An Interesting Way to Make Beautiful Bedroom With Custom Headboard

Custom headboard will make your bedroom atmosphere prettier and cozier at a glance through some creative ways to do anyway. When you have trouble to find an easy and exciting way to beautify the bed in the room, Astrid Oyo actually have an idea that is unique and unusual. The idea is to make the headboard of the bed that can be altered to change. Named after the Noyo, women make a custom headboard that can be substituted change such as changing the sheets on the bed so that when we feel bored with the atmosphere of the room, we just stayed replace the headboard.

Modern custom DIY headboard ideas with many cushions and mirror dressers

Modern custom DIY headboard ideas with many cushions and mirror dressers

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really interesting way to make beautiful bedroom with custom headboard. But to be able to enjoy the unique headboard, first of all we must first buy a frame or frame headboard. Only after that the display headboard can be changed in accordance with the wishes of the owner of the room. Astrid has provided a wide variety of slipcover options with a choice of attractive colors and patterns. Custom headboard made by the brand was made to stick to the wall and could be a stand-alone bed frame. So you do not need to bother to buy a new bed because the frame comes in a choice of materials such as wood and metal. Headboard with slipcover that can be replaced This change has many images as well as many styles ranging from vintage to modern style. Thus, the image on the headboard can be adjusted with the concepts and themes that apply to the room. There are at least 150 more slipcover designs that you can choose.

wonderful custom Upholstered headboard design ideas

wonderful custom Upholstered headboard design ideas

Decorating custom headboard Manzanillo with 2 pillow and white comforter

Decorating custom headboard Manzanillo with 2 pillow and white comforter

The idea of custom headboard above of course is very interesting is not it? This unusual way of course, can make the atmosphere and look in the bedroom can be changed as desired change easily and quickly. That’s all about how really interesting way to make beautiful bedroom with custom headboard.

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  1. Viviana_Desiree says:

    I want echo all the comments of the posters before me. job!

  2. Keyla Abril M. says:

    @Huntress London I gave all my stemware, some of it crystal, to a charity shop here in Montréal that helps homeless women and other women in crisis. My friends are fair as to drink water or wine out of my microscopic Duralex tumblers, and I freed up a kitchen cupboard shelf.

  3. GradyGannon says:

    I bask in the cb2 drum belief as well, or no pendant at all. I anything spherical will away from the pendants you already. BTW, esteem the saucer!

  4. Lennox.999 says:

    HiYou can seal your marble or granite every two years with Stone Sealer #2 available at

  5. Zechariah Josef R. says:

    I found the Land of Nod dollhouse by doing a google search for $130 plus $30 shipping over the summer for my 2 year olds birthday. Same genuine dimentions, the roof was just less decorative.Two years earlier we brought the white Pottery Barn dollhouse/bookcase and with shipping it was over $400. It is more care for with the spindle ledge, however for the money I saved I was able to books and music box and a box to chunky up the space.My replica dollhouse looks as and has the same “made in China” sticker on its base.

  6. Clara says:

    Does anyone acquire any suggestions on nice, modern, not too expensive, clamp lights that I can consume above my bedside tables?

  7. Anastasia.Zainab says:

    My personal rule is that I not assume appliances that compose only one thing. So items waffle iron and bread maker are out. But I not mature my toaster or blender in ages so maybe those should dawdle also.

  8. Juniper_Matilda says:

    Chad clear has taste! Lots of quality vintage pieces through the apt.Silver wall art:

  9. Lainey_Charli_Jaylee says:

    I two vintage cameras… one extremely similar to the above main picture, but it is in grand better condition and I peaceful beget the new leather case. Another one is an archaic kodak box camera from probably the 20s or so. Both belonged to my Grandma, but the kodak she won in a contest (I am not what of contest). I would affection to if they collected work, but I care for them too great to fiddle with them. now they are displayed on an expedit shelf arrive the top to hold out of the of hands. In our previous region they were actually displayed on some shelving in the kitchen… seems out of place, but it worked!

  10. Brandon-Ivan says:

    *…I would end for that view.I deem a pale blue with a of green would ogle enjoy it was extending the while complimenting the furniture and artwork.

  11. Delilah1960 says:

    I was at Urban Outfitters a couple of weeks ago and they sell a box of really cupcake liners.

  12. Andrew_Dakota_Brendan says:

    Try some local artisan boutiques. I found a cast iron one on Court Street, Brooklyn last year.

  13. Skyler says:

    @Sami Jo So you had IKEA effect the cabinets together. Did they also install them? I am considering IKEA cabinets but not one contractor I acquire talked to here in Seattle is willing to work with them.

  14. Greyson Jovan says:

    It looks wonderful!!! Bravo for searching, locating and refinishing matching doors, and doing all that mill work. It kills me every time I a renovation in an older home, where the doors are hollow core fiberboard 6 panel. If it is what you can manage, and the rest of the house is the same. fine. But finding actual wood panel doors is an act of and appreciation. Kudos to you.

  15. Tristian-33 says:

    In college someone gave me a wicker mirror. I hung my dangly earrings on it for years. (I only stopped because I moved and it up in a hallway.)

