Extraordinary Design Ideas DIY Project White Headboard

White headboard is beautiful indeed, neutral impression that make your headboard better. Now follow us to DIY project today. White DIY headboard ideas can change the look and feel of your bedroom! If you do not believe us, just check some creative design in the gallery below. But first, enjoy the white appearance similar to other posts, such as the bedroom design is guaranteed to rock your world, this ocean view bedroom and last, but not least, some inspiration Scandinavian quality. Now that we have your attention, let us expand a little on the subject.

modern bed with white upholstered headboard

modern bed with white upholstered headboard

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really extraordinary design ideas DIY project white headboard. The first project realized from scrap materials salvaged from the burning pile. The main item is the old entrance gate paired beautifully with a vintage drawn from waste disposal. The arrangement took a little imagination and paint spray and the result is like a crown for a king-size bed. Now, can you imagine yourself “throne sleep” you. This one is really simple, but ingenious. Who knew that the white metal roof could be so stylish? This unique headboard got a rustic, but not glossy feel glamorous. It was possible to cut into the shape of this piece of corrugated tin. This common, traditional texture of the material can be recognized, but this $ 30 white headboard is anything but ordinary. A pair of reclaimed old doors add tremendous visual weight to this dreamy bedroom. The spacious bedrooms enhanced with lots of natural light and white painted walls. Also to the room can be found the elements of the other vintage begins with shimmering lights.

contemporary white headboard with 2 white cushion

contemporary white headboard with 2 white cushion

overawe bookcase white headboard with cool design

overawe bookcase white headboard with cool design

This project demonstrates the diversity of items that can be used to make the original head. This is manifested by signs reclamation shop that looks like a new and eye-catching beautiful backdrop for a daybed. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really extraordinary design ideas DIY project white headboard.

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  1. Ailani says:

    can you us the names of some of your accepted artists on your walls???

  2. Hunter Mohamed Sheldon says:

    Any ideas for line drying someone who has to tote their laundry in a giant sack to the laundromat? It seems really heavy to lug it position wet.

  3. ErickMaximilian says:

    I this mark so I visited their website and I must say that 250-385 dollars for one pillow is not definitely mid-range for me!!

  4. Dante-2006 says:

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  5. Annie.Aubri says:

    oh what a beautiful bag. moved and bathroom has no cabinets or plot for makeup… this would be a big upgrade from the engaging box where my toiletries now reside.

  6. JaylenMelvinJustus says:

    I wish that my knitting skills were better – especially the one handed knitting as that is all the hands I seems to beget available at any given time since the birth of my daughter 2 months ago. And, any inspiration for fun/quick projects that can restore my sanity, even for a few minutes, would totally my day/week/month… Sigh, I hear the Dragon calling again!

  7. Dallas.Lailah says:

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  8. Nelson Salvatore Houston Z. says:

    Sofa.In my experience designing things its always better to center something in relation to the things immediately above or below it rather than to the palette (in this case the wall.)

  9. Bobby W. says:

    can someone identify that white, lacy wastepaper basket for me?

  10. Aviana.1964 says:

    I accurate esteem how this actually looks indulge in a actual * apartment despite the size. It has such a and inciting feel to it. You unbiased never feel bask in the quality of life is being compromised by the size. vast work.

  11. HaydenJulieta says:

    @Magoo1 – Our is located in Truxton Circle @katyyIN Kobi is a mix of Akita and Shepherd. Both dogs are incredibly sweet and so loyal!

  12. Shannon says:

    my other dream house..I want a cottage like this on the Cape or in Mystic.

  13. Wren Ansley Z. says:

    The colors you suggested are too light. They will not provide enough a contrast with that fabric.

  14. Kaiden says:

    Sweet, simple and most importantly- fun! My guy would care for this room!

  15. Keith says:

    Billie is and cheap but the biggest dilemma is also shown in this picture: they bend! A cramped weight and the problems is evident. After time this pickle becomes bigger.Beautiful modification but I detest bending of the shelves.

  16. Elaina says:

    Thanks for stopping by!!!! I cupcakes and champagne…I will never ever allow them to coast out of style….plus Piggy loves them too and she is my guru.

  17. Hattie Susan says:

    Since there is so considerable white in the kitchen already I a gleaming color would add pop to the kitchen. Having a miniature position myself, I the table is a capable to work.

  18. Kora Clementine says:

    I a few of those but never had the lids – must check out my local “has everything” kitchen store to ogle if they them.

  19. Brielle Wynter says:

    We acquire the same floors. My husband and i did together. We light color almost white carpet. Blue-Green Sofa. Walls are not painted yet but it is going to be metallic light blue and grey. engage a inspect

  20. Heavenly says:

    somedudeinvicenza, sorry if I was unclear: I meant stuff off of the *top* of high bookcases. Same with the top of kitchen cabinets.

  21. Karina says:

    I already absorb these unicorns in my livingroom, so I guess I am a trendsetter:

  22. Tyrell.Dario.Aedan says:

    I am dishwasher-less (going into my second year now) and detached despise it. I hold that dishwashers may be more energy-efficient than hand-washing. But conclude any of the studies supporting that occupy into legend the environmental impact of manufacturing, shipping, and warehousing dishwashers? I would be appealing to know that.Also, I so badly want a butcher block counter in that first shot. Please, someone bid me what a dead belief it is. Especially with two kids who cannot be counted on to care for it the draw I would like.And P.S. GrainSmasher: That is honest weird.

  23. Luke@1980 says:

    I fill a shed that I want to overhaul. I was hoping for a before and after for inspiration, and maybe a few inexpensive hack tricks. Maybe next time.

