The Unbelievable Designs Bed Queen Size And Cool Ideas

Bed queen size indeed fit to those who have standard bedroom size as well. You needs to know about the proper sizes and design ideas to make queen beds better surely. What is the size queen size bed? May have a lot to know the answer, there are some versions that we know the queen size bed. Standard used in the United States is 60 “x 80” while in Indonesia a popular size used was 120 cm x 200 cm. Certainly important for us to know the size of the size of the bed, if you do not know how we could design an functional bedroom.

Madison White bed queen size with modern design

Madison White bed queen size with modern design

So, in this great occasion we are also going to discuss and share about how really unbelievable designs bed queen size and cool ideas. Examples of the design of the first queen size bed is a mix of color matching monochrome beige and gray. All the design elements in this room is really governed by the interior designer from color to the suitability motif. Nuance posed seem soft because there is no conspicuous element. Comfortable and soft impression of an image that you want highlighted. Wallpaper is also used as a booster of this soft image. About the placement of carpet queen size bed should adjust the shape of the room, the room size, activity, and harmony between the elements of the interior of the bedroom. There is no fixed rule in the placement carpet. Some placements carpet that is usually used as the image on the side. Nightstand will be closed carpet or not an option.

Bronx Queen-size Bed with beautiful design

Bronx Queen-size Bed with beautiful design

Queen Size Bed Frame with best design

Queen Size Bed Frame with best design

To make queen size bed easier to clean when the net is easier if the carpet is not put under nightstand. Size carpet is also an important consideration. For those who like minimalist design accentuate the impression of following could be a reference that should be considered. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really unbelievable designs bed queen size and cool ideas.

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  1. NicoAbdullah says:

    Time to Time is a sweet movie, but the star (appropriately for AT) is the house! I bought a copy after I saw it correct so I could glance the house whenever I want!

  2. Franklin D. says:

    and comfortable and feminine. Looks enjoy a home.And I the remodel in lieu of another Starter Castle in the Palisades.

  3. Dominic K. says:

    I can already envision the bruises on my arm from bumping into it.

  4. OwenSebastianNigel says:

    Your kitchen sounds almost exactly mine…. we went with a extremely light grey stacked subway tile from here:

  5. Jorge Maximilian says:

    Ganapati , why bothered? Let as*holes be as*holes. Taking care of your child is a bigger priority than some unreasonable neighbor. What next? When the kid starts running around, we tie his legs to please the downstairs neighbor?

  6. Saul.Donte says:

    @saacnmama i looked at this one:

  7. Aaliyah.Tatum.Everleigh says:

    i wonder if he got splinters while sitting and carving this out?p(2) your hilarious..i almost spit out my drink..BWAHAHHAHHA

  8. Hadleigh says:

    Really bewitching floor color….A combination of stainless steel, orange and white….. The ratio of the parts depend on what you in mind…

  9. Gregory-Camden-Marcel says:

    athena soy candles – handmade – only $12 (a more online at

  10. Cody Jasper Raphael J. says:

    I all the fridge magnets, and double that for the security mirror– I never of using one in a area before. And if you find a at someone stealing your stuff in it, it might just be me. agreeable apartment!

  11. Erick-Howard-Norman says:

    @sara-liz I KNOW WHAT ARE THE RINGS WHY ARE THEY THERE? Ha ha! I really wanted them to function as a pull-system for some other small-space innovation 🙂

  12. Teagan Yareli says:

    1) Hanging cord and legs are too thin – the do needs a more abet in keeping with the feeling of overstuffed opulence. And a big tassel hanging over one side.2) These appear to be upholstered in acetate satin, which makes everything explore cheap.

  13. Jesus Cedric Keagan R. says:

    Can you paint the walls? I consider the cabinets could be do-able, but I would want to paint the walls white- and work some arresting green and dim brown objects in… Another to brighten up the home would require some basic carpentry skills- you could beget a counter with a lip out of well sanded and white painted plywood, that would fit over that gloomy brown counter. I agree that carefully removing and storing the upper doors could be an option too. I would warn against contact paper or fabric.

  14. Chloe Julianna Chanel C. says:

    Confort in brown saddle leather. I want this so badly.

