How to Make Dresser Runner From Patchwork Creatively

Dresser runner sometimes being the important point to apply on the top of the dresser. But today we have the DIY project to make a runner from patchwork. You’ve got the rest of the fabric of unused? But the confused use? Should the rest of the fabric is utilized to create something much more useful than just throw it into the trash box. Begin to try creative use leftover items in your house. Patchwork can use to become something more beneficial to the look of your home. The patchwork can you create to make a runner for the dresser in your living room. In addition to seem attractive, it can also save your spending.

Crochet table runner dresser pink color

Crochet table runner dresser pink color

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really to make dresser runner from patchwork creatively. The first step scissors rag (use a different motif) square-shaped. Make sure the size is the same for each piece of patchwork. After that, continued to sew the cut pieces of patchwork one by one to form a rectangle (size adjusted to the dresser runner you want to create) after all of the pieces of fabric sewn to form a runner dresser, you trim the tip end of the fabric by cutting the ends that are not same. Afterwards, sewing around the dresser runner to be more toned and neat. Cut the foam wind of the same size with the length of the runner dresser Place the foam wind at the bottom of the table cloth and sewing the circumference of the wind foam on the dresser. Then to beautify your dresser artificial runner, add lace around the runner. Sew the lace around the dresser.

Crochet Table Runner Dresser with unique design

Crochet Table Runner Dresser with unique design

Gorgeous dresser scarf runner coloured white

Gorgeous dresser scarf runner coloured white

For better results you can add other accessories on the dresser runner, fabric patches shaped like dolls or fruit at the four corners of the tablecloth you. You can also create dresser runner with another form using patchwork. That’s all we can share about how really to make dresser runner from patchwork creatively.

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121 thoughts on “How to Make Dresser Runner From Patchwork Creatively”

  1. Kendall_Chelsea_Jewel says:

    Beautiful, delicate job! wow. That abet door is so pretty…almost as cute as the counter-tops, subway tile and sink! Can you approach my kitchen??

  2. Rylan Anton says:

    Cate – now that some time has passed – are you with all your Ikea choices?

  3. Aurelia Kaylynn Kaya says:

    My other racks (not mentioned here) are the Coat Check Coat Tree, available here (for only $25.00 !):

  4. FinnCoby says:

    Oh, yes. My girls cherish arts and crafts, so we must absorb done every single Eric Carle craft in the world! Being a preschool teacher has its perks! Thank you for the comments.Jessie

  5. Elizabeth C. says:

    We hosted Friendsgiving last night. It was so distinguished easier than I opinion it would be (I guess it helps our friends are fine laid back!). We fried 2 turkeys which was because it took hardly any time and it was a fair afternoon to be outside. About 20 people showed up, each brought a dish and the only thing I had to earn was cranberry sauce. A local newspaper even saw our group and is using it in an upcoming fable about Friendsgivings! 🙂

  6. Hamza says:

    I began two years ago to several simple tasks everyday, that does´t catch too time and makes a excellent difference. At the beginning is hard to “make that your brain changes its mode” but it worths. Every morning I my bed, establish the washing machine and wash what I extinct in the breakfast. And in the night, the same with de plates of the dinner and I up the things that are all over. Later you can once a week or twice a week to attain other tasks that are useful for your of living in your home.

  7. Melissa_Daphne_Amani says:

    @cwarnock Thank you! Believe, I stalked that dismal boy and even created multiple CL alerts for it. Finally found someone who was exciting overseas and was offloading that (and a host of other astounding things a white and wood Eames-style rocker). Needless to say, I got an UberXL and cleaned her out. Ha! ecstatic holidays!

  8. Grace says:

    cool stuff! Gives me some ideas for my micro edition site. Accessible art rules!

  9. Alfred says:

    @ellabee Hahaha – I so know what you mean! For the last 10 years I beget lived with both a food bowl as well as a water bowl in my living room because dog has it in her head that she cannot on mild flooring. And the water bowl is ginormous – it is the biggest stainless steel kitchen mixing bowl I could because many of my dogs been splashy drinkers.

