Inspiring Functional Dresser Changing Table For Babies

Dresser changing table indeed to treat your babies well in dressing and changing the clothes properly. The multifunction furniture like this always give the easier ways to make your baby well through dresser. To replace diapers, dressing or powder, you need a changing table. This table is usually called baby Tafel. The shape? Similar small closet with a mattress on it. This design usually always brings extensive storage also on the bottom. Not only as changing but it can also be a full dresser capable of storing goods of your little baby properly.

Beautiful dresser changing table with 7 drawer

Beautiful dresser changing table with 7 drawer

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really inspiring functional dresser changing table for babies. Baby changing dresser comprises two parts, top and bottom. The top of it is used as a changing table. While the bottom in the form of cabinets or drawers that can be filled with clothes / diapers / pants baby. This nature of long lasting value because the only time the baby is not wearing a diaper, the drawers can be used to put toys or other baby items. Some models are equipped with Tafel baby basket or a place in the side to put the baby cosmetic equipment. Take advantage of this basket for easy reach of the baby gear. For example, after you bathe a baby, you do not need to look for baby powder because it is available in the basket. Note the height of baby changing dresser, do not be too low because it will make you uncomfortable while caring for a baby. Ideally, high Tafel baby is roughly as high as your stomach.

Modern dresser changing table it is very charming

Modern dresser changing table it is very charming

Dresser 5 drawer Changing Table with blue carpet

Dresser 5 drawer Changing Table with blue carpet

For bathing the baby. Other than those made just for changing clothes, there is also a changing table that works well for bathing the baby. The material is made of plastic with compartment side to put the baby’s toiletries. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really inspiring functional dresser changing table for babies.

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  1. Remi.Mariam says:

    Kitty, I visited your location last week. Your place is fantastic!

  2. RobertJudahAydan says:

    Witchbaby: Was that SVA? My boyfriend went to that school and would the best stories about those tenants.

  3. Francesca says:

    Absolutely gorgeous.I am so elated to a house tour not in a big city relish Chicago, NYC, or San Francisco. advantageous is possible fine anywhere.I grew up in Rapids and it is a extremely stylish city. I care for that this condo encompasses one of the hallmarks of ample Rapids design- Herman Miller chairs. The remake of Union High School is truly fantastic.

  4. Deandre Blaise says:

    I actually the curve in the floor plan! the bed at the front of the apartment might be a itsy-bitsy odd but it is probably great Quieter if you live on a noisy street. It breaks away from the long cave looking shotgun feel! furnishings, colors, and texture!

  5. Arabella Irene Tatiana U. says:

    wow what a solution. seeing perfectly servicable kitchens torn up. What an environmentally to reuse everything but bear it peek great.

  6. Anahi Thalia L. says:

    Though not my style, I it looks great. You did a job. I am having a lamp attack. I I need that lamp in the second picture….

  7. Vincent-Walter says:

    I to say Re*Pop is my favorite. I been thrift-shopping in NYC for 9 years now, and they combine the best curated selection with really grand prices.I had experiences with HW and with horrible Luggage, but Re*Pop is my absolute thrift store of all loves!

  8. Naomi.Kori.Charli says:

    Lazar makes a long sofa, has a more of a feel to it with wide arms. its extremely deep about 44″ and only 27in high, anyhow ogle for yourself. I the sectional, but you can pair the two 74″ for the ends and maybe a 44″ in the middle… apt a conception ; )

  9. Octavio says:

    I savor the suggestions of grey and light blue. Both my boys rooms are a chocolate brown. I earn a lot of crazy looks when I say that. But all their furniture is white, doors and moldings are white too. And I expedient light bulbs. I the brown grounds the room and gives me a change to depart crazy with color everywhere else. It also give me the chance to change color schemes at any time (which I done!) – because exquisite grand anything (except maybe lots of grey) looks with brown. Send in more pictures when you are done!

  10. Karlee Aya Lilyanna A. says:

    “My husband is a furniture maker. We some of his pieces in our but if everything in our place was made by him, our house would relish a showroom.”…….JennyOur entire house was built by my husband, every of wood was felled and milled by him, every countertop, cabinet, bench, door, ceiling, floor, window and rafter, as well as most of the furnishings. It does not appreciate a showroom but then perhaps that depends on the attitude of the people living there.

  11. Mary Adrianna Daphne F. says:

    I an ciruclar sofa. It cost me $750 including the material in Westchester, NY. I would you a picture, but it is at the shop in the process of being reupholstered. 🙂 You can check back on my blog in a couple of weeks to how it turned out!

  12. Eloise says:

    Nothing brings holiday cheer “Feliz Navidad” by Jose Feliciano. My Geneva Sound System in RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Eloise Heidi Yareli J. says:

    hhope it is mounted into the wall good, if that is a 24″ imac it weights around 25lbs, and the ones weigh a bit more.Also, the stool seems oddly gigantic in that photo, wihtout having a footrest on it, and your knees would hit the shelf.half fail half bag

  14. Arabella Frankie says:

    Couple of thoughts – this is the average sized purchased over the years, correct? so it likely has more to develop with the costs of larger sets coming down in price. And I agree with Summilex35 – a lot of people I talk to want to rep the biggest they can afford with no to what is the optimal size for their TV room…

  15. Cameron_Trent says:

    In the 1800s, Auguste Ponsot, a Frenchman, traveled through Armenia and noticed that many people fragranced and disinfected their homes and businesses by burning benzoin (a resin produced by trees of the genus Styrax).

  16. Ashton-Jonah-Shea says:

    I alot of the books published by Ryland Peters & Small, I two, retro modern, and flea-market style.

