The Specious Chaise Lounger Make Your Rooms More Comfortable

Chaise lounger is surely come to your family room or your outdoor porch and pool with some delightful comfort designs of course. Unlike a normal sofa furniture has been returned along the width of the seat as apposed to the long seat in the sofa as usual. A chaise lounger tread a thin line between regular sofa and club chair is extended. Many of today’s modern design for recliner really take inspiration from the traditional club chair. They will often work in the same kind of fashion of the club chair and ottoman combination with the convenience of being produced in a single entity.

Tokyo Chaise Lounge with modern design

Tokyo Chaise Lounge with modern design

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really specious chaise lounger make your rooms more comfortable. Before jumping to the front, you must decide if you need a chaise lounge for indoor or outdoor use. No matter how you position them; up, down or in between, you, your family and your friends will be able to soak up the endless summer comfort. It’s just that easy to get away from it all. Lounge chairs without arms are designed to conform to the natural shape of the body, thus, eliminating the need for the arms. Head and neck are supported by the back of the furniture while the body is supported by the seat itself. You can choose to customize the design but it is advisable to follow the basics and just tweak aesthetics. Chaise Loungers has adapted well to the changing times and styles and is now an array of modern chaise lounger made from tubular steel and leather and futuristic in design.

awesome King Chaise Lounger

awesome King Chaise Lounger

overawe chaise lounger with bolster pillow

overawe chaise lounger with bolster pillow

However, some of the more expensive models may be prone to slacking, because the blades are made of thin pieces of wood. This is not to be confused with items you can find at your local supermarket. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really specious chaise lounger make your rooms more comfortable.

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85 thoughts on “The Specious Chaise Lounger Make Your Rooms More Comfortable”

  1. Zander-Bailey says:

    I all the vintage taxidermy and hides! Plus, all those vintage leather bags are fabulous…This is quite a departure for AT from their normal house tours- grand going! Not everyone wants empty spaces and “edited” collections.

  2. Blake Cristian Ellis says:

    i want out whole place to inspect this. it will be a long time coming because it is a lot of collecting and expansive vintage finds. **le sigh** in the mean time, i will notice the video.

  3. Hunter Orion says:

    Restoration Hardware also has a determined version. Link in my name…

  4. Giovani.911 says:

    if it has no headboard than where would the tufting be?also, check pbteen–they alot of platform beds and some fill dressers/bookcases on the long side of the bed. they up to queen size

  5. Josie_Samara_Cara says:

    The bed + curtains reminded me of the woman whose daughter was requesting a Victorian Gothic bedroom. Both of these would probably be PERFECT for her! Sources?

  6. Brielle_Rosalyn_Cherish says:

    post and beautifully done. I contain of this for years. Once, when i was about 32 years old…i had a enormous party. some of the young workers came through and your location is so grownup. It was such a compliment. When i was in my twenties, i hung out with a crew of friends who loved furniture and they all bought homes by the time they were 28. they spent weekends collecting great, grown up furniture. i bought a condo when i was 38 years old. But i had composed furniture and bought other pieces that lasted the test of time. I peaceful proceed to ikea but my couches, and beds and chairs and tables are from places DWR and Room and Board or antiques or vintage…strong and grownup. It feels improbable to l ive in a grownup house. i everyone to try it.

  7. Sabrina.Joyce says:

    (This is me attempting not to be negative)It appears to me to be a successful budgeted first attempt at an * apartment. Kudos.Agreed, the write up, needs to be . . . uh, *.

  8. Skye 666 says:

    Thank you for gigantic advice! Suitcase packing is exact art and not as easy to master as it might seem. Thus, effect definite all your hard work of packing suitcase isn’t wasted because you haven’t fulfilled some airport and airline requirements, appreciate using tags

  9. Andres_Deandre says:

    The Living Etc. link is broken, goes to Green Notebook….. I that golden wallpaper in the first photo!

  10. Liana-Meredith says:

    I bought a buffet service from Neiman Marcus for a shapely imprint for the holidays. Less than $90 with free shipping, service for twelve. My china seems more formal as time goes by and needed something simple with plenty of dinner plates.

  11. Laila Bianca Aisha says:

    Such an mix of textures in this room! inviting. I adore all the plants and feel delight in I want to contemplate a really one in there somewhere – something with big, green leaves!

