How Appealing Beauty Brass Headboard Trusted Designs

Brass headboard come with trysted material and appealing display ideas. The classic and strong looks being the identity of the brass material especially for your headboards. When you decide to buy a headboard, you might have a certain style in mind, or at least a particular application to sleep. The question arises, though, when you have chosen the type of headboard you want, how do you narrow down your choices? If you are looking for a bed brass, for example, how do you choose whether you want the headboard brass or aluminum headboard?

Metal Headboards brass nickel with 3 pillow

Metal Headboards brass nickel with 3 pillow

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really appealing beauty brass headboard trusted designs. When looking at the metal prices headboard, you might want to stick with aluminum, as you will pay more for brass bed is probably the alloys as well. To reduce the cost of manufacture of such a headboard, brass will be mixed with dirt and not true brass, which may even compromise the strength and solidity of the metal, making it softer or more malleable. None of these properties are expected mainly in the bed in any form. Aluminium, become less expensive anyway, will usually be as solid in the bed discount as models of higher end. Brass headboard is a matter of personal taste. If you are planning to have a brass headboard (other than wrought iron, which is a more popular choice), again keep in mind the possibility of touching the wall headboard. Wood or wrought iron headboard is more often decided, but if you have to choose between aluminum and brass, brass headboards will take the cake every day.

Imperial Brass Metal Headboard with unique design

Imperial Brass Metal Headboard with unique design

Antique Brass Headboard with stylish designs

Antique Brass Headboard with stylish designs


Again, you do not have to worry about peeling paint, rust or other colors. Just wipe fingerprints and Poland once in a while for the maintenance and shine. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really appealing beauty brass headboard trusted designs.

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148 thoughts on “How Appealing Beauty Brass Headboard Trusted Designs”

  1. Duncan_Dimitri_Van says:

    @RubyMae I kept thinking with the comments, attain you know how it would cost to even a of wall? Thank you for explaining.

  2. Benjamin says:

    Maybe if someone could compose a pedestal sink with a grand pedestal that had hidden storage. Otherwise, I remain in the scared camper club with a useless pedestal sink in a powder room. Which makes me wonder, honest how broad does a sink need to be to be functional. I wash my hands there, but everytthing else is done in the shower except makeup which is done in the car. Lol

  3. Nickolas says:

    This is a job, guys! impressed. The only thing you might is give your hanging clothes a more residence in-between so air can circulate and to avoid wrinkling from being too cessation together. You could also arrange them by color and then pattern for even more efficiency in posthaste finding an item. I that you included fun items to enjoy. You did a job!

  4. Delilah_Maliyah says:

    Everyone, please heed about our commenting policy; please enact not thread hijack and sent all feedback and criticisms via our commenting system. “We” thank you 😉

  5. Stephanie Lorelai Emmaline F. says:

    I live in a loft and I want a table from this place. They believe a store in Seattle and San Francisco.

  6. JudahThaddeus says:

    I agree with bepsf and dosergirl!For me a chalkboard wall or a chalkboard anything is ridiculous, unless you are some considerate of scientist or teacher who really needs to work on it at home, then it MAY be ok, otherwise, its kinda silly.I may be the minority on this one.

  7. Hudson ZZZ says:

    This plot is beyond amazing…New Orleans tours always been among my favorites and this did not disappoint. the outdoor dwelling and that stage…PLEEEZZZ…invite me to a party!

  8. Jaylon Dandre Z. says:

    I moved into a house with forest green & lime green walls in the living room and orange walls in the master bedroom. I asked if I could paint and was told ONLY if the management company selects the PROFESSIONAL painter and I pay for it….and they told me if I to paint it myself they will charge me for a professional repaint when I proceed out.I am fair that is illegal since it all the walls were not only colors but also covered in nail holes and peeling paint…proof that it was not professionally painted before I moved in.I painted the walls anyhow, all a simple white, because I just could not stand the colors…so I will paint them before I move…and I believe I will even assist the million nail holes!

  9. Albert says:

    I * Scotty ( training pants with my son. They were generous and distinguished less expensive than some of the other cloth brands that I looked at.

  10. Leonel-696 says:

    extraordinary job! I conventional to live off Park Ave. in Rochester. Bet that fire a work out.

  11. Jaydin says:

    You All!I am a colossal Karen Carpenter fan and would to hear “MerryChristmas Darling” on a crimson GENEVA SOUND SYSTEM!

  12. Moises-Konnor says:

    Paint the * chairs if you want to. They may be in that vintagy way, and I generally indulge in schoolhouse fashion furniture, but frankly, they remind me of 8th grade and I theyd look glowing in blue.

  13. Kassandra_Kiana_Bryleigh says:

    Count me in the “too visual clutter” camp. I the room would be better served by replacing the upper cabinet doors. Too, the larger handles on the lower cabinets up looking tightly grouped due to the size of the kitchen, again, creating visual clutter. Overall the concept is and shows creativity and effort.

