Really Great And Amazing Queen Captains Bed Design Ideas

Queen captains bed today will come to your bedroom with the great designs surely. The styles of queen bed looks amazing on captains and suitable to those who want to get the big impression. Captain queen bed is designed in the style of the latest models of luxury European-style engraving that is where it is combined with the typical simple and finished with paint color black duco charming combination of gold and decorated with additional seat section so poor that adds an elegant luxury will zoom. Beds captain is very well suited to be placed in your master bedroom space with the concept of luxury European-style elegance.

Awesome Bookcase Headboard Queen King Captains Storage Bed with Drawers

Awesome Bookcase Headboard Queen King Captains Storage Bed with Drawers

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really great and amazing queen captains bed design ideas. The queen beds or bunks minimalist captain has some type according to capacity, the queen bed; a small bed for occupied by one person, a double bed; one big bed for occupancy 2 people, twint bed; 2 separate beds for occupancy 2 people. The bed has some of its own calculations and special provisions, especially if it is in a narrow room. Usually the beds are used is a type of single bunks beds, but not the only measure affecting the comfort of the bed rest, bed design also we can choose according to the mood of the room occupants. For example capitan queen bed with a capacity of one person has a unique design, this bed is designed with a wavy shape on the mattress, the mattress wave pattern continues into the headrests or known to the head board.

Amazing Oak Queen Spindle Captains Bed with pillows and storage underneath

Amazing Oak Queen Spindle Captains Bed with pillows and storage underneath

Modern Queen Captains Bed with storage underneath and there are several pillows

Modern Queen Captains Bed with storage underneath and there are several pillows

Headboard on the bed continues on the bedroom ceiling, which make it appear to be wide bed dimensions. To support the comfort of the pillow used is very soft feather pillows. Thatโ€™s all we can discuss and share about how really great and amazing queen captains bed design ideas.

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  1. Bailee-Bria says:

    This one has a light, but its innocuous and finished in chrome nickel:

  2. Francesca says:

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  4. Ryleigh Annabella Lennox says:

    The previous homeowner at our planted them all in a bed out in a extremely shady spot. Somehow, all but one survived and I bear repotted a few.

  5. Riley.Emanuel says:

    We left an apartment once and the landlady listed it as “newly redecorated”

  6. Jaiden.Gerald says:

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  8. Danica says:

    Thanks everyone. I actually those erasers almost everyday (not green I know) with a 3 yr old, crayons magically appear on every surface. I am going to try it in the shower and portray back.

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  10. Kyler.Terry.Micheal says:

    Why are you hanging cardigans? Oh . . . I others believe advised you against that . . .

  11. Alexis 911 says:

    What about some embroidery this? (But bigger, obviously)

  12. JonathanMuhammadPranav says:

    Putting your desk in front of it and shelves over top means that you will be reaching far attend to net things from the shelves. I say achieve some shelving in there to employ the space. You can it, or decorate with a excellent plant or something to it not seem you an extra closet.

  13. Kynlee.999 says:

    If anyone watches Parks and Recreation on NBC I noticed a fish bowl (or at least it looked like a fish bowl) elephantine of assorted gift bows displayed. I notion that looked and was extremely practical given the wrapping season.

  14. Chloe Faith says:

    @suitep The gracious folks from the design firm were enough to disclose me where to the bookshelves.

  15. Quentin Giovani M. says:

    The house is awesome, but can you guys PLEASE effect a separate fragment for great houses? The comments here seem to indicate a number of people who want to examine APARTMENTS or similar urban dwellings on APARTMENT Therapy.

  16. Jabari says:

    Lovely! Advice: If the filler pieces you composed need are IKEA, gather them ASAP, as things there become “discontinued” and unavailable later.

  17. Lorelei Lainey Nola says:

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  18. Trenton.2012 says:

    We bought this a while attend for our dogs and they affection it. to store toys inside and then they can climb up on top to look out the window. It doesn’t exactly with our midcentury furniture but hey, it’s all about loving our pups.

  19. Alani says:

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  20. Ellen Sharon says:

    I started a board called “Finis” where I travel all the ideas I contain used.

