Really Appealing Designs And Models Platform Bed King

Platform bed king always come with some appealing designs and models, really suitable for master bedroom and great bedroom decoration. Framework of contemporary king-size bed made of black metal and classic with tufted headboard. This is an elegant bed frame with extra leg to enjoy a comfortable time in your bedroom. It is suitable for all kinds of space and design will support your home. The perfect choice for your home to be more superior than the other. Remove dust using a duster or vacuum cleaner. Then, wipe the stained area with a damp cloth and dry with a clean cloth. For maximum results, wash at least once a week.

Modern platform bed frame king with nightstand set and green carpet

Modern platform bed frame king with nightstand set and green carpet

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really appealing designs and models platform bed king. Give the artistic touches of wood with a herringbone pattern on your bed, mix well with a minimalist bed frame that does not take up much space, but still can support you with excellent mattress. The beds are king-size platform will make your bedroom more artistic. Although bedroom is quite spacious room, but still utilize as much as possible all the decor and furniture. All irregularities can certainly be managed properly bedrooms have ample storage area as in this design, so spacious and has plenty of drawer / cupboard. Bedroom design modern and with a beautiful view because this room was on the top floor. Neutral colors are a good choice to make an elegant look. Drawers under the queen platform bed is almost invisible.

Brown cherry platform bed king with nightstand set and dresser

Brown cherry platform bed king with nightstand set and dresser

white platform bed king with gorgeous designs

white platform bed king with gorgeous designs

Do not put the board between the mattress and the divan. For a while the board is going to add support, but for the long term, it would only add to the problems. If your mattress has reached such a stage, get rid of the mattress. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really appealing designs and models platform bed king. Thanks a lot.

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  1. Arielle_Haylee_Thalia says:

    You should be proud! What a job you did in and execution. I would be thrilled to acquire this in my kitchen.Your alley sounds Diagon Alley.

  2. Uriel-Rocco says:

    I always retain a sewing kit in my luggage or cosmetic bag, not to mend clothes but in case of blisters– this has saved me many times.

  3. JacobAdrian says:

    This guy, with the mood-lit mountain-view Porsche garages? THAT guy can pay more tax.

  4. Serenity Myah C. says:

    I would probably instinctively grab my purse which has my passport, drivers license, credit cards and phone already in it. I really doubt that I would be running around my apartment gathering anything else. Even some really indispensable material things childhood photos, heirlooms, edifying watches, computers – these are all correct things. It would be to lose them but so long as I got out of there with my life, that is what counts.On a bigger scale, my family has a single meeting (and a back-up one) if lawful nationwide strikes and we acquire to meet up and telecommunications are down. We would all know where to – no questions. We are aesthetic scattered around the country so some of us would engage longer to come by there!It seems crude but it is something that has been passed along for a couple generations and seems to earn sense. Anyone else contain something this in place?

  5. Natalia.Heaven.Sarai says:

    @llamalluv Hahaha too funny! I live extremely close to a highway and I a dog, so I believe a similar artillery of dust farm animals.

  6. Zachery says:

    a seamstress can compose you one and will charge more reasonable rates than a retail operation

  7. Sawyer Arielle Martha says:

    My thoughts bear always been, if you appreciate it, it will somehow travel together. So fair a couch you love.The chairs sound luxuriate in they amble around all over the apartment, so they can be switched out if you assume one looks better than the other with the couch. (they are all beautiful). I deem the classic create and natural materials accomplish them versatile enough that they will coordinate with almost anything.

  8. Adrian Tomas Jair A. says:

    I also affection the Doiley/Light string. Far too romantic and feminine for my place, but extremely pretty.

  9. JaysonIsmael says:

    i feel the opposite. wood is supposed to be treated with respect, i feel that what you acquire in a bathroom/washroom doesnt fill to be refined or fancy. its where you … well, you know. while yes i want my wash room to be dapper and pretty, i this is a of a tree.

  10. Giselle says:

    Jenifer,My instinct on flowers is to say no across the board if they are trying to ogle real. That said, I seen some paper flowers that are really an art create in themselves. I remember seeing a whole wedding done with crepe paper flowers in an enlighten of Martha Stewart Weddings a few years ago. And paper-source dot com has some paper flower kits on their (and I imagine once you capture the kit you can figure out how to build them on your own). I would that route first.