  24. Ezequiel@911 says:

    I Micro Fiber Couch, the Cat hair sticks to it really badly, I exhaust a Lint roller, and I also mt couch using an conventional Queen Size Sheet and then faded Towels on the top at the were they to sleep. I several sets so when I wash one I throw the next site on.My one Cat has scratched at the of this Couch.

  25. Josue_Rene_Gerald says:

    How about getting a thinner rug that is the same size and putting it over this rug? bask in a sisal, which is neutral enough to with any considerate of decor, from to traditional. That way, you catch your soundproof rug cake and can eat it too. 🙂

  26. Kaylynn 2017 says:

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  27. Lilly-Katie-Casey says:

    @TracyBRO Not glamorous, but I fill an flat sheet that I on my comforter mostly all times unless we absorb company over. My 110 lb dim furry drooly dirty Newfie doggie does a number on the sheet, but my white Cotten duvet stays shapely 🙂

  28. Vivienne Mckinley Jessie H. says:

    A teddy for an infant is fine useless for anything other than using it for scale in time lapse photos.

  29. Emilie777 says:

    This one may be too big, but the is attractive cool:

  30. Mikayla Linda Alessia L. says:

    I enjoy been purging for the last 15 years or so. TRUTH. It has taken me this long to disappear from almost hoarder to and organized. I contemplate #5. I capture 10 minutes or less to breeze from one of the house to the other picking up anything that is not in its taking it to where it goes. I this every morning unless it is a doctor day and we are flying out of here early. Then I try to create it the night before so we come to a shapely house. I try not to leave things out but some times I glean a gargantuan case of But Firsts…………….At first the purges were painful. Now I always hope to some thing to go. I sustain a box handy for items that need to be gone from here and on the day it goes to town to thrift store I try hard to acquire it with even more. fleet decisions are some times easier. I fee so better having a place for everything in the place I the things.I our medium sized 1375 SQ FT house. There is two of us and hubby is a one so this really makes my life easier. I enjoy an art studio in one of the bedrooms and it does of crazy in there but I carry out try to sort it out between projects.I bought a Kindle and got rid of almost all my books I was going to read again. There are free kindle book sites and there is enough books on my kindle to last me a life time. I read every night.My biggest jam is furniture. I a passion for funky vintage and antique furniture. I need to some things out and I am so emotionally attached to my furniture. Hoping nephews or nieces will to up a couple family things. That will lighten the load considerably.Purge friends it feels so better.

  31. Triston_Johan_Darrell says:

    I enjoy the floor lamp with the two-tiered shade. As for the rest of the apartment…my hands are trembling with restraint as every part of me longs to type some advice that involves copious amounts of gasoline and a well-placed match. But now that I acquire matured, I shall only say: chacon a son gout.

  32. Gregory Adrien Yair says:

    check out these shelves from ikea. only $15!

  33. Moshe Cortez C. says:

    My last house had a double oven…my houselette has only one oven… in the market for a house and hoping for a fixer-upper correct so I can redo a kitchen (I may not be a well woman, eh?) and install a double oven!

  34. Oswaldo Semaj says:

    I would contain made that closet into the sleeping and made the loft a closet. Also, I always wonder why people attach beds in front of windows. How you access the window to it and what happens if it starts to rain while open? A soaked bed.

  35. Helen B. says:

    I the conception with the balcony that #9 mentioned. It would the most sense out of upper windows, and it would add to the coziness of the bottom with the fireplace.

  36. Jamir says:

    I also the color on the front door! fun! the overall project and the lacquer cabinets is so for bouncing light around. Well done!!

  37. Alice.Evalyn.Nancy says:

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  38. QuintinSheaCarlton says:

    @blondrea extremely to say, thank you! It was a dapper cozy, plot to call home.

  39. Milani 2005 says:

    That is a to assign the litter box out of without sacrificing space. For those who not want or cannot modify their doors check out Ikea hacker, search for cat litter, you will tons of “hacks” available made from Ikea furniture that are quite nice.

  40. Montserrat Bexley R. says:

    The personalized book is a fun idea! I was going to say a book and then yourself reading it (I once heard that concept somewhere and am planning to it for my nieces and nephews). But I assume an 18 month would really delight in a about them!The camera idea might be a conventional for this child, but it is sooo that they esteem older people electronic gadgets!

  41. Winter says:

    Obviously, you guys detest the clouds. So leaving them is probably not the option you want to hear. What you guys like? Are you city folk? How about an city scape? You guys could breeze with the asian type design… dim branches with cherry blossoms on the rest of the walls? The branches could extend into your nook and you could a dinky enclosed nature scene in there maybe…

  42. Blakely.Lara.Kenya says:

    that if you are on a budget, you can gather hand operated bidets for around $70…

  43. ElliotVienna says:

    I hang my pots and pans on the walls with two medium Ikea kitchen rails and astronomical hooks. They were the perfect length, so I * both into wall studs. I hated having to sort through them in a bottom cabinet before, and they took up so more than was needed.

  44. Jackson Xander Kennedy says:

    Thanks everyone! Jaclyn, the chairs can be purchased at HookerFurniture.com.

  45. NathanLane says:

    There should be at least a day or two before the that you can into the house and test out swatches to avoid this problem. We did this and are calm quite contented with the colors we chose for each room.

  46. CoralineHeather says:

    I delight in option 2, with the table beside the window (option 1). It seems easier to the cords in option 1 though (cords bother me).

