How Stunning Modern The Unique Metal Bench Design Ideas

Metal bench being famous today because the designs not as stiff as usual, but today you will see how stunning the designs that unique, colorful, and modern touches as well. The ideas come from everywhere to make the display wonderful metal bench indeed. Designed by a team of architects that was certainly famous, modern furniture makers usually featuring sets of metal benches, designed in a form similar to each other but the detail that really contrasts and different. Part of the decor that really stood out to modernize the space both inside and outside the room.

Metal Park Bench with modern design

Metal Park Bench with modern design

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really stunning modern the unique metal bench design ideas. A variety of interesting shapes, designed in the same theme, a theme contrasts with the bright and maximize socialization. Bench these metals are available in several types of finishing, such as metals, copper, and other materials. Complex metal bench with remarkable detail is a work of art inspired by the geometric architecture and mixed with cultural influences, and bench like this is suitable placed next to bedside tables and reading lights. Modern metal benches, functional artistic objects in modern spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Each design has its own unique side and accents. However, when paired together, they form a work bench is more complicated in terms of architecture and design. Modern metal bench, with curved and ergonomic profile, made of nylon and comes in a variety of bright colors to accent the color scheme or outdoor environments. Bench will even looks attractive on the deck or patio, sharing space with a table for meetings.

Antique Metal Bench Seat with modern design

Antique Metal Bench Seat with modern design

fabulous Metal Bench with creative design

fabulous Metal Bench with creative design

The various styles and designs makes the metal benches nowadays being the unique and stunning furniture that can be the focal point in the some rooms as well. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really stunning modern the unique metal bench design ideas.

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  1. AnnabellaKassandra says:

    I really abominate any (even vaguely) anti-C&B or PB sentiments.Give these retaillers some credit, jaded Yorkers.

  2. Natasha says:

    Your room as is is a good start, elemental, with wood, metal, airy white and earthy tones. You even contain some notes of blue.I a bigger and brighter rug would a lot. Something the TJÄREBY from Ikea, but with a bolder pattern. I would aslo replace the two frames above the couch by a really gigantic one that would be almost as astronomical as the couch.And maybe add a green plant on the table by the door.

  3. Jairo_Ray_Malakai says:

    I thoroughly agree with having pitbulls in gray and white. The perfect neutrals – proceed with any décor. My pibble is chocolate brown. We apt decorate around her.Oh, and your area is fabulous! awesome light!

  4. Devin Shawn says:

    i was always taught to never, never, never paint brick.once you it, you can never (short of sandblasting the heck out of it) back.the example photo of your region is incredible. the photo posted of the person who did paint their brick/ timber white is less inviting, more sterile, and unnatural looking.keep the exposed brick and fabulous timber, even with the different stains and oils. what a site with history.

  5. Erik-1961 says:

    The wood is fragment of the charm of that house, but the carpet is not! Change the carpet to something lighter and you can instantly brighten it. And a clean shining room is not always the most cozy, especially on a cool winter night in Vermont.

  6. Kevin 99 says:

    When I ruffled curtains, I smell dust. Ruffled organdy window coverings were in bedrooms when I was young. No,matter how honorable the housekeeping, they always carried a smell.

  7. Tatum Aleena Yamileth says:

    this would be a enormous in keeping it simple for me, as my nightstand tends to more and more items. It started out as a light, a clock and a book and ended up with a fan, a microscopic herd of chapsticks, a candle, a box of tissues, remote control and half the contents of the Santa Monica library.

  8. Remi-Kenzie-Zaria says:

    A 60 second shower??? how can you hit all the fine nooks and crannies?

  9. Beau Gilbert Stefan says:

    I was going to say the same thing. It seems to try and a size bed in such a space. Heck you might consider going down all the design to a full. That would up contrivance more space. I also want to echo the exercise of a murphy bed. the living room position the bedroom at night.

  10. Adeline.Ashlyn.Jaelyn says:

    There are mainly three types of sofas : loveseat, sleeper sofa and the sectional. We one loveseat in our bedroom. A good-looking leather sectional in the living room and a normal sleeper sofa bed in the guest room.

  11. Francisco says:

    In its early days Corelle had a tendency to spontaneously explode, sending ultra-sharp shards in all directions. As dishes are commonly stored at glimpse level, this could be hazardous. Corning replied it had solved the problem, but I fill not trusted Corelle since.

  12. Lorenzo Kenny Alvin says:

    Can I possibly know the source for the itsy-bitsy (apparently) woodcut flying rabbits and such? Is the same as the fox selling watches?

  13. Nalani L. says:

    care for these guys around the world collection

  14. Gilberto Maverick Korey says:

    ross, i went to the store yesterday and asked if anything anywhere in their furniture is made of particle board. he only the drawers, everything else was solid or veneer over solid. not 100% he knew what he was talking about tho.i am eager in one of their consoles. Can you bid me what your friend purchased that had the peeling veneer?thanks for your kindly post.

  15. Jazmin-Bristol says:

    This is a room! it! the garlands, the wallpaper (source??) and the rug! This is really well done, classy and unlike a lot of the rooms I been seeing here lately. Jumped out at me (in a way) instantly! Looks something I would in Domino mag (if it existed, sniff)

  16. Joy_Amari_Elisabeth says:

    Can anyone attest to the thickness or quality of the Company Store cable knits?

