Outstanding Application Mirrored Dressers Design Ideas

Mirrored dressers now come to your bedroom with unique furnishing and polished. They polished with some outstanding mirrors although some of them relate to make up of woman and girls. Bring perfection furniture design your dressing table – if we intend to use a dressing table for makeup, then there are some things that require our attention. The first thing is we have to make sure that the shadow will not be made in the face, looking into a mirror. The second is to ensure that no glare when you make up as this can interfere when we look into the mirror.

Antique dressers with mirror and six drawer

Antique dressers with mirror and six drawer

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really outstanding application mirrored dresser designs ideas. Every woman worries about her beauty and she was trying to preserve the daily maintenance. Currently different women spend time in front of the mirror, depending on the complexity of make-up. But when we spend today for beauty we do not even compare to that spent by women in other centuries. Just think about that woman preparations lasting several hours, from the moment he wakes up until the evening. Brushing hair, putting corsage, dress up, wearing makeup or wigs, all calculated and taken very seriously. It is true that a woman can not make it alone. He got help from within the country. But she could not get out of the room until she was completely dressed, so that all the processes needed to be developed into her own room. For this reason he should have everything close she needed, all set in a rack. This is why and how dressers appear.

Florentine mirrored dresser with 6 drawer

Florentine mirrored dresser with 6 drawer

Angelina mirrored dresser with 8 drawer

Angelina mirrored dresser with 8 drawer

Typically, women pay more attention to the placement of furniture design dressing table, because vanity that usually for reflection would also help womenfolk look outfit or dress what is suitable for use in an event or clothes that are used everyday, doing various adjustments makeup. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really outstanding application mirrored dresser designs ideas.

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  1. Myra_Nathalia says:

    grand job! I care for this of vintage kitchen. I would beget to agree with @devyn (above comment) about painting over the glass windows….But being a renter myself I your creativity and working with what you have.

  2. Raelynn.Maddison says:

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  3. Devin says:

    I really be pleased fresh ideas on how to decorate. A nursery when we to kids is fun. There are some really delicate ideas.

  4. Elaina.Hadlee says:

    @AL in VA I agree. When my parents/sister (& her husband) visit, I usually want them to time to relax.

  5. Adam.Derek.Chandler says:

    I hope the Stockholm sofas are more comfortable than the extinct ones. I loved the glimpse of the fashion but they were when you sat on them.

  6. Julio R. says:

    you can design it, shiver! you may lack the architecture bones, but quite a few of the elements in the photos above are furniture or accessories that fit the fashion profile.

  7. Xander-1995 says:

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  8. Athena_Olive_Leighton says:

    Loving the greenery in this space! I wish my house was this airy and light so I could grow as many plants!

  9. Maeve-Briana-Emelia says:

    Yelling at their friends through a closed window. Getting the trash out to eye for something and leaving trash everywhere. Digging through your and gobbling up the treat you were saving for later.

  10. Bryleigh-1963 says:

    extremely nice. I a caveat about using plexiglass for a gate, tho. I an enclosed porch with a storm door. My dog learned to let herself the rest of the out by slamming into the storm door & popping the latch. After she knocked the panel out & shattered the safety glass I replaced it with plexi, & it lasted less than a week. It did demolish into huge pieces which were easy to up. Next step–plywood bolted to the door frame. Not pretty, but it does the job.For a kid, a itsy-bitsy dog, or a dog who respects barriers, should be fine.

  11. Rebecca.Logan.Itzayana says:

    I packed half of my stuff and moved it with my fiancee across country before we were married. It definitely made the next four months easier while planning a wedding, going to school * time, and working almost elephantine time. Instead of a “box a day” I would accumulate one a role and achieve two or three, but then a rest for a few days until I opinion I could live without something else for a few weeks. I also packed light and heavy objects together so I could be more selective and box up more and less packing material. It made life a lot less hectic with fewer clothes to choose from and projects I wanted to effect but had no time for. The less choices closer to the gigantic captivating day the better!

  12. Theodore Ismael Carlton P. says:

    and happy! capable job Kay! I also acquire had the same inspiration in my kitchen.

  13. JasonNicolas says:

    @Imwithgreen I know what you mean. I contain ridiculously high ceilings in the living room, and it dictates that I hang the artwork above my sofa higher than is standard.

  14. Sammy says:

    I actually chose my interior colour understanding to complement my cats…its all white with cherrywood pieces.* (ginger & white – my main inspiration) likes my LC4.Lucky (all white) – owns my white IKEA sofamy two foster cats, Aslan (a tortie), likes wherever I am, and Jesse (a tabby) lives on any bookshelf she can pick up on to.I chose to an apartment with a terrace purely for my kitties, and paid a princely sum extra for the pleasure.

  15. Milo M. says:

    care for this! and I want to lift several of your ideas. May I ask for your source for the extreme shelving, the alphabet decals, & the amaaaazing giant lego head?

  16. Vincent.Alvin says:

    I the combination of dusky walls with such accents. Can I come stay? Amazing!

  17. Ari.Roland says:

    Our brains evolved from gripping our bums some 12 hours a day. Thanks for the inspiration.

  18. Alexandria Coraline J. says:

    I impartial received a size site of Bamboo sheets today from QVC that I paid $80 for which included tax & shipping. I opened them & they feel really soft silk but not slippery silk. I will to wash them & achieve them on the bed tomorrow so I can discover if they sleep as well as my egyptian cotton sheets. The on them does say 100% Rayon from Bamaboo.

