Fascinating Outdoor Loveseat Chaise Park Design Ideas

Loveseat chaise today will come in outdoor design ideas. The designs of these chaises really make your porch and backyard better and cozier. But not only that you have to select them as proper as you can. Has a beautiful garden has become a necessity for people who are always present everyday dealing with a flurry, congestion, fatigue or any other work boring routine. By having a garden full of trees will make your body relax and become comfortable resting place. To the need for furniture in the garden was a necessity that can not be overlooked when having a garden is an outdoor chaise loveseat.

red Loveseat and chaise lounge with a luxurious look

red Loveseat and chaise lounge with a luxurious look

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really fascinating outdoor loveseat chaise park design ideas. First, of course you may not put the size of a large garden loveseat that small garden. Size chaise park right in addition to being part of the beauty of the park but also the comfort and must be adjusted with the functional. Chaise small garden will look cute but if it is functional for a family get together that much size table and chairs chaise garden should be adjusted so that people get together and sit comfortably. Secondly, the design and style of the garden loveseat, the design must be in accordance with the beauty of the garden, chairs chaise garden look natural like wooden garden table or rattan webbing certainly be more natural. Thirdly, the shape of the garden loveseat on the same principle as choosing a dining table, a desk and a moon-shaped square space garden suitable for a relatively small, while the chaise rectangular or oval intended for large gardens.

Small Chaise Loveseat Similar with unique design

Small Chaise Loveseat Similar with unique design

Awesome Loveseat Chaise Lounge with modern design

Awesome Loveseat Chaise Lounge with modern design

Fourth, quality and material, because the chaise will be placed in the outdoor garden, it should be chosen materials that will withstand both hot weather, rainy and humid. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really fascinating outdoor loveseat chaise park design ideas.

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132 thoughts on “Fascinating Outdoor Loveseat Chaise Park Design Ideas”

  1. MarkKaleb says:

    Also, rip the tea bags and sprinkle them over your houseplant soil or around cute plants outside to discourage pests and enrich the soil.

  2. Brooklyn Gabrielle Evelynn says:

    My previous home, the master bedroom was painted a red, which was great, especially in winter when things are colder. The colour was warm, and it made the room cave-like, which I ample for sleeping.

  3. Dylan Roselyn Riya O. says:

    my celebrated is any considerate of light or dirty seafoam, and mustard light yellow comes in a cessation second.

  4. Ada_Kathryn says:

    I would suggest the same–draping fabric (or a coordinating rug or mat) over the head and foodboards of the bed. Or, oversized pillows for the top and bottom, and they can also double as floor cushions. Though painting would be SO easier!

  5. Seamus-696 says:

    cherish these tips so much! We are challenging soon so these will advance in handy! :)www.sweetlytattered.com

  6. MosheKason says:

    Wow AT has arrive along from the days when any political utterance inspired mass shrieks of from bubble dwellers.Rock on, Tonky!

  7. DallasBrentReagan says:

    My restaurant in San Marcos, TExas– The Root Cellar Cafe– has a table for two made out of a sewing table.

  8. Andrea C. says:

    Wow, those are pleasantly friendly and inexpensive…I how these miniature creative trends beget their hobble through etsy.

  9. Ava_Esther_Kai says:

    It reminds me of a characterize I from my dad on his first office. His desk was a door over piles of paint cans. After opening 3 other construction companies he quiet had that chronicle on his office…. humble although successful.

  10. Hayden.Jett.Orion says:

    From 2000 – 2009 I paid 1100GBP for a two bed flat in London, directly across the road from Hyde Park. It was in a Regency building constructed in 1834 and we had views south across the park and east into the city. We would exhaust summer days and evenings outside in the park, lazing with a group of friends, with the convenience of a fridge beefy of food and wine impartial steps away. Within walking distance were amazing museums and art galleries, places to eat and cozy local pubs. I could not imagine a better location to live in London.

  11. Dylan-Jeffrey-Rory says:

    @Princess Tup Tup Agree about the sensor cans– I had one briefly that I returned b/c the expressionless opening was so irritating. My foot opens the Simple Human(massively one sale plus coupon at BB+Beyond several years ago) one faster than the sensor did.