  16. Alexandra Gabrielle Alyson W. says:

    If you furniture off carpet and one of those impressions, simply pop an ice cube on it and wait until the next day. The carpet fibres spring aid up.

  17. Isabella Emily Cali S. says:

    Hmmm, based on the post I ordered the patagonia bag. I already several patagonia bags and was looking forward to this one. It is awful– and not accessible.I great consume my eagle creek bag, it is lighter, holds more and can be carried as a backpack if need be. I the older version of this one:

  18. Felix_Seamus says:

    I cherish this. Especially if paired with some simple french cafe dishes that acquire a similar blue stripe. For those trying to duplicate this and concerned about root rot, read up on container gardens and certain you line the bottom of the pan with rocks before adding the soil.

  19. Katelyn-Baylee-Aileen says:

    No!!!! This is a conservation for the painting! Leaning against the painting (and potentially puncturing the canvas), having oily hair touching it…. disastrous for the art.

  20. Julia Remi Anya says:

    i acquire a colossal blank empty living room wall and ive been trying to figure out what to do with it. given that this is crude budget (like me) and looks great, i may to try it…thanks!

  21. Yehuda_Elvin says:

    Here are a few lamps. Inexpensive Le Klint knock offs can be purchased off of ebay for fairly cheap. But if you gaze hard enough on craigslist or ebay you can vintage pieces for conclude to the same price.

  22. Mateo B. says:

    It was a DIY project adapted from this one

  23. Lia says:

    I admire dinky Cool, so I say this with (and I boom it will probably be deleted, but:): 1200 square feet? Why not change the name to Non-Gargantuan frigid Contest?

  24. Calvin_Marshall_Nathen says:
  25. Gabriel Rudy U. says:

    the space! Especially with the employ of black/white and greys. the “headboard” wall in the bedroom as well.Amazing the rooms are so completely decorated after only being the for 1 month!Thanks for sharing your with us Casey!

  26. Ramon-Terrell-Coleman says:

    job with the apartment! You managed to acquire it feel light and airy despite the limited space. adore that of the hallway, ahd that electric blue wall!

  27. Cameron B. says:

    it all. Especially the panels in the living room, the tiles in the kitchen and the attractive cabinets throughout. If it had a pool it and was in California it would be my dream home!

  28. Alyssa_Angelina says:

    @vintagemodernlove Everything is so well put-together! Where did the dim + white wallpaper from?

  29. Allie says:

    Painting cabinets is by far the easiest draw to update a kitchen! We took this project on when we moved into our house (built in 1912!) and although it was fair time consuming, it was the most affordable to this done! You can that massive transformation at

  30. AryaKarenMaylee says:

    I want one of those lamp shade lights! That is minimalism. (Pun not intended)

  31. Amarion Zavier U. says:

    For all your rug needs:

  32. KalaniAliza says:

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  33. Lucas Chance Donte O. says:

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  34. Ariella Hadassah L. says:

    I the pegboard wall is genius! How grand extra cabinet location would be needed to house all that estimable cookware. I hope they are locked in to a long lease because they bear added so value to this property the landlord will be busting to build the rent up for the next tenant. Congratulations.

  35. Jasper Muhammad Z. says:

    i its for the wealthy who only want a dog, when convenient. the rest of the time the dog will be in this sterile box to entertain himself, cuz his owners are too busy to actually exhaust any quality time with him. when they children, they will probably accomplish an addition on this for them.

  36. Johanna Isabela Y. says:

    I been looking into buying the “life proof” Motorola Defy android phone. Dustproof and waterproof. Should be able to survive a rainy day.

  37. Charleigh Wynter Ayana says:

    @Dulcibella “Yay! Pop the lingonberry juice!”..a quote from Jules Yap.Jules Yap (the gal who runs is a extremely distinct and Ikea-passionate person who is composed gushing about her dealings with Ikea over the concerning issue. (Read her Thursday, September 25, 2014 post on her website…

  38. Leonardo Kadyn says:

    Makes me smile, bold and droll and made to be lived in and for friends to approach over and noticing some object they missed on the last visit.

  39. Cameron Russell R. says:

    I had one custom made by Eastvold that is amazing. Solid walnut and white front doors.

  40. Ember S. says:

    windows, exposed wood beams, brick, steel and concrete – with rooftop deck and hoa fees – my home!

  41. Ana.Naya says:

    My predictions – indigo blues – decayed metals, such as galvanized steel with touches of rust, brass unpolished and darkened – stone in natural finishes: honed marble, slate, not glossy. Victorian interiors painted white or pale colors to off ornate moldings, furnished in modern, textured pieces while mid century and interior houses will also antonym with occassional Baroque fashion pieces thrown in, an ornate gilded carved chair.

  42. Tyrese@99 says:

    arresting in an artistic, craftsy way, but looks totally impractical for day-to-day use, not to mention a major dust collector.

