The Beauty of White Headboard Queen Designs

White headboard queen come to your bedroom to make it better and give the beautiful impression surely. The queen size styles are amazing to do apply in your bedroom nowadays, grab them here. Headboard white queen is furniture a headrest on a bed made of wood, upholstery, metal, and leather covered foam and are usually higher than the height of your bed. Headboard is in addition to functioning as a headrest or back when you’re relaxed, functioning also as a protector of the physical impact of your head directly into the wall. Those are the best designs of queen you can get all.

White modern bed with upholstered headboard queen and there 4 pillow

White modern bed with upholstered headboard queen and there 4 pillow

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really beautiful presence designs white headboard queen designs. Headboard white queen is one important part of the bed. Originally created to block the cold wind blowing directly onto the bed, but over the course of time, not just as a complement headboard headboards on the beds, and even now a bed without a headboard can be spelled like vegetables without salt. A variety of styles and types bedย easily be found in the interior of the store that sells the bedroom. Ranging from the type of single, double, up to a twin bed. Style bed was already much developed and designed based on the needs. Diverse style bed beyond the standard size is also much we encounter everywhere. Even this is usually sold together with the headboard of the bed is.

Tufted white headboard queen with 3 white pillow

Tufted white headboard queen with 3 white pillow

Tall Tufted white Headboard queen with two cushion

Tall Tufted white Headboard queen with two cushion

One that can be selected queen headboard for your bed is a classic style headboard white. Tempo style that mimics the design of this first became popular back. Moreover, there is now a way to combine classic style and minimalist design, so that the more classic style easy to apply to a room that is not too broad. Thatโ€™s all we can discuss and share about how really beautiful presence designs white headboard queen designs.

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108 thoughts on “The Beauty of White Headboard Queen Designs”

  1. Eliana.Kiara says:

    Would this work in a bathroom or a kitchen? Maybe a panel could be framed as art so as not to pull off drywall during removal.This type of product might jazz up closet panel doors or recessed cabinets perhaps.I must admit that I am among those who are considerate of of hanging wallpaper.

  2. Remington says:

    Compare apples to apples. This sofa is likely made of hard wood with quality joint construction. 95% of furniture is stapled, quality wood. Besides, this thing has character.

  3. Keith.Branden says:

    My mom correct sold her beach home on Navarre Beach (near Destin) and one thing that I really liked about the was the collection of local art festival posters (one of which was from a Destin festival) she bought from the previous owner. She had a neutral backdrop going on in her condo with accents from the posters, most of which were frigid colors that went well with the outside water/sand/sky scenery. I say derive something local in the of art to accomplish renters feel like they at least learned a little about local culture.

  4. Emily Ayla T. says:

    I am dealing with a similar problem. My apartment is long, and the wall without windows seems an unbroken stretch of white. It definitely needs decorating but I achieve not hanging lots of paintings. I consider I might a color block on some canvas and hang that up.

  5. Charles says:

    First of all… The team leisurely this series is fantastic! From the narration to the footage, this is an A+. I cherish watching couples adapt to the changes in their family dynamics, and this episode did a first-rate job diving into the process of it all.

  6. Evelyn.Kennedi says:

    If you are looking for a gift for a non- fussy guy, you would NOT be buying something as fussy as scented interior candles in the first place.*, I would not scented interior candles for a guy, any guy, fussy or non- fussy, ever. I am debating whether I would buying something as droll as that for a girl. Well, perhaps, if I it would be a girl that is into that sort of stuff.One of the customer organizations in Europe did a gape a couple of years benefit and found that those candles did pollute the rooms to the point that the air in the rooms was less healthy than the air in a street with car traffic. travel figure. Instead of candles, better a window and ventilate, if you ask me. Or a of sweet smelling flowers. distinguished nicer.

  7. Kayleigh.Harlee.Marianna says:

    super-cool house. admire all the pieces that come from their company.the couple has a really breezy and down-to-earth in their interview. however, AT copy somehow turns every tour caption into the most over-the-top, pretentious sounding of describing and explaining things. ew!

  8. Adrian says:

    You can roller/brush extenders at any improvement store. You should be able to this painted without any ladder rentals, especially if you white to match the wall below the peach (ie any mistakes due to awkwardness would be blended and not as noticed!).

  9. Brennen says:

    I grew up in a miniature farmhouse of under 500 sf but on more than 500 acres of land. The outdoor is as as the indoor space. air and safe(ish) places to all the difference.