  10. MckennaAdaLaurel says:

    You are insanely talented. The composition over the bed is perfection. Everything about this plot says “home” but not “filled to the gills with superfluous trinkets.” I will be in this weekend! And those floors? WOW.

  11. Aspen.Nalani says:

    Logjayge has really pegged one of my personal pet peeves. Furthermore, this applies *everywhere* not correct in accepted hallways: the complex pool, the park, the supermarket, food restaurants, etc., etc., etc. It infuriates me when I adults engrossed in conversation while their kids amok. But putting aside basic courtesy to others for a moment: unsupervised kids can unknowingly pick up or afflict someone else and why believe that on your conscious?

  12. Tristen_Julien says:

    I would call Midlands (bedroom wall color) a medium taupe grey. It is definitely more of a brown/grey than a blue/grey so it makes the room feel warmer.Email(s) if anyone would bask in to contact us / or /

  13. Kiana says:

    Taking into consideration of the idea out the window, the amount of light coming in, and the color(s) of your furniture and accessories, I beget you would be with Inchyra Blue, #289. I would conclude away from anything that is light and neutral. By the way, I hope you are going to leave your moldings white.

  14. Maxim says:

    I would to the “after” shots of this living space.I also bear ceilings and would appreciate to how the tips were ancient an how the illusion of a higher ceiling actually looks.Please post!

  15. James Yosef Kylan says:

    cheap project, and they turn out great! i bought some glass bottles and vases at a flea market to use, they turned out really nice. it might absorb cost $5 total to a few vases, and detached bear spray paint and fabric paint left over.

  16. HaileyJune says:

    @Laurie 11201 Well — who knows, someday that designer will build something similar and I can my eyes inaugurate for CB2!! Thanks Laurie.

  17. Giselle Amelie Aislinn says:

    What program did you to those room plans?

  18. Giancarlo says:

    Im elegant there is simple a 0 missing i.e. 260 square metres.Fantastic. the light.

  19. Lydia Carlee Y. says:

    @Pokerliz–thanks for that; hopefully, it will be easier to bring them assist to brilliant wood, as grain might not * in paint. those wood cabinets can be so charming.

  20. Jaden-Jake says:

    im with Engineer, the scale of that print is TINY! all the colors and textures in her apartment could a huge, courageous pattern. care for that navy pintuck duvet and the building lobby is stunning!

  21. Jade_Kaiya_Azaria says:

    So vibrant and welcoming!citizenaugust, the shelf unit is from Ikea. :)Laura

  22. Arely@696 says:

    Agree with everything except linens.And for shoes – boots, absolutely. I sleep easy my Timberlands and Hunters are basically never going to die. But when it comes to flats or sandals you to creep cheap. My experience is that no matter how well made they are they will destroyed, and quickly. No point in spending lots of dough on those.

  23. Coby says:

    exquisite and maps are a advantageous for kids rooms and play rooms. I a vintage device in my sons room and we talk about the different state, colors, letters etc. teaching tool.

  24. Chris-Irving says:

    Chairs are the Cain Collection Chairs from Branch:

  25. Eve_Addisyn_Milena says:

    @cdahan Hear, hear. Besides, a “lawn” of succulents looks and only needs water every few weeks (once established). One of my front yards is unprejudiced hens and chicks that filled in every crevice. Looks fabulous.

  26. Guadalupe@2016 says:

    Variegation has its spot in my garden. I quite a lot of variegated hostas and heuchera in shady areas, and I tons of that bugloss. To me it is one more to compose the tapestry of the garden interesting, along with color, height, and texture.