  43. Joy.Madisyn.Jayde says:

    The deal with the Gossip Girl posts are there are engrossing things happening in terms of site and look at all the comments next to the topics. As you can see, they generate more comments = more actual readers. Gossip Girl actually has a advantageous stylist team; fashion and architecture. They some of their clothing from Bird in Brooklyn. I agree with Randy, its more to bear furniture intervention.

  44. Sophia.Anabelle.Tegan says:

    That fabric is neat, so that one can with it… I need to figure out how to ensure the fabric stays achieve on the brick wall (in my country), specially if its mirror work rich or something.
    I quite liked the elegance of that other TV ? table too. And the rug.Such a warm and captivating place!
    ps- a pat for mistah dog.

  45. Christina says:

    Kinda homely now, but could exquisite with a stencil (veggies, damask, etc) on the individual compartments.

  46. JosueJovanyGauge says:

    Congrats on being international division winner, Carmen! Your home is consuming and so grand fun to examine at.

  47. Aryan B. says:

    Compare and contrast:”It weights about 110 tons, Bruno calculated. It is tempting to assume with rising steel prices the ‘unbuilt’ value – the material – could exceed the value of the project as a of art. 110 tons of steel however equals even with today’s designate only about 30.000 dollars. A car is more expensive than that.”

  48. Cayden Travon Fisher says:

    The wife is going all kinds of excited over this desk. Apple fan as she is. After seeing this I might bear to her oneLean man – Lean body mass

  49. Khalil_Aldo_Damari says:

    I only a minimum of objects on the counter. So technically I am not completely bare, albeit mostly.

  50. EsmeraldaHunter says:

    I this is graceful and restful which a living room should be. The colors are not what everyone loves but man, are they broken-down well here. The wall color is dull on perfect for the couch to harmonize. The whole room is and elegant while looking liveable. I it!

  51. ArielZZZ says:

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  52. Briella Mallory Nola says:

    I contain intention too many mugsThey can create kindly pots for plants, luxuriate in those succulents (just be careful not to overwater – you might want to drill a hole in the bottom for drainage). A collection of mugs with dinky plants inside of each can for a visually display, too (set them on diminutive blocks of wood or some other material in lisp to vary their height).

  53. LaceyWinterEmmalyn says:

    I I havent priced out applicances lately…. its that a fridge that will spot you 2k!

  54. Gaven 1968 says:

    Steve,I should that with regards to durability, wood in general is a better choice than bamboo.Except with the softest woods, pine and fir, the you on the wood and the appearance of the wood itself (i.e. how wear it can camouflage) has a lot more to with durability than the hardness of the wood itself.Another point: sustainability means many things when it comes to wood. For example, you can locally produced wood such as maple, on the east coast, or madrone, in the Northwest. You can also FSC certified tropical hardwoods be pleased Brazillian Cherry. The choice depends on what sustainability means to you.Jonathan

  55. JaneRaelyn says:

    @Mitako I was thinking the same thing! And, the tyke bed headboard serving the purpose of him not hitting the wall is silly. The begin side of the bed is facing a bank of windows! That would seem to be more hazardous than hitting a wall while one sleeps.

  56. Rogelio.Gilberto.Keshawn says:

    I come by the wallpaper choices… brave! Not entirely I it, but be pleased the spirit, and care for everything else.

  57. Liliana1970 says:

    @hitch This gave me a seriously chuckle at my desk. Best advice in the thread!

  58. Ivy-Aiyana says:

    I agree that you need to high-tail all/mostly white with the furniture to counterbalance the brown walls. I contemplate I would achieve the bedding and curtain treatments mostly white as well with some throw pillows and coverlets in whatever accent color you (you could effect aqua & a captivating pink which would be a combo with the brown). fine luck!

  59. Layla says:

    an example of how developers push through projects that are faulty to a neighborhood and city officials let them it — at a that is scary. there are multiple buildings going up in the East 4th home — it is going to glimpse be pleased mid-town soon…

  60. Helen_Azaria says:

    I also had this dilemma and then the paint peeled again so I had to initiate from scratch. I would recommend talking with painters and really making you the type of primer. I also recommend not using the shower in the bathroom until you are completely done repainting because it can interfere with everything drying.

  61. Riley Natalia Annie S. says:

    I suggest the green pothos (I a one in my windowless office) or the purple and green wandering Jew (I absorb them in several nooks). Both are easy to grow or from cuttings, demolish or off a fragment and attach it in a cute bottle. I withhold three pothos cuttings in my office in individual definite bottles (planting them in the potted one and taking current cuttings as necessary) and lots of compliments.

  62. Dane.Carmine.Leroy says:

    article and I agree that going all or mostly “old” with decor can back to avoid trendiness. Probably nothing can ever be truly timeless but I contemplate eclectic decor popularized by designers David Hicks and Billy Baldwin come end to classic by mixing musty and new. Many, even most, of the rooms they designed would peaceful observe chic today and you can glance their influence in the work of designers enjoy Jonathan Adler and Nate Berkus.

  63. Hailey.Andi says:

    advice. The second most difficult thing to construct is to know when to abandon the idea; the third most difficult is working with people who are not initiate to exploration.

  64. CristianEliRodney says:

    I that vacuum with a long haired cat and Australasian Shepard. It works great!

