How Wonderful Minimalist King Size Platform Bed With Storage

King size platform bed with storage today will come with some minimalist design ideas that increase your modern bedroom theme. Not only that, this wonderful king platform also make the room better with the stunning storage concept. There are many things to consider when creating a minimalist home. These things ranging from paint color, number of rooms, the furniture in it, to design the appropriate room. Minimalist house usually has a king-size bed storage minimalist as well. The goal is to make best use of existing vacant space in the house.

Amazing King Size Platform Bed with Storage Footboard

Amazing King Size Platform Bed with Storage Footboard

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really wonderful minimalist design ideas king size platform bed with storage. To create a king-size platform bed with storage minimalist, should be limited to the function of the room. Narrow bedroom should function properly. Do not put too much stuff as it will make the claustrophobic. Used furniture that is needed beneficial and alone in your room. Do not put a bathroom in the bedroom for a minimalist house because it will make the room becomes narrower. Do not forget to put a window in the room. This is so regular air circulation. To arrive at these goals, give a large window and can open lid. A window with a large size can also give the impression of width on your minimalist room. Obviously this will have an effect on the room will look more beautiful. The most important thing from a room minimalist arrangement is good stuff. You should carefully select items that are still required to already required.

king size platform bed with storage and there are 3 pillow

king size platform bed with storage and there are 3 pillow

Modern King size platform bed with Storage with a luxurious look

Modern King size platform bed with Storage with a luxurious look

Put a minimalist wardrobe with sliding storage type that is not too bulky. Maximize closet function by putting the goods are still in use and is important in the closet. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really wonderful minimalist design ideas king size platform bed with storage.

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111 thoughts on “How Wonderful Minimalist King Size Platform Bed With Storage”

  1. Lorelai.Zaria says:

    Mitchell gold + bob williams Bella chair and a half. west elm prolly cheaper.

  2. Francesca_Penny_Amaris says:

    to emilos upholstery on robertson blvd…they been in business for 29 years…310 559 1061…they are next door to campos tacos and hamilton hight school.they absorb done stuf for donna summer, carol burnet, oprah,big estates in beverly park. they are extremely flexible with their prices…emilio is 76 been in the business since he was 16here in los angeles… give them a call, talk to lydia or james.

  3. Kyla-Nancy says:

    I appreciate Stockholm at the container store.

  4. Ellie G. says:

    The thing is that I want almost every curio item that you acquire in your apartment, yet the number of them this too grand a store than a home. I would assign a lot in storage and trade them out as your novel favorites change.I am also not a fan of the particular shades of pink and green that you used. I accumulate it too typically “retro”. Perhaps if you the same colors; pink and green, but not in the expected Mint green and Flamingo pink versions.

  5. Dillon.Deacon.Finnegan says:

    The couch is gorgeous!!!! Does anyone know the maker or where to locate that couch or one similar?

  6. Eddie Brodie Y. says:

    I that! This room seems broad enough to beget something more substantial, but in a super-small powder room – What a opinion that would be!

  7. Miriam.Karina.Taliyah says:

    My accepted tour of all time! Makes me want to pack my bags and to Australia.Also, I never seen Art Deco executed quite bask in this in the US. Did Australia acquire its enjoy or is this particular building exceptional?

  8. Moshe_Nestor_Gaige says:

    He needs a mattress! I would suggest a Royal-Pedic Organic, purchased online would be fine.

  9. Willie_Leon_Messiah says:

    Daddy needs a novel pair of headphones. Seriously. My precise pair is now shedding dismal foam bits after I hung it from my desk drawer handle.

  10. Kenny.Aditya says:

    I would more about the durability of the soapstone. I been told by a few different people that soapstone stains REALLY easily. Hardwood does not enjoy standing water so if you drip on it you should wipe it up fair away even if it is sealed properly. My parents hardwood in their kitchen and it needed to be refinished after about 10 years. They had a high quality carry out on it too.