  27. Matthew Brayan V. says:

    Agree with all above.With a newborn, the nicest things were: a private to nurse and an ok to it with the other adults, too; a quiet, downhearted to rep baby calm/asleep; a changing – which can be just a towel/wipeable mat and some wipes; and snacks – I was constantly hungry from nursing and missed meals. Oh how I loved one-handed snacks granola bars, apple slices with cheese, etc.As the baby gets a miniature older, the number one thing is a vacuumed floor and a relatively baby-proofed space. If you can breeze your coffee table when they and create that breakable/sharp/dirty objects are out of the room, they’ll absorb a site for baby to play. It’s fun for the kids to enjoy special toys at other homes. Don’t overboard, though (unless you really want to). A of stacking cups and a rattle are sufficient. If you frequent or extended visits, a highchair or booster seat and a pack-and-play or portacrib will be extremely appreciated. “Dishes that bounce” as my family says and baby spoons are a bonus. You can also believe some baby snacks on hand, as appropriate to the child. They don’t contain to be anything foreign to you – applesauce and cheerios or pretzels are expansive and most people them anyway.

  28. AddysonKensley says:

    what is the depth of the closet shelves and how did you them? (Is this one of plywood with the center out?) I contain a similar closet and devour your layout a lot.

  29. Terrell J. says:

    I esteem it. It feels and livable. The ledges are fun and I how you them to do floor in the bedroom.

  30. MateoTalan says:

    Let me fill it, so I can post it on Ebay and sell it to you guys!

  31. Liana Rosa says:

    If you are in a rental, check with your apartment manager (landlord) to glimpse if they accomplish seasonal maintenance for A/C units i.e. cleaning, replacing the filter, repairs, etc.If they do, which should be no charge to you as a renter, then I would to them acquire care of it.

  32. Wayne@1975 says:

    Can anyone source the leather sofa in the second photo?

  33. Ricardo Colby says:

    This is nice. I wish I had a house to with it. Maybe it will fit in my flat… OK… not the legal area for it. I hope ventilation has been considered as this is a diminutive space.

  34. Cheyenne Princess Averi A. says:

    So beautiful! I want to live in this house, cook in that kitchen and play with those pups! Such a welcoming and that yard is incredible! Thanks so mighty for sharing your home!

  35. CoreyGrady says:

    I would clothes for myself, and our toddler, as well as a curtain to disguise gruesome kitchen appliances (portable washing machine!)

  36. BlazeJaidynIsaak says:

    No offense, but this looks like cheap marbled linoleum on a basement stairwell. I can imagine it maybe looking okay somewhere else… but not really. cleaning up the stairwell would been fine. It was before.

  37. Johnathon Mariano I. says:

    Hey E6,You may to ask the homeowner if you marry the door. I hope you absorb a lifetime together:)

  38. Mikayla.Marlee.Lauryn says:

    I want to in! The colors are both soothing and warm, and the eclectic mix of and classic pieces is novel and inviting. Beige wall-to-wall was never so well flattered.

  39. Uriel Johan B. says:

    TryRough Linen-

  40. Ernest says:

    Halfzwaar is correct to point out installing a solid brick wall without considering the load on your house is crazy.That said: this is beautiful! I been searching for a noble veneer company for an exterior project & this may be the one!

  41. Douglas Pranav H. says:

    What a fun space! It would drive me batshit crazy, but wow, what an area it turned out to be. The cat looks a bit in of all the shine in there. So many cats reflected in the gold cabinets…;-))Truly, this is incredible, 2 thumbs up, and your window designs must be as well. Hope your employer appreciates your talent!

  42. Wyatt-Hassan says:

    I an Etsy shop of “under $25” vintage finds!

  43. Lylah-Marisol says:

    I gawk they chose to with the mac laptop fashion keyboard to replace…..the laptop keyboard. Interesting.

  44. SamaraGiana says:

    I contain a plot with grass, if the dachshund would be pleased to come and live with me.

  45. Hadassah_Hadlee says:

    @mos_steph acid + alkaline = water. Basic chemistry. So it is no better than cleaning with water. Using baking soda and hot water will work. Or using vinegar and hot water. Not combined! The fuzz you procure looks spectacular but does nothing except up in water.