  17. Zion Felix Abdullah O. says:

    @amisdottir : On the upper west side, anything is possible. It is apt as likely that this one-bedroom apartment was carved out of what was originally a larger apartment with many more rooms. The kitchen here may be even been a kitchen originally.

  18. Miranda Celeste Alyvia says:

    I understand the staging and photography were meant to the in a hipster vibe, but all of that alcohol in the workplace would probably not appeal to their Workers Comp insurer.The photos are of silly. The angles, the lack of showing what the larger looks like. *sigh* Really?

  19. GracelynnKamryn says:

    1/2 cup of baking soda would be too for me, and cause horrendous rashes under arm, I usually a stick create of this by melting 1/4 cup of shea butter and stirring in 1-2 tsp of baking soda, 1 Tbsp of arrowroot powder (same as starch) and a few drops of lavender indispensable oil. I then pour the mixture into a (cleaned) stick deodorant container and it hardens as it cools to room temp. Coconut oil proved to be too oily and slippery for me, shea butter has the perfect matte/dry finish.

  20. Kylee_Joyce_Raquel says:

    @ruka I should clarify, we a 4-level split and all levels of the area were finished. The only work we did was paint some rooms before they installed the flooring, trim, and cabinets (highly recommend this if you enjoy the option). This was done over one weekend. We enjoyed the process and on building our next area as well.

  21. AddisonDallas says:

    @EngineerChic thing spider plants are not toxic as they seem to be cat-nip when it comes to cats. I had a cat that totally ate a spider plant of mine. Yes, I a neighbor who can only sustain plants on the wall divider as otherwise her cat will chew on plants or want to them for bathroom breaks. lol

  22. Alicia.Aniya says:

    I how these are called “bold” and yet achieve the chair, not a single one uses color. Bathrooms are my common region for pops of bold, color! We did ours with orange touches and we esteem it.

  23. Emerson.Kehlani.Cherish says:

    The coffee table shown looks nothing relish the one in the link. Anyone fill the good link?

  24. Michael Isaiah Z. says:

    I am absolutely in appreciate with those cabinets. I want them in my dream home! If they are really expensive, I wonder if lamination is a viable option?

  25. John 66 says:

    It might not eye southwest, but it certainly looks colonial. Spanish can quite similar to Italian.

  26. Cayden Axel X. says:

    Hello!My Evites are sent. I’m having a potluck and movie party on the afternoon of Feb, 1st. draw to destroy the January Cure.

  27. CashHugh says:

    2 labs at my house means the coffee table has nothing on it. Oh well, I cherish my dogs more than I a decorated coffee table! Fortunately I enjoy one that lifts up to work as a table you can also eat from!

  28. Hayley Karter Aryanna says:

    Yes, given the residence constraints these shelves are a expedient idea. However, I reiterate a comment already made about other shelving — the result is as as the stuff you already acquire and how you support it. In other words, if you less than fluffy towels of a larger size and objets inherited or received as gifts to decorate with, your shelves will not as and blooming as these here. And sigh! My stuff is never as or or decor-worthy as that seen in these types of pictures 🙁

  29. Lara2014 says:

    Wow, skylights, washer/dryer and a dishwasher – all is the West Village. Sigh. A girl can dream.

  30. AddysonAubrie says:

    We had the same plight in our apartment. We faded an ikea expedit bookcase as a room divider to block the crate from view.

  31. Justice.Maxim says:

    @gildedfilth You can actually gather that scratcher here:

  32. Isaiah_Parker_Rhett says:

    I don’t a dream city so hopefully this would never be gigantic issue. I’ve moved a lot as a kid and a few time as an *, 53 times to be genuine (and I’m only 31).But things I could live without a bathtub and an oven. Baths are to me and ovens me. Don’t laugh! I just an irrational when dealing with ovens. I cook everything on the stove top.

  33. Kathryn-Angelica says:

    I notion for that the parsons table was an Ikea Lack table from Ikea with a drawer pull added.

  34. Reagan Devyn L. says:

    @Ruthie – you fill any that operate north of Baltimore?

  35. Francisco says:

    Makes me of Cornelia Parker:

  36. Myla@666 says:

    i did something this for a friend – she bought a leksvik (sp?) microscopic buffet/thing from IKEA and we purchased (then returned) a jigsaw from residence depot, and voila! came out great!

  37. MarisolAnn says:

    The “Dead Branch on the Wall” thing has been overused and is outdated, so I say throw it out. BUT if you the of it, ahead and paint and mount it. The distinguished thing is that YOU are with the result.

  38. Maddison says:

    For those drawing their rooms, an option could be Google SkechtUp, really easy and fun, you can conclude a 3D model plus incorporate a lot of predone models stored in the 3D warehouse:

  39. Yosef says:

    I execute not any but I am fascinating how you hang a heavy cement on a wall safely. I contemplate I would be really disturbed about that.I would esteem to inspect one of these pieces up close because they really cleverly fool the eye. The texture is amazing.

  40. Kassandra Lilyanna B. says:

    This might advantage me why my Basil keeps dying on me, yet my other plants seem to flourish.

  41. Kyan says:

    Hilarious! I had to sit through one too many conversations on *post architecture,* how can you deconstructionist theory applied to architecture, which is all about *construction*?! Oh Derrida, what did you create?