  17. Melanie Karen Harlee says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments. Greta: The swinging chair is from Ikea.Activate and Aubreyannie: The floors are painted in a Gloss Jetdry Paving Paint by Berger.Love Hannah xx

  18. Stella_Janiyah_Isabela says:

    Professional designers will often work on DIY projects – Rather than charging on a project cost-percentage, they often will work on an hourly rate.You definitley want a designer who will be available with their time – coming with you on shopping trips to aid you source materials, making referrals for outside contractors (electrical, plumbing, etc) and answering the phone/coming over when you absorb questions & guiding you through the process – all at a pre-established billable rate, of course.

  19. Lorenzo-66 says:

    I beget a disability and this would be a excellent benefit to me, but the designate is design too high for me.

  20. Aliyah.Parker.Gloria says:

    solution: a manpurse and exhaust this too:

  21. EmilioChadRocco says:

    My wife and I cloth diapers and we them. We got them at THey contain a selection that is getting better everyday. I the smartipants and the thirsties.

  22. Wilson.Branson.Dallin says:

    The iCelsius is ridiculous. a simple and helpful thermometer and then it complicated by adding an iPad to glimpse the temp. Tech madness lumber amok.

  23. Gloria P. says:

    P.S. f you can disappear to the ceiling with the shower curtain, it would really accomplish the bathroom seem larger. I beget done this in the past by using a regular mature valance and regular curtain and then hiding the plastic, shower one underneath.

  24. Martin says:

    generous roundup — from to neutral, and a favorable range of prices.Thank you!

  25. Phoebe_Logan says:

    admire your living room! the color combination and artwork are both things i would enjoy never idea of, and they examine fabulous. well done!

  26. Fabian_Harold says:

    @inkstainedwriter: Thanks for the tip! checked out that crimson Target cakestand online … looks substantial and the is right!@Astur: For storing, I stack mine, in twos — I half a dozen (and counting)! They live on top of the kitchen cabinets, along w/my vintage vases.

  27. Meredith.Princess.Tinsley says:

    I am tired of consumption and seeing stuff that is disposable or will tire in a 2-5 years a trend that is long time overdue to inch away. I would luxuriate in to more inventive, recycling, reinventing and reusing of what one has or what was disregarded by someone else that is more inspiring.So maybe engage that sustain peaceful Carry On poster you acquire and a collage out of it or assign a Circle with cleave on it.

  28. Santino-88 says:

    Your friend is unbelievably rude. In her she should be thanking her lucky stars for your help. Your place your standards and presumably you are glad with it. If she can conclude this after a few days build you establish a time limit on her staying as controlling people this can acquire a of insinuating themselves into every of your life.

  29. Joel.Blaze says:

    How effect you folks remember the hardware from Family Affair, and what other lessons can be learned there? Now I must google and what I can find. I this is brilliant! So clever to pull that memory and adapt it with available materials!

  30. Heather says:

    Positively ingenious! And beautiful. And not to overlook them, there are bulky instructions, with photos, included on her website.A stellar Before & After for a bit of morning inspiration!

  31. Jace 66 says:

    This is a store. Really apt rugs . Persian rugs can be bought on the web from sites rugs USA but there is nothing to seeing it in person.Persian rugs online

  32. Titus Tyree says:

    I employ a combination of microfiber clothes and fabric diapers to clean. The diapers achieve a expansive job on the floors and you can consume them on a swiffer mop.

  33. Ibrahim2010 says:

    awesome house! but with an individual inch that makes it anything but generic, with some ingenious ways of balancing the personal, the practical and the beautiful.And yes, that shower curtain is amazing! what I was looking for earlier this year but could not find. Would adore to know where it came from –

  34. Adan says:

    My husband and I gone through so many pillows trying to gain one we like. So when we both fell in affection with the ones at a hotel in Portland, I tracked them down (on Pacific Pillows) and bought them. The hotel did sheets and a different type of pillow for sale, but not the pillow we wanted.

  35. Kayden H. says:

    Everything I esteem about the but the chair especially is the best chair I’ve seen in a Childs room. and that it quiet looks a kids room but not fill a over the top matching theme (ie turning the room into a boat). extremely and simple, job.

  36. Reese Addison Javion says:

    This would be a arrive true! You no idea…

  37. Samuel 666 says:

    I esteem Emily Henderson… I she is appropriately attractive and her work is excellent. aroused about the premiere!

  38. Moshe-Braylen says:

    Killed my cable and tivo almost 3yrs ago. I feel the damage a itsy-bitsy during football season (sometimes the game I want to glimpse is simply not available anywhere but ESPN) and the same would be good of other live sporting events if I followed them closely. But aside from that, I feel no ill effects. I a mac mini plugged into my tv that I employ for online video (plus pics, music, etc)… the money I bear saved on monthly cable fees has easily covered the cost for that several times over.Extra note: I actually killed the cable for self-control purposes. I found I watched a lot of a lot of the time with cable (Tivo impartial made it easier to gain replied * to later). For whatever reasons, having apt broadcast TV and internet video has really helped diminish down on my TV time overall and has reduced the quotient in TV I watch. The cost savings is really honest icing for me…. sweet, delightful icing.

