Make Your Garden Outstanding With Concrete Benches

Concrete benches always have the sturdy impression and have limited designs as well. But today there are so many design ideas of this bench and worth to apply on the garden and make it more outstanding. A memorable garden party, might be perfect when fitted furniture purchased from specialty garden furniture store. However, with only a concrete bench and table, garden party we can still memorable. In one corner of the garden there is a special area to create a simple garden party. Two benches and two tables that were there made of cast concrete that is grown on the surface of the floor.

Concrete white Benches with simple style

Concrete white Benches with simple style

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really inspiring make your garden outstanding with concrete benches. Two high chair measuring 40cm, 100cm long and 30cm wide. Seat bench coated merbau finishing melamine doff natural brown. While two of his desk, which is provided as a table for serving food and drinks, have a different height: 60cm and 40cm. Every table was 40cm wide, while the length 80cm. Tabletops closed andesite gray. Concrete table and bench that stood on the floor covered ceramic rustic exterior design. Although simple, this park bench table and appear quite attractive among the green plants in the vicinity. You can also create a table and garden garden like this, of course with the help of an experienced craftsman. Do not forget to give a path to get there, so that grass and plants are not damaged trampled.

Concrete Benches with frame wood root

Concrete Benches with frame wood root

Concrete Curved Bench with unique design

Concrete Curved Bench with unique design

Now, entertain friends in a relaxed atmosphere, can be done in your own home garden. The form is simple, just a field of geometrically arranged perpendicularly into a table and bench. Two benches and two tables that were there made of cast concrete that is grown on the surface of the floor. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really inspiring make your garden outstanding with concrete benches.

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  2. Jovanni_Efren says:

    i work for an office furniture dealer. there are many, many companies that sell carts these. try contacting a dealer in your area and they might be able to you 25%-45% off the list price.

  3. Adonis.1979 says:

    I am against mounting your TV above the fireplace, it looks appreciate it might be too high relative to how the far the couch is (especially if you a sectional). I savor it in the spot, but maybe with plants and/or frames on the walls gradual it. And add plants to the windowsill. Also, you can add frames/artwork above your couch and accent pillows/rugs within budget.

  4. DillanLucianLeroy says:

    If you want the sofas to pop, employ a color in blue, green or violet tones, or a cold light gray would be something neutral. I deem some aqua tones, with brown and orange in a patterned throw pillows would be great.

  5. Warren_Kale says:

    I the exercise of the daybed as a coffee table! Does anyone know where I can snag the of this for less than the original? Unfortunately most twenty-somethings cant afford $8000 furniture :((Design within Reach: Barcelona® Couch- Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, produced by Knoll)

  6. Reuben says:

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  7. Jordon says:

    I believe the Lounge sofa, too, and I admire it! So comfy. You apartment is πŸ™‚

  8. Warren 2017 says:

    Also the bride or the mother -to- be should not be demanding the venue, the type of party, the gifts etc. The hostesses should and finance any event with in their budget. When I got married, my aunts held a shower and gave me many hand made gifts such as embroidered tea towels, quilts etc. This was meaningful and personal. My future sister in laws and my girlfriends had a lingerie shower for me in a apartment with punch and cake. But alas, these simple, gatherings are not the norm any more. My daughter is co-hosting a bridal shower for her best friend and there are 45 people on the list the bride gave to her. We bear been working for weeks on gathering decorations, glass ware, plates, napkins, and planning food for the brunch. Now the expectation seems to be that every event be Pinterest worthy!

  9. Nathan says:

    So lovely! to exercise the space. The colors are so current with a hint of vintage, it might as well be located in Paris.

  10. Shelby says:

    I agree with the previous poster. I enjoy your roman shades eye great, but the curtains dwarf the room. I it would observe better if the curtain rod was mounted above the window. I even consider you might be able to without, but I what the pattern does for the room.My two cents anyway. Best of”All you could ever want to know about window treatments.”

  11. Esmeralda Breanna H. says:

    I find linen sheets, even the extremely expensive, to be design too scratchy, even after several washings. with caution and first try pillow cases, to look if you can sleep on them, as one cannot return bedding once opened and used. This can be a costly mistake.

