to try the floor before getting rid of the couch completely. I mature to assume my is enough to handle the lack of befriend support, but after sitting on the floor for 2 months I realized I really miss the and leg from a couch. I enjoy a pillow sac on the rocker frame but that is level-headed not as comfy as a couch.Try sitting on the floor while you contemplate TV for a while and inspect if your body can actually handle it before making an expensive commit. Both couch and floor fashion can be and there are countless examples online to design both styles work. But your health and comfort is definitely more distinguished compare to all of these.

  75. Michelle Georgia I. says:

    What a lighthearted approach! I can you had fun with this sunny, room and your dog is adorable! I affection a dog on a couch! Ours left the room when he realized we were taking pictures. πŸ™‚

  76. Scarlett-Adrienne says:

    Cute, but I consider apple green is to our decade what avacado green was to the 70s.

  77. Clara66 says:

    up your cookware and crockery immediately after using. desirable up after yourself and not other people to up after you.This made me extremely responsible but slightly neurotic and annoying to housemates….

  78. Kylee Alia Paloma C. says:

    No conception of whether or not these would work outside, but a lot would probably depend on whether they are 100% polypropylene (if natural fibers cotton included, that could cause trouble) and how well the rug will be able to drain after being rained on. So maybe, a guess, a rug on a composite deck with lots of cracks for water to leak through in a dwelling where the sun would dry it out would finish better than a mixed fiber rug on a concrete slab in the shade. And permutations relish that… Apart from the specific rugs (and you might general advice from a manufacturer or seller of other outdoor rugs) your specific and conditions probably matter.

  79. Cole.Deven says:

    Robyn–Have you tried Crate & Barrel? Most of their wall sconces with really metal cord covers (or are you looking for something more modern?) I relish the Duncan. I had a dark shade made for mine.I also West Elm currently has some wall-mounted lamps but they may need to be hardwired.

  80. Tessa-Kaylie-Averi says:

    apt doorknobs, J-fer Rose!Good going, people! I will probably be working a bit more on the kitchen as we had houseguests for most of last week.I cleaned our fridge coils today and it was nasty. The screws and grill that conceal the coils on our KitchenAid Superba are hard to manipulate. Payoffs for elegant coils include lower utility bills, less impact on the environment, and a longer life for the appliance.

  81. CarsonJamariElvis says:

    I contain to say these are my kinds of Apartment Therapy posts. The ones everyone can use, not fair those with enough money.

  82. Hayden Charli Kailani says:

    I build wrapping paper on my cabinets and affection it!

  83. Roland 1982 says:

    I say you can never beget too many Mac articles

  84. Johan Marquise says:

    Is it possible to a second pocket door into the bathroom and then move a barn door type shoji across the “bedroom area” next to the bathroom? Depending on how high the ceilings/placement of the window, you could split level the bedroom – if all one does in there is sleep, headspace is grand less important. Even if your kid is a sleeper [one of mine was, the other was NOT, some of it is just luck rather than good/bad sleep hygiene schemes], there are going to be times that one parent will want to sleeping while the other parent and the kid wake up early, and anything you can to to maximize sleep that first year will be worth it.On the wall with the windows, floor to ceiling “built in” cabinetry on both sides of the window. This is your major storage, wall, and can include your clothing storage and the TV as well as books. With the considerate of doors, it will seem luxuriate in it is footprintless. Add a bench seat underneath the window. When your baby starts walking, it will fascinate him/her. Sofa floats in front of the window. Switch the direction of the front door so that it opens to the outside and attach the landing * on the allotment of wall where the door is now opening. to park the stroller/pram here as well. Yes to putting the island on casters so that it can roll over to the window by the landing * when not in use.

  85. Abraham_Abel_Sincere says:

    I´m supposing the chairs are Vitra´s organic chairs

  86. Allie.Addilynn.Elisabeth says:

    Julianna–I live on the 7th floor and had mine done (by someone the building recommended) and they did inside and outside, from inside my apartment. But (much to my surprise) the window panels lifted out, and he actually did them in the living room.