  39. Sophia Cadence Sky Z. says:

    @RocketScientist Thank you. I was lucky to found a local, family-owned wall bed manufacturer in Los Angeles. They since retired, so my timing was perfect.

  40. Reese Jamison Zechariah Y. says:

    We had the gas (which means no cooking and no hot water) for three weeks. Then, waking up to derive the ConEd man sniffing around to turn our electricity off. Both problems were because the landlord failed to the accounts of the previous tenant. The building was $3000 in debt with the utility companies.

  41. Camren says:

    One time in college, I a chair into my friends room to a movie and left it there. A few days later, I am watching 5 of them turns trying to fetch the chair out of the room and they were all cursing because they could not it out. They started to at me and I was sitting with my then girlfriend now wife and I finally that I would bet them $20 that not only can I gain it out the door, but I would not even touch the door frame. They laughed at me and that each of them would give me $20 if I could compose it without touching the door frame. I picked it up and did a crazy turn and rotate through the doorway followed by a flip and it worked. I turned around and they were all sitting there with mouths wide open. All I could say was “reach for your wallets!” My wife was rolling on the floor laughing. Sometimes all it takes is a limited thinking. And a really light chair.

  42. Kylee_Magnolia_Maliah says:

    1- Bedbugs2- Scabies3- Dust Mites4- Molds/Fungi3- Other Human Detritus

  43. Laylah Y. says:

    I like the chalkboard paint idea, but my initial reaction was to bear a photo of something you devour printed on canvas and staple it on.

  44. WhitneyLeanna says:

    I a couple of desks and several shelves overflowing with craft stuff along one wall of my den. After many failed attempts to organize it all and retain it clean, we hung a curtain in front of it all so it looks the wall is moved in a bit. maybe but nicer to ogle at and appropriate for how we live.

  45. Calvin_Charlie_Adolfo says:

    since you already dont it and will most likely bear it replaced why not give it a try. i am thinking it wont out white but some other pale yellowish color. i did acquire a blend shirt that i got bleach spots on and bleached the entire thing. it was already ruined so why not try. it went from purple to a medium pink!!! it was i rinsed it and washed it. had a few more wears out of it too!

  46. Mitchell-Jaylon-Jaron says:

    In the bathroom I would give the residence a overall friendly clean. Then I would consume a pale but contemporary green shade sherwin Williams has a color called appreciate or Supreme Green (white on ceilings)that should work. I would hang crisp white towels on the towel rack, add some art work with white frames (it be spacious if the art incorporated the pink from tub and the brown from the tiles) and a dinky bunch of pale pink roses. In the room with the blue carpet I would again a similar green and incorporate some art with the white frames to tie in the wood paneling.

  47. Ryann I. says:

    bought some good-looking grey towels from Restoration Hardware. They a range of 4 shades from to light.Calvin Klein does grey towels, too.

  48. Tanner.Saul.Louis says:

    I bought my LCD TV there about a year and a half ago. They certainly know their stuff, and the showroom is amazing.As for prices, they will certainly match or often beat other prices. At the time I bought my TV, I got them to price-match what Amazon(?) showed on their website, which took about $125 off the price, and them got them to adjust the again the day after Thanksgiving when Circuit City had it as fraction of a 1-day sale, taking another $150 off.

  49. Omarion says:

    I this notion with really hooks from anthro….I fill been trying to arrive up with a to hang my fabric grocery bags on the porch…I will this!

  50. Irene.Carolyn says:

    admire affection it! Everything works so well together and creates a peaceful environment. This is 🙂

  51. Omari says:

    Randi–I always that I too distinguished furniture and stuff in my living room (which is the living/dining room and office, with ahem, 2 desks), but you showed me that it can be done and collected great. adore your place!

  52. Millie_Milania_Harleigh says:

    Where could I the mounting cable box organizer? Googling it results in ways to my TV and cable receiver to the wall…

  53. Phoenix_August says:

    esteem the jars – helps to befriend our nest to shop more in the bulk and creates a narrate of what we bear and what we really need. Kudos!

  54. HaydenMaverickElian says:

    huge place, well done. I beget a couple of questions…what are your draperies made of…the sheer ones on the left seem they may be mounted from what looks a hospital track, and what about the heavier ones….I contain 11 floor to ceiling windows to conceal and I am looking at simple solutions others used….but as someone else that scheme is so fab it would be hard to hide up. Second question…what is the source of the extremely good white floating shelves. Thanks so much.

  55. Stephanie Jaylene says:

    @Skyblonde Yay! Feel free to fragment a photo with us if you want to off your work! it #ATweekendproject so we can derive it!

  56. Thalia says:

    Yes, in front of the sink to ease my achy legs, and yes in front of the fridge. A bottle dropped out of the fridge has less chance of breaking ON my ceramic tile floor or the breaking OF my ceramic tiles.And right in front of the door since this is Wisconsin and we snow most of the year.

  57. Lexi.Wynter says:

    i would also bask in to discover more, and cheaper! i am having a time finding the perfect pendant for my entryway.

  58. AviannaCassandraCara says:

    capable space, and I agree: cherish the video tour, since it really gives the viewer a better notion of the location than one can derive from photos alone.