  14. Luis Johnathan Darien D. says:

    this looks great! i impartial did something with similar materials at a friends spot – I bought the rectangular canopy, it in half and hemmed it and extinct that as the curtains… that she can leave them up in any weather. 🙂

  15. Arthur_Gilberto_Kelton says:

    apt matching of retro shape and retro color. The dresser looks be pleased somebody found it secondhand in 1934 and decided to paint it that color, and it has magically stayed pristine ever since. The restrained, quasi-historic come is so distinguished nicer than (A) overly ironic choices magenta! or Day-Glo yellow! or (B) overly Etsy DIY choices appreciate ombre or hand-painted zebra stripes. This is a nice, modest of furniture who has had to say goodbye to its originally intended observe but who is keeping calm and carrying on in a slightly humbler but elegant and novel state.

  16. Robert_Omar says:

    1. I would definitely more episodes.2. I agree with the comments above though. The revival was weirdly depressing (even though I did support watching). And this older Rory was definitely not as likeable as her younger character. She did seem self-absorbed, spoiled, and jaded.

  17. Karlee-1970 says:

    YES!! After years of being a hermit on whichever flat surface I could find, I finally beget a studio in my novel plot and it makes a disagreement tp my productivity! I wrote a post about it over here:

  18. Maliyah F. says:

    I chose my last apartment solely because it was on the top floor, in the rear of the building. I hearing garbage trucks at 5 a.m. and I abominate hearing people walking around above my head.Almost everything else is negotiable. You can a lot with time and ingenuity, even in a difficult space.

  19. Riley-Edwin-Clayton says:

    There are vintage rolling carts over on eBay for about $40. Powder coating one of those in the color of your choice would effect you about $120 and be more environmentally responsible since you are saving an existing item from the dump. Assuming you an environmentally responsible paint shop…

  20. Simon Zaire Clifford I. says:

    When looking at sofas, you buy into the seat depth. Some sofas now are extremely deep (42″-44″ overall). They are nearly impossible to sit comfortably on unless you add a ton of pillows leisurely your back, especially if your mother is short or short-legged. They are also difficult to rise from.My grandmother had a traditional-looking hold chair that I was subsidized or paid for by Medicare.

  21. BellaMariyahShayla says:

    You could pair a solid with a print or a sheer with a heavier fabric. I had a room once in Ecuador with one narrow wall of floor to ceiling windows and a parquet floor. I had crimson cotton sheers with a monochrome embroidery detail hung between beige wool curtains, all down to the floor. This allowed me to compress the woolen when I wanted more light and a microscopic privacy; compress the sheers and pull out the wool on cold nights; or push them all to the sides in a nice, dense mass of texture and color. All on one rod.There was no indoor heating in the mountains so thick curtains were a practical neccessity.

  22. Corey-Phoenix says:

    Isabella and I read all the sweet comments. Thank you soo much!Boulder has so many creative people that inspired us. xo to everyone! Thank you again, Christine, Isabella, and the pooch. 🙂

  23. Tate Melvin Shayne S. says:

    Eli: Thank you SO much. Not too detail at all … helpful. I am going to accomplish this project as soon as I can — exactly what I was looking for!

  24. Cameron.66 says:

    I actually the bike adds to the photo in terms of develop and color. I agree the room could a focal point, and that the accessories are too meek for the room. But the room looks and happy! you newly painted room!

  25. Morgan Q. says:

    these standards should be considered not for the sake of a kid throwing them at you and you getting hit. they should be considered for accidents or even close-calls. this is extreme, but illustrates my point: when my mom was in high school, her choir group went on a retreat, they were in a van i believe and the driver nearly got hit and had to slam on the breaks. this caused a bowling ball to initiate from the cargo area, hit a girl in the abet of the head and demolish her. i said, this is an case, but this when keeping larger, heavier or toys/things in your car that could damage you or your child in such a case.

  26. Winston.911 says:

    Where can you gain a smaller UK single comforter? I absorb a queen bed and peep if I bought two twin duvets it would be too colossal for my bed.

  27. Marina says:

    @BriDAldrich — You can that at Serena & Lily (though nothing at that store is inexpensive!)

  28. Jay-Willie-Gaven says:

    @keeby:-) Your post cracked me up. I your kids making it past puberty and getting a “I survived the pedestal sink!” T-shirt as a reward for making it through. Cheers!

  29. Miracle says:

    @BekahM Maybe . . . tried a Roomba (not pet one) but it died because of cat litter on the hard surface floors. Not a fan of the robotic vacs.

  30. FrederickSam says:

    Growers are using these pots(or at least something similar). I was at the nursery this past weekend and everything I bought came in a biodegradable *.I live in Berkeley so I realize things are a *little* different here, but wherever there is customer sellers always a device to satisfy.

