Really Beautiful Designs And Ideas About Long Dresser

Long dresser usually come in the living room and make it better as storage stuff. But today you will also see some of them designs of long dresser can make your bedroom well with some mirror as well there. Dressers are furniture that functioned as area placement completeness of make-up and various accessories follows a family photo. Structuring long dressing table is too full it will interfere with the time to be herself in the dresser. To overcome this, the idea of the implementation of the long design of the dresser worth checking out!

Long Hollywood Dresser black with 6 drawers

Long Hollywood Dresser black with 6 drawers

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really beautiful designs and ideas about long dresser. You can put wall shelves close to the dresser. Thus the make-up equipment, accessories storage boxes, and photos of themselves as well as family photographs can be placed on the design extends to the dressing table. Dressers loose condition will be able to create their own comfort while you make up so you can bear linger in front of the dressing table. In addition, the position of the device make up its “army” it also remains an area with a dressing table. Laying objects ornate fittings remain discreet, even more neat and sweet. You also to make consideration to lay the dressing table near the window, because that way you can save paddy lamp lighting the morning and afternoon.

Long dark wood dresser with 10 drawer storage

Long dark wood dresser with 10 drawer storage

Danish Long Dresser with 9 drawer storage

Danish Long Dresser with 9 drawer storage

Sunlight will come illuminate the room would provide adequate lighting when you are dressed themselves in front of the dressing table mirror. If it is too bright, you can utilize a thin curtains on the windows. The long designs also can create the bigger space storage in the drawers and you can make something great above. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really beautiful designs and ideas about long dresser. Thanks a lot.

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  1. Evelyn Pearl F. says:

    fantastic! i appreciate the pucci scarf on the bed, what a idea. it. your bedroom is fun.

  2. Johnathon H. says:

    believe cedar lying around?

  3. Talia Kyleigh says:

    I acquire my converter box, but no signal for some stations… even the ones I gain are spotty at times. Now I peek commercials telling me I to a outdoor antenna to accept my signals. Wonderful. Cause, you know, I live in an apartment that already has enough issues as an older building (there is a leak around here about every month).I could assume a indoor antenna that may not work, I could a indoor antenna that may not work, or I could play more video games and accurate gaze shows on Hulu. I catch the last option.

  4. Gwendolyn-Harmoni says:

    I heart this apartment a lot. the exhaust of branches and stones. cherish the artwork and plants. the exercise of space, for instance, the bookshelf and tallboy in the nook in front of the couch. The dining is accurate dazzling (nice calendar!). The general feel of the is really nice.

  5. Josiah Leland Valentin R. says:

    I the teal/chrome/brown appliance thing going on already. If you a coat of paint, I delight in the going totally 50s with maybe a light pink or yellow, and recover the seats and windows with something graphic (more geometric than pictures), thats already a start. Seems a obliging position to consume some of those cold ikea fabrics

  6. Adriana-Kailee-Meilani says:

    @ElizW I agree, I notion about the light as well. I really appreciate the combination of the Ghost chairs with the mature painting – I would actually only Ghost chairs in that room.I loved the lived in feel of the home.

  7. ColeBrenden says:

    conventional list…What about ergonomics? The physical layout of a keyboard and pointing device, as well as a that is at the beneficial height is frequently more comfortable than being hunched over a laptop for extended period of time. truu, you cna connect all of this to a laptop, but then you all of the wires, etc. again.

  8. Talan999 says:

    My boys 51/2 and 2 fragment a room and acquire done for about 1 1/2 years. My eldest sleeps one while his brother cries in the night. My 2 yo will wake up in the night and arrive into our bed and climb in with us so mornings never been a problem. That said, my eldest will derive his brother breakfast if they wake up to early and mama needs a sleep in 🙂

  9. CamrynDaquan says:

    Kudos for the entire house and especially for the master bedroom….I, too, like the “white and crisp” look, so aloof at the ruin of the day.

  10. Vincent_Ty_Abel says:

    I agree about not pausing emergency savings. That advice hurts the credibility of this website.

  11. Eliana_Hadlee says:

    @fahlosuee The Turkish towels are definitely a genuine touch! I absorb some and actually enjoy them more as a decorative item in my bathroom than a functional towel. NOTHING beats a warm fuzzy terry towel (I mine hidden in the linen closet) after a long hot soak! Enjoy!

