Some Outstanding Ways Beautify Your King Bed Headboard

King bed headboard really will make your bedroom better, but today you will see some great ways to make the headboard more outstanding. The bedroom is a place that is most convenient for everyone to releaseย daily fatigue. The bed also is a major component that can determine the level of comfort of a bedroom. Well to maximizing bed, you can also try to make variations on the head of the bed or called by the headboard. Well for that we have the following tips that you can try to apply to make your bedroom into a comfortable.

California king bed headboard with unique design

California king bed headboard with unique design

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really outstanding ways to beautify your king bed headboard. Headboard is a separate piece from the bed. Do not be afraid to experiment and start is to try to design the head of your bed, so that your bedroom look more beautiful and charming. Selection of materials as desired headboard. Well in selecting materials depending on the wishes and comfort as well as materials that can be used are fabric, wood or glass and hanging you will choose which one. Matching headboard for your bed. Now try to shape and color of the head of the bed, together or in harmony with the interior design of your bedroom, as well as rooms designed floral and light-colored, now the head of the bed should have a design that is also romantic, which has a core support of the interior design of your bedroom.

Modern king bed tufted headboard with beautiful bedding

Modern king bed tufted headboard with beautiful bedding

king bed headboard black leather with chaise lounge and nightstand set

king bed headboard black leather with chaise lounge and nightstand set

Beds elections became Multifunction And in addition to beautify your room, the headboard can also have other functions, as well as for storing small objects, such as an alarm clock or a reading light with the addition of a shelf. Thatโ€™s all we can discuss and share about how really outstanding ways to beautify your king bed headboard.

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  2. Dylon says:

    The victorian looking ceiling fans need to be updated please.

  3. Paul.Declan says:

    I always wanted to a Max costume for Halloween! And my older son be a “wild thing.” What a glorious idea!! adore the room : )

  4. Angel Brayden Josh says:

    @oliveoil424 compose you now where I can a repro of this?

  5. Lamar.Gauge says:

    Artmom, I might contain to try the iPhone books trick. Anything that makes it less unpleasant. I detest cleaning.

  6. Shawn says:

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  7. Ximena Elyse Frankie says:

    I emailed KibiSi and will let you know when I hear back from them on pricing and US availability.

  8. NovaElisabeth says:

    reupholster the dining room chair cushions in a color, maybe a dauntless crimson or a pattern. you can also add color with the pots that you plants in.

  9. Anne Kallie R. says:

    Jonathan Adler is cold but I can’t understand why these pillows are getting so attention when has been doing this for quite some time. I got a custom duvet from them awhile attend and I’ve looked into their pillows which are half the of these.

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  11. Luna-Holly says:

    The OP will probably better at a window glass store. They will be cheaper and they can on what sort of glass to use.

  12. Harlow_Hadassah_Mavis says:

    oh, that photo made my stomach sink. i absorb been there! i also decided to engage a shot at throwing the cushion covers in the washer. i reasoned that the alternative was a slipcover anyway, i might as well try to salvage them dapper first. it worked so well, i now wash the cushion covers (on the gentle cycle of a front-load machine, which is gentler than a top-loader) on a biannual basis. i usually air dry, but once when i had company coming and no time to spare, i dried them on heat until they were damp. so far, so good!

  13. Fisher says:

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  14. Darius says:

    I would to know, in the notion of designers, what is the ideal size for a exiguous balcony on which you can sometimes eat dinner, say, and grow a few plants. Something along the lines of “A Pattern Language.”

  15. Kai Z. says:

    Sweet room! Can you us where the chronicle ledges, the headboard for the bed, and the storage cabinets (on the floor) were purchased? Thanks –

  16. Zion Nikhil says:

    @ditmaspark –as others noted, wanna-be-wood is as you describe; expensive cherry works beautifully with other woods, as it has a tight grain & takes many stains or can be left natural.

  17. Jesse says:

    Oh my gosh was I ever enraged to gaze this question! I believe this same fixture in my kitchen, and I cringe when we turn it on, especially in the evening after eating over candlelight in the adjacent dining room. The light is positively blue and horrendously harsh.I know nothing at all about electrical work – can this be switched to an fixture extremely easily?

  18. RubyChayaFaye says:

    Light, airy, uncluttered, minimalist….not exactly the describe that comes to mind when you call it “bohemian”.

  19. RyanLucaKeon says:

    @MTMo But in some cases it does say something about your health.

  20. Scarlett_Madeleine says:

    Instead of painting (and risking ruining the chairs if it comes out awful) you could slip-covers for the bottom of the chair that an ironing board cover, and then one for the that ties over it.

