How Adorable Colorful Sofa Reclining Chaise Design Ideas

Reclining chaise now come with colorful sofas today and you can make them being in your living room well. Chaise sofa can be a great addition to a living room or family room of your home as an ordinary chair or sofa. A nice comfortable place to relax during the day, a sofa chair lately is a huge favorite as living room furniture. Referred to as the seat of this sofa is the one stop solution when you need a sofa, lounge, bed or sofa bed for the time relax. Reclining sofa chaise also adds an attractive impression.

reclining chairs brown are made of metal and wood frame material, microfiber upholstery

reclining chairs brown are made of metal and wood frame material, microfiber upholstery

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share how really adorable colorful sofa reclining chaise design ideas. What is a sofa? What’s so special about it? If the sofa is extra chair so long as it can support your feet easily when you stretch out on it but still support such as sofas, sofa can be called lazy. Reclining sofa doubles as a lounge which allows you to sit and relax or lie down and sleep with ease. Chaise sofa frame can be made of wood or metal frame and can be as low as a mattress or sofa can look like normal. It is slightly larger in size than normal couch, but you have to give an item of furniture that can multi-task well! When the timeless elegance and sophistication is required, sofas chaise can match. Here you can see some beautiful sofa designs. This is an image of a chaise sofa from renowned Italian furniture manufacturers, Fama.

plush rocking recliner chair in green

plush rocking recliner chair in green

luxurious reclining chaise with pillow arms provide comfort in any seating position

luxurious reclining chaise with pillow arms provide comfort in any seating position

Available in a variety of styles, you will find it hard to know which is best for your home. Unlike the mattress needs to be opened, it has a wide and deep seats so adults can sleep easily without extra work. That’s all we can discuss and share how really adorable colorful sofa reclining chaise design ideas.

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  1. Diego-Avery says:

    care for this color combo – so and relaxing. The rug is and not surprising that it comes from Target! I my element is the yellow accent the crib – the scrapbooker in me is reminded of scalloped edge Bazzil cardstock! a attractive room all around. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Leo Leonel Dashawn W. says:

    I can this done with valentine cupcake papers…perfect for party decorations!

  3. Sophie1963 says:

    I contemplate LLC makes a point and shows that this is not so distinct cut…”Stuff” requires a amount of energy to make, ship, use, and dispose of. By managing our “stuff” more efficiently (such as buying local), we would establish a lot of energy.There are so many solutions that accurate need more support. Waste-to-energy methods, for example.

  4. LeeWaylon says:

    My spouse and I two things on our travels: Christmas ornaments and canvas/reusable-type bags that we can employ for grocery/general shopping when we home. We accept a lot of comments on our frigid accumulate collection when we our our weekly grocery runs.

  5. IzaiahRodolfo says:

    You could chop up a cheap styrofoam cooler to line the cabinet, but as almost everyone said, you should lope it elsewhere.

  6. Jay Aldo R. says:

    It is so necessary to designate all of your boxes. When we had a storage unit a few years back, we neglected doing this. I wish we had labelled. It was a nightmare finding things that we needed!

  7. Liberty-Chandler says:

    I live with a blind person….flow is not tripping over ottomans or running into bookshelves feeble as room dividers…can you say TIM BER!

  8. RyleighLucilleIvanna says:

    Yes, the market is such that they can ask $450,000 and not blink. This is why us British a bit grumpy that AT keeps featuring cavernous US ex-pat properties in Notting Hill… πŸ™‚

  9. Joshua V. says:

    It is extremely cute, but the name makes me want to pull out my hair roots and all. It roughly translates into “little sh–“. Appropriate, I suppose.

  10. Imani_Aliana_Julianne says:

    Well the other alternative is to two sheets that you and coordinate with each other and stitch them together. Duvet covers are not rocket science. Sew 3 sides fully and a bit at each corner on the 4th side, add some closures to the remainder of the 4th side and you are done. The closures can be anything from ribbons you will tie (probably not a idea with kitties), buttons with holes or loops, to Velcro. You could also accurate accomplish the opening on the 4th side fairly small, which would require a bit of maneuvering to the comforter in but no genuine closures.

