Beautify King Size Upholstered Headboard With Stunning Wallpapers

King size upholstered headboard always come in stuck and ordinary designs. The king size itself not let something unique around, therefore today you can beautify the headboard with some stunning wallpapers here. Many of the ideas that can be applied to beautify the wall headboard, in the room. One of them by playing wallpaper. Wall in the headboard area has great potential to be the center of attention. That’s why many people are dressed in various ways. In this room, the walls adorned with wallpaper headboard. The way this one can be applied in several ways.

Pearl Cal King Size Upholstered Tufted Headboard with best design

Pearl Cal King Size Upholstered Tufted Headboard with best design

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really interesting beautify king size upholstered headboard with stunning wallpapers. Blend with paint, as is done in this room, for example. Yellow floral-patterned wallpaper, giving the impression of retro in the room. In order not to appear full impression as floral fills the entire wall, made the “edges” with blue paint. In addition to keeping the display remains balanced between the plain and patterned, blue indirectly accentuate the beautiful motifs of the wallpaper. This way is useful to outsmart the walls of a narrow field, so that did not seem too crowded with motifs. Variations plain and patterned also give pause to our eyes. To determine what colors are used to “frame” the wallpaper, it’s easy. Choose one color from wallpaper, you should choose a color that is not dominant. The goal is that, the dominant color of the wallpaper will remain exposed properly. Is planning to beautify the room? Try to beautify this one. Then see the results.

Cal King Size Upholstered Grey Headboard with nightstand set

Cal King Size Upholstered Grey Headboard with nightstand set

Cal king size upholstered headboard with gorgeous designs

Cal king size upholstered headboard with gorgeous designs

That is why many people who decorate in various ways. In this room, king-sized wall with upholstered headboard adorned with wallpaper. The way this one can be applied in several ways. Blend with paint, as is done in this room, for example. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really interesting beautify king size upholstered headboard with stunning wallpapers.

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  1. Justice says:

    I bet a previous occupant painted it those colors. If you want to “seem nicer” about it I would the color you delight in best and preserve it, and ask to paint the other walls white. Its worth asking, no feelings will be hurt. And honestly, if that dwelling were a lighter neutral color, that room would seem distinguished more airy, spacious, and livable. Future occupants will thank you!!

  2. Cyrus.2015 says:

    The author must a distinguished better memory than I because I would never remember to whatever that is stored in that suitcase.Out of sight, out of mind…Looks nice, though. 🙂

  3. Ryker says:

    @melissadur I live in a studio and it detached goes in the bathroom. To each their own, I would not want it in the living region in my house 🙂

  4. Chaz 1988 says:

    @YourPantsFell The blue and gold wall hangings and paintings must be a tribute to Cal. Bears!

  5. Nick says:

    This is one execute next to the Tenga cup ( from the Japanese. designs enjoy this to my day. post, thanks for sharing it here

  6. Alma_Rivka_Ally says:

    I actually objective redid my bedroom. I did not in but wanted an * room for my parents guests to conclude in. I did concern the room a more neutral color and removed a bunch of “junk” I had lying around. I kept details like pictures, books and stuffed animals so I would remember what my room to glimpse but I objective rearranged some of the furniture to design it guest friendly. Got a current comforter too because I to bear an quilt and added some more pillows.

  7. Tyler Humberto says:

    @lizm982 cats are adorable jerks 😉 mighty like babies, i this was intentional.

  8. Jacob Elijah Alan says:

    appreciate these…my headphones (and macbook!) got stolen out of my car a few months ago. It would be awesome to enjoy a replacement!

  9. Braiden says:

    Oddly, the entire South Bay and Long Beach fill been obliterated, delight in mythical lands only dreamed about. There be dragons!

  10. ClaraDiana says:

    I agree with the earlier comment about Mondrian. The configuration of this boat is a new to play with cubist color arrangements. There is no point, in my opinion, in going insensible with such a terrific canvas to paint upon.

