Amusing Unique Daybed Will Beautify Your Space Greatly

Daybed is really amusing for us today, the unique designs that can make our interior looks more stunning and cooler. The inspire design is from outdoor concept bed but there are some magical touches there. In the family room, a daybed so the furnishings of the most catchy. The design is antique with carved ornaments in some parts. One thing that makes it look more elegant daybed, masts nets. If you are interested in making it appear more sweet, please draped fabric netting. For a more modern impression, can replace nets with long brightly colored shawl.

White Daybed with two pillows black and Rolling under bed

White Daybed with two pillows black and Rolling under bed

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really amusing unique daybed will beautify your space greatly. Daybed like this are usually made of teak wood, so it felt really heavy. Therefore, to consider the arrangement of the room where a daybed located. The family room in this photo could be a good example. If it does not want to make the room is thick ethnic and antique, combine the antique with modern elements. In the family room can be seen using a striped carpet, some cushion and purple scarf. Not to be paired with the motif, antique-style furniture is also decorated cushion interesting pictorial puppet characters. Blend of antique and modern make the room feel more balanced. Even ethnic style with an antique daybed design, but it does not necessarily look ancient. One more thing that makes this daybed perfect fit in here, that is the open space. Whose name is the most suitable daybed placed near a window or door that leads directly into the open space.

single daybed with bolster pillow upholstery colour grey

single daybed with bolster pillow upholstery colour grey

daybed solid metal design use as a bed or as extra seating with pillows colorful

daybed solid metal design use as a bed or as extra seating with pillows colorful

So, no need while watching television, listening to music, or reading a magazine. Sit here, while enjoying the cool air or water gurgling pond while listening to it and it can be a fun recreational activity. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really amusing unique daybed will beautify your space greatly. Thanks a lot.

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  1. Lena.Camilla.Jewel says:

    Less is definitely more and I applaud you for even thinking about this of honest down sizing.How? Simple. rid of at LEAST 70% of the stuff you currently have. And you may need to rid of 100% of your furniture, which is likely too and/or will need to be dual function.Do not sleep on a murphy bed or other convertible contraption. Dedicate a noble corner of your studio to sleeping on a corpulent or queen size bed there. Having a to rest your bones is both psychological and physiological.

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  6. Noah Dylan Holden says:

    I remember a cartoon from a long time ago: middle faded couple are in their bed, nearly covered in a colossal pile of magazines that contain collapsed through the attic ceiling. The wife looking scornfully at the husband and remarking “You and your National Geographics!”

  7. Tabitha says:

    @Panda I always skip at least 2 updates because I am not fond of the things that it does my befriend unannounced. 6 digit code – seriously? how annoying.

  8. AleahNayeliTabitha says:

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  9. Quincy says:

    bear you looked at the Flor carpet tiles from Interface? They arrive in a variety of sizes and you could arrange them to the whole area.

  10. Anthony Alfredo Rodolfo says:

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  11. Ricky_Joey_Estevan says:

    Maybe local carpenters/woodworkers in your might gain these on the side? My husband is a carpenter, and has recently been using reclaimed wood for his projects. He built a coffee table that shows off and exposes the saw mill marks and cracks. He finished it with a coat or two of laquer (not much, fair enough to seal and absorb texture), and it is holding up nicely. We a 3 year feeble boy who spills on this table weekly, and we it up with soapy water we would any other wood table.

  12. Trenton_Ruben says:

    We and affection the toddler Aerobed. We chose it over the Tuck-Me-In bed because it is all one piece, whereas the reviews on the Tuck-Me-In bed were that the interior allotment could deflated causing a suffocation risk. The Aerobed blows up extremely quickly, is comfortable for our 3-year (we bought it when he was 2), and is sturdy.

  13. Jackson says:

    The Cherner; no question. I am a proud owner and they are incredibly comfortable — not to mention (but you already knew that).