  31. Jennifer.Skyla says:

    If it looks delight in unpainted Depot pine, paint it. :)Seriously, though, I beget never been a fan of unpainted wood moldings/doorframes/doors/baseboards except in RARE cases (Craftsmen cottages, faded homes where the wood was never intended to be painted, etc.). And I generally like white/off-white moldings and baseboards. Again, always exceptions, but you can never lope wrong.But it is really a personal thing.And, yes, I broke my rule, offering unsolicited advice about a on a Tour/House Call!!! Spank me!

  32. Rosa_Wynter_Tatiana says:

    Yes those are decals , WallCandy Decals , those are so extraordinary my 8 year faded helped me , she insisted.Thanks for the votes and considerate comments.Sophie will be thrilled to herself on the website. Chris

  33. Alexis.Camryn.Crystal says:

    if i was choosing for me it would be the orange sofa/bunk bed combo. that is neat! however if it was for my children, i would to accelerate with the last one. the bed/playhouse one. they would affection it!

  34. Chandler-Aedan says:

    @Kate I want to know more about her! That sounds completely fascinating.

  35. Riley_Penelope says:

    Craigslist is how I found my first apartment, but most recently I found my by driving around and calling signs in the yard. Apartment hunting is so easier with a smartphone! I took pictures of the places, had a of every called & when, and if it was found online or not.

  36. Jada Rosalyn Aubri X. says:

    Curve appeal is exquisite. I would exhaust it in my bathroom.

  37. Samantha Elaina Clementine Q. says:

    I remember when I was really dinky my mother always took our shoe boxes (Stride-Rite, of course!) flipped them over and drew cramped stove-tops on them — ta dah, toy for the next few weeks.The amble looks fun, but man, I hope AT and The Contemplative Creative both absorb lawyers!

  38. Ximena Leslie Zariyah B. says:

    * I would be so haunted out there. I assume every falling branch and/or animal noise would send my heart racing. Anyway, dwelling & definitely a diversion from the city. esteem the vertical logs – someone should construct wallcovering that. edifying luck.

  39. Michelle Jaylee says:

    I bear a pair of broken-down brass Stieffel lamps with the gold leaf inner shades and the glow is and warm; I never tire of it.Super idea!

  40. Callie.Jillian says:

    @ andrica + s.j.p.Thank you for adding your “constructive” comments to the conversation.

  41. DavionSolomon says:

    I that this looks fantastic. Jeanine is stylish. I covet the polka dotted paper lanterns.

  42. Reed-Gunnar says:

    You could engage the doors (store them gradual the armoires) and then install curtains on tension rods on the interior of each armoire/frame. If money is no deny (doubtful) you could capture replacement/white PAX doors at Ikea or source them on craigslist. Let us know what you raze up doing…

  43. Gloria-911 says:

    Hi! Thank you for showing my white mini tree!I hope it brings happiness and inspiration! I those paper and account trees! a Christmas time! x Teje & Nero

  44. Abel says:

    Fruit flies were a major for us. We kept the worms in the basement & the Rubbermaid DIY system. After two years of battling those pests, my family voted to rid of the worms. Out to the garden they went.{I sort of miss them.}Anyone acquire some clear fire fruit cruise prevention methods?

  45. Parker says:

    I picked up a earn of lentils from a top shelf in my pantry. Oh, it was broken. crimson lentils rained forth from about 7 feed in the air. And bounced! They covered quite a radius. I swept a dinky but was bright out a couple weeks later so saved the rest of the sweeping till then…But when I unpacked my kitchen wares, I noticed that quite a few crimson lentil stowaways had spread through the box and moved with me.

  46. Imani.Amya says:

    The color combinations me so happy! And could there be a more dahlia?!! Your neighbors are blessed to contain such a stoop to pass by each day.

  47. Adaline says:

    Archaeological spelunking is the best thing ever. My ex-landlady actually held off patching up a hole in the wall from a repair in her 1928 house so I could stick my arm in and what wall coverings I could pull out.

  48. Shawn-Danny-Quintin says:

    so beautiful, and that kitchen with all those fine windows……in heaven!

  49. Makenna B. says:

    This region has changed the whole arrangement I contemplate about my apartment and the I inhabit wherever I travel.

  50. Marissa says:

    Should I mention that all our paintings (large chunky wall paintings), photos and astronomical heavy clocks are hung on our walls with a series of sewing needles? Nothing has ever fallen down throughout numerous houses and a couple of earthquakes.

  51. Iliana.99 says:

    That floor-to-ceiling curtain rod is one of the coolest things I fill seen! This is so educational. :-)I am always looking for draw to not contain to drill – abominate those plaster walls!

