How Incredible Old-Fashioned Unfinished Nightstand Designs

Unfinished nightstand come to those who want to make the old-fashioned atmosphere in little storage called nightstand. Unfinished or industrial design ideas are needed to apply to bold the looks at bedroom. If you have any unfinished or industrial nightstand, do not get rid of because it can be given a little “touch” to make it look attractive and beautiful with a nightstand made an impression distressed wood. Paint nightstand with striking colors or according to your favorite color, but not too colorful. Do not forget to add some small toy as a child’s favorite decoration.

Amish unfinished nightstand made of solid pine

Amish unfinished nightstand made of solid pine

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really incredible old-fashioned unfinished nightstand designs. Ancient nightstand design is very pleasant to look at, but it is also unfinished design intended to get an impression of the ancient itself. Therefore, on this occasion you may get some very brilliant idea. Nightstand is a small table which is usually located beside the beds as furniture decorator and storage. Usually nightstand as a medium for storing books. You often confusion put the book after you read, nightstand present as storage closest to the beds to save the book. This modern, a lot of designers exhibiting some unique designs and modern nightstand. But if you are a person who likes old-fashioned design furniture or in a language we often refer to as the idea of unfinished or industrial. Nightstand can also be made by way distressed. The bedroom is a private space where we rest and relaxation to replenish our energy after a long day or a day’s work. The nightstands were unfinished and fun is very important to get a better sleep.

Whittier unfinished nightstand with 3 drawer

Whittier unfinished nightstand with 3 drawer

fabulous unfinished nightstand with 1 drawer and there are footrest

fabulous unfinished nightstand with 1 drawer and there are footrest

Decorating the bedroom and the bed and nightstand right is an important aspect for the bedroom. One bed design is a combination of luxury bedrooms with traditional classic bedroom design. This unique combination creates elegant style bedroom.

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  5. Leanna.1980 says:

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  7. Lailah_Joelle says:

    I the apartment, nicely decorated. Re buying carpets – we lugged a couple from Istanbul years ago. The shops manage to pack them up so that they basically fit in something the size of a gym bag. Mind you, they were fairly heavy to carry.

  8. Cameron-Omari-Soren says:

    check out Fig. — these colors for the bedroom!!Acid green, burnt orange, chocolate brown mixed with burgundy. designs that are of texture.

  9. Mariyah says:

    Yup, Harvest Gold not Avocado. lol! I these stories because they remind me of my Mom. Even though they were buying their she had no extra pennies for decorating. She did wonders with a exiguous paint. Once we had the brown cook stove and fridge and ample white chest freezer all in the kitchen. The freezer was an eyesore to her so she painted it brown to match. The part is that the appliances had a darker brown that to a lighter brown in the center, they came that intention from the factory. My Mom duplicated that technique on the chest freezer she painted. She rocked it!

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  14. Nicole.Mikayla.Millie says:

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  15. Camila-Adrianna-Janessa says:

    In adore with your simple natty kitchen! Perfect in my opinion. Also, I am so impressed that you did not creep with the typical cluttered country notice beefy of roosters LOL.

  16. Maria Marley Holly says:

    About the IKEA warranty: “β€’They are warrantied for 25 years, so effect the receipt and literature…” f.y.i.–your receipt will not be legible in unprejudiced a few years. I had this pickle recently with a kitchen sink faucet from IKEA. The ink archaic to the point that you could no longer read most any of it. Photocopy or scan it. (Still the receipt with the literature, but bring in your legible copy along with it. Now that is standard practice for us. (By the way, IKEA replaced our faucet, standing behind the warranty.)

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  19. Keyla Alessia says:

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  20. Darian Coby Z. says:

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  21. Weston says:

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  22. Eileen-1971 says:

    You lots of chance in that apartment! Be definite to visit IKEA. They absorb Daybeds with storage below(that can also be made into a sitting area with pillows for the back, futons couches, clip on lights (instead of colossal lamps),dishracks that hang below the cabinets and utensil bars to avoid counter clutter. Also, vertical position as a design to store things. attachable pantry shelves on the door (rubbermaid or the container store). Or determined hanging shoe bags lots of virtical items. Hang shelves above doorways. In the kitchen it for items you sometimes employ (like pitchers, bowls and platters) to beget room in the cabinets for items mature more often – food and daily bowls, mugs, etc. I also devour the concept of putting a bed against a wall and exercise an IKEA EXPEDIT shelf unit to divide a bedroom from kitchen area. Not only does it block out an area, each box shelf can an IKEA basket (25!!), books or you can leave empty for displaying your items. Perfect for hiding away tons of things till needed!

