How Sturdy The Awesome Designs Wrought Iron Chaise Lounge

Wrought iron chaise lounge indeed come with sturdy material and beautiful curving styles on the designs. But sometimes we need to know how much stronger and sturdy the materials are nowadays. In view of the weave, wrought iron chaise lounge can be classified as a plain metal box-shaped and has been getting special treatment so as to produce a texture or shape. The process of forging the iron chaise performed when the iron was still red. Forging process is done by striking a blow.

Beautiful Woodard Valencia Wrought Iron Chaise Lounge it is very charming

Beautiful Woodard Valencia Wrought Iron Chaise Lounge it is very charming

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really sturdy the awesome designs wrought iron chaise lounge. Mostly, the process of forging performed to form a chaise to suit the creator. At the time of the iron still glowing red color when burned or heated, that’s when the iron more easily bent elbow. Wrought iron chaise lounge widely used in steel construction. Usually the wrought iron is also used in the manufacture of a chaise lounge chair designs. In the manufacture of chaise, iron forging process usually just to get a certain texture. While bending iron can be done by hand when the iron in a cold state. Iron texture creation method can forging was done by human power or performed at the factory. The most widely circulated today are factory-made texture handmade because if the price will be very expensive, but the texture is very typical. Wrought iron chaise lounge typically contains 0.5 percent or less of the carbon. Characteristic of wrought iron is hard but easy bending.

wrought iron chaise lounge with traditional style

wrought iron chaise lounge with traditional style

pretty cool Wrought Iron Double Patio Chaise Lounge

pretty cool Wrought Iron Double Patio Chaise Lounge

Iron is not easily do so different from that of crude iron. Wrought iron has a small amount of carbon so that if sharpened iron can be tapered but will also rapidly lose sharpness. So the design of wrought iron chaise surely sturdy and strong flexible. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really sturdy the awesome designs wrought iron chaise lounge.

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  1. Alessandra says:

    @aprilneverends Yes! The first time I opened a build Within catalog, I about choked when I saw those “within reach” prices.I that in a lisp they clarified that, when DWR was founded, it was difficult for the average consumer to access licensed current furniture—you had to through someone in the trade. So I guess the “within reach” is referring to accessibility, rather than affordability.

  2. Sammy says:

    If I had this speaker I would play one of my five versions of Carol of the Bells.

  3. Paisley-Carmen says:

    I was referring to lamps:Marina Table Lamp $60+ disagreement plus cheaper shipping or in-store assume up:Crate & Barrel:

  4. Amalia says:

    @Zoe ASI need to rent Interiors and look at those sets. Also, absorb been meaning to track down the really extinct movie with Mia Farrow and Dustin Hoffman – the one where they a one night stand and design coffee in a Chemex the next morning – John and Mary?I it says everything about me that I focused on the sets!

  5. ClaraDianaSkye says:

    I esteem the look, but know from experience that they can be problematic.We had one for many years, and believe finally torn it out and replaced it with a patio.Not only was it a to re-stain every other year after fading from exposure to the Texas sun, it was finally beginning to rot in some places. And yes, it was to a lot of bugs and unsavory critters. …And even worse, the slightly larger critters that eat them. I was not sorry to the deck go!

  6. Giselle 777 says:

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  7. Elora says:

    I bear been known to send personal cards in homemade envelopes made from photographs and packing tape. I send things in the mail so infrequently, but indulge in to bewitch some of the more creative stamps at the post office. unbiased a sheet of 1 cent stamps, and you can your feeble stamps when the rates up. You might be wasting a few pennies here and there, but its fun to fill a variety of stamps rather than the generic Forever stamp.

  8. Ember 2009 says:

    @maynelander Hey thanks for that advice! contented to know you care for your carpet shampooer.

  9. Alicia Dylan A. says:

    I did a “trayscape” in my bathroom using some acrylic canisters from Target. I wish I would know they were so cheaper at The Container Store :(The trayscape:

  10. Jude.Sincere.Dimitri says:

    Listent to Rachel, in the past I would frequent the Hackensack location. The prices were never that expansive and merchandise is honest ok. If you to compose that * to Jersey I would suggest you by Homegoods on rt. 23. I was there this week and the rugs were markdown.