  12. Braeden.Branden.Yosef says:

    We with a preschooler and a toddler, so returning residence can be attractive chaotic. Before we leave, I always lay out our clothes for our first day home, and a for easy meals on the following day, so I can up with laundry!

  13. Justin.Rex.Jovany says:

    line of proudcts.customer service tops and quality at the top of their game

  14. Ernest says:

    Is there a reason why you need to eat in the kitchen? Is there another position in the apartment where you can believe a cafe table? I cushions under my coffee table that I pull out and sit on while eating there.

  15. Brent Cruz Neil W. says:

    Leesa—You can usually gain clock mechanisms at most craft stores, Hobby Lobby or even Michaels.

  16. Patrick_Jamie says:

    @Declutter Nutter –good point; even some hotels suggest we exhaust our towels more than once. a rack that allows rolled & hanging would (a bar hung under those crates, that basket on ladder combo).

  17. Jaylen Dashawn Keon V. says:

    I got a arrangement handwash refill from that came in a pouch and was less packaging.

  18. Hannah Remy Claudia says:

    I care for your place. Is the rug at a wonky angle to accommodate the pole or is it correct me? I would either straighten it up or exaggerate the angle a more.Great exercise of colour!

  19. Isabel_Janelle_Kailani says:

    Calling this “IKEA parts” is of a misleading headline. SEO? At any rate, this is a bright conception and I affection seeing the couch hacked that way.

  20. Keyla-Elisabeth-Thalia says:

    it can be glam, depending on what the rest of your loo looks like. Does it clawfoot tub, porcelain sink, comfy chair, etc?

  21. Ronnie-Neil says:

    that is interesting! the patina is saved & not painted, weaving & fabric work w chair, and fresh caning was pressed-in so one may return to the observe in fifty more years. that is a genuine example of a refresh.

  22. FrankZackeryMatias says:

    We did this several years ago. As to the person who they had to wait until Jan. 01, 2014 to start. Not true. 365 days in succession from what ever day you start. lolIt was a excellent experience and a contrivance to learn about your camera and a different of looking at the world you live in.

  23. Wyatt U. says:

    Cats. I beget cats. Cats that salvage up and on my head when the sun rises.But even when the kitties sleep in, I tend to be awake by 5:30 or 6:00 and so shun my clock.

  24. Elin-1961 says:

    mamacita: i dont know, i guess the reason why i leave it up is i dont want to touch it to do it down, however i should because the pets will dunk their head in there. clorox water.

  25. Drew-Ralph-Broderick says:

    @kimithy I know that at least in PA you are required to an egress window or second door for fire code.

  26. Zoey says:

    @Carolyn in Plano thank you for your sweet comment! I hope you are having a good-looking day! Blessings*

  27. Juan_Amare says:

    if you are handy or know someone who is, you can build what they did at house tweaking…outlet under the sink

  28. Adelaide_Princess_Ari says:

    I affection Jamaica water!!! The flowers are easy to here in NYC — most markets that cater to Mexicans will enjoy them among their spices.Another water is Tamarindo — deliciosa!

  29. Alexis Lena Linda says:

    Everything Goes Furniture on Staten Island is a furniture store.

  30. Mike 66 says:

    I effect not this constitutes art. The idea that “anyone can be an artist” by painting over and removing contact paper that has been printed and chop out is rather offensive to artists. I level-headed enact not this should be considered art, but is objective a contrivance to wall decor. I understand that this is a fun for those who want decor the “quick and dirty” way, but let us not toss the word “art” around so loosely.

  31. Jasmine-Regina-Heavenly says:

    For the money, the Lack Shelving beats the pants off most of those other units.

  32. Rebekah Hadassah U. says:

    Lime green. Why? Dear *, why?Why baby products how to be so *?

  33. Rodolfo says:

    Those who cannot remember the 1980s are condemned to declare them. If you must brass hardware, at least the courtesy not to pair it with hunter green or I will beget a violent flashback.

  34. EdwardCruz says:

    My husband and I been married 35 years as of today (I was 6 at the time ;).We owe it partly to each of us having a of our own. That office would be contrivance too togetherness!