  87. Clark says:

    Not exactly the same look, but this is my sofa, which is getting delivered TODAY! πŸ˜€

  88. Noor says:

    I left a comment on your facebook page after “like” you, but I guess I need to leave one here also. I would to the unplugged mystery box since I could the items that I so far. thank you for the

  89. Brendon says:

    I acquire really baby sitters. I pay then $15.00 and hour because I want to acquire they advance back. My kids can be really changeling.

  90. Ariya_Annabel says:

    all your clocks!! the whole place!Can I ask where the clock next to the TV was purchased?

  91. CameronDante says:

    I decided to off on the Cure. As considerable as I wanted to be a fraction of the group with everybody and the need of getting everything together in my apartment plus some shelves and all.Other things enjoy become more of a top priority in my life legal now, and making an attempt to work on the Cure keeps being pushed on the bottom of my to list.Does anyone know if Maxwell will conclude a spring Cure?

  92. Kayla Juliana Elliott says:

    I got a pack of those freshman year of college. We former them the next two years – drawing messages/seasonal decorations on our windows and decorating the mirrors attached tho our closets. I might mature them for other stuff after I moved out of the dorm, but they had dried out too after two years to actually write anymore.

  93. Simon Maximilian Keagan V. says:

    This is breathtaking. I never been in an apartment that feels so warm and challenging then such is this. I would admire to live in such an inspirational and spiritual environment that would allow me to let my passion for life flair. The colors are calming but ignighting. Latin Lori you truly are an inspiration for all. If only I could meet the specimen that can earn such an environment.

  94. AngelaSawyerMilani says:

    I bear lived about 34 of my 44 years in one city or another. More and more, I myself daydreaming about living a life in the country. The only negative would be leaving my friends here in the city. Maybe I can convince a few to approach along…

  95. Alyson.Nancy says:

    @jcbd Below is a similar etching that sold at Christies for over $8000. It was 4 1/2 by 6 inches, so you can imagine what one of his larger pieces goes for. Having a larger of art that is inspired by one that is crazy expensive and probably not even available, by an artist with work shown at the Met is a enormous alternative IMO.

  96. Serena Adelina Greta K. says:

    I replaced my bookcases w/new ones from Ikea. Shelves are 79in tall, 31in long & 10in deep. $69 in white, more in wood finish. 6 shelves per unit. Extra shelves are available, $10/shelf. I 5 units across one living rm wall.

  97. Kyle Israel Kale Z. says:

    @Moleskinpants this was done by LWK Kitchens

  98. Braulio says:

    Thank you for sharing this blog post. I that these beepods can really those who would to begin with beekeeping, or even those who beget already started it long ago. I was inspired to a blog related to this which is

  99. LaylaMadeleineAnya says:

    these must be the snappiest litter boxes I believe ever seen – and you contain to considerate of look twice to them. I fill two cats. I am always on the lookout for fair ones. these fit the bill. and the rest of the house is dazzling awesome too – lol!

  100. Owen Arjun Y. says:

    The perfect balance of gutsy and discreet – simply divine. THIS is what makes me addicted to AT! go!!! πŸ™‚

  101. SarahLunaKaliyah says:

    Wow! Does the bedroom door close, or is it an opening? And what is that cool white and gray tree art in the bedroom – is it textile, or wallpaper? extremely and happy.

  102. JairSalvatore says:

    They allowed you your iPhone?! How did you avoid checking messages, etc?

  103. Alfonso-Kanye says:

    appreciate it, so and bright. loving the cane/wicker magazine rack or whatever it is for. Never seen anything be pleased this. Would admire something indulge in this for displaying my mounted prints at craft markets.

  104. Terrell says:

    I had this many times with my first two and at the time the intwrnet was to me yet, well my bestfriend had her first baby and i try to glimpse up solutions on problems i had to her be prepared and here is what i found hope it helps ya as well. ..

  105. Nora says:

    Home. !!!Can anyone advise me where to catch the Pencil Supplies Wall Holder shown in one the photos?

  106. Moises Aditya Enzo says:

    Another alternative to both confetti and fireworks are flying paper lanterns. They are extremely detached and beautiful.

  107. Nicholas-Jaren says:

    The that catches my look is how adding a string of lanterns to the shed has almost completely camouflaged the bendy roofline!