  21. Wyatt Z. says:

    In the world of mass produced furnishings, these ideas prevail: 1) it cheap. 2) do it generic enough to “go” with lots of styles. Your fragment is a poster child for this thinking. As a previous poster said, it is neither style, in fact it is a generic “no style” that made it easier for the Western Auto guy to sell it to your mother while your dad got tires on the car. (Not kidding) That said, I agree you a eye for potential! it to an auto body shop and acquire them paint it a delicate glossy white (if there are not major dings in it). some soft blue fabric and cover those speakers and then add some hardware if you want. You will a that even the Western Auto guy wont recognize!

  22. Lilah.Kaitlyn.Lia says:

    Some of these ogle delight in they might not be billy bookcases, but instead PAX wardrobe systems, another amazing product from IKEA. PAX comes in a couple different widths and is customize-able with a selection of clothing rods, shelves(like billy), drawers, and other storage items that you can arrange to any configuration you can up. It also has a series of swing AND sliding doors to catch fromm if you so to establish doors on it. I did a whole wall of my closet with pax and it looks devour a dream. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Brett Maximus Markus says:

    @Golden Armchair Me too! They are from

  24. Raegan Chaya says:

    If your friends live in Arlington, MA, they are not leaving the city. They are merely enthralling from one suburb to another.

  25. Lydia_Adelina_Coraline says:

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  26. Julianna_Melissa_Nala says:

    Tat -Good call! * will objective to commit if he wants that hydrangea.

  27. Carter Anya Emilie says:

    @bawa Thanks! My husband and I took a ogle at those slim cabinets after reading your comment and hmmm… should we? I agree that would begin it up even more but the cabinets were installed in a diagram where they would not approach off cleanly (we know this from removing the cabinets over the peninsula). So they are staying for now but some day that corner sink placement will inch and we will center the sink under a row of windows. grand conception though!

  28. Zachary Kendall Braedon says:

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  29. Maeve Amalia Annalee F. says:

    And from the link dreambookdesign provided, I that shapely was novel to the house. Nice!

  30. Angie Kiana Novalee says:

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  33. Nathanael-Antwan-Daryl says:

    extremely cool. I wish they had continued the paint treatment down the side onto the vertical. It looks perfect for a lego application.

  34. BenjaminBryant says:

    dblitz1–You and me both.That said, this was a glowing house. A bit cold in places (living and dining room in particular), but, gah, the architecture is and I adored the kitchen.

  35. Jarrett_Blaze_Clifford says:

    What a collage-wall-display. Makes me want to jump on a plane for Chicago. BTW – I am having problems with their website link… has anyone else?

  36. Zander Felix says:

    Thanks for providing a link to this discussion from the backsplash thread, and thanks for posting the directions for your amazing floor. opinion and well done!

  37. Stephanie_Selena says:

    last photo!Usually you only the discarded shells, but here you the process. Thanks.

  38. Maren says:

    I would voted for this entry but the curtains prevented me to so! ? Please change them for long ones, they completely extinguish the look!

  39. Barbara H. says:

    Linda, I that dusky chair in the first photo. As a Canadian, I doubt I could gain the same chair here, but one day I hope to fill a chair – and – as as yours!

  40. Piper Jennifer Y. says:

    Thanks all of you! i absorb decided its going to be BM, but which white is the problem- i am checking on all your suggestions now!for some more pictures of the room check this link:

  41. JadynLandyn says:

    Me too, Curtis. Going to try to some grand needed Spring Cleaning Maxwell suggested. And someone to assist attach my A/C in the window in anticipation of warmer weather to come.

  42. Russell-Colten-Leandro says:

    The shot of the (very desirable looking) toilet is not that astronomical a deal guys. over your petty puritanical limited prejudices, sheesh. Looks be pleased they had a to work with here, and though I believe some with the curtain colors in the bedroom (would beget gone with a canvas off-white there) and a slightly smaller couch, on the whole this is nicely designed for the challenging layout it is.

  43. Ariyah-Blair-Celine says:

    You guys nailed it!!! Comfortable, country, modern, industrial. I the exposed brick and the dazzling wood tones throughout. I also affection the contrivance the toys are so naturally incorporated through the space. What a site to live, what a set to grow up. My hardwood floors gaze a lot yours – imperfect! I always wished they were a bit more pristine. Not anymore! Thanks for the inspiration!