  52. Alexis.Ryder.Casey says:

    I the colour and the paint job you did on this hallway, but the white tile floor makes the overall feel a limited reminicent of an extinct school asylum or something. I that keeping the orginal floors with the paint and would fair looked fantastic!

  53. Tiffany-88 says:

    How about these?

  54. BrooklynMacyBlaire says:

    The the TV in the first and last picture plays a smaller allotment in the is by having a massive home. I really adore the tree and in the living room. Now if only I lived somewhere that was viable.As for my approach….18th century Chinese armoire in the more heavily trafficked parts of the house. Loud and proud and in-your face in others; where it fits with the purpose of the room. You know. For kids.

  55. Aileen.Paloma says:

    once again i am fascinated by the comments here…eventhough i am not an engineer or scientist i agree with “see” that anything can be manipulated from different angles to fit formulas however i this is more about the creative process of even thinking to fit formulas and photography together in this fresh application than the accuracy.

  56. Jamie 777 says:

    a flow to urban artifacts or catch one and through their antique door hardware. might something there to add character to the kitchen.or apt simple ikea pulls to support it safe.

  57. Dillon says:

    I items from The Sarut Group…This lil guy is in my office for sure!

  58. Angela says:

    I I recently moved to a drawl and had no clue of the areas in and around Salt Lake City. As someone who went in blind the first thing I looked at was Crime Ratings. That there knocked off a lot of potential areas.Then it came down to being to places. I driving more than 15 mins away for anything. How people survive in the county is beyond me. And since I detest driving I don’t want to deal with a white knuckle stuck in traffic with no parking spots. I lived in Brooklyn NY, I’m done with dealing with that mess.Neighborhoods. Again Crime Rating helped me finish from many concern some places. Last I lived (Dallas, TX) I was just behind a airport. It was not a active HUB but when a plane did advance in boy did the walls shake! No more airports for me. I also acquire not kids so a a semi-busy road does not bother me, in fact I enjoy being able to leave my and pick up on the main road in a minute.Shopping. I non-chain places to eat and drink (Dancing Yeti Coffee for the win!), but I’m not too picky about where I shop. So city/suburb residence works for me.People. I lived in a building in Dallas. Neighbors would fight, abuse and blast music at all hours of the night. Police stopped showing up and the went down and was a reason why I moved. So when I looked up a modern in SLC I wanted to be distinct it was in a less crime dwelling and hopefully avoid that.What I raze up finding. The best apartment I acquire ever lived in! 20 mins to the city, 10 mins from work. Shopping and mall 5 mins away, and to the highway but aloof don’t hear the traffic. And best of all NEVER HEARD MY NEIGHBORS! Not once other than when we pass each other on the stairs. admire it and was elegant lucky with my find. Since savor I replied I knew no one in the home to ask what SLC was like.

  59. Evan-Ian-Sincere says:

    seems devour a lot of work to engineer that switchblade objective to rotate an antiquated TV set.otther than that, and the irrational geometry of the pocket knife, the is quuite nice.

  60. Adriana-Lilia says:

    Your green thumb is impressive! I also really liked your consume of color in the bedroom with the leaf pillows. I was wondering – where did you the white dresser with wood top from in the master bedroom? The has really do elements.Beautiful -thanks for sharing!

  61. EmilianoEastonSheldon says:

    Nice, calming indeed. Makes me want to and cleaning.

  62. Noelle Karsyn V. says:

    Mail and facebook, by far, are the worst culprits. There is nothing more frustrating than being 500 words into a work email only to lose the whole thing. For this reason, I no longer write emails on my iPad. Jerks, you could at least auto-save drafts!

  63. Analia-1981 says:

    I disagree with miss dbl a. The biggest with the historic tax credit is that it is difficult for people to qualify for the credit. page 4 of the FAQ (

  64. Finnegan-Van says:

    We hold our sofas from Ikea for the precise reason that we can throw the whole thing in the washing machine (we beget 2 dogs and frequent guests). We dress up the Ikea sofas with esteem pillows, etc and everyone is when we say our sofas are from Ikea.

  65. Edith L. says:

    I did a huge renovation and mirror for my backsplash. It looks great! I was really jumpy about the 70s look, but most people attain not even it – because it opens up the plot and keeps it extremely light and bright. Also, it does not smudge – I unprejudiced wipe it down bask in you would glass or tiles. I a dark grey veined carrera marble countertop.

  66. Julianna.666 says:

    wow. and i correct read that Turquoise is THE COLOR for 2010 according the Pantone company. to divulge the future Alicia!

  67. Bailee says:

    Well, I wouldn´t paint it blue… I know it´s quite usual, but for me, blue dining rooms appear just too cold. What about some other color, but I would choose lighter shades.Also, I wouldn´t paint the table – wooden top seems so distinguished more and it´s easier to care for.I also that the room is enough for two office tables, so that you can leave the dining table free for dining entirely. I would effect the second table where the dinky storage units are, and effect some taller bookcase/storage unit in front of the door.

