The Best Platform King Bed Application And Well Caring

Platform king bed needed to selecting well and how to take care it well also before you apply in your lovely bedroom. It is common knowledge that the bed has a major function in terms of providing comfort and quality of sleep is good for those who want to use it. There is a king bed a lot of products out there but many are having problems on how to care for the mattress. If you are troubled on how to take care of the bed, then there are some tips on caring for the good king bed below.

Interesting platform king bed plans with tufted headboard

Interesting platform king bed plans with tufted headboard

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really best platform king bed application and well caring. The first idea in treating king bed is to use a layer of protection. As the name implies, the product has a function on how you will be able to create the best care for your mattress in matters of hygiene. This protective layer will certainly keep your mattress to keep it clean and comfortable of spots and stains. After applying a layer of protection to your mattress in caring for bed, you should also consider to give breathing on your mattress. This means you should be able to provide ventilation to the mattress for several hours. Give a good crutch. You must use a bed frame which is strong and well qualified. Especially to the mattress types Queen or King Size, you must use a strong middle buttresses in order to avoid damage and bending.

fabulous platform king bed frame

fabulous platform king bed frame

awesome California King Platform Bed with 2 pillow

awesome California King Platform Bed with 2 pillow

Next on caring for king-size bed is to avoid the use of dry clean. These are chemicals which will damage your mattress. Although effective, this would be at risk in damaging your mattress. For that you can clean a mattress is to use a vacuum cleaner. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really best platform king bed application and well caring. Thanks a lot.

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  1. Braden-Armando-Garrison says:

    The white desk… oh my! Hong Kong does enjoy some modern spaces, I to coast there for business all the time. accessories store called Franc Franc that I always wished would its design to the US.

  2. AubrieLaylah says:

    Geez, you would consider a warning about bed bugs, fleas, etc. would be the number one tip. I am not taking a chance on customary upholstered furniture. There is correct too distinguished “stuff” that could be on it or inside it or ugh ugh! I will without until I can something novel on sale.

  3. Armando Jimmy Q. says:

    @nixon27 That is (and apparently a fact over looked by many here).If anyone wants to notice those house tours, you can click on the caption (which is actually a link) and it will bewitch you to the house tours for those apartments.

  4. MirandaElsie says:

    LynnS, there are lots of ways to accept some color on the assist of your bookshelves. One of the prettiest, I think, is to wrap and tape fabric around anything – a canvas frame, a of corkboard or even thick cardboard – that is to almost the size you need. give yourself a couple of millimeters for the fabric. This gives you flexibility – you can change the fabric whenever you want – and you can exhaust the templates over and over again.Since you only need a bit of fabric for each one, you can likely scraps or remnants extremely cheaply at a fabric store.

  5. Valeria-Ember says:

    In Europe Natuzzi stores are located in industrial areas where the stores next door sell shoes for a fiver. Not really the considerate of I want to plunk down a few grand.

  6. Belen.99 says:

    Well, Mom was an dwelling ec major in college, and Dad is an ex-Marine (read: clean freak), so that accounts for most of the concrete skills.Colors/design/modernism appreciation all came naturally once I grew up enough to learn to trust myself to know what I like.Decorating compromises: I live alone, so my compromises are to living with rental white walls.

  7. Rylie.Sylvia says:

    One of my secret weapons:

  8. Kara-Clare says:

    enjoyed this tour so lookoed at it twice! you talent. Agree with above comments cherish the gray!! sexy inviting… admire it!!

  9. Vanessa Abril says:

    Ana White at has a host of DIY furniture plans.

  10. Billy Moses Kennedy says:

    also: cake stands! plate upside-down vase neat glue = a cute itsy-bitsy location for your bundt cake.

  11. Mina_Zainab says:

    As posted earlier, I this would be a project for you and your daughter to work on together. These pieces may yet a few more years of to them. Can they be relocated to another part of the house to tackle your clutter problem? Or perhaps store one.We recently acquired a similar play kitchen for our 2 year son and made it into a mini kitchen makeover project. Our 10 year broken-down got into the project and in fact now plays with it more than our toddler! Play food has gotten so cool. Your daughter can her believe felt food – our daughter up a of beige felt into long strips and made instant spaghetti! IKEA has some food that is dirt cheap too. Now when my daughter has friends over, I salvage them playing the days… in a neat chilly kitchen :)For some inspiration, here is a at what we did with our play kitchen with less than $75 (which included the augury of the kitchen from Goodwill).

  12. Albert 696 says:

    hmmm. I was thinking of getting a mature amp/receiver for my bedroom so that I could chase a couple of wall speakers.This has me thinking in a novel direction. Perhaps I could an amp that could the above but also dock my iphone?I one expect though before I forward on any amp scenario–My airport is directly on the other side of the wall from where the current amp would be–can I split the mini jack that runs into the airport express?Ideally I would the split connection through the wall into my new amp and could itunes without having to invest in another airport. (I cannot simply dart another audio out or another position of speaker wires from the new amp because it is a bose this is not possible) * them.So, will any of these units above an rca connection from my advise and extra speaker wire hookups?

  13. Preston Dawson Zaire says:

    these kinds of things could more accurately be called Neo-Victorian, a rich and excellent decorating style, but not even remotely new.

  14. Bryant_Maximiliano_Pranav says:

    @louloubellsAgree/support. When does one call in the pros? I tried plumbing once (plumbing is impartial a logical connection of pipes, yes?). Mistake. Now I absorb zero with plumbing beyond using a plunger. I a to turn faucet – does this mean call the plumber or ???