  11. Paige Ari Aryana says:

    Gorgeous, the first living room is to me. The mauve on the chairs, that orange striped bench….love!

  12. LeoJessieShea says:

    I contemplate it will be hard to attain a room divider if you that giant rug (although I attain the rug), because the rug tends to unify the dwelling you are trying to demolish up. If you the rug, you are likely going to need to exercise curtains as a divider, but frankly you should the Expedit route because it will give you a ton of storage for your miscellaneous stuff. regain two 4×4 units – that device they are not too and the light can composed fetch over to the living place (also, the top cubbies sparingly so that light gets through that level as well). effect one unit on each side of the room, perpendicular to the wall, so that you a “doorway” into your bedroom home in the middle. This should leave you about a 3-foot opening for the doorway if the measurements are accurate, or you could compose one 4×4 and one 4×2 if you want a bigger opening. The reason for having 2 is so that you can employ one to cover your bed, and the other will give you a to hide your bicycles on the wall antonym your bed.

  13. Luis-Leo says:

    i saw a Bentley Prince Street presentation at Greenbuild last year about their sustainable building (LEED certified) and manufacturing processes. i was really impressed that they bear an in-house sustainability expert and they bear been ahead of the curve when it comes to green/sustainable business practices.

  14. Jeremy Zack E. says:

    As a bibliophile and librarian, I one suggestion. attach all heavy books on low, preferably bottom, shelves. Over time their weight will compose most shelving sag.Apart from that, beget what makes you happy.

  15. Genevieve.Giuliana.Kiana says:

    What a looking home. affection the bar cart and credenza. substantial kitchen, too. What is that countertop material? Perfect balance of dim & white…

  16. Reginald Kole Camryn U. says:

    I am totally mystified that this post has received so many comments. Why are people so fervent in solving the of the detestable colored mixer? This is not a judgement -I was reviewing posts and this caught my attention – musing…

  17. Matthew Brody A. says:

    I maintain the light is a laser pointer, to acquire the cats cooperate for the camera!

  18. Carl Kolton Cale F. says:

    That is one of my rugs. My friend has a extremely similar one in her dining room.

  19. Kamila-1975 says:

    @LESGal I added the sideways hanging. I steel shelf brackets from Depot instead of Ikea. They were a $5 instead of $2, but saved me a trip. I hang long dresses and tunics on them hanging parallel to the wall. They must be attached to a stud in to a lot of weight indulge in this tho. (Or if you want to hang between studs, a wide board (horizontally) to two studs and then the hanger to the board. (Or consume two parallel boards lined up so you can build the top and bottom of each bracket to top and bottom board.) you can derive brackets that stick out 8-9″.

  20. Adriana-Romina says:

    What about drawer lining? And dishes? From antique china to Orla Kiely canisters, there are a lot a different floral patterns.

  21. Malik-2009 says:

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  22. CharlesIbrahimRylee says:

    arrgh, unprejudiced typed a response and it disappeared….this is some advice, thank you. And I agree with everything you said; all of your commentary I had been abstractly thinking for awhile, but you confirmed some stuff for me. I acquire agree that most granite looks dead, though I could never build my finger on it. and yes its hard, and Im tired of granite in general, its everywhere now. The stone you fill looks soft, and smacks of taste. And since I accurate inherited a house–a time capsule from 1940—the kitchen will be the first thing I update. I was home on quartz, but now I believe I will be a copycat and spring for some marble with a matte finish. (In addition, I confess it will compose some relatives pea green. bwaha!!) Also, killing time at work the other day, I was looking at knobs/pulls on restoration hardware, and I was thinking how the brushed nickel (and the oil rubbed bronze too) looked so better than the stainless steel. So yess, now I know I will proceed with one of those softer metals…..those deep black floors always accomplish dusty, but * theyre worth it. and hey, floor dusters made great strides in the past decade. laff(yeah I those orderly knowing wood floors–tacky).good advice here, expedient advice….. =)

  23. Curtis99 says:

    adore the simple elegance… Would cherish to eye a complete house tour

  24. Makhi says:

    gold couch thing and for the life of me cannot understand why anyone would those loathsome skin cushions on ghost chairs!

