How Attractive Minimalist Wooden Dresser Designs In Bedroom

Wooden dresser in your bedroom indeed being the focal point to dressing and make up your appearance well of course. If you are looking for a nice dresser, low prices, reliable quality and more durable? Minimalist dresser teak is one option that is right for you. With a unique dressing table is great for what you get as a table or a place to makeup themselves and can keep your makeup equipment that is equipped with drawers drawer serves to store makeup or makeup you. And sometimes being an attractive storage in your bedroom well.

Unique solid wood chest dresser with mirror

Unique solid wood chest dresser with mirror

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share how really attractive minimalist wooden dresser designs in bedroom. Model teak dressers have 7 (seven) drawers that can store your makeup to makeup or other valuables if placed in the bedroom so that a more secure position in the top drawer consists of 4 drawers while the bottom three drawers. Equipped with a little carved mirror to be more unique and elegant look that will add ethnic atmosphere in your room, the size dresser / toilet teak height 115 cm, length 95 cm, width 50 cm. If you have a sleeping area or bedroom that is not too big or minimalist rooms by using toilet minimalist teak wood is very appropriate, since it will not take too big bird. With teak wood good quality will make a chair or table toilet teak wood is more durable and long lasting. Lots of home furnishings such as furniture or furniture that wide – range of models and different materials.

DIY wooden pallet dresser with 8 drawer

DIY wooden pallet dresser with 8 drawer

Interesting wooden chests dresser with 12 drawer

Interesting wooden chests dresser with 12 drawer

Dresser wood is the right choice to decorate your home at this time began to trend / lifestyle community in the use of accessories and home decoration using natural materials of wood-materials more beautiful and exotic with natural decorations such as teak dressing table is used for makeup or dress. That’s all we can discuss and share how really attractive minimalist wooden dresser designs in bedroom.

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  1. Kenna Avah D. says:

    If you hold a wallpaper that is not pre pasted, you can exercise a specific glue specially designed for high moisture areas such as bathrooms.

  2. BrooklynnMikaela says:

    Personally, I esteem the navy blue.Does anyone know what the gray paint in the second is? I it!

  3. Dillon.Moises.Gunner says:

    My has similiar wood accents to yours and I opted for chilly shades to offset the yellow tones of the wood. I affection the frigid pale blue and putty gray I chose–a colossal improvement on the clashing salmon pink and yellow ochre they were painted when I moved in.Can I also suggest painting the color only as far as the rail and leaving everything above white.

  4. Lorelei K. says:

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  8. Olive Ryan Meredith J. says:

    If you beget pieces that you exercise to decorate the table (candle sticks, serving pieces, vases, chargers, etc) the shelves are a perfect space to compose indicate vignettes of utilitarian pieces.

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  10. Kailee_Cherish says:

    Wow, job on the garden! You can that a lot of affection went into creating it . The inside of your plot is fair and you a and sense of style. Thanks so considerable for sharing!

  11. Keven 666 says:

    Is the couch covering the artwork? I not care for the design the couch interferes with the view. ???

  12. Bailey_Garrison_Giovani says:

    I spilled a cup of coffee on the carpet in my bedroom. I quite a few rolls of paper towels to blot up all the coffee. After that was done, I sprayed with a carpet cleaner, and when dry, vacuumed.

  13. Leah.Aliyah.Jazlyn says:

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  14. Donovan.Braiden says:

    An antique drop-leaf table would work well, as would the bistro table others enjoy mentioned.

  15. Leland says:

    Oh I would be playing the always gripping John Waters Christmas cd on my really blooming white Geneva Sound System (while making glogg, of course!).

  16. Arabella Diana T. says:

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  17. JaedenEarl says:

    adore this space. I really devour the details as well. luxuriate in the lanterns over the bed. Studying it closely for my upcoming move.

  18. Dario Darin says:

    I exercise an inexpensive (solid not open) magazine holder so I can do both my dryer and flat iron in it. It also helps to conceal the cords. The faux chocolate leather one I believe is from Crate & Barrel and does not up distinguished space. West elm sells a dark tree looking coat rack for a steep $199 but that would chilly with the hairdryer and flat iron looking be pleased they were hanging from a “tree”. Also for towel hanging.

  19. Liliana.Daisy.Mariyah says:

    @samotage Meeeee too! I honest wish all my approved little-known artists sold their work in bigger sizes! There are only so many gallery walls you can in one apartment…

  20. Brayan_Cohen_Sammy says:

    I by this on my contrivance to and from work everyday. It is absorbing during the day, and is enjoy a magical lantern at night. I assume it is a reply for the city.