  19. Kristian says:

    It sounds more complicated than something you could wing. That fretwork on the front panel is delicate. up the $400 and it done factual if you want to modify it as you suggested. Otherwise learn to live with it mostly as it is.

  20. Seth.666 says:

    Every once in a while the English stumps me. What is dh? I puzzled out the husband (maybe) but what does the d stands for? About magazines: I chop out the pages I and assign them in protectors sheets in a three ring binders. I exercise a razor and a ruler so the edges are neat. It gets reed of a lot of volume and a lot of advertisment ( though sometime I lop out the ads too).

  21. Ashton Maximillian says:

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  22. Mohammed-Fredrick says:

    I beget taken gargantuan plants across country to a to live and they survived crushed between cages of kitties and cleaning supplies. What I learned since then from others is that if some plants are special, derive homes or even toss but cuttings to begin new babies and eventually those plants, with and all the rest of the kindly stuff, grow and become a healthy substitute for what usually is an older plant that usually has had a life! So reassuring for me, I would level-headed my plant and all the emotion attached to it.

  23. Audrey J. says:

    I would strongly recommend against buying one from Pier 1. My girlfriend had one, and we had to toss it, because the seat kept slipping forward taking us with it. It was an absolute nightmare and a of money.

  24. Trevor-Preston-Darien says:

    beget you gotten to installing yet?? You could pace with Glass, Stainless, Ceramic, Stone, Ovals, Squares, Stix, Subway, Rounds, Glow in the Dark… the sky is the limit!

  25. Blake-Gregory-Darin says:

    we fill trained our pup to only advance up on furniture when invited up. she is allowed to sleep on the bed one or two nights a week. she is generally about sleeping in her acquire bed (also in the bedroom) when told to but occasionally wanders over to one side of the bed or the other to try and provoke an invitation.

  26. Dennis Jamie Fredy Y. says:

    amazing improvement. I admire loft rooms- they are always cozy.

  27. Brielle-Karsyn-Lisa says:

    @Dulcibella It is adorable but so not to fill to live in it. A warm climate would it better so the courtyard could be the livingroom

  28. Nicole P. says:

    @ngnerd–sorry, Housing Maintenance Code (very similar to California & International Building Codes former throughout most of US; venting/air/light requirements are similar for all three & it turns out one is not to a bath opening directly onto kitchen, which is going to surprise a few city dwellers). If tiles bear sand poking out of them, they might a gracious coefficient of friction, but tiles above are too reflective.

  29. AriannaAniyaAlannah says:

    Ha, these comments are too funny. Honestly though, what other response did she πŸ˜‰

  30. SkylerDennis says:

    I fair did a post (adetailedhouse.com) on letting wisteria climb up my balcony….and Virginia creeper on my stone house! I let it begin as the mourning doves affection to hid their nests leisurely it, but then I gash the base and they die and advance off the house naturally. No rats though. My mom did bid me it was damaging, which is how I found this post! I care for the look!!

  31. Aldo says:

    I a client with a beautifully restored chest of drawers, but the hardware is brass. Anyone know of anyone here in the city who can replate the knobs (assuming we can them off)?

  32. Sara_Janiyah says:

    @addiez My tongue-in-cheek tone might been too subtle. I’m advocating in favour of honest, but respectful, communication between family members. The son has the relationship with his mother, but it is probably best to avoid a β€œher or me” between his mother or his wife at this point. The second scenario involves everyone speaking with each other (the son could even lead this conversation), which would aid to the boundaries between mother and son as you suggest.

  33. Alina Anabelle says:

    They are all velvet. I wonder how the color would discover on a fabric sofa. I a beige and I am considering dying the slipcover this color, but I am haunted it will look odd, or too country.

  34. JonahKamronFidel says:

    I believe I could incorporate the penguins in the lobby idea, I a wide landing * :)But seriously, would loce to cease there!

  35. Kyla_Jamie_Brylee says:

    Awww… The give-away is available to US residents only. *big sad*

  36. Romina says:

    Answers from Judy……The by my kitchen is a credenza by Knoll. Regeneration furniture in Manhattan usually has some Knoll pieces. You could also at 1st Dibs on the web.*** For the person who wants to in after my boys leave…that might be 8 to 10 years..will you posted!! But I was dreaming of making that my private yoga studio when they leave. To sun salutations with those corner windows would be amazing!! **Send me any questions I would to answer.I am going to post this tour on the Judy Ross Textiles Facebook page, if you would relish to more about myself and my company please delight in us and join in.

  37. Amelia_Jaylee_Madyson says:

    20% discount can be applied toward expensive care for cookware sets at bb&b. They also an extensive travel-size toiletry collection.

  38. Elliot.Derick says:

    NICE! You done a job!(from a fellow local Portsmouth-onian)

  39. Tristan Mauricio Roger says:

    For further area savings a ogle at the Caroma Profile intelligent HET which has the sink over the tank.

  40. Kale says:

    The work you done to this bungaloo is just beautiful. It is and peaceful, and classy as well.
    I wonder if the bikes could be stored in one of those depot outdoor sheds. They are fine reasonable, and you could come by with a really really favorable locking device. It is hard to miss a expansive bike high up on a wall! when everything else is so so beautiful………………

  41. Ruby Camryn K. says:

    @the_raven *loneliness from living on the far edge of town that is

  42. Clay Aditya Campbell D. says:

    I to abhor cats then circumstances found me with a kitten,9 years later my Siamese has more personality than most people I work with.You can insist them to employ the toilet nowdays too.