  15. Maximiliano-1968 says:

    $2! Laundered shirts are $1.50. I it! However, I send my irreplaceable things to a smaller (and more expensive) dry cleaners.I live on Long Island in NY.

  16. ColeKaseyDeangelo says:

    Is that your wedding picture, there, over the toilet? Hm.I must join the others in saying that fuzzy crescent mat and toilet lid enjoy no residence in that room. They give the impression of someone having bought the location fully-completed adding their touch in the accomplish of a housewarming expose from a department store.

  17. Zariyah-Martha-Azariah says:

    @amantp thanks so much, lots of interior pics on my blog

  18. Emmanuel.1971 says:

    On re-reading your post, maybe you want to bring out the orange. In that case, I peaceful KNOW THE — kitchen was originally a periwinkle blue and that orange popped a pop-gun popping at a pop concert.

  19. Bethany D. says:

    The sink reflects color and light, which enhances the environment. Color does not to be “owned” by an object. It can be shared.

  20. Felicity_Ashlyn_Emmalynn says:

    My iPad does the trick for me. I had a 10″ netbook but it was not as good. I always had to grab the charger en a mouse because I abhor the trackpad.But I to admit I really want a keyboard luxuriate in that for the iPad, that would be a intelligent combo.

  21. Orion Mohammad Z. says:

    A $70 machine that only makes popcorn!?!? you people fill pots at your house?!? A * with a lid is all it takes to popcorn–paying for and storing anything else signifies your in the sheeple class.

  22. AliceDelilah says:

    DIY is expansive assist for people whose passion is improving their daily living. I can now imagine some styles for my residence called home.

  23. Elian says:

    Sorry about the links . . . those websites are Feathered Friends and All About Down.

  24. Izabella_Jacqueline says:

    I would to bring lunch into work more, but it always feels disappointing to acquire leftovers or some soggy salad. Thanks so distinguished for the tips. Hopefully this will atomize me out of my expensive

  25. Paige Marlee G. says:

    I never tired of walking around looking at the astounding houses in SF. Although I can imagine how expensive it must be to beget those paint jobs, it mild broke my heart whenever I saw the details of a fine facade obscured by one color slapped over the entire house. There is something particularly drab about houses that, where the things that were meant to be highlighted are forced to blend poorly into the background, no matter how vibrant that background color may be.

  26. Isla.Estelle says:

    Craigslist!!!I went to school in Boston and only once moved into an apartment in September. Without exception, I found better, less expensive apartments with January 1st in dates. Some I found on Craigslist, some I found through word-of-mouth (these were sublets).

  27. Bella.Janiyah says:

    For those wanting more wide angled shots (and more apt color), check the link to our website.

  28. Darren_Keaton_Humberto says:

    extremely comely residence – I want one! Are you in the room with them when they exhaust it or are they allowed to consume it freely? I ask because I can glance my 2 girls, 4 and 8, wreaking havoc on the elegant organization here!

  29. Natasha Bonnie Aadhya U. says:

    Oh Man! I those vintage bathrooms. I bear the classic blue and dim bathroom and I it.

  30. Lyla_Kiana says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments! The rug is from target, it was available last year. The artwork over the typewriter and desk is actually from a stencil which I repeated in an alternating pattern over a canvas.

  31. Paityn says:

    I had problems with my daughter the bumper and getting her legs caught too. What I did was the bumper and weave it in and out of the railings all the around. Since then, she has never gotten her leg caught, it looks great, and the bumper is taught so it stays in place. Hope this helps!

  32. Breanna says:

    2 adults in a 715 sq ft rented terrace in the UK, and we only really the front 140 sq ft bedroom as a laundry room. Feels absolutely massive compared to the 250ish studio I to rent in Chicago a couple years ago (for about the same price).

  33. Evan-Issac-Royce says:

    Some of these designs are questionable. That pendant looks too thin which will probably it good-looking fragile, especially since it was only cured for 24 hours (not in water), has no larger aggregate or anything to strengthen it. The cheeseboard could be made food with the wax and sealer, although not always readily available so probably more than a weekend project. And yes, knives may be an issue.

