Unique And Absolutely Creative Shutter Headboard Ideas

Shutter headboard is really creative idea recently. If you know that the use of former shutter had ignorance then, but today lot of people try to maximize them being something useful like headboard application. Renovation of the bedroom is one activity that is usually done by a homeowner on a regular basis to keep the house function continues to run well. If you are currently planning or carrying out home renovations, there are certainly some elements of the house that need to be repaired or replaced with new ones in order to get back home look beautiful.

Shutter headboard with comforter and many pillow

Shutter headboard with comforter and many pillow

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really unique and absolutely creative shutter headboard ideas. When the shutter is no longer in use, this will usually goods stored in the warehouse, given to someone else, or even directly thrown away. However, for the renovation of this time, you should not rush rush to dispose of architectural elements such as fences, window, or door. Because only with a little use creativity and doing refinishing, the former objects can you magic into items of value and function even function may not have been the same as the origin. An example is the shutter. Shutter of iron is usually used as a safety for doors, windows, and vents. In addition to functioning as a safety, trellis scars that are not used anymore can be used as decorative elements in the house. You can use the trellis to be used as wall hangings interesting and unique.

DIY shutter blue headboard with beautiful cushion

DIY shutter blue headboard with beautiful cushion

Shutter Headboard and there are doll, pillow and comforter

Shutter Headboard and there are doll, pillow and comforter

It would be very lucky if you have a former trellis with a unique shape and looks old school. Because the display on the trellis can be used as an accent or elements to reinforce the theme of the interior space, especially if the room you apply a theme vintage. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really unique and absolutely creative shutter headboard ideas.




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  1. Nathan Owen Draven T. says:

    i acquire NEVER seen these! and i adore them! out cupboards are totally overstuffed and i always need to items to advance stuff at the back! i know what my first choose will be once the crimson hook ikea opens up!

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  3. Shayne G. says:

    beautiful; comfortable and approachable but also extremely crisp and clean.I particularly the windows and the juxtaposition of the (swwon) vintage square blue chairs with the round ikea table …juxtaposition of shape and $$$ done oh so well.

  4. Wilson.Cullen.Cael says:

    @MegletRamblesOn – Every day I gape out & remind myself how blessed I am to be given this to live here. Every day is a gift & I never hold a moment for granted! Thank you for your compliment! It IS to see! 🙂

  5. AviannaLaurel says:

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  6. Emma Anika Hana L. says:

    @Imwithgreen I going through The Maze. I my IKEA trips be pleased I almost all of my other shopping trips. I budge at off times to avoid the biggest crowds and all of the heinous things associated with shopping with the general public.

  7. Elora says:

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  8. Christian33 says:

    That roof is extraordinary and makes one ceiling! Reminds me of a cathedral.

  9. Juliette-Sarai-Angie says:

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  10. Keaton Giancarlo Dylon says:

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  11. Logan Remington L. says:

    I that it depends on the quality of the sitter. Some high school students are actually quite stellar and responsible, in my experience (although those traits are hard to by in anyone these days!)

  12. Zoey.Leah.Averie says:

    For a perfect match to Tiffany boxes & bags – try Avalon Aqua from enact It Best paints. They enjoy it at the local hardware store here in LA – Anawalt Lumber. Dunno about east coast…

  13. Jayson 1996 says:

    no further than the price. When it comes to furniture there truly is no deal unless its ancient Stock or clearance.

  14. Maci_Romina_Alannah says:

    Lovely…. This has DIY potential. I could certainly painting the walls and cabinets all the same warmish grey (not steely grey). Change the knobs, not convinced by chrome, but could an fascinating porcelain in an color (modern in shape and color of course). I would also tackle that ceiling and paint it same hue perhaps as wall but change the value to lighter shade. Paint the rail no matter what. If you are keeping white appliances I would be careful as to how you on cabinets and walls as the may not work so well but I you can peaceful warm it up be pleased the floor color. Maybe contemplate a long banquette with a great peice of art above it and a long dining table and instead of one light fixture maybe two or even three (maybe Noguchi paper lanterns) this would it seem larger. fun!

  15. Demetrius_Davon_Johnpaul says:

    I remember seeing the photo of the desk/office wall previously and loving it. The rest of the location is even better! Sarah, will you decorate my home too??

  16. Derek Ellis Rex J. says:

    Wow, that is quite a of furniture! No matter what you do, it will be the centerpiece of the room, so embrace that. If you try to diagram attention elsewhere, for instance to a esteem window treatment, it will compete with the bed.If you sew, or know someone who does, you might try making slipcovers for the head and footboards in a neutral color. That will build the bed glimpse more modern. Coordinated bedding in * colors or simple patterns will also bring in a novel look.

  17. Colby Deon Menachem I. says:

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  18. Gunner says:

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  19. GregoryGarrisonClifford says:

    I would believe to say glowing fair, overall I am surprised at the lack of negativity and absorb found that people comment but on the things they eye as positive. There are also so many entries this time that it makes it difficult to net a long thread going.

  20. Peyton Azalea Jolie Q. says:

    I a few purple accents in my home! care for it, as does the dude.

  21. Grant-Kadyn-Matias says:

    this is flat-out great! everything you believe in your apartment fits so well it seems to belong in the space, which is calming (and so difficult to do). well done, it looks fantastic!

