Make The Magnificent Platform Bed Frame King Better

Platform bed frame king come to your bedroom nicely and you can make it better sooner today. The first factor you need to consider it while making the bed has a purpose, that is, you need to consider the people who will use it. Ook age of those things, because some aspects of the plan zoals dimensions, structures, and utilities and equipment that must be attached to the bed depends on the person. While the sketch plan, you will ook need to consider some other aspects zoals that material. You will use the framework and king-size beds.

platform bed frame king storage with bookcase headboard

platform bed frame king storage with bookcase headboard

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really make the magnificent platform bed frame king better. A king-size bed does not mean that you should have just ‘sleeping’ in kind such as furniture; You can be creative and churn out some very good plan with the help of storage space. Maybe you are using some innovative Means To do so, zoals create a set of drawers in the bedroom. Perhaps you also have small closet space in each bedroom. This may increasement cost a bit, but on the positive side, you’ll get more storage space. Space under the bed is lower or used for the purpose of making storage space. At the time, it was used to make a withdrawal drawer. This space can be useful Utilized to make an extra folding bed. There are several ways in-which the platform was actually built. General is one of the beds on top of the other, with two planes parallel to each other. Sometimes people use the bed three ook, ook-which could become additional storage space. Some of them also have placed perpendicular to the platform bed.

cool rustic platform bed frame king design ideas

cool rustic platform bed frame king design ideas

Gorgeous platform bed frame king with beautiful design

Gorgeous platform bed frame king with beautiful design

The plan, however, only applies to large sized rooms. The final plan is a creative arrangement of all furniture. Bed with ladder was being very common. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really make the magnificent platform bed frame king better.

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  1. Rylee.Daisy.Briar says:

    ohjodi has the best yet :-PSeriously, embrace it! delicate fraction of furniture. fill it with personal items, books, plants and it will glance a ton better.

  2. Layne-88 says:

    lauren84: totally agreed on the *! I got attend from a camping where we had apt enough * to last us… any less and it would believe been a disaster!I always forget flashlights and this year… forgot toothpaste as well. Luckily we were only camping a few minutes from town so we could dart position and our forgotten stuff!

  3. Braxton.Braylon.Anderson says:

    We obtain cat litter delivered–so easier to two months worth (16 bags) at a pop and fill someone else carry it down the stairs to the basement.

  4. Paisley Madelyn Calliope says:

    My biggest plight with hanging modern drapes is the ladder required to bag up there – super-tall ceilings with floor-to-ceiling windows means a lot more height than I am comfortable with.But my living room windows and the gap at the end of the blinds really been bugging me lately, so maybe this weekend I will try again to climb the ladder and hang the drapes that bear been sitting on the table for over a month now.

  5. AlvaroJordyn says:

    for some easy bathroom “art”, i covered cheap canvases with fabric. they came out good-looking well and only took about a half hour to do, and they held up well with the humidity.

  6. RickyBruno says:

    Anyone who has been to a Carribean island will probably agree that this is a genius idea. I seriously want some of these bottles!

  7. Maylee says:

    We believe a coffee table with a shelf underneath the top. We store our DVDs in wicker baskets on the shelf (you can only the edges of the baskets; the top of the table blocks you from seeing that the baskets are of DVDs). It is the best looking we acquire approach up with so far.

  8. AdleyRosieYamileth says:

    I admire this, but I believe the – a fireplace in EVERY single room, and they too in a 3-bedroom apartment.

  9. Victor-Johnny-Arthur says:

    @Adcini Such intentions but as Alice points out, many people particular ways of drying their clothes (or the clothes cannot be dried in the dryer at all) and you ruining friendly and/or special garments. 🙁

  10. Alexa Adelaide Christina says:

    hello, i recommend inatech finishing center, experts in stamped concrete, this are a diagram for more comely and durable your concrete floor

  11. Janiyah-Angelique-Bonnie says:

    Thank you Katerina so distinguished for visiting Recreational Decorator it certainly is my passion project ( I wish I had more time for it! )

  12. Levi says:

    @ Magoo1 – Well said! I definitely fraction your sentiments! When I mention this to others, they often gape at me as if I fill ten heads!!!

  13. Mya Malaya Ansley says:

    is because “that” store did everything upside down and we believe to it too? this is insanity!

  14. Emery Oakley says:

    I beget a similar size lounge area, and rectangular works better.It is difficult to suggest anything else because we cannot the whole room with that photo, but it looks a chair would work to the accurate of the window.

  15. Bryan says:

    I would do some cupboard doors over it. You could consume shutters and divulge them over the fireplace to play down the asymmetry. A sliding camouflage would provide a similar answer with a great different feel.

  16. Carter_Terrance_Jovan says:

    My is this: where can I that duvet cover?

  17. Leila_Jennifer_Aitana says:

    With how trend ombre has been this summer I would concept people would be all over this. Its simple and you could it with kids. Or as something to enact other than sit on the couch. Plus for once AT posted something you for cents. I the idea.

  18. Joy Madalynn says:

    You know what they say: Dress for the job you want, not the one you have. Well, I wonder if the same thing can be applied to desk space. Personally, I adore whimsy and humor and quirk where I work. And I am inclined toward clutter (sigh).But most spaces of executives are simple, streamlined and–my greatest challenge–neat. Maybe a plant or two. Photos of the family, perhaps, always nicely framed. Framed artwork. A non-fussy lamp. A bowl of sugary treats for when meetings long. That sort of thing?

  19. Thea Carolyn Ellison says:

    I (and recently installed) the Vitra Omni, miniature footprint, one piece, and under $250 from a local plumbing shop.

  20. Amiya A. says:

    I fill had two IKEA rugs and both shed crazy for one year each. One was total garbage in no time and the other one is stilll standing grand after 4 years in my livingroom.

  21. Zion says:

    87% polyester / 13% spandex…anybody seen/touched these things in person and able to rate the cheesey factor of the fabric? Looks as anti-pet-fur protection . . .

  22. Javon Armani L. says:

    @Pisica Hatoul adore it. People should accurate what makes them elated after all, right?

  23. AshlynMalloryFernanda says:

    @Madsie yeah, i had to laugh when i read about the “revelatory tip” of having descending paper ornaments and ascending lit candles, lol.i would bask in instructions for the round one though, it is pretty.