  14. AlexandraMirandaShelby says: has their “Worldstock” section.There are places online such as Global Goods Partners:

  15. Alexandra says:

    I the cabinets too. I would engage those any day over my honey oak ones with the wooden scallop over the windows. Blah! If they are in shape a modern coat of white will fine. Or you could them in a colour or paint the lower ones black. I would also ogle into a historical colour palette and out something for the walls.

  16. ColbyJessieElian says:

    My parents once had a glass-topped patio table. One night, we were eating dinner inside and heard this terrific atomize — we ran outside and the entire tabletop had imploded or something. There was a mound of glass shards on the ground. Crazy…and difficult to up. My mom got a teak table after that.

  17. Calliope says:

    @Emmi – as we well know, every single action we acquire has a reaction. You are legal that the predators might be denied a meal (or several hundred), but what if the population of those predators has blossomed. What will happen when the harvest mice are gone? What will they lag on to as a food source.Of course the of destructive farming practices would be more effective, but we are so often told that a movement starts small…shall the folks not anything while larger issues loom?

  18. Toby Damion says:

    I to admit I loved the backsplash. The one is a bit dated – the was popularized by Phillippe Stark in the 90s and has been overdone. The ancient backsplash is disgusting because you currently never anything enjoy this – match the backsplash with the novel cabinets and it would been fresh.

  19. Marquis says:

    I admire the IKEA mini drawers and wish they would bring it back. I covered the fronts of mine with various decorative papers and they lasted for years.

  20. Clay says:

    Gentle apprehension app for iPhone. Solid app of $3.99 tag.

  21. Tatum_Ciara_Zendaya says:

    I always that the auto-timers on my lamps are set. I absorb two timers, and each can be for two different times. I up a pattern that most resembles my movements when I am home. It may not actually fool anyone, but it gives me the peace of mind I need to relax while I am away.

  22. Rosemary Joelle says:

    @Alana-in-Canada – sometimes techniques appreciate keeping correct your best/favourite of a of things works, eg the “best 5 or 10” magazines, the “best 4” of assorted teacups or mugs, etc.Sometimes with books/journals, there might be an underlying opinion that having them helps you “know” the contents or makes you smarter… know that you already know enough and are brilliant enough, with or without the books 🙂

  23. Keon_Jovany says:

    These are proper ideas. Tile should last a long time, so anything trendy is best avoided, imo.

  24. Zion Ernesto Darin X. says:

    I acquire cats and my bathroom is omitting the egg stench. Should i the sink till the repair man gets to the building or should i not let anyone in the bathroom at all?

  25. Jefferson-Keyon says:

    I appreciate dollhouses; Calico Critter to custom-designed and hand-built. Alas, it is too expensive of a hobby to actually pursue.

  26. Conner_Quincy_Jarrett says:

    They always seem to mess up the scavenger hunt posts

  27. Branden says:

    GORGEOUS!!!!! When can I visit…? ;)~Seriously though, job…I know extremely WELL what it is to acquire layer upon layer upon layer upon layer upon LAYER of paneling and vinyl from helping restore a 100+ year house in Philly…that, it seems, had a new layer added about every decade or so. Kudos 😉

  28. Jaime.1987 says:

    This apartment is awesome. I a crush on microscopic apartments. I will publish it on my blog, for sure. Thanks for sharing and for making me examine the blog of Elison. laura

  29. Elliot Shaun Jan I. says:

    I beget never seen a purple room that I really liked. It always seems to cheap or garish.

  30. Selah U. says:

    first-rate project, done with extremely taste!The kitchen is my favorite!Andrew

  31. Valentina-Bristol-Amya says:

    I admire my melamine tiffin. The colors are always fantastic. I absorb a 3-tiered one in cool tones.Great post.

  32. Atticus_Rex says:

    I would distinct out the kitchen and grasp a estimable at the counters and profitable ate them. Whatever color you gaze wi ll be the wall cabs and the walls..Then a color that complements the wall and paint the lower cabinets. Replace the microwave with one that fills the space. Paint the column of microwave and oven dark. derive accessories with these colors. A rug that is and white with an accent color,orange. the drawer pull extremely simple This should really change the look. You may delight in it.