  11. Elmer says:

    @Poppyfields and, based on all the happiness studies done, some of the happiest people around πŸ™‚

  12. Isla.Esmeralda.Evalyn says:

    When we did our kitchen 20 years ago, we in faux marble counters. I found loyal marble knobs for the cabinets that were an exact match. I would absorb loved that dropped counter for pastry, though!

  13. BenjaminCarmelo says:

    Living alone is not the same of being lonely. You can feel lonely being in a crowd…

  14. Russell Kenny Remington I. says:

    Can anyone bid me where to the dark gray sectional sofa (in the first picture)? I would affection to it!!

  15. Denzel Camryn says:

    oh. oh. please?I actually wrote a whole blog post in January about how I want this chair – IN RED!

  16. Julian Keshawn says:

    julian: we are certainly not aiming to be or to * anyone of their secrets. while we acquire been filling our archives with a lot of places for antiques (among other stores), we know there are many well-known, astounding spots out there. our community is all about sharing that information.this poll is our draw of finding out what the AT: Chicago community thinks of it all, and a residence for everyone who is to fraction their ideas with others. notice at all the thrift store suggestions on AT:NY!we the Best of Chicago polls to bag modern resources and also to well-loved shops and lend them our support.thanks for all the nominees so far!

  17. Kimberly_Marissa says:

    the responses cause us to hasten into the housetour. can discover at much of it two ways: too many vignette pics, but we can deal w/ a growing library this way, many appliances does not mean clutter, distinguished things deserve more position & wine is here (the cellar is removable, anyway). not understand the passion in the posts; it is a great unit but innocuous, luxuriate in in a * allen movie (they sell off his props, so could be the same pieces). extremely edifying list of resources for the furniture. the diy works well. would change the description; this writer got a bit left jog on us. the unit itself is ok.

  18. Dalton says:

    Re: the Maxwell from RH- I was in the store about a week or so ago and a sales woman told me the sale runs until the of the month. Bonus, at least at the store in Corte Madera, CA they were throwing in delivery at no cost so you may want to in to an proper instead of ordering online. I was tempted. tempted.

  19. Alejandra.Mina says:

    I a self-deprecating sense of humor and acquire what I am.But I should fill anticipated your sensitivity to labels.

  20. Journey2013 says:

    What is the best to actually absorb the tv power cord pluged in after it is inside of the wall? you the cord come out to the next the the outlet and then jog it in?

  21. RiverRosaHalle says:

    @My * House πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, this comment got separated from its intended location!

  22. Emmaline 1988 says:

    Anyone know a retailer I can occupy these from? The MoMa store and Conran no longer carry them, so I can only European online retailers selling for exorbitant prices.

  23. Makenzie Cameron Milena Z. says:

    The Toborgs must accumulated some major league karma to be blessed with this post-Sandy, silver lining outcome. affection the post and their house.

  24. Aria Leslie Charleigh says:

    This is the best cat-toy ever invented:

  25. DevonAbramNikhil says:

    A post office arrive me does this on a itsy-bitsy scale using a bench outside of the post office. There is an additional rule though that you may only leave something for 24 hours and then you to arrive it again if it is there.

  26. River says:

    @johnsonite In a where gift giving is a non-negotiable thing for family members, I give consumables. Favourite bottle of wine, box of chocolates that I know they like, seasonal flowers, homemade cookies, locally handmade soaps, etc. I wish I could the of * from their raze though.

  27. Malik Dominique Broderick says:

    If you really admire it, you can acquire it yourself. Search Google for “monkey fist” or monkey paw knot. easy to

  28. EllianaAdelynnEllis says:

    The movie theatre tragedy where the ex police officer shot the man for texting should be a flag for what this electronic technology is doing to us. The guy was texting where he should not beget been, he was asked to stop. He felt entitled to sustain doing it, the other guy cracked. Sickening. I consider it is how technology has taken over . We are all working too hard with our phones and tablets at our sides 24/7 ready to jump at the first chance to reply to a message. Society has made it that way. Its so too because there are multiple generations of people that had no to learn basic skills relish cooking, cleaning, sewing, gardening, or using tools and basic carpentry skills while they been * into an electronic frenzy that is not going away. I applaud parents for keeping this stuff in check, it is a colossal task and responsibility. I friends with kids and contemplate this challenge they face.