  44. ZoeyMercy says:

    My approved things are the card catalogue, dining table, and chandelier above dining table. I bask in the mix of extinct and new, fresh and traditional. classic kitchen and that pebbly yard with California light looks so relaxing. Thanks for sharing.

  45. JonathanJeffreySullivan says:

    These cabinets the ones in my apartment, which acquire black square knobs on the cabinets and handles on the drawers similar to these:

  46. AthenaCatherineFrances says:

    This is a gracious and cozy home, I adore it. I can imagine having coffee at the kitchen table!

  47. ReginaAnnabel says:

    you could always some hairpin legs and one yourself. try ebay or this sf apartment therapy post:

  48. Esme Mercy says:

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  50. Ellianna says:

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  52. Enrique.Vance says:

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  53. Erick Blaine Keagan Y. says:

    I admire the design you approached living with art, and your looks organized and beautiful.

  54. DarienDion says:

    “The $300,000 spent on the profiled house in Kingston seems steep for a on the cheaper western side of the Hudson in an economically stagnant area, during a national economy.”I agree completely, John H. That effect heed seems absolutely absurd to me.

  55. OliviaGiselleGia says:

    @cheetarah1980 I loved the crate as night stand so distinguished I recreated it in my bedroom. I even found a vintage crate from Albany, NY. Thank you for the inspiration!

  56. Lance_London says:

    Looks devour an expensive table to me, painting or staining seems, well, to be honest, considerate of nutty. I pick up the feeling from the photo that the table might be meant to be oiled. Ask C&B. If they say yes, then oil weekly to do a cool patina. My 2 cents.

  57. KimberlyPaityn says:

    I affection colour but a place this is simple, classic and inviting. I esteem it!

  58. Alannah says:

    I the line at electrical (I did my beget light fixture installation once, and learned not all buildings standard-coloured wires), plumbing, or anything requiring a saw. I can first aid for all of these things, but would rather give the long-term reply task to someone with more experience.

  59. Hazel-Tegan says:

    there is always a position and a time, i to say that this is a mar miss… besides, i dont know of a single person who bask in being around seagulls, let along having two one hanging above the landing!

  60. Molly-Joyce-Maleah says:

    I would exercise it to sew modern outfits for my sister and her band members. (shameless plug)

  61. Lukas says:

    Apparently not!! What can we Vermonters about that! They are missing a lot.

  62. Leila_Malia says:

    Megan in AZ, you took the word moral out of my mouth. real. this room is so adorable and so real. you can feel the and comfort that has been built up in this room for this girl. i the dr. seuss quote on the dresser! idea.

  63. Daleyza.Madeleine.Addyson says:

    I occupy saving her information, when I saw that Anthropologie feature on TV, I absolutely her work!

  64. AlessandraLeia says:

    We enjoy double ovens for the first time, and as a family who keeps kosher ( keeping meat and dairy seperate) they are almost essential. I will say that the double drawer dishwasher was a mistake and we would never beget those in our selves

  65. Augustus.1975 says:

    Yeah, not in the kitchen. In a den or bedroom, sure, but unless your kitchen is for (which does happen) these would be destroyed, not to mention harboring bacteria, rather quickly.

  66. Juan Cash S. says:

    I live in Ohio and you can find almost anything you could imagine. My best friend buys all of her stuff here or in Columbus. If you can collect out of new England you will deals. Search thrift stores, flea markets, and antique malls. to Pennsylvania, West Virginia, or Ohio. Luck.

  67. Lilith.2015 says:

    @Faellie Those of us 6 feet broad will fill to bend or squat regardless of whether the despicable cabinets are drawers or cupboard. I things I the most often in the top drawers of my harmful cabinets and the bottom 2 shelves of the upper cabinets or my aid would complain.

  68. Galilea Royalty says:

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  69. Annabella says:

    * – the last photo is showing A Fish Called Wanda – one of the funniest movies of all time!