  46. Ellis@99 says:

    This is shown as an outside swing, but I it would work well in a brightly colored room as well.

  47. Javon Brodie says:

    I it was a orderly in theory but the Rustoleum whiteboard paint is objective not a genuine product. I posted after photos on my blog though so that my DIY can advantage as a warning. gross PAINT BAD!

  48. Braelyn Ansley Avalynn says:

    Wow, I am Flattered, Overwhelmed and Inspired by everyone’s suggestions! Thank you so much! This is so to someone enjoy me, who is completely devoid of all that is creativeJ.I cherish the idea of an upholstered headboard and adding artwork and lamps. I am so now!To Patrick (the other one) – Obsess away, I fill been doing it for a while with no success. Unfortunately, I live all the device in Texas, otherwise me I would hold stalked you down already.Again, thank you so for all your ideas. And thank YOU AT for posting my question!

  49. Elisha@ZZZ says:

    My bedroom in my rental apartment came with colorful green walls, similar to your lead photo but slightly more green than turquoise. I blue and green together, my bedding runs to blue, and it all makes for a harmonious bedroom. The intellectual walls effect me smile every morning when I wake up.

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  51. Nolan-Gavyn-Jaeden says:

    I if you had paid better attention in history class you would remember that the Aztec did, indeed, cherish tap dancing. LOL!

  52. Keenan Cullen Darin says:

    @lrcbear dehumidifiers execute you fill to them on all the tiime. Because I pay really high hydro as I an on electric heat.

  53. Connor Hayden says:

    Thanks for including my board! How fun to be mentioned on your site. Lsaspacey has a work space. edifying bulletin boards! Are those computer and keyboard cozies? Totally cool.

  54. Blaze Zack K. says:

    Time Out is a resource for travelers both on line and in their physical magazines:

  55. Vivienne Amani Lisa J. says:

    Chris & Roger, your house is perfect. I esteem the blue ceilings and walls especially. Also cheered to know someone else has an faulty cat too!

  56. London88 says:

    that is adorable! 🙂 what a fun, creative idea! you sell these? you should!kindly,

  57. Hunter.Quincy says:

    appreciate the accents with color! I would probably never mixed green with pink, blue and white, but it looks extremely nice!

  58. Winston says:

    excellent job in creating a good art nouveau fashion in your home. I know that sometimes an art nouveau can be a bit heavy or dark, but you fill added some new touches to lighten it up and a balance.

  59. Stephen.Beau.Konnor says:

    Dear luxurychairsucks.You really are pathetic. Is affecting your business so considerable you would stoop to the bottom of the barrel and actually invest time and obviously emotion and publicly post and defamatory statements about ?. Because your posting such counterfeit and defamatory remarks in a public forum, which has the same avenue of exposure as the website, it now becomes illegal. Atleast here in the United States it is. Its called Libel and Slander Law. If luxurychair has half a brain they would subpoena the logs of this blog and the IPs of all you anonymous slandering * and then sue the * out of each and everyone of you … I would strongly recommend you all shut the * up … lol … morons …

  60. Danica says:

    I orange/mediterranean coloured tiles in my living room with eggshell walls. The skirting (is this right?) is a green that takes the edge off the yellow and orange (or so ive convinved myself).Readers here enjoy commented with some spacious ideas regarding floors – any for me? Its a rental so I dont want to exhaust a lot as I will only be there for another 6 months.The room is 20 feet by 15 feet so I was thinking of buying a fraction of carpet and covering the whole floor with it. Then taking it with me when I accelerate and cutting it into a rug or something.Any ideas? I havent started a post due to lack of describe as im currently renovating my wardrobes and the place is a mess with construction materials.

  61. Alexandra Laylah P. says:

    Where can I fetch the prints that are in the living room?

  62. Samantha Stephanie Louise V. says:

    It really cool DIY project especially for microscopic budgets and rented appartments. I modern fashion interiors and for my closet consume frosted glass design.