  25. Stefan says:

    This made me so happy!!! care for that you were able to update a family dwelling with so much care and attention! I believe lovingly updated a 1950 house and a 1970 house and I really seeing what others for updates

  26. Lance-Damion-Steve says:

    My living room has 4 doorways (including a the front door and a closet), 2 windows, and a fireplace. I would some benefit in re-arranging. Also paint – the fireplace is painted not the color.

  27. Sierra says:

    BRAVO!!!! lUDIlo SU sToLIce… a jos mI je drazE bIlo vidiT pOSt o Hrv.ProIzvoDu na Ap.TheRAPY πŸ™‚

  28. Stephen says:

    P.S. – sorry, can you divulge me about the second photo? Are those canvases covered with fabric? appreciate them.Also – though beautiful, I usually find Amy Butler a bit predictable, but your consume of her fabric does not so cliche. Looks astounding with that improper pillow, chartruese canvas and Asian-inspired lamp. You absorb a huge eye.

  29. Isaias666 says:

    I deep windows so I hang them from the windows.

  30. Damon-Jadon-Anderson says:

    @Kath la Chicagolaise Thanks! The orange in the curtains is subtle – so is the red. The overall feel of the curtains is a warm rose. I painted the walls that soft Mango Cream (left the ceiling white) because the room is north-facing and has only one high, long horizontal window. Winter can be extremely gray, in Pittsburgh, and the warm walls and curtains beget all the difference. There are two bedside lamps of a aqua, and bed sheets and throw pillows in aqua-and-white tints. The best thing is a vintage table lamp with roses and butterflies…subtle and beautifully made. Everything comes from Craigslist, a consignment shop, or Marshalls/TJ Maax.Totally agree with you re misuse of books…what considerate of non-reading complusive type would arrange books merely by color of their cover?

  31. MarilynJazmineAliya says:

    This is my absolute favorite. The colors are wonderful. It is a happy, feel apartment. I want this apartment. I admire the crisp white with the other colors. Please command me your yellow and white paint colors. I contemplate and examined all the entries and you the best for many, many reasons. Mainly for me, it makes me feel so happy.

  32. Marcus_Johnathan_Emanuel says:

    Your apartment makes me happy. I appreciate the colors and to ask, where did you the living room curtains? Love.

  33. Skyler Wayne Reynaldo S. says:

    Antiperspirant on the bite works wonders. the clear considerate to avoid white blotches. My dad swore by this, and it worked. Unfortunately they did not develop determined antiperspirant when I was a kid and being complete mosquito bait, spent my summers covered in white splotches.

  34. JasmineKaiya says:

    @bellabrooklyn I scrolled up to gather this palm tree, I did not it to be amazing, it was! Thank you for bringing it to my attention. πŸ™‚

  35. Callie-Ada says:

    Yes! Colour! And my favourite colour, to boot! Can I come and hang out for a bit?

  36. Kai-Nalani says:

    I would hold the light colour of the wood. It looks and new against the dismal grey, and with the white. It also compliments your new chair and window blind. I consider you might be disappointed if you went with a downhearted stain.

  37. Cesar Judah Glenn says:

    got back from Italy last week. Absolutely Florence and Sienna. fabulous food and coffee!! I I must beget finished my annual quota for caffeine there… Went to Bologna, the food capital of Italy too.. Had authentic bolognese and it was FANtastic.. My husband and I are already planning our next foodie there… πŸ™‚

  38. Kaleb-ZZZ says:

    @Kymmye:Yes, IMO, a decorated in too consistent a looks and, depending on the era of the style, either a museum or a catalog. An eclectic mix, even if it leans heavily towards one style, is more livable.”But it could also be the awful furniture my mom chose growing up, that 80s-90s fusion of contemporary (read:enormously overstuffed chairs and sofas) with exclusive faux country shabby white washed wood.”Ugh! lol

  39. MelanieGloriaYamileth says:

    I did this on a giant wall I had using mirrors. Painted a mighty bigger square the grouping of 3 mirrors to the scale appropriate. Really helped acquire in a broad wall on my diminutive budget.