  12. Connor says:

    glorious transformation. I would never choose gloomy personally but this looks so stylish and classy. It also looks understated in matt finish. A gloss would absorb been hideous!

  13. Amanda_Allyson_Ramona says:

    when buying on craigslist, i try to regain 50% of new augury for but in-good-shape furniture. of course everything is relative with and the age. if you list 60% but you are willing to negotiate, i believe that can spark a response. hopefully.on a different topic, i want to know how the jubilee furniture co. visit went in Carol Stream, IL. is it worth making the from north chicago this weekend?

  14. Weston Jovany Yusuf C. says:

    I too appreciate the grooved wall treatment with shelves, and I fill it is something that can be reproduced with mdf and a table saw with a dado blade. It would hold a bit of patience, an assistant, and a well idea out jig (especially for the angle cuts), but it could be done. intellectual Ty from his various apperances, that is probably exactly what he had done. I contemplate it could work in my dining room, to provide texture and functionability.

  15. Karter88 says:

    Let me know how that plants works out with the cat.

  16. Hailey_Gabrielle says:

    Maybe my approved house tour ever! Style, beauty, re-use of things in a way, simplicity, personality, elegance without being pretentious, almost nothing “trendy” and feels and classic, fun, and on and on. I it!

  17. Myra Stevie V. says:

    I would to examine a thread about where people assign their printers? where did it go? I that same printer and it looks * no matter where I it.

  18. Gage_Manuel_Ricardo says:

    Last spring I redecorated my family room… In purple and gray. Choices were in purple accessories.. I was too ahead of my time lol I purple!

  19. Gregory-Kameron-Rex says:

    i beget a chalkboard door in the kitchen/my bedroomwhat no one ever mentions is that you will inevitably rub up against it and chalk on your clothes 🙂

  20. Fernanda_Wren says:

    Is it me, or does this article lack links to the items? And any mention of their mark names and prices?

  21. Diana Hadassah says:

    Stenciling, wow! Initially, I was going to comment on how I loved the wallpaper, so the fact that you execute so detailed into creating the makes it even more special. Everything is beautifully executed; I especially how the room feels both romantic and bright, not an easy to – definitely one of my favorites!

  22. Rohan-Kamden says:

    I saw a post recently somewhere that recommended using bedsheets with those clip rings for curtains. Its an inexpensive answer – one that you can change out if you want to give your room a from time to time.

  23. Haven Ainsley Megan says:

    My husband follows me around bask in a puppy whenever I try to projects done so when he is away I coast furniture, paint, and rearrange things. I the decorative fabrics delight in curtains and steam elegant the carpet. Allot of work happens outside too relish modern plants in and such. The dog sleeps in the bed and I eat whatever I want.

  24. Adelina U. says:

    Does it say somewhere where the “authentic” room&board chair is made? At least some of the “authentic” Eames designs by Herman Miller are made in Taiwan, or so I been told by people who where suprised to accumulate a “Made in Taiwan” sticker on their Eames coat hangers. This is all fine murky.Disclaimer: Taiwan is one of my accepted countries!

  25. Nolan.Boston says:

    We generally assign things up the first weekend in December and them down a day or two after Christmas (definitely by the 27th, which is our anniversary).For many years, we took down the decorations Christmas Day–the first year we lived in Austin we made the mistake of buying a live tree and by Christmas Day, it was a fire hazard and we took things down. But, in so doing, we found we really liked having the house cleaned up and to normal before the fresh Year made it easier to salvage to work on all the stuff we had to done before the modern term started. We mild the tree down early for that reason–but we wait until after Christmas proper.

  26. Rose_Alayna_Milena says:

    I live on the Cape, and having a house in the White Mountains is something I hope for someday. THIS house is the NH house of my dreams. The wood, the light…oh my.

  27. Annabella S. says:

    I beget had a similar home across the street from me. along with calling the police, I mailed them an anonymous letter and knock on wood – – the mayhem has stopped.

  28. Davion Izaiah Zackery says:

    ah. so lovely. Heatily I want to live here. This post Can I fill them in my blog?

  29. DulceCourtney says:

    I one in my office that has Holland stickers on it. It stands and the drawers are to stationary, office supplies, and mementos. The other side has organizing pockets hanging from the hangers holding wrapping paper. It can be for something besides a table.

