Get The Outstanding Proper Mattress Queen Bed Box Spring

Queen bed box spring is the kind of mattress queen size designs that needed to do well consideration in selection surely. Here some properly selection you can do to apply box spring well. Comfort and support. Spring queen mattress should be firm, as a board. Too much sleep can exacerbate back problems. Listen to your body, and it will tell you what is best for you. Lying supine. If you can stick your hand under his back, but the hand is hard, and if you can easily turn, means that the mattress is right for you to elasticity.

white Queen Bed Two Box Spring Queen with gorgeous designs

white Queen Bed Two Box Spring Queen with gorgeous designs

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really inspiring get the outstanding proper mattress queen bed box spring. A good box spring mattress should provide a support body, which will remain the backbone even when you’re lying on your side. Complete stronger men need more sleep. Wide. Choose a bed that will not hinder the freedom of movement. If you buy a bed for a couple, remember that the standard width double bed each adult is given up no more than a child in a queen bed. Complete. If possible, buy a box spring queen mattress and the body in the kit, which will give you comfort and oberezhet your spine from overloading. The lower part may damage the new mattress, as well as affect the manufacturer’s warranty. Health problems. Of course, they are different. If you are allergic to dust or organic materials, stuffed mattresses (eg, algae), then you may fit mattress with synthetic fibers or foam.

Legacy Queen Size bed Box Spring Set with beautiful design

Legacy Queen Size bed Box Spring Set with beautiful design

white mattress queen bed box spring with best design ideas

white mattress queen bed box spring with best design ideas

Queen spring box should be noted that allergens are not going to sleep with a bed and a mattress slatted under water. Waterbed for the same permit to distribute body weight evenly, so it is suitable for those who tolerate the body parts were painful squeezing in contact with the bed. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really inspiring get the outstanding proper mattress queen bed box spring.

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  1. Karsyn_Mercy says:

    I a soap dish that is suction cupped to the wall so I can listen to audiobooks on my phone while I shower. I also drink wine or coffee and I DEFINITELY * in there. No shame here. I design live alone, though.

  2. MartinMaximusDeandre says:

    We try to limit the influx, but this year both sets of grandparents went a bit overboard. Even with a thorough purge prior to the holiday, there were more toys than our area can accommodate. So, as with her birthday in July, many current toys are stashed away and will appear later in the year as her interests change.

  3. Alayah says:

    Going to the plastic on 1 room. Did heavier curtains. From last week decided steam carpet. Already window draft things. Would savor to a door * but its a maybe.

  4. Pablo says:

    A-Frames are kinda devour caves, but luckily the entire front of our house is all windows. The desk featured is my desk / the teacher desk. The boys a different, seen here

  5. Domenic says:

    Where did the orange elephant on the living room slay table from?I admire it! I want it!(I accept elephants.)

  6. Jayden Jasper Maverick says:

    oops, so many blog comment contests so exiguous time… I would bear to listen to The Waitresses “Christmas Wrapping” on a colorful one.

  7. Emely Maleah Maren M. says:

    I lived in a extremely apartment with high ceilings where I was able to acquire a comfortably loft space. I regretted it. The room felt terribly dusky and cramped. In retrospect I would archaic a daybed and raised it up a to add extra storage underneath. You will a greater sense of location if you can the residence above waist-level as commence as possible – no lofts, wall shelves, etc.

  8. Leonel-Matias says:

    I a vintage scarf under mine. I deem its cute, it looks intention better than without.

  9. Jaxon Solomon V. says:

    Wow – this series lookes exactly be pleased a site of dressers I got from my parents. They bought them when they were married in 1953 and are solid Walnut (we can only imagine how that would cost these days). I was impartial talking about how they were coming abet into style! I actually contain one of them in my bedroom just now and the Lowry nightstands would be a ample compliment!

  10. Nicholas-Declan-Deacon says:

    Thanks to Larsie from myself, as well. I too objective ordered it on Amazon per your recommendation, and it will be here by Thursday! I am excited. Thanks again and glad Year!

  11. Aurora-Alayah says:

    We bear had really (and humane) luck with this product:

  12. Cade Maximilian says:

    @madrabbit Thank you! And I know what you mean about cats–the older mine gets, the more her definition of litter box expands… I establish in a path of river rocks, though (very cheap at area Depot), and the cat has shown zero interest. luck!

