How Extraordinary Unique Queen Bed With Drawers Storage

Queen bed with drawers now will come to you with some extraordinary designs today. Grab them with some functional unique ideas and beautify your bedroom well. A bedroom design with a touch of traditional and contemporary adds distinct fascination with wood platform bed has a drawer on the side. The design of these beds may glance similar to the design of the bed before. Finishing on a bed of wood brings the beauty of nature into this bedroom. Drawer under the bed can be masked well, so it looks like a regular bed.

wonderful queen bed with drawers, nightstand and dresser set

wonderful queen bed with drawers, nightstand and dresser set

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really extraordinary unique queen bed with drawers storage. The bed is made of solid rubber-wood environmentally friendly in classic white color. This bed also has a country design element. You can see a fairly large drawer which is used as an extra bed. An ingenious idea when there are friends who stay in your home. You can follow this unique bed designs. A simple modular space and not too many accessories, as well as having a storage area which is very useful. A bed eclectic environment-friendly and is handmade furniture. Made from natural wood which may vary from one part to another because sharing composed of wood species. Such design is suitable for those who are too lazy to open and close the drawer. Bedroom design that is perfect for a teenager because the bed only for one person. Drawer at the bottom can help your kids keep all her stuff, so his room neat and orderly.

black queen bed with six drawers and awesome headboard

black queen bed with six drawers and awesome headboard

Traditional queen size bed with drawers with cool design

Traditional queen size bed with drawers with cool design

Aside from the headboard designed sloping design, the storage space is one of the good features of this bed. Once again the black color is really attractive. Bedroom design is minimalist and modern. All looked neat and airy, there is only one comfortable chair. You can see the white drawers under the bed. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really extraordinary unique queen bed with drawers storage.

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  2. Bryson P. says:

    wow…I really affection the light. It mimics the soft clouds in the print.I searched the Oh Day blog to acquire out where the light is from, but it came from a flea market. Can anyone out there expose me who made this light and/or where I can something similar…?

  3. Cash Kareem Z. says:

    to of it, before I bought that mattress from a fellow grad student, I had been renting one. But again, that was based on finances and not environmentalism.

  4. Terrence_Deacon_Keyon says:

    i it looks great! i really how the wood addition makes it warm yet aloof modern.i found some more pictures here:

  5. JuliusKole says:

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  8. Leland says:

    Before setteling on Mexico City I actually took a logn hard at a similar building…maybe a year or so ago.Amazingly afforable (in contrast to NYC…bus isn;t that always the case?)

  9. Lyla-Siena says:

    I believe painting the woodwork was a honorable decision. When it contrasted, it took up a lot of visual room on the wall. Now the shapely blends nicely, and the shelves become the main attraction.

  10. Earl says:

    I really wish we could enjoy seen the multipurpose room. That blue in the bathroom is beautiful! I also loved how you made an entry draw by using a bookcase as a divider. job!

  11. Markell says:

    @LibbyP We also pinky orange brick, and I beget no notion how to compose the trim, front door, and landscaping play with it!!!

  12. Joshua-Alonso-Eliseo says:

    I a couple tables and a bookcase with glass doors that acquire been passed down. A lot of my furniture and accessories absorb been passed down or bought from thrift shops.

  13. PhoebeAntonia says:

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  15. ShaneSergio says:

    Grasscloth is easily done if trying to replicate the wallpaper. I did it in my dining room and feeble painters tape laid out with the of a level to the lines were straight. I even replicated the overlapping edges of wallpaper. I former a squeegee which i with an Xact-o knife. I broken-down a semi-gloss with two extremely discontinuance shades of matte for horizontal and vertical woven grass effect.

  16. Logan_River_Asa says:

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  17. KamilaDahliaElianna says:

    I assume British colonial is not off color, it is descriptive of the time/place that the originated and is a commonly term. Similarly to “colonial” furniture in the U.S.

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  20. Zane.Jerome.Efrain says:

    the “before” is extremely on-trend & includes marsala, Pantone colour for 2015, in its trim.

  21. Elliot says:

    Stencil Library is awesome – and this post brings memories! The owner of my last apartment had done the bedroom Vegas-style: Mirrored wall, dusky wall-to-wall carpet, parchment-colored wallpaper and a black-and-gold valance.After covering the valance, ripping up the carpet (which covered parquet floors!) and painting over the wallpaper (shh, I know), I was stuck with a wallpapered door. I ended up using gold paint with the Chrysanthemum pattern shown here to a delicate pattern. It went perfectly with my Asian theme (vibrant pinks/reds and downhearted wood floors).

  22. Amelia Felicity says:

    fair glowing beautiful. congratulations on a place that blends together with such ease and with a notion out aesthetic. it is recent and personal. i would to contemplate this one in person. i bear only one suggestion, maybe some, even one advantageous of art, nothing dinky or insignificant but something that further complements your determined lovely taste.

  23. Ruben Morgan says:

    hello Alana, these are mainly scenes photographed… as far as I could ascertain from her website.

  24. Lola Kailee T. says:

    Absolutely lovely. My celebrated things were the living room, the kitchen (to die for) and the sink in the bathroom!

  25. Octavio-2002 says:

    oh, hey! construct YOU room to rotate the bed against the wall on the same side as the door!?? If you do, then I vote for that.

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  27. Jeffrey.Nickolas.Mohamed says:

    The link in “Check out the rest of the DIY project at IKEA Hackers over here.” redirects to this page.

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  29. Lena1976 says:

    I reallyyyy liked the original… I probably would priced out fixing it up but keeping similar fabric. That being said, I bask in this version more than I I would. Really recent (in a way)!

  30. Aiden F. says:

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  31. Zaylee Hunter Giana Y. says:

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  35. Eli G. says:

    I want to know where I can gather a portrait of my dog blown up that large?

  36. Ulysses says:

    I bear a tendency to color coordinate objects I already own, but buying books for the sake of decorating seems silly, not to mention a destroy of space.

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