  11. Kayleigh says:

    These all great. The only thing that gets me is…have you ever tried to work on a computer while sitting at a stool? It is impossible and wreaks havoc on your back, neck and arms. The chair needs arm rests at the least, if you are spending any time there. None of these chairs particularly ergonomic or even remotely comfortable.

  12. Mike 1982 says:

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  13. Cory999 says:

    Speaking of horrifying in there – those of you w/ rodent issues (been there!), accomplish definite to stuff steel wool in between all the limited holes where the pipes arrive through to prevent the buggers from getting inside.

  14. Lyla.Elliot says:

    lately I absorb been wanting to some of those crimson and green construction paper chains from my youth!

  15. Aydin says:

    Sudha akka..Awesome is the word.:).. For me you are always meant to do things differently.. positively and whole heartedly..while enjoying the whole experience and time that you invest..and always u did it yet again..:)

  16. Brendon.Cedric.Jamel says:

    You are buh-rilliant! Can you please effect my apartment? I want to be you!

  17. Gael says:

    @Khat I contain three cats and all react differently to people. One totally freaks out (EEEK, People!) runs and hides until everyone leaves. Number two loves attention from anyone and everyone. And with number three, the oldest and only female, will tolerate you until she decides she has had enough and look out. But people who here know which will react how and since the animals live here and you not, regard their quirks in behaviour.

  18. Camila-Briana says:

    We would to our source. We purchased the marble at Builder Supply on Cesar Chavez. mountainous selection and effect : ) going until your the one you love. They shipments quite often.Good luck!

  19. Braxton_Heath says:

    I been trying to convince my husband that eco-friendly cleaning products work as well as the horrifying chemically-yucky based ones. Unfortunately he is the one who does most of the grocery shopping so it is difficult for me to regain them purchased when the products are needed. This would be the perfect to finally acquire all of the products in my home. My husband and I are both engineers so we will be able to give through “technical” reviews from both sides of the fence. Please befriend me cleave the horrifying chemicals in my home.

  20. Simeon says:

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  21. Maurice_Deven_Asa says:

    eileen, it has to be a joke her last name is karp. (a slang term for complaining}. anyway, i can identify with house of l&g 2 months after 9/11 i bought an air purifier.i bought it to absorb some control over what was happening around me. now i realize it made a differnce with pet hair and dust that was in the air. it is a apt basic appliance for all homes.

  22. Cole-Aldo says:

    I assume the shadow box is a idea; and Bruce, not to be a *, but seriously? Who cares! Potato, potahtoe.

  23. Zendaya says:

    I keep a bar of soap in my extra sheets – and one in the guest bed, too. The smell is gentle but fresh.Which reminds me – I company coming tomorrow and need to the soap before they arrive!

  24. Mavis Q. says:

    Count me in @ the $500-600 range. I care for the chair but contain to pay for the living home in which to it.

  25. Kate Kelly W. says:

    Is the fireplace functional or are they planning to accomplish it so in the future? expedient changes, btw.

  26. Paislee-Lacey says:

    nice. Looks you popped off the “carvings” and maybe changed out the glass as well? Returned to simpler lines.

  27. Wayne.2010 says:

    Not a subway tile fan, but vertically and evenly stacking them, as in the yellow kitchen backsplash, gives them a whole modern look.All of these are extremely nice examples, proving that you can away from an all-white kitchen, if you choose.I am blessed in my rental to believe cobalt blue cabinets with gray marble counters and backsplash. That distinguished sold me on the apartment.

  28. Marcos Justus says:

    find. I relish the belief of these but $9 seems a bit steep for convenience and there is something problematic about impartial adding more plastic products to the world.I store left over paint in 20 oz. plastic drink bottles (those with wide mouths are better) and exercise a long narrow paint brush. It does the trick. Also and plastic but free.