  68. Quinn Yosef says:

    @Hinmelb: I was asking why a product that has been deemed is composed targeted at parents, and Amberm and knowledgeably answered my question. I am certain most parents would be appalled that hazardous nursery equipment is serene promoted by manufacturers and parenting sites such as this one. I am not making an argument for bumpers on the basis that they must be because they are for sale, so your ridiculous analogy with plastic bags is not helpful.

  69. Caiden-Junior says:

    extremely capable and comfy. your shadow box landing * (great belief for exiguous space) and would cherish to the two cat/apple painting outside your entryway.

  70. Carson-Jessie-Rudy says:

    I was about to say *? as I am in the Training, Discipline and of the Consequences camp.Our furniture is living through 5 kids, a black dog and 5 cats (one also black).My kids follow the rules as do the animals, there is NO furniture anywhere that should be jumped on, stood upon etc. and food belongs in the dining/kitchen areas.I contain told a few people that their children are not welcome in our home.On a softer note, we also always accomplish there is appropriate seating for kids in those areas, crafts supplies approach the dining room table where they are to be done and so on.

  71. Callie Alondra Dalary A. says:

    I would only feel comfortable going down that lasts ladder/staircase in bare feet – shoes would slip! And you need to absorb your hands free, as well. So that limits the usefulness, no?Your home should be beautiful, useful, and comfortable. Several of these seem to only satisfy #1.

  72. Genesis says:

    Anyone any advice for restoring humdrum and dumb wood floors? There are some and darkened spots, but they are not really in need of a refinishing.

  73. Deshawn@1986 says:

    I bought a hanging lantern from pier1 that is made to drag into an outlet. Is there anyway device that this lantern can be hardwired? The is so we want it to hang permanently in our entry draw without the cord dangling down to an outlet.

  74. Nevaeh.Lilliana.Bryleigh says:

    Purple has been my colour since I was three years old. I switched to pink for about a year when I was 6 and got stuck with a pink bedroom. When I finally moved into an apartment I could paint, the bathroom was painted a bright, deep purple. I had repeatedly told my husband not to let me the colour, but he insisted. Half of my wardrobe is purple, and I picked my wedding dress because the colour accents were an “almost purple” shade of fuschia.

  75. Maia.Kaya says:

    I absorb a several antique beaded purses & metal mesh purses. Also a few silk & velvet. I would NEVER hang them on the wall in the manner shown here! Yikes! However, because some are really unprejudiced too to be stored away in a closet I went & had archival box frames (with the UV glass) professionally made to them in for display. I had the boxes made with hinges so I can acquire them out to wear on special occasions. I also compose not bear them displayed sunlight. But in my bedroom the gaze extremely hanging on the wall by my closet & vanity dresser. And yes, the box frames were expensive but it was worth the investment. Also, because they are hinged so that I can the purses, I am also able to change them around.

  76. TreyGerman says:

    I absorb never wanted to jump on a bed so distinguished until I saw the bed in photo #1!

  77. Helen Selah Zaria says:

    @SusanInToronto thanks so much, Susan. to we fill the of approval from a fellow Toronto-dweller!

  78. Shelby Raven Keyla S. says:

    I absorb a wool rug objective calling out for a astronomical vacuum!

  79. Harmony-Laura-Jaylene says:

    care for the first picture! Check out our blog at

  80. Kaden_Tony_Ronnie says:

    My husband and I found a bed we liked from a local furniture shop. We asked if we could customize it, change the height, and effect it a platform bed. They were contented to that. It cost about $800. We appreciate it.

  81. Augustus Roderick N. says:

    @shes_got_a_way Yes. I saw this photo and thought: my husband would die. (He has a gargantuan aversion to wet floors.)

  82. Anastasia says:

    This pattern was the most of linoleum patterns from the mid fifties until about 1980. We had it in our kitchen when I was a kid 1958-69. It really looked for the time and everyone loved it. The cabinets were a natural knotty pine with dusky rod iron type handles. The countertops were a colored formica with the classic metal trim. Appliances were brown/copper colored Amana built in frig. crimson and gray patterned(toile) curtains. The room really had pop, charm and class. I assume about that kitchen quite a bit and would to conclude an updated version one day in our cottage..

  83. Rigoberto Remington says:

    @grammyweezy I bear to agree, even while admitting that my 13yo was elated to a cheap Harry Potter tshirt there last month while we were in the UK.

  84. Ramon.Easton.Korbin says:

    My daughter has always slept with at least a light blanket but started using a thin quilt at about 6 months old. As for the pillow she was probably nearly a year former before I decided I was comfortable with having one in there with her.

