Inspiring Functional Dresser Changing Table For Babies

Dresser changing table indeed to treat your babies well in dressing and changing the clothes properly. The multifunction furniture like this always give the easier ways to make your baby well through dresser. To replace diapers, dressing or powder, you need a changing table. This table is usually called baby Tafel. The shape? Similar small closet with a mattress on it. This design usually always brings extensive storage also on the bottom. Not only as changing but it can also be a full dresser capable of storing goods of your little baby properly.

Beautiful dresser changing table with 7 drawer

Beautiful dresser changing table with 7 drawer

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really inspiring functional dresser changing table for babies. Baby changing dresser comprises two parts, top and bottom. The top of it is used as a changing table. While the bottom in the form of cabinets or drawers that can be filled with clothes / diapers / pants baby. This nature of long lasting value because the only time the baby is not wearing a diaper, the drawers can be used to put toys or other baby items. Some models are equipped with Tafel baby basket or a place in the side to put the baby cosmetic equipment. Take advantage of this basket for easy reach of the baby gear. For example, after you bathe a baby, you do not need to look for baby powder because it is available in the basket. Note the height of baby changing dresser, do not be too low because it will make you uncomfortable while caring for a baby. Ideally, high Tafel baby is roughly as high as your stomach.

Modern dresser changing table it is very charming

Modern dresser changing table it is very charming

Dresser 5 drawer Changing Table with blue carpet

Dresser 5 drawer Changing Table with blue carpet

For bathing the baby. Other than those made just for changing clothes, there is also a changing table that works well for bathing the baby. The material is made of plastic with compartment side to put the baby’s toiletries. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really inspiring functional dresser changing table for babies.

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  49. Davian-Hamza-Baby says:

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  52. AthenaEvie says:

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