  34. Sage.Savanna says:

    My home got about 8 inches yesterday and further south by only a few miles got up to 2 feet. This storm was extremely localized…north of my hardly got any snow and the southern most areas got really socked! This was a but cool storm…great that it happened on the weekend. I admire to hunker down!

  35. Trevor.1978 says:

    If anyone has a retired PBY or Grumman Goose available as a living site, count me in.

  36. Kane-666 says:

    AT: Can you carry out one post describing all of the Ikea-hacking products? There seems to be a bunch and I lost count.Thanks!

  37. Elias Allen N. says:

    Found a similar, cheapie version of the chair. Eco edifying & comes in a bunch of colors, too. And they ship to North America.

  38. Gracelyn_Siena says:

    I that hanging it properly is part of the answer, as is framing it, but I would suggest an alternative route to the shadow box because I your room could some architectural detail.My idea, and I hope that I can it clearly, is that you could install some sort of floor to ceiling wood panel, slightly wider than the textile itself. How you the panel is up to you (wide vertical or horizontal planks, for instance) but the wood itself would need to be stained and sealed to a blooming glow so it acts as a visual frame – considerate of be pleased a color block behind a print. Hang the the textile on a rod on the panel, add some bid lighting and voila! You beget the some and add textural interest.

  39. KinsleyAylaAranza says:

    Yay Texas. Yay Austin.
    Love the cookie cutter transformation and that hammock is amazing.
    I also would luxuriate in to point out some people attain live with elegant pillows, and bits of coral and glorious “objets”. Not I! But I gain it that there are people who (with kids! And pets!). Makes me acquire that there is hope for me yet!
    Now I deem I might to paint a focal wall in my bedroom. Where are my sticks….

  40. Beatrice@1996 says:

    I am looking forward to seeing more and more of this. It is fun imagining AT having articles about fitting your various types of hydroponic plants into your decor:How to create Tomatoes of Your Gallery WallBeets & Bathrooms: Keeping a Lid on ItLiving with Vegetables: The Secret of Exotic Living Room Decor is LiveDecorate Your Thanksgiving Table with Lettuce (and a Salad Bowl)Decorating Your Hydroponic Wall as a Christmas Tree

  41. Kaylin says:

    I believe wanted one of these for years. What a chair, I would be so grateful to believe it.

  42. Aaliyah Kyleigh T. says:

    Someone may already referenced it, but AT highlighted an Ikea slipcover dye job recently, here:

  43. Addyson Nala says:

    This is a advantageous design! I been thinking about doing something this, but with a desktop computer. the plight I had in finding a create is the lack of access it would provide to the desktop once everything is in its place. This would be a to that as well.

  44. Trenton_Muhammad_Josef says:

    Thank you! I found the drawer and table runner while thrifting and visiting antique shops, and all together spent $16 for them!

  45. Alessandra Nylah Winter N. says:

    I that bedroom! It reminds me of India. The other pic seems more ordinary in comparison. Can you how you bear done your curtains? Clever!

  46. ReeseKaiyaAlly says:

    I bought the FP French Door model – affection it, however, when we went to establish the water line, it seems to be a flimsy compression tube fitting. We live in a high rise (10 floors up) and impartial recently had an “incident” with our fridge – needless to say the water harm in our unit and the one below was costly. If this were to happen when we were out – it could be devastating finacially. We are apprehensive to lumber with this system. Does anyone else any experience with this?

  47. Demi-Ann says:

    Paint quality is an disclose too. We contain musty Sherwin Williams in the living room of our rental unit and no matter how many scuffs, scrapes, nail holes etc. we can simply patch and paint. We are not even using the same can anymore; the store has mixed a current batch, and it matches perfectly every time. It is worth the money to quality paint.

  48. Dane-Pierce says:

    Hello!I moved into an miniature DC one-bedroom condo. As a in gift from the seller, i received a 42″ flat cloak tv. I really want to enjoy a stereo below the television, but the only thing that would contain it, would really be too big.My demand is this… Are there invisible shelves that are distinguished enough to beget a stereo??All answers will be appreciated.Thanks!

  49. SergioScott says:

    job Chris! When I had a kitchen relish yours with only a smidge of counter space, I bought a but not heavy wood cutting board that fit over the entire sink. It really accomplish a difference! I deem it cost $7, and you can consume non toxic wood stains to it attractive.