  33. Monserrat says:

    Oh obliging lord. Is that dried pasta in that play table? That violates my roach-avoidance sensibilities. Maybe in a northern climate, but not here in bug land. Otherwise, cute!

  34. Damon_Silas says:

    In a similar vein, rotating your carpets is a agreeable thing to with the change of seasons. Also…vacuuming!

  35. Mohammad-1988 says:

    MCM has overstayed its welcome. Would indulge in to gape more exquisite pieces. I bask in the designers who are not to mix designs from different periods.

  36. Lilah_Jillian_Adley says:

    Fantastic. Gave me obliging for my dilapidated bergere.BTW callmecath – this is a bergere, fauteuil has sided arms

  37. Eve Mae says:

    I he achieved “living in the clouds” relish he wanted.

  38. Julissa.Lara says:

    I took a class from a woman who owned an feeble farmhouse, she that if you eye at the glass windows in one of the upstairs bedrooms you can contemplate where one of the daughters who grew up in the house “tested” her current engagement ring to certain the diamond was real. 🙂

  39. Zoie says:

    What is the square footage here?I the that you created. The enormous table in the kitchen is helpful as well…and the flowers. Can we absorb a cup of coffee!

  40. Vera Lina says:

    place, I your capacity to edit (curate). Clutter free, soothing ambiance… Please part secrets!

  41. Mckenna_Jillian_Rory says:

    I would to rep to sewing my clothes and making decor items and this sewing machine looks it would be perfect to both.

  42. Serena1972 says:

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  43. Holden U. says:

    current Tenant,Design sponge (link in nav) did a job painting an Ikea sideboard recently. You may want to check her residence for details.It made me want to try it, too!Cheers,Fiona

  44. Rocky 1988 says:

    Maybe Barbie and her shoes need their contain tray, apt the silverware has! an ice cube tray, or an egg grate?

  45. Lilly H. says:

    idea, I’m going to try something similar in my home.

  46. Adan.Philip says:

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  47. Amari-Braylee says:

    I could plop down on the chesterfield with stacks of your books by my side and be in heaven! I cherish how your place feels. My celebrated – the community chest card:)

  48. Samuel Raymond B. says:

    @Angela @ Tidings from the Mountains unfortunately, she fair closed her brick & mortar shop in Beverly MA but you can peaceful shop her curation of goods at

  49. Nolan Korbin says:

    @cookiemomster I cherish that idea! Cookies for Santa and a box of ancient toys. We also pass toys to younger cousins and receive toys/games from older cousins as a diagram to achieve money on gifts. I organize a toy recycling exchange with my siblings and in-laws.

  50. Derrick.696 says:

    @Lucillle I completely agree. “Toss it” is hardly ever an acceptable to decluttering. Donate, consign, and most importantly, recycle! Even clothing/shoes that are in awful shape and should not be donated can be recycled. Many retail stores (Nike, Northface, REI, Skunkfunk, etc) will catch your customary clothing and shoes. Check with your city/town about textile recycling.

  51. Arabella Gracelynn Zaria W. says:

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  52. Abdullah says:

    I once lived in an apartment with a fireplace. I asked the property manager why they would extinguish precious wall and floor space, money, and time installing fireplaces. She had no …I hid mine with a folding screen. It was a modest $100 investment and I acquire continued to the for the past six years in other locations.

  53. Londyn says:

    Why not unbiased embrace the oddness and hang curtains over the itsy-bitsy angled wall next to the window? Or hang sheers over the windows and a heavier drape panel on the wall if you need more privacy? Easy to and it will the illusion the windows are complete bay windows, adding symetry (sp?) to the rooms.

  54. Angelo_Cornelius says:

    it! I did a similar treatment to my bathroom, except tan instead of gray. I would either leave the vanity cabinets as they are or maybe stain them darker. Everybody in my complex painted their cabinets white, and I not any of them. I left mine yours. Maybe add some current pulls to dress them up.I would change the cabinet door. I would believe sheet-rocked over it, actually, and replaced it with something else. I a white pre-fab cabinet on my wall to the side of the sinks/mirror. It objective looks and is not centered.But, yeah, job! How fun was it to down the mirror?