  47. Colt J. says:

    Personally, I probably would not exhaust them. Although I will say it depends on the of the living room in general. If the room is “bohemian” it may not matter as distinguished as when the decor was more frail etc. However, if you absolutely cannot afford to match them try at least unify them by spraypainting them the same colour and/or using same fashion of finnials.

  48. Marques says:

    found it! Container store

  49. Micah-1961 says:

    Thank you Adrienne, for an beneficial article that really hit position with me. I really need to indulge in my house more and invite people over. Coupled with the January Cure, I am optimistic this will happen. the photo too; extremely with a painting as the focal point, surrounded by healthy plants. All looks clean, and well designed–even the people!Love the posted comments as well–all great and timely!

  50. Amari Desmond Jasper says:

    How did I miss this tour when it was posted. I adore it! It is romantic and dreamy, bask in a blooming Parisian apartment. More photos, please!

  51. Reece Trevon Cristofer says:

    I contemplate the living room curtains are made from this fabric: Waverly Lattice in Caviar.

  52. Jaydin-88 says:

    Sara is good-but the racks actually conclude advance from a U.S. company, Wine Master Cellars. VintageView UK is their European Dealer. Wine Master Cellars address is http://www.vintageview.com.Any sunlight or temp is bad, but unless you are storing wines for investment, any simple wine rack usually works great.

  53. Gracie-99 says:

    I it but there is no in my environment to it. Be for a loft. (I wonder if it could be outside or if it would fetch grungy and evaporate?)

  54. Aubrie Hunter G. says:

    Nicely executed. I acquire seen this layout before, but this whole is really cohesive. I enjoy the repetition in the modular storage. It looks relish it was all designed/built specifically for you and this space.The bed considerate of looks savor a stage.

  55. Thomas Gerald E. says:

    I am so far behind! We had an unexpected addition to the to-do list lately when we discovered that my mom was using her bookcase as a handy grab bar (yikes!) instead of using her walker. Instead of doing anything already on my list, I took all of the books off the bookcase, dusted/cleaned the shelves, cleaned late the bookcase, and… using metal brackets and with the benefit of my spouse, fastened the bookcase to the wall. It went well, actually. A kindly to work together, a happy, elegant result. And I suddenly realize that in case of earthquake a number of other items could well beget the same treatment.

  56. Brennan.Malcolm.Cale says:

    My bf and I correct threw one for our novel situation a month after we moved in. The deadline gives you motivation to get everything done! Handwritten invites, bites from shops on my street and a pre-made drink in a batch (I filled three drop-top bottles) = no messy bar station. It was a before Christmas so we had manhattans with homemade brandied cherries. I apt asked guests to bring an additional beverage. It was great!

  57. Zane2009 says:

    Aaauuughhh Eighties! Noooo!Oddly enough, this entry in my Google Reader had an ad at the bottom showing a silver colored faucet.

  58. Jocelyn-Adele says:

    Thank you for your helpful comments. The counting print is actually from Oeuf. It will be available on our website by the cessation of the month so finish tuned 🙂

  59. Heath D. says:

    Would beget liked to the kitchen and the antonym concept of the living room instead of 2 of the bed and wall detail.Cute dwelling from what I can discover though.

  60. Clayton says:

    @MCross I would star this if I could… (Having Gawker withdrawal…)

  61. Jamison@1984 says:

    I contain a with vintage furniture.Actually, my is with my 513 sf apartment, not the unbelievably cheap slat bench I recently found that has nowhere to go.oh, york apartment life. sigh.

  62. Maddison says:

    Mom of five here, so I know everything (HAAAHAAA). “Essentials” will vary from family to family and baby to baby, so I would recommend instead trying to borrow (friends, family) or capture frail (craigslist, secondhand shop) whatever you can. If your baby likes it, and its something you would again for future kiddos, then engage all means, splurge on a fresh one.I personally wish we had bought a Stokke chair legal from the start.And I the conception of muslin cloths! We ended up with the same basic opinion from using cloth diapers – there were always stacks of them scattered throughout the house, so they were for EVERYTHING.

  63. Nehemiah.Brodie.Reuben says:

    FABULOUS!!! My examine is how build you pull it together so it will examine so amazing???? I hardwood floors but I live in FL & I terrazo in my house. I know it is dated but I appreciate it better than tile. I chipped/painted furniture. Shabby Chic lived in explore its pure simple elegance. But, I also the presence of eclectic collecting; because I it. I feel relish I all over the place. You are truly an fabulous designer! >..< your kitty

  64. Johnathon-Josef says:

    Total MCM fan here. All my furniture is vintage MCM. However, I mix it up by not having any vintage MCM art because I want to artists.

  65. Stella.1985 says:

    First, all the accessories in my living room.Last, notebook, pc and clothes.

  66. Adrianna Celine says:

    ooh amazing ideas. #1 is exactly what i need to on the lower half of my windows, but i abominate the inspect of those breezy cafe curtains. this will fit the bill nicely.

  67. Antonio Jamari Rogelio says:

    @lisa13 we the same situation. what we did is paint the north and south walls a extremely light BM Pink Damask and the east and west walls chantilly lace. they considerate of play off each other as the light changes throughout the day.

  68. Damian says:

    Hi…Has anyone tried or seen wall applications by Inhabit?For instance:

  69. Darryl-777 says:

    indeed.Any word on the specifics of the leather… is it dead conventional commercial leather (harvested animals, chemically prepared and dyed) or (fingers crossed) sustainable (open grazing, vegatable dye, etc…) in any way?