  29. XavierDarwin says:

    And sadly the Frosta stools only in yellow and tops with natural wood bottoms in the US. They musty to in all wood that was great. The colors shown in the photo are gracious too.

  30. Barrett says:

    favorable Job. It works in firefox. You previous do constantly gave me a 500 error when posting a comment. Now no pickle in firefox….follow the white rabbit…

  31. Dominic Ronnie says:

    Oh, here we again with the whole modern vs. copy argument. My feeling is that anybody anywhere in any medium who designs or creates something will be copied to some extent. When Britney Spears had a hit debut album, overnight they cranked out hundreds of dimwitted teenie-bopper clones. When Galliano produces a fresh haute couture gown, there will be knock-off versions at H&M. When Apple do out the iPod, Microsoft responded with the Zune. Why should furniture be any different? In my opinion, knock-off versions are fraudulent/unethical ONLY when replied knock-off is branded/labeled as the deal.

  32. Shamar says:

    Thanks everyone!@Lesley: Ikea also provides sliding rails for the Besta System, which are quite easily to handle with other doors, because there are * on the of the door. I posted the whole thing also on my blog under

  33. Octavio 1979 says:

    one more haier owner (although i the next size up from the model in the article). contented with the washer but less with the washer wheels i bought from haier (broke after 6 months). i ended up replacing them with sturdier and distinguished cheaper wheels from depot.

  34. Hadley 33 says:

    If this goes through only the rich will be able to in NYC and SF. I can guarantee that some 40 year tenants in SF will leave. The SF rent control is tied to the consumer designate index with a max of 60% of the CPI. This keeps rents below inflation. Also, you the interest from your deposit each year.

  35. Nickolas Cael Paxton says:

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  36. Lamar says:

    All these comments acquire our decision of a courthouse marriage and a cake at even better.

  37. Farrah says:

    This is wonderful! Not too complicated and glorious for all different seasons!

  38. Caleb Mauricio Semaj says:

    @sakirosetame Google “Upcycled Entertainment Center” for lots of pictures and ideas.

  39. Jonah.Kellen.Sincere says:

    Jill – when you came to hold pictures for my house tour you told me about a color website that suggests colors for different light exposures…can you give me the web address for that? I also assume it should be featured on the site, since many would be interested. Surprise, surprise…I am thinking of painting various rooms again ;-).

  40. Gia-Camryn-Emilie says:

    I did it in a smaller scale but it is extremely cool

  41. Mina-666 says:

    now if i could only a single plant alive i might consider this adorable catch 🙁

  42. Orlando2012 says:

    Any suggestions for the single heat pipe? we already beget the shelf thing for the radiator – but we absorb a heat pipe that runs up the corner of our living room, and one in the bathroom…

  43. Tristan_Maxwell says:

    chiasso and west elm beget a few different styles of these without the casters and without the bark. i the texture visually of the rough bark, but agree they could some to clothing or bare legs.

  44. Jane says:

    I painted two of my walls with blackboard paint so I can write and doodle all over my room.Its really handy for reminders and its fun to find notes left for me by friends and family. Keeps cramped kids distracted when they visit, too.

  45. Victoria Jaylene Joelle G. says:

    I agree with bepsf.I want my stuff handy (especially food processor, toaster, recipe books, spices, cooking utensils). If I stash them away they can extinguish up “far from the eyes, far from the heart” and be ignored during cooking. Seeing them there gives me ideas of stuff I can prepare and that I can cook nice meals 3-4 times a week.

  46. Jabari Kennedy says:

    Amy in Richmond, the Container Store has a bookend in plain, chocolate leather (well, “leather-like”), simple:

  47. Phoenix says:

    achieve it with nailhead trim. the border intentional. at Upcycled for inspiration.

  48. Mia says:

    Does anyone know who manufactures this, and if a slightly larger version is made?Or, if anyone happens to contain this, is it possible to a magazine gradual it?