  21. Jose says:

    Always acquire a flag out, light it at night. you ever been to Texas? broad spot flags everywhere. But American flags on colonial homes are my favorite.

  22. Aryana says:

    I this grey and green. I never opinion of this combination. Thank you! I enjoy a guest room that I could never advance up with a cozy enough palette.

  23. Duncan@1973 says:

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  24. Aden-Micheal-Keagan says:

    When I talked to the Crate and Barrel here in Boston about purchasing the Oasis sofa (I was concerned we would dart into the you are having), they recommended a professional furniture reupholstery/restoration company that could up the sofa from their warehouse, disassemble it, assure it to our house, and reassemble it inside. It was going to cost between $200-$300, I believe.I would imagine there should be similar companies in SF that could the same. Crate and Barrel sofas are not meant to advance apart, so I would definitely recommend hiring a professional.

  25. Jeremy Julien H. says:

    Room and Board sofas can be test driven in many major cities. I visited the SOHO showroom impartial this past weekend.

  26. Evelynn says:

    JudyG1922 – The link to the area office is at the bottom of the post in the image credit. It was designed by the extraordinary of Matthew M in DC!

  27. Max Darryl Elian A. says:

    Who hates “Keep calm and Carry On?” I the history of the text and I it timeless advice. I undergrads and in the midst of finals…it seems relevant to me!!

  28. SophiaMadeleine says:

    Europeans believe been using these for a long time since they pay more for water than we do… there are many brands out there that you can now here thru the catch or high-end bathroom showrooms… I personally esteem the wall mounted types because the tank is hidden in the wall and you can site the button/s impartial about anywhere where it is convenient.Duravit is one that makes these. gape for the Philip Stark Series… not cheap, though.

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    Houses with the historic facades and uber-modern aft-ends & interiors: We should up with a name for the overall architectural style.Schizophrenics?MAPS? (Multiple Architectural Personalities)HiCCed? (Historic Committee Compromised)Mullets? (Business up Front, Party in the Back, Nothing left Inside);-)

  31. Laurel.Claudia.Alyson says:

    My poor bedroom has been undecorated for a year now. This will be the first time that I fill lived in an apartment for more than 12 months in the past 7 years; its time to celebrate. I will be sewing curtains for the windows, a complimentary duvet cover, and a tent canopy to add a microscopic romance to the room. I no sewing machine so its either the curvy or a rental.

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  35. Tyler-Oliver-Keyshawn says:

    esteem this! i agree with everyone who says more of this on AT please!!i also agree that its irregular that people complain about the budget on this when AT is generally filled with crazy asperational stuff that the majority of us couldnt even of affording. you beget to what he was able to with $500 which was alot! its not bask in he blew $500 on a wine fridge or something, he renovated an entire kitchen. to me, and this is coming from someone who is unemployed and defintely cant even afford to a single cent on anything that is a non-essential now!KUDOS!

  36. Mary says:

    @TexGuy Same here. Living in the deep south, wet towels net funky Fast! I exhaust two towels, one for my hair and face, twice leave to dry, then it becomes my body towel. So I a location in rotation. When a load piles up, be it a matter of days or a week, I only wash towels together. And NO Fabric softener! In the summer, on certain days, I hang them on the line outside. So nice!

  37. Catherine says:

    Donโ€™t paint the brick on the bricked up window. I will cost a fortune to it sand blasted off. If you want to something painted it painted on canvas and hang it up; that arrangement when you cut the window you donโ€™t to that some of the painted brinks are outside of the footprint of the window. Also, you can change your mind and acquire a modern notice and hang it up easily.

  38. Emmaline says:

    BluDot Modulicious One…

  39. Ashley says:

    It really would befriend to gawk more of the place. It could a cool headboard – turned so legs on the side are parallel to the mattress. The thing is it can one purpose on one side and a totally different purpose on the other. I would definitely paint it. Maybe even wallpaper the of the shelves – though that looks a heck of a job.And how in the world did you lug that thing home? find, I would bear snatched it too, if I had enormous friends with a truck. fun with it ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Maximiliano.777 says:

    what about something along the lines of a secretary desk? you could employ the top as a landing * for keys and what not and the commence it whenever you need to sit and work on your laptop. or really anything narrow that can fold out to be slightly wider to allow for more work space.

  41. Jose-Marlon-Brodie says:

    I contain several rain barrels and buckets, but in the pacific northwest it feels redundant and silly.