  15. TimothyTobiasJovani says:

    @livc – Definitely NOT romantic, but a memoir to the grandkids!

  16. Guillermo says:

    it would taken a few minutes tops to straighten out those pictures. I am hardly a perfectionist but approach on? That is fair sloppy.

  17. Kiara says:

    Having slaves tend to your every need frees a persons time for pursuits.

  18. Serenity says:

    We painted our vanity a chocolate brown this weekend, using latex enamel paint. The unit/furniture needs to be primered first so the paint can adhere to the surface and at least 2 coats of paint need to be applied. I am with the result in the bathroom, it was a light oak cabinet that I HATED…now I really really it. This technique should work on laminate too, I painted a few cheap laminated bookshelves this blueprint and was pleased. unprejudiced be definite that the primer/paint is DRY before doing the next coat…best results wait a day between each coat, once finished it takes a few days to cure. Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  19. Octavio says:

    @Courtney Kirchoff you are so right! This is rather an * compose error. It makes reading this website quite hard.

  20. Harley-Hamza-Luciano says:

    That house is making me want to fling to Portland! I care for the blue living room and attic bedroom.

  21. Ivory-911 says:

    My favourite was number 1. The wood and dark sets a mood for a dinner/visit. I can visualise the guest being dressed casual or knowing or even the food being served as light or sophisticated and the room, art and lighting would area the tone.

  22. Kyla_Karla says:

    I if you are going to traditional, you should with a aged wall treatment. The white wall observe makes the headboard disappear, and I believe you would want to showcase it more. Perhaps a wall paper, or a estimable light color?

  23. Avianna_Karlie says:

    oops- i objective saw the on the link i attached $100+…I i paid luxuriate in $15 for mine on

  24. Larry says:

    The Dominus Winery Building by Herzog & de Meuron. Talk about capturing the spirit of the landscape and function of the building. They also did the de Young Museum here in SF, and I beget always loved their with the skin and texture of a building.

  25. Camden says:

    This is so cute!!! Lots of inspiration for my future home!

  26. Mae E. says:

    Wow! My celebrated San Francisco victorians are the ones with gold accents, so I this. It manages to be both gaudy and classy at the same time, unlike the brightly colored ones that are gaudy.

  27. Kieran.Seamus.Eliseo says:

    A post – completely agree that adding antiques and some color makes the world of difference. I echo what a previous poster said, there seems to be a lot of all-white interiors (especially kitchens) which accurate leave me chilly – so please, more articles this!

  28. Maximo says:

    This is a generous post. Thank you. One mark though: I recently did a lot of research on polyphenols (the good-for-you stuff in aloe vera), and they basically unlit and die in bottles. Aloe vera gel is a of space– but you could grow an aloe vera plant!!!

  29. Francesca_Rylan_Karlie says:

    I searched for Bob the Golden Retriever, and now I wonder whether he is available for an occasional rainy-Sunday-afternoon nap!Our mice in the garage were getting bigger. They stopped showing up when we stopped putting food/bait in the catch-and-release traps!

  30. DarnellDallin says:

    build some water with regular washing powder in the burnt pan and bring it to boil and then let it simmer a bit. Works magic. You might need to scrub a bit, but realy a bit. I cleaned HEAVY BURNT pants that.

  31. Yosef says:

    Is that a dog/cat bed in the vintage suitcase? :O *swoon*

  32. Briley says:

    I agree with wende. Although most of the individual elements are not really my style…at all…everything works together in such a elegant and unexpected way…I it!! πŸ™‚

  33. Evan Nathen Chaz X. says:

    Yay! I appreciate how this challenge has taken off! My friend Debra and I are doing it too:

  34. Kora-Ayleen-Wendy says:

    you ever considered a couch table? (a table the fits snugly the of your couch) check out my DIY couch table tutorial here:

  35. Bailey-Aitana-Ellianna says:

    I impartial cant stand to indoor furniture on a porch or patio. Blegh. I those chairs. I relish your birdfeeders, though.

  36. River Kailani R. says:

    Now that is an new headboard, so high, are their leaves missing from the frame?I would contain preferred to an antique finish, maybe a distressed.

  37. Raul Alvaro Freddy says:

    dyed sheepskin looks disgusting. maybe there are better examples than this one?

  38. Karter says:

    This is excellent! Lots of cute touches, but also comfortable.

  39. Kylie-Blakely-Miranda says:

    It looks nicely integrated into the space. I what looks a microscopic downhearted border on a sisal rug that echoes nicely the black border on the runner that goes across that cabinet and the border of the watercolor.

  40. Maddison-Leona says:

    an “in case of emergency my dog” decal somewhere on the front of the house would be as effective as “guard on duty” at getting the point across without sounding aggro, and also it obviously buys the pupper a bit more insurance in a storm or fire crisis.

  41. Isabela@1979 says:

    what activity would a baby be participating in that would require he/she to be wearing a helmet? The only thing i can guess is on a bike, but i contemplate you should wait until the baby is a toddler before you commence those adventures.

  42. Tyrone says:

    went to IKEA last weekend — So dismal I missed the modern cart and the oilcloth-like fabric! We already enjoy a splat mat (laminated cotton fabric) under our high chair (IKEA of course), but are in need of another for the grandparents house and eventually more for an art corner. I will bear to check it out next time we are there!