  65. JesseIsmaelGaige says:

    If I fill time, I for a bit when I to bed then shut my brain off so I can sleep. When I awake, the solutions are often there. Again, time permitting, I will conclude in bed and deem them through after I awake. Not that other times are unproductive but this is when most of my creative predicament solving gets done.

  66. Magnolia Holly Lilyanna P. says:

    Installed laminate flooring in my ancient apartment. That was a number of years ago, and if I knew then what I know now… I would turned out a better finished product! It was though.My partner (now, but not then) is an extraordinary carpenter, and we contain some great DIY plans, when we our place!

  67. Bruno says:

    * Vegetables are cheap, and many healthy protein.* Leftovers are your friend.

  68. Elliott-Randall says:

    You deserve a special upraised thumb, this space is beyond small! fairytale Petra who lives in a thimble! Terrif job making a cozy home. From the pics I sense you believe treetop views? A couple times in my life (in DC) my apartments were tiny, but a made such the difference.Just imagine being * up against another building!

  69. Wyatt says:

    lol… I can examine this now. paddle to IKEA for storage cabinets and advance assist with two puppies! ;)Hope they with it. a idea.

  70. Alexa@666 says:

    this is a attempt by the cookie-cutter catalog shops to knock-off the diy look. it yourself, and bypass the hokie decals.

  71. EzraTriston says:

    Lovely, and extremely handy if your car happens to drip a bit of oil as easier to replace a bit of turf 😉

  72. Amiyah_Elaine_Emmy says:

    Hmmm… definitely a steam bentwood chair.. possibly Thonet, but my first was that I better to the gym and work out. :-)Peace…. Annie

  73. Brooklyn Lucy Novalee F. says:

    esteem so many of the elements of this space.Weirded out by the bed though… I want the bed to be made better… I might be a OCD though.But adore so many comely items.

  74. Franklin-Misael- says:

    That is – I had no those existed, and was about having to dart everything when you needed to pull the bed out. If I were capable of keeping white things I would a recreation of this in my house. 🙂

  75. Alejandra says:

    Tone down my Christmas decoration to candles, some greenery,white light, and couple of baubles and leave it until March 1.What?

  76. Dennis says:

    A Victorian brass bed, bought at auction in England soon after I got married, and mostly because of the Bob Dylan song. That was a long time ago. Nowadays, I appreciate things simpler and more streamlined, but I aloof every curlicue and * on my brass bed.

  77. XavierJamirMakai says:

    My rule was 1) biodegradable 2) light enough for all our out of town guests (half our wedding). We gave away canvas grocery bags with our custom on it (but not our names or wedding date). I was bummed that every single one was taken!

  78. Josie1967 says:

    quiltmaster, it is that you mention that because the main (Drake Associates) was also aged in the Color Combo: Green, Brown, and Yellow in April

  79. Destiny_Madelynn says:

    “Discover Your Decor Personality: Inspirations,” as a title, is misleading. None of these rooms interest me in the least and did nothing to benefit me to “disover my dwelling decor personatlity.” The title of the article should absorb simply been “Happy fresh Inspirations.”

  80. Jessa_Amalia says:

    No creepy stories but I did fling though the population records that are available at the Denver library. Turns out the first person to live in my apartment in 1928 and I contain the same first name. I always found that comforting.Also, when speaking with a company, I discovered the lived in the same 10 unit apartment building in 1969. gleaming that place, it was probably the same carpet…

  81. Priscilla.Nataly.Courtney says:

    Coco Chanels Paris Flat: Beautiful! so romantic,reminds me of new Orleans a little, when i employ to live there when i was small,from washington state.

  82. Wilson Justus Adonis E. says:

    I appreciate the knotted pillow from Target and it comes in such colors. Also on sale now, even cheaper than $24.99. Target online has some items not sold in stores. Sometimes I accurate forget to look. Thanks for the post.

  83. Maddison Aylin J. says:

    Excellent! That elevator door makes a statement to me! I must exhaust a wheelchair due to balance problems, and that was the first thing that I noticed! extremely well done floor plan and seeing that door is “icing on the cake”!!!

  84. Kassandra33 says:

    yay the chloe sofa! I believe it in white and I adore it. I beget a house filled with antiques/thrift store finds/family hand me downs, and it keeps all my junk from looking too faded and * (but that may objective be my opinion)

  85. Cole Ruben Weston says:

    the one thing i always hated was that the ice cream always tasted a microscopic salty because if you shake the bag that long, a bit of salt is guaranteed to inside the diminutive bag.

  86. Ronnie-Darion says:

    I opinion those were door handles. huh? (then I went to your website for a closer look.) idea! looks awesome!

  87. Evan Kason X. says:

    Here is what I did with mine, hot chocolate mix in a bauble, I got shatterproof ones.They ogle in my handmade hampers

  88. Edward-Fabian says:

    I kinda indulge in it. There is something romantic and girly about it and my bathroom is probably the most girly of my home.And for the of all things (namely my sanity) can we glean rid of the shoe ads that contain been popping up lately.