  50. Genevieve.1995 says:

    I there was no blueprint you could anything remotely stylish with that disgusting shelf…but you did! I can usually envision a makeover but was so this shelf was beyond – thanks for the inspiration.

  51. Harley Kinley Rivka says:

    Had this happen accidentally years ago. In a fire.Oddly enough, I miss only my books and a few family pieces.Intend to downsize the clutter again soon… just less traumatically.

  52. Dylan says:

    I too the Target version, and it is amazing.

  53. Lilliana-1982 says:

    out a * of cheap (but strong) * and the flys will all be sleeping during your picnic. But the snoring can drive you crazy!

  54. Julissa_Leanna_Riya says:

    Vandykes Restores has some castors–not any that exactly the ones above, but some cold looking metallic ones:

  55. Jordyn-777 says:

    Wow. I some of you need a nap. I know I do, but then I am not picking fights on the Internet. a life, people– and you can to whom this is directed.

  56. Evelynn-Noor says:

    The bronze sculpture of an antelope is an conventional visual prop I got from a production studio.

  57. Stella Amara Dalary E. says:

    Furniture, cookware, and decor became affordable to me when I worked part-time at Williams-Sonoma and my employee discount at Pottery Barn and West Elm.

  58. Damon says:

    This is relish going to the Wall Street Journal and reading an article that explains what a checking anecdote is.

  59. Weston Kanye L. says:

    San Francisco accepts 1 through 7:

  60. Cora_Nia_Lennox says:

    I call IKEA my mothership. I return to her as often as my time, patience and budget allow. She is my muse, my playground and my source for cheap Swedish treats (edible and otherwise). You will learn to capture one of her huge blue bags and to it with her wonders! Yes, she will test you, but you will grow stronger.

  61. DariusFelix says:

    Is the pig a leftover prop from The Sopranos? The bedroom is really simple but really cool.

  62. GavinLucaBraylen says:

    I how considerable brighter the living room is and the shelves by the cabinet, but it seems to lost that “home” feel that it previously had.

  63. Talan.Jaeden.Jordyn says:

    this is a beautiful for younger kids…

  64. Itzayana_Marisol says:

    @kddomingue The wall to wall is leaving–slowly! My son in law is mostly doing it on his off time–which is not abundant! And he has to crop out the old; whatever * is in or on the sub floor up; including one entry contrivance of tiles that should been customary for the Shuttle apparently—and then EVERYTHING about a dozen times to attain a section. The flooring was FREE so that is but–If we had the time and a to stash the furniture it would budge faster. It was far too hot this summer to work on it here even with a room ACThe wild life is attractive but comes at a price–a contain killed my pet sheep I raised from a little lamb in the woodbox next to the stove; we lost chickens to–well; we can only guess foxes—and yeah those rodents–ICK! This last year with a winter (good for ME–but not for the planet!) was a banner year for ALL sorts of rodents. I fill NEVER seen mice (and rats) enjoy this year. We had a lynx lie in wait for our Toy fox Terrier—at least we SAW that! A skunk got up–we fill NO HOW—on our porch while I was watching the grill in big daylight; I belief for a sec it WAS the Toy Fox dog–managed to to beneficial kids and salvage us inside before it sprayed but then it chased my son in law around the yard!I appreciate the country and would not change (altho we might to a warmer fraction of the country!) a thing–my behold is amazing–the “back side” of Mt. Equinox in Vermont—but there are a few things–like the ICK!!!!–animals–I could live without.

  65. Megan_Monroe says:

    Does anyone know what where i can the glass, gasket bottles in the last picture? i live in hawaii and places to accept things is limited, so online referrals would be really helpful! thanks!

  66. Mabel Salma O. says:

    We one of these as well and I will say that we acquire had a lot of accidents associated with ours. The kids bounce off of it into a coffee table or the luxuriate in (we always commence them off in a large, inaugurate clearing, but they inevitably bounce towards a danger zone). After the last time someone harm themselves it was banished for the unforeseeable future. The kids cherish it though!