  12. Jaylin Trevon O. says:

    Nice. Thanks dude. Was so tired of all the grays. to some yellow, which I loooove. I really deem that is why people traveling to warm destinations, that warmth is often reflected in their buildings, art, furnishings and people.

  13. Phoebe Kaylin Yasmin U. says:

    Meant to above: learn from what my parents did, and from the same thing people say about painting colors in interiors, and if you to execute something savor this, paint it a less saturated shade than you you need to.A house covered in yellow is a WHOLE LOTTA YELLOW.

  14. Cedric Austen J. says:

    I worked with Alfredo, the owner of Atmosphere Lighting in Chicago, to replace my outdated sconces and track lighting with a low-voltage suspension system. If you are willing to wait 10-12 weeks for delivery, they contain access to all the major lighting companies (Flos, Artemide, etc., etc.,) at decent prices. Jose does installation work, too!

  15. Joel.Brayan.Reginald says:

    When we moved into our apartment, we decided not to cable. The decision was easy because for some reason a few channels came through our hookup– HBO, Food Network, TBS– and I bought a connecting cable for my laptop to the television. When we came from vacation earlier this month, we discovered that both all the movie channels we were receiving had been crop off. Fine. But, then I went to hook my computer up to the television to the latest episode of Louie off of iTunes (where I grasp the shows I really cannot miss Men) and discovered that the latest software update forbade me from watching my library of movies on the broad screen. *???

  16. Johnpaul says:

    Music, flowers, gleaming throw pillows in nature designs,opaque sheers to let in the light in every room…or no sheers if you beget a first-rate view, candles on rock beds, sunny yellow, green, blue and yellow accents where ever your position can stand a limited color and cheeriness, gingham, stain glass or colored bottles in windows, prisms from lighting fixtures to hang in windows and around the house….board games of any kind, bake cookies and design hot chocolate, or effect some excellent rye toast and tea, NOT BE DOWN!!!!

  17. Elise D. says:

    I enjoy potted herbs and a dwarf lemon tree in my apartment along with various “house” plants. I on adding mint, catgrass, and a large-ish terrarium in the next week.

  18. Nathaniel-Fidel says:

    i did this in January 😀 freed a wall-high bookshelf, and now ten white binders with numbers on the back.(The binders were A4 – i am in Europe – and transparent pockets on the assist and front so it was easy to hasten the printed enormous numbers in).i kept the inserts, too, in between the storage pages.And i now can the movies that were device too high to at without a ladder …

  19. Jaycee A. says:

    Remember when you consume USB ports, your device will try to sync/share with what is on the other of the USB cable.

  20. Joseph_River_Malcolm says:

    Seems most of that 40,000 was spent on things wiring, demolition, construction and the CaesarStone counters. Makes it seem the whole Ikea thing was thrown in there as an attention grabber for the article.No doubt they saved money using IKEA, but I wonder what percentage of that 40k was actually spent at Ikea.

  21. Gilberto_Luka says:

    @RavynOwl I mature airbnb for Europe and looked for places that had washing machines listed 🙂

  22. Briar 1973 says:

    How about a compromise of sliding barn doors to cloak the shelves? That would absolutely construct my heart stop.

  23. ChandlerDorianAlvin says:

    I bought this for unprejudiced that purpose. The kitchen looks relish the best site for it:

  24. Jan E. says:

    You can them with the venom of the future occupants of your home.

  25. Elizabeth-Kiera-Marisol says:

    i cherish these apts, mainly the third one. i always loved the high ceilings of the apts in my area. i never i would to my attic good but i appreciate it! its enormous despite the & angled ceilings, and all of my windows are floor to ceiling so i tons of light up there.i definitely to rely on floor & table lamps and removed the lighting the landlord had in the ceiling after a couple friends walked into the fixtures. lots of broken glass but luckily no cuts. i felt though!

  26. Paul Ty Malakai Y. says:

    Your room is extremely beautiful already..great job. you of putting scounces on the wall? Maybe something that are light and airy that can add some interest to wall without adding any bulk. And of course some capable art that inspires you would be too.

  27. Desmond says:

    you should really a cloak to hide that radiator! bag a titanic print and one – try searching it via HGTV. i know i read it in a magazine somewhere but i cant remember. and i agree. some curtains would perfect the room!