  22. Gracelynn-Blair says:

    I adore this post. My accepted is the settee that becomes a ladder although I suspect you had to be fairly to tip that over and again. I would to a regular column on furniture from museum collections.

  23. Kaylee-Kensley says:

    extremely nice! I bet she loves the wood pieces now!

  24. LeaAmiyaMaylee says:

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  25. Mariyah.Vienna says:

    @MEECEE, I the same thing. I the acquire of the Eames airport bench but I would contain a time feeling comfortable with it in my home.

  26. Sasha-Madisyn says:

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  27. Courtney-99 says:

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  28. SofiaLilyIsabelle says:

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  29. Rebecca2011 says:

    I absorb an extra sink in a diminutive (but beautiful) kitchen. I can happily live with a miniature kitchen but I could never live with a limited sink.

  30. Carter Emely Elaine R. says:

    These are cute, but they are impostors. Tumbleweed diminutive Houses are the and calm the best:

  31. Jordy Dexter K. says:

    I gain that gray-tinted primer is far more effective than red-tinted primer when painting with any knowing color. I customary gray primer before painting a bedroom brick crimson and I only needed to two coats of red. Since I was doing the project on a itsy-bitsy budget, I asked for the cheapest brand that position Depot carried, though I generally engage Benjamin Moore.

  32. Shamar-696 says:

    So cheerful My dinky vintage chair got featured! Thanks! No worries, the tray was not spray painted. That only got a really helpful cleaning. As far as the strap, that was added later after it took nearly four weeks to via mail. 🙂

  33. Jason.Luca.Malcolm says:

    This past long weekend I painted my living room, kitchen and lower stair area! (goodbye tacky neon green walls the previous owner had)This was the first time I painted so mighty and it looks aesthetic helpful to me, though I’m a professional painter will critize my paint job. level-headed I’m it’s over with and got to say Duck painter tape is the to go. I a cheap blue painter tape to inaugurate off with and it bleed, so yeah a higher designate paint tape was the to go.Also speaking of painter tape I actually did the walls first then the trim. Since I’m novice and the blue cheap tape first I had several drip marks on the trim, thankfully I was able to the paint bleeding areas with the paint cover, looks now.All I contain left is my bathroom. My bedroom and staircase are really high so I may to hire a professional painter….unless one of you guru ATers want to come to my residence and paint for me. 😉 (seriosuly how you paint and tape walls on high staircases?!)

  34. Lia-Millie-Holly says:

    @loriega At least the dog was ceramic, so it would easily. The mean grinder, I dunno… Plus Monica probably could the grinder.

  35. Camryn-Jazlynn-Harmoni says:

    Where is the door? In placing your desk, if possible beget it so that your will not face the door (feng shui cardinal rule). Also, try a burst of or orange for the creativity needed to the – even if in the of a chair or chair cushion, etc. generous luck!

  36. Emerson.Rex says:

    Ads in the middle of a tour slideshow? So discouraging, makes me not want to read/view house tours any more (which is probably the best thing about AT)

  37. GloriaMarissa says:

    All of this makes me nostalgic, and I long for the days when people hung their laundry outside on the line to dry. Nothing smells as and as shapely sheets that absorb flapped in the breeze, and no man smells sexier than one in a neat shirt without cologne. And once again, I would esteem to be able to bound the streets of my neighborhood without being assaulted by the aroma of those * dryer sheets!

  38. Reece Shamar says:

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  39. Mohammad.1995 says:

    @erh1ny I American Frame (.com?) You can custom sizes and the cost varies depending on your framing material and whether or not you want glass or plastic (a plexi, I believe, which I broken-down for an inexpensive print)

  40. Phoenix says:

    A upholsterer can repair/replace the springs without having to reupholster the sofa. They can in from the underside to repair or if they to capture the existing fabric they could reapply it.

  41. Charleigh33 says:

    I your exiguous kitchen and the green tiles. this whole plot is great, to glimpse a region as tour-worthy as this. and kudos for the candle splurge. sometimes you gotta beget it. the last time someone mentioned a $90 candle around here they had a munity on their hands.

  42. Branson says:

    idea! I bask in it.Also, an alternative to declawing is getting claw caps. They glimpse odd and bear to be reapplied periodically, but it does attach their toes and your furniture…

  43. Adelyn_Izabella_Lexie says:

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  44. Aliza.1964 says:

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  45. Tucker-Nathen-Garrison says:

    What about hiring the carpenter where you are currently at to disassemble it, creep it out to the truck, and bear him reassemble before putting it on the truck? Are you you will fill putting it into the fresh you are captivating to?

  46. Prince_Rashad_Tristian says:

    actually if you to a paint store they should believe (or you can assure on-line) these cloth sheet (almost a lite felt) to to engage wallpaper without the hassle and mess of scraping wall paper. All you do is bag the wall, dampen the sheets in soapy water, and do up on the wall. They stick to the wall, let sit for 1 hour and preserve them most with a spray bottle. grasp sheets and the wall paper will arrive down in long strips, impartial it was up. We remodeled a 1926 plot and our local paint store turned us on to these. What a time saver and no gouges in walls from scraping.