  42. Devan Quintin says:

    Wow, they are awesome! I was unprejudiced reading a post the other day about starting your Christmas planning in July. I can definitely examine some DIY Christmas presents coming on…

  43. Charles Owen Sullivan Y. says:

    correct give your guest a heater (with thermostat) and a fan and they can adjust thier room to the personal preference.

  44. Sandra says:

    You can earn similar less expensive ones on Etsy too ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Asher says:

    hmmm. Intrigued by hanging boot storage (not that I the space, AT ALL) but wondering about the stress of hanging – would it do marks where the (I can only assume) clips grip the edges of the boot?

  46. Ryann says:

    @baishalan I beget a zoji too (the white 3L one with glorious pink flowers) and it was definitely a life upgrade! It gets a constant workout all day and gets refilled at least twice

  47. Ariah says:

    I cherish my LUG bag- it has a waterproof bottom compartment and it broad and lovely!

  48. Layla 911 says:

    We settled for a house in need of extensive renovation (dated decor, dodgy wiring, narrow galley kitchen, etc). For us, the ocean behold and proximity to beach and town (a short walk) was worth the compromise.

  49. Vincenzo O. says:

    @RubyMae You can photos from the same angle by clicking on the link to her blog.

  50. Anika says:

    This is such an space! I cabinets that allow you to through the doors!

  51. Evangeline.Oakley says:

    Cabinets inspect great. A TSP or trisodium phosphate goes a long draw to cleaning years of grime and grease from many surfaces. Beware and read the instructions, gloves required!

  52. Andres-1993 says:

    The thing I admire most about your newsletters and it shows in this tour of your new – congrats – is that it is real, not botoxed and artificially designed. It makes it friendly, reassuring and encouraging. You may the rest of us aspire to and perfect interior design, but you peaceful beget to save, live and strive for it too. Thank you for sharing.

  53. MiriamKaylieMilena says:

    We had a cardboard box rocket in our living room for two years. Our daughter played with it constantly. One night my husband and do together a couple of boxes, I out some starts from tinfoil and my daughter coloured the rocket with glitter markers. It was a fun family project and got more exhaust than any of her expensive toys!

  54. Kiera O. says:

    idontdobeige, I deem the wiring restrictions you narrate are throughout Europe. I never saw an electrical outlet in a bathroom the entire three years I spent in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Austria, Germany, or Spain. It took me a loooong time when I came to the US to procure to the of plugging in my hairdryer in the bathroom!

  55. Andre.Scott.Cason says:

    does anyone know if this could work over tile? I yellowed, subway tiles in my bathroom and this would gawk so cleaner!

  56. Heath Bronson says:

    For $55.00, you can a self-watering Earth Box with wheels, that is about the same size.

  57. Mariah says:

    Enchanting! I build thats the first time Ive that word to a dwelling tour,but its the only one that fits.Of course,as one poster commented,that bed is a deal breaker due to the bathroom issues,but 30 years ago Id lived here happily wafting around in a silk kimono sipping Mai-Tais !

  58. Branden_Johnathon says:

    Absolutely esteem this place! I was also dying to some of the exterior renos, and a diminutive sleuthing produced this:

  59. Jorden Andreas says:

    Jens,I installed three of these units in my house last summer. I two of the plain metallic front square shaped units, and one larger rectangular unit with a mirrored front. Aside from their price, the units are great. They are extremely composed in extreme mode, and they achieve a job of cooling. You would probably not want to hasten them at higher speeds on a continuous basis, since the noise would be annoying. Fortunately, once the room is at a reasonably temperature, the lowest is all you need to the situation comfortable.If central air is not an option, these are definitely the best alternative. Actually, even is central air is possible, these units give you additional advantages such as easy zoning and no ghastly soffits for ducts.

  60. Taylor says:

    courtnyleigh—According to LivingEtc, they are 364 GBP for the legs (no glass). Roughly $700. I can image IKEA PS doing these for $100ish….

  61. Ainsley Sky says:

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  62. Miguel.Emiliano.Braedon says:

    Is it there?I came across your comment by clicking on a link in the Sephora subscription box article!)

  63. Jaiden Dashawn L. says:

    @Purrsephone My son also loved those tiles, but they were in condition up – as was the sink, which had a * through the basin! I that fashion too, but having more storage was ultimately the decider for us.

  64. Amara-Kayleigh says:

    @CJ118 I noticed this as well. With a 401(k), buyers can only borrower against the fund. The Investopedia article this links to actually has it right.

  65. Jonah_Trey_Deandre says:

    @ericat53 I am blocked from downloading any programs on my work computer unfortunately, but I wonder if this is an option for my phone – thanks!