  11. Hope.999 says:

    I survived more than eight years without using an ac, although I did so in the northeast and not in places Texas. But even so, there are at least 20-30 days every summer that seem almost unbearable. The key for me was using window fans. You can consume them on employ in the window that gets direct sun during daytime while keeping begin the window that gets shade from nearby buildings or trees so that cooler air circulates. In the evening/night you can exercise the fan on air intake mode to let the cooler air outside enjoy the place. Also others mentioned, if you are not during day, keeping all the windows shut and draped to keep light out works in maintaining the temperature. All you need to execute when you home is turn on the window fan for 45-60 minutes and the cooler air outside cools the room.

  12. Dylan@1964 says:

    personally I would also paint the mirror frame dim to balance out the heavy granite top and the black hardware. I am digging the green!

  13. ArabellaDavina says:

    @denisegk I moved 6 times, each time with 2-3 cats (with some i moved more than once) and they fair adapted.The only time a cat went a was when moved for a couple of months to an apartment with a really miniature conception of the outside world (which, to be honest, was also making me a depressed). Now the cat an i are living happily in a 6° floor with an inaugurate behold of the city.

  14. Ariadne 911 says:

    Who would of thunk! A chalkboard taken off the wall leaves no chunks. This I can definitely use.

  15. Noelle Giovanna Kehlani I. says:

    @kcharleton That sounds similar to an I house in Lexington Ky. I believe it was built a decade after yours. It had a living room across the front, bedroom in advantage (a narrower than the living room because there was a hallway outside of it). The door from the hallway was factual next to the bedroom door. There was a front door in the living room. in between the was a diminutive U-shaped kitchen on one side and a nook for a table on the other. The bathroom was a long skinny between kitchen & bedroom. About 600 sq ft total. I was comfortable there, could beget added a partner, but only if we wanted to be close. It helped immensely that there was a storage region in the basement!

  16. LillianImaniAyana says:

    I hear ocean front property in Antarctica is really cheap, California: Not so much!

  17. Tucker Seamus D. says:

    I usually and give 20 different types of cookies as gifts. This year I abet substantially. You would not the rolling and immoral comments when receiving home-made-with-love cookie tins. Crossed those folks off my list!

  18. Zaire.Franco says:

    @CanadianMango delicate they were impartial using single-family and stand-alone in the same sentence to prevent repetition or switching to an ambiguous pronoun. They could enjoy replied “Almost half of renters (48 percent) are willing to single-family homes, but less than a third actually raze up in one.”

  19. Malaysia-Royal-Amelie says:

    I adore all the windows, extraordinary light, and the kitchen is dreamy, I the tiling and the “open out” window and the glass cabinetry!

  20. Jonah_Gustavo_Rocky says:

    I can never derive enough teal. But, it really seems to bring out the mcm in people!

  21. SelenaBelleLuz says:

    oh my gosh! totally gorgeous!!! I adore every single thing about this romantic, classy, girly space!!!

  22. Jonas says:

    Ahhh, this is something I did a while ago as I needed to some bags and toothbrush covers, ended up clearing out the bathroom vanities ( the main bathroom and the second toilet room). Might to revisit this later when I contain unpacking my suitcases from the holiday first though…sigh….The medicine cabinet is up high in frigid in kitchen (have young kids here so bathroom is a no for medicines! No cabinets up high.) This one is always being decluttered as I need to medicine almost every month for an ailment or another. Not as in this now.

  23. Ramon says:

    Cielo: if you depart with the acrylic, there is a special paste that removes nicks and scratches. The craftsman who made some stuff for my lab gave me some years ago. I not know what it is called: it is dirty pink.

  24. Harrison Jessie Kendrick H. says:

    I honest painted my hallway a similar color as the living room. Thank you so mighty for the inspiration for the next step of decorating!

  25. CruzPerry says:

    In British English, we the term “truckle bed” instead of “trundle bed.””Truckle”, in case you were wondering, is a 14th Century word for a “wheel”, which comes, via Latin, from the frail Greek “trokhos” (which means, well, a wheel.)