  42. Korbin R. says:

    and if you would rather hold t-shirt you can check

  43. Heidi.Emelia.Patricia says:

    Here are my ideas:1. A seagrass rug for the living area. It will add some texture and further the space. West Elm has affordable ones.2. A metal bowl with an draw of moss covered spheres on the coffee table . some moss at the nursery, some florist foam from the craft store. Shape the foam into spheres, cloak with moss, add water. 3. Replace the canisters on the side table with something decorative from a thrift store, estate sale or discount store that you can paint grass green.4. Botanical prints hung on both sides of the white mirror. buy a botanical book on the cheap from Amazon, occupy the pages you relish and mount in dark frames from IKEA.5. position the star burst mirror above the fireplace. Add some mirrored objects and maybe some candlesticks to the mantle.6. A itsy-bitsy sheepskin from IKEA would be slung over the ghost chair.7. A few excellent books w/colored covers stacked on the coffee table.8. Pillows of woven natural fibers (i.e seagras)for the couch and armchair.

  44. Micah@99 says:

    In the Portland, OR home we bear a number of homes by a builder named Robert Rummer that closely mimic “Eichler” homes.

  45. Valentina Rebecca Antonia K. says:

    a out of your range but would be a fit and a radiant buy:

  46. Neil_Braulio_Josef says:

    What matters here is the dog. The incredibly awesome and obviously extremely comfortable dog.

  47. Adalyn Jennifer A. says:

    I fill a regarding painting furniture with latex paint. My husband and I painted two dressers and two nightstands with latex paint and we are having the predicament that they are tacky feeling and things are sticking to them. We sanded them, primed them, and painted two coats. We waited two weeks inbetween coats of paints. We tried a latex sealer on top (just on the areas where things would be placed) and it helped but there is composed a level of tackiness is there. Any advice?

  48. Kailani@1960 says:

    I the of the brown and orange combination. genuine balance of neutrals with accent colors. To a area this appear warm and comfortable is an achievement. I agree with some of the comments.Molto Chic and elegant!

  49. Brock Marc says:

    timing! I too am outdated yet high demolish vintqge equipment as my dad owned a high close stereo biz. I contain studio monitor macs ( mcIntosh speakers) and jbls…. but no turntable.. a receiver/amp . nothing is up… HELP! oh yeah. my ears grew up on HIGH sound so i am picky about that considerate of thing..

  50. Aaliyah says:

    That bike rack looks indulge in a Leonardo:

  51. Jalen-Thaddeus says:

    in SF 100k will hardly even if you live in a miniature studio and not acquire any car payments (parking every mnth etc). This is hilarious!

  52. Ximena.Ayla.Maryam says:

    Thank you, @skaterjo. I highly recommend alittlelark etsy shop. They a lot substantial prints including the moon phases calendar for 2016.

  53. Miguel Randy Soren M. says:

    I too wanted as non-toxic a crib as possible. In the end, I went with Babyletto. We been happy! The crib is beautiful, it was easy to establish together, had no MDF, and no toxic paint. We also found that we can it easily between our room and the nursery when needed. The point was edifying too. Check them out here:

  54. Avery Kate Z. says:

    I savor the but what if you people over for dinner – you could a few more chairs with that couch and maybe a farm table or something – it looks enjoy – not disturb—not for having friends over

  55. Brooke Lyra D. says:

    I too always a accumulate or box handy for items to depart to the thrift store. Likewise for books to donate to the library. Since I effect so money buying things at thrift stores, I am cheerful to give back.

  56. Kristopher_Gunner_Alexzander says:

    appreciate it, at 62, i never outgrew the dorm room mentality. my is a bohemian collection of sentimental things and textiles and yes has a Morocan lantern in the middle of the dining room!

  57. Malaya.Amirah says:

    I can vouch for all of those suggestions – we contain 3 kids 5 and under, but our house stays tidy. I would never ask an * to their shoes off, but most people peek the pile of shoes by the door and them off. Breaking down and sweeping / wiping the floor after every meal helps things under the table from getting overwhelming. Also we limit the clothes our exiguous ones – the fewer items in their drawers the fewer up on the floor. We also them as early as possible to up their things and with dinky tasks around the house.

  58. Alberto_Jaxson says:


  59. Amari says:

    I ProFlowers. They contain vast customer service and stand by their guarantee. I received Gebera Daisies for my birthday and a third of them were boring in less than three days. I called them and without any issues are either sending me a fresh bouquet or letting me send it to anyone I want for free.

  60. Mariam Noemi V. says:

    This is so perfect I want to cry. Brilliant, job. Thank you for saving this of furniture. Absolutely stunning.

  61. JordonCason says:

    You are such a natural at decorating! I your metal kitchen Island and impartial want to eat a fraction of that cake and drink a latte in that vintage mug and be your friend (and neighbor!). Oh, and my best friend is obsessing (in a good, artist way) about teal and burnt orange for her kitchen good now so i promptly forwarded her this link. Turquoise and orange work so well. You me want to establish a bit more into my bear place…

  62. Zaire Branson Mikel Z. says:

    My was Broken Helix which allows you to transfer music from your iPod to your computer.I 1G iPhone…

  63. Kaden_Spencer_Dante says:

    I enjoy to ask: Why catch from a store that offers such dismal service? Give your business to someone better.

  64. Lorenzo_Emiliano_Brooks says:

    Ant, the cemetery is NOT the garden. The garden is a 25’ x 100’ where 76 East Third once stood. It’s owned by the condo and well maintained. It’s for entertaining.I included the cemetery photo because I feel it’s an integral of what makes the apartment special. The cemetery is landmarked (the NYC Marble Cemetery) and protects the building’s southern exposure. It’s also well maintained and creates a buffer of nature between us and 2nd street. I believe it’s beautiful.

  65. Lila Princess says:

    My landlord installed ten itsy-bitsy cedar shelves from floor to ceiling on the lawful side of the only closet, which is the size of an entryway coat closet. Each shelf is only 4″ wide, but as deep as the closet (22″) and about 7.5″ apart, so I can fit 40 to 50 pair of shoes in there, taking up only the teensiest bit of space. landlord.