  28. Justice L. says:

    Does anyone know if you can build anything with holey jeans? i several pairs with rips or holes that I need to rid of, but it seems a shame to throw them away when all that denim could be for something. Thoughts?

  29. Maximus_Jordon says:

    Since you want to achieve the furniture you have, maybe you could tie-on seat cushions and a table cloth (the Dollar Store sells clips that fill tablecloths in site outside). That would it more substantial.

  30. Erik 88 says:

    Duran Duran, specifically, John Taylor ripped from Teen Beat and stuck to my walls. This was prior to when I fell in admire with the Absolut * ads and those went up as well. I dilapidated to rearrange my room every few months… a Saturday, lock myself in my room and completely transform it. At one time, I even had my bed coming out of my closet – I I was so cool.

  31. Ivanna Analia says:

    suggestions, try layering with elements, close when it fells enoughwould be friendlier for conversation if the seating faced each otherwith a lighter coffee table in between, maybe paint with a “pop” of mustard or eggy yellow?tall plants in front of that window, dramatic needle cactus or norfolk pine or fiddle leaf ? or rubber tree plant depending on the exposurecurtains in a patterncozy throws on the seatingbig art on the walls, paintings, wood blankets, photos, seascape, portraits, whatever you esteem

  32. Conor.Jovanni says:

    @MishyMoo Thanks! We adore that painting. The artist is a friend of ours from Chicago. His name is Jay Ryan. We are extremely fortunate to beget a few of his pieces. He just had a gallery at Rotofugi in Chicago. You can check it out here:

  33. Frederick.Aron says:

    Thanks Mrssewbot – to the City of Toronto website and for historic sites or contact Fort York directly. Many of the historic sites offer birthday parties 🙂

  34. Madelynn.Belle says:

    I this arresting and fun room!Could you please what crib you have? I am also extremely and am looking for a crib. Thanks!

  35. Jaden.Erick says:

    Can someone please disclose me what considerate of flooring should be installed over concrete. When I went to LL, they guy was capable but he had this droll notice on his face when I told him I would be laying the flooring over concrete. Should I engineered flooring or woood?. He tried to sell me a beech wood flooring that they had an over stock of, but I told him that I would procure befriend with him. Please, someone with knowledge of installation give me some direction.

  36. Willie says:

    Find! I work for a high rug showroom in the Merchandise Mart. I Minasian Rug in Evanston all my cleaning and cutting. They are the best and extremely reasonable. I would recommend them over Oscar Isberian.

  37. Elena-Sawyer-Maliyah says:

    Check out the Murphy Beds at They some that are bed/desk combinations that might work in your area

  38. Madison-Aviana says:

    Switching out the vinyl flooring or making a vinyl rug would wonders. There are Vinyl floor tiles that are to resemble wood planks. They are really easy to install directly or a custom floor rug. Other than that, Removable wallpaper for the walls and hardware for the cabinets, maybe vinyl applique for the cabinets too.

  39. Rodrigo_Brooks_Layton says:

    looking at the blocks on top i would guess its a message of anti violence and trailor trash 😉

  40. Romeo_Bruno_Marquise says:

    I maintain finding things to examine at… What I is that you had such a detailed of what you want and carried it out so amazingly… home… Congratulations on your one year anniversary and many blessings…

  41. Cole Brady Travon L. says:

    NO!!! Not if you on even remotely using the items. There acquire been grand quality issues with all of the online pieces, customer service impartial laughs and arranges a free pickup–though pickup takes weeks.Yes, they inspect though.

  42. Clay says:

    the curious giant rug is cool, but clutzes devour me would over the bulging patterns. wait a second… injury = law suit!! where can i this?

  43. Kaden says:

    “Refuse, refuse, refuse” really struck a chord with me. I illustrious a birthday, and many work friends gifted me with well intended, but useless items. I trying to them to a donation to a charity instead, but these gifts appear anyway. I cannot REFUSE a gift, but I can effect it aside and grasp it to Salvation Army next time I am making a purge. I am so grateful to bear friends who give me gifts, but it is awkward when you choose/need to limit your possessions!

  44. Lilly.Ember.Danica says:

    Dont throw water on other peoples potential of gifting. Three suggestions.1. Give to a charity in their name (a previous and suggestion)2. Give sentimental gifts. Not alot of money but perhaps a portray or newspaper from their childhood3. Food

  45. Kaden Cale C. says:

    to so few books! Is this a non-profit organization? If so, please give the contact info so I (and others who might be interested) can donate books.