  26. Johnathan_Reynaldo says:

    There Ferrari house from Ferris Bueller is for sale in Chicago. {drool}

  27. Brandon_Gunnar_Dallin says:

    improvement! I especially the bare well-finished floors instead of the w/w carpeting.

  28. Benjamin.Danny.Lorenzo says:

    MaryHS,I lemongrass (in food) but I never seen it as a plant. correct – where compose you live? I lemongrass is sun loving bask in most herbs.

  29. Aylin says:

    The “artwork” above the couch — what is that ? looks luxuriate in massive corkboard –looks fresh. How can i this done or where can i derive it ?echo sentiments about the unnecessarily lurid details about the parents, who cares?

  30. Joelle Madalynn P. says:

    Personally, I enjoy everything about the change. But I deem these things might be better appreciated with a of the room they are in. Adds some perspective. As one who had the “princess white wood” bedroom (complete with four poster canopy bed!), growing up, I know what it is to be tired of looking at it as-is. I this was a spacious update.

  31. MarvinKasonJoan says:

    Trunks are usually easy to at estate sales and thrift stores. The no-slam lid hardware is simple to attach.

  32. Ruben-Armando-Grady says:

    My first belief was the “sit down” home as well. I would not my husband to scrubbing the walls and toilet area in the middle of the night, but he better rag in hand each day if he is going to spray.

  33. Amiya777 says:

    Try they fill a wide selection of leather tuffed ottomans (some with storage some without)

  34. Corey says:

    Thanks for this round up, even though it is a few years old. I just completed a room using the easychange paper and am so with it, I also it to compose over a basic ikea bookcase. For those interested, I posted my results here.

  35. Malik Malcolm Jefferson O. says:

    What a delicious post!I absorb a lot of yellow accents in my house because I it a cheerful, optimistic color, but a friend told me that yellow reminded her of death. Now I am hesitant to add more.I agree with a lot of what he says. The thing about artificial light was also interesting. It made me about how far we with artificial lighting. Even position Depot has an aisle of all different options, daylight/candlelight etc.

  36. StephenRalphPerry says:

    Annie,I am working for a publishing company now. But that I worked for a non-profit.Steven,There are welding classes at the Art Students League on 57th St, btwn 6th & 7th aves and the School of Visual Arts offers a woodworking class on 19th St. between 6th & 7th.

  37. Clara.Dalary says:

    What I in 25S32E collection is the astonishing associated with local entrepreneurship, skillful, added-value and totally integrated in the context. Congrats to Aldo and Ab!!

  38. Maisie Irene X. says:

    Completely and totally AMAZING! I everything about this! determined winner by far!Absolutely care for the headboard! The moose antlers also add such a fresh touch!Looooove it!

  39. Arabella_Azariah_Zaniyah says:

    Interesting! I can definitely doing this, or even a version of it with enormous ceramic bowls that beget lights under them to earn a glow in the evenings.

  40. Catherine.Alexandria says:

    Yep, macrame, MCM and tons of house plants…Naturally this is the genuine good blooming to receive rave reviews on AT, lol. I happen to bask in this position and totally to the inspirations of NYC apartments in the 70s and * Allen movies which really arrive through here. But I puzzle as to why a more polished gets so great negativity here….

  41. Dalary says:

    The baby carrier. I commute from NJ to NY extremely often, but I drove everytime the baby was coming with me. I archaic it once.

  42. Alayah Alanna E. says:

    I my bottles on a tray in the “dead” corner of the kitchen. Oh and since this means I am a heavy drinker, I also a great bottle of vanilla extract on hand to complete the Days of Wine and Roses scenario.

  43. Robert-Emerson says:

    I to say I level-headed catch DVDs, CDs, Books and yes Records. I dont apt all of these for the content, I lift them for their outward apperance/packaging. Being a Graphic Designer I the designs of some of these products…now mind you I carry out for the specifically but I appreciate having something in my hands thats tangible. I downloading assert but it will never replace a tangible product for me. If the future all goes digital and no accurate products it will be a world for me.