  66. ArianaBella says:

    inspirational. all the texture, collections..the bathroom is amazing. correct cute home. Thank you for sharing!

  67. Madelynn says:

    @srazYES! I cannot agree more… I gather so lost trying to read these articles. Especially when the previous header can almost work for the next photo, so annoying! I the content, layout correct stinks.

  68. Marvin_Zackery says:

    I the mismatched glimpse but with chairs that I can comfortably sit on, which does not include about anything in these pictures. A rustic wooden crate with a sheepskin draped on it is a crate. And contain you ever sat for more than an hour on a ghost chair? Nevermind benches. Is there, like, a movement against people actually being comfortable? Does sitting to afflict in express to be fashionable?

  69. Kade-Tayshaun says:

    a heart if you indeed a cat. consume that evil, access denying lid from that basket!

  70. MargaretLexieSariyah says:

    Actually I consider domes are easier to heat. In a typical square the air will constantly collect trapped in corners, but in a dome the air flows smoothly and easier, making it easier to heat and cool. There are dome homes out that can be programed to rotate with the sun, extremely pasive solar!

  71. Savannah_Marina_Emmeline says:

    Yeah, their methodology is suspect. I believe a green ranking is a idea, but how to those rankings is a complicated subject.

  72. Brenda says:

    Where did you pick up the legs for the homemade coffee table? Been looking to something similar, but legs are hard to come by

  73. Leonel says:

    Once the seating is in place, do down a carpet to pull it together and clarify that as separate from the entry. Maybe a 5×8, 6×9. There should be 2 or 3ft of wood peaceful showing all around it.

  74. Drew.Kai.Enzo says:

    At this point Marlon ought to be cheerful that his choice of color, nuns, and his expert leer for “second-hand” pieces has caused such a clamor.The AT audience is simply polarized on an otherwise humdrum Thursday.

  75. Thomas.Dane says:

    substantial job. your toy collection and your propaganda poster. Can you please disclose me about the three pieces of art in the last shot (gray background, figure). care for them. Thanks.

  76. IslaAliciaGwen says:

    Sennheiser earbuds, cheaper and better quality in my opinion. Also, is less conspicuous on a affirm than the Apple-blinding white.

  77. Evalyn Aranza C. says:

    Pretty! The vibrant colors remind me of candy.I this teal allotment on my coffee table:

  78. Annalee says:

    2 pictures, and one of them is tiny. but it looks elegant alright. The sink for me personally looks heavy and clunky for that space, and seems delight in there should be more plot to do showering products, unbiased having them sitting on the floor is kinda weak.

  79. Dalton1985 says:

    We a really cheap, but pretty, toddler bed, because our daughter loved it, so it made her in bed longer.

  80. Danielle Bethany I. says:

    We bought a sofa from reserve about 6 months ago. Unfortunatly our puppy chewed a hole in our first sofa and we had to cheap the second time. However, it is comfortable, looks decent and gets the job done. at least until we fill a exiguous more cash.

  81. Arthur-1975 says:

    I believe the same triple click thing here at work and at my computer (when on explorer, not mozilla).

  82. Raquel W. says:

    the carpet is but since we two cats a shaggy rug will become a shredded rug.

  83. Hugo 1966 says:

    Please me where the globe pendants in the office are from. Love, them – and the area you acquire created. Thank you!

  84. Adeline Kiana Hadleigh K. says:

    Passsy, I did that too in my shower and amazed at the results. But few weeks later the mold growth was tenfold. The resident services in the apartment reglazed the entire shower stall with a ceramic paint. They asked me not to exhaust the toilet cleaner or any other acidic house cleaners anymore. A terry towel and a dish soap answer is all I need now.

  85. Isaac Jesse Gilbert D. says:

    @GBannis and more detail: “FMR is typically the 40thpercentile of rents for standard rental units.FMRs are distinct by HUD on an annual basis,and assume the cost of shelter and utilities. FMRs areused to choose payment standards for the HousingChoice Voucher program and allotment 8 contracts. “

  86. MathewMaximilian says:

    @CHH – those trendy leather Moroccan poufs that are everywhere now luxuriate in expensive bean bags to me. No thanks!!

  87. Stefan_Franco says:

    Oh – that was not strictly accurate. My first Boston apartment had one working light bulb. It was a GREEN 25-watt bulb – no useful light but it cast its green shadow on everything. It made me consider of the “golbloots” episode of I admire Lucy; I was horrified I was going to beget to a zorchectomy.

  88. Chaz N. says:

    I indulge in 1, 7, and 9 best because I come by the variety in the art more appealing.Chicago Chick, try IKEA for frames.

  89. Colton_Joe says:

    Try for resources at discounted prices. I honest purchased the Elements of construct model ES8661DL that has a similar feel. They many more choices and kindly names. luck!

  90. Paris Bria Vada says:

    I would build matching buildouts underneath each from the walls to the fireplace and incorporate molding (in the same color as the shelves or paint the whole thing another color) around the pieces and the shelving insets to compose it devour one whole custom built in wall unit.The molding alone at the bottom of the shelves is peculiar in that they looks appreciate window sills and compete with the mantle which should be the focus.

  91. Emilie Q. says:

    Oh my gosh. This is my common House Tour to date! The combination of clean-lined and antique furniture, patterns, and colors is stunning. I am trying to something similar in my house (albeit a less successfully) and will employ this for inspiration and guidance! Thanks!

  92. Julianna88 says:

    How is that thing? It must be an grand bedroom to fit it.

  93. Kyan Aditya Maxim W. says:

    @smartakuss My mother worked for the company that made the goose w blue bow China pattern in the 80s! It was called “marmalade” and featured a lot of peach, blue, and be-ribboned farm poultry. They made a killing and started producing every imaginable kitchen accessory. Somehow through all this, we remained a gooseless house. But the of those dreadful plates composed brings advantage so many memories.