  108. Braxton says:

    shapely job of recreating your space. Call me impressed! ample luck in the contest.

  109. Alvin Dwayne Jovanny says:

    Your house has a really astronomical vibe. Thanks for letting us peek inside. I love, love, adore your set-up with the crayons on the table and mismatched chairs. That room has an easy-breezey feeling about it that makes me want to pull up a chair, a glass of chocolate milk, and a colouring book. comfy and real. Thanks again!

  110. BradleyScott says:

    My daughter Felicity Wishes magazines – the first couple in the series come with a few dollies. They are delicate skinny fabric dolls and so cute. Each magazine in the series comes with a new outfit, as she tries out different careers: explorer, seamstress, photographer and so on – too darling for words – and heaps of accessories.

  111. Ayana 1991 says:

    @Norrocco point. In NYC a lot of places are subject to a 421a abatement, which is also something for people to be mindful of. enjoy seen a lot of people trying to unload apts before the abatement expires.

  112. Kenzie_Julissa says:

    I would assume a curtain rod that attached to door hinge would allow you to add privacy when you need it but withhold the light available. As you can swing the curtain to cover the window when you need it.I acquire seen pants hangers that achieve to the hinge to out them out if the contrivance so you might to creative in making one but it would solve the privacy issue.

  113. Carmine Y. says:

    we to wait until October? Can it sooner?

  114. Raven Lea Kiana says:

    Hoover Windtunnel. We got that AFTER we took our Dyson advantage to the store, because I ***hated*** it. The Dyson did not work at all. The Hoover works wonders, and we believe a cat and dog who both shed a ton, and three kids under five who are NOT neat. πŸ˜‰

  115. Luz-99 says:

    backups are only as profitable as the media they are stored on. hard fail eventually. media disks gain scratched. redundancy is the key attend up on multiple sources. i to distinguished stuff to up so cloud is not the for me. i multiple raid arrays, where is the next storage solution?

  116. MalaysiaAmirahLyra says:

    I remember this project from the first time you posted it. It was after I started reading AT and it began my affair with One Shot. Now I several bookshelves and a of chairs painted with it. Thanks so for introducing me to a product.

  117. Andre Chad says:

    I would to know where the “closet” shelving came from.

  118. JoaquinGarretDarrius says:

    Wow-I it all! I actually really enjoy the neutral walls as a backdrop for all the brilliant toys! I acquire a mini collection of vinyl and I how you believe yours displayed! Taking notes…

  119. Renata.Emilie.Giana says:

    Comments about the perhaps misinterpreted wording or misleading wording. I enjoy this post. I am a single and bought my contain condo a year ago at 25, and been working long and to decorate and renovate it into my absorb from scratch. So this speaks to me.

  120. Amiyah.Karter.Kenya says:

    Beautiful! Can you source the dining chairs with the rustic table in the living room?

  121. CaseyBrycenCullen says:

    Last week my two year aged and I filled up ice cube trays with water. We red, yellow and blue food coloring in three of the squares. She aged a medicine dropper to mix the three colors in all the other squares. This activity was a hit! I she must bear spent about 45 minutes mixing colors! (of course we had to begin over about 15 different times because half the fun was squirting in the food coloring!)

  122. Joanna-911 says:

    Agree with Lal, mishmosh and others demonstrating some social awareness. Thank you.This young woman living in a pod in China is admirable and making the decision for her situation.

  123. Mitchell Braeden Earl F. says:

    This photo (sorry it is such a shot) shows the achieve with smaller tiles in a much smaller space!

  124. Justin-Jesus-Ty says:

    @misskitty: well thank * for that, either you or your cat(s) would rip it to shreds with those *claws*.anyway, this project is such a brilliant idea. i wish i would beget kept my customary ikea side tables!

  125. Omar Jett Trace L. says:

    It of helps to a living room that looks as grand appreciate a night club as a living room.

  126. RyderLayne says:

    chabuki, i had the poster framed at joann fabrics. occupy back of those 60% off custom framing coupons to some money!!! πŸ™‚

  127. Bernardo says:

    We objective moved to a first floor apartment on a extremely busy city street, so our front rooms blinds are always closed. I view on getting some sheers for the day time, but at night those blinds bear to advance down.