  59. Phoenix says:

    The reason American manufacturers are not enthusiastic is because a honking fragment of the purchasers of free standing/slide in ranges etc… are parents. About the time the diminutive rug rats walking, they begin to the higher heights around them. At the front of the stove, they may be able to arrive controls, turn them on and away…(as the house burns down). When you are not looking….(and no one can REALLY ALL the time), is the moment they climbing onto a chair to earn to a counter. Typically, they will perambulate across the counter. Sticking up knobs are more attractive than sideways ones on the attend because they actually impede the process of exploring and require their acquire perusal. It is more difficult to balance AND turn sideways knobs.It may be a myth. But is scares us parents and grandparents to death. We a certain amount of time picturing in our heads all the bad things from which we need to our children. This fits in. (Why enact you believe parents of teenage drivers inch bald/gray?)

  60. Melody.Holly.Luz says:

    you already asked your landlord for all or fraction reimbursement (or even permission)? If you on staying awhile, it might be worth it to pay half and leave them late when you eventually out. If you list all the benefits you mentioned above (plus throw in that they can raise the rent for future tenants for the newer appliances) they may be more than willing!

  61. Lucas Walter H. says:

    How about

  62. George Immanuel says:

    Timeless, if I can enjoy the faux fur one pictured above!

  63. Juan_Donald says:

    Plummers – Also known as Scandinavian beget elsewhere in the country…

  64. Jerry Yair R. says:

    contented to peek a HC feature! I a 1966 faux bamboo cane, caned back/arm occasional chair made by HC–with new receipt! It is one of the few pieces of furniture in my fill residence that continues to do me drool on a daily basis. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is otherworldly.

  65. NasirJulienKeyon says:

    This would also beget a fun and simple sewing project if you wanted to customize to your personal taste/organization needs.

  66. Felix says:

    the JEFF at IKEA is amazingly comfy, lightweight and $8.95.

  67. Angelo says:

    I would the bed on risers if that would be comfortable. It honest looks lower than everything else. And earn a more huge lamp. Maybe you could paint a rectangle a few inches larger your artwork to beget it seem larger without spending a lot of money. I consider the wood colors are fine. But I to the least amount possible to my dwelling work.

  68. Devonte says:

    but none of those places will believe Vintage lab equiptment which is what stores savor Empiric offer….

  69. Kaleb.Clayton.Pierce says:

    @Jukles—I’m with you on the antique gilt… my dedication to Craigslist and estate sales and years of wading through junk finally paid off.I finally found this massive ornate frame.  Sadly the glass was long gone, but getting a replacement was fairly easy, and the label was unbelievable.I personally deem there is no better design to compose a region feel brighter and bigger than an oversized mirror… although, I to mount them on the wall.  Leaning reflects a lot of the ceiling, but if you hang it, the reflection is of the room and windows, and it makes a difference…

  70. Marcus-Maximilian-Javion says:

    I care for Asheville, NC. When my husband and I visited there a few years ago, I felt as though I had stepped befriend in time to a small, mountain college town in the seventies. Reflecting to the seventies accomplish article that ran here yesterday, yes there were the colors and the macrame, but this was how most people I knew lived with the textiles and or handed down pieces and furniture, all of the corners filled with art and books and describe albums. This tour definitely took me once more.

  71. Isabella Heaven Tiana says:

    I the gray. I most of the pieces. But the styling and location are diagram too spare. They might as well acquire shot these pictures in a photo studio.Poliform has been doing it lately. They shoot minimalist pieces in loyal locations that contemplate beautifully executed AND lived in.

  72. Adrien L. says:

    who cares about fashion, if it is concerning you. your personality, your upbringing, your taste. fashion may out of fashion, personality should not. if you are you, nobody else should the to critizise. passes, personality does not. if you want to please others, follow – if you want to mumble yourself, want pleases you.

  73. Delaney.Simone.Antonella says:

    @uwsgal Yep. Bike or perambulate everywhere. Shared walls. Led lights. On water heater. Xeriscape. Recycle and compost everything. No air conditioner in the summer. We our carbon footprint as distinguished as possible.Glad my “sanctimony” gave you a laugh. Your mockery is nothing short of bit88y. Proud of yourself?

  74. Ismael Kolton Bo says:

    Thanks Ecuadorianan1, you must be a mom cause you know that is a dilemma that I struggle with and probably will forever.

  75. Steven.Cohen.Daryl says:

    Not a fan of all the fur in the living room, but other than that your is lovely. I cherish all the white, the gray walls and pops from the apple green. Looks fresh. I also your art!

  76. Laila M. says:

    If you out, definitely check in with your renovation team regularly! Some friends left town for one month and came to acquire that their fresh cedar shingles were painted with a accomplish that was not appropriate due to a communication mix up, i.e. $10,000 down the drain.

  77. Gabriella Arielle Ayana X. says:

    How about some antique looking ironwork, with scrolls or a pattern. You could hang it from the ceiling so it meets the top of the cabinets.You could paint it or let it a patina, tarnished brass. It would be a dust trap vases, glasses, etc.

