Fabulous Queen Size Bed With Storage As A Replacement of Closet

Queen size bed with storage has larger design than closet in the bedroom, so if you want to make another storage to keep your stuff well today, you need this queen bed to replace the closet without worry your space is cutting down. Bedroom without wardrobe for many women around the world may seem odd, especially for those who love to shop fashion products. But with a clever idea and a little effort, you can still keep all items in the bedroom without making it seem cramped. Application queen bed with storage concept could be the best solution.

Awesome Queen size Storage Bed with brown pillows and blanket

Awesome Queen size Storage Bed with brown pillows and blanket

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really fabulous queen size bed with storage as a replacement of closet. Especially for this event, do not make tiered shelves are sold in home furniture stores. In order for the room seem spacious, you just have to avoid the shelf models. Make queen bed into a stacking shelf itself attached to the side walls of the bed with plywood solid material. Put all your shoe collection there and stacking by color, model or intensity level of obsolescence. For those of you who have little residual empty corner in the bedroom, use to be made of storage space. In order to impress neat and not dirty, install a curtain covering the corner. Special shoes, buy a hanging rack that can hold all your shoe collection amount. Attach the cabinet on the right side of the left corner.

Queen size Bed with White Leather Headboard and there are storage bellow

Queen size Bed with White Leather Headboard and there are storage bellow

Beautiful Queen Size Bed with Storage and bookcase headboard

Beautiful Queen Size Bed with Storage and bookcase headboard

If the area of your bedroom is not possible to buy a wardrobe other, it is time to utilize some furniture products that have multiple functions, such as queen bed in which it can be filled goods. Or provide a table model of a cube that can be used to store clothing. Size thin bookcase generally more flexible. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really fabulous queen size bed with storage as a replacement of closet.

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  13. Aubrielle says:

    Gorgeous! I admire the rustic wood vanity – and especially how it looks with that mirror! Where did you pick up the mirror? I immediately went hunting for something similar and am finding only really expensive things… was that a DIY too?

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