How to Make Dresser Runner From Patchwork Creatively

Dresser runner sometimes being the important point to apply on the top of the dresser. But today we have the DIY project to make a runner from patchwork. You’ve got the rest of the fabric of unused? But the confused use? Should the rest of the fabric is utilized to create something much more useful than just throw it into the trash box. Begin to try creative use leftover items in your house. Patchwork can use to become something more beneficial to the look of your home. The patchwork can you create to make a runner for the dresser in your living room. In addition to seem attractive, it can also save your spending.

Crochet table runner dresser pink color

Crochet table runner dresser pink color

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really to make dresser runner from patchwork creatively. The first step scissors rag (use a different motif) square-shaped. Make sure the size is the same for each piece of patchwork. After that, continued to sew the cut pieces of patchwork one by one to form a rectangle (size adjusted to the dresser runner you want to create) after all of the pieces of fabric sewn to form a runner dresser, you trim the tip end of the fabric by cutting the ends that are not same. Afterwards, sewing around the dresser runner to be more toned and neat. Cut the foam wind of the same size with the length of the runner dresser Place the foam wind at the bottom of the table cloth and sewing the circumference of the wind foam on the dresser. Then to beautify your dresser artificial runner, add lace around the runner. Sew the lace around the dresser.

Crochet Table Runner Dresser with unique design

Crochet Table Runner Dresser with unique design

Gorgeous dresser scarf runner coloured white

Gorgeous dresser scarf runner coloured white

For better results you can add other accessories on the dresser runner, fabric patches shaped like dolls or fruit at the four corners of the tablecloth you. You can also create dresser runner with another form using patchwork. That’s all we can share about how really to make dresser runner from patchwork creatively.

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  15. Wayne@1975 says:

    Can anyone source the leather sofa in the second photo?

  16. Ricardo Colby says:

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  22. Elisha@ZZZ says:

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  23. Danica says:

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  41. Deandre@66 says:

    Love, esteem love!! I savor everything about this house. My two rooms.. for distinct her bedroom and the headboard.. and I her living room…the two matching brown chairs are great. Her do and the she puts stuff together is amazing!

  42. Ariel.Carolyn says:

    am I the only person who appreciates this for the fact that it is a dramatic makeover on a budget? I this is a to a yard that can over the future.

  43. Aubrielle Emmaline T. says:

    Hey Dobbs, can I enjoy a photo of your dog? 🙂

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