  24. Mariah says:

    I this article! I it could be expanded to more. I to confess to sitting in an Ikea for more than 20 minutes contemplating my desire to a Picasso reproduction on the wall. I kept saying, “I enjoy it, why must I it!?”

  25. Bo_Earl says:

    Hooray for colors! These are the ones I always gravitate to on the paint color cards. The colors and furnishings together. I also your blooming kitty.

  26. Axel Rigoberto R. says:

    Can anyone recommend a fine soft patchouli as opposed to that leer watering dirty smell so often found ?

  27. Jessica Kayleigh Clementine says:

    If it makes you nervous to unprejudiced it then I suggest covering it with fabric or wrapping paper you adore.

  28. ClaraMae says:

    In case you need it: phileo means “I love” in Greek and adelphos means “brother”. Phileo was a particular of care for (the Greeks had 6 words for love) that was a of a deep friendship, the forged by soldiers who fought side by side on the battlefield.Save travels! x Alison

  29. Jaxon.Marquis.Demarcus says:

    Bleach to them white-ish. Then seal. Or, regrout.Wiping down/squeegieing really helps on the cleanup. I finish this after my morning shower and i enjoy had to extremely cramped cleaning. I am paranoid of excess moisture, because the tile i installed supposedly gets rusty spots if left moist consistently.

  30. Adley@1990 says:

    We Ikea all over our place. Our entire kitchen is Ikea, but we mixed it carefully and knew when to stop. We also altered surfaces that were the least expensive at ikea to the explore we wanted.

  31. JairoSantinoVincenzo says:

    There is another option that gets the handlebars skiiny and makes the bike less obtrusive, easier to store in narrow spots and also easier to load on bike racks etc. check out it lets you turn your handlebars 90 degrees with the press of a button..

  32. Finley.April.Jillian says:

    Rustoleum has a Colonial that is a limited darker with a blue undertone, instead of orange undertones, that comes in spray cans and pints/quarts for brush painting.

  33. Baylee.Perla says:

    what happened to AT??they feature so many places these days. and those rooms.. apart from no. 6, and probably the first.. the rest are horrible, not only that, but whoever too the photos was obviously Blind!!! cropping and arrangement. AT talks about thier tips to grand shots, but they post lousy ones themselves!

  34. JonathonColt says:

    This looks bask in a project better done on a stretched canvas or sheet of foamcore rather than directly on the wall. That draw you could incorporate the additional colour or texture of a fabric backing and avoid putting hundreds of holes in your wall.

  35. Miya says:

    I sometimes want to bellow when I to bolt on airplane so I totally sympathize with babies and children who bellow and act up.

  36. Titus Brice Kanye I. says:

    I delight in the artwork. The marble makes the home seem cold. Having a closet is an improvement.

  37. MarcoRaulSidney says:

    Wow, lots of envy and classism here. I had to check one of their videos and I believe they are fun, and evidently they are at what they do. I wish I could be able to enact what I and acquire lots of money out of it. Kudos.

  38. Corey Markus C. says:

    I my house plants and absorb many in every room. One cactus growing to the ceiling, a tree in living room, and many more.They compose me smile.

  39. Karter says:

    Absolutely adore this – we are trying to work out away to design a tv stand from them, I will be sharing these with my boyfriend later. We managed to a few crates from a local wine shop, it is a one though and a friend who works in the wine industry says its to them now.

  40. Levi Shea A. says:

    Well, Feb 2nd is my birthday… so probably a dinner with my best friends. It would be fun to send out invites instead of sending out a group email usual…

  41. Landen_Nick_Travon says:

    I appreciate this formula! I always draw over pack or under pack.My friend almost got kicked out of the Duomo in Milan for wearing Leggings, a dress (turtleneck), and a cardigan.. because her dress was too short! Yet another girl we were with got let in wearing leggings as pants.

  42. Davis.Junior.Nikhil says:

    I found an typewriter table in my yard when I moved in. Rusty, but functional. Sanded and spray painted it. With a silver tray on it, it holds keys, purse, etc., while I exercise the underneath for stowing shoes as I in the door. for spaces, and useful when I need it for other temporary functions (with my laptop, for instance!). Wish I could post a picture. My coat closet is also in another part of the apartment. I converted it from a linen closet. blissful landings!

  43. Braelynn Ellis Ellianna J. says:

    Of course I say thank you when receiving a gift, but I always – without exception – write a personalized to the givers, reiterating my and letting them know this is special. Not to so is unimaginable to me, and fortunately to my friends and family.

  44. Ashley-Zaylee says:

    I four main doors into my house, I indulge in things that are color coded and I am a bit crazy. The front door and the French doors that lead out to my abet porch are keyed together and both are painted black, so their key was dipped in the same dismal paint. Both the doors in my garage (one opening into the main house, one opening into the backyard) are keyed together and both are painted white, so their key is dipped in white paint.It makes my brain happy.

  45. Quinn says:

    The header is the key: it gives the shelves room the be there without making the room smaller or the shelves an afterthought. And they are really not that to install.And yes, pine is a * to stain! Drastically uneven stain absorption means drastic light and areas. Kiddos for using gel stains to a more even coloring. A wash coat of shellac or prestain conditioner before staining will also even out the coloring..The employ of wall lamps instead of recessed adds visual dimension and illuminates all the shelves,not the top. Far better visually than the standard track lights on ceiling.

  46. Javon Keshawn says:

    “I offered a house warming party/shower of sorts but she does not want people getting the current location dirty.”- * LOL. How dirty are her friends? This is ridiculous. believe them bewitch their shoes off when the in and serene DOWN ABOUT THE MESS.

  47. Aaron.Rocco.Joan says:

    @marie471 The best to rid of expired medication is to acquire them to a drugstore so they can be disposed of in a manner

  48. Saige W. says:

    The May/June of Preservation Magazine is dedicated to Modernism – looking at the pitfalls and hurdles in saving the fresh vernacular fashion as well as the seeming no-brainers by the masters of modernism. Such a shame 🙁 I hope her Mc.Mansion sinks into the swamplands with her in it.

  49. Hayden Aryanna says:

    It always seems alternative companies that are celebrated for their difference in a market of homogeny are pointed out – as concept we should demand better. This considerate of expectation should be placed on all companies.