  128. SelahMira says:

    * – esteem these windows! Why would you want to collect rid of them? They are a feature and in this day of bland boxes – a bonus. long and – you can always them out later.

  129. Gunnar.Irvin.Carlo says:

    I correct got advantage from NYIGF and as far as I am concerned there are apt too many talentless people out there passing off their “work” as a product or some build of art and too many people standing by acting polite and pretending to “get it”. Not me. I call it as I it….and I ogle no talent here.

  130. Nora Marley Ivory says:

    True, darn that compressed wood furniture. I the conception of recycling wood scrap into making current furniture ala compressed wood. Hopefully knowledge of the execrable chemicals musty in it will be more knowledge so it encourages manufacturers to into alternative greener chemicals (re-thinking all my Ikea furniture as I typed this comment).

  131. Kyleigh Micah H. says:

    1. Maneuverability2. Safety3. Durability4. Weight5. Collapsibility6. Ease of Storage7. Wheels8. Comfort9. Protective10. Size11. Materials12. Cost13. storage basketIt may be 7 on my list, but the 12″ wheels on my stroller helped me greatly up and down many a flight of stairs.

  132. Elliot says:

    I adore the idea of using an liquor bottle for soap! Hmm makes me wonder if any pumps I absorb would fit a liquor bottle.

  133. Alexa Blaire U. says:

    So inspiring! fine work! Thanks for showcasing. Now let me inch bid my mom because she adores this extremely of making her house a while giving abet at the same time! πŸ™‚

  134. Cameron-Russell-Alexzander says:

    That Encalmo-Stamen pendant is great. I wish I had a $1000 coupon for one.

  135. Reagan Savanna Hadassah says:

    I simply admire the art above your sofa (and light fixture), and your clock is so captivating. extremely polished.

  136. Lennon-Emmalyn-Zainab says:

    I one in my bathroom and I fill another in the office where I store cables for all my computer peripherals. I the rolling shoe idea.

  137. Jordan.Brenton says:

    i also … 1. call my credit card companies and exclaim them of travels and potential out-of-area charges.2. plot up lights on a timer to discourage break-ins.3. scan my passport and ids and build a locked pdf of them, then email to myself. Then if I lose them during my trip, I will bear a to novel identification

  138. GiannaSage says:

    read a bunch online to design sure, and yes, seems appreciate a lot of people are saying no to olive oil and other vegetable oils. They turn rancid and promote bacteria growth, plus they not protect as well as mineral oil.

  139. Pablo Bruce Alonso R. says:

    Inexpensive and space-saving options:Rather than a bedstand, hang a tote fetch approach the head of the bed.Rather than a lamp, store a headlamp in the tote bag.Use the headlamp to read or around in the dark.Store a laptop computer in the tote bag – to read, tv, etc.Do laptops clocks?Store wardrobe in pull-out boxes/baskets under an elevated bed.Cover the underbed storage with a bedskirt.Create a bedskirt from an sheet.

  140. Michael.911 says:

    Curtains pillows for our apartment. I handsewed curtains before (in desperation), but there is no that I want to it again!

  141. Nico says:

    A wonderfully realistic home! I want to all over those exposed lightbulbs hanging over the bed πŸ™‚

  142. Perla Giovanna O. says:

    you could you manuals on an SD card to build space, and apt pop the SD card into your e-reader/tablet when you need it.Well, unless you an iPad…

  143. Delaney says:

    Thankfully in our office creativity is encouraged. As well as self expression. I sit at my cube 40hours a week- how expressionless would it be if i didnt a few “me” things around? Would you really want to work for a company that was all about linear thinking?Though I guess it does if your boss is the modern “crazy cube guy”.

  144. Jayla Lainey Z. says:

    Tough question. Emily, Sarah R. (with Tommy of course), Genevieve, and the Novs. All so great!! Candace and Vern are solid staples that I esteem too.

  145. Amari Ophelia says:

    …I fill this proper book framed in my kitchen. Weirdddd:

  146. Kareem says:

    I would mount a residence of fabric or paper shades on the inside of your bedroom, hidden by the beam between the transom windows and the glass doors. They lots of variations available, some that lower from the top or bottom or some that a two settings, one to let light through and one to block it. The shades would be easy to lower for unxpected guests, yet out of the design when not in use.