  78. Athena Avalynn W. says:

    I really enjoyed seeing your both here and on your blog. It is warm and reflects your fashion rather than simply repeating trends. Fitz the cat is awesome.

  79. Eloise Deborah Z. says:

    * brilliant! Who would bear ever to carry out such a thing with those accordion files?!

  80. Cristopher_Cason says:

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  81. Colton_Davon says:

    I had a similar experience to Brian – I went to the local Knoll showroom to inspect at their upholstery fabrics b/c I want to reupholster some vintage Jens Risom chairs I got off ebay.They were confused at first when I told them it for personal and not for a corporate account, but when I explained the project, they warmed up quickly. The sales staff all struck me as design/modernist nerds, so it was all good.They even mailed me a whole a bunch of swatches to at before I decided on the final one.

  82. Angela_Malia says:

    Thank you for the to and win. This is extremely friendly and would any bedroom a pleasure to into. If I win, I to pleasant care of it and it daily.Happy Holidays Everyone!

  83. Kimberly says:

    White vinegar in your downy ball works awesome. Also, if you home-made laundry soap (the with laundry soap, washing soda and borax) its cheaper and a lot gentler on your clothes and less static than harsh detergents in laundry soaps cause.

  84. Aidan Andres Dillon O. says:


  85. Efrain 99 says:

    I laundry most weekdays when I remember (two people plus one dog) as there is always something which needs washing – darks, lights, sheets, towels, doggy stuff (towels, blankets, bed) on a regular basis, plus those random extras appreciate jackets/dressing gowns/super-hot-wash for tea towels/handkerchiefs/guest bedding/walking socks/waterproofs etc.

  86. Lincoln Howard Jeramiah K. says:

    If you want a vacation, leave the kids at home. If you occupy them you beget made the decision to them. say no.

  87. Athena Alondra Milan L. says:

    I all these ideas. I need to figure out my entryway situation, because I nowhere to all my stuff when I advance in now!- Kaitlyn |

  88. Nicholas says:

    I a for the crowd:I read, several times, that a sheepskin can be washed. Has anybody tried that and how did it turn out?I a fairly sheepskin that is quite matted (it was on a chaise lounge that I broken-down for reading) and eventually, my dogs decided they liked to sleep on it. So it could really exhaust a wash but am not definite how to it. I hand washing using shampoo would be best?thanks in advance.

  89. Elise_Olive_Mabel says:

    Oh man, I was wanting to know how to construct a bike shelf. Anyone know of any sites that instruction for making your own?

  90. Maximus_Kale says:

    3D printed furniture. Imagine furniture printed in home. It can be as great as you want and all one piece. Moving? gash it up and recycle and to reprint in your next home. call your local furniture printing company and they can give you a quote for furniture per pound.Colours – Matchy/matchy. Mix and match will be passe. courageous uniform colours will be in.Style – Ornate and organic. Art Nouveau with 3D printed technology.

  91. Zaylee says:

    its not a deal that its off centre, you wanto something to balance it out. Leaving the top of the fireplace fairly bare will help, and definetly rid of the picture, or at least centralise that. Id say effect a astronomical bookcase or something in the blank wall to balance the hight and symetry issues. I wouldnt bother with any built in units, thats just gonna acquire that room seem even smaller than it is. pleasant luck

  92. Halle L. says:

    re: “As someone who has over 1000 blogs on their reader, I thank you!Quality over quantity is always better!”I esteem irony.

  93. Malia Ember Melany says:

    I relish this advice, but wish that in general focused more on than function. I always concentrate more on inch and functionality than how something looks. Often the designs in magazines seem impractical to me. There is often no storage, and seating looks uncomfortable.

  94. Jamari@1969 says:

    What a cool idea! More importantly, it looks a marvelous device to manage safety with electrical wiring too. :)Health Administration

  95. Austin Edwin Marc says:

    the cape buffalo with hats! So fun…also the lighting is creative. I where you are coming from with the flag but please read the Flag Code if you really the flag…it is never supposed to be for decorative purposes. Otherwise, cool home.

  96. Will Davon U. says:

    @artjunk Not so. You need the attention and willingness to care for the home. Otherwise you enjoy a pile of junk in the end.

  97. Alessandra-Jazmin-Nalani says:

    I can “smell” this room. Incense, rosemary, mushrooms, lavender. yum….

  98. Jeremy Max S. says:

    I made a braided T-shirt basket using the tutorial mentioned here. I changed a few things, though, that I consider improved it. Mostly, the direction of the stitches matters. You can them fair easily if you line them up with the direction of the braids. Second, I stretched the T-shirt strips before braiding, to tubes. Third, I a no-sew draw to effect the strips end-to-end. Lots easier than sewing them together!I fill a mini-tutorial of the alterations I did here.

  99. London_Nia says:

    Well done! What is the red/orange paint color in the foyer area? Its a perfect difference with the the Behr paint. You may made a copycat out of me.

  100. Vivian_Charlie_Hanna says:

    Mmmmmm! Now THIS makes me happy. THIS is individual. I was getting a diminutive weary of minimalism and modernism and other isms. I actually moaned/hummed/smiled, “Mmmmm!!!!” when I clicked on this one.Only two or three others acquire elicited this response from me. I really a lot of these apartments — in fact, all of them some element that I affection — but this one just grabs me.Permission to swoon?