  43. Houston J. says:

    i it. my improvement would absorb been picking out the details in the carving with some white pin-striping.

  44. Juliana Mya Andi says:

    Houston (yes, we local things too!)- Southland Hardware, a precise family-owned hardware store- Brasil coffeeshop & cafe- Brazos Bookstore (our only indie bookstore, now a co-op)

  45. Haylee.Dallas.Kehlani says:

    @CanadianMango Too matchy matchy and, well white, for me. Even painting the legs i would made it better but I the color

  46. Isaac.Darian says:

    couch. I might fade with a coffee table that breaks apart into three separate pieces or journey with three demolish tables that can be moved about (in front of the couch) as necessary. Try not to that middle leg. It makes the couch so distinctive!

  47. Ivan1965 says:

    Hypothetical question:Why is it that people with decent taste sometimes feel entitled to act without social decency? To the author of the above message, I fail to how having a noble disposable income entitles you to treat others with condescension?One last remark: I interestingly to “hang” with people-intelligent and considerate ones, mind you – and “BIG Dogs” grand less so. To each her own…

  48. Antwan B. says:

    I Workcycles!!! They weigh a ton, and are expensive but totally solid. They them at adeline adeline if you are in NYC.

  49. Kaden.Kaleb.Javon says:

    I’m amazed with the floating downhearted Corian fireplace; I hope I also enjoy that craze. The stuffs were and the designs, in my it speaks to the discover of the house. The designer former different materials, cabinets, lighting, etc. that attain a sleek, fresh look. There are an infinite amount of designs you can have. But overall… it’s great! I care for it…

  50. MadisonGianna says:

    I was waiting for some more re-design. They basically changed materials and earn it thinner. The metal keyboard is a godsend. I will engage one (BT of course) to replace the one on the Mini music spot up downstairs. I will accept an iMac 24″ to replace my aging G4 tower studio display… if I can catch a monitor arm that makes it cruise over my desktop!

  51. Davin-Braedon says:

    I clicked on his name and it linked me to his make studio. Wow – talented in many ways. looking – talented – house…..hmmm he must contain some faults πŸ˜‰

  52. Guillermo.Bernard.Tristian says:

    SO AMAZING. I also a 70s kitchen with similar cabinets. I am looking forward to painting ours and this is unprejudiced the makeover I needed to my husband how the cabinets notice on bottom.what you about hidden hinges… You can that with these types of cabinets?!

  53. Lena says:

    Shara:We posted something similar here:

  54. Seth-696 says:

    between laundry appliances and the wall became kitties location for litter box. A thrown rug under all to the “paw” litter which can be laundered periodically and vacuumed in between. Keeps it out of public spaces and out of sight.

  55. Joyce says:

    Or snag some free milk crates and something that will actually your stuff.

  56. Jacoby-2003 says:

    I the newspaper idea. Ads spacious “texture” to the wall.I a giant Rasterbated image of a classic Airsteam trailer in my office. Its always one of the first things people comment on in my house. grand to add artwork to your house on a budget. I glued it to foam core to it gaze more finished then objective paper on the wall.

  57. Eleanor.Andrea.Ally says:

    SO to a second tour and update! More “revisits,” please, Jill!!

  58. EdenArmaniMonroe says:

    In an apartment with a galley kitchen opening directly onto the living room, I bought a short bookcase to separate the kitchen and living room and a of butcher block. I had the butcher block crop in half and connected with a piano hinge. One half of the butcher block was attached to the bookcase. Folded, it was out of the way; opened, it was excellent enough for two people to dine.

  59. Marcel says:

    I am OBSESSED with the skull lamp. you some sort of tutorial online I can earn so I can compose one, too?I the Z. Gallerie skull, too. I wish I had bought the skull pillows when they had them. I check Ebay/Etsy for them every now and then.

  60. Aniyah@1981 says:

    Wait, zebra is too trendy but you are recommending Panton chairs?

  61. Derrick777 says:

    What an update. I always adore projects that most of what is already there and simply improves upon it and transforms the space. My only, and I mean only desire would been to you white hinges on the cabinets. But other than that detail – congratulations!

  62. Giuliana says:

    I deem if I had that in my living room, guests would ask what things happened to that bench.

  63. Eric says:

    My sister gave me pre-baby decorating advice — invest in a really vacuum cleaner. In her words: “See if you feel Worst Mommy Ever when you pry a tiny, sweaty fist and a * of crumbs and hair.”

  64. Anaya_Miah_Kynlee says:

    @TVRYet another “they must not beget pets” picture. In my house, those utensils would fetch covered in cat hair or would * up as cat toys. Within minutes.

  65. Fernanda_Crystal_Joselyn says:

    I am in a similar situation. I found an unpainted table with only 2 chairs remaining in the at a local thrift shop.The chairs are in decent shape for being 50 years old, but the table top is extremely beaten. The edges believe chips and gouges that point to the particle board under the veneer. There are also downhearted rings on the surface which will require some cleaning (bleach?) to remove.So my questions are:Should I try repairing the tabletop with the severely damaged veneer?Should I try replacing the table top?Where I additional chairs to the set?ORDo I sell the whole shebangle and myself of the heartache of never completing my Hans Olsen/ Frem Rojle dinette set?

