The Best Position When Use Bench Press Machine Designs

Bench press machine for sure come with incredible designs that point you in proper exercise and give best design to easier your exercise as well. Here you will see the guide ways to maximize your fitness with this bench even inside the house. Fitness mania, it was the position of the arm, especially the elbow during a bench press is very influential on the target muscle group exercises. How to position your elbows as you lower the load to be very influential on the target muscle group that wants to be trained. That is, the placement of different elbow positions strongly influence the results of the bench press exercise machine you are doing.

Incline Bench Press Machine complete with the tools to build muscle arm

Incline Bench Press Machine complete with the tools to build muscle arm

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about hoe really best position when you use bench press machine designs. Part muscles involved in the movement of the bench press exercise is the pectoralis major, triceps and anterior deltoid (front shoulder). While the bench press movement itself includes stretching the elbow or straighten the arm, shoulder movement horizontally or bring your arms perpendicular to the direction parallel to the side of the shoulder, and bending or lifting arm from the shoulder down to the side of the body. Changes in the position of the elbow during a bench press movement will shift the shoulder of the bending shoulder movement into horizontal movement to change the use of three muscle groups involved in the above. With elbows out while lowering the load, will shoulder more moves horizontally rather than curved. As a result, pectoralis major muscle will be most involved than the anterior deltoid muscle.

Bench Press Machine with red seat

Bench Press Machine with red seat

Double bench press machine with barbell

Double bench press machine with barbell

In addition, the position of your elbows out, the greater the pressure on the “capsule” of your shoulder. So in conclusion, determine the position of the arms in accordance with the target muscle group you want to practice. That’s all we can discuss and share about hoe really best position when you use bench press machine designs.

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