  12. ShawnAlfonso says:

    Holding on to THINGS that the past is lovely. Holding on to MEMORIES is even lovlier. A dear, dear friend of mine spent 20 years of her life in the Marine Corps, 15 years in a romantic relationship and 4 years in college. She has boxes and boxes of Maine Corps papers and books (all of which are outdated), she has enough furniture to believe a two bedroom house and about 10 boxes of things that remind her of her college days. She lives in an 800 sq ft flat which means all of these things are in storage for which she has paid $150 a month fo the past three years. Despite my best attempts she cannot let inch of these material THINGS. There comes a time when we all apt acquire to let go…..

  13. April.Dallas says:

    I want all the appliances in your kitchen and I adore your bathroom! And your decorating is great! I adore what you been able to build with such a limited space. work πŸ™‚

  14. Jonathon says:

    wow, that is a delicate concept. i would definitely be willing to try that out at home. it would be a sizable blueprint to eliminate having to my devices on my desk or on the floor…and vertically, mwahaha.@Rich Lafferty: I could discover one having a series of shelves, one for each device.

  15. Sloane Demi L. says:

    *:I would velcro a allotment of thick fabric on top. Perhaps felt in a color that coordinates with the kitchen. exhaust the top to a paper template and establish the template so you can design another if the fabric becomes too soiled. You could even cut out simple bird or flower shape in a contrasting color and glue that on top. (This could even be done with suede for a child-free home.)Another option is to look if a plastic shower cap might fit. They in different patterns these days and can easily be washed.

  16. Branden Jorden Camryn C. says:

    Indeed this is a extremely “real” looking nursery, I all the personal details, especially the microscopic boxes with the brilliant dipes! It is not over-styled, and perhaps that is why someone may enjoy replied “boring”, but that is what I about it!

  17. Landyn.Geoffrey says:

    @kcisis @bawa I almost bought some this weekend at the Farmers Market because it is STUNNING, but a hastily google search “cats eucalyptus” let me know it is toxic to animals.

  18. Jordyn_Jada_Gwendolyn says:

    I disagree with the Painting Supplies! Even if you consume the best quality paint, a * brush or roller will create for a * finished product! And not all painters tape is created equal – lots of store-brand tape does not stick well, and could leave you with lots of paint bleeding that you then absorb to advantage and touch up.

  19. Mark_Saul_Ronnie says:

    Yippee, another sound system. what I need. this time of year, I would be playing the Charlie Brown Christmas album (which is sort of a soundtrack). Otherwise, most played soundtrack in my house is the D.E.B.S. cd, which is expansive fun for parties.

  20. Corey Isaias Andreas O. says:

    Worst mess: Boyfriend says “Hey, these cups acquire lead! It says so on the bottom.” “Really?” I ask as I consume my coffee cup, flip it over to notice and… did I mention it was full? Hot, coffee spilled all over our white carpet. Took a rented Rug Doctor and 2 hours of patience to derive it out.

  21. Winston says:

    I was lucky enough to glean several vintage persian rugs from my parents. I concrete floors, exposed brick walls and mostly teak danish new fashion furniture. I contemplate they definitely warm up the feel of a contemporary space. They compose limit the patterns and textiles I elsewhere but i its worth it. I cant imagine a more classic and timeless draw to incorporate a daring graphic pattern to a room.

  22. Austin August D. says:

    I also want to know if we can ogle the posts without subscribing.

  23. Semaj Damari U. says:

    Pedro, above, nailed it… When we begin equating “scrappy” or “pioneer” with “immature” or “underdeveloped” we do, in fact, work against those we claim to admire.And anyway (in my opinion) Dwell under Arieff became more than an underdog… She was the impetus for all of the prefab-centric coverage and has transformed public conception on the subject. Dwell became a fun read and greatly influenced the direction/interest-level of invent for a broad swath of the public.With Arieff gone, salvage ready for Dwell to REALLY *.

  24. Andrew.Trevon.Gunnar says:

    It is true, nowadays the luxury is having place and time. I extremely attractive the idea of creating vertical volumes that more functions. I this is the future and I we will soon eye some smaller versions of these solutions. I recently wrote a post about this amazing 30 square metre faded garage in Greece:

  25. Hanna Judith Elin J. says:

    You are all right. The Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills has a mid-century fashion that was updated in 2010 by designer Kelly Wearstler. Her inspirations find from a variety of eras including 60s, 70s and 80s, with an intended current twist. You can check out more of her work at

  26. Frederick L. says:

    I personally customary this position, they absorb the biggest selection of kitchen cabinets and the best prices. Also the quality of their work is awesome!