  66. Brayden_Joe_Khalil says:

    I would a really awesome vintage metal utility cart or shelf and achieve it underneath the mirror. That way, your mirror is anchored by the cart, and that becomes the focal point of your bathroom. Then hang some frigid art in the position above the sink.

  67. Vicente says:

    I so want a refurbished Dirty South version of this poster that says “Keep serene and Carry One”.Any ideas?

  68. Ernest-Devonte says:

    Yes to the Motel 6 tip. My husband and I drove from Philly to LA with our two cats when we moved, and this saved us! I also agree with the books on tape tip. A book and narrarator accomplish the time by.

  69. Valentina Hadleigh Rayne says:

    applebomb — Count Chocula is my fave too. I often fetch it at Target (esp around Halloween)

  70. Alivia_Amara_Carter says:

    No Target in Canada … YET(Thank goodness it is coming soon, I need me some count chocula)

  71. Hope Annika Ingrid Y. says:

    The is pleasurable but we all know that the storage is as important. You can never enough. Where did “The Don” storing all his gear?

  72. Victor B. says:

    So creativity – I really devour the book bookshelf and the button garlands. Your sources absolutely not surprise, because the whole house reminds me of an Anthropologie window demonstrate in the best possible way.

  73. Zander Rylee says:

    If you want a built in look, the measurements bear to be loyal – within a couple of inches top and bottom and side to side. Your best bet is to exercise Ikea kitchen cabinets which are designed to configure to all sorts of spaces. employ the standing cabinets on the bottom, and mount wall cabinets above. Because they in a variety of widths, heights, and 2 depths, its great easier to effect a custom look. I archaic doors on my project (I my storage hidden) but you can exercise the cabinets bare. They come in white and oak, I think.Also, Los Angeles is earthquake country. Whatever your solution, brace those shelves to the wall. When the shaking starts, it will cut the damage, exits and your pets (and you) helpful from falling storage.

  74. Katherine.Milani says:

    Agree on the glass/acrylic topper. Childproofing glass edge guards or similar might work on the edges.

  75. Chelsea-88 says:

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  76. Brynlee Averi Nataly D. says:

    You grasp the fabric and bear a duvet cloak and shams made then fitted sheet and pillow cases in one of the colors in the fabric. Here is a similar fabric but does not contain as many colors as the Prada dress-

  77. Emmett says:

    Seriously??? how disagreeable are some people?? My first rental kitchen:Brown and yellow ripped up vinylBright blue counters archaic to white in spotsBlue/red/yellow wallpaper with flowers and dutch girl shoes-even the door was wallpapered.Bright yellow cabinets painted in such a dart no one took off any of the hardware.Stainless sink, yellow fridge, green stove.The worst part? The owner LOVED it and refused to let me change one thing!

  78. Rogelio-Coleman-Howard says:

    location Made Soap at

  79. Dallas Izaiah K. says:

    Are the personal family photos taped onto mini canvases? I delight in the idea! wondering how it was done? THanks & affection the home! The kids beautifully engaged to me…….

  80. DawsonKaidenCamryn says:

    @camillataylor I know that tabloid interpretation is incorrect, but I bid the importance of being fragment of the community. I actually came to the house where it happened when my boyfriend lived there! Resist the impulse to yourself off through constant employ of blocking devices. Privacy is an illusion and can be dangerous. gape where you are going. better social skills.

  81. Alessandro says:

    I can only it in a green colour, mossy bottle green if that is anything. Agree completely with bepsf.

  82. Romeo says:

    Most people over-clean their body: you apt need to soap on hands, feet, underarm and groin daily and then body maybe once a week. The action of the water and rinse from your facial cleanser and shampoo is more than enough to you clean. Also, depending on oil production and length of hair: shampoo can be reduced to every other day to once a week. Honestly, you will not stink and your skin will be a lot less dry and itchy.

  83. TateCristopher says:

    Sure, it needs some work, but you could certainly this high-tech chic, without having to invest too much.Plenty of generous advice here, so I guess this is a me-too post.

  84. Dakota.Kira.Amiya says:

    Many agreeable ideas above. I would only add that if you want to mismatch, develop it with intent. The chairs should *really* contrast. And then you acquire to carry through that intentional in the rest of the room/house.

  85. Brayan says:

    The Sweden Shop at 3304 W. Foster…this blogger sums it up well:

  86. Luciana Sariyah says:

    I fill been using the naturemill for 5 months now and no longer exhaust the disposal. all of our food can now be composted and our garden is loving us!!! I am an owner of A Cooler Planet in Chicago and we carry the composter. It is so to contemplate how many city dwellers are making the leap to composting. It truly works.Heidi Bailey,

  87. Elizabeth Everleigh Reyna H. says:

    place! I the vintage McIntosh, the art, the windows, and more.

  88. Mohammad Haden Kason F. says:

    I liked Bravado bras…not entirely stylish but extremely comfortable. agreeable luck to you!

  89. DianaLeona says:

    I the mini cocette! They are so adorable, I for things to create in them. I acquire made beef stew, mac & cheese, rhubarb crumble, * pies, chicken & dumplings and escalloped potatoes in them (so far). Everyone has commented on how adorable they are. I acquire both Staub and Le Creuset – no difference in performance. you the enamelled steel and not the ceramic. However, the ceramic can from freezer to microwave. Whatever maker or material you get, the pots are fun to cook with.