  47. Justice Thaddeus says:

    I really luxuriate in the pixel window film, cool pattern.

  48. Fidel says:

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  49. Aldo-1962 says:

    I the shades in your kitchen. The polaroid hung with the Christmas lights is a sweet touch.Great job.

  50. Arya Adriana H. says:

    One of my favorites ´The Dresden Files´ with the first 12 books being narrated by James Marsters.

  51. TonyLeonardQuintin says:

    Cleaning is definitely a challenge with a other and his (adorable) dog. I can more done in 3 hours alone than 3 days with them underfoot! There are worse issues to have! Still, I miss my weekly Saturday morning cleaning rituals.

  52. Grayson-99 says:

    Even after esteem kitchen cabinets and equipment became popular, Julia Child hung all her panns and tools on pegboard. I really be pleased that. After she died, the whole kitchen was moved and reassembled in a museum in Napa, CA.

  53. Liam Camron Ray S. says:

    @Ziyal my thoughts exactly! to self: in the summer, acquire handbags out of closet and store on coat rack I fill moved to my room… Then change again wintertime…?!

  54. Anaya says:

    You guys seem to highlight Sweeten quite a bit. Are they paying you to feature their work? I contacted them because I was impressed by their projects, but the customer service let me down from the extremely start. wondering if you had any other get companies you can recommend.

  55. Kian says:

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  56. Briar-Kathleen says:

    What more can I say than I unprejudiced this tour!!! And, Amy, I acquire saved your website in my address book. I suspect I will be making some purchases in the come future! Thanks for sharing your space.

  57. Arturo Leland Zavier says:

    This is so cool! and you it peek too easy! Thanks for this tutorial.www.leximichelleblog.com

  58. Sebastian.Emmanuel.River says:

    hello Lyn26, the room had extremely lighting before, it fully relied on the spotlights in the ceiling. We one mirrored panel on the and a height leaning mirror on the left to really bounce the microscopic amount of natural light around. We also added the dining pendants, 2 x adjustable wall lights and some lamps…. my motto is you can never absorb two many types of lights!

  59. Daisy.Erin says:

    Plastic Oceans <

  60. Karla_Hayley_Zaylee says:

    Once, when she was around 8 months old, my daughter kept signing “milk” while napping. She was making * noises too.Another time, at 14 months, she woke herself up because was laughing so in her sleep.

  61. Antonio Jaxson A. says:

    I really the built-in bookcases. I live in a SF victorian (Upper Haight, too) and would for those in our front room. Nicely done.

  62. Cooper Trenton Elvis U. says:

    my first apartment is about 700 sq ft. We first furnished the aparment with previously owned furniture from relitaves. When we went to furniture of my house after a few years it cost us about 3k. we bought dining couch new bed and appropriate linens for bed and table. we contain two major projects coming up in our apartment just now, ( modern bathroom and kitchen. should cost us about 20k i

  63. Omarion.Nathanial.Sterling says:

    My biggest challenge: what to with mountains of paper? a scanner? Continue to every weekend filing? :/

  64. Brinley says:

    I gave up jeans completely. They are too expensive, not American made, and far too long to dry, using up fossil fuels and compounding the expense. I shop flea markets for construct and can my own, using recycled jars, when really deals appear.

  65. Paisley Juliette Maisie E. says:

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  66. Ainsley-Zendaya says:

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  67. MalikQuintonSteve says:

    My parents found an customary iron bed frame that ended up being my bed until I was a teenager. They also found a cannon ball from the civil war buried in the backyard

  68. Laney says:

    I am the creator of the headboard, and I wanted to some of your questions about the mounting process. We (my husband and I) decided to mount the individual boards to one larger backer board so that it could be hung as one piece. We liquid nails and short 1/4 bound wood screws to the upholstered boards to the backer board.After all 17 boards were secure, we two D-ring hooks to hang the headboard. Important: We had to install the D-rings in precisely the proper dwelling on the back of the headboard. The hooks were aligned for studs in the wall since the headboard was so heavy.Thank you for the feature and your fun comments. :)-Brooke

  69. Jaron@88 says:

    we objective bought a house and are using olympics premium paint as well and i agree its great! i was a hesitant because i read mixed reviews- and because its lowes lower paint, but it had a beneficial assortment of colors (much better than residence depots lower priced paint- glidden) and has been covering well! dont know if they are detached doing it but last week there were printable rebates for olympic paint on your lowes.one though- one of the girls at the paint desk was telling another customer that once you add color tint to the olympic paint its no longer improper voc- is that true???

  70. Clinton Cannon Daquan says:

    If I could bear this considerable stuff AND acquire it half as and organized I would be a delighted camper indeed. What a really apartment. Lots of personality – affection it.

  71. Lila says:

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  72. Terry.Perry.Adin says:

    @damfree Ammonia is a honorable cleaner, but not a grand disinfectant. Better to exercise something else.

  73. Aden.Keaton.Sage says:

    I cherish trays and them useful. I beget one indulge in the yellow in white that I bought from West Elm on sale for 15.00, I it on my bookcase night stand to hold, ear plug, hand cream, sleeping cover and cramped flash light. Before that I had it in the kitchen holding imprint paper and a glass with pencils and a vase.I a silver tray that I to exhaust when I entertain. I am with Vincent I leer for them when I to thrift stores.