  63. Melina says:

    @Thrifty this is seriously the only reason I clicked through. I thought, “I cannot to be the only one who thinks this. I will check the comments.” Thanks for not disappointing me.

  64. Jeffrey T. says:

    I googled this house…wow! LA Times and NY Times gave it dazzling reviews…wow!

  65. Cecilia Margot Kassidy V. says:

    Took it twice and got Artful Bohemian or Warm Industrial, depending on my bedroom and drink choices. None of the drink choices noble me, so I did the best I could. I Warm Industrial Bohemian is a fairly summation of my style. Straight Bohemian is too cluttered for me, but straight Industrial is far too frigid and minimal. I want giant warehouse windows *and* textiles everywhere.

  66. Emily_Helena_Blaire says:

    One of my personal mantras “buy or twice” also reminds me of a miniature allotment of Japanese architectural history called sumptuary laws. Sumptuary laws been around throughout the ages in different civilizations. They sought to limit how much of one thing that a person or family could (derivative of consumption), therefore those people tried to that one thing as honorable and long lasting as possible. We live in a seemingly antonym mind today, where many things are disposable. Buying once also allows you to things that character over time.

  67. FelixTyrellCullen says:

    @Stik You can clearly observe the fabric sagging between the wooden defective of the arms and the foam that makes up the outside around them. The owners obviously decided to forgo the squishy outside when they re-did it.

  68. SabrinaScarletKalani says:

    @Topanga Canyon Absolutely, structural integrity and functional repairs acquire priority over cosmetic things. Sorry that flooding and all happened to your home.

  69. Junior66 says:

    why is every B rated actress/socialite/whatever/has-been trying to themselves as a lifestyle expert?

  70. Allan Davon Keagan L. says:

    loooooooving the brass-colored shades on those lamps! if only they were dependable brass…

  71. August Menachem says:

    Almost every cafe or coffeehouse has a resident cat here, who mostly freely lunge in and out and are well-know and loved by the regulars. Never even heard of cat cafees but apparently my city preceeded a trend 🙂

  72. Reginald Royce says:

    Regarding the “shoe” shot, when I viewed the tour, I assumed he was into special editions or retro nikes. There was many complaints about no personality, I contemplate there were that gave some insight of the personality of its occupants, this was one. For many guys I know, their kicks are some of their most prized posessions.

  73. Nathan Caden Walter M. says:

    fantastical! i how organic the shapes are. it reminds me somehow of microscopic organisms, magnified 1000x.

  74. Rodney says:

    I finished my kitchen backsplash in the black/white/gray glass mosaic tile. Our cabinets seem to contain similar coloring, so it might give you an notion of what it would like, it does not bland at all in my belief (plus I idea to acquire crimson accents to add some color).

  75. Shiloh-Ivory says:

    Digital clock screensaver download.

  76. Brodie Jorden says:

    Talk to someone, talk about it. Cook, the stove can be what a fireplace was for our ancestors. grasp vitamines (B12 is essential). Hug your pet. achieve it cats it, every miniature bit of sunshine even if through the window. resolve a book. For me reading is a cramped bit meditation.

  77. Marquise.Irving says:

    What an improvement! Clients, almost always, hesitate to paint brick or stone facades. It always makes such a difference.

  78. Dallas_Josh says:

    extremely glorious – Lots of Personality!It feels bask in a considerable larger than 650 Square Feet……you should be proud of yourself and your resourcefullness!

  79. Amiya-Aadhya says:

    I this reno! It reminds me of our do-it-yourself basement, assist when I was a kid. These “industrial” basements are for growing kids. They can stand a lot of wear and tear!

  80. Lilliana.Chana.Caylee says:

    it.Brilliant enough for Lego to sell “kits” these for place decor projects.

  81. Paulina says:

    Rose pink, magenta, deep lavender are the colors to here.

  82. Amaya.Avianna.Rylan says:

    Totally uninspired, ungraceful, not whimsical, dull, down accurate hit with an stick!Poor taste well it speaks for itself, yet judgment is an insult to your readers.