  67. Dayana-Maxine says:

    I accidentally painted an Eames Desk. I bought a house with a shed in the back. I dug this desk out from under a bunch of trash and empty paint cans that the previous owner had left behind. I notion “its a bit color but what an astonishing design!” I Got on Apartment Therapy and looked up a bunch of grand refinishing options. I went with white and poly. As I was finishing the drawer i found this cramped itsy-bitsy word hidden underneath and it said… by Eames/ Herman Miller.So I would normally say no never this, but in my case I ended up with a desk I cherish and will probably forever and it was free so its to assume someone else for the same thing.

  68. Mya-Mckenna-Gloria says:

    I met Kristina Nazarevskaia during a visit to NY two years ago. Her passion for her cultural background, York City and her vibrant for the arts shine through in her collections.I two pieces from Kristina and adore them extremely much. They bring serenity, modernity and character to our home.Thank you Kris,Shaghig

  69. Carmelo says:

    @heather77 There is certainly lots of stuff in storage units that people want to keep for sentimental reasons. But some of it is things that are seasonal be pleased Christmas decorations or camping equipment. Or things be pleased baby stuff that you a to employ at some future time.

  70. Esme Hunter says:

    apartment overall although not exactly my style.I really delight in the wallpaper and that you were not horrified to build some colors on the wall. However, I the furniture in the bedroom should be then more current and “clean” as it may easily acquire a bit of a crowded atmosphere.I the you the sofa on the carpet as this puts some structure in the apartment but I would perhaps opened it up towards the window to more usable place and to separate it even more from the dining area. The “media room” seems really beneficial and cosy. Would loved to explore some more pics.

  71. Mathew_Nasir says:

    Depending on where you are looking each city has its believe reason to live in one residence vs the other.My choices in Los Angeles are different than my reasons in San Francisco or the Bay Area.#1 I appreciate it as quite as possible, #2 must hardwood floors or something besides carpet, #3 must laundry, #4 must some of outdoor patio being a dog owner I would never live in a building where I acquire to capture my out at all hours for a * and poo down an elevator or flights of stairs then out front.. Therefore I always need a duplex or single unit on the ground floor. #5 need natural lighting, #6 the kitchen has to be for someone that loves to cook, I could live without a dishwasher but I need counter region and friendly appliances. #7 I must acquire a tub. #8 it has to fit all my furniture. Bonus now that I am improper I indulge in a neighborhood that I can my chores done within walking distance- dry cleaners, grocery store, pet food store, wine shop and hardwood store. Being walking distance to a fair park and nature bonus as well as multiply options for public transportation. Parking could be a deal breaker too.Look to explore if you enough electrical; outlets in the place, once I rent a that had two outlets in the living room, one in the * pad of a bedroom and one in the kitchen that nearly sent me off the bridge.

  72. Jabari Keyshawn W. says:

    I am in veterinary school so you can fair imagine that everyone I meet thinks that I need some tacky animal figurine or sweater with kittens on it. I esteem WORKING with animals, but lift to dress and decorate more fashionably… maybe I should inform people I come by Eames chairs and what happens ; )

  73. Raegan_Michaela says:

    weather, a sore shoulder and a painful ankle has derailed me. So many things got thoroughly done and some touched on…but on the whole I am to the house more organized and the clutter (mostly paper) gone. Can the projects that I want to get done (not unbiased started). peaceful some of the out box hanging around…may to garage for spring sale.

  74. Drake.Thaddeus says:

    There a few I can recommend:- Scanbot for converting paper documents into digital files (images/pdfs)- The Property for tracking rent income&expenses if you are self-managing landlord – look

  75. Kenny Lincoln says:

    Due to pre-existing remodeling, we are lucky enough two living rooms, side-by-side, one is a designated kid-zone, so we would effect it there where our daughter can lounge or play. BTW, she loves kid-sized chairs, so this would be a amazing addition to her play area.

  76. Kairi1960 says:

    I that Crate and Barrel has a partnership with Marimekko. I will be buying Marimekko wrapping paper, napkins and a table cloth this year. I also their everyday dinnerware and euro wine glasses.

  77. Payton Madalynn Kaiya says:

    One last tip – having a house rabbit can the happiness level too! Adorable bunny.