  13. Savannah says:

    everyone has a savor that, i definitely agree! for me, it is hawaii. either lahaina on maui, or poipu on kauai. something about the scent in the air, the clearness of the water. from the second you lope off the plane you feel different. i am a kid on christmas eve leading up to a vacation to the islands! it is a borderline problem, i count down from months, and months, away!

  14. Damian.Stanley.Coleman says:

    elegant job and only 400 SF. the soft blue walls. extremely warm and comfortable. Ignore the ignorant.

  15. Paul.Dangelo says:

    $17,000 for a big (gutter line is at 26 ft.) Northern California 1600 sf 2-story Victorian. Removed 2 layers of shingles, novel skirting, 50-year shingles, current gutters. With lifetime warranty. The job took less than 2 weeks for the contractor to complete.

  16. Jovani Demarcus Abdullah D. says:

    job, you did what you wanted. Your paint color looks retro, of a 1950s business office green, and similar to the green in the tile. Is that a narrow storage closet the window? You a steadier hand than I because I would clumsily knocked that mirror off the sink on Day 1.

  17. Madelyn says:

    Ditto on buying 2 three-drawer units. Plus it comes out cheaper, for some reason.

  18. Giovanni Myles says:

    Number 5 Is so – Years ago, we made friends and were thrilled when they invited us over. It was pizza, * – and dessert was several mangos cleave up on a cutting board and brought out for us to up with fingers. I was dazzled by the of the hostess and vowed to embrace that ease and comfort. I calm overclean/overcook, but try to believe people over at least once a week.

  19. Kylee-Tatiana says:

    mammoth place Charlie Brown !Where did you your crystal curtains, there are delicate !For paintedfish, you can the Amelie pictures on

  20. Dana V. says:

    Saw a immoral french-style desk on craigslist this weekend.Had one microscopic Cruella deVille feature to it.Imagined it painted glossy neon pink. Oh!Called the seller. It was sold. Heartbreak.Am smitten with the now. Cannot ease my restless soul.

  21. Izabella Mara Q. says:

    I can now offer the wall as a “kit”. More information on Etsy.

  22. Iris-Brittany-Breanna says:

    My full-grown cat Charlotte recently began climbing the screens. I acquire yet to try the spray-bottle technique, but I am going to give it a try. I know she is ruining the screens, but I to admit that I am impressed with her screen-climbing technique. I, for one, could never climb a indulge in she does.

  23. Ariana Demi Amirah D. says:

    To Shawn. It was clearly during election night. They were waiting for the results to in (as someone previously mentionned). My mother in-law would probably drive me up the wall but I would rather that she live with us than her live in a retirement home. She loves my son and I know that he would attend from having her by. Ideally it would be in a multi-generational though!

  24. ElizabethCatherineYamileth says:

    Williams-Sonoma also carries Apilco and Pillivuyt dinnerware that is classy and goes with everything.

  25. Marc says:

    cherish this look. aged windows and doors such character, and too many of them wind up at the dump, IMO. Kudos to those who rescue them!

  26. Heavenly-1989 says:

    *, i been looking EVERYWHERE for a teal and white kitchen to employ as inspiration. i want to paint our kitchen that color.

  27. German Thaddeus W. says:

    Toothpaste contains an abrasive. I would not using it on any goggles you care about.Because of its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, extremely diluted vinegar also makes a grand facial (soak gauze or thin towel, wring, over face for 10 minutes) for people with acne breakouts or otherwise compromised skin. The dilution for a is roughly four tablespoons (1/4 cup) into a liter of water-minus-a-quarter-cup.Vinegar is miraculous.

  28. Charles_Dalton_Cristofer says:

    Danica 123 we absorb many of the same photos except mine are on flickr, the Pinterest format.

  29. Jackson Tucker Lee says:

    Well, why NOT bring out that horrified violet of a fireplace? It seems appreciate a noble architectural to me. I you should downplay the narrowness of it, and painting the ledge is the most obvious. However, I propose painting the top a different color from the bottom, which would also up the horizontal line. bear you seen the technique with the brown paper bags torn up and applied? The texture would compliment a leather club chair atmosphere. Finally, be careful not to emphasize the ledge too much, especially by matching the color. It should compliment the fireplace yet be unique.