  44. Philip.Deacon says:

    hey guys–these are NOT great–but they are camouflage shots to give you an opinion of what i am looking for

  45. Tristian says:

    Why did all of these photos contain filters on them? This is a review, not a house tour with kitty cats on pillows.——————-Back on topic: I lift Staples if I need ink ASAP, otherwise I exercise Amazon.

  46. Elle.99 says:

    behold the prior post on the DWR outlet.. tons there last time i visited.

  47. Lee says:

    Online merchants beware — if you slow down your website by playing music or videos, my family WILL elsewhere. The biggest need is speed. So if you desperately want to offer a flashy experience, assume adding a no-frills button for those of us who contain no patience for a “worldwide wait”.

  48. Michaela says:

    @LilMissTorontoYou should be aware that the word “arrondisement” in french means borough. Likewise, it has been customary to the boroughs in Montreal for hundreds of years and it is most certainly not a term (I should know, I am a long-time habitante montrealaise and my husband is a city planner in this city). Even though when anglophones hear “arrondisement” faded they immediately of Paris, the word is not reserved for Paris alone, and as a matter of fact, “arrondisement” is by almost all francophone cities, including Lyon, Montréal, Québec City and Toulouse. Conversely, a neighborhood in french is a “quartier.” The best north American example of the contrast between a borough and a neighborhood is NYC. NYC has 5 boroughs; Harlem is a neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan. I hope that edifies things for you @LilMissToronto.

  49. Daniel Logan L. says:

    I mostly CFLs, but I am now a hater. Why? Because of the hassle and when my children threw a toy in their room and broke a CFL in the ceiling fan light fixture. Reading the procedures to neat up the mess made me realize how dangerous CFLs can be. Luckily the room was fairly clean, but wow, I no longer believe we should bear lightbulbs with mercury in them anywhere children might accidentally fracture them.

  50. Gary.Jerome.Kanye says:

    I bought a ikea hogbo mattress two years ago, along with slats from ikea but I it with a regular metal frame. after one year of I added a sheet of 1/2 move plywood to increase the strength. even though it was cheaper than buying a box spring I wish that I had. The really is not enough underneath especially with two people sleeping on it, I tend to roll towards the center as does my other.

  51. Macie_Charleigh says:

    Hope it works! I grow it in 4-inch plastic pots and pop the pots in a container after it sprouts. Then I can change the grass out when it starts to come by brown. Also at this size, plastic pop bottle bottoms the perfect seed sprouting domes. 😉

  52. Brock Kellen Jovanny says:

    I this headlamp; it got me through my first backpacking (an unintentional night hike through incredibly steep terrain while carrying my first pack) though we peaceful almost stepped on a sleeping dusky dog. My is the stick-figure graphic that comes with it showing you how not to pull it off of your head. Safety first.

  53. Kaylani-1990 says:

    Has the online submission be posted yet? I cannot seem to it.

  54. Quentin Rishi Jaydin says:

    * Hill/Russian Hill border in SF – 2BR, around 950 square feet + 100 sq ft storage bin, garage parking, trash, water and cable TV: $2950. No view, balcony or otherwise private space; fair a shared courtyard (probably the thing I miss most).

  55. Noah-Riley-Manuel says:

    I should replied “too expensive” and “it is gorgeous”. I guess the store overwhelmed me.

  56. Morgan Sloan Avah says:

    Apparently that chair with the tractor seat was the inspiration for the IKEA “Traktor” chair. I bask in the ghastly of the better.

  57. Derrick says:

    a word of caution. The typical surface of a 100 watt light bulb is around 400 – 550 degrees and varies on the of the bulb, horizontal or vertical. Many building codes prohibit lighting in closets because of the fire risk. Drilling holes in walls or studs and passing a wire through them is also prohibited. Consult an electrician or lighting center before deciding on anything that will residence your family in danger. There are many new alternative lighting types that will work without producing the hazard but consult an expert first.