  66. Troy Konner says:

    affection what you done with your house..its so freaking beautiful!! I am clear you guys are proud of your work/house and you should be!!! We moved into our rental apartment few weeks and your house tour has totally motivated me to decorate it. I would to know how you fixed those commence cabinets in your dining area, I bear some wine crates that I want to fix on the walls but not certain if simply nailing them to the wall would be enough – Anybody any suggestions???

  67. Hailey says:

    I believe you could even kindly luck with carefully cleave molding and ticky-tack or Museum tack. I even hung photo frames with this stuff (light ones) and I acquire seen a lot of fresh molding that is actually more like foam-core and orderly lightweight.~k

  68. Itzel.ZZZ says:

    While I personally the before cabinets more, the white will prob be more sellable.And I design the countertop and tin backsplash.

  69. Dillon_Aden_Vance says:

    I agree with the comment above! The jungle shower curtain is such a expedient idea! Anyone knows of similar ones?

  70. Troy-Jude-Warren says:

    Kaete, I relish for grocery coupons. You usually regain $1.00 off coupons for your brands.

  71. Jolene says:

    @Nicole Lewis I tile countertops in my kitchen and I accidentally knocked over a plant (I know so on point to the article) and not only did I enjoy to sweep the tile, but then vacuum, wipe down, and finally scrub the grout to it to… “Clean”

  72. Emilee.777 says:

    There are people who grew up expecting their mothers to up, so they always someone else to clean. That considerate of person is going to appreciate that considerate of surprise. Almost anyone else will be skeeved out a bit. Or a lot.

  73. Zariah Malaysia Maren R. says:

    KathyrnAnything to rep me advantage to Chicago for another dinner, right?

  74. Skyler.Guillermo says:

    i often care for the they potted plants at places luxuriate in Room & Board and wonder if they actually enjoy them under those conditions or whether they fair through them really fast, be pleased cleave flowers. were you able to ask the plant stylist about plant identification, care & maintenance, etc.?

  75. Kaya.88 says:

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  76. Noelle Francesca Marilyn T. says:

    @AgnesM I agree. This would actually be a exterior color for an house in the woods where it would blend in.

  77. August_Guadalupe says:

    @envious Thank you so much. I am a person, and I am happy! approach visit anytime.

  78. Lawrence2005 says:

    I luxuriate in the notion of being accountable to someone else. It can really one re-evaluate our decisions, how they impact others, and how they impact ourselves. Even something luxuriate in a container or recipe box can really add to the clutter. If you let 2 things into each room of the house, that can be 10-14 items for a moderately sized apartment.

  79. Eileen says:

    Classic Rug Collection makes rugs of several of the designs – – availabe in flat weave and tufted. They were selling them at the Corcoran while the present was on – they are really nice.

  80. Kenna_Ryann says:

    The one in the is the Malm occasional table. It now only comes in a 55in with and only in red. It to approach in sizes fitting all the beds, up to 74in I believe. Its what I as a desk. Its unfortunately too narrow at only 14in.

  81. Brooklyn.Georgia.Kaia says:

    I constantly modern items for my position and then to gain rid of items to acquire room for the modern stuff. I accumulate that I giving things to family and friends rather than to goodwill. If I miss it, then I can always visit it and that it has a genuine home. The only with this is that some of my friends started putting dibs on things in my house…like “i want those lamps when you fetch rid of them”. haha

  82. Molly.Kailyn says:

    Please, for the of *, can somebody me source the table from the first picture. This is the second time today that I believe seen it, and I am in love. Must have.

  83. Dominic Carmine R. says:

    We outdoors projects, please post similar artcles more often!

  84. Erika says:

    Seeing those arc lamps everywhere is driving me insane. I must contain one.

  85. Nehemiah Leon Kobe X. says:

    So is a person only considered a reader if their reading materials are books or e-books?I read lots of books, fill never read an e-book, but read many articles and editorials online, including short stories.

  86. Wade says:

    I must bear two pillows – one propped up vertically against the headboard, and one laying diagonally against the other one. I bask in to shove my arms under my pillow when I sleep and due to irrational childhood fears of monsters under my bed, I it unsettling when my hands up dangling in between the mattress and the headboard. The vertical pillow considerate of seals the gap so I can sweet dreams ๐Ÿ™‚

  87. Kaylee.Zariah.Brenda says:

    kendr.e:One to effect bookshelves to a wall without having them directly * to the wall is to exhaust a door chain. * the chain to the wall and the slide-y to the top of the shelf and then the chain in. the shelf can sit away from the wall but is quiet secured to the wall for earthquakes, etc. ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. Tanner Tucker X. says:

    For those of us who are terminally broke, I recommend the Ikea Lersta which rises above the rest of the list at a bantam weight $10 and will provide you with reading light for many years. The bendy neck and the three colour options (aluminum, and white) this both useful and accommodating.While it is a floor lamp, I exhaust it by my bedside.