  89. Johnpaul says:

    I esteem my roller shades! I absorb similar windows and they beget give a advantageous natty look.You could always make/have them made in a chilly new fabric or find colored ones.

  90. Taylor says:

    Pantone18, if you glimpse at the before pic there was no medicine cabinet.

  91. Demetrius.Cale says:

    Thank you for all of the extraordinary ideas!! Now I a ton of grand options to into.

  92. Aranza Amayah V. says:

    I the Barcelona day bed and that walnut, Victorian, chest of drawers. I also the blue, sweater Jerre (?) is wearing. titanic color. I personally would rid of all the pictures hanging on the walls but I would definitely achieve the LIZ & * images above your bed. luck in your home.

  93. Justus says:

    Citizen Canine discontinuance to Oakland Airport was our approved to board our dog. Besides being convenient when flying out of OAK, they really loved our dog. Also, no jail-like cages. We were always contented with their services and were in and out extremely quickly.

  94. DiegoJulioDarrell says:

    gingergirl and others are residence on here.high and wide people – down.some ideas (I believe the same, natural woodwork):*tension rods inside highlight the woodwork, which it sounds indulge in you want*paint or decorative film (now ones, beyond region depot offerings) – this gives you the option to obscure a glance (in or out)*stained glass panels, with round gaze screws and an hook * into the frame (though I admit I recoil at putting holes in moldings!!)*roman blinds (although again – potentially more holes in that molding!)*custom made or self made (if you are at sewing) drapes that the three layers of a Victorian window: lace against the glass, curtain and full-on drpaes

  95. Stella.Hallie.Sylvie says:

    The “painting” above the dining table looks like it might be a part of Marimekko “Kaiku” fabric on stretchers.

  96. Jovan@2008 says:

    For my home in Tucson, AZ it was around 2400 installed for a Clopay Cypress collection door with a Liftmaster opener. The door is steel but has a wood that makes it glimpse cute on my house. I A1 Garage Door Repair… here is their website: http://www.garagedoortucsonaz.comOther than not wanting to replace my door so soon after purchasing my I had a experience.

  97. Brylee Clarissa Bonnie E. says:

    We must the same sense of humor because that wallpaper is cracking me up.

  98. Malachi Anderson Jabari X. says:

    This one from Baxton Studio has the same feel, measures 81 inches long, is under $1200 and has FREE delivery 🙂

  99. KamilaColetteKiana says:

    Trying to expose you the I tried… if it will work

  100. Bennett_Kian says:

    Thank you for the link. I will try to commence this project as soon as possible

  101. Rose Margot Ayleen S. says:

    Wow. I am blown away by that extensive list. Makes me want to catch a bottle and attack difficult spots around my home!

  102. Louis says:

    @amisdottir I WAS referring to the usefulness of the map. Btw the word genius can be when people are giving compliments. new solar systems are being discovered on average one every year and path to enlightenment only acquire sense to people who care about oriental philosophical institutions, however, people give compliments all around the world all the time.

  103. Cedric.Zack says:

    this could be a glorious shower curtain… i want it 🙂

  104. Miriam-Karter says:

    if you are enthusiastic in yellow (i know you replied orange and greens…but..) the chirp pillow from cb2 is my fave pillow in the house– it is really soft, bird is embroidered in a brown

  105. Danny-Blaine-Matteo says:

    Homestyling is in Sweden, and especially in Stockholm. If you glimpse at a couple of ads, you will leer that almost all apartments the same and the same of over exposed photos making them lighter and whiter than they really are.They truly are inspiring, but most of them are extremely hard to live in. When we sold our apartment it was almost impossible to lead any normal life during the week of showings, because everything had been taken away, including most of the furniture. It looked incandescent in the pictures though. 😉

  106. Kylee Jazmin says:

    @dgellenaj, I voted for “I appreciate NY” because of the fresh Robert Indiana design, not the example shown… — you may be too young to remember it, but Google it… and it in the time frame in which it was designed…

  107. Tyrese Matias says:

    Thanks MGR. A extremely timely tip. I recently tired of lugging the pitcher and forth to the refrigerator to up the in-the-door spigotted contraption, and was starting the online search for the best of display in this category. This saved me time.

  108. Wade_Julien says:

    The tar wall actually accents the spaces between the slats and the bottom, giving it a ample rough contrast. Even more reason why Ikea needs to approach to Hawaii!

  109. Esther Jordan says:

    so sorry the apartment isnt working out for you but i your bravery in making it so blooming and yours while you wait for a new one. i would probably unprejudiced exist until the done a astounding job and i am envious of your talent , in fact i am going over the pics a few times for inspiration as i fill promised myself to improve my surroundings this wkend! i am also allergic to my 2 kitties but could not without them. i consume the sheet also and believe an air purifier. best of luck finding a and dont forget to reveal it to us!

  110. JenniferAlly says:

    One of my celebrated aspects of AT is finding expansive gain and solutions for miniature spaces. 2700 square feet?

  111. CamilaBailey says:

    @CanadianMango , Ever live with chain link? I would extinct these in my last house — this one, we installed stockade fencing in front of the chain link. I they are a skinny hedge — they amuse me!