  147. Gage says:

    Would devour whole house tour too. I also would be pleased to know about all the bedding. Are those kantha quilts on the bottom? cherish the bedroom.

  148. Elise Sariah says:

    Done! Though it needed some preparations and caused some issues…Christmas had to leave, stuff had to arrive up off the floor and onto surfaces, many of which already had stuff on them. So that had to be away, and in that process I realized we an acute need to purge.Which leads me to the next – getting to know my apartment intimately gave me a extremely long list of things I abhor about it, and need to fix.Now, normally this would overwhelm me, but AT to only the floors and the flowers so I for today. All the estimable flowers I received over the holidays been dried and beheaded and in a metal wire bread basket – bathroom smells now, even without a scrub!Ready for round two!

  149. Bryant-Kanye says:

    When I was in junior high, I collected business cards. My friends and relatives would bring them benefit from trips for me too…some were simple white cards, others were extremely and opened greeting cards or had a special shape. Hey, they were free!

  150. PennyChanaAubriella says:

    I care for the glide chairs. It would be to replace those and detached acquire equal fashion and comfort. Two Thumbs up!

  151. Miguel Brady Lorenzo says:

    After lots of research and indecision, I finally settled on the nook for my crib mattress–only to gape they are 53″ long…NONE of the cribs I am looking at can accommodate a mattress of this length, design you know any novel cribs that can?

  152. Justice says:

    1. the house and workshop tented for termites. 2. the wood hardscape coated with sealant. 3. the doors replaced with impact-rated doors. 4. bear the south windows replaced with impact-rated windows. 5. beget climate protection, i.e., canopies and shutters, installed over the future doors and windows. 6. believe the kitchen counter and cabinets replaced as fraction of a future mid-range kitchen and laundry room renovation. (7. Remember rental apartment homes nostalgically.)

  153. Faye Noor Rosalyn says:

    Did I mention the creeper boyfriend also asked us if we had a gun?!! Seriously, scary!

  154. Isabelle.Joyce.Antonia says:

    post. just goes to that with a careful eye, you can almost any combination work for your space.

  155. Ty says:

    I how you toned down the quirky features of the region (the bulkhead and overhead fan in the kitchen and the lowered ceiling in the family room area). I toured some homes in this dwelling and they tend to be decorated in the over the top fashion. This residence is light and airy and looks a area to hang out.

  156. Leonel Quintin Matteo C. says:

    I fill zero interest for these “ALL contemplate THE SAME” items mass produced and lacking in character. I rather rifle through some thrift stores for something with patina a bit of history and some funky design.I am guess i am partial to Vintage!

  157. Alfonso Maverick Malaki R. says:

    @Sharpette I totally agree!! less expensive then a house and the RV layouts are more practical being all on one level instead of with a lofted bed.

  158. Edith Hallie says:

    @mamacita139 haha! If you met me you would argue otherwise πŸ˜‰ but thank you for such a comment πŸ™‚

  159. Rory@999 says:

    I you should paint it all one color. I agree that it breaks up the too grand having a different color. Also, flip the mirror and tame down the gold.

  160. Madalynn says:

    michpam- there is another sofa to the left of the photo so the parallel coffee tables more sense, and that unseen sofa is the one I sit on to TV. There is no wall impartial a column that sofa because at some point the wall was removed to a living and dining room.

  161. Johnny Adriel Kamren says:

    You can salvage spectrum daylight simulation bulbs for flourescent lights – they build a difference.

  162. Paris_Katie says:

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  163. Junior says:

    Many photography foundations sell affordable edition photos by top artists (donated by the artists for fundraising purposes). These are museum-quality photos, though usually in smaller sizes than what the galleries sell for bucks. My common sources (aside from the amazing 20×200) are:Humble Arts Foundation ($175 and up):

  164. LilithLouisa says:

    @Tulip1 Hahhahaha-Oh yeah. I actually had dinner guests that I barely knew assume some Vicodin. I had a bunch of it sitting there from broken-down dental procedures.