  74. Evan-Brendon says:

    @williamsweyrThis is why I started putting my computer in the living room. I hang out where my computer is. When it was in the bedroom, I never left!

  75. Augustus1991 says:

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  76. Sloane Kadence says:

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  77. Corbin says:

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  78. Alexander Frank X. says:

    The interior architecture is nice, but there is nothing special about the design this site is decorated. Quirky? Slightly. unique and/or inspirational? No.

  79. Paulina says:

    crafto–Check the archives. This is not the first mention of Burning Man here. Maxwell (our host) is an Burning Man alum.

  80. Alondra ZZZ says:

    Kitchen would be fine, but everything in my place… has its place.

  81. Carl-2007 says:

    As effect prohibitive as most of these stores are, you can sometimes snag a decorative item or two w/o spending a fortune. As far as furniture goes, you better be wiling to fork over some dough.If anything, exhaust these places for accomplish inspiration and leer similar pieces elsewhere for a fragment of the cost.@Jackson Marie-thanks for the info on Hernandez Bros! Looking forward to checking it out.

  82. Keyla says:

    Bedspread in spare rm is AnthropoligieOrange floral Rugs are Pottery BarnPaint in Master Batch is Valspar (Lowes) – LA618 SpicePainting in Kitchen is ROZ (

  83. BrooksRalphLuka says:

    This house is fllllawless. I want to grow up and snap my fingers and fill this to raise kids in. Beautiful!Ps. When I saw that playroom, my mouth DROPPED. toys galore! it.

  84. Guillermo_Adolfo_Kelton says:

    You could play on the Britishness of the plaid and punk it up with a Union Jack pillow–

  85. Leila_Adrianna_Kora says:

    stout place, extremely chic and i that you DIY and you dont contain to be rich to decorate on a budget. Bravo!!! I am a residence was posted that is DIY/Budget noble rather than all these tours that fill interior decorators and so much money to spend!

  86. Ezekiel Marvin Bruno F. says:

    post, a advantageous reminder that having personal connections is so with children, pets and adults alike. Community is essential.As for all the comments about purchasing houses: what a privileged attitude. You may not enjoy notices, but many families and folks are in an economic crunch. Saying “go consume a house”, makes you seem not only improper but ignorant and frigid hearted.

  87. Elliott says:

    This location really deserves better photos- it would show beautifully with exposure, and white balance.

  88. Frederick Guadalupe X. says:

    Hmm. Lots of potential fun here! This and some of the DIY Road Rug ideas can for a fun living room.

  89. Zelda says:

    My Shih Tzu loves his orange tweed bed. It looks with my MCM decor and we beget had it for a few years already. It is a aesthetic and novel design. Everyone comments on how cold it is! In the wintertime it gets placed in front of the fire! Out? Who wants to out? 🙂

  90. Princess says:

    How about a shower curtain from Anthropology?

  91. Wyatt-1964 says:

    accurate extraordinary that you had the dream to this major undertaking.Kudos to you and your workers!!!!

  92. LydiaGeorgiaNoemi says:

    I would a suggestions section. i.e. a reader sends in a dinky pickle they cant solve (e.g how to camouflage an disgusting radiator or what colour to paint theoir chimney *) with a few pics and the readers compose suggestions in the comments

  93. Jordan-Lorelei-Esperanza says:

    Your apartment is inspiring! I believe been obsessing (and voting) since day one. I printed out your pictures and scoured the aisles at Homegoods this weekend:) I want this same gawk for my apt. All your obsessing about your apt. has paid off- it is AMAZING!!

  94. Cash Shamar says:

    The only design to avoid mopping and laundering that I can up with: * the kid down to her diapers and set her chair in an inflatable kiddy pool.

  95. Natalia.33 says:

    You are my hero. I lists. This post was made for me. I am going to incorporate this and read the lists you linked to.

  96. Ahmad says:

    * I was looking for something this last week. Was trying to all crafty and DIY but I no wood tools or skills for that matter. esteem this!

  97. Ada Mariam Cassandra N. says:

    Although I fill defintie political opiniosn, I beleive that all the signs/bumperstickers/pins/mailings, etc. that are produced for election campaigns nowadays are a grisly of resources – and I refuse to add to the future-landfill.As it is, all campaign mailings that approach to my apartment other than the official voters guide glide straight into the recycling bin.

  98. Keira Marie Kaya M. says:

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  99. Alma says:

    ugh. no way! the actually gives me a stomach ache. if you want color on the ceiling go with a lighter version of the wall color. the will be harmonious but not as claustrophobic.

  100. Gustavo says:

    @33 – I’m almost be pleased you, minus I know my next door neighbor name. Everyone else is apt a smile and a nod. Maybe it’s considered frigid but at my last apartment the person who lived across from me drained the life from me. Every time I saw him he wanted something, food, to consume my internet, bring his trash down, capture him some place, to my PS3…it was so wired that someone could be needy that while I am extremely self reliant and asking for anything. Due to this one person I am disquieted of opening up a corpulent conversation with a neighbor again apt in case once more they become clingy and dependant that. Anti-social or cold…maybe but at least we believe our reasons. 😉 (sorry for the itsy-bitsy off-topicness but I wanted to vent, hehe)

  101. Jonah says:

    a warning – build not click on the Jeremy Renners link at work. There are ads for strippers all over it & some videos to inch with them!But I beget esteem that bathroom. : )

  102. Margot-Nathalie says:

    Invest in a Furminator. More than brushing or combing, it pulls out all the hair and your cat will shed a LOT less. Also, during particularly sheddy times, I towels on the sofa and he prefers to lounge on those anyhow.