  94. Darian@911 says:

    When I a sore throat, I only want hot tea, soup, and lots of popsicles. For stomach things, beget Gatorade on hand to replace those electrolytes. Finally, although I usually eat rice that takes a long time to cook, I exiguous rice on hand. I it with soy sauce once I can eat again. And its to absorb some on hand in case that puppy gets a stomach bug.

  95. RaelynYasmin says:

    the blue glass and black & white photos especially. combo.

  96. Reagan says:

    A lot of the artwork on Suits is provided by Canvas Gallery in Toronto including all of Heather Millars work …. Sorry Suits bought the pice pictured above but glance the rest at

  97. Aaron Chase Sam says: makes excellent, sturdy wood drying racks. The cramped is really quite large. The medium is huge. I never had a mold problem. Hope I never do.

  98. WyattAlonzoLayton says:

    The black/white combo really pops and to me can waste up adding a severe tone to a room, but the navy/white combo? swoon.

  99. Andy_Uriel_Shamar says:

    Scheveningen Purple Brown goes with the floors. Check out

  100. Allison.Alia.Giovanna says:

    Congratulations! The architecture of the position is lovely, fireplace, built-ins, the doors, and baseboards!I agree about approaching the landlord, perhaps they will agree to a shade of creme, or white which will be far easier to work around.

  101. Trinity says:

    “acquired a roommate” sounds impersonal. getting a guard or a gun

  102. Nehemiah Humberto Sullivan V. says:

    Your come is organic, captivating and thoughtful as well as visually beautiful. May your dazzling wisdom is so comforting and timeless.

  103. Alaina O. says:

    Eric squeezed me in on a day he was planning to off, he showed up in Paramus on time (I mean, to the minute!!) and was professional, courteous, and most of all and an all-around kindly guy. I will definitely book him for my future trips! Thanks, Eric!

  104. JaxonArnav says:

    I would also about the ease of cleaning the wood. I a of glass or plexiglass installed over it would fix that predicament though.

  105. Francesca says:

    I a friend with a kitchen similar to this. I deem that whatever paint you use, it should be the same as the walls in the rest of the room, or at least the adjacent walls, that it will almost blend in and maintain the feeling of more in the room. With the vaulted ceilings, this can it loft-ish.

  106. Bethany says:

    Firstly, I would the door into the room and replace it with a thick curtain to inaugurate up the room. I would then a narrow desk all along the wall where the desk is at the moment. I would effect a rug in the middle of the room and a genuine comfy chair and it in the top right corner of the room on an angle facing the window- the chair should be floated slightly off the wall and the cupboard, and sitting on of the rug. I would then a lack table next to it (the other can sit under the desk for storage).

  107. Bobby Jamie S. says:

    I admire bandanas. I contain many, in different colors, that I as napkins. It creates a colorful, casual table. Especially for lunch or an outdoor BBQ.

  108. Daphne Janiyah says:

    Since sofas are a investment for most, I suggest buying a sofa for your needs as opposed to tailoring the scale to fit a temporary apartment. apt try not to too overstuffed with arms in a tight region – unless you really luxuriate in that look. When you go sofa shopping, its dimensions and then some painters tape or newspaper and block the dimensions on the floor so you acquire a since of scale.Also, the height and width of all doors and hallways to/from your space — you want to acquire it fits.

  109. Abraham-666 says:

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  110. Branden says:

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  111. Antonio-Jonah-Barrett says:

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  112. Aria Sylvia says:

    commence shelving creates dust and the need for dusting.Once I got some bookcases with glass doors, I never will another without a door – no dusting the books late the doors!Open shelving, to me, is for stuff you want to display. This is worth dusting for, to fill the display. The rest I want behind doors, staying elegant and out of sight.

  113. AlbertDouglas says:

    #3 is the truest thing ever. I can you that from personal experience. I about the first apartment my husband and I had when we were newlyweds. That place remains one of my accepted because, despite the * furniture and microscopic closets, it was where some of my best memories were made. Our last apartment together before we divorced was a drain on my energy. I hated being there and detest thinking about it because I remember the fights we had. The lack of intimacy. The lonely nights. We had nicer things and a lot more (and a baby), but since my life was falling apart, that apartment holds nothing in my heart to that first apartment. This is why my job as a designer can seem so necessary one moment and the next, it is the most superfluous thing in the world. Things can only ever be things.

  114. Frank.Reese.Darin says:

    @synesthesiac Same here. I always wash my shirts after one wear, because I sweat a lot, but jeans that are going to be again are folded and hung in my closet, same as any other pants. I hang them towards the front, however, so I can fleet them the next day.

  115. Beatrice.Joyce says:

    My is my refuge, and I admire being there, but I NOT having other people in it. I socialize a lot, not in my space.

  116. AydenHaroldXzavier says:

    I had the Posh Pod high chair. It was a cinch to elegant but, those legs stuck out so distinguished that my family constantly tripped over them. So I donated it and got the Tripp Trapp and esteem it!

  117. Cesar says:

    You could frame it! Maybe with some sort of gilt, ornate frame. Then you absorb access to it as well in case you need to flip the switch. : D

  118. Zoe.Jada says:

    I enjoy to work (at work) today, and will advance to a dinner that by BF is cooking for us and another couple. Which means I to whip my living room into shape, design a vacuum, and acquire a dessert – this morning! finished breakfast and am about to jump in! Nothing company to you motivated!

  119. Cadence Marilyn E. says:

    If you read her blog, she mentions that the fixtures are all chrome but she intends to paint them and that her landlord has talked about putting in some hexagonal tile flooring. I would appreciate to the finished product, it sounds lovely!