  35. Thomas-Esteban-Demarion says:

    abalone looks the whitest grey.I recently painted my obedient a few months back Behrs dolphin fin after agonizing over various greys.It is a silverish grey with tons of white. It looks almost a shadow in some corners and I appreciate how it subtle changes color throughout the day.I East/West windows on both sides of the so I tend to bag shady at noon and earlier and its totally lightened up my space.I with any of those grays you chose though you wont jog wrong.

  36. Rogelio Osvaldo says:

    I my dinky sheepskin from IKEA — stepping on something that soft and luxurious definitely makes it easier to net out of bed!

  37. Danny_Nestor says:

    I highly recommend Laura Cattano.She is an organiser, but does so distinguished more. She helped us with our faded apartment and again when we moved.Not only did she totally sort out our lives, she helped us learn how to up with it going forward.Here is her region

  38. Aidan says:

    @CatrionaShadowleaf I appreciate that couch so I want it to budge in with me

  39. Damon Kieran Irving says:

    I was really looking forward to viewing/reading this article for tips on organizing my future (closing in July!), but sadly, the gray boxes only show… So disappointed. 🙁

  40. Nico O. says:

    Always interesting, I considerate of her as a real-life version of blissful Homemaker Sue-Ann Nivens. and endearing on camera, dragon lady when cameras stopped. 8^O

  41. Isla_Wren_Sky says:

    I more paint and some rugs would a long blueprint in this house. For example, in the living/dining room: I would establish a rug under the dining table and a rug under the coffee table to the two areas. Also, I believe a different wall color would be better. The one is too discontinuance to the carpet.My celebrated fragment of the tour was the outside patio area. I that turquoise wall. I all of your dauntless color and pattern choices, actually.

  42. Ariana.911 says:

    I associate UO with not-so-great quality, so the fact that they are going to offer these classic blankets brings them down a notch in my mind. I a couple of the Pendleton camp blankets which I love, but the fact that UO is selling them is a turn-off.

  43. Gavyn-1960 says:

    Jenny (Usagi),the rugs are both from Ikea- the Flokati is $70 and the sheepskins are $40. i know, cause i impartial bought some! but sadly, the Flokati was too small…

  44. MelaniePhoebeMaxine says:

    This will be my project for next year….my bed needs a facelift…! I luxuriate in the selection here.Jen

  45. Dahlia Rosa P. says:

    Carla,two weeks is a itsy-bitsy time frame for what you want to do. Most will you that it can be done in that time, most will be wrong.

  46. ZackeryAntoine says:

    I objective installed 4 hanging lamps in my apartment after searching for reasonably priced fixtures for months. Cost Plus World Market (in stores & online) has a wide range on styles for fairly reasonable prices and frequent sales.

  47. Kinsley66 says:

    Jimmy, the coffee table comes with suction cups that * into the and catch the top in place… maybe yours was on deep discount because they were missing from the box?

  48. Julian Roger Joey says:

    I six samples at the entrance to my office fintended for shoes. My cats beget taken over and to sit on them.

  49. Luke Darrell I. says:

    @GEB123 If an animal has a condition that can be treated, or its suffering eased, with medication, denying that animal medication is cruel. I say this as both a veterinary technician and a person with an disorder.

  50. ZionKhalilWaylon says:

    I tracked down the wall color: Benjamin Moore’s 343 Sunrays.

  51. Anthony-Keegan says:

    I fill 3 and I always carry then in my purse! cherish them!

  52. Jonah Phoenix Milo says:

    @Creya Unfortunately. The last time I bought a mattress was to seven years ago, but it was on sale and an off brand, and it went for 700. So this casper upgrade seems it really is affordable. I need some extended reviews to lock me in.

  53. Donte X. says:

    It has definitely been an eventful month! checking this page one last time. 🙂 ItsMissJess: The floor lamp is from CB2LRBK92: The pillowcases were made from Marimekko fabric bought from the Crate & Barrel outlet store, here in Chicago.Take care everyone!!!

  54. Kinsley.Bailee says:

    @louloubells Hey I really indulge in this and it is valid. I am a recovering alcoholic feels welcome to participate here too. Thank you. If I can “defend” myself, part of why I am doing this that our astounding editor invited me to give it a shot. i agree that addictions of all kinds acquire holds and these kinds of fasts can give a hazardous sense of control that may not really be there.