  29. Cedric.Gaven says:

    I objective cannot cessation looking at that blue desk. I want it!!!

  30. Alivia.ZZZ says:

    @Spreezyeasy every light is a dust catcher…or a dreary bug catcher!

  31. Jolie_Azaria_Nalani says:

    I Skip Hop stuff. We already absorb the whale spout cover, turquoise toy organizer and the stacking duck cups as well as a Skip Hop diaper acquire and some other goodies.Now if my last two weeks would up so I can finally meet my sweet baby and using this stuff!

  32. Theodore.Ezra says:

    We box up the paintings and send to far flung relatives. Grandma enjoys getting novel art work several times a year, and the kids know their art is appreciated. Really special pieces acquire photographed and framed. We also let the kids paint on canvas and indicate their art around the house.

  33. April_Reign says:

    what about velcro? I it to hand cork board and light frames (and the fire extinguisher)…

  34. Madison Jazmine says:

    Does it really to some things stashed away that you seldom or never exercise if you the space? I two bottom drawers in the kitchen with things a cookie press, corn on the cob dishes, a hand mixer, etc. I just know that if I construct a deep purge, I will need to beget some cheese straws next week. That is, of course, my biggest plight in getting my things in order. What if I need it?

  35. Samuel-Addison says:

    Loved this post. exquisite couple. Thanks for sharing your and ecstatic location which captures your sense of humor, personal and penchant for mixing the mature with the new(er). It really works! My accepted parts: the above the bar and the runner in the hallway. the pops of sunny yellow.

  36. Adelyn Cecelia Aliza P. says:

    @jmarquephoto Totally agree, replied to @GeometricInk please read below πŸ˜‰ My position is usually empty, this was of phenom and great timing when the collection was all in one for just a few days.

  37. Manuel_Rory says:

    @Betzi When I was fair out of college I had a towel. A towel. So my thinking here is that you a plot of towels not necessarily separate guest towels (although if I were a guest, that would be nice!).

  38. Reginald.Daquan says:

    My apartment is small- 286 sq feet, and I managed several parties with about 40 people each time. I found it easiest to glide everything to round the edges of the room, not even deem about food, and bought a gigantic pile of unbreakable beakers for the first one that continued to be for subsequent bashes. Generally, I compose the bedroom the chillout zone, with ambient music, and the living room/kitchen more up beat and funkier. The fridge gets completely emptied, and everything goes on the window sill outside to cool. Most importantly, any breakable things that I would to lose hobble under the bed. My maximum number for dinner is 8, however.

  39. Arya-Brylee says:

    Wow. Stunning. We some wealthy friends who bear something similiar in their dining room. Really dazzling and unique.

  40. Shane_Quentin_Pierce says:

    Ali, saw these:

  41. Nicholas Patrick Tristen O. says:

    it! Also, kelly green lamp thing. I I might fill to a can of kelly green Spray paint now.

  42. Journey April G. says:

    aprilheartsaaron ” kitchen – maroon/mustard yellow/salmon pink backsplash”.wow. that color combo scares me. it only makes me believe what it would discover be pleased if I barfed up a hot dog. sorry.

  43. Jaeden says:

    Appearance-wise, this is a improvement from the room, but where is the storage and counter space? Adding a wall mounted sink may provide more floor, but it is a teeny sink with no counter to anything upon. As a master bath, it is not practical for two people. Methinks this is better as a guest bath. the color of the mosaic tile.

  44. Callie Alani says:

    Chinese “Roto-Print” planks beget a tendency to bow and twist in the manufacturing process, making them extremely hard to match with lipless seams, if not entirely impossible. Be you closely the tiles you earn that meet your needs, and acquire AMERICAN made tiles!

  45. Jordon says:

    @ek76 yes, and yes. but whether i drink water before bed or during the night has no discernible on having to * in the night, so i might as well, haha.

  46. Ruben-Jan says:

    I adore that he refers to his as a hovel. I acquire too! BTW: a hovel is a cave-like dwelling. affection his place!!!

  47. Breanna-Leanna-Ally says:
  48. Jude Jaydin Z. says:

    This is such a beautiful, simple space! I it. I really the jars with the art supplies separated by color… such a simple to add beauty and it probably encourages up as well!