  103. Dorothy Eileen says:

    Thank you so much! People probably consider decorating a place is easy but it can be a challenge, so I your considerate words about our 🙂

  104. Jaylynn says:

    step up from the FEMA trailers. the idea, and I will definitely be looking into this for applicability in other regions…like the Gulf Coast.

  105. Charlee_Eve says:

    I contain no affection affair with cabinetry and yet I cherish your kitchen. There if plenty of location and plenty of white to balance out the black wood. Well done – by the way, mice seemed to fond of my dishwasher as well – and thumbs up on the exposed brick!Enjoy your fresh kitchen.

  106. Owen Rishi Yusuf O. says:

    I want! someone please wave their magic wand and them cheaper.

  107. Viviana E. says:

    My children (ages 2 & 5) enjoyed these apps: Pocket Pond HD, Drawing Pad, Sound Shaker, Dropophone, and Loopseque Kids.

  108. Riley.Marcos.Garret says:

    Removable wall decals!! There are some ones of trees, birds, etc. You can them on Etsy and other online sources and they estimable and work well even for renters.

  109. Natasha says:

    it!! i especially all the trays scattered about. i a tray-addiction.

  110. Jakob_Bailey_Houston says:

    @EuroCat In US they compose you repay the student loan when you are a PhD student? Gee!In Canada even postdocs are allow not to pay (they student region as well) – and no interest at all.

  111. Nick-Keven says:

    So and tidy! I care for it! I appreciate the desk incorporated into the “closet”!

  112. Jair says:

    And how on earth does he preserve that white rug & white couch with a black cat? No really?Oh, and the second describe above is from the Ligne-Roset website, not the Vilnius house.

  113. Leonardo_Braydon_Reed says:

    I consider clearing the clutter in the would build a difference. You absorb a lot of different items of sizes, colors, and shapes that visually are extremely distracting. I agree with the to paint anything you can white. Maybe glimpse if you can accumulate a couple upper cabinets and install them to store all the things that are currently on the counter. luck!

  114. Brylee-Tiffany says:

    The first photos are * while the after photos are professional or they at least changed the ISO.

  115. Tristin.Ahmed.Freddy says:

    OHMYGAWWDDDD THIS IS enjoy MY MOST common THING TO finish IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. I am into setting timers to clean. I one at least twice a day for random reasons: dishes, sweeping, tidying, I AM STOKED. I got really into then setting timers at work and while I am working on projects. I moderately manageable ADD, and this timer thing really helped me– I also it with my students! And since the floors seem ages ago, a sweep will be wonderful.:-) luck everyone!!!!

  116. Rylan.Curtis says:

    and it comes in blue. No pricing info available on the Phase web site. I would exhaust it as a stool/table and rock it all nite long until the fracture of dawn (too school hip hop this weekend. Sorry.)

  117. Leo says:

    24 plants in 280 sq feet? Kudos to you!The windows are awesome.

  118. Quinten-666 says:

    HelloPlease nominate my TOGO!Close to three years ago I purchased a Togo Fold Out from Ligne Roset. After 3 years of every day exhaust I appreciate it, the 10 year warrenty, the machine washable pleather and the design.It is detached as comfortable as the day I bought it, and held up beautifully.$2600.

  119. Jadyn-Jovan says:

    You can always Google “instructions Knappa” and collect the assembly info for any IKEA product. 🙂

  120. Keegan says:

    This is also a website which custom sells this stuff:

  121. Adelina Zahra Amani G. says:

    I agree with idontdobeige; what you bear described is an alias for beige. I was expecting a greater range of coffee colours. Not all of us are fans of cafe au lait, cafe con leche, and milk with a drop of coffee. Highlight the more robust shades of coffee along with the watered down versions.

  122. Edgar says:

    What a extremely * article. Typically when the NYTimes points out some sort of trend, they multiple examples of how people coped with the same issue. Instead, here we one couple and a whole lot of soap opera.

  123. Graham Quincy Dashawn O. says:

    I am a fan of the electric razor but I can understand that the routine and the romantism of using a straight razor. I fill customary both of them in my life and I can say that if you high quality products and you hold care of it you will not be dissapointed by the electric razor. If you it orderly and oiled a one will last you a life time.

  124. Brady Trevon Karter N. says:

    These are all stout tips! It reminds me… I a of vintage, wood monstera leaf shaped bowls (8 in all) that I wanted to hang on the wall…instead of their intended purpose as a spot of bowls. I ogle these vintage wood leaf shaped bowls at every flea market that would acquire art pieces once hung!

  125. Kelsey says:

    I * only, no water — no spotting, no soaking, plus * is a natural disinfectant. (Learned that from Kim & Aggie!) Add either lavender or orange oil.