  30. Bryce says:

    correct a hint if you hem curtains, to do curtain weights in the hem so they hang straight. I consider this is especially considerable with shorter curtains. You can a * of weights (little lead or other metal balls sown into a miniature * of fabric) at most stores.

  31. Grayson.2012 says:

    that wall of books and the blue accents in the kitchen, as well as that vintage cabinet, are beautiful.

  32. Arabella_Lennox_Azariah says:

    I its post-post modern? It has a retro gradual 80s vibe yet is remarkebly forward thinking without being trendy. interesting.

  33. Henry-Coleman-Remington says:

    I would also be remiss if I failed to reply the misspellings in my comment, above. I typed this on my browser, which unfortunately does not believe the needed spell checker application.

  34. Reece_Clinton says:

    @BeaInChicago better than apt a hole in the fence. Thanks for posting the link. This will for some pups 🙂

  35. Samuel_Jeffrey_Davis says:

    I deem they are a bit wasteful as are many of the convience products that acquire been created.N.

  36. Lana_Renata says:

    Yellow desk in front of window=Happiness. 🙂 My previous desk was in front of the window and I loved it. Birds and air, sunlight and energy.

  37. Dakota_Kyleigh_Cataleya says:

    A decade ago, I bought an alcove studio condo. I chose to pay an after-tax cost of $1450/month to own, instead of the alternative–renting the same apartment for $1700/mo. Today a comparable monthly rent would be $2600. I got a deal.

  38. Damien-Alfonso-Kamren says:

    @Dulcibella– I lived in a similarly sized dorm room and was glad with the walk-on loft top closet unit. buy of that overhead breathing room! You’re in an ideal spot for lofts & mobiles & hanging lamps. Even hanging storage units…like the nifty baskets or plants on pulleys ideas from elsewhere on this site.@Nailbunny – I don’t understand why any of those wouldn’t work with ANY floor covering. It’s unbiased illusion tricks after all – what you can diagram your eyes away from the elements you don’t luxuriate in and towards the things you do.

  39. Aliana N. says:

    I agree with so many of the posts here especially about claw foot tubs they fell out of favor because they were so hard to underneath and around the sides, difficult to net out of without falling and to give pets and children baths. I would to add the following to the list of things I are trends:wood counters in the kitchen or bathroom, espresso/ gloomy colored wood floors, all white rooms, rooms where all distinguishing architectural elements been painted one color, poufs, chaise loungers, sun mirrors, animal heads with antlers or apt antlers whether real, fake, cardboard, ceramic, glass or metal, that support Carry On saying, fabrics with birds on them, * rugs (especially white ones) rugs with different sculptural heights and texture ( a major hazard with high heels or for the elderly) stair cases with no railings, raw wood cabinets with no to protect the wood, inaugurate cabinets, those highly complex cleaning nightmares of mid-century current “cool” lighting, those vertical book holders that be pleased a stack of books, modern mid-century furniture lines.

  40. Gracie says:

    Could anyone point me to where I might bag the plants shown on the shelf here

  41. AthenaMollyMara says:

    #12 I WANT THIS SO BAD! I got really wood cabinets that would glimpse with this image but * it I am in care for and want to something this work for me, even if I beget to paint the cupboards.

  42. Hannah_Ansley says:

    Light, light, and more light. There are extremely few herbs that create not need bellow sunlight. Even if this is a south facing window, there may be trees or an overhang outside that down on the amount of light that is coming through the glass. The glass itself, especially UV glass, also cuts down on the amount of light the plants receive. I am able to grow rosemary inside over the winter in an unobstructed east facing window, but it really limps along until I can accept it outside again. Artificial light helps if it is end enough to the leaves (just a few inches away.)The soil should be loose and fast draining. Most herbs acquire to be on the dry side, so water infrequently, but when you water you need to be clear the water gets to the entire root system. So I disagree with the advice not to flood the plant. consume the * to the sink and water it enough so water runs all the out the bottom, and let it drain before putting it advantage on its saucer. carry out not allow any water to sit in the saucer below the plant. Then let the soil dry out to an chase below the surface of the soil before watering again. This could be in a few days; it could be over a week. It depends on the temperature and humidity of the room, the type of soil, and the size of the * in relation to the root ball. If the window they are in is cool and the soil is damp, they might rot, but on the other hand they should not be too to a heat source.I hope all this helps!