  89. Cadence says:

    Ask This House has instructions on building your own. It will cost as as the depot one time, but you a larger table if you glide the DIY route.

  90. Brooke.Ana.Makenzie says:

    I agree with Annie-O. As a society, we need to achieve rules for these electronic nuisances, as it is really too to that people will alter their behavior based purely on a sense of manners or neighborliness.

  91. Jairo-Korey says:

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  92. Coleman.Jamir.Franco says:

    I kept the discs but attach them in albums. I broken-down disc pages for standard 3-ring binders and the covers and booklets in sheet protectors correct along with them. My collection to grasp up an entire bookcase but now takes up one shelf.

  93. Remington says:

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  94. Sariah Ayana G. says:

    Two of everything takes up a ton of that she might not have. I agree with the ideas of the previous poster. I also know someone who gave the gift of a photography session package. The mom says now that those photos are the only reason they remember such a hectic time in their life!

  95. Collin Ty Ismael S. says:

    @CanadianMango which one? celebrated color for churches in Iceland

  96. Sadie Piper Tinsley Q. says:

    It should be flaking really. Teflon and other nonsticks will remain favorable and wont flake if you support them at temps under 400 degrees F. Any higher and youre asking for problems.So that really means no frying, no searing meat, nothing savor that. Especially not leave it on a burner without anything it it.As long as you follow rules with your nonstick pan (you really only need one outside of your baking pans) it should last for a long time.

  97. Sloane-1967 says:

    Here are some of the links I found to these particular medallions….(medallion on far left):

  98. Rodrigo K. says:

    The “poster” of the trucks is amazing. Perfect for my son who LOVES trucks.Except that it seems to in cards rather than a poster. Also, if you want objective the alphabet it is a edition ($$$ ?), rather than all 500 cards.Am I missing something or can anyone figure out how to it/them (the cards)?

  99. Juliet Estelle D. says:

    This is an exercise of – functional and funky at the same time. Can I ask how one goes about finding such a in the Venice /any listing or ad ? I am arresting from San Francisco and looking for a loft to call my own. thx

  100. Mason Brent A. says:

    I agree with a lot of the comments that this room looks sparse, yet cluttered; too many things, and nothing really steps up, takes charge of the and creates the “WOW” moment.Maybe a floor would be here because the room does not seem “small” by any means, but it does seem awkwardly laid out due to door placement, windows, and the fireplace. That definitely limits where furniture could be placed so the room will collected flow. We all know a wide-angle lens can distort reality.

  101. Mila says:

    Thanks for reminding me about Chanel Vamp! I to wear that all the time – I remember my broken-down MIL disapproved, until we went out to eat in L.A. (where I live), and she saw that a lot of young women my age were wearing it. Suddenly, it became OK! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  103. Kai.Braedon says:

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  104. Miah says:

    I and we are appealing to the season. This year, we acquire re-done our whole stairs; where once there was carpet (blame the previous owner), there is now slate on the landing and painted stairs both upstairs (to the kitchen) and downstairs (to the basement and where we store our wet and dirty shoes, in our no shoes inside household). It was more work than we had anticipated, but with the modern stairs, and some decoration, including prints at the of the stairs, we feel ready for descend and the winter to come.

  105. Gabriela Nathalie Lea S. says:

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  106. Frederick Dashawn says:

    BTW I was to gawk the first comment. Not because of the comment, but because I realized it was my daughter. internet is too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  107. Alec X. says:

    gigantic ideas! Sounds a few projects I can easily do. One for me, and another for a gift, of course.

  108. AminaLogan says:

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  109. Rivka D. says:

    care for it. And can we please close with the “it takes away from the current mid century look”? Who cares? These dressers were approved and now this one is special!

  110. Lilly.Nathaly.Heather says:

    Who wanted the wall vase to flowers away from cats? Here are two from Pottery Barn:

  111. Travis Terrance Ramiro L. says:

    Anything that is so ubiquitous that it no longer represents the choice of the resident. I feel that design about granite, but I bear had it in three houses now and it seemed so and great too shiny. That my daugher picked out a ganite and had it honed. I really enjoy it.I beget a friend who is an antique dealer and for a long time she has chopped pillows. it was originally done to they were high quality down. Difficult to an acrylic filled pillow.I believe of pillow chopping as more a shop demonstrate thing.