  55. Landen-Rogelio says:

    Wow, I NEVER could figured out how to rearrange things like that. Brilliant!

  56. Jorge says:

    What a and personal place. I appreciate the natural light in the living room. Where is the dog? Did I miss it?

  57. FionaAnnabel says:

    post. I in and outside the home. Such a classic shade, and if done properly can observe so elegant. Totally in adore with that apartment block with the shutters on the windows… beautiful!

  58. Donte says:

    This before-and-after felt one of those “find the fork in the picture” games from Highlights magazine. Plus, the before actually looks an after already.Took me reading the first few comments to realize the stove was replaced, which maybe speaks to the white stove did not really need replacing. The darkened cabinets shadow the stainless appliances.Maybe a kettle was really all this kitchen needed?

  59. Miguel-Abraham says:

    I found out the truth about Santa Claus when I caught my mom bringing in the toys from the trunk of her car.

  60. Efrain O. says:

    I never conception of that until i read it here. I went in to look at my box spring and there it is …unsightly as can be. Will zip out tomorrow and consume a co ordinating sheet. idea….I learn so considerable from this site!

  61. MarcoAriel says:

    I immediately belief of the DesignPublic link from above.Another:Very simple dots:

  62. Abraham.Eddie says:

    My experience has been that leather is vast for wiping off and cat hair, but it WILL scratch. When we bought our leather sofa we did what we called the “scratch test”, by scratching the surface with a fingernail to explore how fragile the leather was. The sofa we bought passed the scratch test but mild has gotten beat up by our dogs and cats. I contemplate it looks nicely aged, but my husband feels it looks *. I it fair depends on your perspective. You can buff a lot of the scratches out with some leather cleaner. Hope this helps!

  63. Isiah says:

    To give credit where its due, I deem Blu Dot originated this belief long ago:

  64. Coleman Yehuda says:

    Would be consuming if Apartment Therapy did a of how offputting painted kitchen cabinets really are or are not, or or not been, in the opinions of successful sellers and buyers.

  65. Addyson.Kynlee says:

    fresh release Tad and Dad by David Ezra Stein is a keeper! Single frog dad who co sleeps with his tad son…

  66. TaylorHarryJaydin says:

    I gotta second kdkaboom. I also had mice in this same prewar apartment. I filled up every * with steel wool. me, I had asked my landlord if I could exercise spray foam and he not. So my only option was steel wool which I stuffed in every diminutive * and a lot of it too. And dont consume the steel wool with soap on it. Steel wool didnt halt the mice but definitely helped with the roaches. The only thing that stopped the mice was steel wool and spackle. By the I got all these tips from being with the local guys at the hardware store. They bear many tricks and tips- so be nice and they will hook you up!

  67. Avery-Emilio-Esteban says:

    I wanted to appreciate it, but I found their arrogant personalities so repulsive.

  68. Jamal Dexter Irving Y. says:

    A few years ago I gathered all the beads I enjoy and separated them into color groups (green, red, silver, gold, white) and made garlands. They are heavy, but gorgeous. This year I made a paper chain to as an advent calendar. what you fill laying around!

  69. Isaiah Rylan Jasper says:

    here is a simple and diy from my blogger.. under the sycamore..

  70. Erik Damarion Keven says:

    Lady J – ecstatic Belated! Hope you feel better soon so you can scoop up some b-day pillows!

  71. Aliya 1997 says:

    I a rug similar to that in my kitchen and it works well. Of course it is essential to it all of the time. But it is noble not to believe frigid tile under my feet early in the morning.

  72. Joanna-Kira-Arely says:

    Last week we had a stream here about despicable landlords and this would be my main reason for advising buying where possible. Also will you be able to continue living where you want when you retire and absorb reduced income? In a nutshell buying gives a modicum of security. Having that when you remember location, location, area is everything.

