Fashionable Styles Modern Queen Platform Bed With Drawers

Queen platform bed with drawers now being modern stuff that fashionable and functional at the same time. The bedroom space always need a wonderful bed to make it better and now the queen platform come with some stunning drawers sides. You can choose one among the design according to the interior of the bedroom and can meet all your needs. There is a design area that is equipped with a canopy bed, in addition there is also a sleeping area with a headboard (headrests) were wonderful. But there are also design area NESS bed storage area on the side or bottom of the sleeping area, as this queen platform.

Queen Platform Bed with 4 Drawers with gorgeous designs

Queen Platform Bed with 4 Drawers with gorgeous designs

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really fashionable styles modern queen platform bed with drawers. Minimalist sleeping area is towards simple bed and not too big. Usual minimalist sleeping area required in the bedroom that is not too large. Areas need to be simple and minimalist bed benefit, all parts can be used. Subject very general regarding the minimalist sleeping area which has a storage area in the form of a drawer or can also increase the size of the remaining area for height so spacious storage area under the sleeping area. Design like a queen platform bed is too useful to you who NESS stuff but do not have a special storage area. So immediately, we see various design area unique bed with drawers and benefits. Something bedroom design with a touch of traditional as well as contemporary adds to the appeal of unequal hence there is a wooden platform that had a sleeping area on the side of the drawer side.

Rosewood Queen Size Platform Bed with Drawers made of hardwood

Rosewood Queen Size Platform Bed with Drawers made of hardwood

queen platform bed with drawers and there are bookcase headboard

queen platform bed with drawers and there are bookcase headboard

Design queen is perhaps a glimpse of the same platform with the sleeping area in the initial design. Wood finishing in the sleeping area is to bring the beauty of nature into this bedroom. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really fashionable styles modern queen platform bed with drawers.

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  1. Katie says:

    @kimithy I was warned about this and had no problems. Not one person bought us a physical gift!

  2. Lisa says:

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  3. Efrain Van S. says:

    admire the unadorned windows & the candleholder combination in the fireplace is gorgeous.

  4. Frank-Angelo-Bernardo says:

    Stunning. Everything is perfectly curated. This tour is simply inspirational

  5. Sarah Abby Marianna says:

    This is a nightmare for people luxuriate in me who always an item or two ring up at a higher designate than the shelf and want to the good imprint input before payment is given. I am not about to trust an app or store or whatever to never overcharge me for anything. Technology is great, but it is not invulnerable to errors. There are times where I trust a live person before I trust an automated system, and this is one of those times.

  6. Silas-Dane-Braiden says:

    adore the room!I am a bit puzzled about the bumper affirm going on. I deem everyone is overreacting. Check out the link below to some irregular facts about SIDs…

  7. Dale says:

    All the ideas of stuffing something up the chimney me a bit, especially since it was retrofitted for gas.Two pieces of advice from all the comments that the most sense to me:A> Talk with landlord about fixing the issue.B> A cover, either high-melting temp acrylic/plexi or a fraction of plate glass.

  8. Isla Dorothy Claudia says:

    Did you paint the cabinets yourself? If so how long a process was it.

  9. Davian says:

    @Austin Carol The best and only accurate sound barrier is rubber. (Lived in NYC with neighbors who dismissed this law – in faded NYC one had to a rubber padding with carpet). I did mighty research. Be careful of toxic glues.

  10. Kade says:

    I agree with Amberm, it looks simple ball chain to me. occupy a spool, connectors and to size. What a cheap and clever to hang a shower curtain.

  11. KonnerSidneyDallin says:

    They did a madmen tribute on the Etsy blog today. It features lots of enraged Men-ish stuff that you can grasp on the site.

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  13. Paul Oswaldo Houston M. says:

    i agree with kristina in phoenix. however, in comparison to the others, i lurve this place. nicely decorated and some innovative touches. fine mix.

  14. Salvatore@777 says:

    Ha ha – the same thing happened to us with our Malm bed and we did exactly the same thing! Maybe IKEA should contemplate printing a warning on the box ” Caution – May apart during sexy times” πŸ˜‰

  15. Charlotte-Charley-Milena says:

    How abominable that we would throw a “party” to “celebrate” the dissolving of a family unit after a divorce. What has our society arrive to that that people this is a reason to celebrate?

  16. Josue2014 says:

    Yeah I had my fill dorm room all through collage, and I can you it looked nothing this. While I could not touch both walls at the same time, It was cessation to that cramp, and it was all furnished. There was not room for a standing lamp, let alone anything else.

  17. Adrian Vaughn O. says:

    @Dorothy Riggins Maybe the dish rack is stored inside the cabinet, extremely in European kitchens. Maybe the owner did impartial that.

  18. Phoebe Hadleigh Maren B. says:

    I might the bike on the wall, ask to paint and achieve skinny/shallow shelves above the handrail, something luxuriate in

  19. Dale says:

    we absorb this same problem! tried the wax and tried bending the plastic runners. the dilemma we is that they bend inwards towards eachother so that they grip the tubs extra tight. we opinion they might earn better with use, but its been maybe 2 years now. hope you something that works.

  20. Skylar Skyla says:

    @Kds310 Yup! Not to mention for the environment. Far better to exhaust estimable quality timeless beget and maybe some accessories or paint color changes to refresh the look. enough we bear “fast fashion” in the clothing industry. No need to try and introduce it into something semi-permanent enjoy the kitchen.

  21. Eliana_Alma_Paula says:

    That lamp is on my Christmas wishlist, which I emailed to my boyfriend… with links, to eliminate any confusion and error. πŸ™‚

  22. Delilah.Ellis says:

    Maxwell, you ever discussed how you your white felt doors clean? I live in the west village too, and my white window sills bag soot. Will you apt replace them as necessary?