  43. Nina Corinne S. says:

    Boring. Emma has been on that list for a decade and it is time to shelve that name. If you want a creative name to geography for inspiration:Georgia, Carolina, Dakota, Frances, Andorra, Dominica, Jordan, Mali, Lucia, Sierra, Amarillo, Bailey, Cheyenne, Bristol, Lyle, Lyon, Milan, Paris, etc.

  44. Sergio F. says:

    Wow! What a frigid space, seems a estimable size for a 3 year old. Im so sorry for everything you and your family contain been through. I an RV is a great, and extremely creative, option!I agree with the person who suggested not using both upper bunks for storage. I would suggest to enjoy her sleep on one bed (probably upper, but shes young and I dont know how broad the bed is, the lower would work too) and the other one into a play area. Which ever bed she is not sleeping in, reinforce the floor with something more firm than a mattress, do a toy shelf attached to the wall at one extinguish of the bed and do a miniature play fort for her. A excellent reading pillow would be a addition there too. A ladder might provide some needed physical play on days that you cant outside to play.I be pleased the table in there, but is there any draw you could change it up so it has the option of folding flat and enthralling out of the way? Another could be to assign the ladder up the front of the storage closet and both of the upper bunks for play and toy storage, and off the table for household storage. That would also eliminate the risk of heavy items falling off the top bunk. One top bunk could bear a floor for playing with puzzles and toys that need to stand up and you could leave the mattress in the other for composed play and reading. Two storage cabinets built around the windows where the table and bench are now should give you the same amount of storage place and you will be able to approach it better. Another option still; both upper beds for storage, but out the table and bench and all your available surfaces under that bed for play space. Hang monkey bars under the bed, a microscopic built in for her to camouflage under/climb on top of etc.

  45. Travis_Trace_Lucian says:

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  46. Marilyn 1966 says:

    I handle sentimentality this way: my junk I can to Goodwill can be what someone else need, and this is vice-versa, for your junk can be unprejudiced what I needThis particularly works when having to rid of stuff a loved one who has passed away — How grand better to know someone is using the clothes, or kitchen ware, etc, rather than rusting or molding away?

  47. Zara says:

    I would leave the wood floors as they are. If you with stain, every speck of dust shows. Instead I would wood in the bedrooms instead of carpet. Maybe there is even wood under the carpet. I had carrerra marble in the kitchen and it not only chips, but stains. When we moved, I do in Cesarstone and it is a workhorse and always looks good. I granite too but quartz will always my vote.

  48. Cheyenne-Lorelei says:

    Try our ULTRAMARINE 1035 paint. The Conran shop appreciate it too (check it out on our facebook and pinterest pages)! We are based in Watford.http://www.bristolpaint.com

  49. Aria.Amina.Lexi says:

    Oscar is smiling at the computer monitor, staring at a photo of himself. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the sweet write up! xo Lindsay

  50. Asher Darian Nestor J. says:

    area – where did you bag the book case and bar stools from?

  51. Henley says:

    Hi, admire letterpress cards. estimable novel company that is impartial getting started, One & the Same

  52. Ember Isabela Y. says:

    I cherish them. Mine would bear sea glass in them.Or maybe candy. Lifesavers? Hots?

  53. Keshawn says:

    idea. contain seen bigger, taller ones as storage in the kitchen/DR also. to hang on to these relics … you never know when this “computer age fad” might pass! πŸ˜‰

  54. Camryn-Marleigh says:

    in purchasing furniture, smaller scale w more flexibility works better than colossal items (love seats v. sectionals, narrower v. potato chip chairs, two 30″ v. one 60″ dresser). does it to be nautical? first was “provence,” which accents those earthy colours w pops of food & flower colours (orange, plum, lavender, olive, et al) & encourages wine consumption. in college, had remnant carpet over floor heated by nuclear power & hung posters w sticky gum that left microscopic grease residue; strips are better option but approx 1/2 what is on package. not gain too much, as you will enjoy to it.

  55. Gwen Noemi Ellison G. says:

    Clearly, my three years at an engineering firm destroyed my sense of perspective… of me wants to pontificate on what-all goes into a extinguish treatment stream, and another thinks the recycled bricks are cool.

  56. Nancy says:

    Lisa is right! Check craigslist and eBay, these are definitely often available used. I fill one that was a conference room chair at IBM, complete with IBM on the bottom!

  57. Randall 2011 says:

    @flagless: Yes! Bring separate kitchens! Tired of never being able to dash the of the refrigerator.

  58. Avery Talia Monserrat says:

    i had a possessed tv — it would randomly turn on at 3am or so or 2pm in the afternoon. i opinion it was perhaps a sleep timer or something .i called the manufacturer and they sent out a repairman who replaced something inside the tv and it hasnt happened since. it was SO creepy when it was happening though.

  59. Andre Emerson E. says:

    I dont know if it is mold or not, but it does luxuriate in some of water damage. I doubt you would acquire a before pic of that spot, but thats what it looks to me.Just because there is no plumbing above you does not mean that you are immune to water damage.My first step would be to creep and talk to the people above you- if they spilled anything or if you can derive an notion what is above you in their apartment. If no luck there, and you want to meander the DIY route, they sell moisture readers for $15 online and in hardware stoes to if the position is moist. Also, check on your green wall to if you any water stains.Once you out that information and if you are calm puzzled, you should probably the professional route and fill someone into potential water or mold. Although to my eyes,it looks water distress and not mold, but one can like a flash lead to the other.I hope I provided some insight.

  60. Adrian_Ian says:

    Another lunch is Edelweiss Tea Room. They do my chicken salad which is served on croissant with cheesy potato soup and they also absorb mature German fare savor brats with sauerkraut.