  40. Saige@2006 says:

    more info please. Does she the tears directly on the walls or does she them into plastic pouches/protectors?

  41. Quinn-Paige-Leila says:

    Along these lines….. wondering if anyone has any tips for shades that do at the bottom of the window instead of the top. We live on the first floor of an apartment building on a relatively busy street in Manhattan—the bottoms of our windows are right about neck-level for folks on the sidewalk—and would indulge in to devise a to absorb privacy while allowing light to enter the bedroom. Any ideas?Thanks!

  42. Reese-Irving says:

    I am also looking for the same allotment but shorter version. I I believe to choose for the Horchow.

  43. Jonas-911 says:

    Personally I would meander for the half-glass doors, because not everything you is display-worthy. A bit of concealed storage is always a thing! (Also, in this case, I correct bewitch the of the half-glass unit)

  44. Jessie G. says:

    These are all awesome, can you provide how-to directions for at least some? Thanks!

  45. Aubrey.Saige.Kiana says:

    beneficial selection of vintage furniture! If you are looking for additional items to furnish your dwelling check out our location Furnish America.

  46. Trinity Dalary says:

    I did a few improvised coasters for a 25th bday party, where we out paper circles in dark and white, ones with a hand holding up 2 fingers, and the other half of the coasters with all five fingers. It looked aesthetic and everybody liked them. Inexpensive and personalized. Best of all, served their purpose!

  47. Jackson Talan Shannon G. says:

    This is really well through and executed (that cushion pad must been made specially). It looks terrific, as if that was how it was always meant to be.

  48. Jace-Bruce-Makai says:

    I wanted to mention that they acquire a glimpse online if anyone is in submitting feedback,

  49. Sierra_Giana says:

    I am amazed at how harsh everyone on here can be, this is meant as inspiration for our decor. Yeah, book stuff may contain been done before: but not everyone has seen this, there is always some people out there who will cherish it and it work in their home.

  50. Katherine_Makenna_Ainsley says:

    Having a formal dining room is delight in having that special cutlery or dinnerware that you never use. The absence of the formal dining room reflects the lifestyle many lead in that they rarely entertain in a formal style. So its difficult to a “formal” area for once or twice a year use. The few times I absorb had guests it was informal where the food was placed on the breakfast bar and other bench spaces around the apartment and the guest socialised in the living room, balcony and kitchen [separate kitchen].I consider they should advance up with dining rooms that are easily converted into a useful location after you enjoy the once/twice a year dinner party. If someone designs that I we will ogle the dining room concept a back.

  51. Jesse_Walter_Alfred says:

    Thanks for all the advise. Last year when I had to bring all my plants inside due to the cold weather there was a congregation of gnats. I conventional the sticky tape traps and they worked really well but they determined are horrible and I employ insecticide soap for aphids but not for gnats.

  52. Claire-Malia-Hayley says:

    whoops, perhaps an example/link would πŸ˜‰

  53. Jovany L. says:

    I it too. i actually wish i could that to my – i affection the feel of painted brick. anyone know of where i can inexpensive brick siding for indoors? all the exterior stuff is expensive!

  54. JeremyTyrese says:

    We damaged ours with 2 leaking plant pots. My husband removed the stains with something called ZUD. Follow the instructions carefully.Our hardwood floors were apparently reclaimed from a house being demolished. They were reinstalled, sanded and then only oiled. We acquire been here for end to 30 years and they been extremely easy care.

  55. Catalina.Lorelei.Marleigh says:

    I always knew you loved plants…but this explains so grand more! I the colors too πŸ™‚

  56. Ari says:

    @RubyMae Exactly. We signs stating that it is private property and no trespassing, including parking. But on public streets that allow all day parking, game.I was commenting that not all streets are public property, hence the “Unless it is private property”.Good luck to OP and all of us that deal with urban parking on a daily basis!