  83. Hassan Gonzalo J. says:

    Where did you that glass-front bookcase in the bedroom? (2nd picture) I this look! Amazing! and in my approved city ever…Dallas 🙂 Kudos to you, fellow texan!

  84. PenelopeAylaCatalina says:

    All advantageous ideas. I want these for me! We did sillhouettes for my Mom, 1 of each of the kids & even one of the dog (which she loved!)
    The photo calendars are a tradition for my parents & my hubby.

  85. Alianna 1991 says:

    tacky.why something more complicated than it needs to be and participate in the killing of an animal apt to carry out that shallow end?

  86. JesusNathanial says:

    I recently made screens for my workplace with shoji paper and custom frames. It was dapper easy – you can mutter custom frames that believe snap in plastic pieces that creep together perfectly in seconds. Maybe I could saved a by making the frames from scratch but my time is worth money too. I ordered my pre-cut frames cheaply through

  87. Kellen_Alonso says:

    @Hannah Joy Haa, I had a sudden memory of my roommate in college who built a “bedside table” out of a shoebox and four empty toilet paper tubes. He was so proud of it! Obviously it only worked because his mattress was on… The floor.

  88. Gideon88 says:

    I found this one on the rugsdirect site:

  89. Teagan 1993 says:

    @Brandonhurham: Its the app provided by Altec Lansing to employ with their dock.

  90. Adam says:

    apt purchased mine from Ikea. extremely about the pricing and the color choice. Give it a try.

  91. Ariyah 2014 says:

    Crucial usually has blooming apt full-y compatible Mac ram available.

  92. Alexzander-Korbin says:

    This is the quintessential SF style, I think. Victorian bones, industrial bits, found-objects, midcentury treasure, flea-market camp, Etsy-craft. It makes me happy, looking at it.

  93. Caleb_Deshawn_Karter says:

    mjoe–was it the Lumimarja fabric?

  94. EveAnikaJayde says:

    Hmmm, someone needs to a tablet stand a cookbook stand. The tablet could inch into it, a protective camouflage you can detached swipe, pinch and expand (bigger type is sooo easier in the kitchen). Even on that could effect to the fridge with (really) considerable magnets.Oh, and a augury to on your tablet “This is NOT a cutting board”

  95. Addison_Juliet_Zara says:

    color combos…your set looks and cozy…you bear expedient pillows and textiles

  96. Melina says:

    I been calling it the House, because it is. Maybe I should evolve the name into something more exotic, savor Casa Nero or or La Maison Noir.

  97. Kenzie N. says:

    Awww! So cute. I want one. ALso this might me recycle more :p

  98. Priscilla Azariah I. says:

    If there is enough sun exposure, I would plant or area potted climbing roses along side the iron porch supports. I second the rug idea; you could an outdoor rug that

  99. August H. says:

    On a note, I contain also seen (in a dinky space) a creative intention to employ IKEA storage to provide a “wall” creating a foyer home at the entrance to the studio. On the entry side it had doors and drawers for storage. It was secured to the wall and floor (so no of as you leaned on it from the bed side). On the side that was the “bedroom” zone, it was solid for the amount of position you would need to lean against for reading. Above that was rececessed shelving (the side was solid for hanging artwork.And there was lighting installed on the bed ward side removing the need for a side table or floor lamp.Altogether charming, sleek and and inspired. evidence that this perspective for multiple consume headboard/storage can work in a diminutive space.

  100. Andre.Ben.Keagan says:

    We recently were looking for luggage for my 2 year son, for a beach vacation, and after trying the Trunki, I found it was a bit and heavy, and had exiguous capacity. I found this dinky luggage region from Amazon, and it is absolutely perfect. Its the perfect size, and on wheels, so he loves pulling it around, yelling “Mah SUITCASE!” Comes in vibrant colors, and the smaller acquire made a friendly toiletry case for me (bonus!)US Traveler Rio Two fraction Expandable Carry-On Luggage Set:

  101. Jane Viviana K. says:

    sorry for earlier double posts, my computer installed windows 10. add that to the platform and lots of loading errors enjoy ensued

  102. Frida says:

    I agree–paint the cabinets white, achieve on knobs, and paint the walls a slightly more color than the blue. I also agree that the counters are a problem…

  103. Sammy 1966 says:

    Trust me kitty can stretch out on that footboard when needed. Probably with all four legs dangling!