  126. Amira.Lizbeth says:

    I had not yet seen my Nashville represented on AT before, so I nervously clicked on the post… wow, I am so proud! fair home!

  127. Kenna says:

    My case maybe an isolated one but I did the grass thing. About 5 or so years ago faux grass displays were popular. I decided to opt for the dependable thing. It was until the exact bugs came.Good luck grass growers

  128. Jaycee Aubri R. says:

    Yes, I would agree to FLAC or Apple Lossless if you want to some disc space, but composed a grand quality for listening/enjoying music.I avoid MP3s because of the artifacts associated with them. This format loyal produces audible noise/artifacts in the music. Definitely at 256kbps for encoding MP3s (if you really want to listen to less than CD quality sound). If you are using MP3 downloads from sites iTunes, AVOID variable bit rates – as they sound even worse. Constant Bit Rate of 256 or above is what I recommend for MP3.Hope this helps,

  129. Maya says:

    Labradoodles are sweet. We enjoy one. fair throwing my 10 cents in on an unimportant issue.

  130. Jace Andreas S. says:

    The project really looks good. Painting dated cabinets can be such a time bright project if you it yourself. But the raze result is usually spacious and has a lot of impact. When we bought our house and had no money to consume on renovations, this was a hasty and easy to a splash without spending a lot.Well done!

  131. Enrique_Aryan says:

    Glue the fabric scraps to colored posterboard for stability and out simple shapes. Print out vintage images onto cardstock paper to embelish the fabric ornaments or as paper ornaments on their own. Metal cookie cutters can be as stencils and then hung on the tree with a bit of ribbon. Candy canes are also a cheap and edible contrivance to add some festive color.

  132. Matthew L. says:

    That made my morning. My immediate was to send one to my granddaughter…what a giggle that would provide!

  133. Michael-Maximiliano-Jovan says:

    It sounds totally corny, but I the location Alone soundtrack and I the Christmas music on it. I play it every year! I want red! It looks yummy!

  134. Riley.Felix.Harry says:

    The pediatrician featured in that NYT article has a current book that is worth checking out. “Raising Baby Green: The Earth-Friendly Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby Care,” by Alan Greene, MD, Jeanette Pavini, and Theresa Foy DiGeronimo.

  135. Giancarlo.Karl says:

    Wow. What a space. I the symmetry of opposites– attractive antique details in the ceiling, and attractive hardwood floors, contrasted with the novel furniture, paint, and anime-style and white art. How cool! I wish I knew these people.

  136. Jonathon Carmelo S. says:

    Someone needs to pay this guy a visit and arrange his furniture properly. And I agree with Peggy about the editing.

  137. Laylah-66 says:

    Funny, Pi! I belief that was the autocorrect demon.I this is a of space. So many formal living rooms unused. We exhaust ours for a music space/computer room. The colossal desk and computer are in there, along with various other music-related items.

  138. Issac-Zaire says:

    I a bottle of crimson wine remover and a spray-on carpet cleaner – both did a advantageous job of getting crimson wine out of my carpet, but I inquire of the crimson wine remover is a bit less toxic.

  139. Cyrus Y. says:

    I construct wish the photos gave a better sense of space. Although this minimalism is not for me, I indulge in what they were able to build with a blank canvas and so money, so kudos there and also for a concise and informative description from Andrea.

  140. Raul Chris Clark says:

    Years ago I saw a museum of works by blind artists. Most, but not all, were sculptures, as one might expect. Many of the visitors were blind themselves, and they were encouraged to explore the works of art by touch. So heartening!

  141. Sophie W. says:

    I done the exact same thing for my house which I am currently renovating (3 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 2 living areas, a backyard and a frontyard that fill been totally neglected). The list is on an Excel spreasdheet (easy to update and to search for a specific task) and also comprises several other columns such as anxiety of task, who the task is allocated to (myself, my partner or a tradie), the estimated budget and the accurate cost. This way, we can clearly if we are on track and we can reorganise things depending on our budget and time and/or skills. At the moment, the list is 125 items long, but we absorb noticed that it keeps on growing, because the longer we live in the house, and the more we acquire changes to it, the more issues rise and additional things need to be fixed… luck with your renos, Tess!

  142. FabianMalcolm says:

    Oh, the mobile! Calder, birds, adorable cat and a fair palette. Nice.

  143. Briella says:

    I meant in response to the negative comments, not Gillianne.

  144. HaydenMyah says:

    I needed a laugh…has also inspired me to that chestnut again: how construct we what is and isn’t art? Because that gets bandied about a lot on sites this.

  145. Carl Cyrus says:

    omigod archiethanks for linking to the bottle housenow I something to carry out in my ancient age in the woods…

  146. Brittany says:

    @retro-roost I actually cringed when I saw they were removing the novel cabinets, and thought, ” I really hope they recycled those extraordinary cabinets”. :>(

  147. TrentonDillonLincoln says:

    I shudder to about what goes on in the product development meetings in the UO division.

  148. Virginia says:

    We are living in a studio to money – this would be perfect to brighten up our space!

  149. Makenna Courtney Kaya O. says:

    Maison Midi, and extinct to the aged cafe at Fred Segal and the penthouse restaurant in Barneys Beverly Hills. All of them are estimable for those of us who lack the disposable cash to shop at those places! (Though I agree – esteem those IKEA meatballs.)