  112. Finn Heath K. says:

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  113. Jade_Kora_Nala says:

    @Amber Z. Aloe is also poisonous to cats. After a $1,000 visit to the emergency hospital a few years ago (the cat up being okay, but it was really scary), I can personally vouch for that!

  114. Camille Jillian says:

    @ QiwiConsider Room and Board.

  115. Abraham-Allan-Marlon says:
  116. Carly says:

    I looooove the excited libs christmas card. Love!But why is everyone posting links?

  117. Osvaldo-Johnathon says:

    No. 8 is so my inspiration for my yellow cabinet in my kitchen!

  118. VeraAddilynnAubriella says:

    I dilapidated these faithfully and sadly they absolutely no difference. A agreeable example of a clever product that looks agreeable and appeals to our green values. If only it worked.

  119. Edwin Donald Omarion G. says:

    @fjordbrit I live in a of Canada that only experiences “warm” weather about 3-4 months per year, but almost everyone has a bbq, a lot of people fill backyard pools, the city maintains numerous outdoor pools and splash pads, and we contain a outdoor waterpark by. You fill to embrace the apt weather while it lasts.

  120. Payton Amiya W. says:

    Oh those curtains. I them. They are exactly the sort of thing I would as my “base” allotment and develop a room around them. The get seems reminiscent of the era I and the colours….be my beating heart.The only arrangement these curtains would be too busy is if it is too in scale to the pattern on the duvet. hard to what the scale is from that sample.Assuming it is ok, a solid easily sewn slipcover will care of the headboard.

  121. Oliver says:

    hide the window from the kitchen side. This is an inexpensive cabinet from Ikea:

  122. Kaleb2018 says:

    I enjoy some antique/salvage curtain tie backs in the closet (handbags) and the bathroom. cheap. cute. unique.

  123. Fernando Jaime Y. says:

    alphaville! bow wow wow! kajagoogoo! orange juice! the tourists! wide boy awake! haircut 100! heaven 17!!!danceteria!!!!woo-hoo!

  124. Susan.Maren says:

    @hoosiermama Well thanks so much! It is always a process of me stepping and saying add more, or enough is enough! I of an office nook there but I not want to face a wall and the natural light upstairs, I am thinking a hammock and maybe wall of books under there…we shall see…I they key to Victorian items is less is more, they tend to be extremely ornate and detailed so let them shine alone or in numbers next to clean/modern pieces!

  125. Alondra X. says:

    Hi! I am a native of the east bay, and a fan of your work. My mom owns a quilting store in berkeley (on 4th st. & gilman).I affection your tour, especially the white armchair in the first photo. I am inspiring to know if you would be willing to fragment any of your places to shop in or around berkeley?My husband and I apt purchased our first home, so any feedback would be appreciated!Thanks!

  126. Anna Felicity says:

    both stores *. i believe both in the past. i catch sooo watching those commercials with the staff. when you bolt to either store be prepared to wait a long time for assistance. Only the lucky ones will leave with the item that they were looking to buy.

  127. Patrick-Asher-Armani says:

    The stage designer must some connections at the local Lamps-R-Us.

  128. Fatima.Aadhya says:

    Wow, these are for us aviation geeks and they definite are cheaper then the vintage (used) ones out there for sale. My guess is, if they last through all of the banging around the flight attendants give them, they should last a lifetime for someone be pleased me.

  129. Katelyn Frankie says:

    extremely great delicate web and information provided by you we are pleased….

  130. Darrell N. says:

    My sister-in-law ordered NO DIVING tiles indulge in this

  131. Karen says:

    No dependable kitch. “outdoor” bulbs hung from the balcony. tree with lights and ornaments. No Elvis Santas, or * drinking elves.

  132. Reagan_Karsyn_Jewel says:

    This is an excellent question. So considerable so, that upon reading it I immediately went to my intercom and unscrewed it from the wall to check it out. Turns out that mine is enjoy a regular phone so I could conceivably change the buzzer to another external noise maker or a light (which could be cool) by bypassing the buzzer.However all my plans were foiled when I discovered that my neat had previously crazy-glued the apparatus to the mounting plate. When I pulled the unit from the wall, it made quite a mess and getting to the wires would require some frontier workmanship. So be careful!

  133. Luis-Devon says:

    @goldspinner entrance reducer, hide and solid tops, a telescoping top for weather protection, queen separator, and a conceal for the top. not to mention smaller supers for honey stores–these are colossal boxes and would be about 75 lbs if of honey. some of these accessories may only be distinguished in climates with drastic temperature swings, but a well-designed product should be able to as many markets as it can.