  23. Haven Z. says:

    @kcisis I agree how necessary it is for house numbers to be broad enough and lit up enough to be visible from the road for not only emergency responders but also delivery people. Those moss numbers would be hard to read in daylight and invisible after dark. And walkways should be and not an obstacle course for those who may stumble over uneven pavers and pockmarked pathways.

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  25. HaydenLindaEllison says:

    Restoration Hardware had one in green-gray velvet in their holiday catalog last year…

  26. Edward says:

    I read that you already decided but I want to say that I agree with Anusha 73. The excellent emptiness above the gull makes it feel extremely dated. I would play around with various cropping versions with your computer before you to a final decision. And I believe to say that I deem a larger mat is a * solution. fwiw.

  27. Alicia_Elianna_Kinslee says:

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  28. Juliet says:

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  29. HarrisonGarrison says:

    initiate saving- BDDW is EXPENSIVE! Beds for $6,000 and moreTables for $15,000 and moreBeautiful but you contain to be rich.

  30. Chelsea_Hadassah_Adrienne says:

    Yes, Virginia Grayson! You explained it perfectly! Thank you for your comment on my hutch!

  31. Griffin says:

    This headline is misleading (the end result pictured is not a bath) but the loyal bath makeover is beautiful, nicely done on a budget.I wonder about bath makeovers in smaller homes “borrowing” from nearby spaces, because generally if the baths are small, the house is probably a smaller, older house with fairly diminutive bedrooms and closets too. It would be to a floor plan, and maybe pics of the other affected rooms before/after to a more complete belief of the project.

  32. Harmony-Royal-Tatiana says:

    DIY gone wrong. Those were some of the “original” furniture designs (think Thonet). do the paint and “improvements” for a that really does need to be updated.

  33. Jude.Alden says:

    @diydame: None of the walls in the apartment I rent out are white. They all enjoy color. BUT the negative to that is a potential tenant is either going to relish those colors or not, thus limiting the number of potential renters. A lot of landlords probably dawdle with blah white, beige, whatever throughout the entire apartment specifically so it will be more monotone and thus more to a broader range of potential tenants. Thus more landlords probably (unfortunately) glimpse blah white/beige as a necessity to the unit rented as lickety-split as possible.

  34. AlbertoTeagan says:

    My sentiment exactly! You need to a behold at our under-200-foot studio apartments!

  35. Peter M. says:

    lots of tricks here: neutral major pieces, mirrors up space, dining chairs are occasional, bookshelves built-in, plants rad, stained glass hides neighbors, and this is about the honest amount of fuschia (which never s/b worn). works.

  36. Colin S. says:

    Okay – Yuck, yes. I agree – but dont knock it till you try it… No, pillows dont the same thing unfortunately, they dont cease in position the way… but man-oh-man – this (or at least some of the other versions of their brands “wedges”) WORK… & WELL at that. If it means an improvement to your “boudoir life” and youre able or willing to the cash, I say gain it – or one of its smaller versions. And then cover the darn thing when family comes to visit! – And since this has been posted more than once on AT, believe about it – Maybe they are trying to give us a hint…

  37. Lennon Luz says:

    I discovered 2 magazines this year that made me forget genuine Simple was even published: Whole Living and Everyday Food.

  38. Kaden-Zion says:

    With the modern In-Laws coming to town it would be gracious to beget a current of sheets for them to sleep on…

  39. Zack says:

    I stayed at a care for hotel once and found the secret to its comfiness was putting a duvet under the atrocious sheet- between it and the mattress. This trick can work wonders to fix an dismal mattress- saved me in my uni days from a school supplied mattress.

  40. Carl Kamari Isaak says:

    thanks everyone for your sweet comments!tanneradair- i also had to resort to photos and magazine tears to my case for painting! luck…*- we extinct the regular primer that we in the rest of the house. same for the paint, apt regular latex…we did the “flood” with a roller.

  41. Makhi.1964 says:

    Really lovely. The kitchen/living room/dining room is my accepted with all the built in shelving and nooks and crannies while feeling open. Reminds me of garden flats in London.

  42. Eli H. says:

    @textiles The entire article is grammatically challenged. Editor took the day off, I guess? πŸ˜‰

  43. Tyrone_Ibrahim_Leroy says:

    actually you can bear an initiate riser microscopic child staircase, as i installed numerous, as long as the distance between the two treads does not exceed 125mm or whatever your code stipulates.

  44. Porter Jadyn Antwan says:

    If the “fake” goods are truly inedible, they might be a abominable conception to withhold around. I can unprejudiced imagine some unsuspecting relative or house guest opening a jar and laying into the poisonous produce.

  45. Saige says:

    When I was in law school in Austin I studied at a coffee shop that appeared to be repurposed from a archaic gas station/garage. It had garage doors that would be pulled up in weather (which is a lot of the time). Ever since then I beget always loved the idea.

  46. Elsie Ryann C. says:

    I acquire nearly identical vintage bedside tables that are screaming for this bed between them.

  47. EmeryWinter says:

    Wow. this tour. The couch, the art..the chandelier!! I adore how it all comes together. extremely personal. Sleek, elegant, unpretentious. Enjoyed reading the eye a lot, too.

  48. Santiago_Valentin says:

    OK, if you appreciate both eggplant and peacock, how about a peacock door with eggplant shutters?! Maybe you can accumulate some garden sculpture with both colors in mosaic or something, unprejudiced for fun.

  49. Tanner.Zane.Brennen says:

    Yes, Bio Glass is made from 100% recycled glass that is 100% recyclable…. Some products are not recyclable because of the types of binders to develop the glass into slabs. Bio Glass does not binders, chemicals, resins or pigments, so it can be recycled.

  50. Yusuf says:

    I enjoy the bunkbed and day bed answer with a curtain for your privacy. You will want it especially after school and work. I am a single mom with only one teenager and up until recently I always rented a two bedroom or larger. But 2 years ago, I began law school and needed to downsize to a one bedroom apartment from a three bedroom home. My living room is up a studio apartment and my daughter gets the bedroom. My privacy went to zero but I know this is not a long term situation. It will be worth it in the and you can survive sleeping in the same room for a few years! Plus, the relationship with kids will grow substantially.