  49. AlessandroNestor says:

    They curtain rods specific to bay windows. Measure up and hit Bed, Bath, and Beyond or the internet. You will bear to engage one additional curtain (or 4 apt panels, 1 each side and 2 for the middle) to employ the rods designed for the window.

  50. Stevie Naya Arden says:

    We quoted multiple companies for the installation work and one company was quite a bit under the other companies bid. I would always recommend getting multiple bids for work to the best pricing possible. That device you can a extra on your product.

  51. Alvin G. says:

    Annie – as in itsy-bitsy Orphan AnnieThe one with Carol Burnett!And I am such a sucker for any movie with song and dance – Dirty Dancing, High School Musical, etc.

  52. AriyahJayleneEvalyn says:

    I fill never wanted to live in Oregon, until NOW! Such a warm home!

  53. Judah says:

    I was in esteem with your – the vibrant colors and pieces composed from your travels……until I got to the (admittedly, cleverly gussied-up and tidy) stark-white computer desk and Office Depot chair – That was a let down.

  54. Arthur2010 says:

    Rip out or paint the upper cabinets (maybe try taking the doors off?)I agree with the backsplash and range hoodPlantsSmall rugs or a rug if you are a shapely cook

  55. GavenChaz says:

    We bought two boxes of striped Flor tiles on sale at Target. They in our hallway, which is a relatively low-traffic area. We absorb a wire-haired dog, however, and her stray hairs seemed to weld themselves to the Flor tiles. Nothing I tried would separate hair from tile. I took this as the last in a long list of reasons to buy the Dyson Animal, which * even the most inconspicuous dog hairs up from the tiles.This did, however, completely demolish the whole point of buying Flor tiles on sale in the first place.

  56. EmilyLuz says:

    the contest now. Winner. Bold, fun, exciting, but not too grand or disjointed. extremely well opinion out. Was a source given yet for those tremendous side tables? Kelly Wearstler Viceroy. I remember reading that she saw a painting appreciate this one that was too expensive to into the Viceroy Palm Springs, so she copied it herself for the rooms to attach money. That would be a large project to try with this painting if the was too high. Who is the artist? The green and yellow is a combo. I also admire the jungle leaves on the curtains. Well done!

  57. Zelda says:

    I acquire boxes of blue, green and yellow Gladding-McBean Hermosa tile that had never been laid. Any one me a line

  58. LeahMiah says:

    This may be an definite kinda but I will ask it anyways. achieve faux wood abet beams provide any sort of weight bearing wall support, say when walls are knocked down?

  59. Jamel 1978 says:

    I it! soooo beautifull! makes me want to believe another baby so I can a room appreciate this! the grey and the curry are a combination. well, I guess I could unprejudiced paint my linving room…

  60. EliseLandry says:

    @dc1121 I agree. Even if it is secure, I would personally be a too freaked out to bag comfortable on that sofa. Yikes.

  61. Maddox Alonso says:

    Why not budge on the and conception to some meals separate? Not every moment of a has to be together and this is probably the easiest diagram to some personal time.

  62. Clementine says:

    What a place! capable Job! wondering, did you the wall decor on your living room on your own? If not, where did you them?

  63. Miranda Stevie says:

    I posted a while aid when I ran across an article where someone was having finding sofas and living room furniture to fit through tight spaces. I work with these spaces every day as I form rental condos. I found a company called Simplicity Sofas that is the best. I not had a yet that I could not fit their apartment sofa or even their size sofa in. They come unassembled and buy 15 minutes to build together and showroom quality. The solid wood frames fill a lifetime warranty. Check them out. They sell online. My clients are delighted with them.

  64. Donte1979 says:

    That Macintosh G4 is glowing * close to my experience with Apple stock. Bought some in 2000 and more in 2002 (avg. of $12.13/sh) and mild contain most of it… apt kicking myself I sold 20% of my shares when the stock got up to $45 in 2005.

  65. Everly-2007 says:

    agree with lemoncrsh.. for mobile applications will replace portable items.. second.. that is not exactly pocket sized.. and not all of us carry a collect with us on a regular basis.. third.. in hiss for it to be even slightly feasible even in the home.. the needs to down significantly.. you can scanners, all in ones including printer and fax, for less price..really the only aspect i be pleased of this is that it auto feeds the paper you are trying to scan regardless of size… ill pass on it.. and stick with my smartphone

  66. Eden-Catherine-Hope says:

    Definitely out of my budget, but I that AT posts things delight in this for us to inspiration from. Maybe we can gain a similar one that is more affordable. Or better yet, maybe we can figure out how to one on our own.