  43. Deandre Giancarlo E. says:

    I believe made this several times — the * version, watermelon mojito, is amazing!For the kid version I pureed all the watermelon flesh, with a jug of limeade.Every time its a winner!

  44. Cynthia Kenna Annabel says:

    This extremely well may be my post ever! Only utilizing that which is needed helps one to concentrate on careful selection of items. This would be for me, because I believe a tendency to on to junk. I know, though, that it would be spiritually better (cleansing if you will) to scale down and items more intentionally. Well done. This will be forever an inspiration. Thanks a million!!!

  45. Amarion says:

    $1500 for a family of 4 mostly at whole foods, in Oregon. 90%-95% organic. This does include non-eatables savor paper rolls, shampoo etc but does not include deli section, salad bar or hot bar from Whole foods which we often. These would be an additional $300. We hardly grasp any alcohol – may be a bottle of inexpensive wine a week. I am trying to read how other families employ and it looks savor we a lot… We also eat out and exercise another $1000 on eating out so I wonder if we eat too much? I will need to seriously examine at how to lop our bill

  46. Tyrone_Rey says:

    All you need in a sewing machine is straight and curved stitches. I second LovieDovie about not buying vintage unless you it a lot and are more of a professional.In Brazil there are not as many brands, I a Singer, the simplest model, and it. Even the simplest, less finicky machine, will buttonholes, maybe not with the touch of a button, but nonetheless. I personally buttonholes and work my way, aham, around them.

  47. Lane-Perry says:

    Even though it is dark and cave like, the bathroom “rocks”.

  48. Vanessa says:

    I would bear taken me 5 hours to the doors and all of the hardware. Did you impartial paint around the hardware?

  49. Karter says:

    There seems to be some point where desks less functional and an exponential increase in price.

  50. Tristan-Maximilian-Sage says:

    These are my favourite decals:

  51. Nasir Camren Nathen says:

    @KingsFlat Stationary in a cabinet, perhaps? Also….you exercise stationary??? I only maintain a itsy-bitsy and maybe reason to it once a year, haha.

  52. Antoine says:

    I did this in my apt. in NYC. It was a House Tour a few months ago. Check it out at http://www.BrianGennett.comThanks

  53. Myles Tommy says:

    @Matilda A I it would be if you could accumulate the SO to join you and examine what it is to that down/quiet time. TV is such an easy distraction…but eating in the kitchen is quite civilized:) proper luck

  54. Adelyn_Kora_Farrah says:

    I a tree stand similar to this from Ikea, it did not cost that considerable

  55. Marlon Cash P. says:

    @* nugget a alternative to the ghastly chemical “room sprays” is to invest in a exiguous glass spray bottle and some oil, such as peppermint. the bottle 3/4 with water, and 20-30 drops of peppermint oil in it and shake. Write the words “shake first” on the bottle and leave it somewhere handy. better scent, better for you.

  56. Sophie-Kyleigh-Kaylynn says:

    no comments?!?! tsk tsk tsk… such a delicate & current home! really care for the effects of the tin ceiling tiles as art [and I must say those shoes are KILLER!]

  57. Amiyah-Aliza-Sariah says:

    a fabric banner. examine here:

  58. Walter Elisha K. says:

    Jibo is useless as a robot. You can carry out all the things it purports to with your smartphone. I need a robot that will clean things up, cook food, or at least the dog.

  59. Cameron.Elliott.Geoffrey says:

    my version of a “fancy fix” is asking my grandpa to it. “just enough” fix is when i it myself or ask my bf or dad … cleaning is another though, no matter how hard i try, i need a professional to “deep clean” my a couple times a year!

  60. Zain.Ronaldo says:

    I absolutely cherish this – it feels comfortable and looks charming, a combo! And yes the Chevron floor is definitely my fave DIY reno!

  61. Charles Cruz Darrell L. says:

    I remember this tour well. I am smitten with how well maintained the property looks; everything looks it was built yesterday, including the fences. And I enjoy to shed another lumber for Rudy.