  50. Gilberto Reagan Norman M. says:

    having friends over for breakfast, going shopping with the girls, enjoying homemade burgers outside and savoring the long days of summer!

  51. MilaAlexis says:

    You really raised your property value by getting those community improvements done! smart. I usually so concrete is cold, but the browns and orange really warm it up and it feel extremely inviting. I usually abhor close up shots in a house tour, but I would believe liked a cessation up of the art in your bedroom.

  52. Victor@696 says:

    Not my personal taste, but it does peek extraordinary fun! I want to be friends with you guys:-) I especially savor Zions room, often childrens bedrooms can they are more decorated according to their parents taste, his looks & he really likes it!

  53. Marie.1971 says:

    This so needs to be done!!! My linen closet is chaos!! How to accomplish it easy access?? Bins?

  54. Dylan Alyson D. says:

    Ok, I meant to say that we are concerned about White/grey streaked carerra marble counter, White blinds and White subway tilebeing too considerable white next too each other. Maybe we should believe something with color such as Butter crackle subway tile or a feeble white crackle subway tile. Also liked the of Solistone Mission tiles.I will up pics after counter is installed tomorrow.

  55. Jaylene-1966 says:

    I canvas! They can beautify interior in extremely simple and arrangement 🙂 I would also add to this list – they canvas in really first-rate prices and in high quality.

  56. Vivian_Amiya_Briar says:

    Those of you that acquire this computer- how is word processing once you ancient to the smaller keyboard? As a dull grad student, all i really employ my computer for is photo storage (no editing), word processing, internet usage (e-mails, posting, browsing). This might be perfect for me!Any feedback you contain is valued.

  57. Chad.Domenic.Blaise says:

    Definitely agree with the unifying artwork as well as the few but ample idea. It is also always useful to grasp your favourite allotment of furniture or artwork and beget it your focal point which you the rest of the room around. It helps not only to organise the room but to organise your thoughts as well when beginning the decoration project.

  58. Nayeli says:

    Historical re-enactors will also be a noble source of tips & tricks relish this. A book about the re-enactor culture (“Confederates In the Attic”) mentioned that you can salvage a patina on brass buttons by soaking them overnight in a jar of *.

  59. Jaliyah Rhea says:

    This looks too wide in the tandem mode. I contain a Baby Jogger City which is also a convertable stroller(single to double). When I wore out my last stroller we purchased the BJCS one anticipating a second baby soon. I adore it! I would a tandem to a side-by-side. How is a mama supposed to amble shopping? I bear a enough squeezing a single stroller through the clothing racks as it is.

  60. Lyla says:

    I agree that the sideboard is your star piece. I would the rug to pace with it and the room around it.I the downhearted and white IKEA or West Elm zig zag for a pop/modern look

  61. Shamar says:

    What a truly inspired combination of sleek whimsy and deliciously fresh style. The colors are at once challenging and soothing to the eye; simultaneously anchoring each home in a pallete of inspiration and mood, and serving as a sensory showcase for an astonishing collection of delicilously gripping furnishings and artwork.The period details of the house and gorgeous, hardwood floors are a perfect backdrop.Touche!Steve in LA

  62. Dana.1993 says:

    space, especially in keeping toys from cluttering everything up. the spare art on the walls, having a branch up in one of the nurseries…

  63. Isaiah Tomas A. says:

    YAY!!! I absorb a greek revival built in 1839 and sometimes I feel out of set on here. I am in with the wall color in your dining room.

  64. VanessaNylahDulce says:

    Thanks everyone! You gave hints and tips. My unsteady bed is now far more solid. Here is what I did:1)I did not realize the improper braces are met to sick the sides into the center. This made so that the double slats were more even and centered.2)There was aloof a gap between the side of slats and the bed frame. Because the curious of the bed made the slats hit the metal brace, it made everything really noisy. So i got some sticky insulation * designed for around doors and windows, and stuck a fraction at the of each slat, but left the plastic backing on the other side so it would not stick to the metal frame.Once all the slats were aligned, they were sturdy and silent!

  65. Emily.Jacqueline says:

    We had a experience with our flow with Rabbit on 8 February. The crew (Carlos, Kyle, Adam and Dave) were professional, friendly, efficient and took first-rate care of our furniture. Everyone had a attitude and did a job. We will definitely them again and beget already recommended them to many friends. Highly recommended!

  66. Peyton.Maeve.Hayley says:

    artificial grass http://www.vivaturf.comVIVATURF is one of the leading Chinese manufacturer of artificial grass, synthetic turf, artificial turf.

  67. Josiah_Terrence says:

    We usually vintage lighting in our home. Some of our “happy” favorites include the Laurel lamp with its thin, comely stand topped with the round mushroom shape. And the classic George Nelson bubble lamp is cheerful yet soothing at the same time. I design adore that Bubble Light No. 5 above though!! Might be a perfect addition in our kitchen!

  68. Sarah Cheyenne Belen says:

    Not which shade of green you are going for but here are three Thomas Paul prints from Calico Corners:

  69. Gemma.Briella says:

    My oh my, create I ever want this! I live in utah, and we fill lots of sun. This would really my carbon footprint.

  70. Aleena.Raquel.Heather says:

    My advice from first-hand experience: if you something you devour during busy season (esp. leading into summer and then into Sept.), act accurate away! Bring everything you with you so that you can apply on the spot.With a broker, I saw 13 apartments in one day but she advised me to attach in all the applications I was eager in at the of the day. mistake. I expressed interest in 5, but I missed out on all of them by a matter of hours. It was incredibly discouraging. (I up lucking out by finding an by-owner apartment by chance: NYC is corpulent of stories of renters running into marvelous luck!)Another friend who was also new to the NYC market concept his broker was being pushy when she advised him to in an application away on the 1st plot he saw and liked; he afflict up putting it off, hated everything else he saw that day, and then found out that the apartment he liked was snapped up within the hour after he left.During slower times — especially from Dec through Feb — there is time and room to negotiate, but the influx of current students and workers over the summer gives landlords a ample advantage. great luck to all you hunters!

  71. Tristin Ronnie Anton G. says:

    Dear Stephen: beget YOU know what is happening to the NYT H&G section? Are they running out of ideas, cash … or unprejudiced running amok?FYI, the fresh HB allotment where designers post paint chips in response to a particular theme. I attach all of them, and re-subscribed because of the section. Please it up! And if you need any with those questions….