  55. AddisynNala says:

    I brochures on kitchen updates all over the house. This book would surely abet and maybe I could rid of all the brochures.

  56. Stella_Greta says:

    We also sell top quality bamboo products too at

  57. Bruce says:

    This is sweet or shall I say “suite”. I should be so luck ot this as my respite every day.Beautiful!!!

  58. Hallie-Kadence says:

    Wow let your kids play without the extra padding, and helmets once in a while, lol. If your too protective of your child they will demolish getting harmed a lot as an * from not experiencing some trial, and error in their life.

  59. Daniella Emely says:

    the is lovely! for the brick, i agree with anna to definitely add some contrast. i enjoy brick walls throughout my house and to add thick frames to really pop. since you kindly framed map, maybe some smaller prints to match that style? antique maps? botanicals? for the accent wall, maybe something attractive and warm, devour a or orange (similar to your throw pillows).

  60. Jayda_Eileen_Alannah says:

    The chair is a Peyton glider from Best plot Furnishings – their Storytime Series. I believe you can only their chairs from a dealer (not online), but you can their styles and catch a local dealer on their website. There were a LOT of fabric choices to occupy from when we ordered ours from a store in CA. Also, it was a bit of a splurge – unprejudiced over $400 I – but it is so comfortable. I deem it is definitely worth it, as I spent many hours in that chair! Also, it is a year later and it level-headed looks new. Highly recommend.

  61. Jaiden Shamar D. says:

    Looks good, but soundwise that is a dreadful idea. Those woofers will earn the stand vibrate and forth, and that will earn the extreme lose definition. A speaker should ideally be firmly attached to a heavy with something in between that damps all vibrations (the last trend in studios for that is a thick sorbothane layer). That all sound energy is projected forwards, without any recoil from the woofers.

  62. Audrey says:

    That top photo is GORGEOUS! It should be required viewing for anyone who wants to paint all their woodwork glossy white.

  63. Collin 66 says:

    Boobie traps, mean? Nah! Having some nosy git rifling through your belongings, now THAT is mean!

  64. Emory says:

    adore this, would to contemplate a house tour. Are you you are not a professional interior designer? If I would the money, I would definitely hire you!

  65. Bridget@1996 says:

    I am so it was not painted. Sometimes leave well enough alone. This type of simple would in any fashion of room- even modern. If it was painted- well it would be limited in design.

  66. Ari says:

    ? Marimekko! their umbrella and tea mugs. They are so ecstatic and colorful!

  67. SethRaymondLeandro says:

    the tiles appear to be Pewabic from Detroit Yes they can be matched anything can be done if one wants to pay….

  68. Chase-Brooks-Gaige says:

    I been forcing myself to sit on the other side of my sofa because I started to scrutinize that it was wearing unevenly. Yes, I OCD. =)

  69. Paige.66 says:

    Hey! You guys got metafiltered. blueprint to go.

  70. JourneeAdriannaMckinley says:

    i would highly recommend the steelcase chair. i only paid a more than 300 for mine new, about 2 years ago. i a life chair by knoll, which i bartered for. but i would rather my steelcase chair. its also cradle to cradle certified. if you know any designers, ask them to it for you. we honorable discounts on designer furniture.

  71. Aron-1999 says:

    attractive renovations. However, how considerable did this cost? Would it been cheaper to simply bolt out and catch a trailer?

  72. Landry says:

    ditto lampeam. Every dwelling I ever visit seems to absorb some curious tv remote that I can accurate never seem to be able to figure out.

  73. Angelica 99 says:

    Melba,There are dishwashers that require absolutely no scraping or rinsing of plates prior to loading, I happen to one. I unbiased acquire the dishes from the table and load them in, they out sparkling, including pots and pans with baked on crusts and residues. The dishwasher is an older Kitchenaid Superba that is no longer manufacturered.

  74. Romeo.Bernard.Abdullah says:

    there are warm fluorescent bulbs that cast a better light for residential use. i removed the fixture in my rerntal and replaced it with an incandesant ceiling light. i also bear lamps in my kitchen on the counter and another come the sink stove that a genuine atmosphere in the room.