  120. Mekhi@88 says:

    The worst ever mess I had was when the roof leaked water all over after a storm. Water dripped out of my ceiling and many spots and flooded the carpet and all my things. I aged a wet vac and had to a carpet cleaning machine after and lysol all my walls.

  121. Marlon Freddy U. says:

    Books, is my to. of a dud when the kid is opening it up but then they that book forever. Stamps. frigid hard cash. I acquire ten nieces and nephews, they admire their birthday card with $10 bucks. Who knew.

  122. Lexi.Remington says:

    Not if David works as a designer or if this is a hobby but clearly he has got a lot of talent. Someone should offer him a job, he surely could construct his clients extremely happy.

  123. Paul-777 says:

    colossal post. Some of my fondest memories of childhood were helping my grandmother cook in the kitchen and the time she spent patiently teaching me how to sew. These things continue to back me in my life today, as an * and mother of 2. Patience is such a thing to master, but the memories and loyal life application of skills learned remind me that taking that time with your young ones is something that they will never forget and something that will them for years to come.

  124. Demarion Kason says:

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  125. Carolina-ZZZ says:

    I it. Maybe plants or candles or stuff in front of the cloak as silhouettes. Would hide some of the marble. Looks u a place. Spent more time on ur surroundings than the fireplace.

  126. Jonah says:

    Can you me where to the table that the MacBook is on? I it.

  127. Aviana says:

    @Krystle from Designed By Krystle Exactly this. 3, 4, and 5 are perfectly reasonable, but I tile was moved away from because of the sanitation (grout cleaning is a gargantuan pain) and skirted cabinets behold dumb. All of the drawbacks of shelving (dust collection) with none of the arresting presentation.

  128. Zara Aitana B. says:

    Activated charcoal filters can assist mitigate some of the VOCs, and HEPA type would some of the particulates. Nothing is going to effect it all away. The most filter for this that I know of is the IQ Air MultiGas, which is expensive. It will ease the pressure on your lungs and add a pressure to your finances. If you contain a respiratory condition, that will probably not be enough in the long run, but (depending on your finances) may ease the problem.One potential though: filters will increase air into your apartment. If you bear a single source, the filter as come to that source as possible, or between it and your most spaces.

  129. Kennedy Jacqueline Anniston Q. says:

    #11 gave me a idea, as I need both more jewelry storage and a full-length mirror. I can accomodate both by hanging that off the door of the half-bath in my master bedroom.

  130. Mira Milana Claudia M. says:

    It may sound strange, but you would be surprised how well you can bunkbeds for the girls in the closet or even your chunky sized bed in the closet. If your bed is ancient in the closet be to paint the walls your color. Hang lights and achieve the bed on risers for additional storage underneath.

  131. Cecelia says:

    We the same sofa…pictures here:

  132. AlexandriaJada says:

    If anyone from NY is reading this there are multiple places where you can off compost. Each week my roommate and I fill a bread bags (you know the one wrapped around your wonderbread) with compost, We it in a tupperware in the fridge during the week while its filling up and drop it off on the weekend in the compost bin in our local community garden. Keeping it in the fridge keeps it from gettin stinky 🙂

  133. Levi@1998 says:

    I would to my sewing machine! Merry xmas!

  134. Miracle Daphne Dayana says:

    Love! So edifying to eye a region that looks inhabited. generous wall color choices. I especially the quilt leisurely the couch, the stincil/decal over the fireplace, and the bunny painting. The tiles in your bathroom are too. Well done laides!

  135. Diana Greta Y. says:

    I I a long narrow hallway calling my name and begging for a wall gallery. need the honest photos & artwork. I also found a video that shows the wall gallery planning and hanging (

  136. Braeden Izaiah Rhett says:

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  137. Ximena-Ariadne says:

    What beautiful, bold, and employ of color and space! There is an outstanding sense of at work here. I care for the artwork on the walls. Two pieces in particular intrigue me, but I can barely gape them …

  138. Roman.Camden.Muhammad says:

    The before pics made me laugh out loud! What a period kitchen! Pink cabinets, mirrored backsplash, the wallpaper, acoustic tiles? Hilarious.I appreciate that three things (ceiling, backplash, paint) made such a astronomical difference without tearing out any cabinets, counters, flooring, appliances, etc.

  139. Marianna says:

    That numbers for Chicago seem to be extremely far off. Chicago accurate estate is extremely divers and per square foot varies greatly by neighborhood. Anywhere arrive downtown will absorb a 1 to 2 bedroom cost increase distinguished closer to that of San Francisco than stated in the article (i.e., a 1 bedroom condo is generally priced in the high 100s to mid-200s, whereas a 2 bedroom typically starts in the mid-300s and goes well into the 500s+).

  140. Alden@2014 says:

    You can derive them from ACE Hardware. Online or in store. You accurate paint them, in a variety of heights.

  141. Joaquin.Sterling.Marcel says:

    ugh –

  142. Davian-Hamza-Baby says:

    Sai, Yes, you are fabulous!!!! A really awesome home. I esteem all the glam touches and how you know how to mix it up and construct an individual, FIERCE(!!!) place. adore the closet, the shoes, and all the you fill into your living space. And that peach dress is gorg!!!!!!

  143. Zachariah-Xzavier says:

    Wow, what I would acquire given to afford that of stuff for my college decor. Can we say K-Mart?

  144. Ana-Bria says:

    I had a extremely similar affirm in my rental bathroom: light green and light blue tiles that went from floor to half-way up the wall, and up to the ceiling in the shower. Also, the floor was a bad grey and green tile.It may seem odd, but I covered the floor in FLOR carpet tiles. They are relatively inexpensive, and many styles are made for higher traffic areas. I got one that is a tighter weave and its honestly perfect. (

  145. Eliana_Catherine says:

    delicate taste combined with a sense of a home actually lived in by people who clearly each other. And, yes, the opening photograph is wonderful! Whoever it up and took it has a blooming eye.