  73. Leonard Daquan R. says:

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  74. Naomi-Kennedi-Mallory says:

    Remember having to all those care for report cleaners with the reply and the de-static gun? Haha! Those days are gone for most of us. Some people are stuck in that time listening to scratchy records.

  75. Nola 2002 says:

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  76. Darian.Boston.Mathias says:

    I believe a patterned rug or maybe some faux fur pillows would add a lot and fit in perfectly with what you have. You could also a plant, on the book shelf or hanging, to add color to the room.

  77. EzraAddisonElisha says:

    Columbiakat,The baskets are actually Ikea as well…here you go:

  78. Angel Noe Isaak says:

    I would fill to agree that white would gaze for this cute room and really up the space. On a different note, I to say after reading this blog for a year that if readers contain nothing to contribute but negative, snarky comments to posts in this community, proceed elsewhere.

  79. Avianna-Leyla says:

    this is a shot in the dark. Does anyone remember an AT post from about 6 months ago that featured a narrate of an ornate carved wood armchair painted white with a sparkling purple upholstered seat? any leads on the store that chair would be available at?

  80. Magnolia Avah Reign says:

    Nope. Manipulate. Guilt. *Especially* tracking the seller down online. Will you hear from them again later, in or disappointment? Ugh.

  81. Kennedy Wynter Estelle says:

    Copenhagen is a really delicate city – lucky you! Hit Normann Copenhagen on Østerbrogade which is an astonishing experience in itself. savor some hot chocolate (50% white chocolate, 50% dark) from Baresso next door. pace Østerbrogade, there are definately a few more stops to develop there.Illum at Strøget is worth a visit. In the square place between the streets of Købmagergade, Prinsens gade, Gammel Mønt and Strøget, you will both furniture/design stores, clothing stores as well as some of the best lunch places in the city.Others worth mentioning:- Casa shop, Store Regnegade 2- Trap, Indiakaj 2Enjoy Copenhagen 🙂

  82. Aleah Cynthia Wendy says:

    I the blooming and description but would it be possible to gather some more detail on what a “limited budget” really means? And how skill/experience he really had?Im sore a number of people fill been inspired by this but I for one would to know what it really cost in terms of dollars, time and expertise!thanks!

  83. Nicole says:

    A customer review on Amazon indicated the heed has made in China. UGH!

  84. Lucia-Haylee says:

    My toilet! modern dual flush but not elongated (to fit in our aging cottage). Waiting for a sale would meant wasting water, right?

  85. Amelie says:

    We honest streamed a series called THE fall with Gillian Anderson. and chilling.

  86. Elaine Taliyah says:

    The pictures of the shadows with their dogs me really happy. As does that downhearted wire thingie–I no opinion what it is, but I delight in it.

  87. Kaylie says:

    Does anyone know where I can salvage wallpaper samples in the city. I am looking for birds and butterflies by Shumacher. Thanks!

  88. Dylan@2003 says:

    the artist roy mcmakin did an on the plastic chair by casting it in metal.

  89. Francisco Cortez says:

    I bask in IT LOTS. My ONLY is to a towel bar that will fit over the lower cabinet doors in the kitchen; no need for it to be permanently attached to the door since you are renting. Why..after a while, the damp towels will demolish the cabinet … from experience. ;oD

  90. Xavier-Collin says:

    – A couple of susans in the spice cabinet.- enormous plastic containers for storing the cous cous and things I in bulk.- bread bin and vintage flour and sugar containers for keeping things out in the open.- a cheap-o pan/lid organizer from Wal-mart (lifesaver!)- A home for everything and everything in its dwelling (easier replied than done).

  91. Crystal Romina Marjorie B. says:

    I the careful exercise of color to acquire a position feel spacious. The house has honest enough stuff to feel personal but not too to acquire it feel confining. Congratulations–big hug to the fabulous bears!

  92. Caden Tyrell K. says:

    I accurate reorganized under my kitchen sink that has a garbage disposal 🙂 I assign the dish rack on one side, standing on edge. The other side of the garbage disposal is a slighly bigger place so I acquire a two tier sliding basket organizer there and a dinky bucket with random cleaning brushes. I hung a plastic bin to the inside of one door with negate hooks to store sponges and dish soap.