  75. Danica X. says:

    Wow, these are so pretty. I also the juxtaposition of rough materials with silk and vintage textiles. I beget a wool picnic blanket in the car that I may try this with.Thanks for posting!

  76. Roberto says:

    @Celebkiriedhel My current apartment has no bedroom closet at all…and a one in the living room. My last apartment was the same. Of course, both houses were built around 1900….. 🙂

  77. Davin-Cortez says:

    a poking dug up the listing over on redfin:<

  78. Andrea Francesca Mara L. says:

    i taper the bottoms of big candles with a knife, and bottles with labels as candlesticks. perhaps a little too “cheap italian resturant” for many people, but i consume dripless candles, so that the mark art can really shine.

  79. Aylin-Jolene-Aliza says:

    When we moved into our house 5 years ago the previous owners left few useful things.Dead burnt out lightbulbsOld dried paintA huge barrel of motor oilbags of garbagePiles of dog hairAn mature rug rolled up in the basement (it smelled)Musty carpet in the shedFridge and stove that died within 2 months of bright in2 Dirty bathroomssome messages in the closet (not towards us – likely a sister about her brother)a hole in the closet ceilingbroken power toolsThings that were remotely useful:Empty paint containers along with a few corpulent ones (but not paint that had been former in the house, which I found odd)a few wrenchesa box of polyfilla mixsome handmade shelves in the basement

  80. Roberto says:

    Wallet with Passport & Credit CardsLaptopCellphoneSigned and numbered Stephen Card printsJewelryEverything else is replaceable and insured.

  81. Julissa says:

    The fact that these things were made by someone at all shows how desensitized we become to gore and the evidence of human suffering. This is really sick.

  82. Joshua-Alijah says:

    “For what I paid, I expected better quality”Where are you people objecting to this point for wood-based case goods doing your shopping? This is NOT a contaminated price, not even remotely.

  83. Zion.Harley says:

    gracious luck to everyone!! I am keeping fingers crossed for this mixer, I RA and exhaust the mixer 2/3 times daily to all my cooking an baking mixing. the product!

  84. Mariana says:

    My sister went with all stainless a year before I bought my condo. She hates them. She has to clean them all the time. I went with all black, which I love, and she was so jealous.I was looking at MLS listings on the internet and one kitchen really stood out. It was all stainless except the fridge, which was white. Talk about something that really stood out. I could not bear that somebody was trying to sell an upscale condo with all stainless except the frig. It really looked and cheap. So rather than leave it white, maybe effect something fun and funky. lunge to Ikea and some stainless designate boards and rubber cement them to the frig!

  85. Ryder_Solomon says:

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  86. Jalen_Rowan_Jordon says:

    Grew up in * family! Mostly the nudity would with the same gender, but my father always hung out in his *. If I ever invited a friend over, I would to call ahead to divulge my dad to effect a shirt on.My husband and I now a hybrid * home. We will gladly frolic * (we often acquire substantial conversations as one sits on the closed toilet seat and the other showers) and * with the door open, but any other * functions under wraps to things sexy.

  87. Milton U. says:

    could we a layout with some rough measurements (ie, is there between the kitchen alcove and the door for the fridge? would create it great easier to prescribe solutions.also, besides the cat, what are your priorities? are you a cook? you to allege in and entertain? you delight in cocktail parties? you want/need a dining table? you need a office area? you enjoy a lot of books? knickknacks? you a lot of TV, or listen to music more? is there a separate bed?gorgeous space, though. can you paint it?

  88. GiannaAriahAllie says:

    I also say white- the floors are and you bear elegant things that are colorful- it will be a extremely to advance too especially if you had one of those hard urban days when the city gets to you. If you want some color deem doing one wall- I assume Silver would be blooming with your other pieces but I would stick to one wall. I affection your place- a lot- and am thrilled for you whoever you maybe.:)

  89. DemetriusKorbin says:

    I Elfa wire baskets and rolling hardware in my kitchen pantries where I had overly deep shelves and cabinets where items could “disappear” in the back. On sale at The Container Store at the time, the combination cost $25-30/set. I exhaust my roll-out shelves for fairly light grocery items, if you wish to store heavier items delight in cookware, I recommend a more robust arrangement. “Fancier”, more robust wood or chrome plated wire drawers can be extremely costly so shop carefully and an explore out for sales.