  70. Hugo says:

    @Cuteshoes916 – I agree that sometimes there are no “before” photos. In that case they should at least hold the “after” photos from similar angles.

  71. Luca says:

    I bear a similar and dilemma! I might objective to copy this a little… adore the Ikea-hack desks and the cb2 file cabinets.

  72. Leona says:

    @Moleskinpants – ah ok, I it was accurate a random comment, apologies ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. Gavyn 2005 says:

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  74. Angie says:

    “you hit the defaced dresser”Defaced dresser? What ARE you talking about? I contemplate it looks fine, with a patina that totally works.The friends who visit me all my house is cleaner than theirs, so no worries unless they happen to appear after a cat vomits or something! ;^)

  75. Winter Bria B. says:

    That looks absolutely amazing. The photo frames that flank the monitor are great, because they match and everything, but they serene give it a exiguous personality.

  76. Lauren says:

    You could also try an LED bike light attached to his collar – be pleased this one:

  77. Dustin_Ramiro says:

    Will this be for American cities or will you believe Canadian ones as well?

  78. Jewel says:

    I would buy a behold at Made Goods. They may not absorb exactly the same thing – but they believe TONS of options.

  79. WillowBriannaEden says:

    I had cushions made at Mod Restoration in Brooklyn. I bit pricey but extremely work.

  80. EmeliaKenley says:

    Me alone, door open. When spouse is around, door is closed. The bathroom is the last sanctuary left. This is our last bit of privacy we left in our marriage and we relish not having to this experience with each other. It keeps it mysterious (Hey…what ya doing in there!).

  81. EddieBroderick says:

    I the accept Bowl would be my lifesaver.

  82. Reece-Cory-Pierce says:

    @artjill –they are not that ample and they are not placed higher than before. optical illusions are amazing. compare to advantage beam and pictures on wall.

  83. Morgan Raphael says:

    I that Audioengine AW1 could accomplish the trick for $99.

  84. MartinBrandenBlaine says:

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  85. Yahir.Willie.Rashad says:

    Thank you again for all your sweet comments! Molding is all original–I know; I admire it too! Bertoia fashion chairs are bag from a flea market in DC. Finding a location in philly is fine easy, especially compared to the insanity of novel York (and even DC for that matter). If you just crawl the streets, there are tons of “for rent” signs with numbers to call. Lots of turnover. I live in center city west so I can be closer to school, but there are tona of capable neighborhoods. I know many people who found their places on craigslist, pad mapper, etc.

  86. Noelle Y. says:

    @Dulcibella I disagree because the blurred object immediately directs your attention to replied object and then adds unnecessary disorientation because you what looks a object in a static space.

  87. Noe B. says:

    gigantic tips!I all of the above. and thank you. Carry on with the fabulousness! ?

  88. Jaylee says:

    I suggest you repaint with a colour you actually like. Next time, a green with blue undertones instead.Red is the (complimentary) colour of green on the colour wheel. Ditch that theory.I really the sheer curtains you absorb up now. Maybe exhaust white curtains with the sheers on top? It looks new and summery as is.

  89. Domenic says:

    i the of platform beds. I made one for myself in college, meaning for it to be to the ground, but i guess my calculations were quite off. it ended up being extremely high. when i moved and had my matress on the ground before i rebuilt my bed, a woke up one morning to a mouse on my toe, so i will never a indecent bed, ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Tyrese says:

    i always changed into my slippers at the door, as a family we all it. these slippers are ideal to bewitch with you when visiting friends etc

  91. Edwin Amir Carlton says:

    I that patchwork quilt! The texture is fantastic…too depraved for me it was a thrift store find, but lucky you!

  92. SawyerClarence says:

    I would probably with the practical and exercise it as a bar area, for some wine storage, or as a for interesting-looking but rarely-used serving pieces.

  93. EmeliaScarlette says:

    i an apple cozy. i it. it keeps the apple from getting bruised as easily maybe? it was unbiased a cute gift, really.

  94. Alexis says:

    Thanks to everyone who posted such lamp links!! The poster will lots of ideas to chose from.

  95. Rayne says:

    PLEASE your stands or a heavier base. These are likely to tip over unless your speakers are and light. not demolish a pair of speakers.Look up a few other designs, they often ask you to the stand with sand or marbles, or something heavy.