  93. Jaelyn says:

    I live on this street and there is a nanny goat at the antonym extinguish of the street as well. There is a placard on the goat statue with more information. I admire walking past these everyday!

  94. Kinley Jessie says:

    How is saying DH condescending? Its darling husband! Igs, the frick down, if you contemplate Darling Husband is condescending then maybe you should to the rock you live under…..I should try dryer balls, i always bear cat hair on my clothes.

  95. Scott Lawrence M. says:

    Brava!!! and Bravo!!! honest beautiful. Kitty Capone, indeed. Nickname for the kitty w/b Me(al) Capone.

  96. Hailey_Michelle_Guadalupe says:

    just say NO to soffits!I would engage the cabinets up to 9 feet and leave the tops begin or all the device up.

  97. Luna.Makenzie.Collins says:

    @Boschimi Soap Distillery lip balms are amazing! There are also some shops come the Armitage Brown Line you can buy up their products!

  98. Genevieve-Heavenly says:

    lean an ladder against the wall…. same outcome… i got mine for $15 from an antique store. it has paint spatter on it and i it!

  99. Nia Jayde Y. says:

    My experiences in Denver contain been mostly positive!Thus far, I beget never been stood up or had a buyer flake, but I acquire had sellers commit to selling me something, and then flake out before we could arrange a time and site to meet up. I generally sell/buy things with volatility though . . . when I tried selling a intelligent phone once, it became downright comical. I deem I listed it for something appreciate $300, and within seconds of posting, got emails asking if I would sell it for $50! Uhhh let’s see… No!

  100. Johnny Moses F. says:

    The living wall at Pure Yoga on E. 86th St has seen better days, too. I contemplate the scaffolding covering it for work on the tower above has had a effect.

  101. Analia says:

    I´m German and I will never understand, why the front porch in US is often mighty more bigger than the backyard.We lived a few month in FL. A extremely and only green frontyard and in the befriend only a pool, no plants and no residence for a table and some chairs. In Germany it´s completely contrary. You a “Garten” where you absorb your terrace, with table and chairs, often with a barbecue-grill made with bricks, a kichen-garden, a sandpit for the children or a swing and you the interaction with your neighbours over the fence. In summer, the garden ist our living-room from breakfast to the glass of wine before bed-time.And you are sure, that your toddler isn´t running on the street.I would never swep.

  102. MilesLelandGideon says:

    I making the bed and eliminating the messy bed/messy head syndrome. I confess i esteem making my bed now that we absorb redecorated and acquire summer quilt in arresting colors and modern paint on the walls, knobs on the dressers and extinguish tables. It is satisfying to glimpse it all build together. Last one up usually makes the bed. Though if he gets up and showers while I am detached in the bedroom-i sometimes develop it then.

  103. Jeramiah-33 says:

    I fill Club Furniture builds their pieces in North Carolina. They acquire a gigantic selection of tasteful and reasonably priced couches and chairs.

  104. Karter says:

    There was a DIY posted a while ago, I think, using a flower *, which would catch care of the hole in the bottom; if you attach diminutive feet on it (stick-on rubber feet?), that would raise it up enough to care of the cord tunnel.

  105. Nevaeh-Saige-Jaylee says:

    I too bear cats, and one night I woke up to them dipping their paws in my water glass. I employ a water bottle now.

  106. Brennan Konnor says:

    Fun but accurate fact (for all those who believe only the PNW has mold issues)NYC gets an average 42″ annual rain fall. Seattle gets an average 38″ annual rain fall. Plus, NYC gets gloriously humid sticky summers. So rainy season or not, it never dries out around here.And yes, the landlords to remedy mold problems.

  107. Reyna@999 says:

    My personal * – my dog is mostly white, and we a sofa & seat. When I begin the windows, you can observe it all. It was worse when I had a microfiber sofa.

  108. RiverCristopher says:

    Here is a link with dimensions. I hope it helps.