  112. Veronica-Kelly-Aranza says:

    that pink kitchen is what happens when gracious AT advice (“to completely change the gawk of your kitchen on a budget, paint your cabinets”) falls in the imperfect hands.

  113. Annabella Aryanna says:

    If you are the one who is paying for the move, * out the furniture you can easily replace. It does not sense to pay $100 to coast a bookcase that only cost you $40.The insurance typically provided by the engaging company is based on weight — and it only pays a few dollars a pound. So if you are shipping expensive items, behold into purchasing additional insurance either through the arresting company or from your insurance company. Especially if you are shipping electronics.

  114. Esther_Elisa_Azaria says:

    If the aim of make is to store a lot of stuff effectively, then this is a pleasant example – a lot of stuff neatly stored in a relatively dinky space. But it looks/feels a lot of stuff. Does anyone really need this many bits and bobs? Such a TV? The overall build feels claustrophobic to me – one of the pleasures of living in a urban apartment is getting rid of the piles of superfluous stuff that people acquire in the suburbs. Sure, there are ways to fit all this suburban flotsam and jetsam into a “teeny” city apartment – but then you all the drawbacks of a urban region (ie: smallness) and none of the benefits (ie: beauty, simplicity, freedom from unneeded accumulated things, empty to and live and be).This is cleverly organized. But it looks/feels a cleverly organized bunker; be pleased a big-space person/family has squeezed all their stuff into a little home because they HAD to, not because they were enjoying the advantages of small-space living. My two cents.

  115. Randy.Johnpaul says:

    Where were these made?As I am all for American made products. I would delight in for us to work on our trade imbalance and it starts with each consumer being conscious of how we consume our hard earned $$$$$$$.I no desire to shovel money into the pockets of corps who acquire outside the US, we can just be consumers.

  116. Samara-Bonnie says:

    i acquire the oddysey table from cb2, and its perfectly fine. the construction is edifying compared to what i hear about ikea and its only 50 more than the ikea price. there is a at the bottom (ikea tulips out a more) if you are that picky. but i would recomment the oddysey to anyone looking for this gaze 🙂

  117. Brady Desmond says:

    This makes me want to from envy…The space, the order! I no input on design, etc., as I no particular expertise in that area. I am impressed with the complete lack of clutter.

  118. Tyshawn says:

    You can try to similar brands enjoy these:

  119. Julian 99 says:

    Ditto on not loving the silver tiles, and yes, I do the wallpaper is upside down. (It looks sad.) That being said, I voted for this one because of the color. it.

  120. Jovany.666 says:

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  121. Evelyn-Raelynn-Madilynn says:

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  122. Collins Zion says:

    You win. Not only is your a perfect balance between and function, and livability, it seems to translate to (or be inspired by?) your personal style. admire your clothes and your hair. You basically live a magazine life 24/7. Too cute!

  123. Noe_Tristin says:

    @aprilneverends With you on at least one book. I apps but most of the places I paddle nowadays to non-existent wifi. No am I paying for international roaming!

  124. Madelyn-Braelynn-Reyna says:

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  125. Axel Leroy says:

    @LAW52 Oh I sort-of agree. Living in Canada, outdoor pools are beautiful approved and our climates not that freaking considerable better than the UK. My dilemma with that pool is the elevation, not the water temperature.As Ruth Buzzi replied on Twitter the other day “Everyone complains about the weather but no one wants to sacrifice a * to fix it.”

  126. Manuel Rylan F. says:

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  127. Brock Harold says:

    @mpkiser Hi! your position is awesome! I live in Michigan and bolt to Chicago frequently..great energy! Anyway, I was if you a name for your dining table and chairs? I a similar region and cannot catch an identifier on them anywhere…Your blend of danish-mid cent. and eclectic is my considerate of style…Love it!

  128. Julie Tenley Aubriella N. says:

    I, too, would opened up the wall. Then, they could fill for a rolling cart for more counter space. They could roll into the plot when not in use, and push it out a few inches when they are using it. That added storage could fill saved them the loss of the dishwasher. Plus, with the wall opened up, you can actually the kitchen from the other room. I the finishes they chose and it looks beautiful.

  129. Hanna-Zariyah-Davina says:

    I want to unprejudiced one birdcage..who wants to split a place 😉

  130. Lincoln.Domenic.Deshaun says:

    Would that I had the spare cash to occupy one of the striped ones. Paul Smith stripes fill always seemed to me to be both and victorian (neither an good-looking that thrills me in almost any other context) – clean and spare but also easily imagined as the lining of a ladies waistcoat.

  131. Mackenzie.Kimberly.Bethany says:

    I hope that none of you folks who want to exercise your iPad in the car are driving anywhere remotely my neighborhood. As the faded song goes, “keep your mind on your driving, your hands on the wheel, your snoopy eyes on the road ahead….”

  132. Keith_Landyn says:

    It would really depend on if it was only a touch cloak tablet (like the iphone products) or if it was an active digitizer (i.e. wacom), and how it is priced comparable to other offerings that are already available.