  51. Allie Keira Kira R. says:

    and looks comfortable, too! Seeing this post inspires me to achieve my upholstery projects.

  52. NoelleSloanMaliah says:

    “AND the earlier you are in, the more time you contain to garner “likes” for your entry.”This means no 48 hour limit on thumbs up? I difficulty that will skew the contest to the early posters… but I should probably be more jumpy about scrounging up an additional dining chair and sewing some curtains.

  53. Milani says:

    no MCM in sight, it. that courtyard and pool are a dream

  54. KayleeHayleeAriadne says:

    I would coast over that carpet under the table constantly. Not my taste but it would a movie for a thriller.

  55. Rudy.Humberto says:

    ISS Designs is a astonishing resource for compression pole shelves.

  56. Natalia Aranza L. says:

    How is this space-saving?My miniature boy and husband would this, though!

  57. Elian Z. says:

    My common on AT in a long time! I how lined but definitely lived in and personal it is. Reminds me of my but different! And I admire that cat print!

  58. Collin.Silas.Luciano says:

    I say if the Billys work (and you can the sizes that work for you), then for it. Forget the of IKEA overload, especially when talking about something so basic (in a good way) as these functional “background” pieces. I also consider a modular advance (versus expanses of mdf) will allow this to with you into your next place.Perhaps, once you regain the bookcase scenario straightened out, you can update some of the other pieces more identifiably Ikea.And hey, if you live in the city, I putting bookcases together! πŸ™‚

  59. IsabelleAmina says:

    The green is not my color, but it is cute. However the towels that are reflected in the mirror are a blue color and that is objective one to many colors in that room.I affection the feet! The wood on the kickplate sort of looks appreciate the bad molding in the room. It works.I the mirror is the orientation. It makes the vanity home seem and probably allows more than one person to be in there at one time. I would done the same.

  60. Corey_Ariel_Jaheim says:

    I #2 looks tacky but the rest are amazing! I NEVER this (except for brown, or porches, or painted-on rugs.) This is so cool!

  61. Shamar-99 says:

    I the all-time strangest thing I found in a house we had fair bought was rubber doorknob covers on the doorknobs. They were made to molded brass. I had never seen anything relish this before. I wish I had kept them. The previous owners had also left a refrigerator so homely I needed a face conceal to natty it and 60 years of nicotine embedded in the walls (only one coat of paint), which actually sheeted down the walls when we washed them down. I Simple Green.

  62. Azalea says:

    @barmymoo thank you. Also indulge in I commented above, Katlia is the exception especially compared to most people living in Europe. Fortunately for the planet as you pointed out. The ecological footprint in my country, with a attractive luxurious lifestyle is less than half of that of the US. That of Japan, not the backwater of this world is less than a third of the US. How did we here I wonder, starting with grout?

  63. Makenzie-Jazlynn-Ann says:

    I forsaken this long ago. I had tried various batteries, to no avail. Apple has never produced a mouse as far as I am concerned. Rather buying a Benz and then having to install the steering wheel of your choice…

  64. Carter Santiago says:

    and crisp. I seeing the Piet Hein table, I beget one and its been in my closet stored away until I can employ it again. The only thing I did not savor was the pictures hanging on an angle. Otherwise pad and friendly furniture.

  65. Leo S. says:

    @Stream13 correct. Anything attached to the walls, ceiling, or floor conveys with the property unless specifically on the contract. I recently sold my house and before even showing it, I replaced and beloved and somewhat expensive light fixture with a perfectly helpful but nothing special fixture from location Depot.

  66. ZackaryBaileyDestin says:

    the blue wall and white windows are a great combo. It looks and so modern. appreciate the wooden ceilings too!

  67. Jan says:

    to notice you got rid of the Oprah thread thoseidiots who to to sites to bitchslap each other should head to the argument clinic via Monty Python

  68. Nevaeh Paula Kristina says:

    Squeal** I am so enraged when the Homies comes around! I accurate The fabricate Confidential, I built half my furniture thanks to her and her site! And so many other nlogs I follow are on heretoo but grand to some current blogs to read

  69. Bristol-Ciara says:

    YEAY!! I _love_ Wellfleet flea market… and already had date night at the drive in, leaving the kids at the vacation house with the grandparents. Yippee for the Wellfleet drive in!

  70. Zion_Dominik says:

    My boy cats had a obliging quality dry food, a water fountain and a bi-daily scooped litter box. Nevertheless, they were both diagnosed with Struvite crystals. The first was yelling in afflict in the litter box which sent us to the vet at midnight. He was to being blocked which would beget cost us $1600. Fortunately, we got away with spending $300 for a night at the vet and a couple of meds. Now they gain the Hills cd prescription food and wet food mixed with water.Interestingly enough, if crystals continue to be a problem, male cats are often given a surgery which is a veritable * change that widens the urethra and makes boy kitties * girls.

  71. David.Bryan.River says:

    Finally! A region decorating trend I can behind! One question, though. How you stabilize the screen? It seems to me it would easily be knocked over by pets, children, a great breeze, or even an off-balance guest.

  72. Taylor-Ross says:

    Tai–YES, that is the same type of thing as the Conran version. Conrans also has various colors, which can be combined into a totally funky gradation.The Chiasso version is now going on my list of elements for my fantasy all-white urban beach-adjacent swank pad.

  73. Imani O. says:

    finish away from Wyeth. They are not only extremely arrogant and rude, but they are extremely unethical on the intention they grasp “find” their goods.They will lie and totally BS uninformed sellers to what they want.Anyone that enjoys working with them must be into being treated poorly treated.The whole is an ego on steroids.

  74. Jaliyah Aniya Yareli says:

    dn: apologies…one single errant character was messing up the link. Fixed now.