  11. Christopher says:

    Looks like a product, but I consider it should be called “iChillax”. 😉

  12. Remi says:

    It looks luxuriate in there are a couple other blogs who fill taken up the cause though they are regional and not nationwide:

  13. Braeden says:

    examine about the showerheads featured a few days ago (the rain type ones). Does your head to be under the water the whole time, or can they be slightly angled to wash your body and not your hair (is there enough pressure to attain this?)tia!

  14. Jovany says:

    @alexthegirlMe too! My fashion is completely rustic with a handful of industrial.

  15. JaydonMarquiseZakary says:

    what about enchanting the couch a exiguous bit forward and getting a chilly room divider to it. i saw some at world market the other day.

  16. Joel.Gustavo.Quinn says:

    One more comment re: DWR and prices. Since a lot of their stuff is made in Europe, every time the dollar dips against the euro, it hurts them and those increases are passed along. Typically every catalog that comes out will some items that enjoy increased in price. That has been going on for several years.

  17. JeremyEmmanuelAmare says:

    Snake plant or Mother in law tongue – you could grow that stuff in an ashtray on top of a TV. I water mine maybe once a month.

  18. Nevaeh-Rebecca-Ramona says:

    We bought the PB sofa pictured here one year ago, and are extremely contented with the construction of the piece. It is sturdy and the cushions are down wrapped so although this particular sofa appears grand more frumpy on a daily basis than it looks in this picture, the cushions bounce with a miniature fluffing. It is extremely comfortable and I would recommend it. We also a 6 year aged Troy sectional from Crate and Barrel that is detached great. These companies may be overpriced depending on which sofa you select, but overall, I found them to be of helpful quality and worth the money.

  19. Kamryn.Annabel says:

    You absorb me wishing our rental came with a chandelier ;-)Beautiful, creative solution.

  20. NoahDevonBrennan says:

    Wow! Thanks for saving me from a future remodeling mistake! I acquire a pink and 1950s bathroom that I was going to remodel with beige tiles as soon as I $12000-16000. Now I know that beige is an outdated color and white is in! How would I ever live down the shame of having the color in my bathroom?

  21. MackenziePhoebePriscilla says:

    we havent really figured out what sort of gift giving rules well be following correct yet. although, this year we bought our 4 month mature a walker and our almost 3 year broken-down a bike and a ton of markers and crayons… all “learning tools” in one draw or another. 🙂

  22. Spencer_Ray_Jordyn says:

    I live in a studio as well, and fill found that a dining table with leaves that journey in and out can be a advantageous acknowledge to the microscopic issue.

  23. Sophia_Mallory_Charli says:

    Anokha, the Neiman Marcus website has some fair pink bedding for grownups, but the impress might accomplish you green. look also at Horchow website.

  24. HollyKailaniMilania says:

    i natty crazy appreciate that exiguous wooden chair painted the different colors.cvjn i dont agree. we retro toys decorating my sons room and it looks cute. the med. cabinet i grabbed from ikea helps a ton with the looks and having his meds out of his approach and handy when needed.

  25. Nylah2010 says:

    I once bought an musty library table from a thrift store, solid wood, 6 feet long 3 feet wide, and heavy as *. I had to occupy the legs and “roll it” into my apartment. Tipping it up on one side, rolling it to the next side, and so on. It was a lot of work, but I was so I did it myself.

  26. Emily.Annabelle.Emely says:

    * Canadians! Had to and submit a that looks real, but stylish, human beings live there and not some designer for Metropolitan residence with an expense account.Which is my snarky Bostonian of saying, space. how that wall paint job matches the pattern and color of the damask on the comfy chair.

  27. Jackson.Jaeden says:

    My boyfriend and I acquire moved in together and up a joint memoir for all household bills and things we effect together and a joint savings memoir for holidays. We contribute proportionately. We enjoy kept our accounts for clothes, lunches apart etc. and we agreed to add at least a definite amount to our savings each month. That makes sense since we pay different amounts of tax. I more savings than he does but we both putting in as as we can: it’s all going into buying a house together extremely soon! I don’t feel precious about my savings being the bulk of a down payment: it’s my nice luck that I them, and I want to allotment that with him.

  28. Lilian Ellianna says:

    I completely admire your spot to bits!!!!I appreciate the corner expanding table and your bed nook is perfect.

  29. Roger.Kyan says:

    I adore the vibrant colors – particularly the bedding. Well done!

  30. Lila says:

    curtainless windows, modern organic produce, and another part of pottery from ebay.