  72. Adin H. says:

    Even if you can handle stairs well today, something unrelated can happen tonight that makes handling them impossible for a long time. Your dwelling may then become uninhabitable by you. For instance, when my healthy, young classmate lost a leg in a collision, his housing requirements changed drastically without warning. No one is immune to misfortune, but sensible can its effects.

  73. Livia says:

    alina, simply gorgeous. artful and beautiful. sorry if i missed this but where are the white living room chairs from?

  74. Kailani.911 says:

    wow I am blown away by all the activity going on here at AT. My partner woke me up and replied its getting crazy online-get up. But to to your comments heed and Amy yes I wish my friend Laura had toned things down a notch. She is objective a passionate type and can on a roll at times. We a minimal furniture region at the moment but we honest moved into this region and because we had to create other reno projects we decided to add the bathroom now rather than later. I acquire plans for the other rooms and when time and saved up money comes into play we will decorate.Also this bathroom was done for under $1500 because I bought all the would be expensive fixtures online at discount sites, ebay, and forth. For example that kohler faucet is about $400 I got it for $90 off ebay. I explained some of the ranges of the other elements in one of my archaic posts under my contest entry. Be to fraction these sources with who ever wants them too.

  75. Jesus says:

    esteem the & that u hung ur bike in the living room… i been debating where to try to do mine & this idea… can u please bid me where u got ur hook/hanger? & is it a in the neck to actually hang it up there by urself? i absorb a vintage schwinn & it is HEAVY… thx!

  76. Angel Maurice Dario N. says:

    I apt read your blog where you hacked the legs off a credenza and replaced them with some IKEA ones. And then hacked *those* off to different heights, to suit your floor.I believe I non-romantically esteem you.

  77. Maxwell-Julius says:

    Yes, I want one too *sigh*. Betty & Don acquire one on enraged Men, so I am reminded of it every week.

  78. London Mckenna Marina says:

    In Seattle they are tearing down buildings and putting in megacondos or evicting renters and turning apartment buildings into condos. Property taxes are getting extremely high. Many renters had to leave the residence due to high rent or no available apartments. I am a landlord,with one rental unit. Trying to the property as long as I can afford it. We cherish our neighborhood but feel we are being priced and taxed out of it.

  79. Jake Deandre C. says:

    @LibbyP It depends on how much fur there is and how wide an residence the Roomba covers at once. Also, what type of Roomba you have, ours is a 2009 model upgraded with a 600 series bin. I the 700 and 800 series absorb larger capacities.The Roomba does the first floor of our house – about 500sf – on Mon, Wed, and Fri. It is a mixture of hardwood floors and extremely indecent pile rugs. We currently contain 2 cats and the bin is never completely when it docks at the end. However, when we had 3 cats (we lost the eldest to a congenital heart condition complicated by fleet progressing diabetes in July) we had to empty the bin half through or it would too fast.We the upstairs rooms one at a time because they doors, the bin never fills for honest one room unless it finds and eats a stray sock.

  80. Paisley-Remington says:

    We enjoy two year musty twin boys and we too were looking for comfy, cuddling, yet looking can withstand the test of toddlers couch. Between crate and barrel and room and board, I must contain parked on at least 30 couches and when I finally sat on the Simone Day Bed at C and B – there was not turning back. It is now in our living room and it is correct a dream. We all can sit on it and cuddle and it looks lovely. I threw pilows on the attend of it. Here is the link

  81. Anastasia_Landry says:

    Freaky! I bought an identical teak room divider, also $200, off Craigslist Chicago this fall. Cue Twilight Zone music.

  82. EloiseMagnoliaMarina says:

    @saacnmama, I the feel of blankets and/or bedspread regardless of the temperature too. In the summer, I fill two blankets, both cotton, one lightweight, the other medium weight plus a medium-weight bedspread. It works beautifully. If you several heavyweight blankets on it might not work quite as well but I detached believe it might because it can be turned up quite high.

  83. Sutton 666 says:

    Besides looking uncomfortable, it objective makes me of Wile E. Coyote sitting on it and somehow ending up flat as a pancake.

  84. Madeline_Elisabeth says:

    I THIS HOUSE!So and cheerful, and amazing. I wish we could pictures of the kids rooms; I can imagine how funky they would be. I esteem all the art, and the simple furniture works well!

  85. Camila_Elsie says:

    Gravol! I contain a natty sensitive stomach and flights me arrangement too nauseous. Also seconding the inflatable pillow!

  86. Muhammad Reynaldo Giovani says:

    michpc – a dracaena or rubber tree might work in your dry air. Or a humungo euphorbia or cactus.I earn the bigger plants are generally easier to and more cat-resistant (which is not to say totally.) I lots of plants in various sizes.

  87. Elaina777 says:

    I deem IKEAhacker had several versions of these…metal circles, christmas ornaments, fishing line, cord set…

  88. Lucia Demi Karlie B. says:

    wow, that sounds thrilling, aladaywhoknows! i cant imagine having that as a part of my upbringing!

  89. Domenic says:

    advice! I am a prof organizer and agree, honest aside 15 minutes a day to tidy-up. You will be amazed at what you can achieve!cristin @ simplified

  90. Muhammad says:

    Anusha is about the size examine – I enjoy a bedroom and would occupy to a bit of extra floorspace to hasten around, inaugurate drawers, clean, etc. without having the bed against the wall than a queen sized bed…
    …a suits me fine.

  91. Lia-Marie says:

    I must agree with rosenatti, Giant Boston Terrior is a must. I bear a exiguous Boston Terrior and I couldnt imagine her in extra large. 😉

  92. Selah Amirah says:

    @Virginia Grayson It looks like this lamp:

  93. Dangelo says:

    Kyle – position – I really want to know where you got those chairs in the living room…so to gather any fun accent chairs bask in this.Thanks

  94. RemingtonAdin says:

    Charlie26 the shelves in the office nook are from Ikea… and the rugs are rah rah kilims and similar can be bought from Loom rugs in Melbourne.

  95. Chandler-London says:

    (fwiw i maybe a month of doorways would be cool. i a year would find redudant.)oh oh maybe we can bear “parts/aspects of your home”? and vary the “part” each month? maybe its too colossal of an overlap with the monthly themes… but…door, floor, cabinet, table, bed/pillow/blanket, bookcase, shelf, lamp, time/clock, computer (since we all probably contain one), cleaning/water, warmth/heat, cooking/food, celebrating (for december!).

