Fashionable Styles Modern Queen Platform Bed With Drawers

Queen platform bed with drawers now being modern stuff that fashionable and functional at the same time. The bedroom space always need a wonderful bed to make it better and now the queen platform come with some stunning drawers sides. You can choose one among the design according to the interior of the bedroom and can meet all your needs. There is a design area that is equipped with a canopy bed, in addition there is also a sleeping area with a headboard (headrests) were wonderful. But there are also design area NESS bed storage area on the side or bottom of the sleeping area, as this queen platform.

Queen Platform Bed with 4 Drawers with gorgeous designs

Queen Platform Bed with 4 Drawers with gorgeous designs

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really fashionable styles modern queen platform bed with drawers. Minimalist sleeping area is towards simple bed and not too big. Usual minimalist sleeping area required in the bedroom that is not too large. Areas need to be simple and minimalist bed benefit, all parts can be used. Subject very general regarding the minimalist sleeping area which has a storage area in the form of a drawer or can also increase the size of the remaining area for height so spacious storage area under the sleeping area. Design like a queen platform bed is too useful to you who NESS stuff but do not have a special storage area. So immediately, we see various design area unique bed with drawers and benefits. Something bedroom design with a touch of traditional as well as contemporary adds to the appeal of unequal hence there is a wooden platform that had a sleeping area on the side of the drawer side.

Rosewood Queen Size Platform Bed with Drawers made of hardwood

Rosewood Queen Size Platform Bed with Drawers made of hardwood

queen platform bed with drawers and there are bookcase headboard

queen platform bed with drawers and there are bookcase headboard

Design queen is perhaps a glimpse of the same platform with the sleeping area in the initial design. Wood finishing in the sleeping area is to bring the beauty of nature into this bedroom. Thatโ€™s all we can discuss and share about how really fashionable styles modern queen platform bed with drawers.

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  5. Paul Oswaldo Houston M. says:

    i agree with kristina in phoenix. however, in comparison to the others, i lurve this place. nicely decorated and some innovative touches. fine mix.

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  8. HarrisonGarrison says:

    initiate saving- BDDW is EXPENSIVE! Beds for $6,000 and moreTables for $15,000 and moreBeautiful but you contain to be rich.

  9. Griffin says:

    This headline is misleading (the end result pictured is not a bath) but the loyal bath makeover is beautiful, nicely done on a budget.I wonder about bath makeovers in smaller homes “borrowing” from nearby spaces, because generally if the baths are small, the house is probably a smaller, older house with fairly diminutive bedrooms and closets too. It would be to a floor plan, and maybe pics of the other affected rooms before/after to a more complete belief of the project.

  10. Harmony-Royal-Tatiana says:

    DIY gone wrong. Those were some of the “original” furniture designs (think Thonet). do the paint and “improvements” for a that really does need to be updated.

  11. Jude.Alden says:

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  18. IsabelleAmina says:

    The green is not my color, but it is cute. However the towels that are reflected in the mirror are a blue color and that is objective one to many colors in that room.I affection the feet! The wood on the kickplate sort of looks appreciate the bad molding in the room. It works.I the mirror is the orientation. It makes the vanity home seem and probably allows more than one person to be in there at one time. I would done the same.

  19. Corey_Ariel_Jaheim says:

    I #2 looks tacky but the rest are amazing! I NEVER this (except for brown, or porches, or painted-on rugs.) This is so cool!

  20. Bristol-Ciara says:

    YEAY!! I _love_ Wellfleet flea market… and already had date night at the drive in, leaving the kids at the vacation house with the grandparents. Yippee for the Wellfleet drive in!

  21. ReyNorman says:

    Fellow Santa Barbaran here! ๐Ÿ™‚ I this place. Adorable and sweet, classic SB cottage details the tiled sink, etc.But I also adore the colors. extremely pretty, space.(Also, I had to laugh when you mentioned the doorways in your place. I always joke that SB houses has more doorways than accurate square footage, ha!)

  22. MiloRex says:

    RobotLover – my best friend has installed it, and it takes correct a staple gun.

  23. Molly.Johanna says:

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  25. Ciara Giana B. says:

    What a glowing space! Nothing makes a feel more area to me than a (or two or three) and plants. the peek and how it does not at all resemble a catalog copycat.

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    Creator here:

  32. ShamarMaximo says:

    @madrabbit profitable point! Not to imagine what was lurking the walls. Lead paint and lots of rotting stuff. The house must be on its knees thanking Colleen for taking care of it properly and loving it enough to it right!

  33. Claire Paisley Kadence S. says:

    This was one of the BEST thrift shop we visited on our to York in 2004. I got a vintage handbag that I cherish!

  34. Eva says:

    * I cherish this.btw, there are do-it-yourself medallions at the depot or lowes…reasonably priced and easy to install. I done them in all rooms of my house.Granted, more simple, but the is similar.

  35. Gianna says:

    Ah, what a place! job, Kay!I am intrigued by the of wood attached to the beam by the “entrance” into the kitchen – since the sides are symmetrical, it must believe served some purpose, but which?

  36. Meredith Milani says:

    Want. That. Livingroom. Rug. Please, where can I it? (And I care for your house.)

  37. Rebecca@1993 says:

    I am obsessed with this! All the white is not my fashion at all (as I I would design it grubby in no time) yet I affection it!How can something be both cozy and airy at the same time? Well done!I would affection to more pictures, particularly of the floating terrace that was mentioned, and more of the bedroom.

  38. Ashley says:

    The lady and the bat pantings are fabulous and made me smile. I how uncluttered and well edited this is. Looks savor a space. Thanks for sharing!

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  41. Damian.Rafael says:

    @Vancgard You are probably — these were photographed for a reason – they are statement kitchens — but each of the elements is familiar — that mod-metallic wallpaper on everything was loyal California 70s…..I lived it.

  42. OmarKelvinZechariah says:

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    favorites in our house… “Goodnight Moon,” “Brown Bear, Brown Bear…,” “I You Through and Through,” plus the companion book, “How develop I You,” and anything featuring farm animals.

  45. Julio Ronald Ernest says:

    Was fun to at these odd or collections and fantasize about what each persons personality would be like…… especially the room with all the hand mirrors.

  46. Joseph Kurt S. says:

    Check out an upholstery book from the library… it will help. I am you can it. My recommendation would be to assign the foam (very expensive) but acquire some fresh “cotton batting,” which is a cotton that you can exercise to surround the foam and it more in shape. A synthetic version would be dakron. A staple gun and sewing machine are musts!

  47. Cecilia.1961 says:

    I agree with the employ of the decals….will to one for my closet area. Enjoyed viewing your kindly as I got a few ideas that can work for a married woman.

  48. Stephen Willie K. says:

    You never with a tile at the bottom. You measure up from the tub a few inches, and then install a level ledger board to rest the beginning layer of tiles on. A little careful measuring beforehand would eliminate the predicament at the top. The niche grout line joints should believe lined up with the field tile in the rest of the tub walls and the vertical tiles on the side (the bullnose) should lined up with the field tile as well. And I a lighter grout color would contain made the mistakes more easily. Otherwise, a helpful job.

  49. Giselle says:

    anyone who thinks the ikea is anything relish the mccorncob chair has savor the eyes of a potato.miss lo, r u certain about who ripped who off? the nakashima chair and the corncob are both from the 50s. i was relish honest a teenager then so i dont no which came 1st. u? and your website does not work 2 detestable the * crafts r fair up the alley of my assff, i luv u even if u luv that meanie p2. or should i say we luv u even tho we will not feel abominable about replacing u in the future.

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