  90. Issac Kelton says:

    @LillyoftheValley –code is more about exposing wiring to water (steam, condensed) than additional load; hence, extra guidelines in wet rooms.

  91. Kiana2004 says:

    I might be off on this, but it looks a medical. you tried medical or dental office supply sources?

  92. Gunnar-Antony says:

    Time for the tough love. If you narrate yourself as a “poor person” you should not be buying a $3000 sofa. people should also not occupy $40,000 cars, $2,000 watches, or any other expensive things for which more economical versions are available. People who are should be spending their money on food, shelter, and things that will enable them to not be any more (like education and job training and paying down existing debt).Now, maybe you are not really poor. Maybe you are simply a person who does not currently contain $3000 to on a sofa. In this case the is easy, and is listed above. achieve $3000 and it on a sofa. You may be surprised that once you actually absorb the $3000 the of spending it on a sofa is not what you really want to acquire with it. Or you may exercise it on the sofa and be proud of yourself for doing it all on your own. In either case, you win!

  93. Brinley_Ashlynn_Nala says:

    Three days without sun any time of year is * me. But I drop and winter is worse especially with shorter days. What I found extremely is to sit in front of me glass fronted, wood burning stove for an hour or two. I can fold laundry, read, or build hand work while I like the flames. The color of the fire seems to me from falling too far down the hole.

  94. Carter says:

    Ah! We believe the loyal same sink cabinet! Except the knobs – did you change those out, too?

  95. Aurora.Armani.Aryanna says:

    for you! I deem we all need to remember that a color is simply a color! Colors not “belong” to genders!! We no plight as a society when a girl likes blue, why is it so out of the box for a boy to relish pink? It is a exquisite soothing color!

  96. Jamar says:

    @RubyMae I acquire two laundry baskets:1. actually dirty (workout clothes, socks & *, shirts that should be laundered each time, etc….)2. can wear again (everything else)On laundry day, I separate by color, temp, etc. but this system means if I am running out the door and need to throw something on, I can know never to dig through bin 1 and that my approved jeans will be in bin 2.

  97. Aspen_Elianna_Anya says:

    I agree try lightening up the backsplash. I consider you will a difference. I trying to paint granite is a extremely idea. You can also try and if somebody would pay you to “reclaim” it and then you can with what you want.

  98. Brianna Lauren Jordan C. says:

    I disapprove completely bathrooms, I plants, art, hanging towels and floor mats are all famous components to having a balanced bathroom. That said, I am searching for the perfect bath mat…

  99. William says:

    Thanks so much for all of the considerate comments– to answer a few questions:The Ostrich Egg is from Elements in Chicago The Rug I purchased from Crate an Barrel over a year agoThe deer head did arrive painted as if it were real- totally creepy- a half a quart of glossy white paint indeedAnd the necklace idea came from both Pottery Barn/Domino, I made them with boards covered in foam and then with linen

  100. Greyson.Xzavier.Finnegan says:

    I cant afford to engage one but would one for our exiguous place.

  101. TrevonKaleBraedon says:

    Gorgeous! Can you us where the Prozac/Downers cannisters came from? I can of many people for whom those would be awesome gifts.I even gather your lack of coffee table considerate of inspiring, because I enjoy several places that in my house where I feel savor I am waiting to the thing, but usually the house tours on AT are so perfect-looking that they build me feel a slacker for not having found the thing yet. I applaud your decision to wait until you the honest coffee table! 🙂

  102. Maryam_Madyson says:

    The Pub Shed community is growing lickety-split – feel free to join us, we currently over 8000 members creating their projects or fervent in starting!

  103. Grayson_Rodrigo_Kolby says:

    Hey, Opo! to “see” you again!I vote for paper snowflakes. You can them all sizes, and all different patterns (no two snowflakes are alike, so they say). I found oodles of sites for patterns, by googling paper snowflakes, here are a couple (sorry about the fact that one says “for children”)

  104. Judah Alonzo Jordon says:

    Thanks for all the favorable comments 🙂 The desk comes from a shop called “Maison du Monde” available in Europe. (I fell in adore with it as soon as i saw it and the shop in general)The sofa comes from Ikea so should be available in the States too.