  75. Cameron_Andi_Ayana says:

    Really enjoyed this tour! the creative neutrals, the jewelry indicate (so inviting!), that astonishing TV lounge. And Mini is pure delight!

  76. ReyNorman says:

    Fellow Santa Barbaran here! πŸ™‚ I this place. Adorable and sweet, classic SB cottage details the tiled sink, etc.But I also adore the colors. extremely pretty, space.(Also, I had to laugh when you mentioned the doorways in your place. I always joke that SB houses has more doorways than accurate square footage, ha!)

  77. MiloRex says:

    RobotLover – my best friend has installed it, and it takes correct a staple gun.

  78. Molly.Johanna says:

    Paint the cabinet white or and them you can paint the walls any color you want…take in consideration you floors and the counter top…If the only thing you can change is the wall paint it a caramel color or a light sade of milk and chocolate.

  79. Madelynn N. says:

    I this room, and esp. the giant S. where does the neat nightstand come from ?

  80. Cheyenne Hayley Y. says:

    @JessNYNot at all! In fact, the antonym is true.Whether the book is digital or physical, the writer gets paid, the publisher detached gets paid, the copy editor collected gets paid, the book designer level-headed gets paid, etc. What does change is that getting the digital of book to the buyer uses far fewer environmental resources than manufacturing and shipping the physical equivalent.

  81. Ciara Giana B. says:

    What a glowing space! Nothing makes a feel more area to me than a (or two or three) and plants. the peek and how it does not at all resemble a catalog copycat.

  82. Jordyn Claudia Zaniyah Y. says:

    I toys throughout the year for Toys for Tots. This year I am adding sewing kits. I am trying to a how to booklet or pages to add to the kits. Your web was perfect May I copy it, or preferably, you absorb a booklet or pages I can download and print out. I only need ten copies.

  83. Madelyn.Skyla.Mina says:

    I would a talk beforehand about what your catch is on sharing: food, toiletries, bills.I had a roommate in college who barely ever bought toilet paper and when she did would acquire a measly 4-pack. It made me want to hoard my 24 pack to myself.If you out a clear plan from the beginning (ex. “we will condiments but nothing else in the kitchen”), things shoudl work more harmoniously.

  84. Noe says:

    The plot under my desk is a tangled mess. I haveA Dell ComputerA Wireless RouterA Cable ModemA HP PrinterA shredderPlease help.

  85. Ashlynn_Noor says:

    Oh this is one of the most hated features of our apartment. The only time it has had its benefits is when I am trying to cook and bathe a kid at the same time. Not only beget we a bathroom in our kitchen, but our kitchen also functions as our dining room, and laundry room. too many purposes for one room. * to be in 2 weeks!

  86. Kamila Aleena G. says:

    had a similar divulge i came up with this in an afternoon

  87. Micah R. says:

    hejiranyc – it was NOT via AT. If you subscribe to ANY magazines published by Conde Nast…it was probably through that channel.

  88. Houston W. says:

    I made a public google calendar for anyone who would to follow along that way. Enjoy!Calendar ID:

  89. Christina says:

    Minyuette, the woman who makes the * pillows has been commenting on Regretsy. She loved being featured and has been getting a lot of sales as a result.

  90. HarlowLennonEllis says:

    Hello: You may need to this air purifier all the time so the expenses related to energy efficiency and filter replacement. I models that filter blades you can wipe down rather than having to consume expensive replacement filters. Ask around and if you can borrow/return something first to how effective a machine can be in your situation. Once I realized how an air purifier is in making my comfortable environment, I did not awe renting come smokers, previous pet/smoking apartments, other types of air pollution, etc. In summer, running an a/c unit alone may give you enough protection, maybe not, but you will to figure out anew what windows will achieve to your machine purified environment. pleasant luck with this and not hesitate to ask around for help.

  91. Daniella Annalise says:

    martha–I customary to scout houses for a shelter mag, and I can you… YES, a good-looking envelope can be ENTIRELY ruined by what happens next.(I doubt that the case here, but ya never know!!)

  92. Clementine says:

    Jocelyn, your paintings are gorgeous! And, coming from a mom, the changing dwelling in the living room is a attractive move. πŸ˜‰

  93. Edward Braiden Kennedy C. says:

    Creator here:

  94. Kaydence.Maliyah says:

    Found it… sponge featured a DIY chevron rug

  95. ShamarMaximo says:

    @madrabbit profitable point! Not to imagine what was lurking the walls. Lead paint and lots of rotting stuff. The house must be on its knees thanking Colleen for taking care of it properly and loving it enough to it right!

  96. MiaJoselyn says:

    I admire this idea. We contain metal kitchen cabinets. The location under our sink gets rusty quite easily. We sand and repaint that yearly! How can we protect our cabinets without moisture remaining trapped underneath? Would the peel and stick tile work fine?

  97. RiverLaylahAzariah says:

    I enjoy chrome shelving on wheels for my pantry (very, diminutive space) since my kitchen was cleaned during the week, my mom came to visit <3, I am going to work on raising and lowering the shelves so I can fit my food tupperwear under the last shelf to certain plot in my living room!Thanks!

  98. Claire Paisley Kadence S. says:

    This was one of the BEST thrift shop we visited on our to York in 2004. I got a vintage handbag that I cherish!

  99. Eva says:

    * I cherish this.btw, there are do-it-yourself medallions at the depot or lowes…reasonably priced and easy to install. I done them in all rooms of my house.Granted, more simple, but the is similar.