  62. Gavin.Edwin.Ray says:

    Heather – I I recognise it as feature in elle magazine this month following a movie producer lady and all her choices in a given week

  63. Johanna says:

    Wonderful. So simple but with sophisticated touches of elegance. adore the artwork.

  64. Averi.Marianna says:

    My daughter pulled the backing off of about 5 markers, so the little ink rolls got all over the carpet…impossible to clean. We even hired professional carpet cleaners with no luck. There is now a rug hiding it. LOL.

  65. Omar 666 says:

    Lots of ideas in this thread:

  66. Jett.Atticus.Joan says:

    I beget one dining room with NO view….but of my neighbors going up the steps. I the curtains closed all the time.

  67. Leona.Amani.Karlie says:

    My 12 yr extinct daughter is also an avid DDR player. My master bedroom is under the upstairs media room. It sounds appreciate a herd of ponies thundering overhead. I am not distinct there is ANYTHING we could build to minimize that racket. As a parent I am she is and not vegging – unfortunately your downstairs neighbors could care less about your overall health and well-being.I am hoping someone offers a solution. Surely there is some considerate of thick mat (I am thinking a thick hard tempurpedic location age type material) that would muffle the jumping.My friends built a fresh house and insulated between floors with multiple layers of egg-carton foam to minimize noise. What a idea!!

  68. Allyson Virginia T. says:

    everyone,Well I the comments-*its kinda being an invisible artist at my enjoy art indicate and listening to what everyone says-very inducing I must say- but it is competition* yes my narrate addiction is out-of-control – but of course it does me feel at home. And truthfully- I must admit there are more *yes more!* areas of my apartment covered with pictures. I am a maniac!The walls- my landlord wont let me paint! Depressing as it may be. I don’t know what color would compliment my permanent brown * carpet. Might be a challenge. and I am so indecisive I would probably change the color on a weekly basis.The couches- I admire these couches- I really do. Yes- they construct swallow me. When I bronchitis and am curled up on the couch watching Rachael Ray in mid December I to myself- *im I didn’t mosey with those limited dainty couches * Although I create smaller couches examine amazing- They don’t accommodate my wild cocktail parties mid-summer and boggle parties I planned for the fall. :)Jodie Ann

  69. Zoey Viviana Estrella S. says:

    You should try a halogen uplighter with a dimmer on the cord. And if you can some hooks in your ceiling you could hang a light rewired with a cord for a wall socket using a long chain. weave the cord through the chain links before you wire the fitting though.

  70. Carson.Frankie says:

    Discipline. You need to spank your cat or catch a spray bottle and spray it with water EVERY TIME it gets the couch. It will eventually learn not to it. But definite you give them something they can destroy.

  71. EmeryAngelicaLainey says:

    I bet it was some Pratt kids…Probably industrial majors as well…They acquire access to all sorts of tools and like to throw keggers…

  72. Laura Pearl Moriah J. says:

    Instead of painting cabinets, you might want to by honest removing the doors of the top cabinets. This will lighten, widen and modernize the room (all of which it needs). Plus you can it quickly, redo it if you it, store the cabinet doors for future homebuyers, and if you change out hardware (which you should!) it will only cost half as much.

  73. Scott Kelton says:

    disagreeable roadkill tea cozy. The butcher knives are an appropriate decorative accessory for it. Why?

  74. Guadalupe 2012 says:

    You guys are nuts. The first door looks a cheap rental apartment. An dependable door always looks better than a divider.

  75. Emely 66 says:

    Floor is lovely. Tub is lovely. Beadboard is lovely. Lighting? Generic and not in keeping with the vintage feel they are trying to achieve. Paint colour? Not so much. Lots of elements to work with but I would definitely change those out to create all of the other work they did justice. One to Schoolhouse Electric and Benjamin Moore and they are in business!

  76. Chance-Alexzander says:

    I it when I accomplish carefully planned purchasing decisions and then collected myself remorseful down the road. Worse than an a bad, unplanned purchase.

  77. Kaliyah_Rivka_Aranza says:

    Check out this residence for lots of vintage danish round dining tables:

  78. Sean Landyn Sterling says:

    * I went to the site. This party is amazing. I am thinking someone could this as a jumping board for a fun * party for the proper beget A Wish Foundation. Or even exhaust it for a kids party and in the evening accomplish a few changes and host the charity party!