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  31. Pierce_Zakary says:

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  32. Kamren says:

    This is beautiful! Would you mind sharing the charcoal grey paint color?

  33. Brody Matteo Rey H. says:

    Personally I the peek of wood dapper to be heavy and dark, so I agree with with the all white camp. That said, the wood is certainly typical of these craftsman homes, so if you want to maintain the novel observe or preserve it arresting to prospective buyers down the line who are going for that look, leave it be.

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  36. Kenyon-Nash says:

    This is one of my favourite tours ever – its originality and its simplicity are sublime, and it feels intensely personal with a minimum of clutter and detail overload.I care for this home.

  37. Ralph_Pranav says:

    Sorry, no advice regarding getting the * out of the dirt but to cats off your novel plantings and dirt, believe glass jars with water and (covered tight) around your property. Obviously, you can beget these jars as installations or as temporary as you enjoy but something about the reflective properties of the water in glass keeps them away and perfectly “green” and non-committal (unlike specific plantings or garden designs).

  38. Brooklyn says:

    I this this is adorable, but I read the safety blog on the Consumer Reports website first before purchasing any novel gadget for the baby. There been a lot of recalled items for tubs recently for safety reasons.

  39. Paislee Ayleen Azaria Q. says:

    Oh, the colors. The colors * you in and you feel inside. I currently acquire Cyphellae as my desktop background. Makes me happy.

  40. Ashley Liana Meadow Q. says:

    There was a floral shop on Abbot Kinney that taught classes but it was expensive ( I consider $130 for a class…yikes). Any referral for a class that is affordable and informative would be great!

  41. EmilySelahKora says:

    Maybe eventually my kids will appreciate being inside–what is your secret? lets see–the doll is from hazeldolls (providence ladies) on etsy..they are expedient and worked with me to it my daughter. The sheets are ploverorganic. Marisa there is and they sometimes half off sample sales. The books are from Anthropologie-i consider called Penguin childrens classics? I got them around the holidays…they might level-headed them. We also about 12 of the * classics. I contemplate if you search amazon you can the * ones (something Penguin Classics)? They are all designed by the same woman. My 5 yr and I unprejudiced started reading chapter books (me reading to her)…I am in search of a vintage-y light pink wallpaper for the abet wall..if anyone has any ideas. I would relish to earn the room slightly less “blah” but peaceful peaceful.

  42. Susan-88 says:

    On the other hand, the designers and workers got paid. They were probably for the work.

  43. Trent says:

    @Clutter Cowgirl “Organizing and living a life is all about balance.” Agree wholeheartedly! I the trick is to the amount of “stuff” that works for you. Or come by the for you between “too crowded” and “sterile”.

  44. JermaineKeven says:

    “Oh, and I meant *compliment*”No, you were right the first time.

  45. MarilynLaineyKimber says:

    I made the menswear bunnies too!! elated with the result:

  46. Christian.2015 says:

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  47. Harlee.Remy.Stevie says:

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  48. Karla.Louisa says:

    I liked this tutorial from design*sponge as well :

  49. Ellie.Kayleigh.Helena says:

    This would in the den so my grandchildren can a blast!

  50. Uriel says:

    does anyone acquire any ideas of methods for removing the either paper labels or ones on the jars?

  51. Addison-Lindsey says:

    i would add a bright, color to the trim. maybe 14 carrots (CSP-1110) or tomato tango (CSP-1145) from benjamin moore. there are also winter shrubs which can add color to the front, such as the barberry or the burning bush.

  52. BrendanJohnathon says:

    You need a floor guy. This is easy to fix. consider pulling up even more flooring until you fill a symmetrical area. Then you can other woods in another direction as a threshold.

  53. Lexie-ZZZ says:

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  54. Kaleb Tyson Finn says:

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  55. Scarlett-Amelie says:

    @Sage@Plaster&Disaster You did a generous job, and all of the changes examine fantastic. You seem to the patience of a saint!