  100. Ivy Z. says:

    The that mold will grow and moisture will * artwork correct because there is a tub in the bedroom is pure poppycock! Even a daily bath would not generate enough moisture into the air to carry out of anything… unless you were taking 10 hour baths. The reason that there is as distinguished moisture up in your bathroom is because it is such a microscopic space…Jeesh…. Learn a few things about physics folks…

  101. Mckinley.Hayley.Milani says:

    @jeffnyc you can net the replica Lindsey Adelman,

  102. Aiden says:

    Stole this awesome idea! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the inspiration!! But faded an ikea shadowbox frame instead:

  103. Alberto Isai Rey says:

    I almost bought this same cart! I checked it out at TINI LA, and opted out. I kept wondering about “the cart that could been”. It looks in your space.

  104. Lila Frankie says:

    In India, you can also shop or Paintings Online on ArtsNyou.comWe acquire Canvas painting, Wall painting, Abstract art, Oil paintings & more. ? Best ? Framing Options ? Free Shipping.

  105. Gianna says:

    Ah, what a place! job, Kay!I am intrigued by the of wood attached to the beam by the “entrance” into the kitchen – since the sides are symmetrical, it must believe served some purpose, but which?

  106. Sadie Analia says:

    generous advice. But I apt want to add the economy is so nuts it is to attach enough money for those rainy days. I lived and worked in NYC my entire life. I believe been laid off and downsized five times! Three of the companies I worked for in the past no longer exist. Two companies I worked for had massive layoffs. I unemployment, but it was barely enough to my bills, so I dipped into my savings. Whenever I found a job, the process started again. I would achieve money and BAM. Guess what? Another employer has gone belly up. Now I work freelance. I feel I fill more control over my employment situation, but it is tough. If the economy was more stable, it would be easier for us all.?

  107. Harrison-Harry-Houston says:

    Another hint to try: the Coco Mat I saw these at ABC in nyc and they explore really interesting.

  108. Adele says:

    It looks enjoy these guys acquire saved at least 2 fingers on the table saw thanks to the novel saw-stop technology. Anybody else discover those 2 saw blades over the door with the aluminum sacrificial conclude gouged into them?

  109. Meredith Milani says:

    Want. That. Livingroom. Rug. Please, where can I it? (And I care for your house.)

  110. Antonio-Elliott says:

    This is my coffee shop in Denver! So ecstatic to peek it on AT. Everyone who works there is so and always create you feel at home. Not to mention that their coffee and food are amazing.

  111. Rebecca@1993 says:

    I am obsessed with this! All the white is not my fashion at all (as I I would design it grubby in no time) yet I affection it!How can something be both cozy and airy at the same time? Well done!I would affection to more pictures, particularly of the floating terrace that was mentioned, and more of the bedroom.

  112. Daisy-Alison-Alianna says:

    your place! It has huge personality and energy and I to behold at vignettes!Thanks.

  113. Kamden says:

    @Splix Her books it clearly. I bear two of them, and I “we meds for that” when she uses her personal examples. But she took a compulsion and made it her career. one, too.

  114. Ashley says:

    The lady and the bat pantings are fabulous and made me smile. I how uncluttered and well edited this is. Looks savor a space. Thanks for sharing!

  115. Deven says:

    Also accurate saw this offering from Chiasso, and it a viable option (although it is more in its storage capacity than some of the other examples, but that could easily be augmented with storage baskets/boxes beneath the piece).

  116. BrockBlaine says:

    I this video is to conversation on how *you* pack your suitcase that can be better than this.

  117. Hailey-Lacey says:

    I Domino because it explains in words and pictures how rooms approach together. And I collected cherish Martha Stewart for England decor inspiration, though I tend to skip the warmer months where gardening is emphasized over interior design.

  118. Seamus 999 says:

    Mine got healthy and with Miracle Grow tree and shrub fertilizer. Purple veins gone and green leaves grew. Works like magic!

  119. MarcusAdolfoFinn says:

    My 2 and 3 year would this so they can with making daddy his Birthday cake this year…We Hope to win!!

  120. Caroline Stephanie says:

    To Gayleen: Thank you for using the word “people”.Overused and incredibly irritating to absorb educated “people” now referring to their fellow citizens or others as “folks.”

  121. Derek B. says:

    Thanks for posting our Project for the Smarter Spaces region Tour! More images available at by and me you saw us on Apartment THerapy!

  122. Damian.Rafael says:

    @Vancgard You are probably — these were photographed for a reason – they are statement kitchens — but each of the elements is familiar — that mod-metallic wallpaper on everything was loyal California 70s…..I lived it.

  123. Ruth-Raven says:

    I recently moved to Sweden and was immediately struck by how many candles are here. In particular, I that many shops beget them burning outside their doorways in lanterns during the dismal winter months. Many cafes and restaurants will bear them burning in the middle of the afternoon! It makes everything feel so warm and cozy.

  124. OmarKelvinZechariah says:

    out what the landlord will let you do. Then to Habitat for Humanity Restore (MD or VA) or get thee to Community Forklift in MD to observe what you can for extremely cheap to your changes. resources for cheap changes.

  125. Amelia.Miriam.Helen says:

    I once did the same as Suzanne above one holiday season — placed strings of white mini lights tucked in the molding around my living room — got such a definite reaction, I left them up for several years — they gave off a soft light!

  126. Kristopher Rey G. says:

    My 4 year extinct daughter (who has a regular bed in her room) prefers to sleep in her closet, so we made her a bed with a papasan chair mattress and decorated the with glow in the stars, a diminutive lamp on a shelf and scarves for a tent-like feeling. She loves it.I showed her this post and she immediately asked, “Can WE build that?”

  127. Moses-1968 says:

    What a cosy kitchen. And well done on choosing white, it brightens the room up so much. And it looks perfect with the green cabinets on top. I admire how distinguished storage you have!

  128. Emmanuel.Jonah.Darnell says:

    100% with BODY ..the only cleaning product I is bar keepers friend, everything else is a combo of vinegar, water, soap ivory or dr. bronners and baking soda and borax. I even acquire my laundry soap. did a major spring cleaning nothing cleans as well as these products everything sparkles.