  79. Sophie_Penny_Elin says:

    expansive job, would enjoy to a long shot of the entire room, you a eye!

  80. Mariyah says:

    I that either of these two rugs could work really well; I enjoy the concept of having a rug pull together all the colors of the room. My preference would be for the first of the two because I deem the crimson is a better match.

  81. Myra Princess R. says:

    PS for amt230: I you might refer to the Kartell paper basket by the Bouroullecs (not their best work, I think):

  82. Naomi Johanna B. says:

    I care for this tour and found it to be extremely inspiring. You fill done amazing work in that garden considering you fill only been working on it for 4 years. What are the crimson hanging things off the garden day bed? I care for them and would something similar for privacy in my garden.

  83. JenniferElisaMae says:

    Bedrooms should be tranquil. This one is perfect. My bedroom has a similar color with spots of color in the pillows and one of my wall hangings. And a plant…of course.

  84. Antonella.2013 says:

    Really apartment! that you living room, bedroom, and workspace all in essentially one room. the colors and light, and unexpected touches savor the bathroom wall and aesthetic side table. One of my favorites.

  85. Jennifer Lena Milani B. says:

    I contemplate it would sizable to hang a gigantic canvas deep enough to completely the molding around the inset shelf. The of the art against the brick would cool and would be a nice, gigantic focal point to the room.

  86. Aspen@2017 says:

    NE-E-E-EVER! I usually straight to my enthralling Companies in Bethlehem Pa

  87. Jesse Kayden Jude P. says:

    Adding standards and brackets is an easy device to beget out spaces. They are available at most hardware stores and you can beget wood panels or laminate shelves crop to bear the space. This is a simple arrangement to “make” custom shelving without really to much. It is so simple even I can enact it.

  88. Gabriel Roberto P. says:

    I your home. I really dig the bathrooms. I the faucets with the rest of the vintage funk. The architecture is awesome and I really enjoy your wall sculptures and light fixtures! The wall coverings add such a punch of personality too!

  89. Lola K. says:

    I acquire owned an EatSmart scale for a few years and it works in my bathroom. was reasonable too.Here it is at Amazon

  90. Dalton Alvin R. says:

    Living room and bedroom need some colour or funkiness to match that astonishing updated bathroom.

  91. Jaden Julius Isiah K. says:

    I a NYC friend who has exactly the same floor and he could certainly a face grasp such as this. Yes, there are things that could be a tad better: the art work is “hung” a eratically and the lamp next to the couch could be lower. I also the bedroom is a tad cold. Otherwise, I contemplate the is brilliant. to glimpse a guy with such an and dwelling.

  92. Amelia Leighton Sariyah says:

    @11225–actually, 750 s.f. is not small; novel two-bedroom units expected to house up to four people are 750-850 s.f. market-rate buildings sometimes add amenity rooms in basement or on roof for building community, not same as having more s.f. in unit.750 s.f. would include all interior s.f. (closets, bath, kitchen, hall, stairs). 120 s.f. includes only main room? min room size is 80 s.f. with one wall being not less than 8 f.t.

  93. Nyla-Marlee-Ellen says:

    @Rae1 Why not rep the Jesus Rapture Toaster from amazon

  94. Raquel Bexley S. says:

    This is really nice. Lots of limitations but lots of inventive (but not wacky) solutions. Well done.

  95. Mila.Mikayla.Matilda says:

    We a Shark hand-held vacuum that works astronomical (with the brush attachment) for cat hair. For a really thorough clean, you can acquire a bucket with water, build on a rubber cleaning glove, and dip your hand in the water. Then wipe your wet, gloved hand over the furniture. Works luxuriate in a charm.

  96. Stanley Rylee Q. says:

    I am beyond in with the top hat/nude art in photo 20! If anyone could please point me in the direction of the artist/place to assume it or one similar I would be forever grateful!

  97. Milana.Rosie.Maliah says:

    @Threetuis The paint colour in my living room (African Tulip from Dulux) is no longer offered in their North American line, but the paint store was able to discover up the formula in a book and duplicate it for me; perhaps your local store could the same for you.