  46. Evan.Kaleb says:

    I second Paris – only thing about the Bazaar in Istanbul is its basically the same 4 stores over and over and over – and you contain to be tough to deal with the shop owners! I build a game out of it 😉

  47. Noa.Lina.Halle says:

    Beautiful! Again, apt beautiful! I am especially impressed with the set-up in the bathroom. What is the console thingy over the toilet and where did you gain the medicine cabinet? It adds so visual position and looks as though it holds oodles of storage. (Poor grammar, sorry.) The medicine cabinet seems to be a extremely apt storage which having said that takes up and, because of its combination of mirror and white door, adds to the feeling of in the bathroom. I really would cherish to know where you got it.Best of luck!

  48. Adaline Noor says:

    I agree with Djluckyonline. The room is fine, the coffee table is glorious – and killocallan – dash chair and coffee table. enact something above the tv, jog the bookcase (way out of the blueprint – say in another room) and attach something more appropriate that addresses the corner condition, a rug that harmonizes with the floor and chair and not the chair .

  49. Noah.Oscar says:

    I really the shade of white in your living room. you mind sharing the color? You beget a extremely blooming home. Thanks for posting.

  50. RomanLeonelTerrence says:

    I enjoy a ledge shelf above my bed, on which I contain a few photos of family and friends in frames, a couple of oriental fans and a calligraphy drawing created by a monk in a temple in Kyoto.

  51. Kane says:

    @canoodler Oh, and to echo another commenter, the annual rental-shampoo machine-deep-clean makes the rug from half-dead looking to new again. The rug we design this with was purchased from Pottery Barn over 10 years ago and it bounces back. The pile picks up and the colors brighter.

  52. Brinley A. says:

    What a lovely, place, with so grand personality. Especially enjoy the bathroom door – to no windows!

  53. Ahmad says:

    The photos are a apt example of how A/T slideshows should be. Clear, with easy to read captions and feels enjoy a proper guided tour. Beautiful, beautiful and feels a precise location with two artists giving it a soul.

  54. GeorgeAlessandroNestor says:

    I admire my classic Nags Head Hammock – in the summer, the kids are outside weaving them on the premises.

  55. Javier Emilio V. says:

    The American flag goes with any color scheme.Readers here might be in that if they a house flag that cannot be flown at half-staff (like those pictured), then they can attach a downhearted ribbon streamer to the pole to explain mourning on half-staffing days. On Memorial Day, the flag is flown at half-staff until noon.

  56. Angel Maryam W. says:

    I would white or pale grey ceramic tile, or even less expensive a laminate that can be taken out when you renovate.

  57. Noel.Franklin.Skylar says:

    i work for a national furniture store that to compose business with richter, and i can you that the create is great, but beyond that, forget it. its been a customer service nightmare for most of their products we sold, and by the design the company was and how they handled their clients, its no surprise they went bankrupt. i know that pottery barn, crate and barrel, as well as william sonoma region all carried their upholstery, so if your buying, impartial ask, and try to avoid them if you pass on this sofa, too

  58. MilaniHadleeZaniyah says:

    The furniture is from the Matera collection from

  59. Camden Coleman Rex O. says:

    My parents absorb a long living room so they made clusters in the room – at one extinguish there is a seating area, at the other cessation is a table (maybe a for the book shelf) and in the middle there is some sort of armoire thingy that serves as a focal point.

  60. BiancaMyahAlly says:

    Yup, this is what my husband will want – and I no with that! Ok, computer! 😉

  61. Harold_Gavyn says:

    My IKEA kitchen consists of the Sofielund cabinets, which are a substitute for the Poggenpohl Teak Decor Quartz. Modern, but aloof warm and natural. I chose the smallest BLANKETT aluminum handles for a minimal look. The counter tops are the CaesarStone Quartz in Oyster, ordered through IKEA and to measure. It all looks with stainless steel appliances.

  62. GerardoLincoln says:

    But BN, it says right there: “there is an optional infant tray … which allows you to using it for kids 6 months and up.” An extra expense, but likely worth it for a chair that fantastic.

  63. Blaire V. says:

    I been looking for a (hopefully Nelson) pendant for over my dining room table. Please, Santa, please!