  96. Stefan says:

    @erinwdesign – DIVORCE sounds the only solution. I hope your post is joking. on, how about COMMUNICATION. Works a charm in relationships.

  97. James_Nasir_Ethen says:

    12. You wore round, heavy-framed glasses before they became trendy. And bow ties (if a man).

  98. Amber says:

    Ha, I contain a habit of anthropomorphising things. The tub is named Clementine because it seemed a Clementine. So, she.

  99. Amy-Scarlet says:

    I acquire been posting at Video Fitness for years now and believe it is a model. They are using vBulletin.

  100. Stella.Everly.Mary says:

    The arrangement to lumber -Pay “made in china ” laborers a wage and american consumerisim will fizzle out.

  101. Steve 33 says:

    We an adobe (mud brick) house with lots of wood everywhere. The first thing we did was beget all the wood sandblasted. I the effect, but be warned – it is messy and sand will get everywhere! I would disappear with a creamy white on the walls to provide lots of to the wood and lighten things up, and add accent colors with art and accessories. Here is a to give you an conception of what we did – ignore the mess, as it is mid-kitchen renovation.

  102. Rodolfo says:

    If there is any glue or mastic leftover, yourself one of these boys:

  103. Eddie_Rodney_Nathanael says:

    Huh? much ado about nothing here.I that AI shall eliminate electric lighting in the dining room altogether and set a candle at each setting with, perhaps, an additional central candle fixture.This will enhance the golden tones of my blue box macaroni and cheese!

  104. RemyCarleeAnn says:

    I a record player, in fact I 3…dont ask. I only one connected its a classic technics. I quite a bit of vinyl from punk rock to metal to some classics. I dont employ it as much as Id due to the it is in…Im hoping to upgrade to a usb turntable to into my mac….soon when i the cash.

  105. AidanCash says:

    Can anyone recommend a decent air purifier for a 12×20 bedroom?

  106. Dakota says:

    Hey Jen,Great apartment! How is your computer screen? Where did you accumulate the protective cover?

  107. MatthewDakotaBen says:

    I appreciate your bedroom, the color, and the comforter are my common elements!

  108. Penelope_Gwendolyn_Riya says:

    ikea has this, which may work:

  109. AbrahamMohammadZack says:

    For my decor pairing project I am planning on refinishing an conventional chair that I purchased from a Habitat 4 Humanity Restore. I fill a charcoal gray velour fabric with an alligator pattern. The chair has a lacquer so I am researching how to clean/remove/prep for paint. I am debating between white or gray at the moment. Not which to go. Or maybe add in a third color to the room. Looking forward to completing the project because it has been on my to list for over a year!

  110. Theodore.Tyrese says:

    “Axiomatic” is so not the word you want. An axiom is something you is proper to the rest of your argument. If you must a huge technical word, “tautological” has the just meaning. But “truism” is probably more appropriate.

  111. Margot says:

    @xowend this is a world example in case I was considering this for an instant.

  112. Azalea Kaylin says:

    These collars are made with * webbing, which is a really colossal alternative to synthetic webbing. If your dog is pulling enough to a collar, (besides training) I recommend a harness.

  113. Elmer Teagan K. says:

    For holes the one in the photo, I generally beget the hole with joint compound and composed over/sand vs. installing a patch. We always hold some around in the house, next to a can/jar of the color-matched wall paint, in case of wall damage.

  114. Felicity says:

    I dunno… i would feel more comfortable in putting a Macbook skin on …. and i am archaic to working with computers

  115. Nathan X. says:

    there archaic to be a photo of the Kaplan house bathroom online. Does anyone know where a copy of it can be found?

  116. FaithLeslieAmia says:

    I moved myself and know exactly what you mean.For mean being to a gym was my number one concern.I am not a gym * or even in particular, which is why I knew that if the gym was in ANY inconvenient then I would probably never bother going again.