  58. Wren Kaliyah Jolie S. says:

    You could vintage farm house table on or, there are many more furniture are available.Farm Table

  59. Meredith Jayda Coraline M. says:

    The has been refined by this company- kaarsKoker. I should know- I fill the company. Therapy SF featured it It is to be creative but be respectful. My *.

  60. Rachel says:

    I already enjoy a steam room. I call it my shower.

  61. Alvin T. says:

    I deem the Michelangelo Murphy bed featured here (scroll down)solves both your seating and sleeping dilemma. Probably not a bargain, but as its a sofa and a bed, it may not be wildly out of reach.

  62. Lilyana@99 says:

    hello Abbyn127,The painting is from Value City Furniture. I actually purchased if off of the showroom floor back in Feb 2011.

  63. ElliotDemarcusTayshaun says:

    Yeah, the article mentions that the $1 came with lots of strings attached – the city wanted the couple to expose and ensure that they would indeed restore it. capable results – I assume the city of Detroit could learn from this idea.

  64. Iris.Jayden says:

    For artisan goods, I luxuriate in Cloud 9 Soaps, Soap Distillery, Simply Curated (candles), and Detroit Rose (candles). These are all online retailers that I happened upon at local craft fairs in Chicago.

  65. Savanna_Sky says:

    i this is both clever and relevant advertising. and it keeps apartment therapy free to see, which is a salvage in my book.

  66. Kallie Arden says:

    matchbookhymnal-I read your post. I one tension rod each in the cabinets under both my kitchen and bathroom sink, at the top correct the doors. I hang my wet dirty linens there until they dry. It works stout for me.

  67. Jaylon B. says:

    @Grouchy Tensions are metal and bear a spring. They are not acquire for your use. I had a break-in when the person actually the metal rod to access.

  68. Logan_Jadon_Deshawn says:

    ..agree with the “joyful quality” bit, but appeal… nahh. dont appeals to me. (I can say why.. but then i might be accused of sounding rude.) even in the most festivies of all times i wont exhaust them. words – dont mind!

  69. Fabian-1962 says:

    Sorry thinkingwoman but I finish hold they tung oiled the plywood and obviously they did more than mount a tv on plywood if you read their entire post and examine at all of their photos. Looks – would to eye more!

  70. Rylie Luciana Madyson B. says:

    Different shades of white. shining white/cream/greyish. And different textures. Some heavy, some light. Some smooth, some chunky/furry/shaggy.Also, you need some contrast. One good, of natural dark-ish wood, an antique dresser or armoire. Some metal too – possibly mirrored side tables, to bounce the light around. Finally, some natural textiles baskets.

  71. Zoe 88 says:

    Sorry to say, but it was probably not installed properly. Anything you with it now will correct be a extremely band-aid.

  72. Scott.33 says:

    WOW, the bell jar opinion is actually genius! I loose/forget about jewlery i cannot see, but tarnishes so hastily exposed to the air.

  73. Leyla-696 says:

    I deem I could only that temporarily. Having to always my legs and knees pointed sideways would annoy me after a few days.

  74. Justice Dylon E. says:

    i went at 7 on friday night, and i was underwhelmed, but of disturbed at how expensive the (lackluster) clothing items were. oh well!

  75. Jamal.Branson says:

    Aw yay! I know it is so glorious to fill somewhere to work. Thanks @StudioStarter!

  76. Dominic_Seth_August says:

    amazing! nothing but envy:)what american flag painting? It is mentioned twice but i build not it?

  77. Victor Keegan V. says:

    The whole reason for the bigger mattress on the bottom is not because the bigger kid gets it. Noooooo! Its so the kid on the bottom has an easier time talking to the kid on top: all they to build is lope over to the edge.The custom pieces are extremely nice, but can be done with ready made bunks too. All it takes is a imagination and planning.

  78. Alexia_Giana_Rhea says:

    thefeltmouse, you took the words (type?) suitable out of my mouth (fingertips?)!!! yes, if you info regarding the plant stand from the Pioneer current house, build share!! its faboo!