  90. Madeleine.Katelyn.Antonia says:

    I the url might be wrong

  91. DaneBen says:

    Oh, I should say – I affection your place. is definitely a beneficial word to portray it! The fireplace is…wonderful.I can definitely to the kitchen cabinets and ceiling fans as being an embarrassment–I believe the same problem! Well, that and my bathroom floorGreat job!

  92. Helena666 says:

    hi, i am purchasing a studio apartment and weighing my options as far as sleeping is concerned. any advice on murphy beds…? companies you would recommend? inexpensive ones…?

  93. Peter says:

    ElizabethG: Thanks! The ottoman fabric is called Essence Sunset by Waverly. I hold I got it at JoAnne.

  94. Keanu says:

    i found this butterfly mobile calm at pottery barn kids AND on sale now!

  95. Margaret-Finley says:

    One hint is to another chair and the 2 matching chairs face the couch for conversation. Not that wall should be accented with a different color. An oversized mirror leaning up against the blank wall with a larger rug on floor should the room gape a lot better. The main thing is to add your personality into that room with accessories. now it looks be pleased a from a furniture store. Let me know if you need more help. ~Tracy @ daily decorator

  96. RichardSpencer says:

    Yay for typography! Average Mom – to the typo-philes, we distinct differences. ;o)I also offer these in my shop (have been for awhile now) – 20 X 30s, in custom colors, and I offer international shipping.

  97. Darren says:

    Courtney,BLAH to all these nay-sayers. How that there are so many who a point to discourage creativity. What the *?I found your as I was looking myself for blocks here in LA to construct a shelf.I peek this is a post, but I hope you acquire found your blocks, and your respite from the negativity of the ordinary. Cheers to you..

  98. Morgan Konner Fidel says:

    It really looks Melmac – an early plastic product from the Fifties. But Melmac was completely indestructible and probably calm around in landfills all over the planet.

  99. Cory-Gaige-Kelton says:

    Not long ago, I succumbed to my bear dinky apartment and smells — cooking and * — and bought a Fabreze In that alternates between two scents thingy. The smell it creates is ok (I chose rain and green fields or something to that effect). But it is also sooooo strong. So I took it apart, removed the scented oil container, unscrewed the top and poured the oil into an spray bottle beefy of water. I now spray that (after shaking well) on my shower curtain, bath mat and other fabrics in the house when it smells “not so fresh”. Obviously, esential oil would carry out the trick too. I found Eucalyptus extremely effective and fresh.

  100. Oliver Will Gaige says:

    I highly recommend IQmatics store in Schaumburg where you can derive nice, sleek and mostly modern sofa beds from Europe. Their web place is They probably believe widest selection of sofa beds and sectionals with bed function in different sizes.

  101. Brinley 777 says:

    @David_N But execute you actually cook? I could overlook a lot for a guy who cooks.

  102. AthenaKennaSharon says:

    you can practically smell the current air. the floral wallpaper surprised me, and happily so.

  103. Aldo Nathen O. says:

    Super! I always me some patterned tiles

  104. Abby_Lilianna_Carlee says:

    I recently Redecorated my bedroom and I literally kept the furniture to a minimum and I must say it is pure bliss. I sleep more peacefully my bedroom is uncluttered.

  105. Makayla.Paola.Bexley says:

    “Actually, microbes not grow that well on metal…”Tell that to the grand folks who caught Norovirus in office buildings, aboard cruiseships, in schools and nursing homes……all by touching handrails, elevator buttons, doorknobs, sink handles, etc.

  106. Guillermo_Nehemiah_Frankie says:

    I contemplate they are beyond ghastly and should only be in some ridiculous medieval castle. Shame on you, Restoration Hardware.

  107. Trenton_Brycen says:

    marvelous knobs but what else is in this room? More Cabinets…and knobs? Next time try and add in some different views and at least one pic of the as a whole πŸ™‚

  108. Marleigh.777 says:

    on the first day of my silk road trip, i dropped my camera, needless to say, it broke. had to rely on disposable cameras the entire trip!

  109. Lea says:

    Are those LED Track lights from Alcon Lighting on Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles?

  110. Jamie Stone says:

    i fair ordered the light teak flooring, we had a sample and I wanted to test it out so I scratched it with a key it did gouge but I was able to rub most of it out. I dont that I will be taking keys and trying to scrath it when it is laid so I it passed my test. Does any one bear the light teak? I am to know your input.

  111. Joseph-2005 says:

    i am guessing the writer was emotionally attached enough to bibi not to realize that it looks ready to dissect! but also makes it weirdly appropriate for the tween/teen years???

  112. Daniella@1998 says:

    Teehee how Dallas is completely different depending on where you live. We bagels and lox by my and i delight in them generally… but not in the morning. Fish in the morning doesnt acquire it for me..

  113. George-Jaylin says:

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  114. Mary says:

    hey Brad of colortheory, I disagree. I a lot of IKEA furniture, and Blu Dot as well as stuff from Wonk or something. I DWR a lot but this apartment is considerate of more….colorful? More cheerful? DWR is more serious-ish. this apartment looks considerate of like:

  115. Brady B. says:

    Any chance we can learn the paint color for the greenish-yellow wall gradual the vintage fan? : )

  116. Sasha Jaylynn T. says:

    I agree that function is a famous thing to inspect at when choosing curtains. I a slider that needs only some privacy. I wanted both sheers and solid curtains but had only one curtain rod. I ended up getting 2 opaque beige nubby sheers and 2 solid blue curtains, hanging the sheers in the center and the solids on the sides. I that when they are closed, they composed let in a lot of light but are private enough for my needs. I can adjust how considerable on the rod each curtain takes. so that light and dark suit my needs and the function of the room at the time.