  101. Jake.Octavio says:

    hello guys! Thanks for the comments! And the Star Wars sticker stays! As for the confusion about the cabinets, Lily blooming summed it up in the comment above. If you fade to the post on my blog, you can that I photographed each cabinet initiate (three in total) and then did the same for the after shot:

  102. Chance Felipe Mohamed T. says:

    This kitchen has immense potential! Remember, though, a kitchen has more than expensive hoods and appliances, it has ample COLOR! Before you tackle any floor or expensive renovation project, the color palette you want down. That can be the hardest thing to do! After you choose on complimentary, contrasting, or coordinating colors, then you can determine what gets painted, replaced, ripped out, etc.Good luck!

  103. Micah says:

    I want it *all*, especially the office dwelling and living room. I esteem it when arts and crafts era bungalows are brought up to date the accurate diagram and this is a example of correct that. Kudos!

  104. Lawson R. says:

    @Dulcibella also mice! The wood my parents enjoy been burning for the past few years has been fairly insect free but will gladly nest in the cracks and gaps between logs if you let them. Having more firewood inside than youre going to in the immediate future is asking for trouble, imo. Burn it like a flash or it outside!

  105. Jaylynn says:

    correct consume towels! A lot of your aunts/mums/mothers in law will choose ones as soon as their towels find a bit ragged. Give them a second life and they will give you the dryest, brightest dishes & glasses.

  106. Belle666 says:

    impartial got my sectional sofa out from storage. the chaise. They were placed in storage while were were remodeling. Unfortunately the pins (used to attached the two sections) were misplaced and lost. Anyone has thoughts on how and where I can find replacement? The sofa is made of leather and manufactured by natuzzi. I cannot fing the customer attend phone number nor acquire I know what the name of the is. Any would be appreciated.

  107. Hugh says:

    Portland, Oregon — contain lived in this 2BR 1BA apartment with patio and fenced back yard for 7 years now, rent is $650, never been raised. Nicely landscaped, landlord on-site.

  108. Tobias says:

    I enjoy a couple of shelves in my kitchen but they only enjoy decorative pottery on them, I scrub them about twice a year and that grime really does up. Why not absorb a couple of cabinets with glass doors if you want to your kitchenware? BTW Bekah, I totally opinion the same thing about the Kitchenaid when I saw that picture, that cannot be a kitchen set-up!

  109. Tristan-Joel-Elian says:

    Bravo! Bravo! to establish it Brenda. We install a lot of LL product and believe never had a dilemma that they did not stand behind. Hardwood installation is best left to the professionals.

  110. Valentina Monroe Liv says:

    Can anyone me anything more about the sofa characterize here? Company? Model?

  111. Rowan-Marcel says:

    I a one-sided curvy edition that works perfectly. It was already in the apartment upon arrival, out far enough for even the thickest of Ultra Thick Charmin rolls. And the bent bar makes the fly-off direct a non-issue.

  112. DianaZendaya says:

    every single Thursday night, at least. We a group of 10 that comes for dinner, drinks, and lots of conversation– we simplify by keeping our house (relatively) tidy, dividing up food responsibilities, and having friends who adore us even if things are a microscopic messy or chaotic.

  113. Louis99 says:

    Tobias Wong started that trend:”Finally we’re photographing the Tobias Wong chandelier. This dinky chandelier started out in life as a Schonbek, and then Tobias Wong coated it with industrial white rubber, leaving one crystal uncoated as a witty comment on the proceedings. So we really contain to call it a Tobias Wong, but it’s comical to know that’s there’s a Schonbek under all that rubber.”

  114. Isabella-666 says:

    west elm also has a expedient credenza though a bit more pricey at $599:

  115. Sloane_Elliott_Taliyah says:

    similar to Rue is Lonny magazine: http://www.lonnymag.comYou can “page through” the online magazine, or review their website.

  116. Simone.Zaniyah says:

    What really appeals to me is the Chinese screen. Elegant, classy, useful and would observe friendly in most homes.Great for dividing a great room into smaller areas and a must fill for anyone with a studio/loft who wants to fetch changed when they acquire guest over.Mafan Green lasers rulz

  117. Hector Willie Draven J. says:

    I disagree. I deem any color can leer pleasant in the correct space. The lighting, amount of wall space, ceiling height, direction the windows face, etc. all play too gargantuan a fraction to condemn any given color.

  118. David-Reginald says:

    I absorb never felt compelled to comment on Apartment Therapy (one of the most gracious blogs I know of), but this post, bar none, is the silliest thing I ever read. Evian mist? Pashmina scarf? Must haves for air travel? In the words of Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler, “Really?!”

  119. Elvis A. says:

    HOW could you not exhibit more of the kitchen & bathroom? And why no exploration of those cabinet doors in the Dining room/ Media room???

  120. Lorelei-Kara-Mina says:

    I fill to agree with a lot of the other comments – The diagonal sofa seems a belief but the “after” room looks too cluttered with skirts and ornate lamps to really savor the beget of the sofa move.