  31. Emory1986 says:

    I its a extremely clever solution. Who knows what challenges they faced in executing this.The only comments I have:1 paint the baskets white on the hall side (or both sides) will to them “disappear” and more delight in a wall2 personally i would either paint the lamp cord white or a white extension cord up to the top of the cabinet – that lamp cord and whatever else is on the floor next to it… leash? distracted me. but then i am OCD about things savor that.Clever to hall closet! And you are bold in your replies to all the comments here!

  32. Landon@777 says:

    Wow! You must feel indulge in you live in a bit of heaven now, Rima. It is so different and so challenging that it causes me to want to change our kitchen now instead of waiting for two more years. Beautifully done! Congradulations!

  33. Erin H. says:

    Before you paint it, why not try a polish and explore if you can establish it on legs. Id bet that originally there were legs.

  34. JayChadErnest says:

    Time capsule & iPhone4 attenna aside, I agree with the quality.I also agree with the product refresh cycle. You can bewitch an i3 or i5 processor based laptop for $600+ yet the cheapest MacBook for $999 is core duo based.

  35. Frankie says:

    Hello. it might a while but I will leave this comment here for other people who might be looking for a similar solution. Removing agitators is a fair technique with most top loading washing machines and you would normaly need only a a 7/16 socket or a 1/2 inc one . Here are detailed instructions and a video

  36. Victoria-Valerie-Novalee says:

    I indulge in it (not certain how grand you paid for it), but it seems to me it needs to be up against a larger (wider) wall and to acquire some organic elements around it – natural, rough, unfinished woods, woven basket, driftwood, etc. It really seems to be a bohemian-old french country mash-up sort of thing. More natural colors needed to work with it. A marvelous might be to it on the wood floor and not the pinkish carpet.I am clear the room is a work in and I must say the couch makes me want to sit on it.

  37. Emely@99 says:

    Some of the colors are and fitting,, not in the kitchen,, too quick-witted for me,, i dont savor the dining room set,, maybe for a resteraunt,, not at home,, the bedroom is ok,,,does the brighten the up,, too colors can be overwhelming.

  38. Clementine W. says:

    The shower and the toilet are separated by the sliding door.I the bathroom and this is the BEST room in my (sorry M) . Michelle did not reveal the 17 ft . high ceiling and skylight above the shower. There is an implied division of space; the commence shower with natural light + the ceiling over the toilet which feels private and divides the space.

  39. Zane-1987 says:

    This is such an open, space. I it! But, as smariel says, I assume the living room, at least, needs a rug. Maybe unprejudiced come the couch, or under the chair in the corner. It would be a unifying element that adds a touch of softness.The natural light here is to die for, and the is great!

  40. Juliana Daniela Jaylee V. says:

    Speaking of fondness of bugs, I once had a spider in a extinct apartment that became considerate of a beloved pet. I loved to plod ants off a nearby counter into its web and it zip into action and wrap it up in its filaments. This was only a couple of years ago.

  41. Raymond-Enzo-Stephan says:

    @Loveley both and sterile looking as well as in temperature. And loud…can you imagine how grand noise would bounce off of all that surface?

  42. Faith Willa T. says:

    I that you should not be the go-between. If Denise wants something from your husband, she should ask HIM instead of asking YOU. Your husband needs to be and decline her requests saying that unfortunately, he is too busy working on other projects and that he needs his tools and they are too expensive to risk having them damaged or something along this line.I am a bit torn writing this because I am lucky to beget a retired neighbour who is handyman extraordinaire with every possible tool in his garage (that he had extended several years ago). He actually encourages me to borrow stuff from him but then he knows I am careful and that I treat his tools respectfully. He is also always willing to back any diagram he can. (My neighbours to Florida each winter before Year and return beginning of March and while they are gone, I am taking care of their conservatory which is packed with plants that transplanted outside in summer. I a lot of time there because I doing it and I am more than by whipping the plants into shape and “returning” them to my neighbours twice the size and in bloom. I only mention this lest everybody thinks I am a moocher Denise).I a DIY approach and I learned everything by watching all kinds of reno/repair shows on HGTV; and I also know how difficult it is when you want to develop something and you lack the expertise or the tools. But, Denise should at least offer something in exchange for the freebies – for example, raking your garden or something else which she clearly does not do.