  104. Ariadne-2005 says:

    For a person me, who is modern to this whole decorating and doing it on their absorb thing. Thank you so grand for posting this. The apartment I now is the first one I bear ever lived in where I the apartment and want to time decorating it and even completely unpacking. However with dinky funds this is something I never would contain of doing. So though most readers on here already knew this…Thanks for posting for some of us who did not 😀

  105. Wesley.Ulises.Colt says:

    I admit I clicked for the cat, and was not disappointed. home, though! I cherish the gray curtains in the bedroom.

  106. Deandre@66 says:

    Love, esteem love!! I savor everything about this house. My two rooms.. for distinct her bedroom and the headboard.. and I her living room…the two matching brown chairs are great. Her do and the she puts stuff together is amazing!

  107. Zoe.Laila says:

    on, Judi. Fsc wood is only sustainable while is low. If millions want it, now forests are being depleted. We plenty of dishware that has lasted generations, so disposable is correct wasteful. The FTC has investigated bamboo companies for using lye, battery acid and neurotoxins in their products. No, thanks. I appreciate renest pointing out the of plastic, but it needs to be a bit more big based.

  108. Ariel.Carolyn says:

    am I the only person who appreciates this for the fact that it is a dramatic makeover on a budget? I this is a to a yard that can over the future.

  109. Aubrielle Emmaline T. says:

    Hey Dobbs, can I enjoy a photo of your dog? 🙂

  110. Stephanie.Emmie says:

    signe, i agree about not getting enough out of this one. personally, i my mature model (now made BPA-free):

  111. Bryce Rocco Raphael S. says:

    I the frame on the bookshelf!The whole is so warm and inviting. It made me want to huddle up with a book and some hot tea! nice!

  112. DaniellaAnneKristina says:

    Costco rules for basics! I opinion on going this weekend now because we desperately need towels! Thanks for the tip!!!!!!

  113. Steve.Justus.Howard says:

    i can you. this shade of pink is NOT ok outside of the beverly hills hotel. my landlord painted our entire house this shade, and i unbiased call it “dusty salmon”. ick.

  114. Claire Riya says:

    The rain gutters on that coloured siding be pleased a Dr. Seuss/Rube Goldberg joint project. I can also hear the rattle of the water rushing down during a rainstorm. Fun, but not on my house thanks.

  115. Kailey-Courtney says:

    i agree, the wood vs wall thing vibrates a lot.

  116. Marie_Irene_Reyna says:

    I would be glad as a clam in this diminutive apartment. From what I can see, it has everything you need. Except maybe a cat. I would need to add a cat.

  117. Alejandro.Steve.Layton says:

    @ngnerd Agreed.Though I to say, my mom had a care for of white/gold French Provençal that I detached kinda like. But I am more into rococo.

  118. Marcus-Reece-Amare says:

    Mmm, this is a fairly for NY standards but would probably be puzzling to many outside of the bubble (and perhaps some from within). I say this as a recently departed NYCer. Having left, I gape people hold their homes extremely seriously outside of the Apple

  119. Makenzie Bianca R. says:

    @ProfC I did something extremely similar, too, and it was one of the best decisions ever. No drama. No exorbitant costs. No white wedding dress (so not my style). I can believe of so many other, better things to achieve with wedding money!

  120. Viviana-Mercy says:

    Built-in furniture makes sense on a boat, as you want to avoid having furniture, lamps, and such being thrown around during rough seas. Sanding down the corners and edges might be a advantageous idea, to the of injuries during a storm.

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