How Appealing Old-Fashioned Former Wood Dresser Designs

Wood dresser now come with old-fashioned former designs that outstanding and appealing impression to apply in your bedroom and to those who love classic atmosphere. One of the most significant elements in the bedroom is a dresser. Dresser used wood unusual oval shape simply furnished, and equipped with several drawers in it. But this time, you will find design inspiration and creative dresser models that you can place in your bedroom. This dresser can be made even by using obsolete goods that have been unused. Want to know more? Check the explanations below.

DIY Wood Pallet Dresser with 8 drawer

DIY Wood Pallet Dresser with 8 drawer

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really appealing old-fashioned former wood dresser designs. Remains of wood, both obtained from residual sawmill and dismantling the rest of the house, can be prepared and utilized as a bedroom dresser, of course, with a touch of creativity. Start by measuring how distance dresser in the bedroom floor to be created, by adjusting its height so that they will be easy to utilize dresser. In addition to higher dimensions, the width dimension must also be determined. After all the pre-determined size, start preparing wood dresser from the wood. Use of nails, tacks, thumbtacks, until the wood glue to glue the wood timber with the other one. Does not need too much precision, even encouraged to leave the size of two or three centimeters on each side to make it easier when the wood will be compiled. Then, add bath on the top surface. Dresser advisable to choose a bathtub with a lightweight material, such as plastic, remember dresser of wood waste may not be strong enough compared vanity of other materials.

small wood dresser with 3 drawer

small wood dresser with 3 drawer

Luminescence white wood dresser with Contemporary style

Luminescence white wood dresser with Contemporary style

Add a mirror on the side of the wall in front of the vanity to complete dresser. To obtain unconventional dresser, look for old wardrobe or chest of drawers from a garage sale or antique shop. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really appealing old-fashioned former wood dresser designs.

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