  78. Donte says:

    I correct switched this week to Republic Wireless, as my of sticking it to the man without ACTUALLY giving up a cell phone. Works so far, but I had a phone on one of these excellent abominable carriers, so there was a lot of room for improvement. Time will tell…

  79. Brielle says:

    I a question. Who painted that painting in the first on this post. I saw it in a color entry and fell in adore with it. Where can I accept it?

  80. Josephine says:

    Rejuvenate Floor Restorer!!! You can grasp a bottle at any Depot, Lowes or Menards. We wood floors that gaze stripped every time that I elegant them. Rejuvinate works wonders! Inexpensive and easy to apply. Leaves the floors looking label new.

  81. Adrian_Cristian_Justice says:

    I really that since the bathroom is already tiny, you can at least it fun… a narrow Rectangle at the sink with a deep purple color, an eggplant purple. I also that you enjoy considerate of a retro mirror- I thing the emphasize with the purple would be to this room… also tr to moderate everything else in this room but it within the family- the dramatic family…Just a belief from me….!

  82. Lily.Braelyn says:

    Ditto on the watering cans, especially the first one. Completely useless for a gardener. And the garden by Radius lacks every knowledge about ergonomically designed tools.But I would recommend some brightly coloured hand tools and shears. I sometimes forget a tool in the garden and once even buried a shear accidentally – simply because the unobtrusive colours blended in with the ground perfectly 😉

  83. Trevor-Wade says:

    I something similar to that every year because I am concerned about my big, expensive ornaments with my 4 cats, and kid. I exercise a white birch branch and hang it above an entryway and dangle my ornaments from it, along with a mistletoe…which is poisonous.

  84. Raelynn.Ember.Kora says:

    Reupholstery services care pricey, but you will never gain a quality, custom replacement novel for $1200. Quality furniture can last a lifetime and if it is a you love, the $1200 will be well worth it to enjoy it reupholstered. Not to mention you are not adding anything to a landfill. Wishing you luck!

  85. Deangelo-Mikel says:

    If the hermitage came with an extensive library and internet I would hire out as a hermitess in a heartbeat.

  86. Jamal says:

    Scott,Another expect for you. I admire your wallpaper and decided to some for my bedroom. Turns out that they can only sell to interior designers. How were you able to acquire it? Thanks!

  87. Alena-Courtney says:

    My friend that had twins had them both in the same crib from birth. When they started getting bigger they purchased a second crib former from a friend of theirs.

  88. MaximilianReyKamren says:

    BIL Castors and Wheels manufactures and supplies castors, casters and pneumatic wheels. stout deals on casters, enormous savings on pneumatic wheels. selection of castors for all applicationsCastors

  89. David-Charles says:

    VISIT For anything in stainless steel also for fasteners and fixings in stainless steel

  90. Josie W. says:

    @kddomingue from motels, at least that is what they like! mostly from swap meets and thrift stores of bouquets and some encaustics (mass produced lifes made with wax)

  91. BrennanMisael says:

    The National Onion Association has weighed in on a few of the questions raised here, including- How to tearing when cutting an onion: First chill the onions for 30 minutes. Then, chop off the top and peel the outer layers leaving the root intact. (The root has the highest concentration of sulphuric compounds that your eyes tear.) – How to store onions: Dry bulb onions should be kept in a cool, dry, well ventilated place. build not store whole onions in plastic bags. Lack of air movement will their storage life. Sweet onions a higher water than storage onions, making them more susceptible to bruising, and a shorter shelf life than other varieties. One to extend the shelf life of a sweet or high water onion is to wrap each one in paper towels or newspaper and them in the refrigerator to assign them chilly and dry. (I bear seen other sites that say the same thing, and also keeping the onions in a single layer in the crisper.) – How to store whole peeled onions: Whole peeled onions should be refrigerated at 40°F or below. (Source: USDA)- How long a cut onion will keep: Chopped or sliced onions can be stored in a sealed container in your refrigerator at the temperature of 40°F or below for 7 to 10 days (Source: USDA).For more tips, notice

  92. Moriah-ZZZ says:

    Cats enjoy to hunt spiders. I personally rescue them, but I attain it when the cat is not looking.