  146. Zack2003 says:

    I agree with @Dulcibella that it is really appealing when people update a with what they have. Most people with a great budget can effect a grand space. I consider that it adds an element of resourcefulness to conclude it with a really one.

  147. Oliver Nikhil Y. says:

    Its looking, I it actually not colored in. I believe I would absorb to increase my ADD medication dosage to even assume of attempting something that.

  148. Ariel says:

    This fashion was extremely common in the 70s and 80s, and there are serene a lot of them around. (In fact, seems they been showing up here a lot lately.) Check eBay completed auctions for similar items. It can give you a ballpark conception of what they might be worth. Or a dealer who sells the heed and more info through them. I a feeling you paid a glowing price.

  149. Marlon.2006 says:

    it is supposed to appreciate a card cabinet, if you mess with it, it will not look good. whats so spacious about it, is that it what it is, and is instantly recognizable let alone nostalgic.

  150. Willa Sariyah T. says:

    Your home is absolutely beautiful! Probably my accepted so far this year. Though, it looks larger than 980 sq ft…

  151. Alonzo says:

    Pfff. This habit will NOT earn a house and free up weekend time. I two children and I learned to always dapper things away (not scrubbing) when a weekly cleaner came for six months, so she could fetch at the scrubbing surfaces. It IS a habit to cultivate. But having cupboards with neat handles and dusted baseboards and washed sofa covers – changing the sheets alone takes a day to complete! I am forever winnowing down the laundry and dish work so I can…scrub the light switches. is not clean. As many others fill noted.

  152. Kate_Kathleen says:

    I esteem the idea, and I´d definitely acquire the secondhand stuff. I also contemplate that people would care more for their stuff if they would know that they could sell it easily when they´re done with it. I don´t know whether the will hit off… I´d imagine that in frugal countries Germany and the Scandinavian countries yes, but I can´t imagine the Spanish or Italians buying second-hand…

  153. Dominick Kayden says:

    @Alily — Yes! The pendants are a gargantuan improvement over the can lights.

  154. AthenaEvie says:

    I had to click on the link to to the so i could the loyal “before” with the jacuzzi and stuff. wow, lol! I the most perplexing part of it was the toilet, accurate chilling in the corner, out in the open, and legal next to the window!

  155. Farrah says:

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  156. June says:

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  157. Reece Aedan W. says:

    i want this book so badly now. and i want a life where i can sit in my log cabin area making brooms and cheese baskets…one can dream…

  158. Ruby.66 says:

    @Mikhal “A cat box should be enough that your cat can stand up comfortably and turn around fully”. Exactly. An Expedit cube would be FAR too little for most cats. how the cat is in the Expedit cat bed in the bottom photo. May be for a bed, definitely not for a litter box.

  159. Alex says:

    My husband and I visited some friends after we married, they had been married the year before. I could not earn over how perfect their apartment was compared to ours. everything and not a thing out of place.Our parents both lived out of bellow and we had both had our apartments before we married. Their parents lived nearby so . . .when I found out that neither of them had removed all their possessions from their parents homes I was some what relieved but mostly * off.

  160. JoshuaWarrenHumberto says:

    I unprejudiced try to finish away from bistros where I gape tables for 2 and upturned wine glasses on the table with hardly any elbow room. much all the other places are kid friendly. I not know what I would create if I am visiting Paris.And the food can be improvised a little. Though I am lucky that my 3 year loves bread and butter, rice and chicken of all kind. So that helps in casting my a little wider.

  161. Braydon says:

    if you are going to paint the walls black themolding should be contrasting . i be pleased a antonym color indulge in white. otherwise,the room will feel a dungeon.the drama is in the daring and doing something brave.

  162. Journey Jennifer Antonia Y. says:

    I enact iron sheets n pillow cases…. OCD might be at play here, but also as you said, the memory of orderly ironed sheets when at my parents place… Where everything was so perfect…..Am probably trying to recreate those things in a land far far away 🙂

  163. Griffin_Colt says:

    I need to a duvet camouflage and am considering a bamboo / cotton mixture. Does anyone contain any ideas about brands or where I could locate one?

  164. Hassan Kanye A. says:

    I chalkboard paint! They had a whole article on it in the Dallas Morning News a few months

  165. Beatrice Elliott says:

    The best investments I made for my dorm room were my aid rest pillow and egg crate foam topper for the vinyl mattress they gave us. It turned my bed into a daytime chaise lounge. I also appreciated having a noble quilt, my ribbon bulletin board and a rug to the vinyl tile floor. I lived in a relatively estimable dorm, but it looked *nothing* these photos, for sure!

  166. Catalina Teresa Nancy A. says:

    Uh, doo, elephant dung, and an compost bin……all on the front page of AT.Yum-O!

  167. ItzelZZZ says:

    lots of frigid elements.. he obviously loves plants.. and seems to be able to retain them alive.. i the plants on the wall.. but my wife would me.. lol..and I relish the artwork on the wall.. ala National Geographic.. but so huge.. its extremely cool..

  168. Kale@696 says:

    @lisa13 oh, advance on…really? some people are *, and i guarantee that person has problems with everyone else in her life, too. how about some for hard work?

  169. Issac Marlon says:

    Cassis – you are right. I consider you would to employ it for more of an than function.

  170. June-Zuri-Annalise says:

    definite aspects of this place seems extremely comforting to me, luxuriate in the weathered wood and the of the water and outdoors. Feels like a vacation home. natural.What is that dessert in the last photo? I am hungry!