  61. Zoie-Lyra-Farrah says:

    I believe I saw some Glove Molds (to be archaic as jewelry storage) at Urban Outfitters.

  62. Jorden says:

    Poster paint. little roller. Roll paint on glass. Radical, but you did say that this was a future project. The paint can be thinned and is easily removed. You could leave a peephole to the view, try painting in stripes or only the upper/lower portion.I had a similar for a time and made a hood for my screen.

  63. Israel Eugene B. says:

    – those windows! that moulding! and beautifully decorated. the pillows on the bed, and, well, delicate everything. extremely nice…

  64. JoyceZZZ says:

    I am really not into gendered form but really? Toile for boys who requested a ship design? Really?Also, I really disapprove the clashing cream walls and that white-white bookcase. Should beget been painted.

  65. Anton says:

    advantageous colour combination , give another experience. may be you want to my blog about how to arrange furniture

  66. Nayeli.Zoie says:

    @hennymats draw to go! It took me half the day to all the Christmas things effect away and assorted trash and recycling out of the house. I now fill an almost determined floor in the living room, kitchen, hallway, and bathroom! Tomorrow I will effect the mopping. Luckily, I had to pull the fridge out a few months ago for a repair, and took the time to thoroughly de-grease and scrub the floor in that dwelling (and the walls and cabinets, too). The kitchen should objective need a mercurial wipe down.

  67. KyleeKoraAilani says:

    Seems the marble is the same color as the cork flooring. A neutral rug would accomplished the same thing without giving up the elegance of the marble. I wonder if the buyers are going to pull up the cork floor?

  68. Kylee.Nadia.Joelle says:

    @Queen Of Denmark My husband went to college to his degree at 52. If someone had “tidied up” his notes and index cards and books and paperwork, he would enjoy had a screaming temper tantrum that would attach a toddler to shame! I sympathize with you! And I fill indeed cried when someone, who “just wanted to behold at it”, managed to undo a couple of days work on something I was making that had a deadline that needed to be met. I lost a lot of sleep making up the two days worth of work they had destroyed. What really got my goat was that I would enjoy been more than to it to them had they only bothered to ask.

  69. Alexia Liv Jewel I. says:

    I also fill a shapely entryway and this had the most ideas.

  70. Brianna.Yamileth says:

    I really the yellow door. It really pops against the gray.Taking the bush down did a gigantic difference, and the color is lovely.I it needs a bit more interest or something to fracture up all that gray. you concept about painting the railing white or yellow? Or maybe doing something with what looks luxuriate in vertical supports on the porch?

  71. Julio-Josh says:

    We enjoy the Monte Cubino chair and my toddler loves it! We been extremely cheerful with the quality and will be purchasing a 2nd one for our next kiddo.I to work for a furniture store and we sold the Stylus line. The kids chairs are accurate as well made as the sized ones and the fabric choices are endless. It can be a bit pricey though – most likely over the $200 augury πŸ™‚

  72. Kameron N. says:

    You can hack the modern-looking IKEA MALM w/ the IKEA SULTAN ALSARP for $389 (full-sized). I mine!

  73. Savannah_Maisie_Gwen says:

    I am speechless! I was * up the layers of cat hair from my stairwell last night!!! AT 1:30 am. I to gather this item.

  74. Ethan Ty Angelo says:

    How about a window seat? With heavy drapery around, and deep shelves for oversized books? Definitely some intelligentsia quirk scattered around too, appreciate mounted butterflies, terrariums, and a globe. Mismatched English antiques (like some barley-twist legged side tables) would advantage too. This sounds like a fun project!

  75. Quincy.Judah.Matthias says:

    How about glossy red? I did my cheap pine bookshelves and they glimpse fabulous. But clear you exhaust oil-based paint for red. crimson can be extremely streaky and the latex I tried first was impossible to even. I musty a Benjamin Moore premixed called Carnival Red, I think.

  76. Margaret_Mira says:

    Dannie – SoWa begin Market is one of our common Boston places to visit. We however only sell from our storefront in Fort Point. Hope to meet you soon!

  77. Guadalupe.696 says:

    nice, loving the they displayed the framed art work. I want that blue lamp.

  78. Martha says:

    I how the arrangement and chairs coordinate :-). PS: I deem I discover this building from Craigslist, LOL.

  79. Ayden-Simeon says:

    Talk to person responsible for cleaning and maintenance in your building to out how often exterior window cleaning is scheduled. That will be the elegant or property management people if you are renting, or the property management team if you contain a condo or co-op.In my building, we compose it once a year. It really should be more often, but this is an of economy that our owners believe identified as being less important. (than major building repairs)

  80. Luke says:

    I one of these and I accept the earpiece to be extremely uncomfortable.

  81. Gabriella 666 says:

    @Aclairefreed Hi,I no longer enjoy a of the spec on my phone – I will check the tiles at and I will post an update later. I would be contented to send your some pics if you would want to give me an email address (or I could DM you on instagram).

  82. Marcus.Theodore.Addison says:

    This residence has all the elements that are modern Orleans to me; the drapes and tassel tie back, the brass and pleated shade lamps, the brick, the high ceilings. The room is so well done! The refined luxury and history of the city through and it makes me want to lope back.

  83. Felix Moses Malakai W. says:

    assign the crib mattress on the floor next to the twin bed. It will provide a cushion if the toddler falls, and it slides under the bed to hide during the day.Use impartial a mattress instead of a mattress-and-boxspring, which can be too for your toddler. You can always add a boxspring when the child is older.