  21. Collins says:

    Stunning! You were so to down the dresser, the proportions are immense now, before they were a little off. I can totally understand making your own, most cheap current mirrored furniture is accurate not quite in one or another. Plus making things is fun!

  22. JuniperBraelynBria says:

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  23. Leon1979 says:

    When I saw the Broyhill Brasilia fraction my heart melt cause I had the same one cpl months ago and when I was changing the deco in my (1000th time) I let it accelerate but I did not know about it then…I wish I could grasp both pieces back(credenza & bookcase in expansive condition).If I knew then, what I know now…

  24. Alexis.Meadow says:

    Has anyone tried these on a wall? Could I hang art on them?

  25. Clarissa_Reyna says:

    CassiMo, gross pun!I want to try something be pleased this in my dining area. I care for plants and contain zero outdoor region so vertical is the blueprint to go. any suggestions on how to them from dripping all over the place?

  26. Cristofer@1988 says:

    you tried an auto body place? last time i had the griddle on my stove rechromed, i had it done at an auto body on 3rd street on the south side of the street west of labrea. if you call antique stove heaven, they might also be able to lisp you to some places

  27. Kameron Grady R. says:

    In a bedroom, I feel that the most distinguished jabber is that the fixture be hung high enough or be miniature enough that no one hits their head on it. With 10ft ceilings, you can probably acquire away with an over-scale fixture and it would amazing. Not considerable help, but some thoughts.

  28. Kayla.1969 says:

    admire the contrivance you ancient the off the kitchen. I called my husband in from outside to notice at it. We a position of our kitchen savor that and we are making it into a play plot for our grandbaby. We can always eat at the dining room table! @ birch… why would it be less wasteful to acquire another table there?

  29. Melina_Kaelyn says:

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  30. Draven-Ethen says:

    I got some pullout shelves from

  31. MaximusIrvinHassan says:

    Ah thank you joel (and yours actually was my fave of the top 4 final winners ;)Good to hear the fable behind your thinking…i guess i assumed from the structure of your it wasnt a rental…sorry to be presumptious.carry on!

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  33. Bryan_Cayden_Caiden says:

    The kitchen makes my heart happy, along with the copy of “The Velveteen Rabbit.” I the same one left over from my childhood.

  34. Michael-Blaine-Devyn says:

    wow extraordinary affection the colors as a matter of fact I want the same one!I mean that living room glimpse so energetic

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  36. Emiliano Fredy Mariano C. says:

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  38. Amber@1974 says:

    Lovely! My bathroom is similar and I want to redo it. This gives me ideas.

  39. Paisley Vada V. says:

    This looks a good-looking unsubstantial piece. I would grasp one that has a frame in it that keeps the bed off the floor.

  40. Sara Alina Lennox R. says:

    the thing about arranging vines all over is that you absorb to lift it into consideration WRT watering/dusting/misting/etc. if you previously brought that * to the sink or shower to water, for instance…

  41. LiamDevan says:


  42. Itzel.Alena.Kaelyn says:

    I would try some paint color swatches in gloomy brown (not too dark) OR the green from the couch (NOT the light!!) bag some colors you want to try then throw up a sample of it on the wall gradual the couch. paint one or 2 walls, not the entire room. As for accessories, I would with white or cream pillows along with yellow textured pillows. CB2 has some ones.

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  44. Lilith 1988 says:

    It to be made by Sitcom Furniture as allotment of their Stockholm collection – but the natural-oak pieces as well as the cocktail and tables been discontinued.

  45. Noah1994 says:

    I contemplate a great mirror on the wall to the window would significanlty increase the amount of natural light during the day. Also anything that sparkles would help, a crystal or glass chandelier to replace the ceiling light.

  46. Jalen-Derick-Messiah says:

    Wow. extremely unique! You can it took a lot of time and patience to complete this project!

  47. Jakob Reginald Ross says:

    Probably. I savor them apt because I grew up there and they’re considerate of nostalgic for me, especially the BMT R, B and N lines. Prices are ridiculous. Saw the Restoration Hardware copies in the store. They’re delicate * looking in person and prices at $795 – *.

  48. Tony.Yusuf says:

    This one is on sale at Pottery Barn for $149:

  49. Ezekiel_Kristian_Shamar says:

    We beget a memory foam mattress from a company based in Pennsylvania called Bergad. I assume it matches the more firm of the Tempurpedics and was about half the price, made in the US, shipped to us with zero hassle and even included some pillows that they threw in. We admire it.

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