  30. SophiaHarperFelicity says:

    This bedroom is not to my taste, but I can leer why it would be a to sleep (note the cat), and I attain the disagreement of the bewitching turquoise and against the pale frilly stuff.

  31. Viviana Dayana Marianna B. says:

    Instead of a sink, why not a gargantuan one that can be partially covered to additional counter space?Kohler has some sinks now that are stairstepped — a deep bowl on one side, and a shallow draining on the other. The latter leaves more room for storage underneath, and can be covered by a fitted cutting board when not in use:Kohler Stages sink @ Dwell

  32. Aurora-Selah-Yamileth says:

    It looks terrific, although it is really, really tiny. But then again, it looks they one (or more) pantry for storage…However, the of the GFI outlet on the island is a shame… ideally it should been placed in a less conspicuous spot.

  33. Benjamin Alfredo Kamari N. says:

    I I may believe died of cute. Still, $46 for soap? Yes, handmade soap is time to and thus expensive, but I there are limits.

  34. Hazel_Veda says:

    I heart that sofa. The whole apartment is so cheerful. I esteem the different patterns mixed together. When can I in?

  35. Braylen-2001 says:

    Anyone believe an where replacement clock hands like the ones pictured here could be purchased?

  36. Emiliano Bernard Reuben M. says:

    Who cares about the size when you good-looking exposed brick and perfect layout! I can imagine myself living in this studio!! I will trade my house for this one 🙂

  37. Mohamed says:

    Apartmenttherapy has a site, but I wish they had a warning about moronic comments.

  38. Janiyah.Liv.Marianna says:

    thank you all for your comments! to say (for EAM) there are no ceramic tiles on the kitchen floor (vinyl?..however you call that flooring type) and the tiles on the kitchen wall are from new building in 1973.. the whole flat (except bathroom) was decorated on a budget.. we are soon out of our flat .. needing a bit more extra space.. hope that next tenant will savor living in this flat as we do..

  39. Tommy V. says:

    Though not my style, I can notice that September has done a broad job putting together her dwelling and indulge in her, a lot of my décor comes from second hand stores, given to us, inherited, or homemade….I carry out assume that she has found broad stuff out there….

  40. Briar says:

    This is wonderful- the patterns are so well chosen! Please these posts up!

  41. Kyler Dean Byron says:

    Wow… wish I had a comical caption for a novel catalog photo where they are trying to sell curtains with a * crying child in the photo. Really. Look:

  42. Jason-Ryder-Lamar says:

    fair – and yes, when are you out so I can lunge in?

  43. Evan Connor Reuben says:

    This desk is advantageous but I this one better, it has a few more built in features…

  44. LeilaniKinley says:

    I found this to solve this proper with the kitties.

  45. Emory@999 says:

    Also, feeling more at dwelling with less stuff turns out to be the relief we from feeling overwhelmed with the material world and consumerism. Totally makes sense.This is a agreeable by Graham Hill – basically on how minimal, little living spaces is more zen than astronomical spaces with lots of symbol stuff:

  46. Jaheim says:

    affection this place! I too admire turquoise and sharing my abode with a bunny!But preserve Señor Nibbles away from that plant! Monstera deliciosa is poisonous to rabbits (despite what its name may imply!). But I am clear that particular pic is just for cute styling rather than a regular occurrence.A comely and individual home. Those tiles, those colours!

  47. LaurelDorothyAliana says:

    I affection glass decanters.Good IKEA usually has these for the effect ($5) ones around Christmas.Makes an affordable gift.I consume 1 for decanting tap water.

  48. Angela Bethany Milan says:

    I knew it was Europe as soon as I saw the washer in the kitchen.

  49. Stefan Fredy P. says:

    i quite frankly dont know how i accomplish it….my income is 50k and i got lucky with a house about 6 years ago when the industry tanked at a bargain designate of $93,000. i am living the but be pleased most i struggle.i to commute so the reality is i to work on a budget with not a whole lot of wiggle room.

  50. Rhett.Jamir.Maximo says:

    ALSO, this reminds me of Lady Mary in Downton Abbey when she about to marry that newspaper guy and they at that ample abandoned house, and he, being new money, mentions how they can consume things to beget the place and she mentions that families bask in her inherit everything they own. haha.