  96. Mathias V. says:

    What a agreeable place! It looks so comfortable and relaxing. I want to advance visit! ; )

  97. Gonzalo says:

    Looks so challenging and cosy.. that rusty red! attention to detail with the stained cladding matching the painted cladding on the house! job!

  98. Aitana says:

    choice (in a agreeable way) to enjoy a bistro table come the pass-through instead of the expected stools. Hope you are using it for fine romantic dinners… and lighting a candle everytime you do!!

  99. Alannah-1961 says:

    Im a grand fan of Sabrina Sotos!! I dvr “get it sold” and try to as many tips as possible from the prove as I can. I even made a wood headboard thanks to her.Its so ironic to glimpse her apartment on the location because when she stages she always goes for a natural palette and contemporary neat look, I always wondered what her personal fashion was, and now I know. Absolutely cherish it!

  100. Roger.Dion says:

    Am I the only one who noticed the title of the article says “threat” instead of what I boom was meant to be “treat”?

  101. Dahlia says:

    @ECFinn What counter what you suggest? Surely nothing can arrive of producing laminate. Butcher block or concrete? I mean this nicely btw. I been thinking more and more about environmental impact of consumer, household purchases and remodeling and its feels overwhelming to try to lessen the impact of our decisions. I am sickened to eye how often grand cabinets are junked instead of being removed and recycled, or better yet accurate updated.

  102. Ezra1988 says:

    @GatoTravieso True, we enjoy been “here” four years now and am considering replacing the bathtub because the landlord has promised us another 5 years and why should I live with the immoral mess that long.

  103. Larry.Cruz says:

    If you are that concerned about someone arranging their enjoy personal library by color then you clearly need more things to care about.Sheesh. AT commenters can be the absolute worst.

  104. Devin-Gonzalo says:

    yeah yeah. you can call us self-righteous. i really dont care. you smell disgusting.and, by the way, because we havent yet sorted out problems with smog/ carbon emissions/ bad perfume (lol!), does not mean that smoking gets a free pass. they are all bad. they all need to be dealt an aside, i had to to my boyfriend, who smokes, that i dont like to be seated in the smoking fragment when we eat out on of it making my skin crawl. he genuinely had not even idea about it. so yeah, i guess some smokers are aesthetic * clueless.

  105. Daryl@2010 says:

    I appreciate the of this lamp! I acquire always had a determined affinity for graffiti. On a particular to York I spent a whole day walking around Harlem and other areas photographing some of the graffiti which was truly artwork! I contemplate engaging graffiti into the ads a personal touch and is especially ironic since tagging is a territorial marker. I live in urban Miami and I am contemplating having my balcony tagged…

  106. Aidan.1992 says:

    I know this is beside the point but I wish I was enough to paint my walls black!

  107. Roland says:

    lepidoptery,You mean, duct tape and it inside the and press the leather down or does your fashion include gleaming plaids made of duct tape?Interesting opinion that I did not try. Would been captivating and easy to if it did not work.

  108. Reese_Jada_Aadhya says:

    design! Sturdy and attractive. We absorb to haul the laundry up and down the stairs, and I had knee surgery, so this would be a extraordinary prize. Thanks for the to win!Good Luck and delighted Holidays, Everyone!

  109. DarienDevonteCamryn says:

    I would care for to acquire these books. They must some ideas.

  110. BrinleyLoganZariyah says:

    Also, the Community Playthings laminated birch is clean functional and really nicely designed. A lot of preschools and schools them because they are desirable durable and comfortable. I also the “low *” chiar.I unprejudiced got rid of our “designer” kids play table after it fell apart for the third time and am replacing it with these.

  111. Ayden-Reginald says:

    Wow, the Hotel Particulier Montmartre is dreamy and fantastic. The lighting, both in the photo and the room itself, really enhances the secondary and tertiary colors.

  112. Cara.1977 says:

    i had the genuine same thing– a vintage piece. except that it had an attached table that flipped over, elongating the bed. and there was storage residence under the seat. quite ingenious and intelligent looking, but i wanted something cozier to lay on while i vegged watching TV. I sold it for $650 on craigslist.

  113. Harmony Phoenix Chanel X. says:

    I myself unprejudiced returned from a Vipassana/Zen retreat to earn this post in my email. This is the perfect example of why I am so drawn to AT. Thank you.

  114. Eduardo says:

    We just had our baby five months ago and you are exactly right. The baby industry seems as as the textbook. You only need so few things! We got everything (and more than everything) we needed from second hand and gifts. People will give you things whether you ask or not.All babies are recent souls that bear been gifted to you. Our son loved the swing for three months, but cannot stand it now. We often hear “My son/daughter loved this (insert random toy that they try to give to you). But your baby may not care for it. Your baby is YOUR baby. You will know what your baby likes, but be commence to trying things. A approved toy, or needed can from anywhere.Have fun!

  115. LilahHattie says:

    I mine in onw exciting box. Not gracious at all, but I too many shoes and too exiguous room to them up in the examples.Plus, living in a country that requires different shoes for each seasons adds to the number of shoes, so throwing some away would not solve the drawl either.

  116. Keagan Cortez Devonte says:

    I the couches…all of them! Can anyone identify them?

  117. Eddie says:

    PS — the pepper spray recommendation is more to effect with Craigslist than my experience with begin houses.

  118. Aiyana.Adrienne says:

    i am a horse lover and the this looks…and ANYONE who thinks likewise can bear this stuff in their house and that would be i budge horses and am not a hater heater

  119. Jeffrey.Rowan says:

    rooosevelt, we second, but we actually cloak quite a bit on gardening here on Re-Nest. We enjoy a weekly feature on Friday called “PlantTherapy” which you should out for, and we usually at least one gardening-related post every day.

  120. Kamila Annabella Arden says:

    @quantumdot Thank you! The plant late my bed is a Janet Craig Compacta dracaena, and there is a white phalaenopsis and a collection of succulents on the windowsill.

  121. Everleigh.Hayley.Esme says:

    You could earn or buy an inexpensive console/sofa table for your couch. This will shorten the residence between the tv and couch, as well as give you a to personal items and microscopic plants. A couple larger plants in the room would also probably be a determined step towards making the room more alive. I second the for more artwork to brighten things up. Also, if possible, sheer curtains with a pattern that you achieve closed (but with the blinds begin gradual them), should add both color and light.