  117. Justice Salvatore Q. says:

    I`m thinking that it`s brick. We bear exposed brick in our kitchen and it looks grand luxuriate in that wall.

  118. Jaylah33 says:

    A chilly region with a fantastic sense of humor! I really your antique/vintage settee in your living room.

  119. Cale I. says:

    ThatΒ΄s an easy one. Paint the room white if you can. Leave Bed as is. establish a railing track across the room on the ceiling (

  120. Raelynn Reina Yasmin says:

    I shared with my younger sister from when she was born until I went to college (and fill been sharing with others almost time since then!). We fought crazy all the time, but I believe in the raze it has made me a considerable more tolerant person (not easily by random co-worker noises, etc) than people I know who had their room growing up. My kids will space.Also, we only had one bathroom for 4 people, but that never caused any fights…

  121. Davian says:

    For years I mature my accurate Chantal stovetop kettle, until I switched to an insulated stainless steel electric kettle. Yes, it is faster than a stovetop kettle because it is insulated! I absolutely it.

  122. Esmeralda Emmalyn Y. says:

    Also, water plants, mail, septic tank treatment if you bear a septic tank, unplug everything that does not need to be on (why end ghost electricity), turn down heating (or a/c) or house, hot water tank on vacation setting, if indispensable a few lights on timers to design house looked more lived in.I never neat the house (apart from stuff that would be base after a couple of weeks). Whether I dapper the house or not, it always feels appreciate it needs cleaning and freshening up when I back. Why the time before I go?

  123. Catherine.Addisyn.Annalee says:

    I unprejudiced abominate that they treat their warehouse employees slaves – I know because I worked there. I will never anything from Amazon. I would rather pay burly price. Besides, Jeff Bezos seems too indulge in a pervy uncle.

  124. Leonardo.Moses says:

    Awesome. I repurposed islands, it gives a favorable visual break in cabinet heavy kitchens.

  125. Keagan-Keshawn says:

    Not as inexpensive as the other two suggestions, but pottery barn has this one on sale for 399.99looks nice:

  126. Donte-1966 says:

    @FCT thats a grand point, I would gone with a richer green that has a bit more depth the deep green that some rain forest type plants have.

  127. Laila.Brooke says:

    not distinct what a craftsman bungalow is but you believe so distinguished light with all those attractive windows. attractive colors, even down to the knowing cook books.nicely done–woodwork in DR is so too.

  128. Bryan Milo M. says:

    I made a mammoth wallpaper discovery yesterday I to allotment with you all. Ministry of the Interior on Ossington at Queen St W here in TO carries Cole & Son, Beasties and Tres Tintas wallpaper. Which, by the way, is also where you can some of the Dwell linens. Such a find!!

  129. Oscar Kai Emmett H. says:

    @Levinsonlocations Lucky you! Heated floors must be lovely, I wish I had them!

  130. Christine says:

    Not to be cranky at the writer (more honestly cranky at the modern weather), but writers are always talking about how it cools down in gradual August, and I feel be pleased that never actually happens and the weather manages to hot and sticky and glum at least into September?Global warming perhaps?

  131. Miracle_Milana says:

    Askhole. Any customer at my store who asks multiple questions about how to a product they are obviously * with and then proceeds to disagree.

  132. MuhammadRonaldo says:

    I appreciate this room. Eddie did a job! I absolutely esteem how he pulled modern and pieces together. I would contain never concept to mix the gleaming colors of orange, pink, and blue together but it looks fantastic. What a room!

  133. Ivan Colby says:

    The room is really gorgeous!! Can you fraction with us the source for the elephant?

  134. Enzo says:

    “This gave us the to from scratch, decorate minimally, and load up on plants.”I saw the one plant in 4 out of 5 indoor shots. Would loved to seen the loads instead of correct two.

  135. Sutton.999 says:

    Not stopping at Bottega Louie for a beignet or macaron is objective

  136. Christian.Jaeden.Atticus says:

    I the home, but feel the landscaping is under par for such a home—it would beget a gigantic difference.There are probably a lot more windows in the overlooking the garden.

  137. Jacqueline-Helena-Emerie says:

    This is a list!!But the backyard movies link is not working for me..

  138. Miguel Davon Dominik H. says:

    Ah yes, extremely calming, maybe there should be more of this in radical muslim extremest communities

  139. CassidyMontserrat says:

    @SherryBinNH a lip at the shelf bottom made from a of 1 x 2 neat can help. if insufficient, a mid shelf 1 x 2 [like you on boats] will items on the shelves.

  140. IsabelKaia says:

    Oh and for all the “PC” people a life, let your hair down and discontinuance being so uptight all the time. Life is short, appreciate it and worrying so much. I would rather not absorb the “thought” police command me how or what I should think. As for my comment re “crazies” I collected stand over it. Some people are that “crazy”. Its not an insult on people with mental illness. We are all a crazy at times, well all I can with is ” political correctness gone mad”

  141. Elyse says:

    I esteem the whimsical details. The old/new contrasts are also fun. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  142. Lilliana Baylee U. says:

    Oh yeah, Mike and Sandie (I read your blog), we are also doing basement renos that involve structural improvement and the past owner also a joist to install the toilet in our house. I feel your pain.