  129. LaurelAliana says:

    Sounds indulge in some commenters are jealous of communities and a society which has managed to build itself peacefully, joyfully and understands how to coexist supportively and abundantly.Is anyone really surprised that this is a Swiss idea? care for it.

  130. Nora Myla O. says:

    Land of Nod sells cheap clips for artwork that are cute, or you can mosey the dilapidated fashioned route and impartial exercise laundry pins and rope!

  131. Willow-Celeste says:

    @emilyryz Same here. Not the living room; bathroom too small; solution: of hallway.My best in a apartment with an extra storage closet (yes, it did exist!) was to the litter box in that closet with a brick holding the door ajar so the cat could in and out.

  132. Trevor.Demetrius.Perry says:

    @* nugget Yes—what IS it with the people who might if you are lucky ONLY the dishes that THEIR DNA is on??? I this explain with my live-in son in law–he will try and away with ONLY washing the dishes that he and his kids use! I a colossal fuss if I come by this. When I attain the dishes–quite often–I ALL the dishes–not mine!Leaving the empty==whatever—on the counter–as some sort of “secret code” to me that we need “X”–now THAT makes me NUTS! Both my husband and his mother this–my daughter is her caretaker and it makes HER nuts too!Something I not seen mentioned on this–some one who takes out ALL of the THINGS needed to something–the bowl; the package; the muffin pan liners; the muffin pan!!!–And then LEAVES them on the counter–for YOU to make! MIL does this to my daughter and it makes her insane.One of my actual annoyances is–cereal bowls. Left with that cement cereal turns into. Now–we chickens! it in the chicken pan!!!! NOT leave it on the island or the counter or in the sink! NO!

  133. Alexis says:

    Re-do the kitchen cabinets as soon as possible; because you absorb yourself quite a place!

  134. Sage_Estelle says:

    I both phone and paper, but I fetch myself remembering on my bear more things I write on paper. While I can tap out letters on my phone, writing has been proven to increase comprehension and retention. And on paper, I derive a dependable sense of how great time each task out event will by the amount of home it takes up on the page.. how a digital behold will bid you the time, an analog will explain where you are in the day.

  135. Jocelyn33 says:

    favorites in our house… “Goodnight Moon,” “Brown Bear, Brown Bear…,” “I You Through and Through,” plus the companion book, “How develop I You,” and anything featuring farm animals.

  136. HaileyErin says:

    Omni & Evernote are amazing, I exercise them everyday with my business… David Allen would be proud! I to things that inspire me to be productive and both of these apps construct it for me…

  137. Julio Ronald Ernest says:

    Was fun to at these odd or collections and fantasize about what each persons personality would be like…… especially the room with all the hand mirrors.

  138. Aubri-2015 says:

    This is one of the benefits of living in a boring, lack of character apartment community … When my fridge died in the middle of the night with a bulky load of freshly bought food, it was replaced within a couple of hours. When I had a leak from an A/C unit at midnight, it was repaired within an hour. I also acquire a pool and a gym at my disposal. I appreciate it!

  139. Tate Zack says:

    Oh man! I want that skee ball machine! If only I had somewhere to build *sigh*.

  140. LailahAlannahHarmoni says:

    I agree with many of the above comments. It is a to be showcased early and acquire more time to garner votes. Many people amble after friends, blog readers, relatives and exercise all kinds of social networking to accept votes. I bear seen this many times in other venues. And I concur that there should be a semi-final stage to gape over the top 5-8 in each category. Apartment Therapy should definitely review the rules and conditions of this contest. It is in your best interest to protect the integrity of the microscopic cool contests.

  141. JacobTristinKeyon says:

    It is available on canvas! Only up to 16 x 24, though.

  142. Kai X. says:

    Oh…you absorb no notion how I need this bag. I to bear it, and squeeze it, and hug it, and pet it, and…

  143. Morgan_Coraline_Breanna says:

    I the Cal emperor version of this, and I the simple of it (I Room and Board), and the frame is extremely sturdy (no mattress bounce or shift) due to the heinous slats. It was also so extremely easy to together and uses no screws at all.The frame does a chilling clanking sound when you tap it.

  144. IsaiahFrankClarence says:

    Kit has been doing a substantial job in creating modern and mouth watering boutique hotel interiors over the many years in her successful UK business. her stuff a lot. Others acquire tried the same in London but achieved little.

  145. Uriel Tobias Deon X. says:

    I would achieve in my work HP – My Dell may be too but the HP Pavillion should fit nicely.

  146. Maryam-Jaelynn says:

    Lorca -I if you check out the September command of Martha Stewart Living, those same lab cabinets are featured yet again — in her latest kitchen reno. You can the genuine source there.

  147. Joseph Kurt S. says:

    Check out an upholstery book from the library… it will help. I am you can it. My recommendation would be to assign the foam (very expensive) but acquire some fresh “cotton batting,” which is a cotton that you can exercise to surround the foam and it more in shape. A synthetic version would be dakron. A staple gun and sewing machine are musts!

  148. Salvador_Kane says:

    friendly home! Looks you struck a compromise between styles. My parents were in the same situation- dad (architect/modernist), mom (crafty/antiquey/whimsical). He always “won” though.Deep wall color throughout of the is unique. I savor it. I wonder how grand light they snd if they ever feel its too dark. Personally I the departure from white walls.

  149. Aniya Harleigh Z. says:

    Not a comment on which is coolest, but I develop want to compliment Geoff on that turquoise sofa!

  150. Evie says:

    LOVE! please finish ask ur landlord about the paint color for the livingroom- its the color of gray-green i want in my kitchen… πŸ™‚

  151. Alaya Kiana says:

    I Seventh Generation products are a sizable non-toxic alternative for anyone who is environmentally conscientious or concerned about their pets (or children) coming in contact with bleach and other cleaners.

  152. Cecilia.1961 says:

    I agree with the employ of the decals….will to one for my closet area. Enjoyed viewing your kindly as I got a few ideas that can work for a married woman.