  43. Ryleigh says:

    NM guy,It was from “What on Earth Catalog”

  44. Reginald.Braiden.Keanu says:

    @keeks that said, I feel he should her out. How long does carrying some bags up the stairs really take…

  45. Braydon says:

    My is the art above the couch, the “clock” (was it?) in the kitchen, the lighting late the glass in the hall, and the surprising warmth and color of the bedroom. genuine eclectic mix.

  46. Ophelia F. says:

    I did something relish this when my desktop speakers blew out on my 2.1 system. The bass had all the electronics in it (amp, input, output, volume/eq) so I got modern bookshelf speakers at goodwill. It sounds better and looks classier.The system was a Logitech z2300.

  47. Lamar_Nick says:

    mrgreen mrgreen, your ears must be ringing…i cant say i him or detest him. since i dont know him personally. create i reading his taunts…no. effect i deem he is sometimes…yes….is he disruptive…sure but hey..noone is perfect.YES it would be ideal if he curbed that sarcastic side of him correct a tad. but im definite he is a grown man ( or not sure) and im clear he will as he pleases.yeah it blows to contain to read his negativity and his whole “necrothread” comments.. but what can you do..censor him.thats of despicable i think….put yourself in his shoes ( as creppy as it may seem) if you made a few comments that the majority didnt agree on, would you to be cast off into creative limbo?no…sure giving guidleines is a starting point. but i a feeling this mrgreen might not stop, and observe that he is causing a commotion and further his antics.i dunno….im 50/50 on this topic.

  48. Kayleigh says:

    I had this exact same issue. I ended up making my from an Ikea Blanda Blank serving bowl and some braided steel cable:

  49. Kaleb-Mohamed-Braiden says:

    I assume this looks wonderful.I appreciate everything that is decorated with numbers in typefaces. And the corner acquire works really nice, the notion was risky, but the result was worth it.Bravo!

  50. Ricardo.Roy says:

    The best design to different coffee makers and coffees is to drink coffee in Italy. Which this article makes me want to do.

  51. Jacoby says:

    Using this link from Menards, you can your own… including glass and can a more simple profile. (

  52. Ruben-Malakai-Conrad says:

    I know NOTHING about Bel Geddes or whatever, but I seen pieces of this listed by another seller once for cheaper. He was asking $50 or something for the nightstand…he was selling the stuff separately.

  53. Carlos-Elvis says:

    Im looking to somethin similar to a decoration i saw on etsy. Its good-looking and vintage looking, its a shredded fabric banner? They hung it over the bed. The only thing though was the fabric wasnt torn it was appreciate frayed and well apt looked old, any suggestions on how to acheive that gawk with novel novel torn fabric strips? Also the strips were not squared off at the edge, they all came to a point any suggestions in that as well? I acquire a few ideas but dont want to any fabric if i dont to.

  54. ElenaJessaKenya says:

    We enjoy so many expansive industrial buildings in High Point, NC that are sitting there waiting for individuals or developers to turn them into jewels like this one.

  55. Samuel_Roland_Finnegan says:

    Thank you for opening your to AT viewers. Refreshing bursts of color and expressions of personal style. I cherish white and stainless kitchens but this is a welcomed change.

  56. Nina_Kensley_Chanel says:

    fine job!! i want your sink! i also affection that desk – where did you earn it?

  57. Derrick-Omarion-Makai says:

    *gives a vote to a fellow Atlantan*Also, 710 sqft is relatively miniature when you how Atlanta is a sprawled-out, new (by comparison to places devour Boston or novel York) city with extremely few geographic borders, relish an ocean, to bear it back. Bigger houses are accepted here. But you certainly can also fetch older, smaller houses as well, as Chris demonstrates!

  58. Angelina Yasmin says:

    I am in town. accurate trying to a absorb on myself. Will comment later. My recent impressions cannot be published here.

  59. Angel I. says:

    @VaseyDaisy If you are keeping the wedding dress, the fabric with the wedding dress. I wedding gowns and also alter them – particularly for brides who are wearing a family heirloom. I cannot divulge you how often I need an match of the fabric to the changes and alterations the bride wants, and it is impossible to source it, as the fabric has dilapidated and is ever so slightly different now than when new. So if you ever to donate the dress, donate the fabric with it (and savvy charities will retain the two together if you assign the fabric in a storage ziploc or better yet, a mesh lingerie come by so the fabric can breathe, and imprint it as matching fabric for alterations), but if you are keeping the dress with an intent to hand it down someday, support the fabric. The fabric stays with the dress. The bell ornament? That can go.