  27. Tristan_Ezekiel_Phoenix says:

    @Serenelily That is what I call strategic incompetens! believe a talk and how often things needs to be wiped down, howered etc. and then detailed lists and a schedule. How did he live before he met you? In a hovel? If he wants you to acquire the majority of the work he will to trade you something. You and he does the laundry, recycling and grocery runs for example.

  28. Magnolia.Kenia.Ally says:

    I really your books on the mantel and the candle sconces above.Also adore your color choices and the kitchen cabinets.

  29. Chris.696 says:

    I your place! It has a extremely first-rate vibe to it. The windows distinct are a astronomical bonus. I would believe loved to discover the view.And what a luxurious bed your pooch has! πŸ˜€

  30. Brodie.Demarcus.Prince says:

    I agree with Janet that the options are too harsh. I would enjoy to any of the suggestions in the comment fragment here be picked for November. I really the concept of how to personally and maximize the of a rental.

  31. Atticus 66 says:

    Loving the ladder tree! My mom was a blooming creative lady and we often had “strange” Christmas trees when I was a kid. I remember one year she flocked an entire evergreen with that white stuff and did a candy cane theme, so all the ornaments were red, white, or and white.Another year she went out into the woods and down a microscopic tree that had lost its leaves for the winter, so it was sticks. She stuck it in a bucket of rocks to it up, and then decorated it with various hand made ornaments, including wrapping each miniature white light in white fiberfill of some sort.Another year she made a conical tree out of chicken wire and stuffed each chicken wire square with puffs of hot pink tissue paper, then she stuck some false greenery here and there on the tree for a exiguous color contrast. I always her tree ideas were nutty, but they all looked when she was done.

  32. Devyn 666 says:

    I to agree with the above comment about the hinges; they really jump out of the at me, perhaps the more so because I had a similar in my previous house and I had to replace every single one of them to them visually disappear.And as German Girl, I also notion the heating bill must be massive, not to mention the environmental impact.I the chest in the living room, it adds a punch to the room. dog.

  33. FrankRyland says:

    @Kimberellie as a florist, I can you that bleach actually does help, because the thing that kills flowers is bacteria growing in the water. (And heat, which is why the fridge worked) Rinsing the vase with a highly diluted bleach/water reply before filling it with regular water was standard practice in my shop, and we were known for our long-lasting arrangements. But the amount of bleach ancient in this experiment was ridiculous.

  34. Braden.Carlo.Cristofer says:

    Wowowow!! Every single detail is concept of. I am not elegant impressed with homes, but for some reason when I it recreated in a apartment, I affection it. Ditto to everyone who says they want to the sleeping lofts.

  35. Mekhi.Reid.Dillan says:

    This? Is amazing. It will assign me hours of precious time spent testing all the key combinations I can remember. “Is it Opt-R? No. Opt-2? No. Opt-Ctrl-Shift-Open Apple-1-0-9? Huh, no, not that one either.” Genious.

  36. Ryan Beatrice Livia says:

    With the befriend of Pay pal, Moddi finally emailed me with the download link for the plans. They apologized for the technical difficulties and thanked me for my patience. Time to a bed…

  37. Madilynn says:

    That link “go below the fold” is wrong. It leads to the envy 100 page.

  38. Cohen_Josef says:

    Update: Lampe Gras now has a US distrubuter. You can assume them athttp://www.lampegrasusa.comAnd they ship from Chicago so they 5 days or less to get to you!

  39. Asher_Theodore_Kian says:

    in settings, verticals much better than venetian blinds, and they function well on patio doors and in contemporary homes. They are atrocious for extinct homes, though

  40. BrandenKendallTyrone says:

    I had that plate rack found in a Spiegel catalog, I lost in a and contain been searching for one every since. friendly luck and let me know if you it!!

  41. Raelyn says:

    William. Looking at your bathroom, and reading the expansive ideas presented by readers, I gain you can enliven and out your bathroom by incorporating a combination of ideas:(1) By painting the walls in the same color family as the permanent fixtures. This will effect your bathroom appear more spacious, and you with essentially a blank slate to work with.(2) You could them brighten the bathroom with white and gray/silver and black, as suggested by above readers, with art and towels and accessories.(3) A touch of nature would also be kindly in the do of plants and wooden accents. I believe your bathroom would expose beautifully this way. I enjoy attached a of a bedroom, But I want you to Review the Color Scheme, as a Visual of what I am thinking for you. I wish you the best! MC.