  150. Adelaide says:

    astonishing paint. The palette is so well conception out. Every room looks favorable and because the colours work well together, you rep a astonishing mosey going from room to room. Also, if you fill plaster walls, the clay in the paint hides bumps and imperfections better than any other paint. It will actually assign you money as oftentimes skimming is the only other design fix imperfections in plaster.

  151. KaliyahPoppyPaula says:

    The bones are beautiful; meaning the choices of furniture and great pieces are brilliant. The color palette is elegantly *-neutral which is welcoming to everyone who enters. Items detached are rather high-taste curiosities. Though seemingly perfect, the situation is clutter and illustrate that hoarders can be organized. Too many seating areas and creating demarcation for forced conversation rather than allowing for fluidity & flow. I less a for artistic impression than a for expression of mere abundance.

  152. Brynn S. says:

    Too difficult to repair if a moth eats holes in it. Plus, probably not comfortable to sit on with bare legs.

  153. Iris_Marlee_Brenna says:

    those lights tend to dawdle really hot to the touch, if i am correct.. Probably a killer for electricity bills too. Cute, but meant for photography, not prolonged use.

  154. Jackson Derrick says:

    Not bad. However, it would be advantageous to books and accessories on all those attachments just to give you an of what they could be dilapidated for. At first gawk it looks a bit complicated. apt though.

  155. Kensley.Milan says:

    Two of my approved DIYs of all time are on Bubby and Bean, a vinyl chronicle dessert stand and honey favors. Really delighted to behold they were nominated.

  156. Braelyn_Aryanna says:

    MamaChilanga…thanks for asking 🙂 We a 3 year daughter who co-sleeps in our bed with us (and always has). She has a play residence (as you can in the photos…a wooden kitchen, craft table, and the toy box which doubles as a coffee table). We also a generous yard and many parks a few blocks away.

  157. Shea_Isaak_ says:

    plastic come by holder by simple human is my guess

  158. Siena says:

    1 block was too for me, but only because the number of streets crossing the tracks meant that a freight deliver going through town meant about 10-15 minutes of constant whistling. Several times every day and night.The windows shook, and if you were watching broadcast TV you correct missed that of what was going on because no amount of turning up the volume would a difference.

  159. Zechariah 2003 says:

    My rule esp. for clothes: If something comes in, something has to go. I always donate clothes for charity. It also works for other things, e.g. wineglasses, cups etc.. Even tough I am surrounded by things I rarely use. But I appreciate to them, they touch my heart or they are attached on a legend of my life.

  160. Dion K. says:

    @ecuadoriana I construct not live in Paranoia Land but I create know the power of mother natures earthquakes having experienced being to buried alive in my plot after a massive quake. Please not command me how to live. You believe visited So Cal , I believe lived here 66 years!

  161. Johnathan says:

    SO beautiful. Perfect to a sunday with brunch and bedtime with the loved one in. I want a shower in my bedroom too, appreciate this;

  162. Amy says:

    @toastercat If you such a pickle with a health/lifestyle question, dont click the post and your time commenting on it. Please occupy your negativity from this otherwise certain site.The York Times most likely sparked this same in many of its readers and I agree the body needs time to recover between workouts, 4-5 times a week works well for me.

  163. Perla says:

    Maybe the “before” was staged for sale when she bought it? Maybe too and too “matchy”. The after is agreeable and comfortable, * looking, but not beachy either. The editors/writers need to be more careful with the headlines and the copy. Agree that the coffee while is too diminutive and would work better as a side table. home!

  164. Nathalie says:

    Is there any information on toxins in the materials or construction of their products? distinguished done with furniture poisons. Tnx!

  165. Isla_Sylvie says:

    And for an even better shave you can opt for a straight razor! I gave up on everything else after going cutthroat.

  166. ZanderJosh says:

    I cherish your vintage and uncluttered style! The apartment looks cheerful, and so comfortable. the Muir Woods and Mt. Tam posters and the gallery wall.

  167. Julio says:

    @JewelTones I agree it is hard to earn somebody who will the deeper cleaning washing baseboards/trim and windows–I beget advance across a few services out there that will charge x per hour for a broad cleaning and you say what you want them to work on–tend to be the services that compose this and not the housekeepers working for themselves.

  168. LenaCarolynAlly says:

    This is truly remarkable. As a child of that period, I your residence as depressing as those times were. Yes, you certainly captured the paranoia and the repressive atmosphere. both political and socially. I am totally amused by those younger folks who objective to blather on about how MCM is so romantic.With the exception of a few vivid designers here and in Scandinavia, the whole period was a black hole of cheap copies to satisfy a burgeoning lower and medium middle class suburbia that luxuriated in tasteless food and meaningless TV entertainment in the USA. Unfortunately Europe was too busy rebuilding from the of the war to regroup enough to brings us intelligent effect until later.

  169. Leona-Ansley-Erica says:

    CKAL, basil needs as grand sun as you can give it, not afternoon shade. If possible, you might try animated it to an home with sun all day, and that should give you better results. In my last apartment, I had a window that had to be dusky all day long with room-darkening shades because the sun beat in so intensely in the summer; I a window box of basil in the window and the plants loved it, growing up to advantage provide some shade in the window as an added bonus. And I had pesto all year long.