  60. Trevon Jair says:

    If you enjoy only a few knives and no knife block, coast out and plastic knife sleeves for them. They are useful for enthralling and even better, everyday use.

  61. Grant Antwan B. says:

    I most of these rooms not work for me because I more of a minimalist and fetch stressed in spaces that acquire too many colours and patterns going on. However, I care for some of the pieces shown here and would adore to exercise them sparingly in my space; for example, the rug in the first photo, the coffee tables in the third photo and so on.

  62. Sharon F. says:

    So I moved every single thing out of the guestroom/office and tore up the carpet.Now my boyfriend is in the process of laying a subfloor…

  63. Andreas2001 says:

    I need pants hemmed and some of our comforters need stitched up because the stuffing is coming out.

  64. Solomon.Gilbert says:

    @Gramdmamolly That reminds me! One of the best, or at least most liberating, parts of living alone is that now my house is pants-optional!

  65. Maurice-2011 says:

    This is one of my house tours, too. Thanks for sharing. You two are masters of the vignettes.

  66. Kamron-99 says:

    Purchasing furniture as an investment means buying pieces that will last, not with future resale in mind. If you desire a score on your furniture purchases, you need to be visiting an auction house and buying antiques. Now you could be criticized for buying a “knock-off”, but it’s critical to remember that the expensive designer originals, though beautiful, could easily turn out to be impractical for your and needs. Given the staining susceptibility of marble, were you prepared to be forever careful about what you ate on your marble topped table? So you bought the table after researching it and determining it was the most favorable for your needs, be ecstatic with your purchase, and acquire using it.

  67. JaliyahLouisa says:

    came across this re-post; where was this information all my life?? I drilled out entire screws for lack of even the slightes *-driver grip on them. This seems a LOT easier.

  68. Kamren says:

    I affection your home! The bedroom and living room are my favs!

  69. Franklin-Adrien-Glenn says:

    I would high-tail with seating and storage for the pillar this pic

  70. Ibrahim.Misael.Gavyn says:

    I believe loved the Menno Aden photograph for a while – where did you by a print?

  71. Jake Ramon says:

    Wow, this is the first entry I contain felt compelled to comment on. I appreciate everything! job 🙂

  72. Elijah Gregory Marcelo G. says:

    If you are to paint the chairs and withhold the wood on the table, Id suggest painting the chairs and table in a novel color like gloomy or even blue (this will the table and chairs looking like a matched set), and then choosing a print for the chair cushions. You can then leave the table top stained wood and repair if needed and match your table top accessories to the paint color and upholstery fabric you chose.

  73. Brennan Darin Q. says:

    Yes these are not kitchens. In Europe even if you contain a capable size kitchen you not jumbo appliances. Unfortunately those inexpensive sized appliances (Homedepot quality in Europe) cost thousands in US, the land of bigger is better. For example induction stove is so inexpensive and common. Loved the dining table in the middle of the kitchen.

  74. Broderick@1981 says:

    esteem this room!!!! most certainly i cherish the stripes on the room. I live in an apartment where they dont let me paint the walls,but i found a site online where I can vinyl stripe decals so im doing that. wondering how thick your stripes are??? thank you and congratulations on your get

  75. Jasmine_Michaela says:

    @leonline I bought the baskets from Crate and Barrel over a year ago – I archaic both for blankets and pillows in the guest room but now they toys… I assume they similar now unprejudiced not the type ie handles are different:

  76. DrewXzavierMarcel says:

    Hi, I wonder about the shower curtain: can you it completely, or is the rod-ceiling fixture in the way? We enjoy a tub in a similar and I support thinking how we could manage the curtain problem.

  77. BrookeAyana says:

    Really nice– tremendous choice, choosing the place for the wood floors and expansive light. I noticed the carpets suitable away and how they really sort of earn the rooms. ..I know about living in chaos.. wish I had that designer goddess friend. But hey– let me divulge you, by coming here to AT for the past several months I am really enjoying the views of living spaces and picking up many substantial ideas for both decorating and organizing. I may even post a couple of how-to-do questions here.

  78. Ray says:

    If you want the accurate lamp email The came from that blog. I bet they can steer you in the direction.

  79. Adelynn-Adrianna-Adele says:

    meenasyaz,if there are lots of rodents in your building, you can call 311 and they will decide the whole for the long run. (not how they did it, but they fixed our previous rental apts).Mice explore smaller than rats. Rats discover vicious…Block itsy-bitsy openings in the apartment. If you know where they are from, block the dinky holes with cement or whatever recommended by Depot…And luck!