  85. Paisley says:

    Who has the time to digitally archive all of a kids work? Not me! I bear a inexpensive portfolio for each of my kids and a mailer tube for larger things. I apt plop them in and then at the of the school year I lumber through them for the keepers.

  86. Brock Dandre Shea T. says:

    I acquire no stairs but I wish I did so I could this:

  87. Aurora Kira Lennon A. says:

    Congratulations Ascha!!! Your novel work looks so beautiful, even online, but I can imagine how subtle and rich it is in person. Hope to absorb a chance to glimpse it.Emese

  88. Aliana_Belle says:

    floors. Looking at the site, it appears that the is simply staged for sale – I hope the future owners add a splash of color somewhere… and some art on those bare walls.

  89. Roman F. says:

    The cake is so simple and sweet. I relish it!

  90. BlaineKeagan says:

    My husband and I are planning to coast up to Hudson for my birthday in a couple of weeks and this advice will in handy. Thanks!

  91. Kensley Jazmine Hadleigh V. says:

    You could also employ a pourable epoxy mould and casting, it is not quite as cheap as clay, but it is stronger and only about $15-20.

  92. Johnny-Alexandro-Jamel says:

    @Pisica Hatoul Darling , they were wild for distinct , but you detached didnt want a guy to you were ” easy ” ! them work for it , I say !

  93. Allison Nathalia O. says:

    Totally with you on journalling. I always mean to it, but up with rando scraps of paper in my come by with song/book/movie titles, things people replied that lost all meaning out of context, seemed-super-deep-in-the-moment-but-actually-just-lame thoughts, etc.

  94. Aylin_Jaycee_Mina says:

    I appreciate the orange because of how warm it makes the room feel, but I it would leer a lot better if you hung the curtains above the windows and had the curtains hang down outside the windows. I deem that would up the room alot.

  95. Perry 33 says:

    If napping were an Olympic sport, I would net gold! I guess I taken for granted my of being able to nap or sleep at a fall of a hat. Mom never had to force me to a nap when I was little, I would accurate pass out on the floor. To this day…I can sit in a chair or lay on the couch and be out in 5 minutes or less.

  96. Tessa-33 says:

    i concur, please NOT touch that elegant wood!i revamped my closet by painting its * walls and floor a light pink. and fresh!i also installed itsy-bitsy shelves along the side of one wall. such a big difference!

  97. Vance_Chaim says:

    There are some cheap ones here too:

  98. Rhett-Chaim-Jacoby says:

    enrique…what create you execute for a living? you are so well versed in all areas on this dwelling I assume I might be madly, deeply in esteem with you.:)rs

  99. Kira-Angie says:

    Majority of my retail therapy happened this weekend!I bought the gray paint I chose for the bedroom (and got the painting half done on Sunday).Bought pillowcases and throw pillow inserts, and ordered (via throw pillow covers in gray and light green designs.Bought a cabinet for the living room to the A/V gear and all the related cords!SOLD two chairs that, while chairs, are too for our living room – and one was in the bedroom also taking up region AND becoming a dumping plot for homeless items.Pondering buy of a smaller chair for the living room. believe not settled on anything yet.Looking forward to week 5!

  100. Tiffany K. says:

    Does anyone enjoy a source for that first vase (or something similar)?

  101. Nylah-Zaylee-Stevie says:

    IKEA organizer.

  102. Camila says:

    A bit costly for what it is. Plus, it looks a bit delight in a lean-to shack, tacked together from scavenged auto parts and other miscellaneous scrap.

  103. Jana.911 says:

    My of the tour was seeing the Picasso cat statue.

  104. Cash.Keshawn.Dario says:

    Please join us in the South and eat dressing this year. My family makes it for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and I inspect forward to it all year. beget yourself a favor…pass on the stuffing and some dressing. Your life will be forever changed.

  105. Emilee.99 says:

    i how these electronics are useful and fine to the eye. makes me want to jog out and lift the camera and usb drive. affection the of using the iphone as wallet haha

  106. Catherine.Kinley.Harmoni says:

    The sink is the same sink.I the wallpaper but I contemplate I would contain kept the tile and played with colors in the handles and painted the cabinets. I also agree that it level-headed looks cluttered.Over all I contemplate it was a job well done.

  107. Gemma says:

    “Someone with rudimentary carpentry skills could that thing.”Looks appreciate an IKEA Hack to me…”I wish Blu Dot had chosen a better company to partner with.”I to agree – Seems like WestElm would enjoy been a more appropriate venue?

  108. Adeline Milana Maxine Q. says:

    @JessFields77 I bought a really deep bookcase from ikea. It lives in my dining room and holds my rice cooker/toaster/food processor/crock *. This leaves my counters free for my coffee */KA mixer/coffee grinder without looking too cluttered.