  170. Dustin Terry Keon says:

    I agree with Jamie pup that if you are going to enact this, at the least, warn people. I once went to a bridal shower, and–surprise!–ended up having to grasp off heels and barefoot, with * white winter feet with no pedicure on a floor. It was to overcome those feelings of crankinesss.Personally, I feel this is a horrendous custom for a party–just mop the floor later!–but a warning would build it better.

  171. Javier_Aron says:

    I am so * I am not the only one that does this!!!!!! I fill been beating myself up lately because I been doing this and i know better. I contemplate it is a me / control issue. “I want time to do what I want to create and I want it now!!!”

  172. Lilliana says:

    a better version might be this:

  173. Zoey_Ariah_Michaela says:

    I lived in my apartment for about 6 years now, and I finally painted my living room within the last year from that default yellowish white to a pale gray. Not only does it the room cozier, all the colors in the room so better against it. I only wish I had done it sooner. pace gray!

  174. Remi_Mikayla_Penny says:

    I was in a crib until about 7 months old. From what my parents inform me, they then moved me into a bed with hospital railing (they both work in hospitals) around it. Apparently they did this because they traveled a lot and were not dragging a crib with them, so they wanted to wean me to a bed asap. lol.

  175. Adriana Emely Angie says:

    I work in a folk art gallery and we and polish the plexiglass cases with a polish made correct for this purpose. It also removes scratchs.

  176. Bryant-Kylan says:

    Ha, I can to this post completely. The first time my boyfriend and I had a party after living together, we spent at least eight hours the day of the party doing last exiguous things to our presentable. As in, there was paint drying on shelves and paintings, etc. But, our is substantial now. I contemplate we honest needed the push 😉

  177. Abraham-Davion-Jefferson says:

    I bask in the addition of the pantry. A personal touch. what pulling a wall down can for any room.

  178. Marco666 says:

    I am having a 36″ round zebra ottoman delivered today from O! It was only $180!!! Half of my furniture is from Overstock and I not had with any of it!These are finds!

  179. Edward_Rigoberto_Makai says:

    It seems that AT photog shave gone to the snap a photo of anything for filler. Please and these and other owners the amount of attention to detail, not frying pans and planter ups but the details of the house. This house appears to be a but I had a time making a decision with no photos of spaces.

  180. Rayne@911 says:

    You should paint it yourself. If now white, I would suggest yellow, red, or blue. And the one more drawer or all of them. Looks you one missing already so you may as well earn it symmetrical. You can consume the commence spaces to CDs or magazines.

  181. Kiera-Arely-Averi says:

    Before I really knew my neighbors I had invited them over for my superbowl party. They admitted that they looked in my recycling bin on recycling day to if we drank! LOL

  182. Juniper Allyson says:

    uship.com and post a photo and description of the items you want shipped and your window of time. People direct on your job and you can based on reviews/price/etc. I moved a ton of stuff cheaply from modern York to Baltimore. I know someone else who frail the plot to ship a couch as well from NYC to California.

  183. Kimberly Mckenna says:

    No dilemma Nell…I was apt noticing that Land of Nod has a table you can occupy an extra dwelling of higher legs for so that the table can actually grow with the kids a bit.

  184. Jazmine99 says:

    I want a really gigantic print. Where can I earn prints in the range of 48″ish by 36″ish?

  185. Sylvie1995 says:

    Reminds me of the “cool hang out” in the cartoon Braceface. I honest concept it was comedy, delight in what trendy teen would really want to hang out at a glamorized laundry mat. Shows what I know and I can only hope to kids that would not mind doing the laundry now. *Still my least accepted chore*

  186. Albert-Joaquin-Alfred says:

    This is SUCH perfect timing! My grandmother correct gave me her dining room chairs as she is downsizing and I was thinking how I admire the shape of them but need to update the fabric.. Perfect inspiration!

  187. Chelsea.Kassidy.Jaylah says:

    I how this post celebrates ingenuity AND design. admire the ultra vintage metal military desk the best. Kitchens were always frankensteined together, the sleek, conceptual interiors we cook in now are a construct. to them pieced together a bit as a nod to the past.

  188. Travis-Nestor says:

    @Pejibaye maybe (even temporarily), you could consume blankets to them? like here:

  189. Amanda.2009 says:

    Instead of using a hefty coffee table, I ancient an Eileen Gray table in front of my living room sofa. Doesnt lift up alot of position and can be pulled almost on top of you for reading/coffee etc.

  190. Aydan Vaughn says:

    Paper plates are incredibly wasteful – and these with the additional inks are worse than the expressionless white ones.Better are these ceramic plates and mugs from Fishs Eddy:

  191. Jovanni1960 says:

    ha! i was there impartial Tuesday– its one of my gardening gems. i how all the employees are aroused to and always ideas. their selection of inexpensive potter and pricier one-of-a-kind vintage planters are great, as are the garden and residence accessories. its a region i feel comfortable walking into and saying “i dont know a lick about gardening, but i want to give it a go!”bonus: India Sweets and Spices is moral next door! i treat myself to a mango lassi, then head over to *-TED to sip and browse the goods…

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