  57. Londyn 777 says:

    Kudos to you. I your efforts and I care for the chairs. I passed up many finds because of the cost of upholstery and my reluctance to attempt such a task.Great job like anything else its is a learning and on you for taking it on.AP need to display more of these DIY as it encourages us all to more.

  58. Derick 696 says:

    Clean. dapper the stove, oven, cabinets around stove, the vent above the stove (no one ever cleans those and they are filthy).Clean all baseboards, all air vents with water on microfiber cloth. Cleaners leave a residue on the vent fins.All horizontal surfaces should be empty. The exception is you want one dish/platter out in your house to the other agent cards as they showed your house. This clues you and other agents in to how the house could be. πŸ™‚

  59. Sophie-2016 says:

    i didnt even glimpse at the wallpaper, i objective want the taxidermied armadillo.

  60. Angelina-Carmen says:

    I never fill enough guts to repaint something faded and weathered. Only once did I repaint an antique sewing machine stand. I lamented for months……..until I finally sold it to someone else.

  61. Claire-Gabrielle-Montserrat says:

    You can bewitch milk crates (the plastic ones, in a grand selection of colors) from The Container Store. They fill them in standard sizes and record-sizes.

  62. Regina.Itzel.Kenley says:

    FYI for anyone considering Elfa, the Container Store is currently having their annual 30% off sale on Elfa systems. fun!!

  63. Shelby says:

    In northwest PA we spent $189 on this toilet (

  64. Wyatt Romeo says:

    first of all- congrats on your place!! I owned a microscopic condo in Toronto for 5 years and I loved it. finish you grand TV? If not, you can nix the TV/TV stand, which opens things up. You could achieve the bed lengthwise and * up a couple armchairs and a pop up coffee table. I would also recommend furniture that does double duty- I had the ikea Norden gateleg table, which was for a condo!

  65. Dustin.Isai.Clark says:

    So adorable. into a new region with my 4 year broken-down cat Lola, this would be awesome!

  66. Isiah_Deven_Quintin says:

    @The BB : If you move for education in a expansive arrangement and to finance it with loans, buying in your 20s or 30s is often not possible for many, especially in areas where housing is expensive relative to other places. Some education over homeownership in the early years.

  67. Ali says:

    Molly–I SWEAR, your finds build eBay relish the chicest thing since JLo signed on to * Louis Vuitton.You contain such an eye. AND such patience.Thnaks for sharing both with AT!!!

  68. ElliotSincerePaxton says:

    grand roundup; lots of ideas for DIY or hacks.

  69. Lucy.Danielle says:

    @nanoinfinity Try Cherie from who is based in Ontario. Her goodies are in the $$$-$$$$ range but she does enjoy sales.

  70. Braylon.Abram says:

    I a lot more items curved up to my computer so cord management is something I really need to work on. I these ideas a lot.

  71. Kadyn R. says:

    nice. fashion on a budget. first-rate exercise of pattern.

  72. Everly Margaret Novalee O. says:

    @shapes Replace “attic” with “basement” and you believe my precise situation. I want to dart some of the rarely stuff to the basement, but first I acquire to purge stuff from down there.

  73. Bethany says:

    Masonry screws are for concrete. For a brick wall, you should employ a lead anchor with a standard sheet metal or wood *. The anchors are sizeable, so you will need a margin around the screws that is hidden by the shelf or brackets. You can it without a hammer drill, but you probably will need a corded drill or a few batteries worth of a cordless drill. Hope this helps.

  74. Titus says:

    contain a friend staying over for a long weekend the 22nd. Speeding up everything and working ahead to everything ready as far as possible in advance. Invited her last month, but will count this as my assignment. Ordered a laundrybasket in anticipation of the bathroom assignment as well.

  75. Andrew Ellis E. says:

    unbiased a busy monday at work leaving no time to surf!New comments working ample after I remembered my user name (formerly Sassy in SF – now Sassy for short)

  76. Roger says:

    Thanks for the considerate comments. I that white epoxy is quite resilient and therefore easy to care for. One thing that makes it easy is the no shoes indoors policy.Dirt/dust does not prove up on the white floors.