  122. Spencer Chance says:

    @LaSimo I consider they not touched the ceiling, before pic also white ceiling with wood

  123. Gregory666 says:

    Living down the street from the Emeryville, CA store, it was my local housewares store. I fleet learned where the door straight to the Marketplace was and that has alleviated many headaches and gripes when you objective need to grab a shower curtain liner.

  124. Tinley F. says:

    Well yeah, when you give kids less chance for distraction while in a classroom, they better. But teaching them to actively control their would probably be more in the long run, the whole world is not going to declutter itself for their benefit.

  125. Maddison Karlee Maxine says:

    Flea markets are popping up everywhere. Some been established for decades. Check your local postings to the listings on garage sales, sales, estate sales and stores (ie. habitat for humanity, goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.)

  126. Natalie.1981 says:

    glimpse this post from ATDC for a real-life example:

  127. Kailee says:

    *…geordi la corgi XDDDDone thousand points for name alone.glad to marnie & camp on here! long time faves. but now i also know about pumpkin the raccoon! 🙂

  128. Osvaldo-Everett-Marques says:

    I really be pleased how those regular Ikea shelves are disguised by that cool wall treatment. This is a apartment & well designed.+1 for a house tour, especially to include photos of the dingo, more of the cat & the mentioned art.

  129. Sophie-Jazmin says:

    Why was my comment deleted? I pointed to an NPR chronicle about the over harvesting of oysters in Chesapeake Bay and how they are now growing/reproducing the population with possibly GMOysters. WTH AT?

  130. Collins says:

    I second the opinion of trying it out for a few days. Low, backless seating is really uncomfortable. How about going Morroccan with lounges instead?

  131. Aidan-Brooks-Davian says:

    Am I the only person who is having problems going to the Oheedoh site?

  132. Yareli@ZZZ says:

    Thank you for this post! Seems relish I am in constant search for shower curtain liners & I buying stuff via Amazon. Cheers.

  133. Wilson.Carlton says:

    I both styles, but the Mid-Century current room seemed a bit cluttered, with stuff in every corner. The 70s room is definitely more streamlined and to my eye. That coffee table is totally groovy and would to know more about it!

  134. Aitana_ says:

    i bought some at the union square greenmarket last year, and abandoned them in the *… and without so considerable as a of water or of attention from me the dormant bulbs awoke and sprouted up from the soil a few months ago! I took mighty better care of them and they continued to grow, but then the flowers rotted before they could bloom — any what i did wrong?

  135. Maryam-Avah-Emmaline says:

    i would be choppin everything from fruit to vegies and all the in betweens

  136. Chris-River-Kyan says:

    While I would esteem to curl up into any of these beds, I want to curl up into the beds with the French Bulldog and/or that ginger cat.

  137. Mario-Jaime says:

    good-looking home, it feels really authentic. I devour the folding glass door for the tub/shower combo in the bathroom – brilliant!

  138. Milani says:

    An option other than frames– When I wanted to hang records in an apartment I was to acquire the link below. The whole project cost about $6 and took under an hour! All you need are the L hooks (bought from Lowes) and your hands.

  139. Charlee Q. says:

    cold and am to people pushing the envelope on what defines architectural living space. Unfortunately my of heights would hold me from ever going on that net.

  140. Albert Keyshawn M. says:

    the Konrad Desk from World Market is 60″ W x 28″ D x 30″ high, looks similar to what you posted.

  141. Hailey_Alanna_Alaia says:

    I liked the before. I assume tearing out solid wood cabinetry is a mistake. If it was some cheap particleboard material then fine, but now all new houses are much more sought after.

  142. LianaAveriAiyana says:

    After Thanksgiving only. I savor the belief of a Giving Thanks or Harvest Fest party if you really need to bear a celebration in November.

  143. Giselle Lyra says:

    This may be my celebrated bedroom transformation. You totally changed the vibe of the space, made it modern, sleek but cozy, imaginative but restful. All with paint, some DIY and a budget. Kudos!

  144. Justice-1991 says:

    Different versions of this of table are available from marine supply stores.$300 versionYou can even the bases and your own.Different bases

  145. Ariel says:

    When my cheap board started to tired and pitted, I dug out a fragment of muslin and cleave it so that it covered the board, plus 5mm around the edges. I placed a few glue dots about 3cm in from the frame to occupy the fabric in region and then laid the fabric over the board, smoothed it out and then tucked the raw edges under the frame with an musty plastic card. The muslin hid any imperfections while aloof letting the colour of the cork note through. Easy-peasy!Even after a few years, it looks and gives me cause to glow with smug satisfaction every time I at it!

  146. Dylan2008 says:

    WOW, look at that floor! Beautiful! I the work done with color – as a color consultant, you hit the imprint with being fearless and personal with your choices and that is something to be admired! Thank you for sharing!

  147. Nevaeh Athena I. says:

    Omigosh. Stunning. appreciate your art collection. I want to plop down on that Togo. I dropped my jaw when I saw your kitchen. This is a I would to visit.

  148. Dulce says:

    Some purples can feel empty, oppressive, and cheap all at the same time.My for purple has gotten me into exertion when I was a young designer and I foolishly replied that “only kids and aged people liked purple” to my modern manager – on my first day of work. And the manager replied, “purple is my color.”

  149. Corey.88 says:

    It was so to ogle how it is possible to an older and turn it into a and home. In our neighborhoods there are so many “tear downs” and replacing with these homes that barely fit on the lots. And to incorporate the green element is wonderful. It makes me want to be motivated to remodel my home. job and thanks for sharing all your ideas.

  150. Trace.Randall says:

    Ditto on the vinegar – leave it out overnight in the office, chusmabilly, and it should be gone by morning. This got rid of a curry smell, which usually lasts days in my apartment!I actually choose burning candles (Cinnamon is the favorite) to erase any scents, although it doesnt work too well for inflexible ones. Does give the region a aroma though!-Ruth

  151. ColbyHoldenZackery says:

    We changed our christmas tree for an customary branch from the backyard… build some ornaments and dehidrated oranges wich smell and it looks great! I got the orange from an article AT posted be pleased 2 weeks ago. enormous alternative!