  70. ZacheryAlvaro says:

    Wearing your celebrated fleece sweatpants and curling up on the couch with your SO.Not having to over the din of a weekend crowd in a restaurant/lounge/bar.

  71. PhoebeEvelynnHelen says:

    Search the archives for “Splatgirl” she built railings ones lightspeed is describing. Her blog is http://www.moderninmn.blogspot.com

  72. Gracelynn says:

    I seem to a different distress about growing herbs indoors – too distinguished sun. I live in a tropical country (Singapore) accurate on the equator and one thing I build not lack arrive my windows is sun. Will the herbs be able to survive under such intense sunlight? How of such much sunlight can i them to?

  73. Jesus-Parker-Fabian says:

    Starting with a family amble to Italy ~15 years ago my family has bought a fish plate (or, if a fish bowl) on every vacation we taken. We beget plates from all over the US, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Nepal… Our ability to them everywhere is sort of a family miracle.

  74. LeilaLaurynAriadne says:

    Where did the wavy * with the three plants from? I the shape of it! And what type of plants are those?Great tour, fair home, favorable flow. I wish I knew someone with a this.

  75. Hazel Teagan Lisa says:

    @vesper I you mean 99 items? Yeah, I dont that many at all, most of what I acquire is all season except the winter outdoor gear gets swapped for a lighter coat and hat and the 2 sweaters for 2 tank tops.

  76. Makenna_Liv_Antonia says:

    I acquire lists for everything, including chores daily, and even hourly if I a lot of things to do. I stick them on post its to the fridge or assign sticky pads in places where I can glimpse them easily.

  77. Payton-911 says:

    thanks for all the comments, unfort, my camera broke so I had to this no so pics with my phone and I tried to add other pics of the room as a whole but it was too to submit them. The other side of wall is a light brick color. Is there anyway of sending more pictures?

  78. Zuri J. says:

    augury Ryden frame reproductions can be made by the same person who makes them for Mark. Contact information is sean@allriley.com or tikithai@gmail.com

  79. Amirah says:

    lovely!! regarding fears of vandalism previously menmtioned i say if they my outdoor plants they believe a need greater than mine. my neighbors initially whispered the same fears to me regarding my blue and green pots from vietnam. none were ever stolen. but recently i had one one with fair sedum growing in it taken away by the trash people. i had my trashcans next to the flower *. i had to laugh….

  80. Raelynn Camilla Maren L. says:

    yes to both, only is I a sheet onto the sofa in case their paws are dirty.

  81. Margot Hanna T. says:

    I care for all these nursery tours, but honestly I believe to laugh a little. I absorb 3 year twins and was extremely grave about making the perfect nursery – it was perfect. Until they started crawling and walking… those bookshelves to the floor – compose determined they are really in the wall (my kiddos tore them out as soon as they could). That mobile – it looks so architectural and cool, but in reality my daughter needed an neon-colored-hanging-monkeys-playing obnoxious-music in to mesmerized enough to crying. And those perfectly placed items on the changing table… luck keeping those there – as soon as the baby can to grab and reach, those are goners.It is though… I it – I hope it stays this device for as long as possible!!

  82. Adelynn.Meadow.Estelle says:

    @chellyt84 yeah. I the same. I assume the before looked better than the after too. I wish they would done some simple tile or countertop work maybe. Shame! A virtually unused stove. Wow.

  83. Javion 1979 says:

    miranar mentioned, I can deal as long as I fill some quiet. So it looks luxuriate in I will be sleeping on an aerobed in my parents walk-in closet this Christmas 🙂

  84. Shane Makai N. says:

    Ha ha – I consider you moved into the loft we vacated at the * of August! Having the seating by the windows makes sense so you can delight in the view. I where your bed is. The Ikea Edland four poster bed would give you the ability to curtains around the bed itself for light and some sound control. It would also acquire a room within a room in that corner. Perhaps wall-mounted fluorescent lighting at the head of the bed for reading. Your floor lamp if halogen, should not be advance curtains. Otherwise curtains that can be pulled shut across the door position would advantage with the light and some noise. We actually got to the noise after a bit.

  85. Patricia911 says:

    She brought her traveling experiences into her interior design. I delight in the even though that dinning looks a bit to rustic. However she really has a sense of adventure and openness and has created that through her home.

  86. Hayden.Marie.Amia says:

    Did a Google image search and found one for sale on Etsy around $20

  87. Ivanna Clarissa Julianne says:

    I iron about every other week, but last week I left my iron out while at work and my misbehaving cats knocked it over and broke it! I really, really need a new one!

  88. Evelyn_Khloe_Teresa says:

    friendly space. I too would to acquire such a window seat in the bedroom–good for you for making it happen. It would been to peek a shot of the seat including the view.

  89. Derrick Kendrick Kennedy O. says:

    I received a hand burr grinder for Christmas and it. I esteem that it is beautiful, works well, and is not extremely noisy. Of course I only drink coffee at on weekends.I enjoy this one:

  90. Brandon-Mohamed says:

    I lived above the museum when I lived in London- they fill a big gift shop. If you are there, budge to the pub next door called The Volunteer!

  91. Jaquan.Perry says:

    Our company actually did the services for the Leather Factory for many years and yes we too got *. We peaceful all their connections for cushion replacements,recliner & sofa bed mechanisms.We build leather dye touch ups,stitching,cleaning and conditioning,frame repair and sell leather care products.Although the warranty is no longer through The leather factory obviously, feel free to contact us.We are a mobile service and service Southern California.”Superior Leather care”1 800-940-2228 or (951)734-9540

  92. Quentin_Clark says:

    you acquire robot insurance? your place. It looks fun.

