Great Multifunction King Size Bed With Storage For Narrow Space

King size bed with storage indeed really get the multifunction things in the bedroom with some great drawers as well today especially for your narrow bedroom space. The bedroom is a room where you spend a lot of time sleeping and relaxing, but should function not only limited to the bedroom alone, especially if you do not have a lot of space to store things in your bedroom. Design king bed very often add storage space to the concept in some parts of the bed itself. There is the concept of drawers, there is the concept of an open tub and there is also a large storage concept or width.

King size bed with plenty of storage and there is a bookcase headboard

King size bed with plenty of storage and there is a bookcase headboard

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really great multifunction king size bed with storage for narrow space. Below we have some idea of storage space in the bedroom that will help you to use your bedroom more efficiently and become multifunctional through some design ideas from the king size bed is equipped with storage sisitem. Under the king bed is a place to store your most practical stuff as it really save space in your bedroom. Instead of having a special storage area or a large closet in the wall, you can use the empty space under your bed as a place to store clothing, accessories, jackets, etc. If you have decided to use the space under your bed, think about the design that fits in your bedroom. You have to measure the size and shape of the room your bedroom to make it easier to get a storage space that fits.

Bed size king with wooden black frame and there are storage drawers in the headboard

Bed size king with wooden black frame and there are storage drawers in the headboard

Bed size king brown color and on the left there is a light sleeper

Bed size king brown color and on the left there is a light sleeper

Please refer to the picture some multifunctional bed designs are cool and elegant. King size whit some functional storage is the best answer that you can get to keep the goods well. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really great multifunction king size bed with storage for narrow space.

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    Makes me assume of a to live. I admire the color accents in all rooms and the mix of novel and vintage furniture.

  19. AngieKatalina says:

    Mmm, nice. I especially be pleased the edge treatment on the less-expected edges of things. Undersides of shelves, the top of a baseboard, outsides of drawers, the most interior side of a door molding, and so on. Sharp-looking and easy to fun experimenting with. I devour this a lot! Could rep patterns alive to too.

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  27. Branden_Sincere says:

    what a colossal contest! it was so fun getting a into all these agreeable rooms. you can how hard everyone worked to together warm, welcoming spaces for their little ones. you should all be proud!

  28. Dulce T. says:

    #1: My sister repurposed unwanted dresser drawers as storage containers under her bed. The hack-free drawers easily thanks to the bedroom carpet.

  29. Alyssa-Haven-Esperanza says:

    read a comment above — it is definitely possible to avoid a Christmas look, even if that floor is forest green (to me it looks teal).Use some lighter tints of the blue-green color in the room, which would be a minty blue-green. Or add additional shades of teals and blue-greens, it is done all the time. You could also throw in oranges or pinks that match the chest and desk. Definitely not Christmas.

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    Anthropologie has a skinnier version on their website (click on my name for link).

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  43. DallasZZZ says:

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  45. Christopher.Boston.Garret says:

    This feels extremely personal and original. You enjoy worked with magic in your miniature space. Bravo.

  46. Kathryn.88 says:

    Also call your landlord so you can a professional in. By law they need to provide an exterminator if you glance roaches or mice. Then you can all the tips suggested.

  47. Trevor Warren Q. says:

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  51. Evelyn-Demi-Amalia says:

    This is a apt link! I would never contain idea to to National Geographic kids for art and crafts activities. Even better with a recycling theme!

  52. Simon.Dane.Warren says:

    oh, my cat LOVES the milk jug rings! her other favorites:tissue paperzip ties (she goes nuts)chasing car lights across the wall (she will patiently wait for hours)those little mice that about 6 to packhoneysuckle spray on her scratching postpaper/cloth bags and cardboard boxesRainybeth: the * is hilarious! i may even believe to try it with chica!!

  53. Dahlia-2007 says:

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  54. Levi_Everett says:

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  59. KinsleyJada says:

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  60. Alaia Bonnie Z. says:

    Ruth, your is lovely. We live in Southern Belgium now, but spent 4 years in Antwerp and a short time in Bergen op Zoom, during which time we took every chance to visit your cute city. We would drive up unprejudiced for dinner some evenings… Kantjil en de tiger, mmmmmmmmm!

  61. Matteo G. says:

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  62. Emilee M. says:

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  66. Jessica_Aranza says:

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