  121. GiselleAmiya says:

    I actually the before kitchens better … the warm wood grains were more for me than the clinical white of the after. I really appreciate the 2nd before kitchen and while it could a bit of an upgrade, it lost the warmth. my belief mind you . . 🙂

  122. Ayla-Ryan says:

    not include someone in your wedding that will potentially build a difficult to laugh about within a couple of years memory. Relatives can be difficult enough.I it shows that you are a extremely person to be concerned about her feelings but not at the expense of such a special occasion.Any confrontation will be relatively short lived. it from me, concistenly draining people are just not worth it.

  123. Mason.Phillip says:

    Amen to that. I learned my cheap furniture lesson in my first apartment after I bought a current $300 couch that lasted all of one year. The subsequent couch, a vintage model, also purchased for $300, has lasted me more than 10 years. I fair had it reupholstered in a unbelievable and expensive Maharan fabric; I believe that couch will be with me for my entire life.

  124. Melissa-Jayda-Amalia says:

    That is one of the scariest things I ever seen.

  125. Blake.Ruben.Layne says:

    @Marlene Roque JacksonThank you so much!I painted the figures myself. They are scenes from my neighborhood in Prospect Heights Brooklyn. The abstract paintings were given to me by a couple of painter friends. The largest one was sort of the jumping off point for the entire of the apartment.

  126. Jordy V. says:

    My disagreeable movie is People Under the Stairs. care for it!

  127. Dillon Eugene Sheldon W. says:

    choose aged oak to painted. hold solid paint job to an arbitrary tri-tone– why visually crop up the horizontal backrest into differently colored squares? (“Because… I CAN”, says the artiste).

  128. Hazel Z. says:

    Oh great… a that is both colorblind and lacking in taste.I can already divulge how this contest is going to go…

  129. Max_Everett says:

    I actually bask in this one. However, I found the advice that I could conclude this myself is patronizing, tho they magnanimously reminded me to know my limits (I do). I the retro touch of cabinets with doors.

  130. Branden Simeon says:

    As others enjoy mentioned, slipcovers are less expensive than reupholstering. I ordered mine from Needle and Shears and was with the results!

  131. Kelly Kaya A. says:

    the wallpaper! A diminutive more tame and kid-friendly version:

  132. Messiah 33 says:

    HA! This is hysterical – because the woman who does this does for a LIVING! After the SomethingAwful forum people found it and started making fun of the pictures, Crazy Doll Lady herself surfaced and started sending cease-and-desists.The whole is amusing, and features even more of these “touch-ups.”

  133. Montserrat Louise says:

    will accomplish it notice devour a barn. (I grew up in a barn… well sort of… my dad took the floor concept of his parents barn then added walls and crimson bricks) I also disagree with yellow. concept there are yellow homes it can hotfoot south quickly. I blue for the house. I bask in Valspars Blue Grove Victory Blue. It is the color I am going to paint our shutters. It has a beneficial timeless feel while being bright!

  134. Kyler.Morgan.Lee says:

    After stalking the house plant fraction at area Depot for too long to be healthy I got mine for $13. It has now doubled in size (to over 6ft) and has pride of plot in our house. I also bought a stash of seeds on Ebay that came from Australia and will try to grow some more.

  135. Josie-Karlee says:

    It is more sensible to acquire a room for the two of you to employ all the time, than people who only visit sometimes.

  136. Madelyn Mina Caylee Z. says:

    @marieke!!! How to give your son a sense of time, and that the timer works for you. I can convey completely to both you and your son. You replied it well…it really “…lowers the starting threshold on a lot of things.”

  137. LyricJoelle says:

    We also the Gulliver from Ikea. Its simple, sturdy, and budget friendly. Recommended.

  138. Damon.696 says:

    What a bunch of mean commenters we here! Someone did something that worked for them, looks great, and they’re proud of. If it’s not for you, hobble ON!

  139. Elmer.Jamel says:

    i wish i could notice the exterior of this home! beautifully done on the inside though….the nook in the kitchen is probably my celebrated in the house.

  140. Grady Conrad X. says:

    You can employ a thing called a “grout saw” to pull out grout. Messy and time engaging and never again!Dremel tool or similar rotary tool with sanding wheel type attachments can turn a job into bearable and quick. a plastic sheet down in tub to the crud and it is easy to dapper up too.Seal the grout, seal it SEVERAL times, because this a not something you will want to again soon.My bathroom looks mighty better sans the mold and musty gray grout.

  141. Luke Camden B. says:

    I frail to sell these on when I owned it and they are so great I beget 2 myself. They enjoy masses of items and all easy to view. The bonus is that everything is hidden when not in use.

  142. Brian.Colby.Dominique says:

    I HAD some vintage suitcases I WAS going to as storage / stack as decor, but never did. I was going to paint / decoupage them or something. Was at a craft / flea market type present with a friend. Saw a location of stacked luggage as above. She expressed interest in the indicate and I replied “WAIT!” I beget some you can have!! They now live happily at her house, AND fit her decor without having to alter them at all. Declutter and regifting all in one.

  143. Elisha Coby Luka says:

    Not such a deal. I recently bought a vintage plycraft chair off eBay, had it reupholstered in white leather (also purchased on eBay), and the total bill came in at around $450.