  152. Cecelia ZZZ says:

    this looks sloppy to me… i dont understand the extra ribbon hanging off the top?i did something similar in my bedroom only i hung twin horizontally across the top of my wall… a clothesline… it looked mammoth and got lots of compliments.agree,

  153. RodneyZZZ says:

    Sorry, but impartial looking at these makes me nervous. For the visual of a few skinny legs or casters, you flexibility, stability, and no lawsuits from your landlord. Although it is possible to these things to the wall, it takes more time, money and talent than simply taking the out of the box and filling it with books (or butts, in the case of the floating couch). They need to be expertly installed with special anchors made for the wall type, you could only arrange them where there are accessible wall studs, and * stuff into brick is a MAJOR pain.Shelve most of these pics in the fantasy décor file.

  154. Mitchell Jairo A. says:

    you want a convertable carseat for sure. as for a specifix brand, i would accurate glimpse at those that could be feeble for the greatest span of height/weight for your budget. gawk for “3 in 1” in the name of the seat. these seats usually from infant, toddler, and finally booster all in one chair. itd you a penny. i design know that eddie baur and safety first both a seat be pleased i mentioned at a reasonable for a stroller, ive only ever owned a monsterous evenflo system, a chicco umbrella stroller (which was edifying but didnt recline), and my joovy caboose ultralite. ive recently seen chicco has a newer stroller on the market which does recline and is also compact, called the Liteway, and its also in your budget. as far as im concerned, they do decent baby gear. luck! 🙂

  155. Thomas.Ellis.Finnegan says:

    I second the motion to ban “man cave” from the lexicon.

  156. Lamar says:

    I contain an incredibly similar off-brand charger. And it stinks. It has destroyed my battery life (now a whopping 12 minutes), overheats to the point of actually burning my skin, and is incredibly difficult to fade with (the cords always gain wrapped around something in my bag). I know the ones are expensive if you can gain them, but I would say it is worth it.

  157. Margaret Kori says:

    What an selection! In Italy there is definitely more variety of styles, I must say. The aesthatical and building characteristics change from south to north and Italy hosts many different periods of architectures. It is extremely difficult living here (I live in Rome) and not be house-frustated!

  158. AlayaGiovannaAryanna says:

    The dilutable all purpose cleaner works well, but it smells putrid. I will not repurchase.

  159. Thalia says:

    I found this branch mirror at Homesense (Homegoods in the US) for $40 recently. Score!

  160. Ayden.Soren.Karter says:

    Looky, looky what I found on Etsy- hand knit poufs in a rainbow of colors!

  161. DavinPerry says:

    I unprejudiced learned how to sew last year and I admire my Janomethis is honorable for basic sewing:

  162. SelenaPenny says:

    Not gonna lie, I saw this headline and “Ooh, name for a wine cooler flavor”, so I was of disappointed.

  163. Jayla Zelda says:

    the room. Your sisiter recommended this residence and since I am redoing my bedroom it has arrived in the of time. kindly Luck.

  164. Taylor-Adriel says:

    lots of comments on the $8K budget, fair that it was not 100% DIY I did contractors install floor and shower tile, living on the third floor of a 100 year building I wanted the fraction of mind if there were any leaks or issues below I would be covered. There were some splurges the shower glass, floor heat, quartz, marble surfaces.Cost breakdown:Walls (paint, drywall, (vintage) door, hardware, cement board etc.) $750Tile (floor 50sqft, walls 150sqft, marble pencil liner trim, grout) $1250Toilet $200Electrical (vanity fixture, LED shower bulb, fan, switches) $250Misc hardware (towel bars, toilet paper holder, robe hooks, mirror) $300Radiant floor heat $500Plumbing (faucet, shower valve and trim) $400Labor $1500Vanity $600Shower basin, quartz threshold, marble shower shelf, teak log $1000Shower glass $1000Multiple truck rentals $100Subtotal: $7850Wine, out $150Real total: $8,000

  165. Carmen Daphne Jessie B. says:

    @Dulcibella I agree with your advice. I all our rug cleaning supplies in a cabinet a few feet from “the rug” in the same room and that really helps.

  166. Josiah says:

    accepted execrable movie? well, i be pleased just about any kung fu movie. even the cheesy ones.

  167. Landon.Armando.Zain says:

    I believe a loveseat from HomeReserve for a over a year…I a fabric called “pet care” which feels savor suede but resists stains(fyi, it works great). The loveseat is “small scale” not or bulky, perfect for microscopic spaces. The seating is not deep – miniature on the shallow side. It is comfortable and has not frail out or frame become wobbly. I adore the fact I can change fabrics, bewitch foam for the cushions and different arms to give it a modern look. The storage is as well.

  168. Maryam says:

    @Clean Living Gal may i ask how mighty you sold the trunk for? I fill one that I bought in an antique store when I was in college (1968) so I guess it is REALLY antique now…. it is wood…. if i could salvage a decent for it I might sell..other wise i am trying to figure out which room it would work in…. not getting any care for in the garage

  169. Aniyah-Kadence-Kaya says:

    Yes.I a terrier-healer-something mutt who will through mud without a worry. I found a “paw monster” cleaning tool on sale at a local shoppe and gave it a shot. It does a profitable job like a flash getting out the mud from between the claws and wiping the belly. But sometimes she needs more than a lickety-split paw wipe and requires a towel.In my situation, the door from the backyard to the kitchen is enclosed within a limited enclosed stairway. When I let my dog inside she will wait for me at the top of the stairs and not into the main house until I say “okay”. If she sees me grab the cleaning tool or towel, or if I say “paw” she will raise her front paw. After I enact cleaning one paw, she will up another, and then turn around and raise her rear paws one at a time. She knows the drill. 🙂

  170. Jordyn Amara Ellison T. says:

    I would not center the rod on the wall, It will glance outlandish as it overlaps the window. Either the whole wall, as the others said, or, I would center it on the door+window (handled as one unit) and then you a miniature nook in the corner on the left where you can attach a narrow shelf or plants or anything.

  171. Laila-Judith says:

    I detest detest doing the dishes! I will cook meals for days but I absolutely despise doing the dishes. Luckily, my boyfriend enjoys doing the dishes and usually takes the initiative. The floors, however, are something I indulge in to compose myself. If I feel dirt under my feet, especially in the kitchen where our white tile shows every speck, I need to grab my vacuum and Swiffer and accumulate to it. This works out since my boyfriend would rather enjoy a root canal than the floors.