  42. Raymond.Jaydon says:

    i care for you plot looks cute, i am crying now, looking your mini tour house and looking your dog me sad, i the exactly dog, his name was dino, i had him for 8 years, he died 4 years ago and i calm miss him a lot, they are extremely elegant and beautiful dogs i can absorb behold exactly the same to my dog, thanks for sharing your house, and by the contrivance i esteem ikea too, in my house i contain a few things from this store, i accept it extremely practice , cheap, and nice all the things that the sale…..

  43. Margaret-Vera says:

    Sounds relish a pleasurable idea, but not really. One of the biggest problems in environmental preservation is invasive exotic plant species. This will probably only excacerbate it. Using native plant seeds…now that would be a better idea.

  44. August Conrad says:

    A “gift closet” is the same thing as a wrapping room to me — “real” people contain these things?This year is the first year I stored a list of xmas presents on my computer. I even created a “xmas 2008 ideas” list. I feel so organized; that is until I forget I wrote it 10 months from now πŸ™‚

  45. Jonah Keegan Zachery S. says:

    space. But, I the guest room far more than the living room. I would kept the living room a dining room especially with your beneficial bar cart etc already there.

  46. Cedric says:

    ooh, been doing that for years. works well if you bend it a little, makes for easier hanging. For light stuff, you can hot glue them on too.

  47. Seamus X. says:

    @aquahaus to a post. thank you. the previous comments here were awful.

  48. Porter says:

    I a landing * can be a gracious concept for some people.Having that it is mentioned constantly (along with a few other AT “givens”). Most grown ups do not want to hear the same thing over and over and over again!Many, (if not the majority) of people a closet, or a hook/rack to hang their outerwear, a pocketbook or a diminutive bowl to their keys, and fill to pay their bills, so their mail has a as well. I contain to say that many homes are not designed or site up in a that combining these areas at a point of entry is feasible or esthetically pleasing.

  49. Antwan.Soren says:

    I an older kitchen with oak cabinets. The counters were in quarry tile but one of them warped and I also wanted to add a breakfast bar. I had custom fit counter tops made in copper for the warped counter around the sink (new, coffee colored silgranite) and for the breakfast bar. Polished or ages, they are beautiful. Everyone notices them. Metal is so warm!

  50. Alani Landry Maxine says:

    As they say in design: the fish tank is “having a conversation” with the green lampshade. πŸ™‚

  51. Aryan B. says:

    What a perfect winter giveaway! I wanted a Pendleton blanket forever!

  52. Lena G. says:

    Is that first portray showing a program for Windows that lets you all you windows that or is that built into Windows 7?

  53. FreyaKaiVienna says:

    I started putting cleaning supplies a couple of months ago in the bathroom and kitchen. Another expedient change I made is to tuck a cramped box under the entry bench for all the junk mail to dart as soon as I advance in the door, it keeps my house clutter free and makes the stack of mail more manageable.I also subscribe to a farm delivery service so that I a box of organic veggies magically appear every few weeks. Less grocery shopping for me (saves time!) and I to try seasonal organic veggies. I tend to gravitate toward the same ones at the store when I shopping. This I never know what I will every time I the box and there is no excuse not to eat healthier!

  54. Tate_Jadon_Johan says:

    I wish I had this list when I got my first apartment out of high school.I wanted something to work and the community college, plus something I could afford without having to live with roommates. This sadly meant I was not picky where I lived and I stayed at a really creepy apartment building. The outside looked nice, but at night I feared for my life. I should seen the signs, needles outside of people windows. Dogs that would bark all night, neighbors yelling and beating their girlfriends constantly and blaring loud music. If I took 30 minutes of my life and went there at night to hear the noises I would never stayed at that apartment building. Thankfully I only signed the lease for 6 months and then left for good.

  55. Francis says:

    I had my bed custom made a few years ago at this store outside of Philly. They enjoy endless designs and finishes, and I got exactly what I wanted.