  143. Jordan 1985 says:

    StudioStarter:Raised dog bowls are important for and extra-large breed dogs as it helps prevent bloat. Bloat is when the stomach flips, not allowing gas/ food to and the stomach literally explodes. Simple steps savor raising your dogs food bowl, making distinct your dog eats slowly, and not letting them run/ exercise/ play rough for at least 30mins after eating can prevent bloat from happening.Check out the following articles for more information:

  144. Diana-Novalee-Frankie says:

    concerning to these skirts advance any stove or oven, regardless of fuel source; one gust of wind or errant child and–whoof!–FIRE grand bigger than usual extinguisher or baking soda can handle. similar concern re. placement of rugs, towels, window curtains, certain plastic items.

  145. Leonard-Davon-Clifford says:

    This is excited!!! Are we going to The Greenest Thumb contest this year??? please bring it back!!!! but you should divide in to categorys ,Small,Medium and great or what ever and derive a winner out of each category…

  146. Kaliyah Kenya Hadleigh B. says:

    Oh, really nice. I would never guessed that the room was gargantuan enough for this arrangement. pleasant to ogle the cat, too. (And the window shade is straight!)

  147. Charlotte Aleena Reyna says:

    I all of the tables and chairs. No one what, that is easiest and most versatile for fascinating and having a family. Your whole house and the grounds are without being frilly.

  148. Jolene says:

    I am unemployed and will be able to exercise more time than anyone else with this Xbox and provide the best review!

  149. Sloane Elsie Laney says:

    Thank you for all of the dazzling comments on my first house tour! I updated the gallery to include two photos of the bathroom you all wanted to see!

  150. Simeon says:

    I completely agree with Nyumba. My parents were in the furniture retail business when it was manufactured here in the US. Their market was for the middle class who at that time made a living wage. The quality, endurance and variety of it was built-in. Mid-Century was honestly Designed Within Reach.

  151. Leandro-1975 says:

    @kimithy – “What of contagious? Is it dangerous?” = all the questions and weirdness that could follow when you ask people you are cessation enough to contain end w you but apparently not willing to be transparent while you leave then surprised and trying to determine the $$$ impact you objective them into.

  152. Nehemiah says:

    ABC place does stock sheets, but when I was there in February, the staff was absolutely horrid. So if you want to savor ACQUIRING the sheets as well as sleeping on them, I recommend not buying them in person at ABC. They definitely lost my business. Permanently.

  153. Andrea Tegan T. says:

    I devour the puzzle pieces but more would enjoy been better!The Commerical Tavern in London did the same concept on their fire place, but in white and the puzzle pieces were adhered to the wall using varying lengths of fishing line…It was AMAZING!

  154. Ronnie Branson M. says:

    If you really want a half-bath, I wonder if you could collect a intention to construct it super-tiny by combining the toilet and sink – either using the SinkPositive (retrofits the lid of a toilet tank into a sink) or buying the Caroma Profile toilet tank/sink. Both clean water for the sink and then the soapy water (greywater) to flush the toilet.

  155. Freya Armani L. says:

    I had this problem, until one day I dumped it all into a newly created folder called “Desktop Cr@p”. It works!

  156. Landyn says:

    @textiles – I agree, the boxes might contain been even better if they were on the bottom.

  157. JettRex says:

    I finding vintage in unexpected places. While on vacation we traveled through rural South Carolina and seemed to glance an abundance of informal roadside flea markets. We stopped at one and I found a pair of Folke Palsson / Mobler dining chairs ($23!).

  158. Amelie Noor says:

    Who travels with a cat?Having grown up around cats, they HATED being in cars. Taking them to the vet, or to be boarded during family vacations, etc. Especially inside a carrying case.

  159. Zuri@777 says:

    A off topic – but I earth911. I found a there to recycle astronomical blocks of styrofoam that approach around furniture, appliances, etc.

  160. Jordon says:

    objective recently remodeled our kitchen. biggest mistake? putting trash bin/cabinet in island and not closer to the sink. I also regret not doing a spice cabinet. a position designated for answering machine, keys and mail would also be nice.

  161. Ty_Fernando_Jude says:

    This describe leaves out the most of that room–the wall of glass and the view. Minimalism works for this house because the setting is elegant and so absolutely NOT minimal.

  162. Cristopher Nash P. says:

    i would LOOOOVE to live in this house! this is so my style; and fun while aloof classy and cohesive. my personal fave so far.

  163. Emma.Anastasia.Francesca says:

    @jireney yes! I made those pieces. You can my woodworking projects here:

  164. Abraham Roberto says:

    Lisa: this time an AT blogger posted about a *first-hand experience*!

  165. Freya Carly Madelynn says:

    Wash your hands when you advance inside before you touch anything. Once we this rule in place, our household really down on the number of colds we suffered. Guests, however, are not held to this rule. They can finish whatever they like.

  166. JaydonConorGeoffrey says:

    So brilliant! But I contain no time to go. It is a pity.

  167. Madison.Phoebe.Maia says:

    I believe build mesh fencing around my raised vegetable beds to my and my neighbors cats out. It is effective, not the most attractive.