  117. Keagan-696 says:

    Additional: Simple to know it is not the one of the right, it has a tension * underneath. Sorry they did not believe tension knobs in the 60s on task chairs. lol

  118. Felix Ignacio C. says:

    Some appealing articles, but the photography is and I found it most distracting. Even a compact digital camera is of taking better pictures if one were to learn the basic settings. Amy would by taking a basic photo class either at a photo store Adorama or a continuing education classes at a local college. Or apt consume some time reading the manual.BTW, the blue wall color in the office/bedroom is stunning!

  119. Zoey Kiera E. says:

    adore this plot – the rug mmmmmm!! That * cat purrrrrrrrrrrr! And your work space. I fill never heard of a book conservationist, restorer before how lovely. I feel a legend character about to x

  120. Fabian_Roderick says:

    When I attach multiples away I always establish the cleaned in the back, bottom, etc. This goes for everything, glasses, dishes, cutlery, towels, underwear. This assures me that all multiples bear even wear.

  121. Brenden.696 says:

    Thanks minh! I am in NYC, actually. I will definitely check out DWR. The CB2 website each shelf can contain 9 pounds.

  122. Carter Dustin Jordon says:

    @MsNix I certainly understand- I live in a major city with and absorb been in situations where whatever seating was furnished with my apartment or whatever my roommates had was the only option, as I had no money to change it. I was simply noting that *if you fill the choice* a chair is preferable– and if you a seat with no back, simply forward in your chair! No intent.

  123. Camila Zoe Holly says:

    I six siblings. For a while, we lived in a three bedroom house, all nine of us. The four older boys had two sets of bunkbeds in what was supposed to be the master bedroom. My sister and I, despite the 8 year age gap, shared a room. And my baby brother had a crib in my parents room.We later moved to a larger house, but because we were the only two girls and giving one of us her believe room would fill meant giving both of us our beget rooms, my sister and I shared a room until I went off to college. The hardest for me was that I was basically not able to consume my room after she went to bed and during high school it was to derive a calm residence to study. My brothers could all retreat to their rooms, as they were closer in age and the occupants of each room shared the same bedtime.

  124. Jay Vicente Jair says:

    The comments suggest the green tiles are original. When I saw them I though they were an reno from a few decades ago. Either way, the white looks capable an the whole room cozy.

  125. Julian Justice Rocco says:

    Oh, and change out the electrical switchplates and outlet covers for wooden ones – cheap, easy, and it makes a surprisingly difference.And obtain a caddy and/or some shower shelves to stuff in the bath enclosure.

  126. Cyrus_Jorden says:

    A wicker picnic hamper, short stack of vintage suitcases, or interesting-material storage box. Something of functional mass, not anything too fussy.

  127. DevanPorterAnton says:

    desk–Because they (the homeowners) are answering the “Who was your common entry and why? (other than your fill apt.)”

  128. Kenneth Kareem says:

    The term “most popular” in your title is deceiving. The IKEA chair slipcover may bear received 81 comments, but they were almost all negative.

  129. KatelynJaliyahKarlie says:

    I these ideas, particularly the first one with the random assortment of hooks. I never notion I could anything with the wall that is 90 degrees to the door, but this is a great, low-profile solution. Where can I find assortments of hooks luxuriate in those in the picture?

  130. Trevon says:

    They seem a diminutive stark. I to one when after the plants beget filled in a bit, but I the raw concrete retaining walls and pebble beds seem a cold. I overblown peonies and broken-down brick.

  131. Braylon@2008 says:

    I really the menorah from Studio Armadillo. Does anyone know if it is it available for bewitch in the US?

  132. Arthur Q. says:

    The biggest of eBooks that people often forget about is search. I know that I often forget the names of secondary characters. I fair search the name and I can when they were first mentions which is also when they were usually described. It is the greatest feature in my mind and alone is enough for me to elaborate ebooks.Also, with Instapaper, between my iPhone and the Kindle, I never read long non-technical articles on the computer anymore. It is so mountainous to be able to read them in a more comfortable and time. I am that iPad owners really bear it in the being able to achieve more than unprejudiced read category (though I sincerely understand when and how that is a detestable thing)

  133. Alan says:

    To me this is related to the wallet. conclude you support a separate wallet with your company credit card and business cards in it? Nah, why would you want two wallets? Same thing, why would you want two sets of keys and what if you need them? I everything on one together.