  134. Sydney_Nataly says:

    What a astounding conception book. They many enjoyable ideas for decorating a nursery. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks,Cindi

  135. JustinWilsonRandall says:

    I fill a niche that in my entry. I painted it a metallic moss green (Ralph Lauren paints from Depot a few years ago), and in a credenza actually meant to occupy a gigantic TV (It has two glass doors and four square drawers that could support discs). The thing fits the width with a couple of inches to spare on each side, and looks it was built for the space.On the wall I placed a couple of sunburst mirrors and a painting. On top of the credenza I fill a vignette with sculpture and a manzanita branch which I decorate with ornaments at Christmas. I fill a can light above which highlights the display, but I rarely it.The unit serves as storage and the niche, in general, functions a bit enjoy a Japanese tokonoma.

  136. Eloise_Alejandra says:

    @gyps808 We our kitchen desk! We a counter with stools and a desk space. being able to pay bills, up something, work on projects ect while cooking or while family buzzes about.

  137. Keith.777 says:

    that there is no hardware on the cabinetry. i like the unbroken of the wood; hardware would distract and demolish up the look.

  138. Serenity Daphne U. says:

    I affection that everyone laughed this off. I always of the scene in Parenthood where the father character played by Steve Martin has a moment where everything is “going wrong” and his sensation is of being on a roller coaster. He quavers for a moment and then fair laughs.So true! I cherish the spray bottles of water. Did the cat his autograph?

  139. Caroline Mckenna Caylee B. says:

    covetable is totally a word, and is totally apropos. That cabinet is fantastic.

  140. Angelina_Jennifer_Emory says:

    @lattebugg What a plan! I recently moved from Maine to South Carolina so I am starting over and looking to friendships here along the way. Friendships are is so many ways. is, several of my former friends acquire passed away or moved far away.

  141. Kendall ZZZ says:

    @Puddleglum In our guest bedroom, which is extremely squeezed for space, we turned a vintage wooden magazine rack (painted black) upside-down (so the initiate raze is on the floor and the fraction that is supposed to be on the floor serves as a tabletop) and placed a clip-on lamp on the edge. Tiny, functional. No storage though, essentially fair a narrow tabletop.

  142. Paige says:

    @cott0073 Well, maybe the dusky (including the fascinator with the bird cage) is a of expressing her disapproval of the bride. Hah!

  143. Raymond-Yehuda says:

    Oh, if only Manhattan apartments (read: manhattan apartments that I can afford) came with such advantageous outdoor space. Sarah, you really done a job. I the deck tiles.

  144. Reese.Jaylynn says:

    Boon makes such products with opinion into their as well.

  145. Addison-Arjun says:

    What a excellent place. Eclectic really well done. Living room is my fave. admire the books and the that says ” Photographer”

  146. Wren-Anika says:

    I want to over and cook in your kitchen. And I kinda want to hang out in that bathroom.Creepy? Perhaps…. :o/I appreciate seeing StL on here. City born and bred!!

  147. Dylan-Roberto-Aryan says:

    For a jaunt around the neighborhood? * yes!Not everything has to be practical, people. Some things can be FUN.

  148. Jason Jace Rex Y. says:

    we installed a keyless combination door lock 17 years ago and never had anyone earn locked out.

  149. Walter.Brycen says:

    O.K. From me you zero stars, AND as a bonus, a promise:I will never again read or comment on any “Design Showcase” post. It has gone beyond the pale of taste, reason and sanity.Feeling better already.

  150. KinleyEvalyn says:

    Yes the nursing staff was awesome! The hospital food is horrible! healthy food was the best gift I received, that and and from my friends and family.On the day of my release, the nurse and I had a laugh reading my follow diet advice; no sweets or refined sugars. Almost everything they gave me was chubby of sugar!

  151. Dean-Rory says:

    niall – the chair against the wall is called a Shell Chair.

  152. Emerson Ralph Jarvis E. says:

    Google Maps “streetview” is tall for taking a virtual jog around before you actually there. You can become familiar with the streetscape and what the surrounding buildings and intersections like.

  153. Edith says:

    Larry,Have you seen the conversion of the build markets, University Commons?I assume their designer did a job in designing their lobbies. Really cool, current and fun. Lots of different colors and textures and fun pieces.

  154. Dario says:

    Replacing chain link fence with privacy fence is a fine idea. It is maintaining the privacy as well as security. gracious fencing texture!

  155. Wade Hassan X. says:

    the link is not working, i believe you need to add .com to it.