  49. Angelina Abby Maisie C. says:

    – Location, location, (between the city and the beach, safe, mild area)- courtyard- position to plumb in a washing machineThe rest is gravy.

  50. Erik-Rene-Ernest says:

    Nevermind, I found it. 🙂

  51. Leo Tristian Darwin says:

    too mighty of a college sports combo for me, though I it can be done right.

  52. Jeffrey Waylon G. says:

    I cannot these incredibly negative comments! This position is fantastic. Why not your scathing opinions for some of the truly dreadful homes posted by the readers (most of which are essentially craft projects gone horribly wrong) instead of bashing this one.

  53. MartinLawrenceJavon says:

    yellow is archaic in staging for sale precisely b/c it makes a room feel & airy. this white in this post looks dingy. it can be improved, however, if you * for an all-white w/ lots of texture, maybe add a colossal robert rauschenberg-esque painting as a focal point (do it yourself; he sold his technique in a kit, so he would not minded) & a furry rug & white mccoy. leaving the mcm woods alone so the white leather & linen pop is your idea.

  54. JakeTyroneBranson says:

    hello,i recently bought a glass bar cart on Craigs List, and I was wondering what to on the bottom shelf? If you search “bar cart” on this website, a similar bar cart will appear……

  55. Liberty Leona Annabel says:

    for the most part, effective. turning peninsula into island improves traffic (blind cabinets are inefficient, so no accurate loss). not concept trend of opening k to lr that merges formal w service spaces. the excuse contractor gave about uneven ceiling level is a total cop-out: partial soffit was removed & a contractor would install ceiling evenly, mount cabinets correctly & level, leave room to install crown molding after hanging, scribe/shave molding to allow attachment to ceiling & cabinets evenly. week-end carpenters compose it. otoh, in a mcm house (evidenced by the grillwork, minimal at floor, that sensible cooktop), crown molding & fatter clean at floor are contemptible any way.

  56. Amiya Kailee R. says:

    We got the rocker at our closest IKEA (Cincinatti area, Ohio) in April. I remember at the time thinking I struck gold since it was a extremely current item and I feel that way. We our Poang rocker. Yes, the seat is deep, but with a Medela nursing stool, nursing time is extremely comfortable. We “upgraded” and got the leather cushions for easy cleaning. Also, the rocking is even and does not squeek (on hardwod floors). Highly recommended.

  57. Marlon Marcelo Q. says:

    I it depends on which artwork you choose. Something that looks sleek and dapper would probably work – maybe this?

  58. Kasey I. says:

    Joshua Tree in August at Ryan Campground… sleeping under the stars and rock scrambling on Geology Road Tour. Its so quite and serene, going attend to the city is usually torturous.

  59. Kayleigh Belen Alannah says:

    I bought a kingsdown queen sized pillowtop about 5 years ago and it is the best bewitch my husband and I ever made. It has the pillowtop on both sides so it can be flipped and turned around.

  60. Lawrence Brooks Dashawn D. says:

    In our office we took Stage lights clled thomas lights and hung them from our shelves for even more use. You can sort of look it on our website… in the portfolio fragment

  61. Anniston says:

    My nephews soooo stuff that my SIL has started requesting that they either bag nothing from extended family or $10 gift cards. We usually with the gift card. Kids picking out their bear gift and they are young enough that $10 seems bask in a lot of money.

  62. Randy-Camron-Guillermo says:

    Another ample list! Thanks OhDeeDoh. I connecting up to you. Visit us over at

  63. Gerald.Maximo says:

    I esteem esteem your home. For one, your artwork is so eclectic, I would objective from to fraction and ask you about the anecdote of how it came to be in your possession. Then your furniture is so modern, yet so comfortable looking. staging! Lived in yet, and decisive.

  64. Richard-Micah-Rodney says:

    Those doors are and so are the blue doors in Santorini island i saw vacationing there 2 yrs ago.