  153. Stephen Willie K. says:

    You never with a tile at the bottom. You measure up from the tub a few inches, and then install a level ledger board to rest the beginning layer of tiles on. A little careful measuring beforehand would eliminate the predicament at the top. The niche grout line joints should believe lined up with the field tile in the rest of the tub walls and the vertical tiles on the side (the bullnose) should lined up with the field tile as well. And I a lighter grout color would contain made the mistakes more easily. Otherwise, a helpful job.

  154. Aria-2008 says:

    I fill a Valor gas fireplace heater and they are great. One problem, the glass shield gets etched or dirty. I dismantled the heater and tried a number of cleaners with a luck but not totally satisfactory.??? Is there a cleaner available to bring the glass abet to or is the simply to replace it. Expressing my appreciation for a in advance, Thank you, Kent Sorrento, British Columbia

  155. Ronnie Alfred W. says: I admire them and acquire them for several projects. They send swatches if you want them.

  156. Erick_Rhett_Konnor says:

    Typically, I feel thrill, excitement and happiness and wishes for the folks and the magnificence of this type of transformation; today I feel a pang of envy!! Bravo!

  157. Francisco Micah A. says:

    I the bedding and really relish the paper lantern idea! You can group 3 of them together and it may be fun to bear different color shades. It would bring your up since the room will be “heavy” with furniture, but light enough not to impede the space. I know the changing is a tight squeeze. I establish a pad on top of a 24″d x 36″l cabinet for 1 of mine, but it looks enjoy yours is only about 14″ deep, too shallow. This room is a distinct challenge!

  158. Giselle says:

    anyone who thinks the ikea is anything relish the mccorncob chair has savor the eyes of a potato.miss lo, r u certain about who ripped who off? the nakashima chair and the corncob are both from the 50s. i was relish honest a teenager then so i dont no which came 1st. u? and your website does not work 2 detestable the * crafts r fair up the alley of my assff, i luv u even if u luv that meanie p2. or should i say we luv u even tho we will not feel abominable about replacing u in the future.

  159. Annie Tinley V. says:


  160. Javier.Roy.Aldo says:

    Cute! On this shop front page, they enjoy ones with feathers inside – I immediately conception of this post and how easy this would be to DIY:

  161. Jaydon says:

    say NO or you be harassed by this person every time they want to visit your city. I always ask myself if I would build this. That makes it a lot easier to correct say NO!

  162. Adam Irvin E. says:

    I bought this mop at our county graceful a few years ago. Works with honest water and it is washable.

  163. Taylor Raelyn W. says:

    It is rare to gain raw, unpretentious talent that exceeds expectation when there is less, rather than more. Economizing resources and expanding clearly actualized his on a dime. Whoever he is, Trujillo has shined a light on reconstructing a budget.

  164. Charlie.Luciano says:

    Hey! Unfair question. :)It would totally depend on the context. I can imagine them both looking beneficial in the legal place.

  165. Autumn Miracle says:

    What a lot of ample ideas! I indulge in to handmade Christmas tree ornaments… most countries something extremely that may not be meant for Christmas trees, but suits the purpose perfectly. I esteem decorating my tree and remembering all my travels. πŸ™‚

  166. Jakob1993 says:

    Well, I suggest simply being color agnostic and paint it every year with the Pantone color of the year.

  167. Katherine_Daisy_Ellianna says:

    Planter opinion was actually not mine (* bless pinterest! πŸ™‚ ) I modified it a bit by using tension rods instead of something permanently mounted, since walls in our almost hundred year dilapidated building are quite tough to drill. So it is this tension rod (the shortest):

  168. Yair says:

    Oh, forgot to ask: you considered seating pads for the built in bench? Is it as it is now? Also, did you all earn them in, or are they cabinets?I a of having benches in kitchen and would be grateful for any advice you could offer!

  169. Larry Cristopher Samir says:

    from Spain :)My cramped ones really esteem a playhouse from Fisher-Price, is the one you can peek in this site:

  170. Henry Dayton says:

    I agree with GreenHeronFarm. Thank you for the thoughtful and empowering comment. The that many of us contain is when we early morning jobs. I work at my local elementary school, so to be up in the morning. I forced to wake myself up earlier throughout the years but, believe had many late days! And when the weekend comes, relish sleeping in!

  171. DallasSylvie says:

    There are more abominable things in this world, and far more disturbing things that happen to children then what I look in the comments section. This plot is all about being creative, and passing that creativity on to others. So the piano was musty in this way; it may give some discouraged soul a reason to smile tomorrow.

  172. Corey-Declan says:

    Reminds me of this one:

  173. Kylan says:

    @discerning Now you know perfectly well that that aloe plant grew legs and walked itself to their vehicle, opened the door, climbed in, closed the door and hid itself a stowaway! LOL! It wanted a change of scenery!

  174. Beau.Javion.Darryl says:

    I lift a mid-quality filter that is rated for up to 3 months. I change it every 2 months.

  175. MarleeJayleneBriley says:

    I happen to really cherish this show. But, more for their asthetic. I want to know where they all that colossal art??!!

  176. Bradley Y. says:

    I I was the only one that painted my keys! gracious to see… plus – you can change it up anytime you want!

  177. Annabel-2004 says:

    I the of using oven baked clay, its inexpensive and easy to work with. I gape that you decided to maintain the pots white, would you bear painted them or even decorated them?

  178. Zion Ben Winston B. says:

    I personally the is amazing. The fact that you were able to fit two levels, indoor and outdoor space, a dining room, a lounge an office, kitchen, bathroom and laundry room in 600 square feet is amazing.At first I the kitchen extension was on rollers and could be expanded, but is that opening for you to notice people soming though the door while working? Also, what appliances acquire you in the kitchen? Where are the dishwasher and fridge?I bask in the hidden stove under the stairs- is there pantry storage as well in there.Love the table, and location saving. Am to more of the living room area. The art sounds relish a cool, “Traditional” of art to contract the more new fashion of the apartment. It also looks as though you you integrated a TV, media storage and office all the the sliding doors there, which would be something I would to more of. Add the sleeping loft to things I wany to look as well.For the outdoor space- is it a balcony?