  51. Harrison Byron Devonte L. says:

    I can honestly say that I understand what brings a persons living to such a state. It is a reflection of thier mental health. I lost my mother and father both last year and felt quite lost and when my sister was diagnosed with inoperable cancer of her larinix and was told she did not time left. My life was turned upside down, but with counseling and agreeable friends around me I was able to a grip. A obedient friend of mine came to visit me when I was at my lowest point. Embarrassing as my unkept dwelling was she did not but replied she understood. She gave me a swift kick in the advantage side and told me to glean my act together which was what I needed.It can be honest as difficult to up a when you are an emotional reck as it is to feel better yourself when your home is a literal reck. We all need advantage and idea especially when life turns us and our homes upside down. Well I am to self again and been recovering from my losses in healthier ways thanks to a gracious friend who did not tuck tail and meander from an disgusting situation.

  52. Skye Macy U. says:

    These are fabulous for getting a grouping straight and even.

  53. Donald Tristin Nathanial says:

    Thanks everyone!!! The cards are from here:

  54. Riley.Rachel.Gracelyn says:

    @Virginia Grayson I contemplate yellow dies in setting, shades, and lighting… Yellows fill to be chosen very, extremely carefully.My childhood also had a yellow kitchen, but in situ it was a sickly lemon. My mom eventually worked up the willpower to reprint it a great more glowing sunflower yellow that worked better with the lighting.

  55. Brent66 says:

    Thank you all so considerable for all of your feedback and mostly constructive criticism. Here’s our attempt to answer some of the questions you posed and our reactions to some of your comments.First, things first. I misspoke on the “interview.” The glass tiles are Hakatai tiles ( agree that looking at the pictures the colors/materials are a itsy-bitsy crazy. I’m not if it is because the bathroom is so small, but it doesn’t really approach across that in person.The vanity is probably my least celebrated item in the bath. The wood/gray understanding actually matches with the kitchen counter/cabinetry of the apartment (which is outside the bath). It does eye a limited exclusive out of this context. I been considering changing the countertop (also extending it to the wall on the left as things a knack of rolling off that side).

  56. SavionTeagan says:

    More importantly, you a of the horse all done up in the gear! I know a lot of girls who would for a sparkly pink bridle. (including my inner 8-year old…)

  57. Thomas says:

    @MoniqueDC – In distinguished of mainland Europe windows external shutters which you at night to effectively block the light, so the sheers are more for decoration and privacy than dependable light blockage. The shutters can also be closed or partly closed during the day to prevent heat building up in the room. If partly closed (or closed with the slats separated) there is some light and also ventilation while keeping out most of the heat.

  58. Madalynn says:

    I know this is old, but in case the owner is reading this … what are the dimensions of your bathroom? I want to redo my 10×5 galley bathroom and cherish this design, but I consider mine might be even narrower than yours. Thanks.

  59. Aryan Ellis V. says:

    Thanks again for all the comments and especially to Annamarie for mentioning us! 🙂

  60. James.Marvin.Cason says:

    I hear if you a canvas and gesso it really well, you can consume that as a on the wall; building two will let you switch out art and a movie conceal on the fly!

  61. Amber says:

    that! Some things we bear are merely treasures awaiting a modern cherish affair as they sit in a dusty corner of the basement. What once was a cherished but outdated tangerine ceramic lamp, is now retro hip and happenin. Tis a resourceful blueprint to recycle and reuse! Dig out that ole patina candy dish given to you by your nanna, and out for all to see… because you really it!Surround yourself with things (and people) you cherish and care about… that is my philosophy. Makes life more sweeter… (;

  62. Ricky.Dion says:

    Sorry, should contain said, “So will any/all relationships, regardless of gender, be so clearly demarcated in future tours?

  63. Vivian Harmony Armani F. says:

    THIS IS THE TIMELIEST POST EVER CREATED. I was correct daydreaming during my commute this morning about ways to effect the perfect drum shades for my ever-growing collection of vintage Stiffel lamps. You guys are the best!!

  64. Ainsley_Royalty_Saige says:

    In my neighborhood and the ones I grew up in, either the bookcase or the books would up missing (if not both). So choice.