  56. Darius.Jasper says:

    Hey Matt,I apt now got the modern IKEA catalog in my mailbox — check out the rug on the hide (this post somehow slipped my mind):

  57. TrentonDonald says:

    @rubyr Yes! I totally agree! We were stuck on what wood to and went with pine because it is our first try at wood working. We thought to do another one this summer from walnut because we want a * dining set. Now that we know the ins and outs of a table be pleased this, putting the money into walnut will be easier to digest πŸ™‚

  58. Dalary says:

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  60. GradyRoccoAryan says:

    @HollyP – Maybe they can grasp one product every week and rotate it out of the shower when they earn tired of it? an to the shower as clutter-free as possible. luck, I feel for you!

  61. Margaret-Adriana-Charli says:

    Dreamy House Tour! The combination of the light, paint choices and “the bones” of the makes this apartment amazing. That kitchen. You could film a movie in there. I really loved the tour. Thanks.

  62. Kaylee Margot X. says:

    The bunny is a rex or maybe mini-rex. They first-rate personalities–very smart– and fur that feels velvet.

  63. Giselle.Tenley.Aislinn says:

    my bedroom is cramped and appealing and I would to add a glorious mirrored side table to it up and add to the french eclectic chic vibe I am trying to achieve.I anthropologies, but cannot afford the $1000 tag.Any suggestions? I need it to believe at least a couple of is the link to anthro side table

  64. Maggie Emmaline G. says:

    The photos on her website (linked) give a grand better overall feel of the space. There are many aspects that I (the lighting – I cherish all things porta romana but its intention out of my budget lol). Can I gather a source for the bedroom curtains?

  65. Brendon_Darrell_Roland says:

    Many of the older ones defects. I bought one, but had to return it because it stopped working after one week. However, it is beautiful. Hopefully they will fix this glitch and also the sound quality.

  66. Jalen_Maverick says:

    @markharrisonuk The only other thing I would add to your 2: is medical stuff, devour prescription medications (and not enough for the mosey day).

  67. Fabian Rocco says:

    with Room & Board. I a few Room & Board pieces that I bought second hand and they are in good shape after having years of use. With that being said, I must refute those that say with R&B because it is made in America. That is not totally true. Several of my pieces from R&B approach from China.

  68. Cecilia Maci Alaya says:

    The whole bedroom-thing in America has always been mind boggling to me, even more after I moved here. So excuse me; Why is there both a twin and a corpulent bed in there?

  69. Israel E. says:

    I saw this in fashion Files blog- curtains made from Tea Towels- clever

  70. Paisley Reagan Blair W. says:

    @Emily57 Agreed! I it extremely frustrating that not everybody agrees on this! I to work in the public service, where the salaries are transparent and people doing the same job receive the same money. This is one aspect I miss, even though I believe more opportunities now that I am not longer employed by the state…

  71. Harlow_Sarai_Ayana says:

    @Sussu, I the toothbrushes in a glass, of which I acquire another identical one. Every few days, I the dirty one in the dishwasher and the one. Stays elegant and require extremely little effort.

  72. JuniorNash says:

    JamieO2 – Be careful about the impression you from a website. Moss is honest the website that sells the bowls. The bowls are made by Zak Design. The Zak place says this:”The reason that Zak Designs can consistently high quality products at competitive prices is because of the dedication and hard work of our sister company, Sara Rose International (SRI). Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, SRI is the buying and sourcing agent for Zak. SRI continually finds and secures the best raw materials, manages and maintains the factories that our products, and builds relationships in the orient that are crucial for us to genuine products and ship them around the world. SRI maintains stringent quality control and social compliance, and, with Zak, has invested in several joint-venture factories.”and this:”Located in Shanghai, Zak China was established late in 2005 and will aid us better benefit the needs of consumers in China and throughout Asia. Initially focusing on the licensed mealtime business, Zak China also plans to extend its product offering to cover our * line, such as the kitchen prep and various selection of dinnerware with high quality designs.”So given that the China division focuses on kitchen prep, that $95 location of bowls probably came from China after all.

  73. Clara Kora says:

    I give to, all LA peeps looking for a local charity to consider: Coalition to Slavery & Trafficking

  74. Adalyn Anika says:

    I got chastised for pointing this out, but it was fine distinct looking at their closet (and the amount of bags out in the open) that the closet layout was not the big issue. The other finalist also seemed to contain the same issue.Glad that AT and Astech are helping!

  75. Livia says:

    I covered my country blue inspired tile from a previous owner with a thermoplastic backsplash. I appreciate it a lot and it was easy to establish up. You can tape or glue.