  56. Adam says:

    I agree with ma vie en rose — purging clothes makes such a difference. I purged out of necessity, since I lost weight (yay). I level-headed absorb 30 pounds to go, but 20 pounds are outta here. So extremely extremely few of my clothes from last fall/winter fit. At the moment I a sparse wardrobe, but it certain makes organizing the closet and dresser easier!Speaking of easier, I correct “cleaned my room”. The process bore dinky resemblance to the process by the same name that I experienced as a child, or even a few years ago. The aftermath of decluttering makes all the work of decluttering so worthwhile. Ahhhhhh! yay.

  57. Analia_Deborah says:

    I wanted to achieve one in my bathroom for years – correct for giggles.

  58. Arturo.Jay.Gilberto says:

    Coolest things I seen in a long time, stunning! No doubt they are expensive and should be with that detail.

  59. Charles.Stanley says:

    @evahesse, I bought the Corona a couple of months ago and it. I Sticky Paws and a blanket when company is not around and my cats believe left it alone.

  60. Brinley Alexia Milena Z. says:

    @shes_got_a_way I signed up & got my first box! How you it so far?The individual pieces ended up being pricier than I expected, but the jeans they sent me fit SO PERFECTLY that I ended up buying them. The rest I sent back, asked for cheaper stuff, and am gonna try a couple more times.

  61. Nicole.Kylee.Ariella says:

    Might want to add these too:Aspirin – *.Imodium – diarrheaBenedryl- allergic reactionPeroxide – earsLaxative – constipationNatural tears – dry eyesNeosporin – woundsVitamin C and B12 – when you are feeling hasten downI work in the medical field and am surprised how few people these on hand.

  62. Emily Penelope Sloane G. says:

    I tend to delight in simple, classic materials for the kitchen and bath be pleased Carrera marble countertops and subway tile backsplashes. I that they are timeless and when it comes to different styles; they can from farmhouse to easily. I delight in to add color with paint and accessories that are easily and inexpensively changed.I also mixing the color/style of upper and lower kitchen cabinets. I assume it breaks things up and adds interest. My is black or black grey lower cabinets with white uppers.Another is graphic wallpaper in a little bath or powder room.

  63. Beau_Makai says:

    I delight in the window treatments in the living room – can you please provide more detail about them? Thanks.

  64. Cooper-Sincere-Cale says:

    Oh wow I not care for these. This aesthetic is not what I want to gaze in any of these otherwise setups.

  65. Amelia.Zara.Jayda says:

    Holy smokes, this is total candy for me. I admire that many items were picked up during her travels. I can only hope that in the future, my will transform into something this.

  66. Davis Milton D. says:

    This is similar, and to my eye, a dinky more interesting. I the variation in size with this one.

  67. Alyson says:

    extremely looking result!! I would enjoy notion you purchased the bed position from a retailer! It might be easier to a coordinating high thread count sheet as the duvet attend though, that device you could money and time (fabric-wise anyway).

  68. Joseph Haden Gaige says:

    kaaber- I got the curtains at a dollar store my house for about $8 each. Urban Outfitters has similar styles, but arrangement out more expensive:

  69. Lacey says:

    Yeah the class runs about $350 plus materials, but you to carry your project benefit and forth which might be difficult for a loveseat. Of course, you could a chair in class and then work on the loveseat at home…

  70. Luca Quintin Irving I. says:

    *, i daiso. i the bunny version of those elephant salt & pepper shakers. yes, i am that obvious.

  71. Hattie_Kelly_Stevie says:

    I the metal bed in something other than painted white or steel, too they no longer a queen size or any of the day beds pictured online.

  72. Alina.Catalina.Nadia says:

    I a rule for all furniture acquisitions: is either need to effect a tight seal to the floor, or it needs at least 4 inches of clearance beneath so my Roomba can fetch under it. No point in having a robot to up the cat hair if I to bolt big pieces of furniture around before (while?) he can finish his job.

  73. BraelynnLilyanaFrankie says:

    My cat created his absorb hammock out of the lining on the underside of my couch. This would believe been a alternative to a shredded couch.

  74. Itzel says:

    @Sara EB re: being social. Yes! But! Some of us are more introverted than others!Years ago, when I was a recently-broken-up-with introvert, my girlfriends swooped in to deconstruct what happened to occupy me out all the time and all I wanted was some alone time to my head on straight first. Know thy self! Know thy friends!

  75. Isabelle.Kadence says:

    I savor it a lot, but I to agree with Tracy333: I miss the mantle.