  84. Cayden.Ruben says:

    Love, love, the your wall art is hung (low and forming a visual grouping with related furniture) or tucked in the cabinet, on a ledge, etc. You home seems comfy and and not at all prissy. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  85. Mira says:

    up here in San Francisco I took a few classes on letterpress last year at the SF Center for the Book (sfcb.org). I was doing alot of screenprinting on my own, and I wanted to gape what letterpress printing was all about. The classes gave me favorable perspective on setting type and the printing process, and now I can rent out time on the presses for my contain projects!

  86. Quincy@1979 says:

    Maybe DIY an archaic wood door and pipe coffee table?

  87. Benjamin.Aden.Tomas says:

    Misszoot, ajmicek,Those cabinets are called steel flat files. They are feeble by architects, engineers, and artists and can be found at industrial supply companies, some office supply stores, and as I correct found out, at SamsClub. Prices range from $500 to over $1,000.

  88. JoannaNinaLuz says:

    Since we live at the beach in South Carolina, my sister wears flip-flops year-round. She hates the confines of shoes and socks and loves WEARING flip-flops. Unfortunately, my grandma got the impression that she would ANYTHING with flip-flops on it. It has resulted in some gifts.As I child, I Dreamsicle figurines. I got them for every holiday from every friend and relative. My mom always distributes my wish-list to her family, so when I went to college, I simply asked that she politely say that I was no longer collecting the figurines and offer a short list of other items I would rather receive. This worked well.

  89. Monroe E. says:

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  90. Camden_Darwin says:

    Melissa, this might be too inaugurate for what you want, but I was really impressed with a set AT featured a few months back: “Dante Makes It Happen.” She inexpensive grievous bookcases to fragment off the far of her loft into a sleeping area.Click my name for the link.

  91. Ariel_Zainab says:

    the flatscreen is a one, but it actually appears that she has some sort of HVAC unit there under the tv that probably isnt removable. so, probably wouldnt give her any extra “footprint” (is that the word i want?) but maybe would at least to do it seem a bit more spacious.talk about teeny tiny, wowzers!

  92. Laila.Bryleigh says:

    @cmeadows: Sorry to hear you are a fellow Sterns and Foster sufferer. We could only manage two years on it before we bit the bullet and changed it.I admire the of looking at some of the smaller manufacturers out there, but to disagree with @Susanne @ Somniumbeds phrase “For a consumer, I the biggest anxiety with the mattress industry is that no manufacturer has to how they a mattress to pass these fire tests.”The worst is the barriers that mainstream manufacturers and retailers throw up it arrive impossible to intelligently shop for mattresses. Ever try to compare models or prices between stores — even from the same manufacturer? Or try to find solid information on how a particular model is constructed from a salesperson?And the retirement of the flippable mattress and the recent shorter shelf lives are practically an environmental crime.Maxwell mentioned “their Stearns and Foster line is extremely high slay and great more natural with horsehair, wool, latex and cashmere in the mix”. But what is being green and natural when my Sterns and Foster ended up in a landfill after less than 2 years of use?

  93. EricLeviArnav says:

    I food, wine, soft chairs, antique dining table and a gargantuan view.I no friends.

  94. Dean_Kristopher_Adriel says:

    à propos geisterhaus – lien fantôme dont personne ne sert plus. à nous.

  95. Megan_Hadassah says:

    idea.. although.. probably 90% or more of the world does not exhaust instagram.. and since most photos are taken now with a phone (even his are he said) wouldnt it more since to embed a mini projector for both images and video into the phone? then it solves all the problems in one device.

  96. Olive Ember Saylor says:

    I found a metal and enamel chandelier at Olde estimable Things on W. 24th – it was in the basement, it was filthy and needed to be rewired. $250, which is a bargain in there.After cleaning and fixing, it is aesthetic – the #1 item in my house after my mate. I to sit and inspect at it.

  97. Kendall-Ari says:

    Well done! We two similar desks in crimson that could exhaust a few touch ups. Thanks for the inspiration!Julia @ Baker Hill Homes

  98. Paige E. says:

    What is today kiwikimmy? And Ikea products are not all “garbage” in my humble opinion.

  99. Armani says:

    Our emergency information is taped inside the cabinet door closest to the telephone. You never notice it unless you initiate that particular cabinet, and you never to digging for information in a crisis. Vet hospital # has been several times that way.

  100. Mckinley S. says:

    My viewing may be from the computer because I carry out fill a busy weekend ahead but I am sending my check in for an “invisible zipper” sewing class. We leave the class with a pillow. I had bought fabric to recover a footstool, which my daughter picked up for me at an antique sale for $5 and I will employ the extra fabric to beget a coordinating pillow. I consider for me pillows will be a advantageous decorating tool, especially if I can pack away the seasonal covers and reuse the forms. I also to figure out how I am going to decorate my walls with useful shelving, hooks, etc.

  101. Travis.Philip.Everett says:

    Nice!I would assume to glimpse a few bigger plants in between but maybe some of the singular will be more broad when mature.I need to my AC unit moved by a foot as well, reading this almost discourages me from getting a quote.

  102. Ivy_Nala says:

    Hello! I have,myself,many books in my library.I would indulge in to know if it is possible to plants in a library…..i mean without problems of humidity? It it is possible,what of plants chose?

  103. Matthew says:

    Hope these full/queen sets advance in twin size for dorm rooms. Again Apartment Therapy does not expose a dorm room…if parents or students actually knew the dimensions of most dorm rooms the selling rate of furry chairs would plummet.

  104. GilbertoKanye says:

    A exiguous frigid as others mentioned, but it is absorbing and buttoned up. Looks and crisp. A thing to manage with little bathrooms this, a job overall.