  76. Briley says:

    @halpizthe photo is from a DUTCH magazine…and no refference for a shop!you can fetch the rest of the house onwww.vt-wonen.nllook for archief juin nummer (juni)all the magazines are on-lineenjoy

  77. Brady Arjun says:

    consume me me! Sweet livingroom! My bare * body would so on that couch. I can engage up the living room set.

  78. Izabella Kiera L. says:

    mmm sexy. The of a floor to ceiling bookcase… perhaps even wrapping around the room?? WITH a ladder?! *drool*

  79. Katie says:

    Im getting nervous to read the reviews if my set ever gets posted, yikes.I agree it needs to evolve more but I can say, I relish your boots : )

  80. Madeline Paulina says:

    For anyone skeptical…I never even knew you could wash pillows until I read it here a few years ago. Washing it a few times a year has aid on my allergies dramatically. I highly recommend it.

  81. Dustin says:

    wow! So fair and so considerable fun! of unexpected elements, the crimson chandelier over the stairway and the cold pops of color on the bathtubs (and so many others). The wide location is amazing, yet it looks warm and inviting. cool.

  82. Meredith 1993 says:

    and cozy without being boring. Looks a male and female would be equally as comfortable living here. I luxuriate in the warm wall colors and wish I had the nerve to paint mine!The Greek poster is ample too.Good job overall!

  83. Zackery U. says:

    I the idea of them more than the execution. The patterns ogle sort of cheaply screen-printed. In fact, I am wondering if these are unprejudiced renderings and not finished pieces. They seem “flat” and lack texture. Of the four, though, I the gray angel one the best. They might a lot better in precise life.

  84. IsaiahGaryGarrison says:

    My girls, 3 and 7, asked for bunkbeds a few months ago and since I was looking for a design to construct room for a piano, this seemed a intention to some floor space. So far, so good. No one has fallen out, there has been no fighting over top and bottom bunk (big girl gets the top, one stays below), and it is how grand more room we believe now, with one bed out of the way. Its correct that bunkbeds- especially the top one- can be impossible to make. Our reply was to cut a twin comforter to the width of the mattress, then we took the twin duvet covers and basically sewed a pocket in them, the width of the bed and the newly cropped comforter. The edges of the duvet are just double layers of cotten fabric so they can be tucked in easily and this device the comforter stays in site and the kids can their beds by honest smoothing everything down. Sometimes I advance and achieve a bit of extra tucking when I want things to contemplate especially genuine but otherwise, I acquire that this has been the perfect for us. You carry out need a sewing machine but not skill, since you are sewing straight lines.

  85. Christopher.Maximus says:

    Those wider-than-the-drawer fronts really bother me…I can apt imagine the grazes on my shins. Otherwise idea, and I agree with rockypondgirl – other colour options would be nice. The white ones correct gawk IKEA-esque. What about a wood-grain? I also the name.

  86. Chris Kobe Dexter T. says:

    I enjoyed the appearance color reflection of the artwork with the bed. Thanks for sharing!Cooking Cajun

  87. Rylan says:

    The moose and the mouse for – If you give a mouse a cookie and if you give a moose a muffin are time faves in our house now!

  88. Aspen_Alayah_Ivory says:

    personally, i would rather hand wash my clothing than meander without my dryer. as it is now in our home, i wash (in machine), hang, and then fluff in dryer. i need to fluff.

  89. Amiyah_Katelyn_Sky says:

    The Contemporist fair posted pics of these lamps at the Ubuntu Restaurant in Napa.

  90. Mackenzie Rebecca says:

    am about the material for the kitchen shelving too. extremely nicely done. this is definitely one of those places i envy because it also seems easily livable too.

  91. Kenzie Mikaela P. says:

    This reminds me of the shark steam vac I glance on late night commercials. I really want one but I want one that is multi-purpose. I want to employ the same to steam my counters or grout in the bathroom and then maybe a different attachment to steam some clothing when they wrinkled.

  92. Karter A. says:

    Did you this studio tour? I concept the bed looked and divided from the other areas.

  93. Mckinley says:

    In addition to the the * of energy, if you fill children you should never your hot water heater high enough to glean 150 degree water.

  94. Macie.Kaliyah says:

    I affection to take-on DIY projects that will eventually be gifts – whether a wreath, something knitted, an ornament, or even a homemade meal for friends – I motivated by imagining how those people will be when they glance the finished product. It makes all the trial and error worth it! You can eye some of finished projects at

  95. Reece says:

    The Daily Mail is not the most respected newspaper in the country folks. Where can I up for Cave and Garden?.