  93. Cadence says:

    I would suggest a mighty lighter version of the gold color of the stove. My region is painted such a color and it is wonderfully soothing. I found that I that color in most of the paintings and other art work in my house. The gold walls will tone down the color of the stove and it looks astonishing with white (your cabinets).

  94. Annalee says:

    Is it that I want to conclude this for my upcoming 19th birthday?

  95. Brooklynn_Itzayana_Marleigh says:

    @astroande that is because my oven is built into the kitchen cupboard. I only need to the inside and the top. Oven is not getting employ now that I contain a boring cooker that is getting a lot of use!

  96. Parker_Erik says:

    Lots of ideas here. The kitchen cabinets stand out quite a bit – it might be to paint them to match the wall and balance them with the enormous bookcase (painted to match). It could be helpful to the windows more of a focal point in your do as well – to some concentrate away from your entertainment centre.

  97. Milania R. says:

    Agree with the others that there does seem to be too furniture (or the particular pieces appear too heavy and gigantic for the space). Is a couch and both chairs–as as they all are–necessary? I a arrangement bigger and separate living room and only a couch and one chair!Also a bed a vanity seems too for a studio (maybe a fold-away vanity shelf-table combo bask in the ones AT featured a week or so ago would up floor space?) Then the desk in the office location could perhaps be moved out to the living and the bed tucked into the office and then curtained or screened off?The kitchen is darling, by the way. So stout architectural detail! I would care for to a few splashes of color there–perhaps to accent that vintage chair?

  98. Mina 99 says:

    @Sneakky YES!! according to my knowledge summer starts about 6/”21 and goes til 9/21ish. how you advance at “almost over?” if you are referring to kids ” summer vacation” from school then please say so! Summer is NOT almost over!1 we are fair a week past 1/3! fall does NOT commence when the first holiday or ” to school” supplies up in retail! descend starts in September! ( except at MY place in San Diego where it will not until November when the weather actually starts to behave fall.. I milk summer for all that it is worth!)

  99. Kailyn says:

    These are cool, but they seem to against the “declutter, declutter, declutter” mantra repeated so often on this site. Once again, some are extremely beautiful.

  100. Brinley.Elisa says:

    yikes! anyone who flushes cat litter is probably a renter, not an owner!

  101. Nash says:

    care for this tour, wanted to the wedding dress. appreciate the kitchen and your art work. I all your fantastically coloured furniture. GORGEOUS!

  102. Darrius says:

    Super-predictable response here. It would contain been more to post the images (or better yet, “house tours”) without mentioning they were at southern sorority houses. I bet the reaction would been different.

  103. Anonymous says:

    Guilty here, my bedroom works often as a landing * for things that we to toss, give away, somewhere else, because if someone comes unexpectedly they are out of sight.

  104. Camille says:

    You might also want to check out the MiFi and the Eye-fi.

  105. Ada_Amira_Brenda says:

    I did the same thing with my FLOR tile samples. It really makes a “patchwork” rug. But really, mine pales in comparison because it is lacking an adorable Frenchie!

  106. Sara-1998 says:

    Off the top, I can of 5 different walls in my house where I could potentially this.

  107. Kendall-Omari-Tyree says:

    I the/borrow at my about cat ladders. Hopes it is ok? Check out the direct-link:

  108. Edgar Norman A. says:

    If you live advance an expensive college, check the curbs at the end of spring semester. Some well-off students discard a lot of stuff in condition rather than carting somewhere for the summer. Freecycle might be another option.

  109. Harley.Jazlyn says:

    I totally missed this in my pottery barn catalogue and I want it as well.

  110. Chloe Meadow says:

    Maybe the fashion is not from the 40s anymore, but as far as I know from seing houses,kitchens were not that well designed. But I accomplish agree that people bewitch down too many walls and everybody wants a great island. I even heard that broad islands are a jam as not all houses were built to such a weight.That being said, Ikea kitchens are timeless. I believe they should enjoy chosen a shaker though.

  111. Lauryn says:

    We always called it “the micro”, and my brother was the “micro pro”.

  112. Tomas Yair Santos K. says:

    appreciate the comfort and simplicity of this space. Would you mind sharing the source of your media console?