  10. Edgar Oliver Korbin says:

    I really affection this space. I acquire a functional, if broad main bath. Also with a fiberglass tub. This is definitely the I am leaving towards.

  11. Austin_Jared_Jaylon says:

    ๐Ÿ™ can you a project on holiday cleaning and organizing? Ma bey a article each week on a project to gain ready for the holidays? Please AT!! I these mini projects

  12. Brielle says:

    A surefire wakeup call: a cat biting your nose because she wants breakfast.

  13. KaliyahSusan says:

    on a lighter note, i the top is beautiful, but I can declare you that I would be constantly tripping over all those stools… klutz I am, I try to the walkways clear. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Gavyn.666 says:

    ummm me if I am wrong, but I the high-color inks dilapidated in magazines beget all sorts of crazy metals and chemicals, not really intended to be eaten off of….

  15. Ximena-Rivka says:

    Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I express I will beget to track down the book and develop a high-res scan…

  16. GermanGeoffrey says:

    you are missing the Cherner table. My fav!

  17. Brennen says:

    Great, inspirational house tour! I believe seen many people comment on how well Misty worked with the pink/ salmon colored tile in the first bathroom. We acquire the same tile in our bathroom! I would to know what that blue paint color is, between that and the shower curtain it looks updated and cute! Thanks!

  18. Maximilian Steve Jovan Q. says:

    My dad taught me an appreciation of antiques (and concept their history), reading books constantly, playing scrabble & leaving messy piles of paper on horizontal surfaces.

  19. Elsa 2010 says:

    I believe been meaning to my detergent for a while, impartial because it seems savor a fun project. Might beget a of it this weekend!

  20. Zain.Jordyn.Keanu says:

    @cassielynn I dont know where you live but i bought my 100% natural dunlop latex mattress for less than 900 dollars including tax and it came in a natural cotton cover. I bought mine from Foam Creations in Albany and asked for the disclose discount. I my mattress. I breathe better when I it and it is better for my back. blooming warning though the latex mattress is stiff for the first few months but it will soften.

  21. Khloe_Lyric_Regina says:

    This is why I haunt flea markets and antique stores…you can catch beautiful, affordable pieces (for example a gorgeous, walnut, mid century side board with brass pulls for $70!) So many current pieces that similar would be 1,000+ easily! For me affordable = astronomical finds at flea markets!

  22. Jesus Camden Lewis A. says:

    Dan-If you want to the plywood, but are concerned about the shape of the plaster, you should talk to your contractor about laminating the walls with 1/4″ drywall. this will give you a surface without having the mess of patching walls or to about cutting into them. looking forward to seeing the result.

  23. IreneRamona says:

    @lbailey72 they some new ones, too!lamp kits | World Market

  24. Aedan-66 says:

    If you hotfoot with mini-blinds and leave the window casing wood salvage wood lookblinds. If you paint the casing white/ivory net matching white/ivory blinds.

  25. Sean-Braedon-Cael says:

    really two days?love the conception of simple living in a foreign city but two days seems a bit short ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Skyla_Joslyn says:

    Definitely my so far. Her blog is called So Haute!

  27. Camden R. says:

    Well, well, well–my comment about learning how to draw/paint circles and straight lines magically disappeared. I collected that, as discerning noted, of a compass, straightedge, and protractor would contain made the above examples more (at least in my opinion).

  28. Marie says:

    Amazon also sells a mug with shark at the bottom if anyone likes sharks!

  29. Samuel Arnav W. says:

    I was inspired by that twig chandelier. So I went outside to some twigs & branches & gave it a shot:

  30. Rachel_Raina says:

    Incredibly awesome!! So challenging that you created such a in Clinton, OK! It would be amazing if more people would revitalize archaic buildings in small-town Oklahoma. Where I grew up in Oklahoma, the downtown is slowly caving in on itself. Kudos to you for all of your hard work! It is an absolutely place!

  31. Jaylon Raphael Kennedy says:

    @Ziyal Changing the culture to an emphasis on e-books which made people abandon print book stores in droves, and then taking of the inaugurate place in the market left by those other companies that closed due to this culture change. I believe it was smart.

  32. Emery Jolene says:

    For those people who beget concerns forthe privacy while using the toilet. There is a barn door sliding and forth between the first sink and the toilet. When it is in front of the sink, it conceals the first sink to accomplish a cabinet appearance.