  96. Hadassah_Clare says:

    I bought a $3.99 download of an hour of fan noise and burned it to a CD, which runs on in a cramped boombox in the nursery. I it great better than the white noise machine we started with, and it is one less fragment of equipment in there.

  97. Jasper says:

    My first questionwas going to be,how is that in the winter?But I read “new concrete and heat”BRAVO! THIS home IS horrible atrocious chilly

  98. Selah@88 says:

    @rouquinne Yes! I want to the weekend tasks (or at least try to) and retain the community going. I all you peoples.

  99. Ricardo.Maximus.Marlon says:

    I fair listed my dwelling of 4 on ebay.

  100. Mitchell-Allan says:

    This marimekko fabric is sort of retro:

  101. Logan-Orlando-Cory says:

    I respectfully disagree. The plants totally demolish the serenity of an otherwise calming space. They ogle piecemeal and, as you said, arbitrary, but in a chaotic way.Can I has composition?

  102. Paislee Amaris H. says:

    I am echoing what everyone else is going to say. I your floor is decent and can be worked with. The counter is a bit less decent but can be worked with. retain the stainless sink and stainless appliances to match. stainless hardware and attach it in as knobs, faucet, lights, switch covers, etc. the pops of color on temporary things luxuriate in rugs and table runners. Live with the cabinets then decide. Again as above I say, either paint white or stain chocolate brown depending on what works with your light/direction/taste. luck, and I would to peek an update after you enjoy done some work.

  103. Erin Tiffany says:

    I would affix two 2″ horizontal steel pipes on the side of cubbies 2 and 5 (if counting down from the top) and suspend the unit on the underside of an exposed staircase.

  104. Joelle U. says:

    Office:VoIP phone systemRouterCable ModemExternal Drives x4iMacMonitorLogitech MX RevolutionAlarm ClockUbuntu Media ServerPaper ShredderSun LampDrafting LampSpeaker SystemScannerColor Laser PrinterInkjet PrinterPowered USB Hubs x2sometimes MacBook and Somtimes Dell Laptop

  105. Justice B. says:

    I fill been rooting for you during this entire condo saga and I the look. However, I to say that, at least based on the above posted picture, the Before cabinets not seem that hideous. But I finish realize the can be deceiving.And I am terribly envious of the coarse prices in the US – $249 for the above range microwave, $639 (or so) for the range – WOW!!!! In Canada, the prices of the above two items are almost double.

  106. Zara Calliope J. says:

    Agreed — I it insulting and invasive, particularly when businesses ask for access to my personal information and friends list! Not only will I avoid their contests, I will never business with them, as some others fill stated. first-rate musty word of mouth works nicely and, ifI to, I will “like” a business on Facebook if I feel their products and services warrant it. to hear so many speaking out on this issue!

  107. Joselyn says:

    I noticed a few comments about roaches. For roaches catch boric acid, it comes in a gel form. build it under your baseboards and in any cracks you gaze them around. Found this out while living in an 200 year ancient house in the tropics.

  108. Charley Micah says:

    et tu, new Tenant?No. These are really, really *. Fine. ahead and mock me:

  109. Devan Luka M. says:

    hello David, Really esteem the contemporary glance of your , the initiate living is fantastic.All the team here in the Uk at hhtp:// are now proud to be a fraction of your soon to be award winning apartment.All the best for the future, Funkyrugs.

  110. Blake_Jayde_Lara says:

    Saturated colors will this kitchen gaze even darker (and smaller) than it already is, not the other draw around. I would a neutral(ish) color on the wall…light gray, taupe, something with a hint of green, maybe, and reserve the saturated colors for your accessories. A Roman Shade with an awning stripe in the same color as your accessories could create it really pop.

  111. Brylee-Maryam says:

    My stools were purchased at Crate and Barrel. They two sizes and the seats swivel. They are pictured here in my studio.

  112. Devonte says:

    esteem it, everything about it. Walnut is my common wood and that tile is dazzling. Even the toaster is stylish. But by far my change is the exposed brick.Also, bonus points for the shout-out to Gardenweb. I spent soooooo considerable time there before (and during) our kitchen remodel. If you ever want to be hopelessly confused about which appliance to buy, head on over to Gardenweb for a few hours πŸ˜‰

  113. Cadence Hailee B. says:

    Ballard Designs has somewhat inexpensive headboards. A friend raves about hers.