  76. Viviana-Sutton-Aryana says:

    The grass toothbrush holder from Urban Outfitters is cold (they bear desirable stuff). But there might be a cleaning command with that too. I my toothbrush in a cup that has to be washed out once a week because of the dripping water.

  77. Layla Gabriela says:

    What a expedient idea! Whenever I lift out my suitcases for a trip, my two cats are all over them. This is my next recycling project, absolutely.

  78. Greta T. says:

    Of course this article comes up the same day my mom gashes her index finger on a glass while doing dishes. Six stitches. She would you herself, but typing is curious legal now.

  79. Sincere.Braedon says:

    Becca in Chicago,Check out Aegean Blue from Benjamin Moore. I cannot guarantee it is what Vanessa faded but I had it in my bedroom a few years ago and on my monitor it looks exactly like AB.

  80. Desiree.999 says:

    Out of all the house chores I fill to do, I every chore that involves fabric of some kind. ie, folding clothes, changing sheets, packing away seasonal clothes. Now that I absorb two kids, I despise abhor packing their customary clothes becaue now I to sort them by both seasons and age. I this….and I know this is something I must develop soon as we are nearing the spring.

  81. Amari_Martha says:

    I would in my living room so my nephew would a home to sit when he comes over.

  82. Gabriella Autumn Serena C. says:

    Remember the movie Overboard with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell? I would the shoe rack he built in her yacht closet!! You turn the lever, shelves open, back, and fresh ones come out. AMAZING!!! lol! I would appreciate any of these of course, my shoes are in plastic rubbermaid shoe boxes stacked on my closet shelfs and anywhere else i can stash them πŸ™

  83. Brent.Terrance.Kamari says:

    extraordinary Idea. I fill a chair that I despise the fabric of. The estimate for re-upholstery was $600. yikes.

  84. Braylen Clifford Gauge says:

    Several thoughts to consider:The floor will always accomplish the room appear dark, so assign in a large, light colored rug.It looks the are blinds in the windows. rid of them. Even when opened as they are in the photo, they block half the light.Use mirrors.Strategic lighting.

  85. Ricardo Zander says:

    They left off one of the best reasons–they can actually improve the quality of your indoor air!

  86. Charlotte_Anabella says:

    I would add an immersion blender to the list. It functions as both a food processor and a blender

  87. Yosef says:

    @Alygator Exactly why I dropped it. I grew up in a small, mostly monocultural city, where it was completely natural to ask “where are you from?” or “what is your heritage?”. bright to a large, multicultural city has changed the device I think.

  88. Zoey Patricia A. says:

    I esteem this – so calm, and yet vibrant with art.But where enact you achieve your clothes, extra blankets, bike gear, etc? This fragment always throws me when I imagine living in such a space.

  89. EzraKolbyHamza says:

    It is the Scandi Dropside Crib from Babi Italia:

  90. Aubriella33 says:

    in my last apartment my neighbor downstairs was an obese balding sweaty man that always seemed to be walking into the building with a case of *. around 2 or 3 am EVERY NIGHT he would puke loudly.. sometimes i he was leaning out the window, but it was impartial echoing off the concrete wall 3ft away from the bldg.. in my apartment i impartial had to laugh when i discovered that EVERY MORNING around 4 or 5 am my alcoholic vietnam vet neighbor gets up with a hacking smokers cough until he pukes for about 15 minutes. he also is always seen walking in with a case of budwiser.. and he and his girlfriend shout at each other all the time and when i was region sick one day i caught them scooping their cat litter OUT THE WINDOW. i most definitely yelled at them for that one… i live on the first floor and having cat * outside my window is impartial not right.

  91. Zaylee says:

    A tank of Jelly Fish!This has been a colossal of mine every since I was young. I would to a aquarium wall-to-wall/floor –to-ceiling filled of Jelly Fish. Pink, blue and white jellies in a tank that I would never absorb to clean. evil I contain seen mini versions of miniature jelly fish tanks $800 bucks but sadly money is a for me, but at least I know my dream is realistic, so if I ever strike it rich be to behold me on Tanked getting my ample jelly fish kingdom built!

  92. Celia@666 says:

    this is a fine discussion! my baby is due to the 22nd. we clearly contain several years to the subject and all of you fill some ideas that my husband and i can chew on.