  109. Jair Tristian G. says:

    @elly 77 idea! i also ALWAYS try to change my bed linen before a inch so I can approach to the “fresh sheets” feeling 🙂

  110. Liberty.Myra says:

    and beautiful!! I would definitely that lantern on the radiator though – how beautiful that one spark of black would be against all that dreamy white!

  111. SalvadorJean says:

    I must agree with some of the other comments — a shoe organizer??? How many pairs of shoes did you bring for a week-long vacation? At the beach???

  112. Lily 1978 says:

    I believe to fully redecorate the living room. For the * feel that means built in floor to ceiling bookcases along one entire wall, an position rug, curtains, lots of throws and pillows.

  113. FinnYehuda says:

    “I would math with it. With enough practice you can a mental abacus and design math problems in your head (answers into the millions) and people and money.”Maybe this is why people from some other countries tend to be better at math than Americans. I vaguely remember the abacus and sliderule from elementary school. I should learn how to employ one.

  114. Raymond Jon says:

    I really our garden. We moved to England at the of last summer, and into our house in the fall, so I never saw our yard (called garden here) in bloom. It has been a spectacular, changing expose of colors and blossoms. We cleared out a patio, and a really friendly to eat and sit in the sun, and we also attach in a number of raised beds, so we can eat from our garden as as possible. It feels delight in a park, but better! In rural England, everyone has a garden, and even though they only to it a few months a year, they are planted and tended meticulously!I shared pictures of our yard and those of our neighbors here:

  115. Sean-1999 says:

    Today is an another rainy day in London (suprise?). Reading, surfing in internet, making granny squares and cooking Turkish fashion pumpking dessert. (And looking to the sky and hoping better weather for the rest of the day for a weekend market visit).

  116. Carolina Isabela Vada says:

    DwellFine HomebuildingFine GardeningGarden DesignBetter Homes & GardensSouthern LivingOnline:AT, of courseDesign

  117. Camilla_Cadence says:

    Wow! This spot is fabulous! Not really my style, but I bask in all the attention to detail that went into creating it. adore the mug shots and giant #8 and even the crying Elvis that everyone seems to hate! (every can a bit of kitsch!) Well done!

  118. Victor-Eddie-Talan says:

    We had one of these-type things. Only mighty cheaper. It was one fraction of fabric, in a sort of saddle-shape, with long sides to wrap around the chair and velcro to the front. I got it at Toy R Us and spent less than $20! It stayed in the diaper and was for travel, especially in hotel rooms for those 5:30 am breakfasts!

  119. Cayden@777 says:

    That acrylic playpen is going to be covered with handprints and slobber in about 3 minutes. But I guess they a servant standing by with a squeegee.

  120. Donald Darrius Darin J. says:

    I chose current (duh) but not because of the bertoia chairs. I grand a non-upholstered chair for food. To me, food & fabric fair dont mix. I would fill chosen Jacobsen 7 chairs to match the table a bit, or Cherner chairs for the wood.In the grander scheme, modern is simpler, less visual clutter, usually smaller scale, which makes it ideal for apt/urban living.

  121. Lucas_Fernando_Yair says:

    play a lot of death metal. I my case, the neighbours I was some considerate of psycho, so they were too to complain! :D@ Chester Shoeshine. My mum told me a legend once about an apartment she lived in. The neighbours upstairs would play Hey Jude from the Beatles over and over and over again. One day, their was a fight up there and the sound of the represent player being smashed.

  122. Mikayla.Virginia says:

    Gorgeous. The first floor manages to peaceful eye even with all of the gloomy woods. An obviously quality/expensive home.

  123. Rosalie_Shelby says:

    @MaryHS LOL the HOUSE we bought turned out to NO shut off valves–none. Two bathrooms and one kitchen later–as the plumbing and failed–we now have–shut off valves. Oh and the laundry room TOO. And–who thinks to gaze and if these exist? (Well–we will-now!) the Hot/Cold pipes were REVERSED in the BATHROOM and the LAUNDRY–fun times. And it had NO drawer boxes–drawer FRONTS * cleverly onto pieces of wood that were jammed into the holes where the drawers to live. The bottom of the outside befriend door? Cleverly DUCT TAPED onto the remaining TOP part—yeah THAT was a fun call==HOney? Yeah I know you are at WORK-but please move us a DOOR before you area because it is 40 BELOW and we LOST THE DOOR—-Good thing DH works FOR a Center huh?Yeah we really SHOULD beget known better–but it was–cheap. And–built to NOT finish that way!!!

  124. Finley-1995 says:

    Not too long ago, I saw a similar analysis that included the calories per hour for “beating carpets.” Obviously produced by someone who had never done housework.

  125. Jaydin says:

    must be day, AT having to a post about cleaning keys…..

  126. Miguel@1999 says:

    @Kath la Chicagolaise Most cleaning tasks are well adapted to the Baseball blueprint (as long as you up with them). The plight with laundry is that it necessarily partakes of the Football Way, what with the timers on the machines. (As George Carlin said, each quarter is rigidly timed.)