  65. Alexa says:

    For anything more than a year-long commitment, I believe to affection the residence I am living. Even for less amount of time, it would be hard.

  66. Deangelo says:

    The “before” cabinet fashion is *almost* enough to be again.That said, the “after” is fantastic.

  67. Anabelle says:

    Natural latex all the way. We got an Englander many, many years ago, and even to this day, when we climb into bed, we bellow how thrilled we are to fill such a comfortable home to sleep.

  68. AverieKai says:

    I generally abominate those white plastic chairs as well, but believe a modern for them after seeing what an artist can build with them. Check out Brian Jungen

  69. Cristopher says:

    1910 house, 1970 furniture; why not? wondering why closet door opens in that direction; seems inefficient & if it was flipped, could effect short dresser or a desk or a bookshelf under window & access closet. furniture too deep to achieve L of window by closet. bed could be turned perpendicular so lifted head faces door or be in diagonal corner (maybe cramped room for nightstand or dresser/desk/shelf as nightstand). ceiling light to your room & hang shadow-free ball lamp w light before painting to assess that need. light is or kid will not play. swedish store has sold a round crimson rug of correct pile height & w orange is early 1970s. too orange will buy concentrate off furniture, so maybe one orange pillow/bolster on bed to balance? kid could want branded bedsheets & throw everything off (remember that we did & hung star-of-year posters on walls, using tape, too). branded bedsheets will work better than plaid, tho

  70. Troy Austen Rhys says:

    Didier Gomez can no wrong, but I be pleased the styles that more air under them.You can any in any upholstery they offer, no?

  71. Vivienne.Oakley.Kenia says:

    I agree with Sarahisaghost, I really liked the glimpse of this place, but gave up after the first few pictures as the massive advertisement on either side was distracting from the look of their house, plus it was making every single pic assume forever to load. I loved what I saw in the post though. Beautiful.

  72. Angel-Tomas-Bruno says:

    @Furry I maybe you were killing Marijuana plants. ;-)The usual culprit of unhappy/dead Pothos is too considerable water or light.

  73. Cornelius88 says:

    Sara48–The easiest and least likely to leak blueprint would be to a fishtank that fits inside without the tank rims showing–one that leaves room at the top for the tank lights, pump, etc, and room behind the tank for the external paraphrenalia and wires. Failing that, I you could one with sheets of glass and nontoxic sealant, but this would be a long, exacting process!

  74. AmiaCarlee says:

    I graduated with a degree in Architecture two years ago and currently work for an architecture in Chicago. I experience with planning and interiors. You can my apartment on my flickr page

  75. Heaven-Annalee says:

    Everything has too fluff, I would accept rid of the beanbag chair and replace it with something a bit more sleek. Also, everything seems to be microfiber. I would replace the throw pillows with something with a bit more texture, either silky and intelligent or nubby and linen.Since the crate is there for the long term, I would invest in something this:

  76. Lucy_Monica_Alyvia says:

    Who cares about the wires? Hello, Justin!That was probably uncooth. Kinda an internet cat-call. Whatev. He is adorable.

  77. DakotaDamarion says:

    A estimable of history, a colossal bathroom book. I effect a pop chain through the hole and it hanging discreetly in the cabinet next to the toilet.

  78. Fiona Lilliana F. says:

    it done professionally…..darkest film tint similar to what is broken-down to tint the car windows..

  79. Daniella.Kaia.Laney says:

    A really picky neighbor has done this several times and no longer bothers locking things up. He spends a gorgeous amount of time getting to know the “candidates” and dumps anyone who gives any indication of being a problem.

  80. Craig says:

    Dining room pendants mesmerizing! Mirrors in living room could a tweak. Maybe re-hang them on a horizon line and * them together in some fashion, because that sofa is sassy! Or procure some more mirrors and let them up the ceiling…

  81. Esme says:

    The is great, but the execution of it in the above pictures is overkill. Perhaps some editing of the accessories would help. I attain indulge in the colors, but they should be more sparingly. I that this could be a enormous fashion though.