  98. Barrett says:

    When I lived in an apartment, we replaced the vertical blinds with floor-length curtains. You could execute a sheer curtain under an opaque one to control how much light is let in.I believe they are probably too for roman blinds, if you could even collect them in that size.

  99. ElliottLamarKeven says:

    i cannot this product, I had a prototype made luxuriate in this once and i am floored by this. this is great1

  100. Sienna Ember Landry E. says:

    I had one of these in my bathroom, but then my cat attacked it and it is no more. was though, and took about five minutes to make!

  101. RileyLoganFrancesca says:

    Hey Jessica,I would agree with catherine_in_columbus regarding painting out the brick work, an off white. I mean, I admire exposed brickwork, generally- its that this seems so irregular/bumpy, funky etc.Then – using blue Painters masking tape as a sketch too….layout what you envision as an appropriate size/scale- proportionally speaking for the above the Mantle.Decide on a dimension…Length by Width.Then, at describe molding at various Frame Shops, maybe even for Painted molding salvaged from an extinct Building (quite the Green Solution, too!) via an Architectural Artifacts kinda store.Then – enjoy a frame made to that size,(either by the Frame Shop,or by a Furniture Maker,WoodWorker) and contact a Mirror/Glass shop to a 1/4″ thick /1″ beveled mirror to fit inside that frame made of moulding.Voilla!

  102. Cael-Jordyn says:

    @discerning Did I mention the potpourri in the bathroom? Because OF COURSE there was potpourri. 😉

  103. MadisynAlannaAlia says:

    We recently installed laminate that looks exactly enjoy concrete. Without the weight,cost or maintenance of a poured concrete benchtop. Best choice we made in our kitchen refresh! Highly recommend.

  104. Fabian_Hugh says:

    my dog got arthritis and my faded beanbag chair became her novel approved bed.also beanbag chairs seating on boats, the bumps from wake are less noticible.

  105. Margaret.Roselyn.Ingrid says:

    “to keep it – you could spray it with some of shellac. let anyone coming to visit know that the wreath has been rendered inedible!”Reminds me of the time my uncle came over for thanksgiving, and I had cheese out. He winded up eating ALL of the cheese, and had stomach issues the whole night. He was convinced the cheese was bad, as oppose to the fact that he ate 2 lbs of cheese in one sitting, and decided to everyone who came over not to eat the cheese.

  106. Holden says:

    What happened to all the posts? Some of suddenly vanished. I believe AT is erasing comments they not agree with. Yikes.

  107. Natasha Abril says:

    This is the best thing I EVER SEEN. The level of envy I am experiencing is UNNATURAL!! Every single on this boat has been carefully picked and beautifully placed! BRAVA!! Hit me up if you ever want to sell it!

  108. Kristina99 says:

    fine pictures! Most of my trips to Europe been in the off-season. My favourite time of year in Brighton. I that “Memling blue”. extremely easy on the eyes — it even makes a background colour for my computer work screen.

  109. Harper Cassandra Leanna says:

    Hey, I believe adding Chicago to your roster is a large idea. I bear lived in both Chi & NYC and whereas they are different in so many ways, they are both world class cities with world class people and style!!I am looking forward to your arrival!!

  110. MilesAndreas says:

    I had a poster of Greece, because I was in appreciate with a Greek man, and planned to there with him one day (it never happened.) . Also, a Renoir print, and a bunch of gravestone rubbings, as a remembrance of different family members.

  111. Brody says:

    saw this on her residence and how simple and genius it was!

  112. Johnny says:

    Oh wow, I esteem how thoughtful the layout is, and that purple rug is so, so wonderful! This looks a region :)Wondering how the neighborhood/neighbors believe responded to the exterior architecture? Hopefully positively (I personally it as well!), but I know neighborhoods that absorb really fought people who divert from the architecture fashion in the (particularly in townhomes or historical neighborhoods)?

  113. Daryl says:

    I esteem Mr. orderly Magic Eraser. I wrote a song about it which I singing while cleaning. The lyrics are Mr. natty Magic Eraaserrrrrrr! it extremely excitedly with a superhero attitude while holding the Magic Eraser aloft. However, I experienced rub marks left (on walls, furniture). I’m not certain I would try it on my iAnything but will not discourage others – noting the rub marks.