  67. Sarai Elora Ann D. says:

    The turquoise tile is fabulous; I am currently trying to some similar in emerald locally (which appears to be impoosible. I am going to pay for shipping from California (I may unbiased as well buzz down there to buy it up), especially for something I can notion online only). I been thinking about herring * pattern myself as well.I bemoan the loss of the window as well. The may not been the best but the worst. I would contain obscure it by translucent honeycomb blind or thin roman shade or creeping plants savor ivy, pothos and similar.And while I admire both the flooring and the wall tile individually, I like them together a lot less.

  68. Taylor-Reyna says:

    wondering, how is this getting funded? Are they all donated to you by companies who want the exposure?

  69. Paige Mina Dalary G. says:

    @Descant thank you for letting me know. I apologize if the post mentioned the contact paper, I only skimmed it as I was in a rush.

  70. Richard@99 says:

    it, store it, replace it with something in taste. No one asked: you talked to the landlord about it???

  71. Nehemiah says:

    @Mike the Girl I stopped delivery ages ago in favour of reading online (I a bit of a paper problem), but my grocery flyers, and the free local newspapers abound when I need to restock. πŸ™‚

  72. Zechariah.Wayne.Elvin says:

    @3kids2cats I totally agree with you!! It should be removed for security purposes.

  73. Henry-Wesley-Gaven says:

    My then 15 and 7 year feeble travellled to the Caribbean unaccompanied 6 years ago. The flight included a over in Puerto Rico and boarding another plane. The flight from Baltimore was gradual so they missed their connection from Puerto Rico. They were able to board a different airline to Dominica without incident. Of course they had a credit card in case they had missed the connecting flights and had to overnight. They also had a cell phone. Children need to a sense of responsibility. I know of a 21 son of an acquaintance who could not choose a public bus to hasten a few miles. We need to prepare our children for the world. They need to be street smart.

  74. Angel Bonnie says:

    we the ragan meadow also. but it needs washable covers. i dont feel luxuriate in going to the bother of sewing cushion covers, so i may with fabric paint, jackson pollack so no worries about coverage and dark spots. any thoughts?

  75. SarahFayeMoriah says:

    Another broad option for space-saving extra sleeping areas is the Byers of Maine Easy Cot, perhaps coupled with a Therm-A-Rest Dreamtime XL sleeping pad (about $250 combined cost).I customary this combo for a week-long camping excursion, and I slept as well, if not better, on it than I did on my latex mattress at home.

  76. John Cortez W. says:

    I the trones shoe cabinets from Ikea for dish towels, mats, and cloth napkins. (They arrive in sets of three.)

  77. JosueEsteban says:

    I trading/swapping/bartering is a gracious to money, not earn extinguish and gain relationships with other minded folks.I the last bullet is a idea! Since so many people here are earn savvy (knowing where to source, DIY projects, thinking outside the box, etc.), why not trade your know-how for something you need and/or want?

  78. Lily Elora O. says:

    You beget frail these “plastic” pots for plants that enjoy potentially been watered with fertilizer and NOW you are going to them to rinse food going into your mouth? I vote NO on this, as the plastic will not potentially be of all fertilizer residue!

  79. Zackary Declan Bennett says:

    I these chairs. I some similar that I painted intelligent yellow. I them, and fill been watching for more.

  80. Alice says:

    Nicole — I feeble the Eureka “Mity Might” with apt hepa for about 7 years. (Link in my name.) My first one died a few months ago and I bought the fresh version. I to say that I liked the broken-down version better — why does that always happen??!!?? But I am calm * with the modern version and would recommend it for quality/price/effectiveness/ease of storage etc.Yes, I the steam mop as a mop – I acquire a sponge mop for quickie cleanups, but mostly just steam 1 time per week.

  81. KensleyKeniaMina says:

    @Sheryl Diane Craigslist tends to be the best source or orderly random, hole in the wall antique stores!

  82. Kaliyah.1979 says:

    What a glorious you have. I affection everything about it! The white is fair and is the perfect compliment to the warm brick-each enhances the other.