  93. Dahlia says:

    blocks, legos, tinkertoys, and some thing to populate the worlds created: schleich animals, superhero action figures, anything.my nearly 4 and nearly 8 year olds been happily choosing these items over everything else since they were infants. we correct had a day-long play party the other day with two 7 year olds and two 3 year olds and they played with tinkertoys and superheroes most of all.(we also beget playmobil sets which regain a lot of play starting from about age 6)

  94. Harley says:

    Its not worth a trip. I lived advance the store and visited frequently, but never found a deal.High priced junk shop. They will you everything is special and underpriced.

  95. Elaine.1990 says:

    I tend to consume a towel for about a week before washing/changing it. Washcloths only once before going in the hamper, because they up smelling gross. In the summer, towels are changed more often because of the humidity and not having AC. I live alone and coin op laundry in my building so i tend to avoid doing laundry until absolutely famous (aside from bedding).

  96. MalikNasir says:

    funstraw: as mentioned, this is a basement unit, so it appears no windows.

  97. Addilynn-Harlee says:

    @stevenj Thanks for the comments! Hanging a mobile would be cool, but we need to the airspace for our crazy photoshoot configuration!

  98. Brendon_Ronnie_Cason says:

    One does not fill to Russian to bask in those photos. Holy *! Lost of over the top ideas. I particularly esteem the where it appears that the tub is in the living room and the outside shower that appears to be over a planter *. and mostly exquisite baths. Envy here for sure.

  99. Perla Estelle Abril A. says:

    I all the paint colors. So vibrant and beautiful.I the office area!

  100. Troy-Zane-Wayne says:

    Can you exhaust the ribbon to link them together devour a penant and then hang it across the wall or over a window?

  101. KyleEverettSamir says:

    @kushkush, I Hans Wegner was the designer but many reproductions were created after that. accept a pair in capable condition here:

  102. Moriah says:

    This might be my favorite! It made me happier seeing all that light and color. So well done.

  103. Titus-88 says:

    We white plates, but also smaller salad-sized ones in a green to add color. And changing out those once every couple of years is better than having to change out your whole set.

  104. Brody-Gunnar-Malaki says:

    one of the furniture companies that my store does business with actually encourages the retailers to bring the cardboard and styrofoam so they can recycle it.

  105. BraydenGiancarloMakai says:

    accepted AT house tour! your home! I also am saving pics as inspiration. This is what I want my to like. Thank you for sharing.

  106. Reece B. says:

    I was totally the same contrivance last year when we moved into our first condo last February! I was in a accelerate to decorate and was obsessed with it for about 3 – 4 months. Finally slowed down… not “done” per se, but now honest tired, haha. And it can obtain expensive!

  107. Mikaela says:

    I would probably contain found these favorable when I was around 14 years old, but not so great now. It impartial seems to me.

  108. Bradley.Terrence.Donte says:

    amusing you should post this — I looking at it and *almost* buying it. Anybody one and want to post a review?

  109. Cecilia says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone! @andreajane the scroll painting at the bottom of the stairs was purchased in Shanghai from a watercolor painting store!

  110. Lane Talon Tyree G. says:

    lol. i saw this last night and emailed the seller and called this morning hoping to be the first bidder because i knew AT would post this! lol.

  111. Alden says:

    Agree with 1790_house above. A case of over-exposure and spreading herself too thin. She should acquire stuck to what she does well, and is known for…entertaining.

  112. Carter-Albert says:

    I the same predicament in my kitchen and bathroom. I am looking at plantation shutters. Something be pleased this:

  113. Brielle Karla Elsa says:

    also http://www.4rentinla.com has listings. i found that a lot of listings are for culver city (where im thinkign to creep or consume dunno yet so confusing argggg) which westsiderentals is lacking of. Lots of atp for peaceful under $1000 a mo. not bad.i need hardwood floor or im gonna shave the boyz puddle style..

  114. Braxton.Tyrese says:

    Thanks everyone for the great comments. @catspyjamas510 the curtains is my husbands teeny exiguous closet that is infront of the stairwell. The curtains also to some awkard ceiling angles.

  115. Hadleigh says:

    “the acknowledge to that is simply to the lid before flushing.”Unless your toilet has a gasket that offers a tight seal, closing the lid will not eliminate fecal water spray. towels stacked out in the are no longer “clean” after a flush. I believe a closet in a hall discontinuance to the bathroom where I support my towels, but if I had to extra towels in the bathroom, I would a wall-mounted cabinet that closed tightly.I am no germ-phobe, but experiments I did in college definitely impacted how I store items in the bathroom.

  116. Marcos.Steve says:

    soon, you might be able to this with ikea kitchen cabs, given that they seem to expanding their selection of glossy colored door fronts.

  117. Maryam.Irene.Simone says:

    amazing employ of color blending with a fresh look. Being able to pull off a professional on a shoe-string budget is a gift. Every room should beget a miniature whimsy. The exiguous Swedish pig candlesticks hit the note. The paintings in the bedroom are inspiring. Even a non-artist me can enlarge, designate and in with paint! affection the chandelier!

  118. Perla Bonnie Amya M. says:

    wow, that frame better contain been air tight! or else you would ended up with concrete all over your cabinets and floors! Looks amazing!

  119. Trevor says:

    I would hurry with Taupe or an olive-y green myself. Then you could incorporate brown toned decor to contrivance out the comely almond color.

  120. Coraline Hana says:

    I appreciate his space. extremely colorful, neat, and personality-filled. I also a where there are lots of plants. Mushroom is adorable.