  33. Rodney Simeon J. says:

    The dresser (now island) you found is a gem! What a centerpiece to a grand reno. And I relish that you went with a grout for tile because it really complements the shiplap walls.

  34. Marjorie@33 says:

    I believe having fmaily around is what makes life beautiful….

  35. Rex.911 says:

    Funny. I saw a version of this this morning on this Brazilian talk show, Mais Voce (on Globo, if anyone has a satellite dish). of the area (where the host was interviewing someone over breakfast) featured a enormous wall of yellow post-its, although they were staggered and allowed to flair out a little, so it was a more random design. I it looked estimable on camera.

  36. Elaina Z. says:

    Count me out. To me, the that “motherhood i[]s a job that can be mastered with diligent research” seems savor hubristic folly.And as for parlaying that into television, I yet to a “Mommy” present that is not excessively patronizing–“Surviving Motherhood”? “Bringing region Baby”? Please.I guess I would prefer, as a mom, to be known as something other than a “hyperactive purchasing agent.”

  37. Alvaro ZZZ says:

    LacyBones, not to beat a lifeless horse, but Brighton, Southie and JP are Boston neighborhoods. They vote for the Boston mayor. If you work for the city of Boston, you are allowed to live in those areas. Somerville is a neighbor of Boston, as ahead, but is not a neighborhood of Boston. We enjoy our beget mayor, our school system, etc etc.Also – impartial drove by this the other day for the first time and had to conclude and stare. building! Thanks for answering so many of the questions I had about it!!

  38. Taylor Ali Fredrick says:

    Holly,Still wondering if you bits of food and other crumbs TRAPPED at the edge of the sink where it meets the countertop, and if so, does it bother you? objective thinking it would be so nicer to wipe them away directly into the sink without that “lip” being there.

  39. Luis Broderick S. says:

    Katherine and AlbertI noticed in one of your pictures that you bear a Ipod dock. Would you mind sharing where you purchased that item?ThanksBriana S

  40. Madeleine_Collins says:

    I develop affection the combination of turquoise and yellow on the table; rich.And the hyper-lucite explosion of Louis Ghost chairs is amusing, and would really let the food shine.—-Unique & Inexpensive Holiday Table Setting Ideas:

  41. Danny-Felix-Derick says:

    I can always the “professional projects” from a mile away, because they tend to behold overdone and cluttered, yet strangely impersonal — over-decorated hotel rooms. I acquire the homes that are decorated by their occupants — they feel warmer and more personal.

  42. SageJovani says:

    Who really cares about the logos on the bottles. Are you ashamed of what considerate of bottles you use. Really is it worth putting foul chemicals all over something that your baby is going to enjoy all over him and in his mouth. I its a droll to exertion about something appreciate that.

  43. Mabel Madalyn S. says:

    On a invent day, we need posts that generate a slew of exclusive comments. That is part of why I appreciate AT.

  44. Wesley Salvatore U. says:

    My common vintage images….kitchens! Oh to a wall fridge……looks so fun and easy…thanks!!

  45. Alfredo.Seamus.Ean says:

    How is this not a table? Its can be as a night stand or an destroy table. Both are types of tables, lol. The color is not to my taste but it looks really fine with the gold hardware.

  46. Madison Nylah says:

    I had one of these for many years until my college roomate visited with his puppy and she ate off half the top! They are for lounging, watching TV, etc. and being able to stretch out. Mine was also partially filled with kapok and smelled great!

  47. Leilani_Nayeli_Kaliyah says:

    @gttim Exactly. Same as with having no kids. Both are choices I feel no need to to anyone.

  48. DylanCullen says:

    Wow, those rules are obnoxious! I understand the no peanuts rule and no pork at the synagogue, if course. But everything else is pretentious. I can imagine giving my 4 year extinct 3 containers- presenting him with 6 things to lose. And no string cheese or Baby Bell? I extremely considerable care about providing my kids with healthy lunches and my kids are not too picky, but parents should be allowed to pack whatever they is for their kids.

  49. Kailani says:

    Vikulya, looks more bask in a model Viking ship than a canoe. And sorry, but not my taste.

  50. Antonella Marjorie Z. says:

    Restoration Hardware linen sheets are the absolute worst. I had two sets and they both literally disintegrated within a year, even with extremely careful laundering. I Eileen Fisher linen sheets and they are great. Other (affordable) options for linen sheets are H&M (

  51. Halle1998 says:

    I appreciate making them too. tassels on them and consume them as bookmarks! Christmas is coming!Ever done seed bead weaving? I had one of those exiguous bracelet looms and loved it when I was an older kid.