  114. Nico says:

    As a Cornell Library employee, let me say welcome to Ithaca and best of luck staying warm this winter!

  115. Korey says:

    I appreciate that the pictures of nearly all these kitchens are good-looking much the same shot, before and after (except for the last one, but we can serene command where we are). It is so easier and more fun to compare “before” and “after” when they are laid out side by side this way!

  116. Kanye says:

    @acx We installed an IKEA kitchen in our house almost 9 years ago. I cook from scratch almost every day (including high heat at the stovetop). Not one single warped piece. So my experience has been fantastic.

  117. Justin Kyan G. says:

    Fans of Empiric – who may be looking for a current esteem – might also Gold Bug in Pasadena. Empiric is more of a furniture/Design shop with a masculine/scientific edge but they also stout gifts. I Empiric! Gold Bug is a bit more artsy/goth/curiosity shop (they specialize is well curated gifts, jewelry, art and accessories). And a third option – in the vein of science inspired curiosity shops is Paxton Gate in S.F., where you can maps, botanical prints and natural trinkets. unbiased a few ideas for all you esteem hunters out there looking for precious, mementos and goodies!

  118. Emery_Annika says:

    @poco40 My living room and conservatory floor plugs, so that I can establish a lamp next to my floated furniture.

  119. Lily_Elaina_Kelsey says:

    Anyone know what blue paint that is in the last photo? I want that color acquire to figure out where.

  120. Nina.Milan says:

    I absorb never wanted to be a man more than I effect now.

  121. Porter says:

    Congratulations Maxwell, it is sizable to the dawdle you taken since starting this website!

  122. Amelie Kiana says:

    I would also to part that you can exercise essential oils and it is AMAZING. You can also infuse your vinegar with citrus peels for reasons this. I would the chance to with you my tips/recipes and aesthetic photos!

  123. Erica_Alianna says:

    Joel, I enjoy a crush on your MCM sectional. I once had a thrifted three-piece (with the slipper chair in the middle, could be 10 feet long) in a similar shape but unlovely green and orange tweed.Seeing yours makes me wish I had it back, or could another to reupholster and admire anew.Great tour, I leer so distinguished to in your home.The horse and rider(?) artworks are intriguing. Did one of them inspire the other?

  124. Amina.Holland says:

    We this in the winter – no sheet/duvet stealing! I fancily “make” the bed in the morning by tossing my excellent duvet over the all other blankets. 🙂 But if you want them to be matchy, you could two duvets in different warmth ratings and absorb matching covers for them.

  125. Will Byron Gaige W. says:

    Lots of suggestions. My celebrated is Hypelocal. Lots of quirky spots and events, as well as a real-time stream of tips. Their website is http://www.hypelocal.co

  126. Lana-Charli-Livia says:

    SQ,Kindred spirits!The blue thing, I no idea. Found 2 of them at a yard sale. They are develop steel poles with cup shapes at the top and bottom. Maybe they were intended to be plant stands? Not sure. We hold our faded Roseville * on top because it was cheap and has a expansive chip out of it. Perfect candle holder. the other one is on the porch with a pillar candle on it.The needle lamp was made by an elderly gentleman who was a friend of my husbands family years ago. I he also made the totem sitting next to it.

  127. SkylaLindsey says:

    bepsf, Urban Outfitters might as well be called Cheap Labor. It seems as if all of their stuff is made in China and India.

  128. Genevieve.Alayna.Emmeline says:

    I absorb the west elm couch and i affection it. i acquire spent plenty nights sleeping on it under my skylights. my only complaint was that with the straight cushion they would creep benefit as u were seated unless up against the wall to fix that i bought the corner cushion. i belief on buying another one for my guest room / office. too your not in the DC cause i no for the straight cushion backs that with the couch.

  129. Trevon Ross Cason M. says:

    @wordnerd101 Those leer asbestos tiles to me, too. I wonder if it was brought up to the landlord if he would to them removed.

  130. Tatum says:

    I lived in the city for years in a turn of the century property that had no closets and a layout, I customary refurbished wardrobe storage cabinets in all the bedroom areas and added some color to match the individual decors.

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