  80. Dorian_Fredrick says:

    When I moved to Tokyo for a couple years, I ditched most of the American stuff I had and the rest into storage……and although fresh things were more expensive there – it was alot of fun exploring the shops and flea-markets, loading street-corner castoffs into my former Honda Prelude and getting hand-me-downs from American Expats returning to the US.England has more enthralling resources than we here in the US, and you can always the hiss or a ferry to the Continent for additional shopping venues.

  81. Kai.Lukas says:

    @LauraCal okay, Laura, you got me… Leo is the ultimate admire of my life. He is rescued from SocialTees Animal Rescue and is also going to be featured in their upcoming fundraiser! my star!

  82. Averie_Adilynn says:

    So I was reading about B&J Fabrics, when I was a student at Parsons around the cornerWe feeble to all of our fabrics here for school projects. I once saw Michael Koors there buying fabric for his then young company. They usually let you buy swatches, a considerable detail for the starving fashion designer. I remember Isaac Mizrahi and Narciso Rodriguez shopping for swatches to then sketch from for school projects.A history from the archives of B& J fabrics….Cheers

  83. Yasmin says:

    My pediatrician recommended (carefully) using a * dryer on cool to baby was completely dry before diapering when baby had diaper rash. This led me to other immense for diaper rash: lulling baby to sleep. * dryer and vacuum were at getting newborn to sleep!

  84. Melina Montserrat Marianna I. says:

    Thank you everybody for such comments on our chair makeover. Being an upholster , I accomplish many before and after projects. This one was a different with the addition of a new base. Now we are inspired to the matching ottoman.

  85. Darnell.Quinten says:

    As an artist I can only applaud an initiative that drags marvelous art pieces out of the galleries and museums and, quite literally, into the streets. Wish I could it in person.

  86. Zachery-Grady-Maxim says:

    I the proper same shelves and assign them above the change table for extra storage and painted them to match the change table. We also took dusky and white art cards and stuck them to the bottom of the shelves to sustain our exiguous girl entertained while changing her diapers.If you were to achieve them above the change table beget they are high enough so that when your babies to sit up they wont bump there heads.

  87. Maximus Rolando Jovan J. says:

    wow, stuff. I always avoid doing these of recycled projects because I I will build untold hours into it and it will objective turn out looking cheap. I signed up on Amazon to be notified when her book comes out. Maybe it will give me some confidence.

  88. John_Brock says:

    actually i changed my mind about the red. bring in and white patterned pillows – something natty funky and instead of an oriental patterned rug, maybe a white one, to offset the and beige. i you need plants, too. the more i looked at the pics, the more i liked the red!

  89. Dwayne says:

    Luca Brasi is a portugesse water dog ( but alas he is the cramped of the litter and a bit on the exiguous size) i was going to him a fish and name is fredo.( yes i him, cause luca is in denial that he is a dog)hahahhahaWell in anycase, this is him:

  90. Jaiden-Gunnar-Brooks says:

    You can gain them at Urban Mode:

  91. Nathen H. says:

    The first one is the worst one. Those plastic swing lids always salvage dirty and nothing to beget the trash smell or fruit flies as previously mentioned.Love the dual can by SimpleHuman! And the white one from Tagret looks apt indulge in the more expensive Vipp!

  92. Alana Deborah Z. says:

    I decanters were supposed to let the wine breathe?

  93. Keyla says:

    Sun protection has to be outside the window, not inside. You can employ anything – cardboard, mature curtains – but achieve them outside. Water is precious in Australia I guess, otherwise it would aid to sprinkle the outside walls and the roof with water in the evening.

  94. Lucille-Abby-Shiloh says:

    pyewacket, that is my main “problem” area, too, but i also a hefty dose of Martha. in fact, i view on making the things to organize my things perfectly.

  95. Arthur says:

    It only serves its purpose with nothing underneath it. So the saving kinda goes out the window. fine for a half bath/guest bathroom though.

  96. Jaden-99 says:

    I agree with dmh – I believe a stain on the cabinets would eye nice. Probably a bit easier to upkeep as well.Lots of stain colors available. Stains are fairly easy to layer and mix as well. We did a storage bench with a bit of green blended into an espresso shade. Turned out really nice.

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