  93. Nestor_Soren says:

    This is appreciate the apartment of the character Steve Corell played in 40 Year *, except more hallucinatory. I liked the toy collection OK, but what I really wanted was the kitchen, with its fire engine refrigerator and terrific cabinets.

  94. Todd_Yosef says:

    Paint at least the upper cabinets white and collect rid of the backsplash. The countertops gawk okay to me. If you enjoy any time, money, or patience left, then tackle the flooring.

  95. Mario Santiago Ari says:

    Less talking and more action, Philippe. Why not donate the many millions of dollars you earned creating this “waste” to a organization devoted to improving the environment and reducing landfill use.

  96. Kaiden.Tyrese says:

    @LOBSTERCAT, wow they a agreeable selection of Art Neuvo wall coverings.

  97. MaxineLyra says:

    This looks amazing! I absorb mature sized sheets to construct curtains – so I agree that sheets and duvets are gigantic sources of fabric. But even more appealing is the turquoise floor, which is so cheerful. It makes me want to paint the concrete floor in our garage.Excellent DIY post. Thanks!

  98. Larry Maurice Darien says:

    I agree so with this story, especially the about keeping only what you need. Clutter is the enemy of both deliver and cash. If you clutter, you cannot what you and you will occupy it again. That is a end of money.

  99. Deven says:

    One place. I absorb an unframed oil painting of a winter cabin scene that I prop as a backdrop on a table during winter. Looking for a spring summer one to replace it.

  100. Melanie.Karina.Livia says:

    In the issue, the caption on the page does divulge “Pillow (center) John Robshaw hand-painted $184.”

  101. Douglas R. says:

    I bought a few things from location in Portland…beautiful store, they were DWR before there was DWR. However, we redid our dining room and had 4 emco aluminum chairs for the table, and we wanted to sell them…all original…and the guy who came over to them, looked at them and 2 are fakes. clear enough, 2 of them had no markings on them. I was literally shocked. Then it made me wonder what else I had bought from them, a Niels bendson sofa and a bertoia aluminum chair with cover, are they erroneous also. The store is long gone. But what develop I do? Kinda * about it.

  102. Avah_Sariah says:

    now, boomer make lovers care, at least this one andre says this house belongs in the tropics, does he bear property in the carribean? i it on the grounds of a hotel there and this house would availble to vacationers for the price.

  103. Sara Ashlyn Zendaya L. says:

    This post is for Joey – are you in Everett over at the Charleston Chew building? I I saw your pad featured last year on after viewing your show… Was that you?Also, I clients in your building, you know the Mostajos?Holly

  104. SerenityMakaylaHanna says:

    @Beatricejmm Thanks for the words πŸ™‚ I found the orange clock on Wayfair:

  105. Hallie Carlee I. says:

    I agree with the credenza or gross bookshelf idea… perhaps a mirror above replied shelf/credenza or as mentioned before, some artwork to the away from the television region

  106. Jaxson.Braulio says:

    Thanks for the link, @pi! At 55 euros ($70ish USD), these are quite affordable. High art photography has a long draw from bullets piercing fruit.The work of Shinichi Maruyama is worth exploring too. His photographs and movies of water develop liquid gaze quite sculptural.

  107. William@1990 says:

    has it arrive to this, really? yeah. we consume a version of 3 for wine glasses. do the planet and yourself. away from plastics.Carey

  108. Clara_Callie_Tinley says:

    Thank you Sarah for featuring our high chair! This was such a fun, easy, and inexpensive project! How about green or orange? These chairs also stack and work for toddlers and preschoolers too!

  109. DelaneyAubriella says:

    PS. What are your thoughts on having the couch backing onto the kitchen island?

  110. Lillianna_Ayana says:

    A tasteful redo in my opinion. color, and the bit of distressing brings out the shape to me. I there is a between the light color and the library pulls, but I be pleased both. Chelsea, this was a save!

  111. Mia_Sadie_Addisyn says:

    OK – definitely in hearing about a Dux and a Temperpedic BUT I understand that there are *different* kinds of Temperpedic – that is, there are ranges in Temperpedic land. Also, would affection to the experiment include links to articles about “green” mattresses and why I should care-or not.Slats vs box springs…..I was in Liberty, NY over a weekend this summer and met a guy there who designs furniture. One of his items is a bed frame with slats that includes storage boxes that fit underneath it. extremely cool, dapper perfect for apartments. I would gotten one but I, unfortunately recently purchased a set w/box springs. He is in claryville, NY and his company name is Manifold – Google it. If you are looking for slats for your mattresses, hold a look. I concept it was clever.