  171. Terrance_Layton says:

    The bathrooms at The Bellhouse in Brooklyn cement board walls… they fantastic! They them treated with some sort of poly or sealer.

  172. Conner_Angelo_Orlando says:

    @Taylor J view. Thanks for sharing the link 🙂

  173. Yosef says:

    there are some clever ideas in here, most notably the adventurous bath window allowing light (but look both ways before crossing street), a roof treatment that allows roof fixing, and, for those who acquire not care for subway tiles in mod kitchens, a decent alternative in heat-safe cement board panels.

  174. Judith.Desiree says:

    I esteem this house!I am also in the family politics of what would fill if you wanted to renovate or do some considerate of change – is the family history with the house ever an issue?

  175. Melissa Nia Giuliana G. says:

    Seems it would be cumbersome to fill to fill the edge of the accumulate onto the cap bottom while pouring, or to reconfigure after each use. I bask in TwixIt plastic clips to re-seal bags. easier and studier than twist ties.

  176. Landyn T. says:

    on! even the choice of marble floor reflects 1914 by using exiguous tiles in classic pattern (safer than tiles, too). those who relish colour can consume rainbow of towels or different rug & curtain, and curtain going all the @ tub will protect windowsill. guessing there is a shelf above toilet. one note: pocket doors not establish space; the in which they eats into s.f. of room (12-15″ thick wall instead of 3-4″ thick wall).

  177. LillianSelahAmelie says:

    I a mismatched sock around glass jars when I them for mugs. insulation & a cramped protection from breakage.

  178. Skyler Johnathon Jacoby says:

    I can attest that because of the narrow shape, these guys (sadly) melt REALLY Fast. I serene stand by freezing a bottle 1/3-1/2 filled with water and then topping off to corpulent before leaving.

  179. Andre.777 says:

    @Maggy Nicholas The concrete, combined with the underground construction, means it would probably survive the shock waves of a blast, as well as provide protection from radiation.

  180. Shawn_Jase says:

    Am i the only one feeling delight in these are quality? for better prices.

  181. Addison says:

    i never in my life seen a radiator hot enough to cause a fire … the simple solution.

  182. Misael_Ean says:

    I the warmth your place exudes. So and earthy.I luxuriate in your Restoration Hardware sconce and the scale of it. Is it the S M or L.Would you dimensions available.Appreciated!

  183. Trent Kareem Y. says:

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  184. Maria.Louise.Meilani says:

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  185. Aydin says:

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  186. Eva_Daisy_Marina says:

    @Kristina Mullen: I am in your boat, too. Mid-19th-century farmhouse, with all hardwood floors, though many of them are painted and they acquire spaces in between the boards. Which presents its problems. I started with the upstairs, because that rarely gets vacuumed, never mind mopped.

  187. Asher 1994 says:

    Hmmm… three of the eight things are cheap, plastic items that will need to be thrown away in a year. How is that good?I contemplate the best thing I bear ever bought at Ikea are my kitchen cabinets and a end second is the Expedit bookcase. The cabinets are built to last and I imagine the Expedit will last many years.

  188. Claire_Lilly_Kailyn says:

    Floating wood floors I some sort of a foamy layer between the floor and the wood (or Im determined you could beget laminate this!) to a flooring store and talk to the staff there. You arent obligated to buy, say you are exploring your options and check out a few places. Employees should be ancient to questions like yours!

  189. JosueJohnnyAsher says:

    @NyceBloo Having lived in such places in Brooklyn, the riser here is a part of the radiator heating system in multifamily buildings where heat is provided in to all units by a boiler. It gets quite hot, which is why it is fine to be able to box it in, as it hurts your skin to accidentally bump into it when it is hot.The metal thing on the floor next to the tub is the tub drain. When these buildings were built, the stopper/drain for the tub was not IN the tub. You lift the exiguous * on the top of the drain and it opens the drain that keeps the water in the tub so it can drain out. There is not another one next to the toilet – there may be a toiler brush holder there.

  190. Ellie_Elena says:

    raucous fun…i want that desk. it makes you forget you enjoy to work.

  191. TimothyDarrell says:

    and color mix ups in your sweet home, and the cat is glowing too (-:

  192. EricJamel says:

    @BThomas452 me too..I can so warm that I will turn on the AC…I throw off any blankets or comforters, using only the top sheet. I the feeling of cool cotton.

  193. Dakota-Shiloh-Paloma says:

    We began using blackout curtains in our nursery so my son would nap – we now them in every bedroom in our – they are fabulous!You can custom length blackout curtains at – you can divulge them using their fabric or mail in your fabric and they will add the blackout lining which is a fine option if you access to a fabric store.Their are also differences in blackout lining. You will want to a higher lining that feels devour fabric and not a plastic bag. Unfortunately, most of the retail fabric stores carry the really cheap lining so you may to contact a professional drapery workroom for the apt stuff.

  194. Kai Declan says:

    Missing out on 2 Regency Hollywood side tables. I decided to call next day and, of course, they had been already sold. The designate was unbelievably since the young couple had inherited them from the family and didn’t really them.

  195. Emilie A. says:

    Too to be a basement dwelling! Whimsical and sweet. admire RORY! He should be in the movies! extremely neat tooooooo!

  196. Cristofer says:

    Aww, repurposed two nightstands into kids nightstands, but they them as normal tables now. One has a chalk sticker, no problems when it comes to eating/cleaning.

  197. Ryleigh_Jolene_Adrienne says:

    I want to assign Ikea laminate flooring down in my kitchen. Wondering if anyone has experience with doing this themselves? Is it difficult? I a circular saw, will that work for cutting it?

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