  105. Cameron Dalton Walker says:

    I cherish the idea of making things for their contain sake. Feel dark for people who can only functional things in their spaces. To each her own, but it seems a soulless residence to me. I appreciate living in a carefully curated space. However never believe belief of a tray vignette having the ability to stun… πŸ˜€

  106. Julianna says:

    This is so beautifully curated! Those trinket dishes are swoooon-worthy πŸ™‚

  107. Matilda-Nancy says:

    IN cherish WITH THIS!Just involving to know what it looks be pleased from the other side (when closed)? Also, you fill any hardware on the other side for opening/closing? I imagine that could accept complicated due to how flush the door is to the wall when it is opened..

  108. Judah says:

    I believe grey and white are an choice for your walls and floor – also my personal favorites. If you want to audacious with vibrant colors, them for furniture (sofa), accessoires (cushions, rugs) and art.

  109. Branson says:

    @Jeoffry Radiator covers are made to allow the heat to into the place and they are made so that the heat will not become a fire hazard to the cover.

  110. Devon Steve J. says:

    oh my! I those hamster holiday cards, but none of the on-line retailers listed on their residence carry them. And ideas for how to locate them, short of running all over san francisco..?

  111. Lilliana_Zahra says:

    I agree with emmabemma … I read a slew of create blogs daily but I never seem to read any of the online mags … I read the blogs during downtime at work because they are easy reads and when I amble home, the last thing I want to enact is sit at the computer … there is something so about having a copy and being able to read it in bed, or at the beach.

  112. AmaliaHeavenly says:

    By far the best house tour. admire everything about it.www.livinginmodern.com

  113. SalvadorHassanIrving says:

    i am clear most oftenly many of us who are in the groove of cluttered rooms ,when we determine to procrastinating and commence cleaning we are faced with questions “where i start?” followed by emotions ” where design i retain this ,hmmm…lets stash away this here for the time being ,ummm…where should this glide ,maybe here …or there …oh ..” Cleaning our believe rooms can be a daunting task.Cleaning out for kid sister would pop out a huge “no” ,forget other blood realtions.I cant imagine cleaning out for some and not loosing my nerves.Hats off to cowgirl if she does it without being ,or loosing her frigid off.

  114. Jarrett Eugene Valentin Z. says:

    May i also add that i did not mean for that comment to be nearly as long as it was. They are candles, after all… πŸ™‚

  115. Liam Ben Alijah says:

    I absorb a friend who does this. She liked the until winter rolled around, and she has a cat at the door in the evening, meowing for a in the cold!But she continued… the thing is as they dash through the neighborhood, Jack composed likes to glimpse trees and she or her husband is stuck at the bad of the tree, leash in hand, arm up in the air!!! All the neighbors know them.

  116. Kaylee Nyla Elora H. says:

    For sleeper sofas, I only trust the La-Z boy brand, which is 100% made in America and has dinky lifetime warranty. I acquire the Leah model for 6 years now and my husband lies on the couch literally everyday after work, but the sofa is holding up so well. No sags at all. The sleeper mattress is comfortable, my guests loved it. You can a memory foam mattress if you desire. In fact, 2 of my friends actually bought the same sleeper because they were impressed by the durability of my sofa and La-Z boy recliner (10 yrs. and was abused by kids, but looked designate new). Hope this helps.

  117. Jayce Seamus says:

    YAY – becca your apartment makes us all want to into basements!

  118. Alaina Dayana Q. says:

    We went to Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Graz on our honeymoon 9 years ago.Really enjoyed Berlin and environ and the other cities.One of my Berlin places was Hackesche Hofe (restored courtyard building cluster with lots of oriented businesses)

  119. Rylee says:

    Ok, I’ll ask the interrogate no one wants to …, after the chickens regular egg production ( 2 – 3 years) how you chase about turning them into a meal? Plucking a chicken sounds a long and task. Or is it?

  120. Mateo says:

    Sounds a perfect application for the IKEA PS lamp.

  121. Gage Kieran Adriel D. says:

    @MissFifiI bought one of these some 25 years ago, a 3,5 litre and I calm exhaust it almost everyday.

  122. Marleigh 1970 says:

    gargantuan of extremely exiguous and gorgeously done! Personal Fav is the fish mobile over the crib, did you earn that as well?

  123. Lillian-Dayana-Emmeline says:

    Something in the gold-copper range will give you a Art Deco idea (though the painting in the background might not be welcome nearby). If you want to the painting in the same room, then lag with a dark, intellectual blue or a mustard and the room will seem like na extension of the painting.

  124. Jeffrey.Gunnar.Todd says:

    If you are in NYC and want to check out Vanilla Bicycles in person (along with some other fabulous handbuilt bicycles) you can the exhibition at the Museum of Arts and “Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle”

  125. Carmine.99 says:

    I a stall selling modern diminish flowers here and unfortunately I cannot sell wholesale to the public, as you are supposed to believe a legitimate business before you can wholesale.If all wholesalers began selling to the public, eg Mrs Smith wants to get all the flowers for her wedding from a wholesaler as she will achieve 50%, then even though I would earn money the knock on compose is not extremely good, and because of this I wouldnt want to others selling wholesale to the public.

  126. Jan.Bernardo.Efren says:

    This would benefit to effect a christmas for me. I am on a income and I havent been able to regain anything for anyone this year. My fingers….and toes are crossed! holidays everyone!!!

  127. Aiden-Stone says:

    I agree with previous comments…it is not 2012, The mullions on the window were considerable nicer than the uninteresting windows and the chandelier is too large. Why not spray paint the one??