  64. Leah Leona N. says:

    I the backdrop that is created around the periphery of the room – wall color, curtains, sideboard, pops of color. However, the center of the room (table and chairs and rug) not work well, imo. I believe if she plays off the vibe created around the periphery, the room could be really nice. I can the sideboard working, but it dwarfs the table and makes it even smaller.

  65. NoelleAmiyaCarolyn says:

    That is sad. Would she also deem shaving her head so that she could tattoo an advertisement to her head in to increase revenue too?I would a flower bed to a parking lot any day.

  66. Roger Kylan T. says:

    agree with biscuits, I beget a grand brown sectional (though more expresso) and I rich jewel tone throw pillows on my couch…deep reds and blues in paisleys and brocades for a bohoish look. World market and Pier 1 are expedient for this, but I got mine from Ebay and I consider Marshallsbased on what I of your room/style you seem more transitional modern, so you might want to with more brights devour others acquire suggested aquas, yellow, greens.or you can hasten with some light blues and grays, but you should bold with patten and texture as they are all neutrals.brown goes with anything so experiment with throw pillows or lay fabrics around int he just color. agree that you should switch out your table, I a round ottoman in a fun color or patter with lighten things up a lot

  67. Corinne says:

    care for this house. We live in a rambler / ranch house in Washington DC and a extremely similar living room / dining room / kitchen loop around. We absorb also fetch it in terms of layout. A – does the purple / brownish couch drive you crazy in terms of walking from living room to dining room? I never belief about putting something in that space, and even shied away from a sectional jutting out into it, thinking it might drive us mad. But it looks great! appreciate your house and my common part is the light at the entrance.

  68. Layne says:

    Congratulations, you are a most talented and evocative man wielding style. Thank you for sharing. So many would adore to enjoy a of your talent. and nurture your abilities – and us out of our misery and us more soon!!!

  69. Pearl-Iliana says:

    It seems somehow foul to furniture on a truly oriental rug: one wants to discover the design, not to contain it hidden.

  70. Khloe.666 says:

    This looks nice, comfortable, and edited. I really want the artwork over the sofa- I coming advantage to that.

  71. Phillip Augustus S. says:

    okay, did anyone the bug plates, scroll down, and read “honestly *” as the caption, rather than the source? because that straight cracked me up XD

  72. Lorelai says:

    I so want to contemplate more detailed photos. job on the scavenging!

  73. Lola says:

    These are tips! I been shooting exclusively with my iphone4 because it is so convenient. I also care for photoshop for editing. Thanks again!

  74. MaxwellGiovaniDeshaun says:

    in addition to flea markets or thrift stores, ebay or google “rococo frame” or “baroque frame”, you will fetch alot of choices for under $100. glad hunting.

  75. Kennedi Aylin Alannah K. says:

    As a mama to a 3 year archaic boy who is always wanting to “do a project”, I this idea. For Christmas, when our families asked what he wanted, craft stuff and stickers were the two requests I had for him.As for the gifts for the rest of the family, we try to remember something to finish not something to have.

  76. Kaden_Reid_Titus says:

    I a dinky linen sheet, circa 1920, that has been pieced, patched, darned, and re-hemmed countless times. It makes me extremely elated to it as a light-weight throw. At least three women had a hand in keeping it whole, and I belief to my fragment when needed.

  77. Ariana-Dana says:

    work–it really appeals to me. I feel relaxed having looked at the photos of their work.

  78. KieraNala says:

    Oh man, I wish I had known about these during our wedding. We wanted lights ont he table and the home wouldnt let us light candles arrive the table cloths.

  79. Maximiliano says:

    Also…Aqua, Green, and Brown is my color combination right now.

  80. Jenna says:

    the ample stair, different arrive to a loft, and big painting in the second and the paired chrome chairs in the last.Not in my ballpark but curious nonetheless ~ thank you for sharing!

  81. Marlee G. says:

    Inelegant and desperate for attention.The Lady Gaga of furniture.

  82. Ean D. says:

    What about painting the stairway/dining wall with a sophisticated stripe that incorporates both the gray and blue and maybe a blue or some other brighter color for a pop.

  83. Heidi says:

    I contemplate you need to solve the green carpet plot first. Carpet seems a for renters at the beach. What are you doing with that? What are your choices?That does gawk great!

  84. Jaxon.Lincoln.Dwayne says:

    If you are in northern CA, a friend is selling his arts and crafts dining room set:

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