  112. Keven says:

    I devour to wear 6-ply cashmere sweaters and wool parkas when the temperatures arrive 90 outside. During the winter, I usually wear shorts and tank tops. I am superior. You are inferior. Ha ha ha! Bow down before me.

  113. Alexandria-Winter-Lilyanna says:

    Listerine in a skull bottle! Oh man, even your comment replies are hilarious!! But yes, that bathroom is…perplexing… the head/hair vase though!

  114. Kylan-Paxton says:

    Absolutely stunning, and as the reader above mentioned, it seems personal, not from teh pages of a catalog. Well done

  115. ShaneMorgan says:

    I found these directions for washing duvets in Canadian plot and Country magazine and it works really well.Add soap to emtpy washer, then with cold water halfway to top. Submerge duvet and add towels on top to duvet under water. washer with water and on regular cycle. halt machine once and press air out of duvet. Dry in dryer on and partway through fluff duvet by hand.

  116. HeidiKairi says:

    The artwork is great, and I assume sleeping amid the brown is probably a cozy, in-a-cabin feeling.

  117. Zoey.Anika.Louise says:

    What a fun tour! The stairs are brilliant. It feels devour a extremely place to live. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  118. Kalani H. says:

    fabulous sense of scale, proportion and color- it. Wish I had that spatial intention gene. Also the green wallpaper with metallic accents in the last photo.

  119. Andrew_Maddox says:

    it.Realistic, authentic, and not too stuffy. πŸ™‚ Allows people to more affordable routes and more fun too!

  120. AngieEmileeLeyla says:

    admire the door to the storage/cubby hole, by the refrigerator. Can you refer me to a website for these doors?Thank you!

  121. Tucker_Zechariah_Clark says:

    I that the comments when you stack but why not add a “like” or “thumbs up” or “agree” button so that people can give feedback on stout comments without making threads dart on and on saying nothing?

  122. Jaeden says:

    ~ idea. Could you detail how this was done (ie how did you the tufting, what materials, etc). I a similar closet system and fill been toying with the concept of tufting after I saw something similar in a mag, but no belief where to start. Thanks. D.

  123. Sophie says:

    As a renter of a condo with a non-existent (read illusive) landlord. I can declare you in the year that I contain been here, I believe had everything on me(dishwasher,fireplace,dryers, leaking pipes and sinks) and nothing gain fixed. This really opened my eyes to everything that can co infamous with owning a condo/home and how expensive those repairs are. I am looking forward to out this month and going to a normal rental–with a management company that has 24 hours to comply and fix things.

  124. Ian.Terrance.Waylon says:

    I once saw the quote about not crying over anything that can’t over you attributed to Sophia Loren. And having downsized from a house to senior housing, I found it easier to unload as I went along. It’s what made the cut. Champagne bucket and 1940’s wallpaper collection, Ralph Lauren bedding. Spode. flatware. The last three faded for every day as every day is a gift. Every breath, actually.

  125. Francesca_Jayden_Maleah says:

    Even a catalog was establish together by a person so it has personality.

  126. Esperanza says:

    tour – the rainbow blanket in the living room, especially. What a contented place, and your family is beautiful!

  127. Jonathan.Silas.Donavan says:

    I lay down newspaper and then wet it and that kills all the weeds and also brings lots and lots of worms to the surface. The newspaper breaks down and then you can plant whatever you want and mulch over it. No more weeds!

  128. Emilio_Tobias says:

    would leer in a bathroom… modify for a sink, would be a wow, with storage!!! I one in my kitchen, that I had rfinished and cherish the but the antique glance

  129. Kayla Shelby Kyla G. says:

    we a slightly different version of that rug (but residence rug-size) that we bought from crate and barrel? in red. We got it last year at something 40% off. A friendly deal πŸ™‚

  130. Virginia_Imani_Jayda says:

    at $500,000 that is hardly affordable! at least not for me – ever. but i live in seattle and know how expensive housing is…and know how * places are, and explore (cheap). so this is cute- but i know that a first-rate fix up of a store front rental in many communities (ok, maybe not in seattle) would be arrangement cheaper. check out craigslist- chicago …places relish this for about $1200 per month.

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