  52. HeidiMaeve says:

    This is unbiased the thing for “kiddifying” the spare bedroom when my granson comes to visit. Then it can turn back into my office when he goes home!

  53. Esther says:

    I shades or blinds with the top-down/bottom-up feature would be expedient for these windows. That way, you can cover the bottom halves of the windows for privacy and serene light, and you can attach them all the arrangement up to block light for watching TV.

  54. Kale K. says:

    These are too cool! I am eagerly awaiting the movie version of WTWTA; I am in awe each time I glean the trailer at the movie theater!

  55. Edwin_Kanye says:

    high point is a horrifying place. I know. im from there. check out the biscuit factory for the breakfast of the locals and the house for cheap/awesome hot dogs served on parchment paper.

  56. Camille says:

    Those are really ease to make. I made them for all my switches and outlets placed on the outside walls, out of a craft foam sheets from dollar store! It makes a here in Canada where winter is coming in trough all the pores…

  57. Barrett says:

    Since this Knoll fabric is discontinued, I suggest looking at Unika Vaev fabrics:

  58. Harry says:

    yeah, living with roommates sort of necessitates spending more time in your bedroom than is “typical.” and i also broken-down to bear a ample room (it was actually larger than our living room), so it made sense to hang out in my bedroom with my friends. but i also my bed a lot, and spending time with my cat and watching movies on my laptop in bed.

  59. Maurice U. says:

    if you live in Canada in the Hamilton ont you can it to this plot ”

  60. LyricYaretziEmmy says:

    “Remodeled” โ€” builder grade cabinets were installed yesterday and the painter will be here tomorrow, because the sold for $100,000 less two weeks ago.

  61. Kayla F. says:

    HBC blankets are the best, and beget a extremely long history. They were broken-down for trading for pelts in Canada, and been around for hundreds of years.

  62. Nina@1966 says:

    Finally a bathroom with some personality! It looks dapper and arresting and classic, but you managed to totally hurry the hotel-bathroom feel of a lot of the other submissions. I care for the raised sink, the curved doorways, and the two-color paint job. the colored towels and bath mats. The white wainscotting and tiles the color from getting too overwhelming.

  63. Alec A. says:

    What personality on that high-back cherish seat! I really devour the metallic and mirror surfaces integrated among the wood and textiles. Gives the a eclectic balance

  64. Blakely_Ansley_Ingrid says:

    I also the policy was silly. Until I met someone who flat out stated that she decorated her area by taking pictures of what she liked and taking them to her local “guy” to him whip up duplicates. It takes all kinds, eh.

  65. Jocelyn_Anastasia_Jaylene says:

    One of my friends asked me to post this…I feel your pain. I had ghastly issues this summer with soundproofing in my bedroom.
    My neighbors had a screaming newborn which made sleeping in my bedroom
    impossible. I talked to them, but they did not seem to care. I combed through numerous websites and educated myself on soundproofing. My pickle ended up being
    flanking noise coming across my window. Ultimately I had to up my window 7” and reduced the noise by about 95%. I also created an air pocket in between my wall and fresh wall, musty sound putty to conceal all the outlets and any other metal junction boxes etc. I musty mass loaded vinyl, and soundproofing drywall.The other posts are just in that you need to the gaps. They beget a soundproofing putty which might be something to in the gaps.
    Did you compose an airpocket in between your walls prior to adding the drywall?
    The airpocket is key. It does sound devour you acquire flanking noise coming from the metal
    by the timbers. I had a fine contractor and we worked through the issues together.
    Your is as you cannot drywall over your timbers. Caulking
    every of gap where the walls and ceiling connect is also extremely important.The contractor I ancient was David Synder 773-671-9018. I actually interviewed 3 and picked him. professional and precise. luck!

  66. Tristen M. says:

    I was going to recommend the same thing as posts 1 and 2 (posterboard portfolios and under bed storage).

  67. Jesse-Joan says:

    My day was derailed by a flat tire that up costing me 4 hours of time, but I DID manage to gather a list together! A few ample projects (shampooing some spots in the carpet) and an assortment of smaller ones, many of them can be done in under an hour or with a fast errand. Looking forward to knocking it out!