  121. Samara_Itzel_Breanna says:

    I to fix computers on my before joining up with the Geek Squad. Now this may sound biased since I work for them, but I that most people are delighted with the work that we do. Surveys for themsleves and when people rate you and the services you as high as consumers rate us then there is something we are doing right. Now from an IT standpoint you might that the prices are high, but to people that are not knowledgeable about computers as us “geeks” then the is right. Im contented to consumers rating us the they do, we are glad to ogle we are doing a * up job.

  122. Damon2010 says:

    😀 it looks half a coffin, on stilts :-Pi the legs are looking too unsubstantial, compared to the body, sorry.

  123. Ryland X. says:

    It is my conception that putting a mirror on a wall adjacent to a window to maximize light would fill the mirror at angles to the window. For example: in the first photo, imagine if there were a mirror placed where the astronomical art is above the sofa. The pictured placement of the mirror may maximize the apparent size of the room but it does cramped to assume the natural light.

  124. Dayton says:

    job and illustration how having a large, well curated wall unit makes the TV less than having a unit and wall mount.I also the tufted ottoman, makes the room mighty more classy and * but relaxed.

  125. Anderson-River says:

    affection this room – comfortable, whimsical and inspiring! job Kelly!

  126. Aubri.2004 says:

    A bedroom that size would develop a inlaw suite — add a kitchenette and it could be a fully-functioning apartment! Otherwise, I too, am confused about why one would need an entire sectional sofa in a bedroom.

  127. Leland says:

    Dear Ebrown-A simple solution: come by three houses in the Hamptons. You can store a lot of your stuff there while you gather your staging up to *. Remember to 10% of your plot for light and gracious vibes. It helps if your three houses are in a “very special place”.

  128. Lily_Aylin says:

    arrive to consider about it: how about a tub with handles that * off. Then a top that screws on that has a handle and a spout. The spout can another * on for sprinkling. Any takers?

  129. Abel.Estevan.Maxim says:

    I am a fan of products. They not only smell great, but they up grand after my messy 2-year old. I also that they are a green company and not a marketing ploy to hasten the green trend.

  130. Avery Elliana R. says:

    @halfpers70k *: we had this happen with our dog. Twice. We kept the roomba (actually a Neato) but the dog now eats special food and takes probiotics with every meal. Even then we had a few more accidents before everything calmed down.

  131. LylaAmiyahElliott says:

    These are nice:

  132. TyCamrenJaheim says:

    @MindGrapes: This is my solution, too. Makes life so great less complicated.

  133. Greta says:

    Can someone to me why someone would only submit half a room makeover to AT anyway?

  134. Roselyn-Lizbeth-Novalee says:

    That light is glorious! I loved this tour – it gave me the impression that there is always music on the stereo and coffee on the stove. It looks warm, and effortless and unpretentious. Lovely.

  135. MontserratDeborah says:

    Birthday from the land of the midnight sun. I enjoyed being a fraction of the A.T. Community for many years! Anita

  136. Leslie-Karen-Myra says:

    design and could honorable if you contain situation enough for a “mudroom”, but I agree too expensive by far and not that clever for the price.

  137. Nina.Reyna says:

    World Market has a similar rectangular one.

  138. Silas.Ross.Jaeden says:

    checked out his website. This photo is tame compared to the other “angles” of the table. And it is a dining table. The legs are almost lifesized. Gross.

  139. Lilly says:

    we did the same thing, cheap ikea crib and an organic mattress &etc..for canadians looking for a dwelling to grasp an organic mattress, check out

  140. Jose-Martin-Jacoby says:

    Most of our “most used” things are the ones already mentioned, but nobody has mentioned our “least used” item: the chocolate fountain. It seemed bask in such a idea, but we former it exactly once. It was impossible to (and had to be taken apart to so), it was noisy, and you had to add oil to the chocolate for it to contain the consistency. We recently did a purge of kitchen stuff in preparation for a renovation, and that thing was the first to go.

  141. Porter Darion says:

    We should be using as plastic as we can — it never breaks down in landfills! Understandable for dirty kitchen (though compost bags would that need as well), but otherwise, plastic liners are really not necessary.

  142. Kaia Rosie X. says:

    @Poppyfields * dryer, shaver, brushes and hair stuff, extra toilet paper, toilet plunger and brush, and cleaning supplies all approach to mind.

  143. Annalise says:

    nice of white & wall colors although a bit spare for my taste.Wish we could seen more elements, maybe the bedroom, since all 3 photos essentially the same from different angles (including reflection in entry design mirror).

  144. Graham Isaias I. says:

    haha! At work we consume this stuff for wall panels in food restaurants. The factory guys disapprove dealing with it because it is so * heavy.

  145. Leo Josef N. says:

    Hey Beth, I believe that the kitchen is a tough for adding softness, but I definitely contain herbs n my windowsill and I some dishtowels might be nice, I always savor having some agreeable dishtowels out to perk the site up a bit. I consider the living room is a where you could easily pillows and plants to soften it up a bit, all that stuff stored in there (however temporary it may be) does build it seem a bit to me. Best I can do, hope that helps.Lucy, I totally agree with your comments. I contain a similar with my husband – however, he is a extremely disorganized packrat. Cleaning out the hall closet I found boxes of extinct VHS tapes and cassettes and papers and postcards and I took them out for him to chase through. He got all huffy because even though 90% of it was trash, his birth certificate and social security card were in there too! THAT was why I wanted him to ogle through it before I threw it away, and he acted like I was trying to sneakily throw away all this famous stuff late his back! So now I clear we discuss anything that might be an impart if I accumulate rid of it. And now his social security card and birth certificate are neatly away with mine. So if we need them, we know where they are. So it is really worth it, you to maintain plugging away at it.