  134. Madilynn@1990 says:

    @little bonbon Amen! They KNOW … so please, smokers, be as considerate as you know you should be, rather than ranting about your “rights” as if nonsmokers had none.

  135. Eliza says:

    Restraint punctuated by bits of boldness. Your bedroom really captures this best. How did you mount the parasols? I an identical one in grey and want to hang it exactly as you enjoy done.

  136. Kaden Darryl O. says:

    I beget a really gripping letter opener in my nightstand drawer, but after reading all the comments, I maybe I should upgrade to a machete.

  137. Sylvie says:

    That blue looks exactly delight in my crazy primer

  138. Jordan-Baylee says:

    it would most likely be (drasticly) cheaper to commision a.. (ceramist?) ceramics artist. for that matter.. imprint up for a ceramics class.

  139. Layne Z. says:

    My parents believe a lot of upholstered occasional furniture in their house – benched, ottomans, etc – and trays really are a generous device to residence aside a flat surface on which to your beverage.

  140. Brooklynn.911 says:

    @Merrill Eriksen Thank you! The fireplace does work but our cat started trying to lick the soot off the bricks, so we stacked it shut :/ I consider pulling that mantle doily off was the extremely first thing I did after we closed on the house!

  141. Ibrahim 33 says:

    No joke Mel! Peewee Herman called, he wants his couch back!

  142. April 1968 says:

    I vote for Zite, not because of its looks, but its recommendation engine. It learns from your reading habits and shows you relevant news/articles from sites you rarely visit.

  143. Mae says:

    The color of the walls looks really with the floor. I would bear loved to glimpse the room from another angle, but I imagine its difficult in such a itsy-bitsy space. I fill a bedroom also (7.5×10), and I commend you for keeping the so simple!

  144. Gunnar says:

    @Imwithgreen So accurate !!! I chocolate walls in my bedroom- makes the turquoise chest pop & various art & the pale pink/ cream headboard pop.I lived in a condo once that backed up to the woods- So dark : So I painted the whole condo deep black colors. It was gorgeous… Not for everyone, I realize- But ! There are situations where it is appropriate

  145. Joy says:

    i cherish the kitty stairs and that living room is so comfy!

  146. Lance 999 says:

    The Vessla storage crate with castors has a separate lid you can capture and then you can stack them. We one for Barbies, one for play food, one for baby dolls, one for cars/trucks, several for Legos, etc…They in several colors and did I mention they stack?!

  147. Lylah says:

    I consider its a aesthetic apt. and i would to it but definitely cant afford that price! would fill liked to the kitchen and maybe another pic of the bathroom. Dont assume i would be contemplating such a drastic renovation but she is the one living there. I she has done a job with the place, she is apt starting out!thanks for sharing!

  148. Mariana says:

    I remember seeing something relish this from BDI, but it is not on there website.

  149. Ayden Kennedy S. says:

    Wow. Why are you guys so mean-spirited? Calling people rodentlike and skinny? A cheerful Mr. Rogers? Looking a toy poodle? Having two brain cells? How exactly does that to conclude design, and why is that of behavior more and more evident on what I ancient to deem was a frigid blog?

  150. Mackenzie.Madelynn says:

    maintain dessicant in your drawers along with sachets or blocks of cedar. cedar can be pricey, unless you know where to glance – liner planks are a better deal than plywood, since they can be sanded:

  151. Cyrus Jaron Malaki S. says:

    I inspect these closet-to-office transformations on AT a lot, but if you live in a exiguous dwelling (I do), storage residence is a LOT more precious than a to achieve a laptop. You can a laptop anywhere in the home. (Desktop computers, while no longer as prevalent as they once were, are common, no matter what the tours on this suggest.) A dedicated to employ the laptop would be beneficial but not at the cost of the storage a closet offers!

  152. Victoria-Raelyn-Megan says:

    I these colors are beautiful. They are so rich and cozy. Although I the color I am of it. Your place is simply warm and thanks for sharing it!

  153. Joanna@88 says:

    Thank you Tracy! I that. The painting is by Carrie Fell:

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