  82. Margot Renata B. says:

    I had to let a 5 commercial play before the video I intended to contemplate would play. I had the sound on mute. By the time the video I wanted to came on I could no longer to turn the volume on. AT your video game is getting sloppy.

  83. Paulina_Montserrat says:

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  84. Joe says:

    Most of these spaces rugs bigger than my living room!

  85. Abraham_Coleman says:

    At the risk of people hating me, I believe to say that there *IS* a between Vintage and OLD…

  86. Diego Warren P. says:

    Caroline and Jayden – your plot is spectacular, big job!

  87. AlessandroHamza says:

    What is the reason for “Comments” if people are not allowed to boom their opinions, or negative?btw. am a fan of conventional school basics that last forever, I consider they never boring but it certainly looks well done and out of the box.

  88. Nylah-Jaylee-Moriah says:

    I acquire a guest bedroom in my that is miniature and narrow… to accomplish the room gape more evenly (square) shaped I painted a long walls a extremely celery green (which recedes) and the short walls on the a extremely warm salmon/clay (which has the get of being closer) I was totally surprised to the finished outcome, but the room really does more balanced and even slightly larger. The vaious effects you can earn by painting are really fabulous and cheap! I would behold into something this for your living room.

  89. Kiana says:

    non-pendant solar version:

  90. Wyatt.Allan.Craig says:

    Looking for a handcrafted custom made bed of exemplary comfort and quality without paying for the Hastens advertising costs?? Visit for exemplary quality and comfort and price-quality honesty.Sweet dreamsNadette ComerfordNetherlands

  91. Jayden-Kendall-Jaydin says:

    Looks you your believe museum with all these paintings! acquire to say i loved the color combination…very consuming and warm.

  92. Irvin-Amare says:

    I lived without a dryer when I moved from the US to Ireland. It took some getting to, but clothing I previously would thrown into the dryer now lasts longer. I only exhaust a dryer now for towels, socks and sheets since they all tend to become quite and scratchy.

  93. Patricia says:

    exercise regular cabinets on one side and upper cabinets on the floor of the other side, thus giving you more floor residence and it wont feel as closed in. Bring them up to the ceilingI wouldnt commence shelving if your a frequent cook, that greasy film gets everywhere.If possible employ glass doors on your cabinets you employ for glasses/dishwearmeasure everything you from the usual size of your cereal boxes to the size of your food processor and figure out where it will jog first; and thus you can exhaust every dash of your kitchen. embrace cabinet organizers and extra shelving in your cabinets.Try to as grand as you can off your counter tops to maximize your work kickboard pull out drawers for flat storage (ie cookie sheets, collapsable stool, etc.Have pull out countertops installed above the top drawer in your corrupt cabinetry for more temporary work plot

  94. Corinne.33 says:

    You are so correct and your reply helpful. It really hit about family going through my junk as I live in an apartment building with many seniors, when they pass or to assisted living the family sometimes takes their loved ones belongings to a “free table” in the pool table room where people catch what they want. I bear made my family me that when my time comes, they will not my life to strangers. You me thinking sallyann…thanks!

  95. Keith Pranav Zain says:

    This region looks awesome. I the mix of contemporary art and furniture in a historic setting. It seems casual and uncluttered for 800 sq. feet. This is a delicate example for renewed urban living.

  96. Arya Blair says:

    I agree with all of these hints. But I never did anyone in my family trained to wipe off containers before they in the fridge. The jar, the plight jars, the ketchup bottle… will forever cause terrible words to come out of my mouth.

  97. Jalen.Marquise.Franco says:

    After my stepfather died, I had a lot of medications to dispose of, so I asked our local pharmacist. He the same thing as the delightful, well-informed guy on the video. I mine in an empty milk carton along with some kitty litter. That they were contained; and if someone did happen to pull it out of the garbage, no distress done.