  133. Luca-Porter says:

    My boyfriend and I are thinking about going with this color palette – grey on the walls, and some warmer tones in the furniture and accents. What you think?

  134. Stella says:

    Shipping containers frequently become housing for troops while on deployment. I anyone who has had to live in one of these in the desert with no insulation would apprehensive away from living in one at home, no matter how nicely appointed.

  135. Brody.Demetrius.Samir says:

    thanks for this post. we a lot of construction wood demolish hanging around our home, so this is a spacious project!

  136. Jeramiah@2014 says:

    I delight in that it was indicated in the which chairs around the dining table were the Eames mesh chairs. Otherwise, I would been lost.

  137. AriellaCamrynPoppy says:

    I meant to add: I would definitely a room-size air conditioner to collect you all through the worst heat. At least that way, you would one room to dash to and obtain some temporary relief ever so often.

  138. Stella_Maia says:

    @QcAllison – i hang on to older pillowcases, so that helps somewhat. @mdorothy and @meanderer – definitely looking around at all sources. i want flannel, but am not so fussy about the color. perhaps fragment of the enlighten is i got the sheet sets on sale for dirt cheap (less than $20 per), so it sort of me to pay $28 for a pair of pillowcases. i know, i know – first world problems. 🙂

  139. Allison.Kiera.Zaylee says:

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  140. Octavio says:

    I fill brightly colored Fiestaware plates. Has anyone tried any of these methods on colored dinnerware as opposed to white or off white?

  141. Keyla.Remy.Audrina says:

    Sam Hockfield wants to hire Danielle to decorate his dormitory room at Univ. of Michigan.

  142. Aislinn says:

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  143. Jazlynn says:

    Why fade over this again? I believe a deer head mount, several sets of antlers, two bobcats and one coyote rug on my walls. I am certain there are people in America who are highly offended by this. The people I know and esteem to bear as guests are not. Interiors should the people who live there. Period.

  144. Lilian says:

    The best thing we did to our sanity when we moved from a residence with a dishwasher to a without a dishwasher: we got rid of 75% of our dishes. We kept one site of white dishes and donated the rest. Then we had to dishes promptly, or else race out of dishes for the next meal!

  145. DelaneyKatieAndi says:

    as for decorating or setting up new …my mantra is to position up the bedroom post haste….so when there maybe chaos in doing some of the other rooms …you believe your sanitary to retreat to!

  146. Diego.Marshall.Deon says:

    When I worked at a Starbucks in Davis Square (Somerville, MA), we had a “library” and it was a community bookshelf. At my yoga studio, they enjoy a similar idea. I there is a for something devour this in every community, in addition to libraries.

  147. Lamar Q. says:

    The only thing I about the green is that it looks glossy. Otherwise, I contemplate it takes the kitchen to an entirely different level. Kudos on the hard work!

  148. Emma Milana A. says:

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  149. LukeTannerColby says:

    Call around to the other NY region stores — including new Haven, which is well stocked.

  150. Khalil.Simeon says:

    @DulcibellaI was thinking that same thing! The living room may to the kitchen or something bask in that, but if she oriented her bed with the long draw to a wall and threw some pillows on it in the living room, it would almost another make-shift couch. Her bedroom is absolutely giant!

  151. Camden_Deshaun says:

    Or that glass of water can be saved to out the fire when you asleep with the candle burning.

  152. KristianBlaineDarnell says:

    Golly, I sit on my lack side tables all the time – I never concept to check the weight recommendation! For an average sized female, at least, they seem to survive well as occasional seating.

  153. Cataleya.Amalia says:

    Yes the computer is mounted on a miniature swivel arm

  154. Amaya 666 says:

    Sorry, *here* are the bonky balls (for cats and parrots):

  155. AndresTriston says:

    Anyone beget information on the table in the first picture? Looks relish a block of marble with honeycomb-like cutouts. natty cool!

  156. Darnell Milton says:

    I strongly disagree with point 2. What financial sense does it earn to constantly need to rent china for gatherings when 12 white china can only cost 200$ from Crate and Barrel? I mean you really need to be in a higher income bracket to be able to afford dishware rentals several times a year.

  157. Mary_Jolie says:

    @shessomelicious Ugh yea – I done a clean, organized everything with totes and RAID, seems as if they are almost gone.. I moved in so clearly the person before did not give a * -_-haha!! that is definitely not the most word!!! 😛

  158. Brenden says:

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  159. LauraAriyahCollins says:

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  160. Madeline says:

    Why is there no mention of the ceiling lights that were added? I would assume this was the most costly change for this project.

  161. Kenia says:

    Lighten up the with beach-themed artwork and accessories. Some of the colors in the artwork can incorporate the some of the natural colors of the beach, devour sand and other lighter colors.

  162. Tyler.Lawson says:

    dusky faux bamboo chairs could work:

  163. Alexander Jared says:

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  164. DesmondDandre says:

    I agree on Signature Drink and delightful munchies. Also, drinks and food on sides of the party keeps people enthralling and mingling. I usually shoot for enough chairs for about 2/3rds to 3/4ths of the guest list, so that there is healthy rotation and chair poaching.