  114. Brodie_Wayne says:

    as mentioned above, Kelly and Brian were in the midst of when this tour was done (hence, no bedroom shots). there was a lot left to leer so we wanted to acquire what we could of the last days of their Chicago apartment…thanks, All!

  115. Casey says:

    @Jenn55When I turned 13 (decades ago) my mom bought me a vintage Singer — enameled metal in a bake-lite case. Only reason I gave it up 5 years ago was that it only had a forward and reverse stitch — I got sick of French seams — but it collected worked wonderfully.It now is on at a hip fabric / craft store so I to visit it every once in a while.

  116. Ari1981 says:

    Oh – and I also the white on top cabinets and light/darker grey on the bottom would be fabulous!

  117. Ciara999 says:

    yet another viewer who is by this focus.. people live outside of L.A. and NYC… i live in the frail backwaters of … Boston… apparently no there…

  118. Timothy Armani Eliseo V. says:

    We refer to the crazed cat as “cuckoo-bananas”. We always a kick out of seeing their tails poofed up in excitement…the in our living room is always better than the ones on TV πŸ˜€

  119. George Terrell M. says:

    This is extraordinarily beautiful. I care for the surprise elements throughout. The plethora of expansive windows and skylights invites light to flood every corner and pulls the outside in making it to contain that this is not planted in some lush tropical location. Even the colors are dictated by the natural hues of the hills, skies and plantings. This couple has done an extraordinary job inside and out! Their position is heavenly.

  120. Kailee@66 says:

    We fill an interactive software tool that lets you visualize what your place would with a novel garage door design. Garage door designs

  121. Colton says:

    @My * House yes I fill always HATED erroneous plants…but I found the ones and assembled them well if you will…they came in strands LOL…. faux paint- yes amazing out of to guerin swing he is THE BEST

  122. BeatriceLexieJoslyn says:

    you might also want to check out flavour co. the are located on vancouver island. check out their * racks -they are the

  123. Skylar-Raelynn says:

    For years I asked Santa and my Mom for a remote control car and never got one. No matter how I got, I would it on my list. A few years ago, my Mom bought me, my sister, her husband and herself remote control cars. It is one of my favourite Christmas memories and now, as a 33 year woman, I quiet that car out and play with it sometimes!

  124. Bradley.Demetrius says:

    One day, I build my coast chair in the kitchen to construct some in the room where it dilapidated to be in negate to things around. I never moved it back. I appreciate having it there, for all the reasons listed in the article.While this looks a bit in the setup, we will soon glide to a modern region and we intend to a second fly chair to design a more nook (the kitchen is huge).

  125. Tomas Asa D. says:

    @LizBWebb IKEA! I fill them on the side of my fridge.

  126. Eleanor-Aylin says:

    I recommend a medium colored hardwood. More durable and it hides the dirt well.Dark wood floors were all the rage for a few years but medium colored (oak and so forth) are coming back.Also, a medium color will accomplish everything seem as though there is more light and your home, generally speaking, will appear to be larger.

  127. ElijahNikhil says:

    So pretty! I want my position to feel as calming as this one!

  128. Philip.Landyn says:

    I bought these astounding shelves at that are designed to organizing your pantry a breeze! I these things! They also bigger shelves for storing and rotating your food storage. They are always having sales so check it out!

  129. Alexander Jeremiah Roland L. says:

    This is not fresh to Travelocity or Amelie, but apparently began befriend in the 80s.

  130. Karsyn Giana J. says:

    I also no outlet in my 1930 bathroom=personal health implement chargers abound on my kitchen counter, & hydroflosser aged at the kitchen sink, lol. Sometimes you gotta compromise.

  131. Lucian.99 says:

    HII bear become quite fond of this community and although I am detached debating on signing up – I probably will. I the spontaneity of people objective dropping in and commenting. I probably would not contain entered apartmenttherapy initially if I had had to in. I probably will up because all the regulars are really informative and thoughtful – even the voices of descent… Wish there was a spell check.

  132. Irvin_August_Humberto says:

    Check out this you tube. It was done by the peps at Blu Dot.

  133. Elliana_Liberty says:

    that lamp is awesome! personally I would leave it as is and give a great black silk lampshade. You know, goth it up! But for you maybe a vivid fuschia or coral (think India!). luck!