  98. Shane.Dominick.Keon says:

    My cats often glance TV on my lap. As I scroll down the page to read this one of them is sat next to my computer pouncing and pawing at it. She also follows the cursor as I budge it around the hide and watches the word as I type. She accurate seems to adore any movement on the screen.

  99. Guillermo.Zaire.Jaheim says:

    Wanna laugh? I that walkman in a drawer at somewhere and it composed works. It was the smallest, bestest gadget around benefit in the day. Ah, I many many hours listening to bootleg U2 live concert tapes and friends asking me, “U who?”

  100. Rogelio Gianni L. says:

    @hitch I agree with you completely. I hope OP asks herself whether these beliefs that she was raised on is or even damaging to a female mindset. Does she guys about buying things before they are married whether their future wife will delight in it? Is she from a town that once you catch married you never move? Does she hold only married people are allowed to capable things? That giving up comment makes me so unlit that there are people out there that contemplate this way.

  101. Kennedi-Myah says:

    When I moved to my house 18 years ago, my allergies went crazy due to all the tress and forest growth from the greenbelt our house backed up to. My husband purchased an Austin Healthmate for me. What a lifesaver! I lives in the bedroom filtering the air perfectly and creates a gentle white noise to sleep with. It has worked so well that I purchased a second one that rotates around our house as well as a dinky version for my office. The filer replacements are a bit expensive, but they last 5-8 years. I highly recommend.

  102. KatelynBrayleeTegan says:

    I purchased these looking organizers for my magazines at work:

  103. Rhys says:

    Black, white, and GOLD! Beautiful! I had played with the concept of putting dismal cabinets in my kitchen, but the is so that the dark would contain made it feel even smaller. These kitchens pull it off beautifully.

  104. Tiana Clare Farrah F. says:

    i the double dip lamp from cb2. I it and it would probably fit well in your space.

  105. Gerardo.Rodney.Oswaldo says:

    Indochine? I want to build my apartment…in that blend of French-Asian…colonial… I call it Indochine.. Any inspiration websites or ideas out there?

  106. Antonio_Jaylen_Anton says:

    @discerning they may not be able to give you that. Customer usage information is considered private, at least by my company. They should be able to give you average usage for similarly sized homes in the area, though. It might even be on their website. If all else fails, glimpse up their rates and some math. The tariffs can be of a * to interpret, but it should give you a rough idea.

  107. Raina says:

    maintain it off the floor. We dim slate tile in the kitchen and it stays for approximately 30 seconds – they really swell for that brief period, however.

  108. Sullivan Dandre says:

    Aww! I actually enjoy the egg boiler; it was $3 by itself which was cheap enough for an impulse buy. However, it should be that it gets extremely HOT in the microwave, and is probably best handled by an *.

  109. Lydia@66 says:

    on the lint tip, my sister-in-law collects it and made a of … art with it. Most similar to a mistletoe. It hangs in the doorway between the kitchen and the living room.

  110. Travis@911 says:

    fair but is Sweeten a sponsor? If this is promoted space, it should probably be described that way. If you happen to luxuriate in sourcing from Sweeten, though, away. 🙂

  111. Kristian Lincoln says:

    I kept my loft from dorm life well into apartment living, it was actually quite comfy and I had all the plot underneath to work with.

  112. Frankie says:

    I actually live a block away from there. I by the second one every day and I it because if you are walking west, you can into it. I always wonder why they designed it that way–if you were having a barbecue there would you want to onto the sidewalk?

  113. Uriel_Talon says:

    Thank you for this post. I acquire been looking for durable outdoor furniture and believe been smitten with a few West Elm styles, but frustrated that the company is unable to announce the type of wood faded in their furniture. Although their outdoor sets are listed as “weather resistant” and made of FCS certified timber, I not know if the wood is mahogany, cedar, teak, eucalyptus or pine, etc. Each of these has different properties related to durability and aging etc. Any insights?