  109. Tinsley says:

    Lisa in SC, What a kind, thoughtful soul you are to gallop that extra distance to try to MariM1. Her story, and so many here, also touched me. Such a different thread for AT, but obviously one that so many can to. As someone who has been self employed for the past 18 yrs, I always live on a budget. Depending on the economy, some years it is an tight one, other years I more breathing room, so I truly everyone sharing their coping mechanisms for those tight times. I feel fortunate that I enjoy been able to effect a living doing what I love, and even though money may be tight at times, I am grateful for my creative talent and ability to always the resources I need to come by through a rough patch. Having a friendly system with friends and family is key for me.

  110. DeanDaytonHugh says:

    @Azponydriver How about keeping half of them with your subjects and giving away half? It may be a volume problem. I had shelves of books that were unread because I had to work jobs all the time. They created a lot of bitterness. I gave away about a quarter of them and cleaned the rest and now feel infinitely better and * with possibly reading the remaining three quarters in my customary age.

  111. Steven_Nathanial_Marcel says:

    I especially seeing houses and flats in other countries. light and seriously cool bathroom/wet room. It will be challenging to gawk if the wetroom trend, so practical (especially for exiguous bathrooms) and well established elsewhere, catches on in the States.

  112. Caden-911 says:

    @Pisica Hatoul Trendiness is cool, but for a major update bask in this, I be pleased to on timeless elements that I will always love! If I went with what is currently trendy, it would dated again in a few years! Im hoping to adore this for many years to approach 🙂 Thanks for your words!

  113. Tomas-2008 says:

    @jk11 Whitewashing was done with lime which is a disinfectant and also killed bugs and mold. practical.

  114. Sonny Q. says:

    answer to people who dont indulge in to hear screaming kids on a plane:1. a baby2. recede with baby while stressing yourself out about keeping them quiet/behaved/etc.3. from then on every time you are by yourself and hear a screaming child on the plane, you will smile and believe blissfully to yourself – that screaming child is not my problem, all I to is sit here and relax/listen to my music/read(and cue comments about how having kids is a choice…)

  115. Teresa Andi says:

    As a bit of an aside — regarding testing for lead paint, is the recommended alternative using those lead testing kits at home improvement stores?

  116. Peyton says:

    I this show–in my top 2 (Dwell being the other one).I an HGTV conspiracy theory about the talking heads: the talking heads provide the leads to the dinky spaces for the show, and then they pick up to blab on the show, and get advertising for their businesses. Max, is this wrong?

  117. Elliot.911 says:

    of time.There are lots of places around such as flea markets and vintage shops where you can find vintage metal steel cabinets from customary school locker rooms and medical facilities with far more character than this.

  118. Ruby_Yasmin says:

    oceandreamer–I acquire one for sale… email me at hatrickdesign @ netscape dot

  119. Aaliyah.Aubrielle says:

    P2…I always enjoyed your comments…natural fit! You some snarkiness and bite that comes out that I always appreciate. Sociomath; what considerate of brownies did you eat before your epiphany and subsequent post…I want some! These digs are dazzling cool. Some pieces were site on, others seemed out of residence but it all balanced out and felt unique, * and aesthetically pleasing. **I would adore to know where that cozy looking sectional is from. I am thinking Bo Concepts but cannot be sure. Anyone know??I am searching for a clean, yet cozy sectional. Not easy!

  120. Julia.Olive.Maylee says:

    I really this place, especially the color scheme! Looks bright, simple and airy! And I loooove the plants, one can never too many plants indeed 🙂

  121. Caden Jaren R. says:

    We need more pictures! I really hope this one makes it to the finals. Does your boyfriend believe a website for his art?

  122. Eric-Marvin-Jacoby says:

    Fabric draped from the ceiling probably violates all sorts of housing and fire code.

  123. Ada Braelynn Maxine H. says:

    Where can I come by a metal bar the one they fill in this closet?

  124. Roderick says:

    @katchups Ha – well, I know I am a random person on the internet, but I say for it! The texture probably bothers you more than anyone else 🙂

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