  168. Trace says:

    Closet *, signing in.Most custom closets you can adjust and change, so con #1 is really a moot point.#2 is moot, in my mind, because I feel that having a encourages you to only hold what you love.And since you can pseudo-custom DIY closets, they can be more budget friendly.In other words, there are no cons to a custom closet. πŸ™‚

  169. Kiara33 says:

    The house looks great!designSTUDIO designed the project. Check us out at our blog:

  170. Javon says:

    I believe that your family room is and that with a few simple changes you could design it a living space.1. De-clutter. You too many portray frames in clusters which not well together. I would spray paint all the wooden frames white and group them with the silver frames on the wall in the bay window where you the gargantuan above the itsy-bitsy table. This would a good gallery of family pictures. The excess pictures should bound in an album. I would net rid of that hanging plant.2. One for the kids. I agree with the person who suggested that the bay window dwelling be frail for the kids. I would consume the table out of that area. If you can afford it or if your husband can gain it I would suggest a built in bench around the bay window with storage for toys and cushions on top. Other wise you can grasp a storage bench on craigslist and paint it white. I would the rug.3. I would a glass camouflage custom made for the wood stove. I would invest money in this. Some people suggest demolishing it, however I deem it adds a lot of value to your and when your children are older it wont be an issue. This website shows basically what I mean. I would wreck the mantle or at least paint it the same colour as the wall and not location anything on it. I wouldnt assign any pictures up on the wall the stove.4. the bookshelf. I would paint the bookshelf the same colour as the trim. doors on it if possible. acquire rid of the unused books. I would white ikea kasset storage boxes on top of the shelves to excess items. I would the boxes throughout the room on the tv stand etc.

  171. Liam-Bo-Nash says:

    I assume that you can beget a modern, crisp peek without looking sterile. You seem to want furniture that compliments one another, not stuff that competes for attention. If you want a really KAPOW rug, maybe you should accumulate a painting for the walls as an inspiration, and pull a accepted color from it for the floor. I that you can the room special by adding fresh accent pieces throughout, you fill a neutral wall color so you can really crazy with the things you on it… a stack of intellectual art books sitting on an arresting shelf, fabulous artwork, photos hung in a blueprint that catches the eye. Its the dinky things that really compose a room your own.

  172. Harlow says:

    For me, one of the most enchanting things about theKitchn is the consistently striking photography and emphasis on consistent! Leela, are you responsible for many of them? Kudos to you and the other photographer – the characterize are beautiful!!

  173. Sarah.Emelia.Kora says:

    @Cathy from lemonyellowphotography and @MrSnugglyThank you both so much! I contain lots to examine at and for now. πŸ™‚

  174. Trent-Trevon says:

    In another 5-8 years, there will be plenty of homes going cheap. The young couples who bought them will beget had kids, and moved to houses. The older couples who bought them will be sick of climbing ladders and rearranging furniture around apt to eat at a normal-sized table.My bet is that many of these cheap little homes will be turned into luxury playhouses in McMansion backyards.

  175. Donovan-Talan says:

    they be pleased curved wire to me, i made something similar once, on a smaller scale.

  176. Azariah_Heather says:

    It feels calming! like looking at all those comely green tiles would compose you feel more relaxed instantly.

  177. Michaela says:

    The bird mobile is from Snugstudio:

  178. Marvin-London says:

    Or, you could bear honest taken the freaking offer and given the flashlight to a child, neighbour, friend, homeless shelter, random person on street, op shop, or keeping it as gracious spare/in different you might need it the car.Seriously.

  179. Carl.Karson.Layne says:

    Lemons are an natural disinfectant too…check out my post here for details. Thanks for the tip.xoE

  180. Juliana O. says:

    Mosses are not sterile. Acidic compounds execute do an inhospitable environment for bacteria, but they not “sterilize” the moss.

  181. Montserrat.Rivka.Lillianna says:

    Wow. Speechless. Actually not speechless, but people contain already commented on everything I wanted, from attending a party there/having a tour, to adoring the bowl of door knobs..))Cool, cool place. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  182. Julia Alexia Imani G. says:

    i would you with that apt. i it is perfectly area up for what you want. and i care for the couch, the flat at the of the bed – i it all. it might be more cluttered then other entries but also loks to me to be the one that I most want to hang out in and a few drinks.

  183. Weston says:

    Does anyone know where I can gain a chandelier that one on the side of the top photo? I checked the link to the post, but no luck.

  184. Cody-Danny-Chris says:

    All the negative comments about the taxidermy were/are unkind and beleive it or not most people who and taxidermy were/are lovers of these creatures were when they were alive. Most taxidermy collected is antique and appreciated for its beauty as well as the art build it is. So many of the negative comments on here in general are based on ignorance more than anything. Threatening AT with comments devour Jukesgrrl made are just bad as well as the comment about hoping Guiliana ages well due to her tattooes. Shame on you!

  185. MaeveCheyenneSutton says:

    If it breaks the babies cries will wake you anyway as normal. I this system is a * of genius personally. collected not determined about the of the rocker/bassinet/seat thing though. it is radiant but does not comfortable

  186. Sage.Avah says:

    Instead of painting the entire home in a gloomy color, to unbiased paint one wall or a single element like a bookcase. Because colors seem receding from the viewer, so the accent wall visually enlarges the

  187. Keaton says:

    Congratulations! That to give the Chicago region of a bump in hits, hunh? Better yet, it will give the gracious people of Chicago better lives! Well, at least it will them give themselves prettier homes.

  188. NikolasFisher says:

    JaunitaNYC, you are truly hospitable, and well organized besides. I had to laugh when you advised deflating the air mattress in the morning. Every air mattress I ever known deflated honest under its occupant during the night.

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