  127. Jessie Lillianna Cherish J. says:

    I appreciate the original. It is classic, its origins were serious, and it makes me happy. But calm, mind.

  128. HattieJulietaKynlee says:

    I bear always been the delay gratification person. when I was a kid I would establish the best halloween candy for ages. usually by the time I was ready for it, my dad had secretly finished it off!

  129. Emerson.Alina says:

    I believe is the unit I installed and it works but… I contain broken so many nails down to the pushing the flush button. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  130. Eva Alessia says:

    @G speaks It depends on the age of the house. I renovated an Edwardian house and stripped off the wallpaper, only to fetch it was the only thing holding the archaic horsehair plaster together! Lots of expensive replastering later…. it would bear been easier to paint a coat over over the feeble wallpaper.

  131. Terrell-Davon-Branson says:

    @VORodriguez I could be but I read VORodriguez as saying it is more difficult to compromise when someone is gripping into a location you had already established as your place. It is easier to compromise, fraction and modern rules when a couple moves into a modern shared place that was not previously his or her place.

  132. Gael_Tony_Darion says:

    Not my style. But, I this is so cute! I the floor opinion and the fun vibe! Vote: Super-Cool

  133. Gracelyn Madalynn says:

    Evidently they (and by “they,” I mean “she”) delete posts of their usage of plural personal possessive pronouns.

  134. Deven Y. says:

    auto coating and furniture coatings are different products. The equipment might be similar but the paint is different. If you search there may well be a kitchen manufacturer or furniture polisher/manufacturer that is more to the job.

  135. Korey Thaddeus Colt says:

    I highly recommend bamboo mats. They feel cool, definitely cooler than cotton. You may be able to accept them thin bamboo mats specifically designed for sleeping in Chinatown. There are special ones for your pillow as well. I got through a few heat waves in an air conditioner-less, top floor walk-up apartment in NYC with a my mom got for me from Hong Kong. Lifesaver. That, plus wet towels I kept in the refrigerator.

  136. Megan Royalty Addisyn N. says:

    @MrDerp Thanks!…The ceiling fixture is the Tolomeo from Artemide…comes in a variety of sizes for ceiling, floor and of my pieces!

  137. Audrey Josephine F. says:

    You can recover photos, contact, videos, sms etc. with iTunes Backup Extractor.

  138. Douglas Kelton says:

    When I was planning my wedding, I ordered quite a bit of stuff from,, and vast experiences with all of them, and prices.

  139. Talia-Alondra-Royal says:

    space. {I conception the impress in the bathroom replied “Do not feed or “taste” the monkeys”…oops.} I would esteem to ogle the floor {as always…}I this Woman…Her selfies and humour are the best…Newfoundlander/Canadian so I enjoy seeing Canadian homes. Thanks to all.

  140. Brice 696 says:

    Check out Wulff Art on Facebook – another current Mexico artist. I absorb 5 of his pieces and his sugar skulls are fantastic. He individually cuts and paints each fraction from car license plates.

  141. Amelia Freya Anniston says:

    Choral:Kung Liljekonvalje:

  142. Landyn says:

    Jane……..i contain been wanting to gather a peak fridge this year. someone told me that they create too noise and hum too loudly. Is this the case with yours? also can you manage with a smaller fridge? i acquire an 18cubic now and i want to pick up a 10 or 11 to room in this place. i need to food for one, and i cook about 4 nights a week.

  143. Bobby says:

    AT you guys seriously need to change the coding in your software for links to initiate up in a different window/tab.

  144. Grayson-Mekhi-Keaton says:

    When I was young, my dad took empty baby food jars, nailed the lid to a shelf, then hung it up. He could nuts and bolts and such in the glass jar then * it into the lid. blooming in that you could what was inside, and tuck the containers away. I deem this was a blooming approved diagram in the olden days…

  145. Finley-Summer-Charlee says:

    fashion at place and Cdn House & – awesome Canadian shelter mags. showing!

  146. Darian says:

    you definitely need to hire an architect (not an interior designer). condo buildings are filled with complex networks of structural and mechanical issues, which is not something you want to mess around with yourself. true, you will fill to pay an architect, but a generous one will likely build you some money in the long term.

  147. Paul-2007 says:

    @lblblblb This is the of my experience. Expensive hotels often, these days, enjoy not only a top sheet between the bottom sheet and duvet/blankets, but also another top sheet on top of the duvet/blankets/quilts, to gash down on their laundry loads. Or those trendy folded sheets or thin decorative panels draped so fetchingly across the bottom of the bed – also a to control dirt and germs, as that is usually where most people sit, achieve their luggage or other personal items, and feet when lounging on the bed during the day.

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