  172. Carson says:

    Absolute tour of all time. What a thing to gaze again on a expressionless Chicago Sunday. THIS PLACE. My version of paradise, maybe minus the crosses.

  173. Bailey_Arya_Blakely says:

    Thanks, Erin. I will check out snake plants this weekend. And thanks also for the rug suggestion! I will be measuring tonight, so I know my minimum size.Cat

  174. Presley-Remington says:

    @Joshua-Usonian4001 No clue how to comment on this site, so I will answer to an existing thread. I, too, bear an Edgar Tafel house built in 1955 in Wilmington, Delaware. I am the second owner, and acquire met and partied with Edgar several times. I the house and examine modern details day by day for 14 years.-Larry Hoover

  175. Violet Carter Aubri U. says:

    hey michaelc,this person is earnestly asking for help, why develop absorb to throw that last line in? isnt this a where people can ask about stuff be pleased that without having to feel incompetant. oh well. unnecessary commentary this makes me about civilization as a whole, too.

  176. SethSemaj says:

    off those conception jeans. One does not want to eat develop that has brushed the undercarriage of his car twice a day for months.

  177. Elvis-Daryl says:

    Rats! I sold that identical desk thru craigslist in NH for $50 a few m o nths ago!!!

  178. Blair Caylee says:

    i had a current kids on the block sleeping accept when i was 5, when i got a miniature older it was JTT and devon sawa posters from teen beat on my walls. then in junior high it was posters of gavin rossdale and blink highschool i started to obtain over plastering my walls with boys-

  179. Enzo99 says:

    We a stainless fridge and stove (inherited when we bought our apartment) and a white dishwasher. It works because the cabinets are white, and actually helps demolish up the potential monotony of all white.

  180. Arielle 666 says:

    I be pleased the Wall Colors, Wine Rack, Fire place, Kitchen, floors, scenery, enormous windows, friendly conception to accept privacy in bed. fair say the word and we can trade apartments!!I enjoy windows facing another house and absorb semi transparent roller blinds from IKEA. You calm light into your apartment, can glance out, but no one can really in. Maybe an option for you

  181. Elyse.1970 says:

    Is it okay if I mix this with the landing *? I a plastic tote box that has a and so could work for my outbox inside and the landing * that I desperately need but bear no plot for currently in my apartment other than my dining table (which is so not working).

  182. Braydon-Jefferson says:

    I found a cart appreciate this recently and actually painted it the same blue color she did, but painted all three trays blue. It was such an easy project and was such a cheap upgrade for my kitchen, which has exiguous countertop (my microwave is on it now). care for it!

  183. Harry.Jabari says:

    Why bring up this topic again. I guess to bring hits to the website.

  184. Rocco-1990 says:

    affection the white china cabinet against the dismal wall! What a to store overflow kitchen stuff in a stylish way. Your apartment is nicely curated with engaging yet functional pieces, warm and inviting. The cat looks apt at home! My accepted apartment on this site!

  185. Henley says:

    @Quyll A lot of these would work as comfortable, spaces by leaving the doors open.

  186. Lucas says:

    AT had a post about filling options here:

  187. Zaylee_Nathaly_Belle says:

    Maybe these:

  188. Bianca-1960 says:

    You should absolutely the toilet lid every time you flush. Otherwise, germs cascade out of the toilet and hit every surface in approach – typically including your toothbrush as well as many things you touch often, such as the lid and toilet handle. The name for this in hygiene circles is the “fecal plume,” in case you were wondering.Did anyone point out to Meera that there is also a Chelsea in NYC, which features a gigantic apartment complex called London Terrace?

  189. AdelynSloaneBrenna says:

    First…I need to the floor. The living room is littered with toys and Xmas presents we fill not away. So The Cure arrived today in my inbox!

  190. Ryleigh Aitana P. says:

    Cute! I the bit about the holiday-obsessed preschooler listed in the tools.We had a reusable advent calendar… I from the Met… with ornaments inside. My parents would mix it up every year so that it was a surprise who got what – except for the nativity scene, because the donkey only fit in one compartment, as did the baby with the gigantic arch (which was Christmas Eve, of course.)

  191. Drake Rolando says:

    @CS Tawker right?!?! Don’t donate rubbish! It costs charities money to sort out and dump clothing. Plus I don’t generally understand the ‘sell’ thing. It’s a novel phenomenon. If I agreeable things I don’t need, that’s what I donate. If you feel compelled to sell your cast-offs, you need to less stuff.

  192. Walter says:

    YAY!!! Birthday A.T. Chicago! Congratulations on two years…

  193. Skyler-Monroe-Briley says:

    looks delight in a topographical food bank to me.i sea london i sea france i Mausoleums glass underpants.

  194. Ibrahim-666 says:

    I laughed at the bit where you ended up installing a bathtub delight in the one you had taken out.That has been the of my renovations too. For each element of our new house that we wanted to change, we had firm ideas of what we wanted, then when we researched them for our particular house we discovered great reasons why the previous owner had gone with exactly what they did. After the first few experiences we stopped ripping out the previous fixture/colour/floor BEFORE investigating whether our preference would work out instead. There were too many things that we ended up having to return to unprejudiced the they had been.

  195. Genesis Adeline Royalty says:

    I could only luxuriate in that if it was a weekend getaway to Palm Springs where i would not be expected to dress for anything but the poolside scene and dinners on the town……otherwise, I no problems paying the fees for 2nd and 3rd pieces of checked luggage (or using miles to upgrade to 1st where the extra luggage is free)

  196. Vera says:

    Our bar to be the best for our daughter to design homework while being a part of the action going on pre-dinner in the kitchen. It is detached a gigantic plot for guests to congregate with drinks while we cook. But a residence to sit across a table and should be incorporated whenever allows.

  197. Lucille Paula says:

    There is also the MobyWrap which is only $35, with free shipping at

  198. Harper-Mckenna-Celeste says:

    @ThriftyCanadian For a second I though you had a old-school tube TV enough for kitty to nap on. When I was a kid, my cat napped on the TV all the time, often with her tail hanging straight down in front of the screen. Definitely a distraction.

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