  68. Lucille.Aislinn says:

    Once one has contemplates paying $1,000 a square foot for a exiguous apartment with few architectural features, one sees why so many Smallest Coolest entrants up the IKEA clerks by name.Yeah, I know this is the going rate in NYC… as our local prices glide closer to yours, I should be buying stock in whoever makes Top Ramen.

  69. Maggie Averi Alessia T. says:

    I faded Navy and Gap are in Canada – they broad sizes and lots of sales and coupons. I Loft may be as well.

  70. Danielle_Kori_Corinne says:

    I moved here 18 months ago from Austin…ditto….Craigslist and you acquire to be ready to on it. If there is an “open house” for it, be first in line with all your personal info to acquire out an application and a copy of your credit report. And hopefully you acquire not an 80 lb Lab or you will be looking a long time for something affordable.

  71. Roselyn_Alianna says:

    Junkers? impress makes a hardwood that can be installed over concrete. We DIYed and it was fine. It IS prefinished though so your concerns on matching attain remain.

  72. Lucas A. says:

    @Beatrixx You might believe they are all , but one of my neighbors in Denver made a living selling stuff he found on curbs . Or alleys , as the case is in Denver . I found a wrought iron 60s dining place in perfect condition and took it , and I was hardly .

  73. Kira says:

    The image at the top of this entry:

  74. Shawn_Philip_Bryant says:

    I your philosophy of having things your family made-I art and crafts made by 9 members of my family and my husbands-it makes a home-voted!

  75. Diego.Gunner.Jaren says:

    @DMarieS I got that couch for $800 at the JCP Furniture outlet in Atlanta (I actually had a 25% off discount so it came to $600). You should check to behold if you absorb one nearby! They enjoy a lot of furniture there.

  76. Alexandro says:

    the best brushes you can afford and them clean (I wash mine after with shampoo or Dawn). For me, a 1-1/2 or 2″ angled brush, 3″ angled and a 4″ straight. All should be tapered ends.Another favorable item:Yoga, exhaust mat or knee pads.If you bear a lot of down the floor edging, these will you a lot of pain.

  77. Gabriel66 says:

    I would delight in to a fragrant plant list specifically for indoor gardens.

  78. Mateo-Gunnar-Emmett says:

    I gave up on trying to match a coffee table to my Eames chairs. In addition to being gross the chair pulls you back, and my guests were always leaning forward to try and approach the coffee table.I now a low-ish handmade MCM table (kind of Paul McCobb-ish) for the main coffee table, and the LCW has its acquire Eames Rod table next to it. A much better fit, as the guests can location their drink down without lurching out of the chair.Conversely, if you dont believe room for two tables, perhaps something Breuers Laccio tables could work – a one for the chair, nesting inside the one for the couch.

  79. Angie Natasha Maleah O. says:

    This is so beautiful. It feels * and sophisticated for such a young looking couple. all of the art and the items that thrifted but bear classic lines.

  80. Mary.Cecilia says:

    favorable chairs and stools at an astonishing price! I ordered 8 chairs in gunmetal in December and two stools and they arrived ahead of schedule. They were really to work with as well! Highly recommended!

  81. Evelyn.Helena.Holly says:


  82. Isla Alanna says:

    i agree with code – except i savor to make projects the desktop so i believe a central to refer to.

  83. Bella-Rose says:

    I grew up in a converted basement with even lower ceilings. I actually quite liked it! It was easy to or warm, and it always felt and cozy. I assume the key is to surround yourself in colors/furnishings that are soothing and comfortable. It will you feel you are living inside of a cozy little coccoon.

  84. Fidel says:

    I earn it a bit institutional. I feel appreciate it sends an implicit message of conformity, which runs counter to my personal parenting ideals.

  85. Christian Mario says:

    Lisa.. you gotten a favorable response from Baanoobaanoo if you follow up and they can befriend you …please us posted .it would be to se how it is resolved. I may be able to their service too. BYE FOR NOE RAA

  86. Kadin Omari Q. says:

    Im surprised it hadnt at least been painted a neutral white!I will admit having lived in Chicago before York there are a lot more estimable “neutral” pre-war apartments in Chicago. York must had a time period where they diminish up spaces horribly to do more money or stopped caring about details. Living in Chicago (on the North Side) I saw a lot more places like this with just a really blank slate to around.Great job!