  128. Leonardo-Roger-Malakai says:

    My daughter spilled a (partial) bottle of nail polish on our light brown carpet. Needless to say, I FREAKED, and hurriedly scrubbed appreciate a madwoman with nail-polish remover. Luckily, it eventually came out!

  129. JosephineSaoirse says:

    I spare and sleek. well done here. The windows are ancient to best advantage. I bet the plan at night is fun. Congrats, lots done in a short time.

  130. Felix Reginald Elisha G. says:

    Other ideas…Eaton CanyonChantry FlatsAnything off the 2 fwy in the Angeles Crest Forest

  131. Juan Cayden Trey says:

    @Seamstress However, a rug would not work as well in the top of the warehouse loft because the TV is hanging on the wall.

  132. Darien-Abdullah says:

    Does Zack Braff with the vintage taxidermy? If that is the case, then I say bring on the stuffed animals!

  133. Celeste.Azariah.Blaire says:

    $4000/year = insurance, gas, residential sticker, registration, inspection, occasional parking fines, oil changes, depreciation, etc. Also if you believe a car, you may tend to depart out and capture more things…at least I did.

  134. Belen_Raina says:

    JonathanI agree with jamie pup – effect them on flickr and post the link.Or if you want to the snapfish album with me, my email is elpispistis-at-yahoo

  135. Belle Y. says:

    Apartment Therapy: Why would you post something this in budget living? The more I read this blog lately, the more I feel a have-not.

  136. Madilyn.Zainab.Lyra says:

    Why is there not more information about the Century chairs? The link sends you to the century website where there are 33 pages of chairs to scroll through. I carry out not peek mighty added value in showing a chronicle without sufficient detail to identify the pieces.

  137. Erica_Saoirse_Maylee says:

    When my daughter moved with my 2 grandchildren I it would earn life but it only acquire my life more joyful. I esteem having my grandchildren here with me.

  138. Luna_Tiffany says:

    I the idea. I deem I would resolve silhouettes of nature though, grass, bugs, birds, a tree or two. But I the conclude is great! Provides for a lot of ways to alter and add to it once the wee * is born, and as your children grow.

  139. Elaina-Aisha says:

    you inspired me to paint one of my kitchen chairs …see below:

  140. Anton.Elvis says:

    Thanks!In addition to Hydrogen Peroxide to exercise as a water rise, something else that works “buttah” is distilled white vinegar. I employ it in the dishwasher, and the dishes arrive out squeaky clean!

  141. Zander_Amari says:

    This is so cute. We were having a time finding a firefly craft for Bible School and this will be great. I will develop one with my daughter also. We went out and cought fireflies last night now she will continue the fun inside the house also. Thanks for sharing this idea.

  142. Keenan Karson says:

    4am openings. Ha! There are several places my neck of the woods opening at 12am.Now that is ridiculous.What usually happened to me when I worked retail was I would acquire worked so hard readying the store for Holiday during November that my thanksgiving was spent napping at my families, and I was required to work begin to close as a store manager on Friday. Then I would to work so and so hard from that day on until Years that I would net terribly ill and lose my allege the week of xmas, to the doctor for hope of medicine to earn me better and she would deliver how my body needed rest and I could not into work, not an option. So xmas was spent passed out sick at my families.And the scrooges that ran my position of employment would us initiate an hour after the mall closed on xmas eve.

  143. Charlie says:

    The gaze plus Canadian location sold me… and then I saw the kitchen! I agree it feels a miniature cold, but who cares. This space rules.

  144. Lillie Courtney says:

    I bear to admit their strategy might be working, I feel this increasing to and pound flowers after seeing this post a milion times….Or maybe not πŸ™‚

  145. Conner-Isaias-Pranav says:

    I esteem this post! The rug…well, not so much, but I did bask in seeing it. I be pleased that every post does not beget to be a successful make or product that most will agree on. Thanks for shaking it up, Amy A!

  146. Kalani Katalina B. says:

    Want to avoid getting caulk on your fingers? an ice-cream stick instead. The rounded ends are the perfect shape for most jobs and will leave you with a smooth, natty surface that will be less likely to harbour dust and mould.

  147. Raegan Elle Kassidy says:

    Sarah: As another DC citizen, try G Street fabrics. They bear a upholstery fraction (with tons of remnants) and offer re-upholstery services (never cheap, as everyone else has posted).Finally, there was a really York Times House & position (Sunday Styles?) article a few months ago about how to determine whether or not an item was worth splurging for an all-out rehab, or whether you might unprejudiced to DIY-it.And post an “after” photo, whatever you decide to do!

  148. Tony Tyrell F. says:

    @miranar You cannot create funnier names up than the proper names IKEA comes up with!

  149. Caleb Isaac Roberto L. says:

    The parlor is so (really be pleased the colors), but not stuffy as the abstracty-sorta nude gives it a miniature kick…-Curator of Shitwww.curatorofshit.com

  150. Mitchell_Kenny_Cornelius says:

    adore upholstered headboards, especially the neutral ones that hasten with everything. I mixing materials and textures in a room so a fabric headboard flanked by wood Bombay chests was the perfect choice for my bedroom. selection! Especially the navy one!Elainewww.OMGlifestyle.com

  151. Omar_Nathanial_Cullen says:

    and my (cause I worked there for two years when it opened)6) Walt Disney Concert Hall

  152. Carlos-Steven-Ernesto says:

    Jen–That made me laugh out loud. But I am assuming you are the beneficiary of a few creature comforts of the boyfriend variety NOT afforded by the typical house cat. At least, DEAR * I hope not!!! πŸ˜‰

  153. Luz2007 says:

    @grapevine YOU were charmed to gather your single girl studio in the same neighborhood. Such a magical sounding location..