  77. Sean Collin Devan H. says:

    Has anyone tried these coconut scrubbers? I contemplate they would a amazing gift!

  78. Michaela Alessia X. says:

    My cousin is having twins. It is too unpleasant there is only one of these!

  79. Perla 99 says:

    If you want to invest in a truly comfortable sofa sleeper – these from American Leather:

  80. Madelynn U. says:

    Thank you! I also fill a vintage lamp with no shade and finding the one has been a nightmare!

  81. Devon_Melvin_Alonso says:

    @ABrklyn Oh my gosh. Thank you!! It did not arrive easily, I struggled over every square and there are serene so many things I want to improve and change. But really, thank you for your considerate words!

  82. Shawn says:

    Here you Brian…

  83. Marilyn Khaleesi Itzayana E. says:

    Reminds me of an early house my husband and I rented where we were able to pull out our bed onto the enclosed front porch in the summer. We had a astronomical blue orderly in the yard that covered most of the making it a private region as well as protected from the weather. We broken-down candle light because there was no electricity on the porch and would lie in bed watching fireflies and listening to the crickets, frogs and other night sounds. We calm talk about how that all was. yours!

  84. Hazel says:

    I believe an almost Identical lamp that I got from a garage sale for about $4 and enjoy been trying to decide what to with it. I am loving all of these ideas. I will contain to try them myself

  85. Tucker-Larry-Noel says:

    We had a destination wedding for 25 people in Costa Rica & a second reception in Houston for about 80 people (with food & * at both) for $17,450.05 including every detail. The destination wedding by itself (excluding costs, lodging, etc) was $13,585.05And yes I did track it to the penny.

  86. Wilson_Moshe_Kamren says:

    While in Tokyo last month everywhere you has them. From the nicest hotels to McDonalds. I became so atrocious by them I proptly purchased one when I returned to the states. They are the BEST!!

  87. Romina-88 says:

    I would leave the walls white for a dapper but paint the door and window along with the attend of the pantry shelves a color–not gray, but something bright. achieve a dinky allotment of art work above the silver backsplash and frame it with the trim/pantry shelves color. Also a long indoor/outdoor would add a lot. Ballard Designs and Overstock absorb them.

  88. Thalia2002 says:

    Vincent, your comment was disrespectful. I, too, posted a complaint.

  89. Sloane_Mariana_Clare says:

    1 T bleach, 1 T lemon juice, 1/2 cup corn syrup or sugar per quart of lukewarm water- replace weekly, branches periodically and split as directed above. My curly willow branches bear been alive for 4 months and counting.

  90. Vada says:

    I was in Istanbul in 1999 when 7.3, 45 seconds long earthquake happened at 3 am in the morning, I execute not know if anyone can really prepare for this of event other than having a survival kit around. I remember trying to under the table, between the door etc… but when the earth moves with that magnitude all read information seem not enough to survive. The only thing I was grateful that my home was built taking into consideration of the earthquake zone. A lot of ppl died due to lack bldg aid or living in buildings (8/9 floors) where only 3 legend should believe been allowed.

  91. SawyerCameron says:

    There is a disagreement between leaving a few things out of position (set of keys on a table, a robe on a hook, one pair of shoes inside the door) and making your house cluttered (the unmade bed photo with shoes factual next to it). A proper balance has to be struck.

  92. Cael says:

    Ecology:Rather than a desk, try a handheld computer and a clipboard.

  93. Timothy Maximus Jan says:

    Aquarabbit show? Huzzah. Her quote on the GIVEN is thought-provoking and awareness-inducing.

  94. Carlos says:

    Another tip is to hurry for furniture that is grievous enough not to block examine lines, as mighty as possible, and (unless you need a room divider) try to huge furniture against walls. The further you can see, the bigger the residence seems.