  146. Millie-999 says:

    Lots of rugs!

  147. Nicholas Marcos Rhett W. says:

    I this construct “hack.” (Does it qualify as a “hack?”) Danny & Lauren exhibit the creativity we accumulate in musicians/music lovers: music in schools, people! Now, I exit, stage left…

  148. Fisher says:

    throwing my type poster in to the mix if anyone is interested. Hand conceal printed. 3 inks, one a really metallic silver. Looks favorable in person. I acquire a few available

  149. Aidan Andre Brice F. says:

    might be a to the difference between Component and Composite RCA cables. not that many folks them anymore, but Component was the best output choice for a Nintendo Wii.

  150. Jason Kenneth Philip says:

    Wet-Dry vac if you room to store it–cleans up dust that will clog and regular vacuums AND you can * up water from plumbing leaks. I faded mine once when I had a floor that needed washing–sloshed on lots of water and detergent, scrubbed, then * it all up. So faster and easier than sponging it off with a mop.

  151. Evangeline.Dallas says:

    “Habitat for Humanity, whose motto “building hope, one house at a time,” closely echoes the AT credo, “saving the world, one room at a time.”This is one of the most quotes I ever seen here on AT. AT exists solely for personal profit. It is purely a decorating site, aimed at mostly at younger people who want to beautify their existing homes. Habitat for humanity is for people who no homes. They could not be further apart. You should be ashamed of trying to link yourself to this organization through those two quotes.

  152. Christian-Jordan-Lorenzo says:

    heather, friendly question! check out my blog post about our kitchen renovation. the first pic shows a temporary door that we in the opening that leads into the kitchen. then we stuffed paper towels around the door to really preserve it airtight. we did this at every opening. we can only to the kitchen & that side of the house now from the carport.

  153. Isiah.1976 says:

    My 3 year would a ball! The however doesnt too elated to be there…:(

  154. Aryanna says:

    Why on earth is this not a House Tour? This deserves to be navigated in a less agitated manner…

  155. Darren.Irving says:

    Elizabeth, my cat was also a biter… could corner a grown man he could so menacing…Said grown man started biting the cat when he bit us. would bite him in the neck until he meowed once and would stop. I know it sounds and gross. I archaic to when he did it… but now, my cat never ever bites, even when antagonized.

  156. Moshe says:

    What a idea!! Will more than likely effect a clean HERO party for my lil Lukey as well!! his bday is around halloween and I believe this will be more than appropriate!Thanks a bunch!

  157. Josiah Chaz K. says:

    adore the high table at the window, as did another. I also delight in the layout of the cabinets in the kitchen…..why conclude we to beget everything so over-built? Lots of nice, fun things about this place. Mainly I openness.

  158. MaliyahEve says:

    When i saw the before photo I couldnt imagine what you could contain possibly done to it to design it leer better. It looked cute okay to me. But wow! It looks so more absorbing now. I esteem it. expansive job 🙂

  159. Walter-Jayce-Kamren says:

    appreciate the vibrant exercise of color, especially the blue glass and the bedspread!

  160. Margaret Casey says:

    I adore the notice of these vintage appliances when the rest of the kitchen cabinets, furniture, etc. blends well with it. The oak cabinets from that era everything leer dark. As long as the appliances work they can give a more vintage feel to the place.

  161. Emiliano_Harley_Francis says:

    I live in the Suzy cream-cheese suburbs of Houston. We had a lady abducted and killed from the Kohls parking lot in gigantic daylight. These tips are for anywhere you live! It is easy to comfortable in a upscale neighborhood. This is a security and it is when we are reminded of it by something happening.

  162. Liam Donald Leon says:

    ManofSteel – you enjoy some gigantic designs on your website! Thanks for the ideas.

  163. Isabel-Danica-Desiree says:

    We recently launched a collection of re-issued Art Deco fabrics. Samples can be viewed on http://www.artdecofabrics.co.uk We ship worldwide.

  164. George-Emanuel-Pablo says:

    I was hoping to gape the current touch the construct factor of the iPhone… the high dynamic range photo mode in the iOS update is nice.. the rest? of meh.

  165. Vivian says:

    woah! where are all these votes coming from? Is it due to the time change. My peeps Tod and Corey Marie a shot!

  166. Rachel@1971 says:

    My best friend embroiders images from vintage * and naturalist images of things praying mantises. That stuff is kitsch free. This stuff, while exquisite (I the backgrounds!) is mostly, most definitely, kitschy.

  167. Ansley Q. says:

    Is that a MacBook Air or a Pro? you that as a standalone computer or your be all all computer for everything?

  168. Shaun Javon Duncan K. says:

    I talked with someone about this in a fireplace store recently and they recommended that a TV be at least 10″ away from the top of the fireplace.Also, it will be nice to know if you enjoy a fireplace with an employ to a chimney or not, because most of that heat indeed goes up the chimney. Fireplaces that vent out into the room release a great greater amount of heat into the room than ones with a chimney, so they will certainly a difference in terms of the ambient heat around the front of the TV.

  169. Zariyah Nalani K. says:

    I esteem the place! The dining room table is & bar area is great. The mural in the living room is a perfect addition to the different shades of grey, adding enough color. You beget my vote for insta finalist.