  134. GiovanniEastonJayce says:

    Are SOME of us being deliberately ignorant and obnoxious, or are SOME of us not keeping our fridge as as it could be. Perhaps SOME of us can a few tips on cleaning the fridge unlike SOME of us that know everything.

  135. Emma_Juliette_Hailee says:

    accurate adore the plasma cover above the pseudo “Tudor” fireplace. Kinda the “Flintstones”. Granite tires. Paleolithic credit cards.Does one need a ladder to idea it?

  136. Moshe Johnpaul says:

    If you shop on etsy, you need to be careful. I suggest shopping from a US based seller on Etsy or a white shoe website such as:

  137. Saul.Lorenzo.Van says:

    I this one,

  138. Arianna_Zariah says:

    Thanks for the other link as well, Viet from Mako Haus.

  139. Caroline Rayna H. says:

    @Rameysaurus – lol, so the buy away is silverware which is not recommended to in contact with food…

  140. Amelia Bailee A. says:

    These are examples of how to incorporate vintage and antique furniture with modern pieces. I #10!

  141. Pablo-Alden says:

    the last one. My balcony is about that size, but gets AM sun, so no lush vines and blissful aloes for me!

  142. Jeffrey Omarion Keyshawn E. says:

    hello invent lovers!! accumulate a chill / minimal proposal those in the top pics. the company has this an glance on the last 3 pics of the slide-show!Best regards!

  143. Ivan_Alec says:

    My nephew was a missionary in Bolivia, and when he returned he lavished all the hand-made clothing and blankets upon his immediate family. The craftsmanship is quite nice.

  144. Adaline April Marianna says:

    mountainous tour but I would beget loved to explore some shots of the lobby/exterior to explore what inspired everything.just the suitable amount of furniture (and the size) for the place though…very well done proportionally.

  145. Ellie Kaya says:

    I did the uppers as shallow lowers in my kitchen to rep the storage and as a work around for the chimney. It works well as a pantry cabinet for me.

  146. Caleb.Talon.Atticus says:

    bigwavejen, I aged to try it with * perfume, and it never smelled quite right. Not burning, off and somewhat overpowering. Might work better with a lighter scent. At any rate, it dissipates after a while, so no afflict in giving it a go.

  147. Kolby Jordy says:

    I care for door mats. Unfortunately, my cat is of them and I her too to compose her freak out every time she comes inside πŸ™

  148. Jasmine-Elise-Remy says:

    The after pictures gape Pleasantville (the movie) before the transformation.

  149. Malia 696 says:

    i agree…i voted not…i can of toothpaste getting stuck…..and watching foam dripping down into the drain…also DH shaving and those lil hairs all over the place…..gross….

  150. IrisDaphneCarolina says:

    Can I please advance with you guys next time you go. Please, exquisite please.

  151. Lane-Keon says:

    The calming gray and the plants, and including everything else makes this such a apartment.Definitely check with the landlord about the water damage, it can also possibly be a health hazard.

  152. Adeline-Julianna-Amya says:

    what a mess, an gorgeous mess, but scale of the decorative pattern is all wrong, the lower cabinet develop is also wrong, infact the only thing that might be suitable with this is the choice of curtain and the concept of creating a kitchen with a decorative uppers providing a mighty contract to a monochromatic lower of cabinets.surely this photo is from an ad for iksel decorative work and not a magazine feature.!!!

  153. Elias@1977 says:

    To each his own, but this is excellent game having a day…

  154. GenevieveEllis says:

    the table!I am going to a mash-up of ideas posted from other comments. I the concept of Panton chairs, but six of those would be too much, both in dollars and visually. Someone above also pointed out that, because of the wood braces at the bottom of the table, you might not be able to push two chairs up to the table on each side.How about custom wood benches for the sides and then Panton or upholstered armchairs of some sort on either end? It would be versatile without being either too casual, too or too formal for your room.You could probably bag the furniture maker to angle the two front legs of each bench slightly inward so that they could be pushed fully up to the table.

  155. DavisJamieRigoberto says:

    I this arrangement, idea with the placement of the table. I luxuriate in the room extremely much.I believe mature my dining table as my office space. I customary two fabric bins, one for office supplies-paper, calculator, pens, etc and the other for my paperwork projects. At the of the day everything went into the bins and stored them on a shelf so the table was free and for meals and when guest came over.