  114. Roy_Asa says:

    The office looks terribly *, the CD shelves and Ikea bed linen really cheap.

  115. Jadon@999 says:

    `I the dining room chairs – where are they from? `The chairs are called Revolt and designed by Friso Kramer, in 1953.

  116. Uriel 911 says:

    oh, yeah.. um.. me.. i blame it on a family of 3 living in 600 square feet. im constantly rearranging trying to the most out of our space.

  117. Zelda-Heavenly-Estella says:

    Apartment Therapy, I already been questioning why I regularly visit your site. The allege has become uninspiring and less and less about design. I honestly follow AT more out of habit than anything else. An article about * may be the last straw.

  118. Sloane N. says:

    pony tails and a heavy dose of fairytales works (((touch wood))) for us!

  119. Alberto_Brennen says:

    I lived with a lightly larger (eat in) kitchen for almost 17 years without a dishwasher. The sink butted up next to the stove which butted up to a wall/doorway. The only thing that made it bearable was having a large, double bowl sink to back dirty dishes and build the washing/rinsing/stacking do-able. It looks to me bask in they replaced the single bowl sink with an *even smaller* one. Gains some counter but it would * for doing all the dishes by hand.Maybe opening up the wall would created room for a narrow island or cart type thingy. I dunno …

  120. Roberto C. says:

    Molly,This is a gigantic photo–beautiful chair and room setting…Thanks so great for the mention of Oliveira Textiles as one of your fabric sources!All the best….look forward to the next projectSincerely,Dawn

  121. Darius-Ismael-Roger says:

    agreed about the hutch. I feel bask in it masks the butterflies. Hung on the wall seems the best plan. Hutch seems first-rate for jadeite, textiles, silver and the

  122. Gunner.Augustus says:

    @Purrsephone exactly. I actually feel looking at my bed unmade and I even linen bedding that looks like these pictuess

  123. Giovanna Naya V. says:

    Holy cow…….fabulous and I too feel your I a cat who has gouged by jumping onto furniture, of course never the dining room table! Those kitty prints and gouges are from that other cat, the depraved one. Wait, we only one cat * and that would be you. May enjoy to deem about this not only there but other applications. Thanks!

  124. Madeleine says:

    They seem to be reinterpretations of the blankets sold throughout Latin America. Nice.

  125. Brooklyn_Carter_Lacey says:

    I never stack dishes for the reason mentioned above. I rinse them out and leave them unstacked.. But i can understand the need to stack in larger families. Kitchen sinks are often too small!

  126. Christian-Aaron-Jaylen says:

    P.S. Quiltmaster is honest in saying that many ficuses sticky residue, but ficus lyrata is not one of them. I contemplate it is usually the smaller-leaved ones, such as Ficus benjamina (I broken-down to beget one, too, years ago).

  127. Ryan.Travis.Alfredo says:

    i admire how warm and this is.makes me correct want to pop on over for a cuppa.It is and airy with color,unlike alot of sterile white apartments.This would be the winner by far if I was judging:0)Go delight!!

  128. ArjunKeshawn says:

    Slate is a great, natural outdoor material. But in mind that it is brittle, and even a thick slab can * unless it is installed with a sturdy, LEVEL support. I a metal industrial would work well and mammoth in a garden. effect and every diminutive bit (unless you are able to resell the slate); even pieces that * when removed can be in some way: as stepping stones or accent pieces area in the ground, on top of a bench, or for smaller, shaped tables. contemplate of using pieces in a water feature or at the bottom of a shallow pool; slate is at its loveliest when wet.

  129. Clark ZZZ says:

    adore your place….If all those cold days and grey skies in Paris become too great for you. I live Death Valley, CA and would swap places. LOL

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