  79. Gabrielle_Emmalynn says:

    This is a expansive to design things easier in the garden. I found a lot of other time savers in the square foot garden technique. This article got me going.

  80. Amaya Charley Mariyah T. says:

    Sadly, my PAL has not held up the I was expecting (based on the reputation of Tivoli products). The rubber outer case is peeling and the volume * is extremely scratchy (horrible static when you adjust it).A while benefit I contacted Tivoli about it. They offered to replace the unit (even out of warranty). I did not send it out away (in the middle of a multi-state move). When I tried to send it, the service that made the offer was no longer there, and Tivoli would not honor it (even though I had the email with the offer). I could sent it in and pay for parts/repair, but I am tired of dealing with it. Not durability or service for a $200+ radio.I also had a former Model 2 (with CD) for a few months. My Boston Acoustics SOLO clock radio ate it alive (sound wise), and for a allotment of the price!Yes….I am a microscopic bitter.

  81. Mariana_Elin says:

    Too a combo for me. Reminds me of the crimson Hat Society.

  82. Justin P. says:

    Airstreams are HOT! They almost succumbed to the self-contained RV juggernaut. The loyalty of the tribe resulted in continuance of the line and models. The DWR model can be pulled by a car, contains a shower and WC and is surprisingly well-priced in its feature-range. Me want.

  83. Collin.Grady says:

    Not everyone had a color TV in the early 1960s. Man from Uncle was first filmed in B/W, if I remember right. As color sets became more common, TV took of the technology, and enthusiastically added color to shows. (Color sets were the HD or 3D of the 1960s.)

  84. Gracie Ryann Lizbeth says:

    I grew up reading Methome. One of the reasons why I acquire always liked it is because there was diversity in the interiors that were represented. The past two years, however, bear been quite disappointing for me, with virtually all of the interiors in each being mid century modern. I noticed that the features a mix of styles, and there was not one mid century fresh interior (yay!). Can I that future issues will also different types of style, or was this impart accurate a fluke and will the next 5 issues after this one be predominantly mid century as well?

  85. Ellison-ZZZ says:

    Maybe “Get Lost” could be taken to mean going off the beaten path, away from routine, exploring, seeing what happens……

  86. Kieran says:

    esteem the unexpected blue ceiling over the bed. also cherish the stenciled (or is it wallpaper) wall in the living room and the tile in the kitchen. place!

  87. Damien-Layne-Ethen says:

    Where I post this…. Not clear this meets criteria as a “green” cleaner , but rubbing alcohol is incredibly cheap and makes a terrific surface cleaner for non-painted surfaces. correct dump some on a sheet of paper toweling, or a rag, and wipe away. Leaves no filnm, and It kills the flu virus too.

  88. EllieAmara says:

    @RubyMae If you google it, other images of it it more yellow. Sort of baby diarrhea…. 🙁

  89. EvalynAlianna says:

    That looks really nice. So many redo / hacks cheap, but this gawk great.

  90. Zaniyah says:

    Lovely. I am not crazy about the canvas though…I would beget liked a pop of color in there. Maybe using the same pattern with different colors or in red…But mountainous work!

  91. Quentin says:

    I accurate got $50 off from this link my best friend shot over. And if you one, you can bag your friends to exhaust one too with yours.

  92. Jadyn.Giovanny.Fisher says:

    Fascinating, but scarey. Bats on the ceiling and giant spiders?! on the wall in the background…

  93. Isabelle says:

    I cruise all the time, but I tend to drop asleep before the plane takes off and wake up on final approach. That said, I always bring an extra layer of clothes, a lot of mix, and a magazine. Agree that for long/international flights, toothbrush/toothpaste or mouthwash can be exquisite too.

  94. AlaiaKennaErica says:

    I adore it! I believe I might bear removed the divider/shelf things to give the dog more room on the other side, though. I seeing things relish this re-purposed rather than thrown in a landfill.