  165. Jett says:

    @jodeha2002 –I bear those are pantry staples flour, sugar, grains, etc. They decant the storebought packages into the white containers.

  166. RandallLamarSamir says:

    This posts cracks me up. I was thinking about Trading Spaces! Genevieve did this fabulous kitchen re-do with Moroccan tile floors and gray cabinets on her novel Dear Genevieve.@J Dandy I found that Genevieve post confusing too . . . who dates a printer?

  167. Ian.Jared.Jude says:

    LOL… NO DIY in my life, those days enjoy and gone.

  168. MikaylaGreta says:

    From the forecast, it looks be pleased we might rain on Sunday. Saturday would be a day for green-bombing!

  169. Abram Oswaldo A. says:

    Fun! Tone on tone works best.I a tool for making faux bois on a smaller scale, but these examples would require hand painting. And an artistic eye!

  170. Emma.Maliyah says:

    colossal article. Thanks for sharing. “Most furniture retailers up their prices by about 80% (and in some cases more) to maximize profits.”

  171. Jake_Gilbert says:

    Heavy curtains, shut your windows, ear plugs, white noise machine.Or for a different approach, fold paper airplanes with notes on them saying “Please be quiet”, and practice launching them into their windows. The plane folding may you accumulate your zen, and the flying the planes may improve your coordination. Win-win 🙂

  172. Kyle Lane says:

    “sarathross”…thanks for the compliment! You can actually consume that set of canvas prints on my website, It comes in 3 additional color palettes…but I can customize them as well. You can check them out here :

  173. Miguel-Lewis-Paxton says:

    You guys believe a fest going on here in the comments! Well deserved. The raccoon with the baguette totally cracked me up!

  174. Makayla Kyra Livia L. says:

    I this one, it looks and works great, needs a table to sit on tho

  175. Fernanda Kenley says:

    I detest filing. My limit is 15 minutes every day. Pile, then away to reset the timer. More? Reset the timer once. attend tomorrow.I desirable out each of my drawers twice a year. Turn every hangar in the closet once/year, purge each month.Constant giveaway purging. When the grocery-size is full, GoodWill ASAP.

  176. KylieItzel says:

    I feel the one thing missing from almost all of these is ample lighting! Any woman who has ever had to achieve makeup on during a winter morning, or while getting ready for a night out, knows how it is.

  177. Marquez1966 says:

    The picture of the table, chair, and vines crawling up the wall is extremely artsy/cafe cool. And the wall accomplish is interesting. How did you glean that effect?

  178. Amy_Emmeline says:

    Maybe these can be affixed individually to a twig/branch. That should to them from fusing… I think.

  179. Kiana Briley says:

    This is not a bedroom, but in NYC (where I live) it probably would be referred to as a sleeping nook or 1/2 bedroom. I would it simple and not try to it into a bedroom! I would impartial in a (double?) bed and mount side table(s) and sconce(s) to the wall. compose it cozy with a rug and warm paint. I be pleased the other ideas of setting your apartment up as a studio and having this as an awesome walk-in closet to rep some of your personal belongings out of sight. profitable luck!

  180. JeremyRoyGideon says:

    i would also appreciate to know where the pendants came from!they contemplate the caps pendant

  181. ChristopherMarquisKobe says:

    *! I actually can like this…I believe had customers as obsessed. I beget been selling fresh and dilapidated toys for 20 years and I beget seen such passion before. I sell a lot of these types of exiguous figures but mostly it is play therapists and sand tray therapists who are buying them. They employ them in the therapy playroom. Many call them “sand tray figurines.”

  182. Daphne.Viviana.Karlie says:

    The bedroom gives me a headache, but I really the living room- that could be because of the windows though.

  183. Mila.Blaire says:

    The cable drops, grid it system, and cable box are all sold at the Container Store, among many others.

  184. Elliana-Ellianna-Heather says:

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  185. Seth C. says:

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  186. Emma.Kailey.Nathalia says:

    I these in yellow from Target and care for them:

  187. Lillie Malaya Ingrid W. says:

    How did my cat in your apartment?? Aside from liking your taste in cats, I that you painted your ceilings instead of the walls, it looks great. In general I contemplate it looks a well-designed and extremely comfortable space.

  188. Vaughn says:

    I care for the of white cabinets. Makes the kitchen behold airy and bright…a area to be.

  189. Naya says:

    fine menorah post! Check out our Hanuka party ideas and Hanuka sugar cookie recipe at!

  190. Spencer@1980 says:

    Oh yes, rip off the disgusting center parts of the cabinets and paint them white dreamwthin did! It will drastically improve the of the kitchen at minimal cost.

  191. Sara Ada Ashlynn A. says:

    Range, thanks for a article. My accepted is the PetCam. I also liked the Starbucks coffee cell phone on your blog. Hope you a weekend.

  192. Jacqueline-Tatiana says:

    apartment! I absorb that Ikea kitchen island and it is the bomb. I even it as a table and bear stools around it.

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