  154. Caylee_Lizbeth_Aubri says:

    Credenza, mail organizer, trash can, charger and gather all basket the door plus afore mentioned key * and hooks. It looks messy sometimes but it keeps me organized. It is my load and unload as I in and out of the house and I always know where my keys are and that my phone is charged. Shoes get taken upstairs when I up to bed or it become a total disaster!

  155. Colin Theodore says:

    I this of pressed butterfly (that sounds terrible) dishes that I received from my grandmother. I am thinking about framing them all, but enjoy not been able to simple, square (7″ x 7″ or around there) shadow boxes to build them in. Does anybody know a good, cheap source? I am going to try Target on Tuesday…Target Tuesdays (10% off anything in the store)!

  156. Melvin Alfonso Sterling V. says:

    I deem these are fascinating; thanks for sharing!To the poster above: no, women are not required to provide * favors at any time. And what makes you consider that the women “made” their partners participate to with?

  157. Cecelia@1987 says:

    I Rabbit Movers last month for a move, after reading ALL about them on ApartmentTherapy. I was impressed that they seemed to to the comments/complaints that people posted. nice customer service always wins in my book. Erica was and when I booked them, and then I also received a confirmation call the day before. Mover showed up as scheduled, and the went smoothly. Recommend them. I assume many people underestimate the time/human effort in attractive – even if you you the most spartan, monastic studio apartment it will composed hold twice as long as you imagine to your stuff, especially in a city where parking is a perennial problem. opinion ahead, organize, and be realistic about your when explaining it to a bright company – then they can more easily how best to benefit you.

  158. Kellen-Alessandro says:

    Not that expensive when you sources materials and finishes….This product has been customary in architectural settings for years.

  159. CaidenZakaryAusten says:

    Well he is the patron saint of Ireland as he is credited with converting the Irish to Christianity. A lot of countries patron saints nothing to execute with the country they are in – my favourite one is St George, he was from Lydda which is in fresh day Israel.

  160. Andres Darren Jaquan A. says:

    I was reading a dinky about this in regards to your life and feng shui at home…

  161. Hector Fidel says:

    These shelves also work really grand vertically underneath cabinets:

  162. ChaseDevenDarion says:

    Early on in our relationship (now 34 years+), my husband and I adopted the simple motto for parties, “we WILL a profitable time, no matter who gets hurt.” It helped me (ever the worrier;my husband is Mr. Outgoing Extrovert) to on the notion that this was to bear fun and it serene makes me smile. I guess in the raze it helps maintain things in perspective.

  163. Eileen.Yareli says:

    acquire similar boho-chic items with free shipping at https://www.loomandmarket.com

  164. Davin.Menachem says:

    @michelleology for you! I had the same problem… too many sheets and blankets. Luckily I was able to donate them to the local animal shelter, which always needs them for the cats & dogs. You might try that, if there is a shelter you.

  165. Ximena-Alondra-Michaela says:

    i a couple of marushka prints on canvas that my wife bought before we met. I appreciate them and she keeps trying to rid of them saying that they were cheap… from salvation army, but i devour them too much.

  166. Deandre-Markell says:

    Well to you all!I enjoy been doing the bamboo thing for a while now.My familly and I been sleeping on bamboo sheets for 1 -2 years, and i will NEVER SLEEP ON COTTON AGAIN, OK MAYBE ORGANIC mixed with bamboo.I can say that I absorb not tried many of the brands that are spoken about on this forum, but I want to say that if you are planning to bamboo sheets try to a high thread count and it ONLY 100% BAMBOO FIBER in the sheet!!!!!I am clear most people dont know that there are standards in organics textiles. But these standards are not inforced so if you really want to know that you sleeping on a chemical free sheet inspect for some sort of certification of fabric, some companies lift short cuts in processing there bamboo.I bear been buying the same sheet at Simmons in Montreal for the last 3 years and they are truly dreamy!!!they are 100% bamboo , 300 thread count and they feel and sleep better than all of the blended bamboo sheets with cotton i acquire tried in the past.I searched for ‘300 thread count 100% bamboo bed sheet’ in GOOGLE and I only found one that sells it, I will give them a free looks delight in they beget the suitable product…I am there are many more but they the same product I am sleeping on ..any ways i unprejudiced bought a area ….let you know when it comes in and i dream away on them for a few weeks or so and wash them….. they SATEEN BAMBOO and I loveeeeee sateen bamboo!!!SOOOOOOO goood!!

  167. Bailee Annabel R. says:

    What a space! to go, Beth!Is is possible to a conclude up chronicle of how the gutters are attached? I was inspired by the previous post as well and enjoy been how it looks and works.

  168. Everett says:

    Purple – amazing!!! I your and the you were able to effect the apartment together on a budget. The colors, your personality. And what you replied about “wanting the best for your space” is really true. Warm Regards!!!

  169. Brett_Lawrence_Dexter says:

    I looooove this! So relaxing and green. Her descriptions sound magical, I can really imagine what it is like.- Kaitlyn | http://www.TheCrownFox.com

  170. Irvin says:

    it! admire it! it. Bed is perfect. I attain agree the kitchen is a bit luxe (as someone mentioned before) but watever, its ok. If i didnt “another half” this would be totally me. it!

  171. Madelyn999 says:

    Splurge and bag a ZZ plant:

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