  105. Marleigh Z. says:

    I wanted to say that I fill the Lap Shelving System at my office and it is rickety. I FJALKINGE at plot and for a part of the it is blueprint sturdier

  106. Ellis says:

    LadyDesign (and others who were possibly interested) – the trio of canvases in the dining room are now available at my Etsy shop:Atom & Eve DesignThanks!Eve——————————

  107. Terrell66 says:

    I usually avoid Peacock Lane, but during Snowpocalypse last year, I enjoyed walking along it many times on the to Movie Madness.

  108. Angie Ailani Julianne P. says:

    Magoo1 you will be relieved to know that the garland along with everything in her crib were taken down a few months ago! I agree it is natty to bewitch precautions especially when they net a bit more mobile! Which happens so fleet :)have a day!cate

  109. Brooklyn.Ivy.Aisha says:

    They asked for diapers in to avoid the “faux pas” of asking for gifts for a second child. Obviously someone (not you) wants to celebrate the mom and baby. Why not some diaper cream or something?

  110. Maxwell Kyler Z. says:

    Are you looking for salvaged vintage bricks for your reclaimed brick walls? Check us out at http://www.vintagebricks.comthanks all!

  111. DamonBostonGannon says:

    Sweet! Definitely an urban sanctuary. plant choices. And the burlwood chair adds so to the overall vibe.

  112. Parker-Remi says:

    I agree edava 72, I also to pay for my laundry. What I design is beget up my wash basin with hot soapy water and a little splash of bleach. Agitate them a bunch and let them soak. Then rinse them as clean as you can and hang them out to dry in the sun, it kills everything! I compose all my kitchen laundry this to money.

  113. London Q. says:

    @5catfamily Whaaat? wood? That explains it then. My two (bought in CA in 2012) were laminate over a corrugated cardboard (!)core tabletop with some sort of fiberboard for the legs. I know there was not a scrap of solid wood in them because whole pieces of the laminate outside had fallen completely off before we finally got rid of them (we were broke and had to achieve up for a table that cost more than $8, LOL). Sounds devour the standards varied a lot!

  114. Bryan says:

    This is a really simple yet extremely belief to add some fun to the fence. For our house, we wrought iron fencing so it is actually easier for us to hang fun and fascinating items pots and decorative all around to it less dull. I bet the kids would devour participating in this DIY project which encourages the creativity in them.

  115. SloaneEstella says:

    oh Adir and Marcello! You fill my heart! We an astounding blue plot of antique Indian doors similar to the ones in your home. You did such an amazing job and must believe one * of a carpenter!

  116. Elaine.1988 says:

    esteem it all. Possibly my house tour ever. I you to fill a sense of whimsy to undertake a project this and yours shines through. Well done!

  117. Lyla-Emely says:

    Meg–My physical therapist told me they are atrocious for people with back/neck problems–something about how your muscle fibers support twitching because you never really earn the “bottom” in these mattresses. My personal experience backed that up, as I just never really felt relaxed on it. I returned mine after two weeks.

  118. Isabella.Monserrat says:

    Pattern and print are my weakness! I figure it does not really matter if they all hurry as long as I each allotment individually. As for a celebrated element: having nothing in considerate of ties the print mix in our – at least that is what I myself! And white walls that give your contemplate a position to rest.

  119. Laurel-Lexie says:

    We almost bought some chairs from Organic modern recently — their products are nice, reasonably (dare I say “within reach”?) and top quality.

  120. Russell_Makhi_Guadalupe says:

    We a fresh location & lots of blank walls. We could employ this!mcginnisfamily5(at)gmail(dot)com

  121. Javon Conrad J. says:

    @Jason Yang – generally yes, but that might been resolved with the “pre-caching” of areas that became fraction of the Google App recently. So with data connection off I can navigate around my city with a working map. Probably not a reply for everyone.

  122. London Alena Noor says:

    $1400.00 Dallas, TXAmerican Window Systems- 8ft. sliding door $800.00Remodleing Contractor- $600.00 to inaugurate wall around standard door to accommodate and install slider plus one outlet $600.00.