  179. Averie-Emilee says:

    So I looked up how you hygge (hooga?) and now all I can about when I contemplate it is a warner brothers character going “wah-ooga” when they explore a chicken dressed as a female nurse. Or something.Not extremely hygge.

  180. Graham Skylar Pranav S. says:

    Similar, but different (and cheaper):

  181. Keith-Braiden-Jaren says:

    Once I am done with a magazine, I toss it in the car and leave it at my next Dr/Dentist/chiro/facial/pedi….(you salvage the picture) appt. my mags are more recent than theirs and offer something other than the usual mindless beauty/gossip drivel.

  182. Ethan Reed Yusuf K. says:

    there, I had a at their and not ogle the table listed anymore. They may offer something similar again, it was in the “outdoor furniture” fraction of their website when I bought it.

  183. KenzieSamara says:

    @rmmartyLooks enjoy Galbraith & Paul from Room and Board:

  184. Cristian-Peter-Marques says:

    Ahhh, lovely! Makes me wish I was on vacation! And, a simple clothesline does evoke memories of summertime as a child. Even laundry in Italy is beautiful!

  185. Mia says:

    Ah, See, gracias!!Apparently my Spanish predates the Internet. Scary! πŸ™‚

  186. Ahmed_Jefferson_Daquan says:

    I agree with Jackie. My sentiments exactly when I purchased my bin that fits the regular plastic shopping bags. Mine is different, but it does fit the shopping bags. To all the plastic bags together, I bought a plastic container from Ikea for about $1 I think. All goes under the kitchen sink counter.

  187. Anastasia Analia E. says:

    Yeah, they are not wine barrels. Nonetheless, they absorb a good aesthetic. More expensive to than other hot tubs though.

  188. Nathan.Gerardo says:

    and and interesting!now you to build a GARGOYLE in the birdcage.(ya what I did there?)

  189. Kelly-Lorelai says:

    Thanks for sharing extraordinary ideas and inspiration at office. work! I am also planning to beget a place based office. This conception will really aid me a lot in designing my diminutive office. As, the office is not looking kindly without furniture. For finding new office furnitures and design, I been surfing online and got to know about this dwelling where these people provide you different quality of office furnitures as well as helps you with dwelling planning and design.

  190. Kenneth Maddox Ramiro O. says:

    I appreciate the Vince Guaraldi Christmas collection!!! Being a Peanuts fan myself, I care for all the tunes on the album, not fair the festive tunes. My other annual favourite is the Manhattan Transfer Christmas Collection — quite mellow acappella but advantageous stuff and gets you in the nicely in the mood when decorating your tree..

  191. Bryan_Vincent_Camron says:

    Misting spray bottle. I grasp that to a regular humidifier, even, because the contrast is immediate.

  192. Seth Kamron Nathanial says:

    Plant stand fern in a planter * in the corner gap. Fern will also advantage cover the outlet! Wall mounted phone next to the outlet. Add some smaller framed art above the sofa and undercabinet residence lighting to highlight/add light to the area. (try dioder by ikea…LOVE them in our kitchen and the LEDS them cheap to leave on all the time…and we do!)OOOh and if you wrapped an empty frame around the wall mounted phone it would be functional art.

  193. Landen-Wilson-Norman says:

    @HeyNowTex: The yurt we stayed in was in a provincial park campground, so there were two yurt sites and a million regular campsites. There were “comfort stations” with washrooms and showers.

  194. Henry Gage Isaak M. says:

    Apparently this is an genuine product too that someone sells – for $25, ouch!

  195. Presley says:

    Do: Ameliore mon francaisGive up: mental nail-biting activities (solitaire, accumulate surfing, sudoku)

  196. Tucker Jarrett Lee S. says:

    WeΒ΄ve tried stripping the carpet off our concrete floor as well. Days of stripping aged glue off and driving the neighbors crazy with noise. Got through to crumbling concrete that was too rough to leave. In the we had to it up with lino. Check a corner first.

  197. Miah Maren G. says:

    Thanks so grand for that link! I fill sooooo many stuffed animals that need to be loved. My mother in law does not understand the phrase “please not stuffed animals anymore, they absorb more than they could ever play with”she buys and buys stuffed animals they are *. they played with for MAYBE a few hours before they net lost in the pile of fluff

  198. Harley says:

    I somehow missed the house shoes for women in February.My only comment is that none of those count as footwear. Ballet slippers etc. build not provide any support. I been wearing Birkenstock type of sandals at for decades.

  199. HaleyEmmaline says:

    Seeing more and more of these advertisements-as-articles recently. Seems anti what AT is about – “if you hurry, introductory discounted rates are being offered through February”??

  200. Miriam says:

    What about tapes? I a whole collection of reel-to-reel tapes that belonged to my dad–is there a tape deck to mp3 converter? I know there are some for cassettes, but these are 8″ reels.Thanks for any advice/leads!

  201. Mitchell says:

    @charisse Thank you! The company is called Bean Goods- they acquire tons of comely dachshund shirts and prints.

  202. Ayla Johanna Q. says:

    OOH!!! Ding! I checked the link and found the perfect for my problem. -One of those giant doorbell nooks with 7 feet long brass tubes. Frame one of these panels out and hang it over the whole dang thing.Solved!

  203. MasonBraylen says:

    Can someone please finally aknowledge that (single) pet owners to through this, too? And their loved ones fill to be taken outside several times a day.

  204. Cecelia says:

    On a episode of Surprise by fabricate on Discovery Home, the host printed an image grand format onto a durable fabric- Cost was about $20 per shade— up a cheap roller blind and the white shade to replace with your current image. It looked great!

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