  65. Arianna-Evie says:

    I acquire regular pegboard up in my kitchen, and I really relish it. I saw this recently though, and concept it looked great:

  66. Tyler says:

    clean cute! In college I would mason jars to bring my coffee to class (with normal lids). It was elegant convenient, since I could throw it in my backpack and bike over without having to about spilling hot coffee on myself at every bump in the road. Veslabeachgirl is right though, cozies are a necessity, the glass would really hot to the touch if you pour in a hot liquid.

  67. Malachi_Jamar_Bernardo says:

    Ugh. Carpet is FILTHY, no matter how you vacuum and/or clean. Five years after I moved into a newly constructed location with builder beige carpet, I ripped it out. Myself. And I was absolutely disgusted by the amount of dirt in the carpet, pad, and on the sub-floor. My current residence, a condo, also has builder carpet. I am about to rip that out and stain the concrete underneath. It may not be perfect, but being able to keep desirable while I wait to be able to install wood is worth it.

  68. Esther-Bethany says:

    WASHI TAPE! Our fresh gift. Flashlights (usually magl-ight brand-they feel in your hand)Nice colored pencilscool anecdote for older kids pieces of fabric & buttons (gotta know the kids/parents for that one)One of the most common gifts we ever gave were homemade doll quilts out of scrap fabric. Simple 9 or 16 square, uneven & the kids and parents LOVED them.

  69. Tobias says:

    Actually, BO has been among the most posts in our statistics from the come by go, but we left it out mainly because we guess that people are googling the name and getting our post, not looking for it.That said, it is that people (and clients we know) had widely varying experiences with Bo. Some are extremely good.

  70. Roy.Arnav says:

    For those that cannot something these what about using wall by hanging or floating a kitchen cabinet on the wall. If you could acquire two it would enjoy a built-in credenza and they are only 12″ deep and give you a surface on top for a tray to keys and some thing decortive and the shoes could inside cabinet. This would not up too hallway space.

  71. Joselyn Princess Hailee N. says:
  72. Lennox_Azaria_Luz says:

    space, Vitsoe shelving is a indulgent and looks perfect here.I build wonder how you this place warm. Art would great, most people lofts for that purpose.

  73. Louis2001 says:

    OOOH! how about these?

  74. Shaun Bernard L. says:

    I really deem you can these two to work together. For other pieces in the room, embrace creams and whites and glass to lighten up the space. This room could budge Scandinavian Modern, MCM, Safari, or Library depending on how you else you mix it up. a Pinterest board!

  75. Adrianna-Kensley-Rory says:

    i never ever ever ever my keys beside the door!! screams – “hey burgulars.. these! create a copy! enjoy my car!”

  76. CharlesCarsonAlan says:

    Woohoo! Here comes Canada… and Europe and Asia and a lot of other places where is the norm, not the exception. Looking forward to it.

  77. Griffin.Maximus says:

    The room colors are not for me BUT obviously they were for some. I tend to exercise beige wals withe accents and punches of color in art and furnishings. The pastel rooms last in the article would in my world only be conventional in a girls bedroom or powder room not a main living area.Hope I no spelling or grammar errors here! Lol

  78. Erin says:

    I recommend this rug to brighten up the room shoes for a Marie Antoinette (movie) decor:

  79. Matilda says:

    Hi!Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately we accurate got an email congratulating us on our submission today and the contest ended weeks ago. We had no we were picked. My wife and I are a young couple who bought this prewar beauty in the worse condition. We checked out your website and would be elated to send you some before and after photos. You can let us know where to you on your site!

  80. Payton_Arturo_Nico says:

    – where did you the pair of orange prints? care for those – am guessing they are vintage but wanted to ask. thanks!

  81. Annabelle-Jaylynn says:

    I am not why you call it the pre-travel heap of doom. For me, making piles and/or lists is fragment of the anticipation of the trip.

  82. Aubree Dana Ciara says:

    We believe the dependable same Ikea rocking horse but ours in and and I am not that crazy about it but I am loving that they painted it white. Maybe I should paint ours white……hmmmmmm. I wonder if I would bear to sand it or if I could lumber ahead and paint over?

  83. Rohan 777 says:

    try these:

  84. Yair says:

    While not to my taste, and I usually am not one to disapprove painting wood, I beget not really care for the combination of shape and fabrics with the paint. But that being it is only my concept and I if you can gather a generous for an Eastlake of furniture in or outside your area then effect it.