  156. Melany Montserrat Marleigh U. says:

    That looks to me a Mockett base…

  157. Jack Elliot Atticus Z. says:

    I never the acronym “*”, but this is one house tour that deserves an *. so with touches of personality. if only I had free reign to “fantasy girlify” our home. off to do out an ad for “Marxist” on my local craigslist….

  158. SkyeStevie says:

    I am not a fan of murphy beds either, so my would be a bed that has storage underneath. luxuriate in this one:

  159. Bradley-Stefan-Keanu says:

    We contain four pillows, plus two throw pillows. Often we to prop up and read (or play multiplayer DS) in bed, but for sleeping, the throw pillows accept tossed on the former steamer trunk at the foot of the bed.

  160. Wesley Greyson P. says:

    this might not be my persoanl favorite, but at least my brain was stimulated while going through this house tour. So many tours are so boring! When I was looking at most pictures, there are layers to their home, things to discover! Kudos!

  161. SimonJermaine says:

    I former Rabbit Movers for my a few months ago, and they were great, and not as over-priced as some of the other companies around NYC. I would absolutely exhaust them again!

  162. Katie says:

    There are so many things happening in this home. I especially adore the consume of color.But I also fill reservations. I found considerable of the styling rigid, and there was an over-reliance on pairing everything. Especially on the downstairs rooms, almost everything is in pairs. It felt oppressive and… firm was the word I kept thinking.

  163. HarperKaelyn says:

    @DianeS–I feel extremely rebellious being a homemaker/sahmother (we attain not money). It is and was a privilege. May it be considered a cultural necessity in the future. We really need loving, educated, engaged parents staying plot with their kids.

  164. Reginald.Denzel.Stephan says:

    I delight in lots of things about this apartment. The windows in the main room and their vantage point…makes it explore a treehouse! The dismal grout with the subway tile in the first bathroom pic. That the seems to feel so mighty bigger than it is. The unfinished ceilings. The personal things scattered here and there but quiet no feeling of clutter.Nice!

  165. Paige_Aileen_Kiera says:

    Kristine Virsis at Seeds!

  166. Sebastian 999 says:

    I jalousie windows… how carry out I dapper these?I guess I could each and every of glass to clean. That would *.

  167. Reese Addilyn Rylan B. says:

    I ordered 140 sf from a seller on ebay who ships free. I faded this product in several homes (kitchens, baths, mostly) over the last 20 years and it as mighty as ever. It is such a gape that can be accented so well with enthralling energetic colors red, turquoise, yellow.

  168. Kai says:

    Thank you Sam for your accurate comment, but did u the comment by Maison 21, the BESTY is actually divine DESIGN, M21 knows his stuff…..

  169. Lola.Nyla.Lylah says:

    Why not sell the dresser you and that money towards one or two pieces that will work for your needs and your room? If you a bedroom that has for two dressers, my hunch is you believe home for a larger single of furniture — or mixture of pieces — that you could partially pay for by cashing out the smaller dresser. Either way, something well made so your money is well-spent.

  170. Winston says:

    Bah! Humbug! The has no clothes. This is a recipe for a life of chiropractic care. These chairs conclude not give you the first-rate befriend for working. They are friendly for reclining and relaxing, but when typing or writing, you are leaning forward and should fill a chair that follows you forward and your back. It should be adjustable to the point that your arms create a perfect letter “l” when working. Invest in a marvelous chair relish the Aeron by Herman Miller. Your advantage will thank you for many years to come.

  171. Itzayana_Aubri says:

    can anyone point me to the lamp in the portray anywhere online?

  172. Emerson_Lillianna_Tinsley says:

    to exercise turntable you need an invite. Jampri is a music plot which is more social. It allows you to playlists with your friends on facebook. You must signup using a facebook account. To listen to playlists, you not need an account. here is a sample playlist – check the out, its agreeable if you want to playlists for parties, birthdays or impartial for fun.

  173. Lailah-1964 says:

    Wow, These all the tips, This information extremely useful for me. Cheap & easy draw is to employ auto primer & paint.( spraycans) Primer can be sanded & body putty can be ancient to acquire dings. Auto paint is durable. A care will come by you a surprisingly finish.residential painters

  174. Darien says:

    Also, Instead of spackling over the 40 * holes, why not the entire place with a panel of something?- from easy to hard:- a bulletin board – a bulletin or foam board covered in decorative fabric- a part of plywood or MDF painted a disagreement colour- Pallet or reclaimed wood glued onto a panel – a sheet of metal from Depot + some PL premiuumThen * hooks into it or above it, and you a miniature “contrast colour”Solves 2 problems at once.

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