  87. Oliver-Gauge says:

    I acquire a home made wooden Christmas tree extremely similar to the one pictured, its our stocking tree. I acquire stockings every year and its the perfect to previous years.

  88. Frances Kailey Marleigh says:

    I read through the comments. beautiful heated! Well, here are my questions:1. Has one of these chairs ever been in an AT house tour? I never seen one before.2. Has Maxwell ever recommended this chair to a client?I consider that the post is considerate of and a bit of entertainment!ALSO, it was educational! If I ever one of these “love seats” in a friends home, I know NOT to sit on it…

  89. Lilah R. says:

    Rich–Terrazzo is standard practice in a determined era of Florida and Palm Springs MCM ranches, as well as an earlier appearance in the Deco hotels of South Beach, and it is in vogue.It is incredibly hardwearing, but has to be installed (even when installed in place.. basically poured concrete with aggregate which is polished down) with metal spacer rods to give the areas of concrete some way/place to expand and contract without cracking.The beauty of that is that you can incorporate those metal spacers into the design, as evident in many of the SoBe Deco hotels. And the rods are extremely thin, and not dirt collectors as they sound, or as grout would be.But even so, the expanses can be and uninterrupted, the installation most often seen in low-slung ranchers.I the gawk of it (It IS frigid in the winter, tho) but not determined it can be installed in say a high-rise, due to weight, unless you went the tile route, but I may be on that.

  90. Vance Chaz B. says:

    I care for my Restoration Hardware nylon shower curtain. Machine washable and dryable.

  91. Nolan says:

    @lifesized dollhouse I agree. His region is so burly of personality. It shows that you can be creative within the constraints of a rental agreement. It can be done. Bravo Mike.

  92. Jovany B. says:

    Does anyone know if these believe a diffuser on the bottom, or can you gape the bulb when looking up at it?

  93. Deacon Jovan Messiah W. says:

    Haha – I bear a half plate that is holding up the soil in a brick planter where some of the bricks believe disappeared.

  94. Brooklyn_Raegan_Amayah says:

    In the bottom photo did the settee fill to the art? And the three pictures on the accurate crooked. Cozy or thrown together.

  95. Amari_Quincy says:

    natty bowl party for me! I hope to pictures hung, shelves built, and a floor plant for the corner. And a and natty apartment of course ๐Ÿ™‚

  96. Andy_Tristen says:

    Sean: Your “Favorite Element” comments liken my enjoy about your place. Thank you so distinguished for letting us glimpse inside your place. Enjoyed the tour, and I wish you well.

  97. EdwinAhmadLayne says:

    So delicate restored – and so many people would done the to get that shabby chic effect. ๐Ÿ™‚

  98. Arielle-Emerie-Emmaline says:

    I with the shelving it would tone down the sparkling tiles and maybe incorporate more colors into the kitchen. And I would add some artwork.

  99. Zendaya@999 says:

    You can also try ( They beget a broad variety of styles, they are fully custom, and they a factory bellow model. They doors are beautiful, made in Italy, and they delivered directly to your job site. That is what I used, after doing a lot of research online.

  100. RowanTristin says:

    Our reception dwelling was similarly rustic. We strung white paper lanterns above (the more, the better) and yellow checked table cloths with bouquets on the tables. I believe it complemented the dismal wood really well.

  101. Carolyn.Brenna says:

    I live on the 4th floor and only choose the elevator if I lots of bags/packages/laundry/guests. The more I hold the stairs, the easier it is.

  102. Grace says:

    This would construct a unbelievable gift for my best friend who is 38 and having her first child.

  103. Harmony Jaelyn Katalina M. says:

    *, I wish my father was a handyman! extremely nicely done–lofts are often hard to decorate properly, but you made astronomical of the wallspace with the bookcases and artwork. I delight in the choice of curtains too!

  104. John ZZZ says:

    Thank-you Justine! To lump all of the non-Western decor styles together completely disregards the cultural differences that each fashion brings to the table! I really this topic being brought up!

  105. Brandon Holden Dominik R. says:

    My aunt got an insane cat with her house a few years back. ๐Ÿ˜›

  106. SkylarYair says:

    I am going to tackle my laundry closet, and organize. Granted…small with stacked washer and dryer…but I fill managed to acquire the most of it by stuffing as stuff in as possible.

  107. Tessa-Galilea says:

    For #1–Hobby Lobby offers a 40% off coupon for one item on their website. Drops the augury to 29.99.

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