Create The Beauty Beds With DIY Project Quilted Headboard Designs

Quilted headboard now come with DIY project to make your own beauty by your two hands creatively surely. If your friend’s bedroom life is based on the country or theme parks, consider building a quilted headboard. They are easy to make, and offers a unique charm to any decor. Headboard will work for any size bed, and can be customized to anything from the bedroom of a young girl for the master suite. Because they are versatile, you can use almost all the ingredients to make one.

Beautiful quilted headboard with best design

Beautiful quilted headboard with best design

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how to create the beauty beds with DIY project quilted headboard designs. You will need basic knitting skills. You may be lucky enough to find an old blanket in the thrift store or antique shop that fit the theme and can be purchased for a good price. Materials that you can use to decorate or even create your own quilted headboard. Quilting Fabric, Poly cotton to layers of the front and rear, Cotton batting, Muslin to make, Ornamental cables, pipes or braid. Headboard is designed so that quilting is a cover slip. That way it can be removed for washing knowledge knit Assuming you have a base, let’s start making the cover. Lay out poly-cotton, cotton batting and fabric used to blanket, pinned three layers together. Lay the head on the fabric, and cut the fabric to leave a generous seam allowance. Let 8 “at the bottom to ensure that the quilting will be reached under the mattress.

overawe quilted headboard black color

overawe quilted headboard black color

Quilted white headboard with beautiful design

Quilted white headboard with beautiful design

Repeat steps 1-3 so you have two matching pieces – the front and rear. Pinching 3 front panel together, blankets in each mode you can wanted. This as plain or fancy as your skills allow. Repeat the process of knitting to the rear panel. That’s all we can discuss and share about how to create the beauty beds with DIY project quilted headboard designs. Thanks a lot.

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