  95. Jasmine-Cali-Elisa says:

    Unless you are handy with drywall, the “simple” hint of “just absorb in that irregular area above the cabinets” or “Just occupy and rehang the cabinets” is really not so simple.But when you are replacing your countertops, believe replacing those rounded-off wooden counter tops on the half walls. I they are dating the space.

  96. Ashley Catalina Milena W. says:

    @Regine of The 256 Project Ooh! I the Finley too. The Joss and Main website says the chairs dimensions are: Overall: 29.5′ H x 24.5′ W x 20.5′ DSeat: 17.5′ H x 17′ W x 15.75′ DArms: 22′ HIt will certainly work for a dining room chair. Via Google: “Most dining tables are about 30 inches high. Chair height is generally 18 inches (from the floor to the seat). Allow 12 inches between the seat of your chair and your tabletop. Leave 7 inches between the chair arm and the bottom or apron of the table.”

  97. Malik-Finn-Elian says:

    @Rookie Some of us not care what others consider about our personalities. Why should ones decor to be that symbol.

  98. Cruz says:

    ditto applebomb. only houses on busy roads would be accepted for this but if you couldnt decide what you were advertising for you could destroy up with cigarette or * ads on the device to a school.that being said, I live on a busy road and acquire one windowless side of the house that would develop a PERFECT billboard if I could find some money every month! thats much easier than having a roommate.

  99. Payton.Braylon says:

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  100. Elias_Dayton says:

    Jack: Check out this heater

  101. Ethan Brenden says:

    I was about to say “what a contented cabinet” when I saw someone else already did! job- I hope it makes you smile when you it.

  102. Anna Aleah Milena U. says:

    I adore that rug! Does anyone know the name of the rug? It appears to no longer be available from World Market.:(

  103. Faith Isla O. says:

    If it is a glass . . . is there a effort of it BREAKING???? I believe been waiting, but now I am – I a lot and am not always nice to my laptop.~k

  104. Zariyah 2011 says:

    Can you PLEASE conceal another Canadian position other than Montreal??? This is driving me crazy!!

  105. Kimberly-Karter-Antonia says:

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  106. Talia_Sarai says:

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  107. JakobJaylinDominik says:

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  108. Jonah-Kenny-Grady says:

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  109. Allen.Lucian.Adin says:

    Some of my common etsy shops (I typography, prints, letterpress, cards, and stationery… the sassier the better!)Super prints of different cities:www.artsharkdesigns.etsy.comFun and “inspiring” prints/cards:www.orangebeautiful.etsy.comSimple & white prints:www.beauchamping.etsy.comSilkscreen prints and cards (including xmas cards!):www.EasternSunPrintworks.etsy.comFun hair accessories:www.LovMely.etsy.comUnique cards and sassy prints:www.dirtybandits.etsy.comLovely prints and other goods:www.slidesideways.etsy.comAdorable and original

  110. Carter-Lilyana-Jolie says:

    Fieldcrest pima cotton sheets from Target are affordable, elastic all the device around for a snug fit and are surprisingly comfortable. Also, I bought Ralph Lauren linen sheets at the ABC warehouse in the Bronx six years ago and I acquire never slept on sheets more comfy and cozy. Absolutely amazing!!!

  111. Jeremiah Calvin Terrence J. says:

    it! i live in oc but cant wait to earn to san diego!

  112. GenesisPalomaCherish says:

    Luca Brasi- what an name for a dog!!! What of dog is he? I want to imagine the face with the name.

  113. Kevin@666 says:

    Twentieth on beverly is the ONLY to go… Stephan has the best for whats really colossal in today… every peice in the store is extraordinary and can stand on its as art… the rest of the stores around are noise…

  114. Ernesto says:

    I the ivory cable knit throw from Pottery Barn for $79. I its a lot nicer than the one from H&M, and anything from One Kings has availability.

  115. Fernanda says:

    I should acquire probably also added that not everyone who reads this location is American!

  116. Gage-Cullen-Carmine says:

    I want to Diy a night light for my kiddos room, would that work inside?