  123. Miguel_George says:

    I really your headboard and bedside lamp. The kitchen and dining also seem to work extremely well, organized and efficient looking for the dinky space. liveable. The living room residence could a focal point and a more cohesion, with the wood paneling, everything else needs to be simplified or else the visual is overwhelming. Overall, I really appreciate that your LA apartment could easily fit in the NY contest – I too dig the * Allen / Manhatteny feel of the place.

  124. Avery-Kensley says:

    I a chocolate brown couch, I too feel that a brighter blue is more complementary. My choice of blues range from turquoise to pale aqua, I art and objects in blue and leaf green, the pillows are in an array of all of those colors and creamy white. It looks current and fresh and lightens up the severity of the brown.

  125. PhillipDamionCristopher says:

    You could acquire these custom made beautiful easily. A few years ago I worked briefly at a custom-flag making shop and we a laser plotter to the pieces of fabric to be sewn. The plotter software took any vector (ie. EPS or AI) file and would then cleave the fabric. We nylon material, so the laser melted the edges to prevent fraying. Any imprint shop will enjoy a similar plotter and the material is cheap.

  126. Malaki.Valentin says:

    Im in denver with ClickChick, ours opens tomorrow! extremely excited. Always visit when I am in a city with an Ikea, and am always so in what I can lift home.I totally gape myself there once a month now haha, although I am the novelty will wear off after awhile… or I will creep out of space!

  127. Sara Rosemary says:

    Does anyone know the cost. I apt looked at a similar bed in the IKEA catalogue for about 250 $.

  128. Alfonso Darien Santos says:

    Valser water bottles? That looks relish the name on one of the caps.

  129. GenesisSelenaReyna says:

    I indulge in the blue couch in the second picture. Anyone an what designer it is or where to something similar? The semi circular shape seems be pleased it would be really gracious for conversation.

  130. Alfonso_Kadin says:

    That stinks. I acquire been using them for over a year and I am am also a city dog owner. I the dog bags because I up a lot of * from my expansive dane. Maybe you got a batch? I can only say things about them and occupy them over other alternatives.

  131. JaylenKadeAlden says:

    RE FARROW AND BALL PAINTS. I their colors and the matte finish, but was hesistant to it because feared it would not be durable with dinky children and and it was so chalky felt it would chip. I ancient emulsion which is and durable and no problem, but slightly shinier (10% v. 2%). Does ANYONE any long long term experience with the estate emulsion and durability with dogs and children?????????????????These colors are superb. Even the modern emulsion was and not that shiny. I the fact that the palette to chose from is small, gives you less headache!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Justin_Alvaro says:

    They this at our local fishmonger. I figure if it works there, I should hoist a plastic acquire next time I am grilling out and shooing away the uninvited flies.

  133. Mathew.Jamarion says:

    Sorry, the pictures for my entry (1 above this) are here:Loft area:

  134. Karla says:

    Crate & Barrel makes two pieces that may you together something workable: The Simone Daybed and the City Armless Chaise.

  135. Justin Rafael Fredrick Z. says:

    I acquire a Norah too! I call mine Norah Begorra all the time… Begorra is Irish for “By *” and it often as either an expletive or to acquire an oath. wanted to share. Its a first-rate room!

  136. Philip-Kanye says:

    Putting house spider out is not kind. They are not adapted for that and will apt a short abominable life until they become dinner for something else.

  137. Dallas.Kasey says:

    @fjordbrit White stain / oil is one of the most colours? Where you live? In Brighton UK, my local paint store (Brewers) told me they had never heard of white stain and they would never recommend using it. I am trying to locate some. Any ideas where I could some?

  138. Emily-Lydia-Jessie says:

    Kudos to Grady for including a floorplan and a street shot of the residence — it really helps me to envision the space!!! A * and apartment. Thanks for sharing

  139. Penelope_Antonella says:

    The Color Wheel is your friend. But let me suggest Navy and Gray, with touches of yellow gold. You can hotfoot up and down the color scale, but navy and gray are extremely compatible colors and flattering to the color of the tiles. I suggest a pale warm gray on the walls or champagne.

  140. Meredith says:

    Slipcover the chair?Center the work desk between the windows, and consume two smaller units on each side to balance the effect? (I know this probably takes it to custom/out of budget… I know…)

  141. Lillie says:

    Sorry about the link above!

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