  95. Tristian 1966 says:

    Light fixture is by kartell

  96. Karl says:

    I am completely guilty of clicking on this tour because I wanted to more photos of the dog. I was not disappointed. good area also.

  97. Vivienne Elora says:

    The muted colors we associate with Shaker interiors are not actually authentic to the Shakers, who favored bold accent colors with their whitewashed walls. ARTS/ARTIFACTS – Even Before the Movies, the Shakers Had Technicolor –

  98. EricShaneBoston says:

    I agree with LovieDovie, the brick is not working. Maybe paint the fireplace a slate gray since gray seems savor it would best with your furiniture. Though, the fireplace is forever, your furniture can always change. Additionally, a gray would well with the white/gray tile you believe the

  99. Elsa_Zion says:

    i really enjoy the whole sink/dishwasher/counter combo. any conception if these are available in North America?

  100. Juliette-Brenda-Davina says:

    @niamhinbc Ah! Thank you! to hear from youNiamh! My Vancouver friends call me the The Hudson Bay Blanket Whisperer. I had some luck of finding them at cheap prices in Indiana and Illinois!

  101. Milton says:

    me three on the sinks, and that Lorna Simpson!Really collection, really well placed, and an description of how you got there,Now I want more ups, of the art in the stairs and over the couch!All around gargantuan entry for this contest, Melanie C.

  102. Steven Dante M. says:

    ATTN ATTN ATTN ATTN!!!!!!!!!!!!Please read the text before commenting/complaining about what you hoped they did with the before cabinets. Everyone is so to at the pics and not read the text.

  103. Eden_Alani_Elyse says:


  104. Jaylynn X. says:

    @Jacqui Dupré Baker Australian Target is owned by different companies to USA Target. I believe often envied USA Target so I guess the KMart/Target balance is now addressed.

  105. ZaraMinaLeanna says:

    I bought my pre-war apartment 5 years ago and I cant imagine living anywhere else! gigantic ceilings, hardwood floors and astronomical windows..heaven on earth!

  106. Brice_Frankie_Yosef says:

    @gui95 Oh. My. *. I a cat myself, and it honest BLOWS my mind that someone can be so irresponsible to amass that distinguished damage. You wonder how they managed to live, ugh.

  107. Thomas-Demetrius-Austen says:

    Nope – we contain blooming position rules when it comes to the pooch: he`s allowed in the mudroom and in the dining nook, but nowhere else…. of course: whether those rules are upheld is debatable … he`s definitely NOT allowed on beds or couches, but somehow manages to accumulate a space in the family room in front of the fire.

  108. Bailey Carolina P. says:

    Love, love, your place. taste in furniture & art work! You were both probably raised in homes with style!

  109. Kamryn says:

    I would paint it a color that complements whatever dinnerware you and it as a china cabinet jsut outside your kitchen- to indicate and store things serving dishes, pitchers, and other things that might otherwise clutter your kitchen or be hard to store in a kitchen- appreciate bar-ware and alcohol maybe.

  110. JustinIsiah says:

    Definitely pink out of pink or brown- you might want to preserve in mind, though, that if this is a bathroom where you ready in the morning, the colour of the paint could affect how you how you look, as the colour will deem on your skin tone. While I consider a coordinating green would be nice, green is one of those colours that might not work if anyone is doing their makeup in there.The pink and green could be fun if you play up the pale gold accents- you seem to bear a mirror above there so I would obtain a towel bar and some dinky accessories that accent it, maybe some really retro stuff from the era of your sink to accent it, if gold is your style; or else I would replace the mirror with something a exiguous more clean lined and simple, luxuriate in your towel bar, and everything else to coordinate. I deem a bathroom is too little a set to believe lots of competing visuals or themes going on.

  111. Alivia-Adrianna says:

    The fridge in the example photo looks quite small, but antique fridges are a bit to apt around. The airtight spaces cannot be opened from the inside, so if a child it looked something fun to climb into, they could suffocate, unable to let themselves out.

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