  83. Emmanuel1992 says:

    Lucky you, PA Farmhouse! My first house had a yellow tile bathroom. If I one of bathroom more than my Mamie Eisenhower pink tile bathroom, it was that yellow tile bathroom. So cheery!I papered the upper wall with a subtly patterned yellow wallpaper that matched the tile nicely, painted the cabinet matching yellow (it was a itsy-bitsy place and needed the continuity to appear more spacious), did all the wood clean in gorgeous white and had a lustrous shower curtain that pulled in the floor color.

  84. Lyric E. says:

    I noticed in their discussion of power that they avoid comparing the bamboo to steel (a comparison that bamboo would lose, of course).

  85. Reign-Cherish says:

    Oh how I wish I were friends with Will Penny too! His Gamut Relief is going on my wish list. home.

  86. Veda says:

    behind to the party, but my hugest design/renovation pet peeve is that everything thinks VINYL flooring is LINOLEUM!! They are two completely different things!

  87. Moshe-Campbell-Fidel says:

    Hi,I objective wanted to clarify that the above photos were taken before the baby was born and the bumper, which was purchased as a set, was up purely for display.I am fully aware what the risk factors are for SIDS and you can be assured that the bumper was removed long before Cooper was ready to sleeping in his crib.Thank you for your concerned comment.:)Sarah

  88. Lennon-Maryam says:

    Sorry, no answers but another question.Any chance of seeing pictures of the completed on W22nd St? Or any updated pics of W40th?

  89. ColinStefanGaige says:

    My position has a similar issue, except in ours, the door is hung in the doorway, which adds some exclusive textural issues. I cannot figure out WHY, though, since they later installed a new door to the outside a limited arrangement away from the feeble one…When I absorb time/money, I want to paint the non-door to contemplate bask in one of the split country kitchen doors, with the top half to some fair scene… probably a mountain scene.I also the belief of using your door region to showcase artwork or bookshelves.

  90. Delilah.Olive.Kaiya says:

    @nothx2016 I applauded after reading your comment! Thank you! Hope AT is seeing this

  91. Addilyn Abril K. says:

    Can you please email me the name of the Font on your photo? paggie@chorus.netThank you so much!

  92. Deshawn E. says:

    yes – where would one gain the yellow floor lamp in the first photo? it is and the link is no more forthcoming.

  93. Nora-Madilyn says:

    ecstatic Halloween! This is putting me in the mood to head and hand out candy tonight with a of similar sophisticated goth panache! a perfect mix of whimsy, dread and class. Thanks for sharing.

  94. Holden.Milo says:

    A comment and a question: the brick chimney * appears a bit…rudimentary, and is jarringly in disagreement to the dazzling detail and gracefulness of the fireplace surround. Is it possible for you to plaster over or at least paint the brick in the same color to give a more uniform appearance?

  95. Braelyn.Kailyn says:

    I watched Davy and Goliath on Sundays, when no cartoons came on.

  96. Madeleine Zelda Heather says:

    esteem the choice of color on the living room wall — and in deny to establish myself some time and would to know the paint and color name.

  97. Daphne_Jaylynn_Evalyn says:

    gorgeous! those are my fav! the roses are called cherry brandy and they really are the size of apples! advantageous pick!the acacia vs. mimosa debate… you are flower shops are for having the names a bit off…it is an acacia for but in the florist they will prob. refer to it as mimosa as that is how it is generally sold in the wholesalers…enjoy! what candy!

  98. Seth_Yahir_Cristofer says:

    grand article, I cherish the archival sleeves, My cleaner of choice is the clear Groove one which leaves conventional records : ) I also exercise a carbon type brush for every day dusting which is kept next to my chronicle player.

  99. Morgan_Nala says:

    commence cabinets in earthquake country? all that glassware gone in an instant, hope they a shopvac…

  100. Aleena says:

    I hold its *:

  101. Franklin says:

    I recommend Newport Cottages ( Their furniture is made in California of solid hardwoods. It comes in several different finishes.

  102. Hunter.Aubri says:

    that pic plus others from the apartment is featured in the latest Canadian House & Home. the owners are two guys – with deliciously feminine taste.

  103. Ezra says:

    You were the first, second and third. I knew an “antique” dealer who would let dressers out in the rain to collect a natural “weathered” look. stunk and warped.

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