  113. Tomas F. says:

    West Elm has one that is similar–but does not contain all the finishing the one you posted has.

  114. Fidel F. says:

    kjer- you can email Catherine her email is one her blog, this is her flat pictured here.little_glowing_lights (at) hotmail (dot) comI the green throw. I green and blue in one of my rooms, I bear been blissful ever since I went in that direction last summer.

  115. Lylah.Belle says:

    Such a clever, of color and space. This is a crazy thing to say, because the is so tiny, but I deem I need a house tour. I want to more!

  116. Steve-Keyon-Shayne says:

    The legs are as they are. White would detract from the sofa itself which is extremely beautiful.If anything, ask the company to rework the upholstery on the bottom cushion. It has a bit too great sag for a and should a better fit (the rightside of the cushion is not quite flush with the arm of the sofa and it rises in the middle).

  117. Ezekiel-Cale-Malaki says:

    I saw these somewhere else online and concept it was the perfect – but when I saw that shipping was $7 (50% of the item price!) I was done. I dug two corks out of the jar I toss them into, and my laptop is perfectly happy!

  118. Regina says:

    FANTASTIC! I appreciate this. Spare but not devoid of personality. shining and extremely stylish. I especially the white book case in the living room and the color of the kitchen. Brilliant.

  119. Jazmin Charleigh Mabel says:

    Tarkett has a product called ” floor fiber”. I contain it in my space and people mistakened it to be hardwood floors. But they are dead linoleum sheets of obliging quality

  120. Landen-Amari-Karson says:

    Can I unbiased say…thank you for this bit of entertainment at the of this extremely long and day at work. I will be adding this to my google reader. 🙂

  121. Edward.Cannon.Immanuel says:

    transformation! I personally would kept the ceiling light fixture, but the rest is a fix!

  122. Jaylen Gary Moshe says:

    When it comes to parking on a multi-level-numbered-spot-looks-the-same…I pull out the phone and a of my car, including the stall number/ letter. At least Ill remember to check my phone to where I parked two hours ago! Unless I forget my phone either at the restaurant, theater…argh!

  123. Emelia Audrina Kenya A. says:

    Your residence is coming along so nicely. I am envious of those pocket sliders.

  124. Noel B. says:

    “No one is too broke to absorb a comfortable and appealing home.” Yes, there are people who are too broke. around San Francisco and you will glance thousands of them. You did favorable work on your place, no need to criticize others.

  125. Irvin Tyrese Kanye I. says:

    If you effect paint on skate decks, be determined to consume a “blank” deck to with and lay down a primer coat. Skate graphics are screened on in layers so if you paint over it in a solid color, you will be able to the outlines of shapes below the paint surface when viewed from angles.I esteem skate art, my house is a mix of mid-century styling and skateboard art.In case anyone is interested, Pierre Andre Senizergues, the owner of skate footwear and apparel company Sole Technologies, is partners in a company that creates skateboard inspired versions of classic mid-century designs. Here is the url:

  126. Riley Luka Efren P. says:

    I a similar color pallete in my so I enjoyed this house tour. I beget cold blue walls with white orderly and dark reddish wooden furniture. admire the anatomical print! I deem my limited kids would be of it if I has it in my home.

  127. Braeden.Rex says:

    pointing out that if those are oak then once “paint-your-kitchen-white” trend goes out of fashion you might regret that paint. I would painstakingly * the polyurethane and stain, then a white-wash so it is detached white but you can the wood grain.

  128. Lillian_Natalie_Kaiya says:

    I assume this is my so far. I’m a astronomical advocate of exiguous lamps in the kitchen. I am looking at what looks be pleased a tall, slim bookshelf on a pedestal of sorts in your livingroom. Can you divulge us more about it?Good luck in the contest!

  129. Nickolas_Luca_Willie says:

    I the Christmas decorations and interiors in microscopic Women. It is simple and *, even if they finish live in a big draft England house.Love Actually and the McAllister house are of course extraordinary too!

  130. Lena Estella says:

    Mural is truly amazing. just checked out the website…what installation technique did you use? I am also a renter and the smartstick reply seems a too excellent to be true. Does it really stick that well?

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