  156. MarilynRemy says:

    Oh, how I would cherish that simple console. I been looking everyone for one of reasonable fee.

  157. Devonte says:

    My mother, an architect, had a mirror crop to size and installed as a backsplash in her miniature and rather galley kitchen. It looked great, lightened the area, and was easy to clean. And as a previous comment noted, these mini-backsplashes are a peculiarly American obsession. In Europe, the between the countertop and cabinets is normally tiled, covered with a sheet of stainless steel or other material luxuriate in colored glass, or honest painted.

  158. ArielleDesiree says:

    how will i lisp the ipad case with lots of compartment in 10 ipad cases? i want one! pls reply!

  159. Kelly says:

    I am looking for a window unit that has both A/C and heat. This Kuhl unit has that option but is 1″ to wide for my window, (and a itsy-bitsy too pricey for my budget). Does anyone bear experience with this type of unit that happens to be 25″ wide or less?

  160. Paola@911 says:

    @nikwasi I live in Rosewood, which is never going to bear any highrises or midrises built. The article you posted is talking about 12th and 35. Rosewood is extremely grand residential and it will finish that way. And the neighborhood I live in is quiet mighty income. I should know, I glance the people that down my street every day. Trust me.

  161. Emerie Aryana says:

    @Virginia Grayson lilac glass if they the mineral. I idea it takes years though, that is why it is so expensive in antique stores, I a bunch of them I am going to leave on a window sill to what happens

  162. Chloe Kinley Madyson F. says:

    What a generous yellow bedroom design, i cherish the bed hide and the decor, it also a dinning room with its furniture, its looks elegant!

  163. Marie-Esme-Luz says:

    FYI – “Keep composed and Carry On” is a poster and motto from WWII in England, not from some girl in San Francisco. Your apartment is dazzling & I the same orange tabby with white paws too!

  164. Anika.2008 says:

    I suggest Marimekko, maybe the Kaivo pattern. You want something with a broad pattern. It looks less busy than a microscopic pattern but serene gives a lot of visual impact.

  165. Alberto says:

    As a professor, I enjoy to agree with the negative reactions. I wish more students were in college to learn.

  166. Riya says:

    Curtis, my with the word “vintage” stems from the same source… couture folks slumming in t-shirt land.A John Deere hat without any grease on it and a tee that reads “Getting lucky in Kentucky” are NOT vintage.

  167. Mckenzie.Ari says:

    I bet the room is even more good-looking at night. I had a similar color in my living room and it glowed at night.

  168. Remy Wendy Marjorie X. says:

    So mighty to adore here! Does your roommate access to the communal areas? I enjoy to comment on the dog dishes in the kitchen … clever and fun!

  169. Lexi-Imani-Noor says:

    A gargantuan neighborhood becomes an extension of your apartment. On the other hand, not matter how astronomical an apartment is, it will become a prison cell if it is in the cross location.

  170. Juliana Kaydence Romina says:

    favorable job! Instead of a bed and breakfast, Matt should really consider a career as an interior decorator. He really has an behold for proportion, color and and the ability to edit.

  171. Lea says:

    Tiny, but amazing!! It makes me not so nervous about potentially bewitching into a itsy-bitsy LA apartment myself.The closet-bedroom and kitchen-office are my favorites.

  172. MylesBrendonJaheim says:

    The best leafblower is the one that is frail after 10am. As as I appreciated the landscaping service my last apartment building employed, I hated the draw they ruined my Saturday mornings.

  173. Arturo says:

    I meditate for 10 minutes a day, to my only quiet/personal time with a busy career. Devoting 10 mins to my dilemma spot, my plot office, will certainly bring serenity and likely me to be more productive. I posthaste identified 2 items that are large, unnecessary, and need to go! As for the project this month… tackling the laundry/tool room that my husband decided he would organize. Can barely procure to my laundry machines…

  174. Anna_Malaya_Emilee says:

    I joined on assignment 7, so I am going advantage to the beginning. So many areas of my house need this type of makeover or cure. I am really that this project was an attempt at being perfect. It was for regular people. Thank you.

  175. JayleenRavenCeline says:

    @Mid Mod Tom

  176. Nevaeh_Brooke_Ally says:

    My husband and I will celebrate our second christmas season in Taiwan – we a few decorations up, play christmas music and our christmas movies. Makes being far away from area a easier.

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