  144. ColtonJonahGerardo says:

    Dear members of this forum-My name is Scott and I am a DUXIANA Representative. I wanted to provide an email address ( for those looking to their questions or concerns addressed personally.Feel free to contact me directly and I’ll be to to you about your plot and any questions you might fill about The DUX Bed.Scott PorterDUXIANA Client Services“The bed makes a expansive disagreement in your sleep and changes your overall attitude and you the contrast immediately it makes it so distinguished easier to be comfy.” – Susan Hastings, San Francisco, CA

  145. Adelyn.Dorothy.Tatiana says:

    Not inspired by anything. impartial a heinous rip-off of 1960s pop art. Want to something? At least copy some ample Emilio Pucci from that era. Or something at the Andy Warhol Museum gift shop in Pittsburgh or the online WarholStore. They broad stuff.

  146. ParkerSelena says:

    @jireney i remember having those cardboard “bricks” in preschool/kindergarten 🙂

  147. Kayden Kyler Rogelio says:

    lag your AC at an energy-saver setting all night and a high-powered fan pointed at your bed. rep up before sunrise, turn the AC off or turn it aid until the thermostat cuts it off, and then begin every window in the house. Leave windows initiate until an hour after sunrise, then them and end all the blinds, shades, and curtains. Then turn your AC up to its normal setting, where the thermostat will not activate the compressor until the house heats up. Depending on where you live and how many shade trees you have, that compressor might sleep until 1PM or after.I also bubble wrap on any windows which conclude not acquire a view, and roller shades over those for insulation.

  148. StephenSaulDavis says:

    GreatFriend — these bricks were pre-fabricated panels that were installed on site.

  149. Gianni_Tyrell_Clifford says:

    These reality competition shows are not as distinguished about talent as they are about personality and a look. The whole season was a let down. I liked Antonio because he was a more personality, Dan is generic. Ultimately when Antonio has his show, there will be a team of designers the scenes doing the work anyways.

  150. Scott_Jaime_Cullen says:

    I found both LED (

  151. Zachariah says:

    You can preview your comment by clicking on “preview comment” and edit as necessary before submitting.

  152. Antonio Efrain Armani says:

    Two thoughts.Keep a supply of objects within arms advance of chairs or sofas. Toss them for Kitty without having to up. Anything works, from paper clips to paper balls, to truckloads of fur mice.Also, check out the Cats system. Costs some $ to up, but no more scooping of *, as it passes through pellets into absorbent pad. * stays on top, easy to scoop. Any pellets that the box are easy to and up. Virtually no tracking. Or odor.Scratching … I will contain to believe about that for a while!

  153. Elisa says:

    Not determined if my post went through, sorry if this is a repeat. I fair saw these at the Sustainable Living elegant in Fort Collins, CO and I literally stopped in my tracks. They are an product. Beautiful, functional, and SOLID. I cannot wait to accumulate the shelving and apt wish I could afford the dining set up. job and first-rate luck.

  154. Madeline_London_Aubri says:

    I ordered MOO business cards a couple months ago and the first batch that came were ridiculous. I could never believe given those out to anyone as I would been too embarrassed. The second batch were better but I would NEVER suggest MOO to any friends or colleagues.

  155. Michelle_Kelsey_Kathryn says:

    She was crude to me the one time I stopped in too– condescending and totally unpleasant. I felt relish I was totally unwelcome– makes me wonder, who is welcome in her store?

  156. Alaya says:

    European all the way. My family is hispanic so we tend to gravitate toward european styles for most things. Must be that Spanish influence.

  157. Cora Isla J. says:

    The backsplash really draws the eye. shapely lines and yet warm and practical. Anne and Nathan acquire an sense of style. I also appreciated her commentary. Would to hear more from her!

  158. Dylan Everleigh Zelda L. says:

    @Butter chicken HA! We acquire quite the poultry pair now huh? We traveled quite a bit and my husband calls me a turkey (lovingly.. long story!) so it has become my self-appointed commenter nickname 🙂

  159. Reyna-1998 says:

    I what you need most is color!! You neutral furniture that will meander with almost anything. You acquire a fireplace & mantle, colored glasswear, artwork or sculpture would be nice. Accents on the coffee table? Bedroom, I am a broad believer that the bedroom should be simple, zen-ish, but a fine upholstered chair in a corner does wonders. Your couch is a bit heavy, add some cushions maybe? a colored ottoman instead of gray? Need to lighten things up a I think. grand luck!

  160. Vincent.Quinten says:

    @Do you hear a drip? Why you need two cabinets? A 36″ wide above-fridge cab is common… and Ikea does currently construct them.

  161. Gavin.Cannon says:

    @honeynutmeg For about 30 bucks, you can an electrical test meter (check your common improvement store) that will you how mighty electricity an appliance uses. The 30 bucks may not be justifiable for one appliance, but employ it to check all the electrical items in your house (that in) and then it with friends and family!

  162. Roderick-66 says:

    I affection this dresser but a meh makeover—I would fill achieve feet on it and painted it white, possibly the finish, and change the hardware.

  163. Natalie Maeve N. says:

    I love, love, the drip plates by Cat Merrick! You can eye some more photos of them in my post from a couple of months ago:

  164. Steve-Kendall says:

    product..cousl bear skipped the plastic packaging and customary somethign more sustainable…:(

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