  117. Deangelo says:

    “Red, I want to be red.” (Ask Your Couch school of decorating.) The shape seems to call for a dramatic, rather than neutral, treatment — a color that would pop with your color scheme, whatever your preferences.

  118. Zoey.Zendaya says:

    Odd…very of the Disney charm is there. I would bear expected replicas of his Seven Dwarf Oscars. I had been hoping for a time capsule house, as Disney is tremendous with that sort of thing, but…It was too distinguished to hope for I suppose.

  119. German says:

    Having an animal companion is an indispensable and rewarding relationship I love. Now that my dog is 15 years the termcaretaker has more meaning than ever. I shop my local pet shop for basics and other nyc stores at 16th and 7th Ave.and on Greenwich for special treats and items from George. Speaking of George, Moss on Greene St had a generous gift item for a owner, a pair of toys in the image of its stick logo.

  120. Roland-Cale says:

    Here is a link to an artist that does something similar with robots. He calls them “corrected paintings”. My husband loves them.

  121. Kassandra says:

    I had mirrors in my glass cabinets in my previous and liked the so I establish them in the two glass cabinets in my modern place.It makes an disagreement in the room.

  122. Michelle Jillian Eileen says:

    Thanks for the fine ideas–hopefully I can him more comfy now!

  123. Braylon Reece Deven T. says:

    Agreed with other posters that “refinished by the * who bought it at a capture and now wants to turn it over for some cash” is not the same thing as “perfect condition”.

  124. Maurice.Maximilian.Aryan says:

    is there a list of flea markets around the santa monica area? i deem it would be fun to paddle to one. never been.

  125. LilianAmaniRaina says:

    noble beds… now I enjoy to convince the dog to sleep there and not in our bed!

  126. Delilah Parker X. says:

    @kimithyI totally agree! And there are many mega bucks catering halls and other Venus with stained carpets and other issues!

  127. Isaiah-Everett-Zain says:

    I recently came across this post on GIFTFLUENCE.COM (a resource for the wholesale gift/decor industry) about IKEA opening plants in the US, and some of their major suppliers planning to the same. One reason cited: reducing their carbom footprint by cutting out shipping from overseas. Check it out at:

  128. June K. says:

    anthropologie is always inspiring. i amble in there all the time to creative ideas for my & on outfits. one of my favs was how they aged cabinet pulls as hooks. last time i saw that they made these sunbursts on the walls using matchsticks. probably not the best idea, but it looked neat.

  129. LilliannaAadhya says:

    This was correct the kick I needed to finish some expressionless stuff:

  130. Keegan Winston Q. says:

    does any one any after entering once now find thanks for entrying when ever i lunge on is it doing it by seeing your email or maybe somethings not working for this faded gal thank you lol

  131. Genesis Destiny Rory says:

    I copper pipes to hang my curtain rods. There are pipe cutters specifically made to chop pipe easily and mighty less dangerously than using a saw. I not any close-up pictures of the pipes on my blog, but this post shows the curtains and pipes in the room.

  132. Kiera_Eileen says:

    Spray painting drawer pulls is a project with short term longevity. This spray paint will be off by the oils on your hands. Depending on this can happen quickly. didnt even last a month when I did it to my gruesome builders grade kitchen cabinet knobs. I had the best luck when I applied a coat of topcoat spray paint to the knobs. But ultimately I broke down and bought knobs that were already the color I wanted.

  133. Gracie-666 says:

    I went with Ben Moore “winter solstice” in my bedroom you can ogle it here:

  134. Samantha.Mckinley.Amayah says:

    @Portlandrules So about how the pieces are made. I only ever choose vintage furniture now (just pre-70s, not even anything neat special or designer) because anything costs the same or more and is basically made out of pressboard. Even the higher stuff!

  135. Keegan Simeon Darion F. says:

    I assume painted portraits are wonderful! fine rare these days. Personally, I would feel peculiar having one of myself-but perhaps I would exchange them amongst my siblings? I would not feel * having one of my sisters or brothers. Then our children and grandchildren could re-exchange them down the line. If you are lucky enough to painted portraits of family members, I say hang them! conversation starters.

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