  170. Aadhya says:

    @LittleWhittles “Both the platform bed and Ikea dresser makeover were DIY projects I had completed at our conventional house. “Maybe she can point us to a tutorial—it is such a advantageous look!

  171. Ariel Bailee Emmie N. says:

    @ Thelady This happened to me as well. Why are the #s going down when you favorite?

  172. Blake.Colby.Grayson says:

    work. We had a similar with our 40s ranch, so out came the walls!You can our before and afters here:

  173. Kimber C. says:

    caliann24, bear you ever seen the drying racks that can be lifted up and down with a pulley system? They are everywhere here in Brazil, and work quite nicely. Something luxuriate in this:

  174. QuintinKorbinJovany says:

    I really relish proactive and preventative information, especially when it comes from life experience… It is a kindness that saves me grief. so, thank you! I will adapt the information to my situation!!!!!

  175. Emery.London.Alexandria says:

    customary cribs are generally fine, fair be to check recalls and measure the slats if it is a vintage crib (although that I might not recommend.)They advocate buying a mattress because of off-gassing, but honestly, if it off gasses in the first place, why would you want it anywhere your baby, fresh or not?I would build on the crib and pace cheap (IKEA gulliver, used) and splurge on an organic crib mattress.

  176. Anniston says:

    I cherish these products. The granite cleaner is really amazing!

  177. Jamal says:

    Craftypants – I sit with the laptop on a small, thin cushion on my lap, legs crossed. No circulation problems and my arms are at a 90 degree angle, perfect for typing.

  178. Dustin 33 says:

    Grey unprejudiced happens to be my latest color of desire!

  179. Cortez says:

    I beget the antonym problem. I not know how to my Mom that long extended stays design not work. She comes too often and stays too long. She was here for 21 days at Christmas and now wants to arrive in March for two weeks. I managed to scale it assist to a week, but how compose you your parents they cannot that often or cannot long?

  180. Mary1998 says:

    oh, sometimes I gaze shops profiled here. I wonder if the DC contributor(s) ever been to Tree in Baltimore, located on 36th street. They acquire a fabulous collection of furnishings and decorative items. cool shop indeed.

  181. EmmanuelIsrael says:

    appreciate that color as well. I deem shades of pale green-blue, white, and raw wood explore together. Definitely my color combination.

  182. Charles Edward Brice A. says:

    The aliens would absorb to be the Nibblonians and I would play some sort of catchy dance number and we would all out in dance delight in some sort of musical.

  183. James.88 says:

    I esteem this place! As a transplant from the Southwest myself, I esteem bringing that feel into my home as well. Also, the cats are less likely to eat the cacti! Thank you for sharing!!

  184. Sara-Ember-Kassidy says:

    Wow, she is patient and talented. For those who achieve not quite meet up to her skills, you can also fill the option of painting the leather. There are many online DIY tutorials on how to the job done.

  185. GraysonBryantJoey says:

    I absorb that flatware set. It is from Crate & Barrel.

  186. Angelina says:

    I WISH I NEVER SAW THAT abominable SHOWROOM IN SOHO. We ordered $3500 worth of shades and the fabric that was suggested was total *. It came frayed at the edges and was uneven when rolling up.I would NOT RECOMMEND them to anyone. We are fighting them on current shades. Their customer service is pointless. Getting an from them is impossible. Every time they try to fix the they it even worse.Stay away from this garbage!

  187. Albert.Boston.Cason says:

    rubbing alcohol on cotton wool can aid sticky residue of bottles once you labels, tags etc

  188. Rocco1966 says:

    Scandinavian is a look. But African would too. African designs in gloomy & white, for your curtains, carpets, furniture, … And a few color touches here & there if you want to spice it up. Eg cushions, a painting, a picture, one part of furniture in a animated color, flowers. But not too of it!

  189. Zachary.Kareem.Elvis says:

    Help!I am going to Chicago for a business amble beginning of June… and I enjoy never been there before (yippee!!)! We are staying at the Hyatt Regency McCormick on 2233 South Martin L. emperor Drive… there will be lots of down time, so I was wondering where to go, visit, eat, play and shop (all reasonably priced, of course — Cdn currency is level-headed worth less than yours!!) I am to experience your Windy City… so any tips would be greatly appreciated!!Merci,*Terramia* (terra.mia@hotmail.com)

  190. Alonzo says:

    @poolie I hear you. We are constrained by the contest system and hope to more flexibility in the future.

  191. Isaac Jared Tomas H. says:

    @quiltlover @pahill99 The LA basin and central valley are distinguished for air quality, so regional “no burn days” acquire made it illegal to burn a fire for distinguished the entire year. My family laments not being allowed to their functional fireplace all winter long, so I could this being a factor here.

  192. Graham-Alden-Mathias says:

    I a Lab-mix rescue and him to death! He is high energy, and I am greatful that my complex has a yard, so he can his frisbee on! We we every day, but it is never enough to tire him out. My apartment is a first floor, so the first and last “go” of the day are easy out the patio door. I sustain a package of wipes on the back patio, because I carpet and muddy feet are an issue. your life and let the rescues know that you can accomodate your puppy, if you just creative.

  193. Arianna.Lylah.Ayleen says:

    I the one in the post pic, would accurate about an appropriate bedside stand and lamp.Do not appreciate the housefish bed!

  194. Mila says:

    Half of what I is on casters. For those of you looking for casters – McMaster-Carr (www.mcmaster.com) sells every color available (though not always in every size). I some dinky crimson ones under my flatfiles moral now. Casters are never cheap, but at least you can out exactly the ones you want.

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