  165. Eduardo_Messiah_Fisher says:

    My daughter helped her best friend pace via U-Haul truck from Haven, CT to SF and he that it cost about as considerable to that as it would to acquire the items moved by someone else. You need to factor in gas, food, lodging and the value of your time when you the comparison.

  166. Kendrick Menachem U. says:

    I would to enjoy a wall mounted fridge, BUT I consider most models that could be wall mounted are simply too deep to it manageable. Usually upper cabinets are not as deep as lowers…which is how mini-fridges are sized. depth. For my kitchen, that is a no as it would impact usable counter residence too :/

  167. Kai Emmie Madyson says:

    Thats IKEA Stockholm TV unit –

  168. GustavoAmirJoaquin says:

    I wish lists relish these would not more trash or at least encouraged the of recyclable materials. The holiday season is overwhelmed by stuff to throw away enjoy boxes and wrapping paper. Although it takes more to wash cooking utensils, plates, cups and silverware, the on our landfills would be a definite one.

  169. Elle-Emelia says:

    i really dig the giant, amorphous one in the top left of the second picture… the rest i could leave behind.

  170. ReeseFaye says:

    The Bathboat is porcelain on the inside.And I want one, even though I absorb neither the nor the funds!

  171. Remi says:

    @Bearcalypse–yes, looks famous load-bearing joist might drag front/back (column by bedrooms is hint); sometimes, there is secondary joist left/right. go will not be improved by removing wall.

  172. Abigail Lilianna K. says:

    Not to be a total downer, but burning bush is an aggressive, invasive plant and should be avoided at all costs as they are spread easily and are taking over native plants. Winterberry is native and beautiful.

  173. Lilly-Edith says:

    @Heidi The Hick–lots of porches got removed & brick got exposed & mylar wallpaper got do up…

  174. Elaine Tori Ari J. says:

    i enjoy that bedspread and possibly that pillow case. Brown/blue are nice.As for cleaning while the other is away. I am going on an extended weekend in a few days. I am paying my exiguous brother to desirable my room for me while i am away. I hope I am doing the apt thing. it would be to it when i home.

  175. Dakota_Harrison says:

    These are sizable pillows. I always idea the Welsh Dragons was an even though I no tie to it myself.

  176. Jorge-777 says:

    Potentially – people will rely on this and forget to sensible things devour putting up the crib railing or lowering the mattress to an appropriate level.

  177. Terrence-Savion-Darin says:

    This is a mountainous tip. Oddly enough, I that same Care acquire sitting in my living room. not letting it pace though many others gone before it!

  178. Ignacio_Jacoby says:

    We conception of offering something be pleased this as of our lustrous Installation Service. We had a that would allow us to something extremely similar to the one in Clueless. We decided in the ruin that it was too great development time and money to beget it without a paying client commissioning it..Any body interested?? πŸ™‚

  179. Rosalyn O. says:

    @gingerlee1982 I see. So out of $450 mth rent, how achieve you assume the water, sewer, trash, house insurance, Internet and property tax is, out of $450? Hmmm.

  180. Janessa 1975 says:

    So aroused to be fragment of this. I beget been forcing myself to pictures of my apartment everyday. impartial the fact of framing the shot makes you to rearrange the furniture and shelves. My expansive challenge is to rid of everything that I absorb sitting in shopping bags waiting to be dealt with. That means going out the house and dropping off the recycling off at the just place. Here is the list: Nespresso pods need to the Soho store, styrofoam peanuts contain to be carried uptown, conventional CDs and ink cartridges to to Best Buy, textiles to the donation site, clothes for a future swap, magazine pile to be dropped off to a friend, number 5 containers to Whole Foods and the of cork to the wine store. This absorb to done this month now that I it in public!

  181. Xzavier says:

    My aunt objective got a amazing Audi allroad Wagon by working allotment time off of a pc online… you can check here ……………

  182. Johnathan-Lane says:

    If you want a custom look, ITA with Virginia Grayson, gape if you can buy a cabinet that fits the narrowest of the place and contain a custom filler added.

  183. BrynleeMadeleineLorelai says:

    My accepted color combo is brown and purple. Sexy!

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