  85. CobyElmerKeyshawn says:

    All I want for Christmas is a spam filter that works…

  86. Jorden@1997 says:

    We removed our land line in April….it has been a liberating experience. Also, last September we cancelled our cleaning service. It was taking too energy picking up before they came. It drove my husband nuts. I believe found that our house is neater and cleaner than before, and we enjoyed the extra money.

  87. Quinn-Damarion says:

    @meeceeRetirement place for former horses – I that idea. And there would probably be residence for some dogs and cats, too.When I acquire the lottery. Which is unlikely since I never tickets.

  88. MalachiSimeonDomenic says:

    Not crazy about the armoire, but bought a dresser in this fashion a few weeks at the thrift store….definitely only paid 56 bux, lol. You can gape it here:

  89. Rylee@66 says:

    WalMart is supposed to carry an inflatable movie conceal this June for around $200, similar to those air filled christmas decorations they have.

  90. Roberto Rafael Mike says:

    what about something devour a surfboard shaped coffee table?

  91. Rylie-Christina-Kadence says:

    My fireplace is considerate of so the TV over it is not that high compared to most pictures you see. Also I hide the TV by putting hinges on a painting and attached it to a wood frame attached to the wall and wha-la, the painting swings when TV not in employ and it looks I a painting over the fireplace instead of a TV.

  92. Maylee-88 says:

    One more thing: when your is and has a lot of quirks, keeping textures simple and cohesive can really streamline things and tie everything together, whereas having a mish-mosh of textures can be REALLY distracting. If your sofa, curtains, rugs, and even towels, bedding, etc are all sort of living in the same world in terms of texture, it will feel comforting and unified.

  93. Cali-Anabelle-Tegan says:

    …or you could achieve without – and simply the public holiday displays that our Cities, Offices and Merchant Associations up every year.

  94. Blair-Jaylah says:

    I went ahead and finally bought a Steelcase chair after going back and forth for months. comfortable and it is recyclable at the of its life. Which for that price, I hope is a long time from now!

  95. ThomasAmarionJaeden says:

    some fabric and construct a door cover. Then some cheap insluation, stuff it the fabric sack and then build the sack over the door, You leave the by the hinges begin or velcro it shut.

  96. Anderson P. says:

    @kddomingue from the french brocante, a market where art, curios, antiques, books and vintage is sold. Usually a odd mixture of strange, wonderful, arresting and downright shoddy stuff, some of it useful, some of it not. The best translation would probably be a flea market. You gather them a lot in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. A market this usually has a different and better selection than a car boot sale for instance.

  97. Joanna Jimena Bridget says:

    “They leer great, but someone in OSHA is having a heart attack now.”OSHA stands for “Occupational Safety & Health Administration” – as such, they absolutely nothing to attain with safety standards or building codes for private homes.

  98. FelicityTeganRamona says:

    This is why I apartment therapy–I can eye something that I feel is absolutely and inspirational even though it is not my personal preference. Everything works together so well. I agree with all the things people to say about it. My favorites here are your cats, the house plants, the bookcase, the lighting and that orange.I wish I was clever enough to together a work like yours in my last home.Thanks for this post!

  99. Kennedi Madilynn says:

    Terrific work, ladies! The hues and the geometry complement your headboard surprisingly well. of reminds me of a honeycomb 🙂 Altogether smashing!

  100. Prince Conrad Paxton says:

    Really the consume of textures along with the vibrant color. room!

  101. Kenzie-Katie-Anabella says:

    Hi,I am Adriana with Mineral Tiles. Glass tiles are trendy and they to be expensive, but not anymore. There are so many options with genuine prices nowadays. Even Depot – where you could only cheap gawk glass mosaic tiles two years ago, bear refreshed their collection and they are offering a variety of colors and patterns at prices.If you devour stainless steel tile, you can gather them not only in the silver look, but also in colors such as champagne, grey and even chocolate.I hope this helps you.

  102. Alexis Noa says:

    For everyone who asked to more. here is a link to a about my apartment, the colors in the art and curtains contain changed. Im constantly arresting things around and finding for other objects in other places. While i LOVED the extinct curtains, it became cost prohibitive to them clean.Hope you all like!More pictures here:

  103. Riley Adolfo says:

    Dogs want soft beds and if they beget edges or a bolster they want them to be soft so they can rest their cramped heads on them. This is unbiased an consume of some * designer trying to force the issue…

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